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My sister Rachael was an exhibitionist but she was in desperate need of a voyeur…me.
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My Sister Wants Me To Look

My sister Rachael had recently turned fourteen years old and I would be thirteen in two months. Mom was dreading turning thirty-three. She said that it made her feel old, especially having two teenage children and no husband. Dad was a real jerk to leave Mom. She was practically perfect. That cheap bimbo that took him away dumped his ass when his money ran out. He came crawling back to Mom but she wouldn’t take him in. Now he lives across town and pays child support as well as spousal support. The judge told him that when they got a divorce the spousal support would become alimony.

I could not believe it when my sister took me into her bedroom and showed me the big nail hole that she had put in her wall. She then took me into my bedroom and into my closet where she showed me the rest of it. She had hallowed out a deep V-notch in the plasterboard to allow a pretty full view of her bedroom.

She had me look in and then told me to stay right there. Then she went back into her bedroom and undressed completely until she was totally nude. She danced around her room for a moment and then changed into fresh clothes including panties and bra.

She came back into my closet to get me and wanted me to tell her everything that she had done. She listened intently as I told her. She asked me if she had been turned properly to give me the best view possible.

Hell, all I could say was, “Rachael you were naked and you let me watch. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Rachael replied, “I want you to watch every time I change my clothes or get ready for bed. I’ll let you know so that you don’t miss anything.”

I asked, “Why can’t I just come into your room and watch?”

Rachael thought about that for a moment and said, “Well, I suppose you can but I like it better when you are spying on me. I’m not exactly an exhibitionist but I like having a voyeur watch me. It’s like having my own peeping Tom or stalker.”

I said, “Okay.”

Then Rachael said, “I can reward you by inviting other girls to come into my bedroom and getting them to undress too, but you can’t tell anyone or we would both get into trouble.”

I asked, “Do you think that you could get Mom to undress for me?”

Rachael said, “That might be harder but not impossible. I’ll have to work on it. Now this is our little secret? Right!”

I replied, “Right.”

At the dinner table I must have been daydreaming about Rachael changing her clothes because Mom asked me what I was smiling at my sister about. I quickly told her that I was looking at the wall behind Rachael and remembered drawing on it with my crayons when I was a kid. Lucky save! Rachael kicked me gently under the table and glared at me. The rest of dinner went well and then Mom told us to do the dishes. Rachael always washes and I get to dry and put them away. It gave us a chance to be alone. Rachael cautioned me to act normal but how could I? I had seen my sister naked and I liked it. I really liked it.

I said, “I think I need to go jerk off after we finish the dishes.”

Rachael said, “I’ll masturbate too if you want to look through the hole.”

I smiled and said, “I’d like that.”

So after the dishes were done we went up to our bedrooms to play. I got in my closet and Rachael waited for my light tap on the wall before starting to undress. She got naked and lay back on her bed with her pussy facing me. I watched as she slipped two fingers into her slit, moved them around, and then went to the top of her slit to play. I watched her intently then pulled my cock out and started stroking it. Rachael had an orgasm and made sure to let me know. She didn’t stop though and gave herself a second and a third one.

Just as I started to cum and shoot my stuff all over the closet wall, Mom walked into Rachael’s bedroom and said, “What got you all excited young lady. I could hear you from the hallway and your brother could have if he were in his room. No don’t worry I checked his room and he wasn’t in there. He must have gone out to play.”

Then Mom reached out to touch Rachael’s pussy. Before I knew it Mom had knelt on the floor and had her head in Rachael’s pussy. Oh my God, Mom was giving Rachael head. I had heard about but I had never seen it before. The boys in school are always talking about girls giving guys head but hardly ever about girls doing girls. Of course old weird Harold is always trying to get some guy to suck his cock, we just call him a fag and walk away. Anyway Mom must have been pretty good at it because Rachael was moaning and groaning a lot. She had her fingers in Mom’s hair and she was pulling her tighter.

After a couple of orgasms Rachael said the unthinkable, “Can I do you?”

To which Mom replied, “Okay, but whatever you do, don’t tell your brother or your father.”

Rachael asked, “Why?”

Mom laughed and said, “They are boys. They would want some too.”

I watched as Mom undressed in front of Rachael with her back to me. I knew that I wasn’t going to get a chance to look at her when she turned around and asked Rachael if her butt looked too big. Rachael told her that it looked perfect. The girls traded places with Mom on her back and her big hairy pussy looking right at me. Rachael got down close to it and then smiled at me as she leaned in and made contact with her first pussy ever. Rachael ate Mom, Mom gave her directions, and then Mom had an orgasm. It was the first of three orgasms before she begged Rachael to stop. Mom gave Rachael two more powerful orgasms before she grabbed her clothes and rushed to the bathroom to pee and take a shower.

When Mom had disappeared into the bathroom Rachael came running into my room and opened the closet to make sure that I had seen it all. I had and I had cum a second time too.

Rachael said, “Mom said that you would want some of this too, do you?” As she said the word this she patted her pussy.

I just pushed her toward my bed and got between her legs. The first taste of pussy said that I would want more and more pussy. I knew almost immediately that I could never get enough pussy. I gave Rachael two powerful orgasms in very little time.

She said, “Stop” and then she ran toward the bathroom, pushing the door open and sitting on the toilet. The door hadn’t closed and I could see in. Mom was just coming out of the shower when she looked up and saw me. She smiled at me and casually closed the bathroom door.

Later when we were sitting in the living room watching a movie Mom asked, “Did you get a good look at me in the bathroom…or do you need more?”

I knew that my pecker was standing at attention shouting, “More, more, Damn it.”

Mom looked down and said, “I can see the answer. Now if I do this you must promise never to tell your father about it.” Then as an after thought she added, “Or anyone else either. Do you understand?”

I nodded my head. Mom turned off the television set and led me up to my bedroom. Rachael followed. Mom looked at Rachael and started to remove her blouse.

Then Mom asked, “Should I do it right here or should I go over into your sister’s room and let you use the peep hole?”

Rachael asked, “How did you know?”

Mom replied, “Who do you think vacuumed up the plaster dust on the floor yesterday?”

I looked right at Mom and said, “If you don’t mind, I’d like you to stay right here, where I can see you better.”

Mom said, “I don’t mind if Rachael doesn’t.”

Rachael smiled at Mom and then she started to remove her blouse too. I watched them take turns removing articles of clothing until I was the only one dressed. I didn’t stay that way for long because they wanted me to be naked too.

Then Mom wanted to watch me masturbate while they masturbated in front of me, on my bed, and with their legs open. I stroked my cock like I never stroked it before. Then I squirted cum all over my mother’s hairy pussy. Mom thanked me for the cream and then she rubbed it in.

Mom told Rachael and I to both get into my bed. She turned off the light and went to her own bed.

We lay there for hours touching one another. Rachael jerked me off and I got to play with her tits and pussy. After I had cum she told me how to rub her clit to get her off. I preferred to eat her out and she preferred that too.

When Mom found out what we had done during breakfast she made Rachael suck my cock until I had cum in her mouth.

I’ll tell you, our home life was great after that. We didn’t have to worry about seeing the others naked, catching them masturbating, or being afraid to use the bathroom if they were in the tub. Life was absolutely perfect.

The End
My Sister Wants Me To Look
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