The first in a series...
Charlene Thomas had a reputation at Granville High as a slut. And not just because she had a killer body: 5-feet-10-inches tall; 44FF-25-36; long, luscious legs, meant to wrap themselves around a guy’s waist; pretty face; waist-length wavy red hair; tight ass; electrifying green eyes with a “come hither” look; full, pouty, kissable lips; and a sizzling smile, but because she had legitimately earned it. Since she started high school two years ago, she had spread her legs for the entire male student population – in twos and threes, as well as singles – except for one boy; Billy Ray Russell. She had even done the chess club three times each!

Billy Ray was a nice, good looking, hard working boy. The only reason Charlene hadn’t yet screwed him was because Billy Ray had the hots for Cindy Lou Martin. The only two people who didn’t know that were Charlene and Cindy Lou. Cindy Lou was dating Bobby Joe Jackson ever since the homecoming game last year, when Bobby Joe and Cindy Lou got naked under the grandstands at the game. The only person who didn’t know about Cindy Lou and Bobby Joe was Billy Ray. And Cindy Lou didn’t know that everything Bobby Joe knew about sex, he’d learned from Charlene Thomas, over about a dozen “lessons.”

When Charlene set her sights on a boy, she was used to getting him. After two years, Billy Ray had eluded Charlene’s wiles, and she didn’t like that. Saturday night was the annual Sadie Hawkins Day Dance. If a girl wanted to go, she had to ask a boy; if no girl asked a boy to the dance, he couldn’t go; and only couples could attend the dance. Billy Ray hadn’t been to a Sadie Hawkins dance; Charlene went both years previous, and she left the dance with more boys than she came with. At Make-Out Point, she came often, and so did her boys. This year, she was determined to cum with Billy Ray.

This particular Monday, Charlene decided to dress as modestly as she was able. Those twin treasures on her chest were difficult to cover up, but, somehow, she managed. She also wore a (HORRORS!!) mid-calf length skirt, and pulled her long, silky hair back into a pony tail. “That should catch his eye,” she thought. “Letting myself hang out there never worked, before. It’s time for something different!” The only concession she made to her regular mode of dress was that she had no panties on under her skirt.

Charlene was standing by Billy Ray’s locker when he came into school. “Hi, Billy Ray,” she said, in as friendly a voice as she could manage. “Do you have a date for the dance Saturday?”

“Oh, hi, Charlene,” Billy Ray replied, blushing beet red. “No, I don’t, at least, not yet. I’m kinda hoping Cindy Lou will ask me this year.”

Charlene pouted and said, “I hate to tell you this, Billy Ray, but Cindy Lou asked Bobby Joe to the dance, and he said, ‘Yes,’ quite enthusiastically. And every boy that I’ve asked so far has said, ‘No, I can’t.’” She turned her head down and away as if she were hiding tears.

Billy Ray tilted her head up and saw a glimmer of sadness in her eyes. His heart went out to her and he said, “Well, then, I guess I’ll have to escort you to the dance, Charlene. I know how much you like the Sadie Hawkins Day dance. I’d hate to see you miss it.”

“Oh, thank you, Billy Ray,” Charlene said. “You won’t regret it.” She threw her arms around him and kissed him full on the lips, deeply and passionately. “Let’s talk about it after school today, okay?”

“Surely, Charlene,” said Billy Ray. “Where should we get together?”

“Did you take the bus today?” she asked.

“No,” he replied. “I drove the truck in. Why?”

“Meet me at my locker then take me home,” Charlene said. “We can talk there. My folks will be out until 5:00, so they won’t be able to interrupt us.”

“All right, Charlene,” Billy Ray said, “but I don’t like being with you without your folks. People might get the wrong idea.”

“No, they won’t, silly,” Charlene replied. “It’ll be perfectly all right.” She thought, “They’ll think I fucked Billy Ray; they’ll be right, if I have my way.”

Billy Ray met Charlene at her locker after school. Her blouse was unbuttoned to below her bountiful boobs, displaying an eyeful of cleavage. Billy Ray couldn’t help but stare; Charlene was smiling at him. “Did you like it?” she said.

Billy Ray pulled his eyes away from her amazing chest. “Yes, I did like it, Charlene, but you should really button yourself back up. People might get the wrong idea.”

“OK, Billy Ray,” she said, “I’ll button up.” She slowly buttoned three buttons, closing her blouse to just over her beautiful boobs. “But only that far,” she said. “The rest stay undone. Now, let’s go.” She slipped her arm around his and started slowly walking toward the door.

Billy Ray went with her, thinking, “Why am I giving this girl a ride home? Especially when her folks aren’t there?” They got to his truck, and he helped Charlene into the cab. He went around behind the truck to the driver’s door, and when he got in, Charlene turned to him, showing her incredible cleavage, this time unbuttoned to her navel.

“Shall we get going, Billy Ray?” Charlene asked sweetly, gently jiggling her upper assets. Billy Ray’s woody began to grow. “The sooner we get to my house, the sooner we can talk about Saturday.”

With great difficulty, Billy Ray sat down and looked forward, buckled his seat belt, started the truck, and drove off to Charlene’s place. Charlene leaned over, kissed Billy Ray on the cheek, and whispered huskily, “Thanks, Billy Ray, for giving me a lift home. I really appreciate it.” She put her hand in his lap and gently squeezed his growing boner.

She teased him all the way to her house. His pecker was exactly what Charlene wanted; long, hard, and fat. When Billy Ray turned off the engine, Charlene unzipped his pants and gave him a preview of things to cum by blowing his rod. She stopped before he could fill her mouth with his love juice.

“Let’s go inside,” she suggested. “We can ‘talk’ there more comfortably.” Billy Ray got his pecker into his pants and went around to help Charlene out of the truck. When Billy Ray opened the door, Charlene handed him her bra. “For you, Billy Ray,” she said. “I took it off before going to my locker. I thought you’d like the ‘view’ it helped

present.” She pulled her skirt up above her knees and swung her shapely legs out. Billy Ray ogled Charlene’s exquisite body as she slowly got out of the truck. “Do you think I’m pretty, Billy Ray?” she asked, looking at his crotch and getting the answer she wanted.

“Yes, I do, Charlene,” Billy Ray said, looking her up and down and wishing he were elsewhere, so he wouldn’t be thinking the thoughts he was about Charlene Thomas. “Shall we go in?” he asked, his normally smooth voice cracking.

Charlene giggled a little and said, “Why, yes, we shall,” and took his hand and led him into her living room, where they sat on the sofa. She snuggled close to him, and he put an arm around her shoulder.

“The dance goes from 5:00 to 9:00 Saturday,” Billy Ray said. “What time do you want me to pick you up?”

“4:30 sounds good,” Charlene said, placing a hand in his lap. “I can let my dad know you’re coming to pick me up for the dance. That way he won’t greet you with his shotgun.” She chuckled and smiled to let him know it was a joke. She squeezed his hardon again.

“4:30 sounds good,” Billy Ray said, his voice cracking. Charlene took the hand on her shoulder and put it in her blouse, right on her titanic tata. Billy Ray involuntary squeezed it, and she moaned. “Sorry, Charlene,” he said, and tried to remove his hand.

“Don’t be,” Charlene said, pressing his hand harder against the proffered breast. “Your hand belongs there.” She unzipped his pants again and pulled out his John Thomas. “Just like this,” she said, giving it a little shake, “belongs here.” She sucked his cockhead into her mouth. She began a slow, gentle sucking rhythm, encouraging more and more of his 14-inch long, 5-inch thick manhood to enter her oral garden of delight.

“That feels really good, Charlene,” Billy Ray moaned, losing his grip on her breast. His hips started gently bucking against her lips, forcing even more of his love muscle into her mouth and down her throat. He laced his fingers into her hair and started pulling her down as he thrust up, driving his cock all the way in, right down to the base.

Charlene made a gagging noise and pulled up, popping his pecker out, and took a deep breath. “You are HUGE,” she said, grinning from ear to ear. “I LIKE it!!” She looked at him, lustful fire blazing hotly from her green eyes. “There’s another place your marvelous manhood belongs,” she said, standing up and slowly stripping off her skirt showing him her naturally red pubic hair surrounding her hot nether lips. She removed her blouse, displaying her 44FF tits in all their glory. She straddled his hips, took his hands and placed them on her boobs, took a gentle hold of his love and rubbed its head against her pussy lips. “It belongs here, deep inside me. Your hands and lips belong on my tits, fondling them and licking and sucking my hard nipples.” She pressed down just a little, taking his cockhead into her pussy.

“OOOhhhh,” Billy Ray moaned, “that feels terrific!!” He gently squeezed her tits, and she leaned over him, putting her massive cleavage into his face.

“MMMmmm, yes, Billy Ray,” she said. “Your hands know what they’re doing.” She pulled up a tiny bit then pushed down harder, taking about three inches of his sex weapon into her love channel. She continued doing that, small rises and gentle pushes, until all of his massiveness was deep inside her. “That’s a lot of cock you have, Billy

Ray,” Charlene told him. “I’m going to have to stop for a little bit to get used to this huge monster invading my private place.” Her eyes belied the trauma of which she spoke.

Billy Ray was feasting on her terrific tatas like he was a newborn baby starving to death. “Please don’t stop, Charlene,” Billy Ray pleaded. “This feels too good.”

“I just need to get my bearings,” she said, waiting for her pussy to catch up with her lustful desires. “Don’t you think it would be a bit more comfortable on my bed, Billy Ray?” she asked. “I’m sure you could carry me if I wrap my legs around your waist.”

“I guess so,” he said, “but where’s your bedroom? And how can I carry you if I’m buried inside you?”

“Just try to stand up, Billy Ray,” she said. “I’ll help as much as I can. You’ll have to grab my ass cheeks and lift me up as you stand, and I’ll put my arms around your neck and hold on tight, all right?”

“All right, Charlene,” he said, not quite believing it would work. “On my count of three… One… Two…” He took a deep breath. “Three!!!”

He grabbed her ass, she hugged his neck, he lifted her a little, and he stood up. Gravity had its turn and pulled down on the joined couple, forcing his pecker back into her cunt as she wrapped her long, shapely legs around his torso. She started giving him directions, and they could both feel each step with their entwined genitalia.

When they entered her room, she said, “Perfect!! Gently walk over to my bed, crawl up on it, get on your knees, and gently lower me onto my back.” He did as he was told, perfectly. “Now,” she said, “what I was doing on the couch to you, you can do to me, here.” She unwound her legs and pushed his hips away then pulled them back in. “You can fuck me, just like I was fucking you, see?” She kissed Billy Ray deeply to encourage him to action.

Billy Ray took the hint and began slowly stroking her pussy with his massive cock, slowly building up speed and power as her moans incited him to greater action. “OOHHH, YYEESSSSS!” she hissed, her pleasure building with each stroke of his love muscle. “Do me, Billy Ray. Fuck me hard and fast. Make me explode all over your cock!!” She continued her bedroom talk Stimulating Billy Ray even more.

Billy Ray couldn’t believe how good all this felt; his hardness, her wetness, both of their pent-up sexual desires; soon, he was going to explode into her cunt, filling her with hot, sticky cock cream. “Charlene,” Billy Ray said, “I feel like I’m going to explode into you. What should I do?”

“Just keep doing what you’re doing, lover,” she said, “and we’ll explode together. It’ll feel terrific!!!!” She screamed at him as she came harder than she ever had, even on the night of the homecoming game when she fucked the entire football team in the locker room after the game, “OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH, GGGGOOODDDDDDD!!! I’MMMM CCCCCCCUUUUUUUMMMMIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” was all Billy Ray could manage as he unloaded everything he had stored up into Charlene’s waiting, willing cunt. He collapsed onto her chest after expending his seed.

“Damn, you’re good,” Charlene whispered into his ear. “We need to do this again, and soon!”

He rolled off of her, and she rolled the same way in order to keep his manhood in her womanhood. “Wow, Charlene,” he said, “I never knew about that. It was really FANTASTIC!!”

“Lover boy,” Charlene said, “there’s one more thing I’m supposed to do before you leave me.” She scooted down the bed, so her cleavage was at his cock level. “I need to clean off your member.” She spread his legs and climbed between them. “I usually just lick and suck it clean, but today I want to do something a little different.” She took his woody and placed it between her tits and pressed them together. She began to titfuck him, quickly building speed and power as her own fires began to re-ignite. Soon, he presented her with a pearl necklace.

She sucked and licked him clean, then kissed him deeply. “See you tomorrow, after school? We can discuss the dance more.”

“Love to, Charlene,” said Billy Ray, kissing her back with equal ardor and passion.

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