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Missy, Brother and Dad (4)

Josh slept till noon. He woke and smiled at his luck. He loved fucking his sister, she was so hot, he got hot thinking about her, looking at her 14 yr old body, feeling her young tits and her little slit. She liked fucking him too and she could fuck like no girl he had fucked before. She would fuck him anytime, anywhere, It was his first time in a 3some with his dad, him and Missy all fucking her together.
He thought about his mom. She was just a grown up version of Missy, and felt sorry they were all having hot sex, while she was not. He figured Dad’s drinking had put her off, but she still was a hot mom. He looked at her hot legs sitting in her chair reading like she always seem to. God she had nice boobs, big and full. He peeked at them every time he got the chance. She would catch him and just smile, and hug him and pull his face into her big tits, and grin at him.

He got up and ate and found his mom sitting up in bed reading again. He walk in her bedroom and laid beside her and looked at her. Damn, she was so sexy in her shorts, and tiny top. She had on no bra today, Sunday. He could see her nipples big, poking thru her little top. He looked at her short shorts, and could see a little line of hair that must lead down to her pussy. He was getting a boner.
She finally stopped reading and took off her glasses and smiled at him.
She said: “What are you up to today my little man“. At 17, she still called him ‘her little man.’ She knew him well, and that little horny smile of his. She smiled back at him and reached out and rubbed his arm. “You sure have gotten a good build Josh, do you work at a lot.” He blushed and said ‘yes’. She pulled him over to her and raised his shirt. “My my, look at those ab’s..oooo the girls must like that.” She started rubbing her hand over his chest. She knew what she was doing and watched his boner, hidden under his hand.
Josh thought…Damn, his boner was getting bigger, and wouldn’t go away. She, like Missy, so sexy in the way she acts and talks. He tried to think of something else, but couldn’t.
Mom was getting tingles rubbing his chest so she just climbed on top of him and squatted right on his dick. She closed her eyes and with both hands rubbed his chest. She whispered: (“ could use a rub down son, to keep those muscles in shape. Mom will fix you right up.”) He thought …oh my god…her voice is just like Missy’s when she talks like that. Mom felt his now, big boner under her, and damn it felt good. She began to rock on, she hadn’t felt those tingles in a long time.

Josh didn’t know what to do. He wanted so bad to put his hand on those big tits that were rocking back and forth in his face, a zooming cleavage which she keeping bringing them closer to his face.
She thought….I feel that boner of his right on my clit if I lean over more….damn…I could have and orgasm sitting on my own son’s dick so easy now. I’d sure like that. I bet he wouldn’t say a thing if I rubbed my pussy right on his big dick. He wouldn’t want to embarrass me.
I can’t hold out much longer, this is feeling way too good to stop now. She couldn’t stop herself as she slowly closed her eyes and leaned down slowly and kissed her son while she rocked more on his dick. Josh freaked inside. He froze in place and just let her get off on him. She started to moan in his mouth and started slipping her tongue along his lips. He just let it happen and began to respond to her kissing so hot now. He let his hands come up and placed them on her cute little hips, and started moving them with her.
He heard and felt her breathing strain as she moaned louder in his mouth. She started to shake and her body stiffened up as she sucked on his tongue….the she yelled in his mouth and moaned a long moan and shuttered on him and moved her pussy around on his dick. She lay still and kissed him softly, as she panted for breath.

They heard the front door open in the living room.

She quick jumped up and went in the bathroom. Josh went down the hall with a magazine held over his big wet spot where she had sat on his boner and went to his room. He quick changed his pants, and came out. Dad looked at him and said: “What’s the matter with you, you look like someone just scared you!”…and laughed. Josh just smiled and said he was just watching a scary video…and laughed too. “Honey, what’s for dinner.” dad yelled. Mom yelled back:
“It’ll be ready at 5, dear, it’s snails, and worm left overs again. Dad didn’t even pay attention to what she said as he watched T.V. He yelled back…..”OK.” Josh just smiled and looked at his mom down the hall. She grinned big, blew him a kiss and shook her ass at him, as she giggled silently. She was trying to dry a huge wet spot on her shorts with a towel. Josh was in love.… again.

That evening mom came in Josh’s room as he was on the computer playing. She whispered: (“..we need to talk Josh….”) He looked at her and melted. She had on her robe and it was half open at the top. Dad was just leaving for a ball game, he yelled “Bye.” and left. Missy was at her friends Jan’s house, spending the night. Josh said it looks like we’re all alone for the evening, where do you want to talk? She smiled big at him, and said: “Oh….right here on your bed will do.”
He got up and sat way back in his bed, and leaned against the wall. Mom climbed up and laid her head in his lap on her back.

She thought…. how am I going to handle this. I got carried away today, but I know he liked it, and I know I sure did. I want more from him, lots more, but he may feel uneasy making out with his mom. I hadn’t had an orgasm like that in years, his dad just wants to do a quickie, and that’s all, so I started cutting him off years ago. Damn, Josh make me so hot the way he looks at me, and stares at my tits. I wonder if he has the hots for me…I think he does. I’m going to find out tonight for sure.
.I wanted to explain about today and the way I acted. I….well….I..(josh interrupts) ‘Mom…that was the hottest thing we did today, I loved it, I hope you understand that I’m young and I get excited when….. Mom just reached up and pulled his head down to her lips and started kissing him. Josh’s heart jumped…but he felt a thrill like no other, wanting his mom so bad now. She whispered in his ear: (“ let’s not waste time, I need you Josh, you’re the only man in my life, your dad is in another world. I hope it doesn’t freak you out to make out with you own mother, I need it so bad Josh, help me with some happiness. I want you so bad. After today, I wanted to do a lot more than just kiss and rub us. It’s ok with me if you want to have sex with me, because I sure want to with you“…..) She went back to kissing him hot. She put his hand on her bare tits, and said…feel me up josh...feel your mom’s tits, she needs it.
Don’t hold back, I think you want me like I want you, go for it….and she took her robe off and shut the door and locked it. She laid down and pulled at josh’s pants, and took them off and his shirt. Now josh lay on top of his naked mother as she hotly kissed him in a hot frenzy. She was so horny she wanted sex and she wanted it now. Josh’s trembling hands felt her body all over and her big full tits sent chills down to his dick. She became an animal and her tongue went crazy in his mouth, sucking his tongue and lips.

He wondered how long it had been since she had any sex, she was going crazy now, and his dick was about to burst. She wiggled and squirmed and grabbed his dick and started jacking it. Then, she pushed his head down to her pussy and held it firm, as she started humping his tongue hard….lick mommy baby….mommy hasn’t been licked in years….oh god keep licking don’t stop!…
suck on mommy’s clit baby….yes …YES…oh god do it baby…do it.
Josh is hotter than he’s ever been in his whole life. His whole body is shaking he wants to cum in his mom so bad…. He’s afraid he’ll cum to early…he moves up on her and put his dick in her very tight wet pussy…she moans…mom is tight baby….just keep pushing it in…oh god yes josh baby...oh now…fuck mom…fuck me hard ….josh…there…I’m gonna cum baby…it’s coming…cum with meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!..OH!….oh………
.oh god baby…yessssssssss joshhhhhhhhhhhhhh! …while she yelled his name he let go with a rocked of cum out of his dick he could feel in his whole body and it kept cuming and cuming…she screamed again…yes! Babyeeeeeeeeee!…and she shook and twisted her body and moaned weird sounds and fucked him faster and faster until she stopped and locked her body around his and squeezed his dick like a vice. He went dizzy and weak as she stayed clamped to him and just trembled.
She squeezed his dick with her pussy, over and over again. Tears ran down her cheeks and she shook, still…’oh god josh, that was so beautiful for mom….your wonderful….we have to do a lot of that for mom and josh….yes we do….

She knew she had to get up and couldn’t get caught fucking her son in his own room. She was weak, and josh helped her put her robe on….she was in a daze and walked bow legged down the hall holding her dripping pussy. Then she stopped and walked back just to kiss him once more, then continued to her room. Josh just fell back on his bed and collapsed for the night.


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2011-08-31 20:31:31
My mother fcked me when I was 12


2011-01-05 12:49:21
Lovely story I love mom and son stories.


2011-01-05 12:48:57
Lovely story I love mom and son stories.

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2010-12-16 23:28:36
I didn't see any fisting in the story....

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