It goes as far as it would with mother and then Aunt Flo and Cousin Etta show up
Part III

Keep a Secret

We did not talk as we did the chores until mother was milking the cow and I was standing where I usually stood with my hand on the cows shoulder. Mother said, “Honey, you got t’ promise me you won’t ever tell anyone what we’ve done.” She was milking and speaking down into the pail. “Most people wouldn’t understand. They would call me bad. You don’t believe I’m bad do you?”
“No,” was all I could say before she continued.
“Not everyone believes the same but because some do think what I have done is bad we have to keep secrets. We never know who might call us bad so we can’t tell anyone. After a while I want you to throw your drawings of me in the furnace. Of course if you change them so they don’t look like me it would be okay for you to keep them. Can you do that?”
“I can,” I agreed.
“Good. Do you want to make more drawing of me?
“Well I think I will keep clothes on from now on when you sketch me. Some clothes, not much but some clothes.” She fell silent as she finished stripping the last of the milk from Pansy’s teats.
That night and every night that week mother read until I fell asleep. Dad came home again on his usual biweekly schedule. One of the chores he did when he was home was to butcher the rabbits that needed to be butchered. He had never before had me help him butcher. This week-end he said that there might be a day he would not get home and I would have to do the butchering. He did not have me kill any of the rabbits and at eleven years of age, I didn’t want to. I did learn how to skin and clean them. I also went around to the grocers who sold the rabbits for us.
At one of the stores there was a fat woman who was the meat cutter and when my dad introduced me she said, “Aren’t you the cutest thing?” as she hugged me to her, forcing my face between her breasts. As I pulled away she giggled and pulled me into her breasts again.
My dad said, “Easy Alice. He’s only eleven.”
After I had moved away from her she whispered something to dad and he whispered something back. She smiled at me and said, “You come back and see me some time, you little sweetie-pie.” On the way home I wondered what her fuck hole looked like.
Monday when I came home from school I found mother on her bed with a cloth over her eyes. I did all the chores by myself including milking the cow. After changing out of my chore clothes and washing up I found mother was still on her bed with the cloth over her eyes. After eating some leftovers I went to my room and looked through my drawings. I had been working at altering the pictures so they did not look like mother. I was just about satisfied with what I had done and figured that when mother was next having a good day I would ask her if I had done enough. Of course I would never show her my special pictures.
Before 9:30 I did my final chores and went to mother’s room. She was still clothed and lying on top of the covers. When I asked her if she was awake she said yes. When I told her it was time to go to bed she asked me to help her get out of her clothes. She had on a pair of slacks that zipped down the side so I unzipped them and she raised herself up to allow me to pull them off. I then unbuttoned her blouse and she sat up to allow me to take it off. Still holding the cloth over her eyes she said for me to undo her bra which I did. She shrugged the bra off and I tossed it on the chair where I had placed her slacks and blouse. When I turned around she had placed the cloth on the bedside table stood and was taking off her underpants.
As I went to the other side of the bed to get in bed she said, “Got t’ pee,” and left stark naked to go to the bathroom. I lay down in bed, faced away from the door, and closed my eyes. I had nearly fallen asleep before she returned. I felt her climb in bed and rustle the blankets. She turned out the light and once again I started to drift off to sleep.
“Honey, will you hold me?” she asked.
Without a word I rolled toward her and lay my head on a naked breast. I put my arm over her, held onto her, and fell asleep. Sometime during the night I awoke to strange feelings. It took me a few moments to realize what was happening. Mother had rolled to her side facing away from me and I had spooned up close behind her. My hard penis had slipped through the opening in my pajamas and was pushed up to my mother’s pussy. At the moment I realized what had happened my hips did that involuntary hunch forward. It was not enough of a thrust to cause insertion but the feeling of thrusting against the wrinkled skin of her pussy was stimulating enough to cause another thrust. I tried to pull away but this only caused the next thrust to be even stronger. It was then that I felt her hands. One opened her and the other pushed me in. With the next thrust I was buried deep within her. Nature took its course and I pounded her pussy like I had been doing this before. My first time did not last long but the pleasure was a wonderful thing. As my seaman pumped into her I felt one of her hands pull gently at my ball sac and the other gripped my hip and held me to her.
I thought about why we breed animals and I wondered if I had given her a baby. Wanting to know I started to ask, “Mother…” but she shushed me so I kept silent. She pulled me even tighter to her and I again drifted off to sleep.
In the morning mother woke me. She said it was late and I had to hurry to get ready for school and she would do the chores without my help. I was on the bus, riding to school before I remembered what had happened during the night. The last time anything unusual had happened mother had said to me, “It never happened. Nothing happened. Forget it as though nothing happened.” I repeated this over and over in my mind, trying to convince myself that it never happened. When my friends got on the bus I put the events of the night out of my mind and did not think of them again until I approached the back door of our home after school.
The remembrance of the feelings as I had hunched into my mother’s pussy gave me an instant erection. I made the necessary adjustments before opening the door. There was mother down on her knees scrubbing the kitchen floor. She was quietly, half singing, half humming a song I had heard her sing before. It was something about the Irish washer woman. When she noticed me standing in the entry way she said, “Come on in. Don’t worry. I’ll wipe up your footprints.” This was unusual—usually she would send me through the front door where, after entering, I was expected to take off my shoes and walk on the living room rug in my bare feet.
When I had walked through the kitchen she said, “Honey, take a few minutes to move all of your stuff out of my room and back into your room.” I did as she said. There were a few of my clothes. my sketchpad, and a handful of pencils. Nothing more needed to be said to tell me I was sleeping in my own bed.
Days went by with mother feeling good. Spring brought warming weather with showers and sunshine. Everything was going well but there was one thing I was concerned about and one evening during dinner I asked, “Mother are you going to have a baby?”
“A baby? No dear, mother is too old to have a baby. In fact I was almost too old when I had you.” She was silent for a while. I was feeling so relieved to hear that she was not having a baby, I did not notice her silence. I was suddenly startled when she said, “It almost killed me when you were born. Not only were you too big for me, you wanted to come out feet first.” When she fell silent again, I tried to comprehend what she had said. Startled again, I listened as she said, “It hurt so bad when you were born that I prayed to die. Just thinkin’ about how much it hurt causes me to hurt. Thank god I’m not havin’ any more babies.”

It Never Happened

Part IV

Cousin Etta Visits

Days went by, spring came and then summer. Mother had her good days and bad days, with more good than bad. Dad came home every two weeks and one of the things he did in May was to plow up a small plot of land to plant a vegetable garden. Weeding and watering the garden became another one of my chores. I continued to work at my pencil drawing and experiment with masturbating. In addition my dad bought a complete set of encyclopedia, 24 volumes. As the month of June progressed it seemed I was busy every minute.
Then on July 6 my busy peaceful life was disturbed with the arrival of Aunt Flo and her daughter Etta. Flo (Florence) was my mother’s youngest (by about 10 years) sister. Etta (Henrietta) was about a year and a half older than me and busied herself nosing into everyone else’s business. They, like my mother, were blond, blue eyed, with fair skin. Aunt Flo had recently divorced her third or fourth husband and declared she would never marry again. She had nowhere to live and declared herself our guest for a few weeks. Etta always called Aunt Flo’s husbands her mother’s boyfriends.
My sister’s old bed was moved up from the basement into my room where Etta would sleep and on week-ends when dad came home Flo and Etta would share the bed. Otherwise Flo would sleep with her sister Kate.
The first night I could not think of anything but the desire to crawl in bed with Etta. I had seen her in her pajamas prior to going to bed and perky little breast pushed forward giving a promise of things to come. Very early in the morning, after spending many wakeful hours, I decided to go to the bathroom and jack-off. With that accomplished I was able to go back to bed and drop off to sleep. I awoke groggily with the alarm and after doing the chores we had a big breakfast of bacon, eggs, and pancakes.
During breakfast it was announced that mother and Aunt Flo were going “visiting” and would not be home for three or four days. Etta was instructed to be a help to me, cooking, keeping house, and if I asked for it, helping with the chores. Mother told me she trusted me to do my chores and to get to bed at bedtime. Looking back it is hard to believe that the mothers of an almost 12-year-old boy and a 13½-year-old girl would leave them alone even if they were first-cousins.
As soon as our mothers had left, Etta asked me to show her around the farm. She took note of our two cows, one of which was due to drop a calf in less than a month. It was the rabbits that really peeked her interest, especially when I told her how we bread the does. She wanted to see. She wanted to see the buck go “Whiff bam.” I tried to put her off but she begged so I checked to see if there was a doe that was ready and there was so I brought the doe to the buck that was ready for her. When I put the doe, rear end first, in the buck’s cage, she knew what was coming and struggled to get away but I held her in place. The buck sniffed and snorted. At this point the doe raised her rear and lowered her front in the typical submissive stance and the buck mounted thrust twice and hopped off. I immediately removed the doe, tucking her under my arm, and closed the door to the buck’s cage.
“Is that all there is to it?” Etta asked. I assured her it was and she wanted to see it happen again. I told her that we only used a buck once a week. “Well use another buck!” she demanded. No that would fowl up the records I told her. In three days another doe was scheduled to be bread and she was welcome to watch that. Then Etta proceeded to tell me that Aunt Flo would spend hours fucking with a new husband. “Do Aunt Kate and Uncle Will fuck like that?” I told her I did not know but I suspected they did. Then our interest turned to the vegetable garden.
She asked me what I did with my time, other than being a farmer. I showed her my pencil art and she was properly impressed but not interested in posing. I then showed her my prized set of encyclopedias. She picked up volume A and proceeded to thumb through it and I began to sketch her as she sat on the couch with her legs curled up under her rear. She had made no attempt to keep her skirt down and I could barely see the edge of her white panties. I decided to try to sketch her without clothes. I began to think about seeing her naked body and touching her all over. Soon I had the desire to beat off so I went to the bathroom to do the deed. When I came back she smiled at me and went back to turning pages and occasionally reading an article.
Suddenly I noticed that I could no longer see the edge of her panties. Soon after noticing this she moved slightly and her skirt rode up a little more and I saw she must have removed her panties. She then startled me by saying, “You know my tits aren’t that big.”
“You looked at it?” I asked.
“Yeah,” she said as though I should have expected her to look at it. After a few minutes, she asked if I was planning to show it to my friends, telling them she had posed naked. I had not thought of that so I denied the intent to do so. Then she said, “If you give it to me I will show you one of my tits so you can get it right.”
“Okay,” I agreed since it had been my intent to offer it to her anyway.
She unbuttoned the top of her dress and exposed a small round breast tipped with a little brown tit only slightly bigger than my own. She went back to reading and I worked on my sketch to make it look like the real thing. An hour or so later I felt I was finished and showed it to her. “Good,” she said and covered her exposed breast and buttoned up her dress.
I once again went to the bathroom to beat my meat.
When it was time to do the evening chores, I noticed that a summer rain storm was coming from the southwest. I told Etta it might start raining and I did not need her help but she insisted upon tagging along. The storm did not arrive while we did the chores. Etta did help but she was full of questions, some of which I had answered earlier when I showed her around. As I began to milk old Pansy I explained that the old cow was near to drying up and we would have to take her down the road to a neighbor’s place to breed her. I expected her to say something about that but instead she giggled. “You know what I just thought about?” she asked. She did not give me a chance to respond. She said, “If we did not have cows or goats for milk we might milk mothers. I just thought of you milking Aunt Kate for a glass of milk.”
God, I thought, she’s some kind of screwball. Pansy chose that moment to try to kick the milk bucket and my head was pushed into her ribs. I was just stripping out the last of her milk so I finished up and when I looked up Etta was gone. When I got into the house with my less than half bucket of milk I found Etta fixing dinner for us. I put the milk in the cooling tray in the refrigerator. I then washed up, changed clothes and returned to the kitchen. I sat where I usually sat at the table. Soon Etta served me a dish of noodles with a tomato and meat sauce. It was good and I told her so. She did not acknowledge my compliment and I wondered if I had said of done something wrong.
As I finished the last bites of dinner I was about to compliment her again when she said. “You know we are not just playing house, we are like living together like we was married.” I was dumbfounded. I could think of nothing to say but I don’t think she expected me to say anything. She went on, “I bet you’d like to fuck me, huh?” Again I was without words. I had never known anyone who talked like this. She went on before I could say a word. “Even though I’d love to fuck you, we’re not gonna do it, got that.”
The expression on my face must have spoken more than I was able to do. Etta looked into my eyes and said, “Oh, I’m sorry cuz. I was sure I knew what you were thinking. I was wrong wasn’t I?”
I finally found my voice but was only able to say, “Yeah.”
At that moment the rainstorm arrived with rain being driven against the windows on the south and west side of the house. Etta looked to the windows and back to me. Her eyes suddenly filled with tears. “I’m sorry,” she said as she wiped away some of her teas with the back of a hand. “You know…” she paused for a long time, continuing to wipe tears away, before going on, “Living with my mom I hear a lot of things. That’s the way she talks to the guys she brings home. O’ course I know we ain’t old ‘nough to fuck. It’s kind a fun to pretend though, ‘specially with no one around to say we can’t.”
I still did not know what to say but I said, “Yeah.”
“Okay then,” she said as she stood, “let’s do the dishes. I’ll wash and you dry.”
I was about to tell her that we usually put the dishes in the drying rack to dry but then I decided to play along. As she washed the rain continued to beat against the south facing kitchen windows. Etta washed faster than I could dry but she did not say anything until she was done and I still had a number of items left to dry. “My god but you’re slow,” she said as she left me to finish drying the dishes and went into the living room where she turned on the reading lamp and began thumbing through volume B of the encyclopedia.
After finishing with the dishes I went into the living room where I picked up volume D and sat on the couch next to Etta. Fifteen or twenty minutes later Etta asked, “What do your mom and dad do in the evening?”
“Read,” I said as I pointed to the bookshelves that contained two or three hundred books.
“Maybe that’s why my mom can’t keep a man. All she wants to do if fuck.”
Again I was speechless. Another ten minutes or so passed before she spoke again. “Have you ever seen your folks fucking?” she asked.
“No,“ I said softly.
“Wanna know what my mom and her boyfriends look like when they fuck?”
“Sure,” I said with interest.
“I don’t know. You might tell your mom I told you.”
“Why would I do that?” I asked.
“I don’t know…maybe to get me in trouble.” She stood and put the B volume back on the shelf. “I’m gonna take a bath. Want me to leave the water for you?”
“No, there’ll be enough hot water for me,” I said.
I stayed on the couch and continued looking through volume D but my mind was on what Etta seemed obsessed with and that was fucking. I was quite aroused and determined to beat off in the tub during my bath, which I did.
When I came from my bath in my pajamas I found Etta looking at my drawings. Of course I had hidden away my nude drawings of mother and Etta had not found them. “Am I the first one you’ve drawn without clothes?”
I lied by telling her she was. I think she was impressed. She then surprised me by saying, “I wish I could show people your drawing of me but I don’t want anyone to think I posed without clothes.”
I thought of telling her I would make another drawing of her with clothes on and she could show that but before I could put this sentiment into words she told me that tomorrow I would make another drawing of her that would show her fully clothed.
I agreed and put my drawings away. I looked at the clock and noted that it was about 8:30 so I said that I could start the drawing now.
Looking down at her pajamas she said, “No, I want to dress up in my best dress.”

It Never Happened

Part V

It Happened
There had been distant flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder but now a flash of lightning lit up the room and a clap of thunder immediately followed. Etta screamed and jumped up from where she had been sitting on my bed and wrapped her arms around my neck. She was nearly a head taller than me and she pulled my face down between her breasts. “Oh god that scared me!” she said as she continued to hold me in place.
Although I at first had wrapped my arms around her I now tried to extract myself from her grip but she held me in place. My struggle caused one of my hands to find one of her small breasts and she said, “What are you doing?”
Quickly moving my hand around to her back I apologized and started to claim it to be an accident.
“Did I tell you to stop?” she demanded.
“No,” I said, doubting that she really wanted me to feel her up.
“Well get your hand back up there. Be like the men my mom brings home.”
I did as she instructed, placing a hand over a thin cotton flannel covered breast. Another flash of lightning and clap of thunder caused her to jump. “This is how they always start. Now give me a kiss on the lips,” she commanded.
I moved so that our lips met in a chaste kiss. She placed a hand on the back of my head and pressed our lips tightly together.
Another flash followed shortly by thunder and then she released her grip on me but held my hand to her breast. I pulled away from the kiss and she said, “You ain’t never kissed a girl have you?”
“No,” I responded as I looked at her hand holding my hand firmly over her breast. She hardly gave notice to a more distant rumble of thunder.
“Ain’t never felt up a girl either have you?”
“No,” I agreed.
“Take off your pajamas,” she said as she pushed my hand from her breast.
“I’m gonna show you what my mom and her boyfriends do before they fuck so take off your pajamas.”
Another distant rumble of thunder indicated that the storm was passing. As I stood there unmoving she quickly slipped out of her pajamas. I felt my eyes almost pop out of my head as I looked at her naked body. My eyes became riveted on the vee of nearly hairless flesh that was newly revealed to me.
“Get your pajamas off,” she insisted as she reached forward and unbuttoned my top. I did not help her but I did not resist. I did begin to slide my pajama bottoms down but did not get far. As my top fell to the floor, she stretched the elastic in my pajama bottoms and slid them down over my hips. I think I was so frightened and/or surprised by what was happening, I was not the least bit aroused. My little fellow just hung there like a limp noodle. Kneeling before me Etta reached forward and cupped my little fellow along with his two companions in her two hands. Her touch awakened him and he almost instantly stood at attention.
She smiled up at me and said, “If you have never kissed a girl, I bet you have never had a girl do this.” She proceeded to kiss my dick. She smiled broadly and looked up at me. “Or this,” she said before slipping his head into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around. It was then that I felt the best sensation of my life to that point, even better than the time I had entered my mother’s pussy. She sucked in and took almost the entire length of my prick in her mouth and then pulled back and licked it again. I thought I was about to explode. She stood and asked, “How was that?”
“Great,” I said, wishing that she had not stopped.
“I’ve never done that before but I have seen mom do it to get her men started.” She fell back on my bed and spread her legs apart. I looked down to see her small pussy open up to my view. I think my heart was pumping my blood so hard that I could not focus clearly to see the details of what I was looking at. “Okay, now you have to kiss me down here,” she said as she moved her hands to her pussy.
“What? No…” I said in surprise.
“It’s clean. I washed just like you.”
My knees bent and without thought I lowered myself so that my lips touched her neither lips. I pulled back a fraction of an inch and inhaled. She did not smell unpleasant. I had the thought that kissing her here was just like kissing her other lips. She placed her hands on the back of my head and pushed my lips against her pussy again. “Now lick it like my mom’s boyfriends lick hers.”
I tentatively licked, expecting an unpleasant taste. The only taste was a hint of salt. I licked again and she said, “Stick your tongue in, lick all around.” As I did, she encouraged me to do more. Soon I seemed to lose any thought of bringing this to an end and then I came across her little clitoris. All I knew about this thing was that mother had said rubbing it felt good and when Etta encouraged me to continue licking over this little lump I did as she said. Then I heard her asking me to suck on it and when I did she squealed and moved around almost disengaging me form her. When I pulled away, thinking I might be hurting her, she pulled me back to her and shouted, “Don’t stop!” I continued but more gently than I had before and she still squealed but moved less. Then her thighs closed against my head and squeezed tightly but not painfully. The base of my tongue began to grow tired and I thought that I was going to have to stop.
Suddenly Etta pushed me away from her and I discovered she was panting like a tired dog. “Are you okay,” I asked.
“Oh yeah,” she panted.
Still concerned about her being out of breath, I asked, “Are you sure?”
Apparently catching her breath she said, “Oh yeah…never better…shit cuz…that was wonderful…fuckin’ wonderful.”
My eyes focused in on her open pussy. The outer lips were engorged with blood, opening her widely to my view. Looking into her I could see her red inner lips move in a kind of pucker motion. There did not seem to be any opening beyond that. I knew nothing about a hymen so I made the assumption that she was too young to have a fuck hole.
“Come up here and lay beside me,” she said.
I did so and she put her arms around me and kissed me on the lips. I felt her tongue trying to slip between my lips. I parted my lips and allow her tongue in my mouth. Her tongue was much longer than mine. (I found out later that I have an unusually small tongue and have always envied those who have normal length tongues for what they can do when kissing or giving oral sex to a girl.) She explored every part of my mouth and nearly gagged me when she reached far back in my mouth. I could not even reach her back teeth with my short tongue.
This was all very stimulating and I had the desire to beat off. My right hand took my hard-on in hand and stroked gently. I had a feeling of embarrassment that Etta might notice me masturbating. This did not stop my desire so I stroked a little more vigorously. Still exploring my mouth with her tongue she placed a hand on my penis and began stroking it.
I allowed her to control the pace of stroking and soon I had the desire to encourage her to pump harder but I let her do as she chose. Suddenly she pulled her mouth away from mine and said, “I bet you’d like to stick it in me.”
Encouraged I said, “Uh huh, sure would like to.”
“Well you can’t…don’t want my cherry broke.”
I had no idea what she was talking about. I put my hand on hers and encourage her to increase the speed of her stroking.
“You can stick it in my butt if you want,” she said.
“No, that’s dirty,” I responded.
“Na ah, I washed that too,” she said.
I thought about that for a while and at last said, “Okay.”
We knew nothing about lubrication so when I attempted to push in I could not actually enter her. After several attempts the stimulation was too much for me and I shot my wad, the first blast of which lubricated her enough for me to enter. Although it was painful I thrust in to shoot the rest of my semen in her rectum.
Pulling away from me she screeched, “God dam that hurt! Shit! You must o’ done somethin’ wrong! Shit!”
I tried to comfort her and apologize for hurting her. She only whimpered and pushed me away. Then suddenly she asked, “Do you think there’d be enough hot water for another bath?”
“Sure, we always have hot water,” I replied.
She sat up on the side of the bed for a moment and then stood and walked to the door. I was fascinated watching my naked cousin. She stopped at the door and half turned to look at me. “You coming?” she asked.
“You want me to?” I asked.
“You better or I’ll be mad.”
I bounded off the bed and followed quickly behind her. In the bathroom she sat on the toilet while I put the plug in the tub and turned on the water. Soon she stepped into the tub. Standing in the old high tub that could be filled deeper than most modern tubs, she adjusted the faucets to get the temperature she desired. As soon as enough hot water was in the tub, she sat in it.
“Ah, that already feels better,” she said. She scooted toward the faucet end of the tub and said, “Climb in behind me and scrub my back.”
Using the washcloth and bar soap she handed me I washed her back. After I had done a quick once over she leaned back against me and said, “Now do my front.”
I took a little more time gently washing over her breasts, being careful not to brush over her nipples. When I estimated that I had covered every square inch of her breast I began to wash further down eventually arriving in the vicinity of her pussy. “Oh, that feels good,” she said. I was trying to be gentle. I did not want her to yell at me again. Most of all I did not want to hurt her again. Abruptly she said, “Rinse the soap off.” When she was satisfied she stood, stepped out of the tub, grabbed a towel, and left the room. I rinsed myself off and pulled the plug to let the water out. I dried off while standing in the tub. On my way back to my room I saw on the floor water drops and wet foot prints. My thoughts were that mother would have yelled at me for half an hour if I did that but I chose to say nothing to Etta.
In my room I found Etta in her bed. Her towel lay on the floor. I picked it up and tossed it over the back of a chair. I found my pajama bottoms and pulled them on. She smiled at me and said good night. I said good night and looked at the clock. It was bedtime so I turned out the light and crawled into bed. I lay in bed thinking over the events of the past few hours. I realized that thinking about it was again putting me in an excited state. If I did not shut off these thoughts I would have to go to the bathroom to beat off again. I tried to repeat to myself, it never happened.
Having not slept well the night before, I was tired. I repeated, it never happened, trying to wipe it from my mind. It never happened. It never happened…I slept.

It Never Happened
to be continued
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