About the only real thing in this story is that I work as a Guest Services Agent in a hotel in the city where I live. That being said, on we go….
I’m Fred, and I work as the Night Desk Clerk in a nice hotel somewhere on US 101. My normal shift is from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am, Monday to Friday. We get some real whack-a-doos here, especially Friday and Saturday nights. The lobby is friendly and inviting, and a few homeless people like to come in for a few minutes and get warm. I’m not supposed to let them, but, hey, I’m a nice guy. If I were on the streets and I needed to warm up, I’d like a hotel lobby to sit in for a few minutes. But I digress.

It started on a typical Friday shift: it was quiet in the lobby; everyone who was scheduled to arrive had already arrived; no drunks were fighting in the covered parking lot. It was after 2:00 am so the bars were all closed. I looked up from my book and out the window into the parking lot, and a tall black woman was starting to strip. She had an awesome figure and I would have really enjoyed the show, but I went out and told her that if she didn’t stop, I’d have to call the cops. She turned and smiled at me, and I got a look at her huge boobs. She covered up and left, and I thought that was the last I would ever see of her. The image of her giant jugs stayed with me for the rest of my shift, and I probably made a dozen trips to the bathroom that night.

The next week was really boring. I was kinda hoping something like Friday night would happen, just to liven up my reports in the pass-down log. Then, on my Friday shift, about 2:00 am, she came back: about 6-foot tall short, straight hair; long, luscious legs; perfectly shaped ass; HUGE titties, at least GG cups; pretty pixie face; smoking hot eyes; smooth, clear skin the color of chocolate ice cream. She was bundled up against the slight chill in the air, but there was no hiding her sweater puppies. She was in the parking lot, and she again started to strip. I again went out and told her she’d have to stop or I’d call the cops. She turned around, squeezed her boobs, smiled at me, covered up, and left. I had nasty thoughts of her the rest of the night.

Monday’s shift began like any other shift, and I soon found myself daydreaming about the chocolate goddess I had seen twice now. I imagined she came in to rent a room and asked me to show her, personally, where the room was in the hotel. I walked her to the room, opened the door, and waved her in. She indicated I should also come in.

Right about then I creamed my shorts; embarrassing. I went to the bathroom and cleaned up as best I could. By that time, it was about 2:00 am. I went back behind my desk and waited for the end of my shift. Soon, the goddess was standing in front of one of our lobby windows, adjusting her clothing, She didn’t have much to adjust, but she spent about 10 minutes wiggling her shirt around, twisting her tiny skirt, getting everything just ever so, before moving on. That got my woody right back up and threatening to embarrass me again. I went to the bathroom and took care of my… need. This went on for three weeks, almost exactly the same way; about 2:00 am she’d walk up, spend 5-10 minutes adjusting her clothes in front of the window, and leave; I’d go to bathroom to relieve myself.

Friday of the third week was a little bit different. She walked up at about midnight, wearing a very low-cut top that barely held her in, a mid-thigh skirt that showed a ton of gorgeous leg, and flats. She started her regular routine; shifting her skirt, pulling up her bra straps, wiggling and jiggling until everything was settled; then, she unbuttoned her top and reached in to slowly squeeze her boob and adjust her sheer, lacy bra cup so her nipple popped out of the cutout. She adjusted the other bra cup until her other nipple popped out also. Then she gently tweaked them until they grew to their full height. She buttoned her top and turned to go. I stood up to head for the bathroom when she opened the door and came in.

“I’d like to rent a room,” she said, her voice like smooth honey. “Non-smoking, one king bed, quiet, for two adults, one night. Do you have anything like that tonight?” Her smile was electrifying.

“Yes, ma’am,” I said, trying to hide my woody. “I have a room with a single king bed, $100.00 per night, plus tax. I also have a king bed with a balcony, $110.00 per night, plus tax. I also can do a king bed with a Jacuzzi-type tub for $160.00 per night, plus tax. If you have AAA or are a member of AARP, I can give you a 10 per cent discount on the room rates. Would you like me to set you up a room?” I was trying my best not to sound like I was trying to screw her, even though I did want to.

“The Jacuzzi tub room is really tempting,” she said, “but it’s just out of my budget right now, even with my AAA discount. However, the king with a balcony sounds just about right. Could you hook me up with one of those?” Her smile made my pecker try to shoot in my pants.

“Sure. If I could just see a photo ID and a credit card, and your AAA card for the discount, please,” I said, in as businesslike fashion as I could manage.

“Certainly,” she replied, giving me her driver’s license, credit card, and AAA card. ‘While you’re getting me entered into your computer, could I use your bathroom?” she asked. “I don’t think I can wait until I get to my room.”

“Of course,” I said, and waved her toward the restroom. I quickly entered all her information and made two keys for her room.

“Excuse me,” came a voice from the bathroom. “Could you come in and help me, please? I need a little assistance.” I knocked on the door and she said, “Come in, it’s unlocked.”

I entered and almost had a heart attack. She was standing there, nude, wearing only her shoes and a smile. “I need help getting these into my bra,” she said, holding up her massive boobs. “They don’t want to cooperate. I find that a man’s hand usually helps them to get in and stay in, at least until we get to a place where they can come out again.” She smiled wickedly, and my boner grew another inch. She placed my hands on her jugs and said, “As you can no doubt feel, they’re quite heavy. If you could just lift them a little, maybe I can get them into my bra.”

I lifted them up a little, and they spilled out of my hands. “Oops,” I said, “I guess they don’t want to cooperate with me, either.” I went around behind her. “Maybe if I approach the problem from a different angle…” I reached around her, making sure I had a firm grasp on both of her giant jugs, and lifted carefully, gently squeezing at the same time.

“MMmmmm,” she said. “I’m sure they’re cooperating now,” she moaned, grinding her ass into my crotch. She slipped her bra on and tried to maneuver her tits into it. I let them down into the cups and hooked the back together. I then reached around front again and began adjusting her bra to bring out her nipples from their cutouts.

“Yeeeeesss…” she hissed, “just like that.” She ground her ass harder against my bulge. “I’m glad you’re working tonight,” she said lustfully. “I was beginning to think you didn’t like women with big boobies.”

I pinched both her nipples and said, “I adore giant jugs like yours. Especially on a smoking hot body like yours.’ I rubbed my boner against her crotch. “But I can’t do anything more about it here. I’ve got your paperwork ready and your keys made. Can you come out and sign, please?” I let her titanic tits go and rubbed her hot pussy with my fingers.

“Be right out,” she purred.

I reluctantly left the bathroom and returned to my spot behind the desk. She signed her registration card and credit card authorization. I gave her the key packet, and she asked, “Could you show me where the room is, please?”
“Yes, ma’am,” I said grabbed my “Out of Lobby” sign and hotel keys, locked up the lobby, and escorted the young lady to the elevator. Once inside, I kissed her soundly on the lips, squeezed her tits, and thrust my tongue into her mouth. She rubbed her crotch against me, grabbed my boner, and tongued me back. Then the elevator stopped. We disengaged just before the doors opened, and I led her to her room. I showed her how the key worked, and we went inside. She closed the door and started stripping. I sat on the bed, my shoes off and my pants and shorts at my ankles. She came over and pulled them off, knelt between my legs, and started giving me a fantastic blow job, making my already ready manhood even harder.

She pushed me back, flung my legs onto the bed, climbed over me and said, “For three weeks I’ve been trying to get you to notice me. I’ve been waiting for you to get so horny that you’d come out and try to fuck me, or at least get my number so you could make arrangements to fuck me later.” She straddled my pecker and aimed its 10-inch-long, 4-inch-thick hardness at her waiting pussy. “Now, I’m going to fuck you and you’re going to fuck me and we’re going to saturate this bed.” She slowly pushed my cockhead into

her wet, hot womanhood. She bounced lightly a couple of times to get an inch or two inside her, pulled up, and slammed down as hard as she could, taking my entire length into her waiting twat in one thrust. “OOOOHHHHH GGGGGOOOOOODDDD!!!!” she cried. “That’s a lot of cock!!!!”

She began a slow rhythm, getting used to my boner in her. I waited until she was comfortable with me in her, then I began to fuck her tight pussy as she was fucking me. Soon, we were banging each other, her tits swinging ion my face, my hands pulling her ass tight against my pole. On one of her hard downstrokes, I pulled her in tight and rolled over, getting on top of her. I began furiously pounding her willing quim, and she wrapped those luscious legs around my waist. I fucked her like there was no tomorrow. I was getting very close, so I slowed down because I didn’t want to get her pregnant.

“NoNoNo…” she said. “Don’t stop. I need to cum.”

“I don’t want to get you pregnant,” I said.

“I don’t care!! Don’t stop fucking me!!! MAKE ME CUM!!” she screamed.

I redoubled my efforts and slammed her for all I was worth.

“Yes YES YES!!!!” she cried. “I’m CCCCUUUUUMMMMIIIINNNNGGGG!!” I felt a wash of warm fluid and a strong milking action on my boner. Her orgasm tore through her body, and I felt every bit of it. As she began to come down from her massive cum, I started jetting wad after wad into her love chasm, sending her into paroxysms of delight all over again.

“OOOOhhhh,” she cooed, when it was all over. “That was really good. I have just two questions, lover boy; what time do you get off, and when’s checkout?”

“I think you know when I get off,” I said slyly. “My shift ends at 7:00 am, and checkout is at 1:00 pm, since you checked in so late.”

“Good,” she purred, stretching like a cat. “Here.” She handed me the other key. “id hoped you were at least half as good as you were. Cum up here when your shift ends, and I’ll gladly help you get off… again.” She smiled impishly and flashed her beaver at me.

“I’ll be back,” I said with my worst Arnold impression. I dressed and went back down to my desk and waited for shift end.

When I went up to her room, she was asleep. I took off my clothes and laid down next to her, putting an arm over and cupping one of her enormous boobs. She pressed my hand against her nipple and sighed.

Needless to say, we soaked the other side of the bed with our juices. After she checked out, she made sure I had her address and phone number. After that, for about five years, I had her every Saturday, like clockwork, at least twice, sometimes five times, always having massive orgasms, and never with any kind of protection. The amazing thing is, after all that fantastic sex, she never got pregnant.

It’s been three months since she left, and things have never been the same. I keep hoping she’ll come by and adjust her top in front of the windows again.
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