Daughter turns sex ed class to reality
This is my first attempt at writing this kind of story. Please feel free to leave constructive feedback. I hope that you enjoy my story.

The last few months have been the most difficult of my life so far! We have always been a tight knit family, me the wife and our 13 year old daughter. What I thought had started out quite innocently is turning anything other than innocent. You see, since the school our daughter goes to started teaching sex ed, we’ve noticed a huge change in her behaviour around me.

Before Eleanor started these sex ed classes, she was a quiet but confident young girl in the early stages of puberty, but she started becoming very shy and coy around me. This behaviour seemed to come out more especially when my wife was around. I couldn’t quite work it out to start with, but recently I think I have twigged what’s going on.

My wife has been away all this weekend on a girly weekend with one of her best friends. Her friend is due to be married in a few weeks so I think that they were planning a weekend away from the guys in the city. That was fine by me but it did mean that I was looking after Eleanor all weekend. Everything was going along swimmingly until later that Saturday evening. I was busy watching the usual Saturday evening game shows we watched every weekend. Eleanor was watching with me, only laid on her front on the floor in front of the TV. She was wearing her usual evening wear for a weekend. A long nightie, which she tends to wear more often than not, and a pair of baby pink knickers
I found watching the TV very difficult with her in front of me, my concentration being constantly broken by her fidgeting and trying to get more comfy. Every time I looked down I was drawn to her bare legs of which I could see more of every time she moved. Eventually her nightie had ridden up so far that I could see the unmistakable outline of her backside covered by those baby pink knickers. I thought at first this was an accident but this was quickly put beyond all doubt.

“Eleanor, sweetheart,” I called. “I think you should adjust yourself, your showing your daddy much more than he should be able to see!”

“Oh but daddy, I thought that this was what all guys liked to see?” She replied.

I worried that she had been flashing herself to any passing guy and I had to be sure this was not the case. I would be mortified if my 13 year old daughter had managed to transform herself into the classroom slut over the last few months.

“What do you mean sweetheart? How many guys have you tested this theory on?” I asked.

“Daddy, please don’t be angry! It’s just in my last sex ed class; our teacher told us that guys liked to see girls knickers as it makes them all excited. I have been so desperate to try it as all the guys at school are idiots and I don’t really like them, so I thought I would put the theory to the test on you daddy. Don’t you like it?”

“Oh I do sweetheart, it’s just that it is very wrong for fathers to think of their daughters in that way. Especially when they are as attractive as you are!” It was at this point I realised that I had just opened the flood gates and wished that I hadn’t just said that!

“You think I’m attractive? That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me daddy. I wish that you weren’t my daddy, and then you could show me what you really want to do to me.”

I had to calm this down! My cock was as hard as it had ever been I knew that the feelings I had bubbling away were wrong on every level, but it still didn’t stop me having them though! “Eleanor, I think that we should go back to watching the TV and end the conversation here, and cover up too!”

Eleanor turned back over and pulled her nightie down a little to cover her bum. She lay like this for another half hour, when she started complaining that the programs that we were watching were boring. I passed her the remote and told her to find something she wanted to watch. I worried that I’d upset her, so I invited her to snuggle with me on the sofa. She climbed up onto the sofa and laid her head in my lap I placed my arm along her back with my hand just above her bum. We stayed like this for another hour watching the film she had decided to switch on. That was until there was a rather hot moment in the film. My cock twitched beneath her head, but she did nothing. In a dream world I started to run my hand further down her back, feeling the elastic of her knickers beneath her nightie.

I hadn’t really noticed what I was doing until I heard her cooing at my hand gently rubbing her bum and gradually getting lower. I was lost at this point and couldn’t stop anymore. I gave in to my own misgivings and continued to run my hand ever lower. As I rubbed at Eleanor’s soft peachy backside, her nightie rose upward, exposing those cute knickers. My heart was beating heavily and my cock constantly twitching and my PJs were struggling to hold it in. I hoped that she hadn’t noticed but was once again wronged.
Eleanor shifted herself and asked for a hug. She straddled my lap, which put extra strain on my cock and more importantly the PJs holding it in. She must have know what she was doing when she started to wriggle around in my lap, my cock getting instantly rock hard! My PJs couldn’t cope with holding my cock in and soon it had slipped through the slit in the front. All I could feel now was the warm flesh of my daughter’s inner thighs and the soft fabric of the only thing stopping my cock from penetrating her innocent little pussy.

She carried this on for about 5 minutes, constantly teasing with her loins. Finally some rest bite came when she jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I was pleased that she had gone; my cock was beginning to get really painful all squashed up against her knickers. My relief was short lived as Eleanor came back and jumped straight back on my lap. She had returned with a rubber. Those sex ed classes must have started to sink in.

“Daddy, I need this. I love you so much and I want you to be my first.” She ripped open the pack and rolled it down my cock. The feeling was amazing. My wife has never made this part of sex feel this good!

She climbed up further and placed my condom covered cock at the entrance to her sweet little pussy. “Take it slowly baby, it’s going to hurt for your first time.” She pushed down on my cock slowly. Her pussy was so tight; it was a wonderful feeling as my cock slid further into her. My cock was about 2 inches inside of her pussy lips when I felt the resistance of her cherry. “That’s your cherry sweetheart. This is where it is going to hurt.”

“I know daddy, they told us about this moment.”

She lifted herself up a little and then slammed back down onto my cock. It sunk the whole way into her pussy as her cherry quickly gave way. Eleanor let out a scream as she came to rest at the base of my cock, all 6 inches inside of her delectable tight pussy. I wiped away her tears as she got used to the feeling of my cock buried deep in her pussy. I was in second heaven; my cock surrounded by my 13 year olds pussy. She began to lift herself up and pushed back down rhythmically beginning to let out yelps of pleasure as she fucked her daddy’s cock. Her tightness was pulling the condom tight on my cock. Each downward thrust pulled it tighter. In my head I thought about stopping her so that I could re-adjust but that thought went after the 6th stroke as the condom gave way. The feeling of her throbbing pussy walls on my now bare cock were so amazing that the thought of stopping her were instantly erased.

She didn’t last long before she started to shriek as her first orgasm rolled over her. The pulsing that transferred through the muscular walls of her pussy was too much for me. All of a sudden my balls let rip and my cum splattered out, coating the insides of her fertile womb. I squirted so much into her it started to seep down the side of my cock, dripping onto the sofa.

That’s when I heard a cough at the doorway to the kitchen. “Shit” I said out loud, Eleanor looked round to see what I was swearing at. Her mother was stood in the doorway looking at us both. She must have seen the whole thing

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