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when i was 13, my folks were out of town for a weekend and i stayed at my buddies house that weekend
well ive been sleeping over many times before, and i always remembered that his dad used to stay up pretty late down in the basement on watching satellite, well that weekend my buddie and his mom where out that time so i wasnt there with my friend but was only me and his dad.
my friend was on a roller hockey turnoment that weekend so they were pretty far away, so friday i go to his house and stay there till sunday, and all seemed normal i got comfortable then at night his dad asked me if i wanted to come watch satellite and i was sure cuz i didnt have it at my house i only had the frist cable 1 thru 99, so by then i knew about sex and jerking off and stuff cuz come on what 13 year old doesnt, soo we were watching it and we were watching some movie and it had sex scenes in it and he didnt bother changing it, so he was also drinking alittle bit before then and still couple while down there so as the scenes pop up it shows a women in some pantyhose, and i instantly loved it cuz i love pantyhose, thing that gets me turned on the most, dont know why it still does to this day, so i just happen to blurt out ooh damn shes in pantyhose i love that..

and his dad looked at me and said really? im liek yea its sexy as hell, he was hmm it is isnt it.. but had like in voice like he was thinking about something me not knowing what he was planing then in his head, so an hour goes by he went up stairs for like maybe 15 mins and i heard him searching for something then he comes back down with 2 beers, and handed me one, this was the first time i ever drank so after hat beer i felt real....good haha,

then once i was drunk for the first time that night he sat closer to me and said so you said you like pantyhose huh?
i said yes, he's like well i have some here for you they are my wifes but she dont wear them, how about you try them on and see how they feel
so this point i was excited about drinking and hey heres a pair of silky black pantyhose in front of me.. like omg.. so i instantly said yes

he said great why dont you put them on in the bath room down here and try them on tell me how it feels
so i did i went in there kinda stumbled, but made it i took my clothes off and like then i didnt really get hair on my legs till i was like 15 so my legs were super smooth with these nylons on, felt like silk so i get them on and i dont have my underwear on either and omg it felt great against my cock and i rubbed my legs and ass in them just feeling them made me hard,

so while im doing that my friends dad was at the door and knocked and asked how are they, i said they are great and after that the door opened and i tryed covern my self as he walked in, he was like noo noo let me see its ok .. soo i slowly pulled the towel away that grabbed and he seen it, he was like wow looks good fits u well cuz his wife was only 5'0'' so it fit me well and omg did it feel soo good on me, so he convinced me to come sit on the couch again in them so i did and as im rubbing them he seen me so he leaned over and asked can he feel them too and im like sure... i guess

so he gets closer again and starts rubbing my leg and not gonna lie it felt good havin someone else rub the nylons on my leg,
and he must of seen that so he kept going, and then my thighs and down to my feet then i can see his shorts pitching a tent and when i seen that he looked at me and smiled and i scootched back and he got closer and then he jumped me and pinned me down as i was fighting him off, while he was still rubbing my pantyhose legs grabbing my ass and rubbing my feet, i was scared but it also felt so good.

he told me its ok were gonn have some fun dont be scared then he took off his shirt and shorts and when i seen his big dick all hard i was confused im like umm wtf are we doing here, hes like hey ur in pantyhose and u love that right and i said ya and then he said well i love them too and he took my legs and held my ankles so my feet were rubbinghis dick as he was thrusting it between so giving him a nylon footjob, then he started kissing my legs and rubbing my ass then up to my stomach and chest, i was like weirded out but it felt good and being drunk helped, then he told me to knee in front of him and stick my pantyhose ass out so i did then he grabed my hand and put iton his rock hard cock that had to be 7'' so started to jerk him off and he was rubbin my ass and legs still then i got the urge to put it in my mouth i licked it and wrapped my lips around it and it was good sucking on it while jerking he was going crazy from it then he pulled me off and grabbed me and led me up stairs to his bed,so we get in it and he lays me on my back and keeps rubbing and kissing my nylons getting me hornyer and him self too he rolled me over and rubbing and squeezing my ass i could feel him try to slide his fngers in there too then i felt him roll the waist of the hose off me just below my butt and i looked back as he had his dick in hand and bent me up and slide his dick in to me, it hurt so bad but he went slow and still rubbing the hose so it felt good too after a while i got used to it then i got on my back and put my legs up to his shoulders he got insdie me again and this time it felt real good he was fuckin me and kissin my legs oh it felt great,

then he started going faster and he pulls out and pulls my legs down and cums all over my pantyhosed legs it felt soo hot and sticky and he laid next to me and said wow, tat was great.. how about you sleep over more and i said sure if i can always wear these, and he said u can have them and you bettter wear those pantyhose ..

ever since then ive been secretly wearing pantyhose while i play it turns me on and other guys too
and once a month i slept over and we did the same thing in his basement for 2 years and i miss it

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2014-05-10 05:02:55
Bi guy likes wearing pantyhose and panties would love to get fucked In them 2294570816


2012-03-06 19:02:48
not bad could be better,
i love pantyhose (tights) as we call them in uk!!

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2010-12-13 09:49:36
stupid gay go and find a pussy asshole

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2010-12-13 09:49:29
stupid gay go and find a pussy asshole

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2010-12-13 00:03:55
You could have me that this was sort of gay, that there was no real sex, and that you didn’t know how to use the shift key to make capital letters with. Plus you really need to proofread your own work.

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