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Jenny shifted nervously outside the men’s locker room. But she was determined to do this and she kept telling herself not to back down. She put her long blond hair up in a ponytail and walked into the empty locker room. The men’s only club wasn’t open yet so guys wouldn’t start arriving for another ten minutes. It gave Jenny just enough time to get ready.
She stripped naked and walked through the locker room, passing a mirror. She paused and looked at herself, admiring the way she looked naked. She had D cup breasts and a skinny waist. She smiled and continued walking to the pool. She only had ten minutes to get in and get out. She wished she had never agreed to the stupid dare that put her in this position.
She lowered herself into the water that was already warm. She sighed and closed her eyes. Where she stood the water came up to just above her breasts. She faced the edge and crossed her arms on the cement. She rested her head on her arms and just rested there, enjoying the feeling of the water. She was so relaxed and focused on the water she didn’t hear the locker room door open and a man walked into the pool room.
He couldn’t believe his eyes. There was a girl standing in the pool naked. She had her eyes closed so he quietly stepped out of his swim trunks and lowered himself into the water. He walked up behind her and by this time she sensed someone behind her.
She looked over her shoulder and gasped when she saw a man walking towards her. She tried to pull herself out of the water but he grabbed her hips.
“Shhh,” he said soothingly, massaging her hips and waist. She couldn’t stop the moan that escaped her lips. She decided then and there to stay and see what this man did. His hard cock rested against her ass as he moved closer to her. She hadn’t been fucked in so long and she wanted it bad. He moved teasingly against her and gripped her breasts in his hand.
“Please,” she moaned, “Please fuck me.” She reached around and stroked his large dick. “I want your cock inside me.” He pulled her hand away and spread her legs. With one hard thrust he gave her what she wanted. She cried out with a bit of pain but a lot of pleasure as he filled and stretched her.
“Oh god yes please more,” she moaned, arching back and pressing back against him. He grinned and gripped her hips in his hands as he started thrusting hard and rough into her. He looked up and saw that a few more guys had walked into the pool area and were watching him fuck this girl. Most of them already had their trunks down and they were stroking their already hard dicks. Jenny opened her eyes and saw them as well. Normally she would have blushed and stopped the man from fucking her but she was so horny and loving it as he pounded her pussy.

“Mmm, you like watching me get fucked?” she asked them breathlessly. One of them walked over to her and sat at the edge of the pool, his hard cock in front of her. She instantly took it into her mouth, sucking hungrily. He groaned and gripped her hair.
“That’s right, slut, suck my dick,” he said. Jenny had never been called a slut before but it sent a thrill through her. She took the cock in her mouth as the other man filled her tight pussy. At that point word had spread and most of the men in the club were in the pool room, watching this girl get fucked by two guys. She cried out when she felt the grip on her hips tighten and the man behind her shoot his cum into her pussy. She was disappointed when he pulled out but he was soon replaced when another man got behind her and thrust into her sore pussy. She cried out around the cock in her mouth.
Jenny felt wonderful being the center of attention of all these guys. They watched her and stroked their cocks. She was taken off guard when she felt the man in front of her cum in her mouth. She swallowed most of it but some dripped down her chin. She wanted another cock in her mouth. One man came up to her in the water and the one pounding her pussy pulled her away from the wall. She shifted nervously when he pulled out and put his cock against her ass.
“W-wait, I’ve never-“ she was cut off as she screamed when he thrust hard into her virgin ass. The man in front of her lifted her legs easily in the water and suddenly she had a cock in her pussy and a cock in her ass. She whimpered with pain and gripped the man’s shoulders. They ignored her and just used her body, thrusting into her tight holes. Pleasure filled her and she orgasmed suddenly. She could hear the other men cheering them on as they fucked her roughly, calling her a whore and a slut.
It kept going on and on as whenever a man came inside her he was replaced with another. Both holes were sore and aching by the time the men realized the pool would close soon. They left her there and walked back into the locker room, emptying the pool room. Jenny slowly pulled herself out of the water. She walked on weak legs to the locker room once all the men were gone. She’d definitely have to come back here soon.

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