Cousin Etta and I do almost everything
It Never Happened

Part VI

Another Secret

I awoke before dawn. I had a hard-on and was still thinking, it never happened. I must have mumbled because Etta asked, “What did you say?”
“Nothing,” I said.
“Can’t sleep, huh?”
“Nope,” I said.
“Thinkin’ ‘bout it makes me want to do it again,” she said.
“You too, huh?”
“Yeah,” she agreed.
We were silent for a while. Then she said, “Turn on the light.”
I did and looked over to see that she was sitting up in bed.
“You know, we would both be in trouble if anyone ever finds out what we’ve done,” she said.
“I won’t never tell anyone. I know how to keep a secret,” I insisted.
“Oh yeah, what secret do you have?” she asked.
“Can’t tell you, it’s a secret.”
“Is it a bad secret?”
“Can’t tell you anything about it,” I insisted.
This went on for a long time with me not answering her questions. Then she asked, “Did you do anything bad with your cousin?”
“Nothing happened that was bad,” I said.
She was quiet for a few moments before saying, “You know I was thinking that there’s no one here to stop us from making each other feel good and if we promise to never tell anyone then why shouldn’t we feel good.”
She had said what I had wanted to say so I said, “Yeah. I promise.”
“I promise too,” she said as she tossed her covers back and got out of her bed. She had her pajama top on but unbuttoned and tossed it off so I slipped off my pajama bottoms. As she landed on my bed on her knees, I met her with my arms wide. We hugged and kissed. Soon we were rolling around on the bed, each trying to be on top. She, by her superior size, wound up on top. I found that it was impossible to move from under her so I allowed her to control the situation. Her tongue entered my mouth and I once again felt the thrill of her exploring every niche of it. She moved off me but continued to kiss me. She then moved quickly so that we were in the classic sixty-nine position.
I can only begin to tell about how wonderful this felt. To think that only a few months before I had masturbated to climax for the first time and now I was experiencing this exquisite pleasure. I am sure that Etta was just as thrilled as I was. She could not remain either still or quiet and I could not keep from thrusting deeply into her mouth. Like me she seemed to be enjoying everything that was happening until I shot my load.
It appeared that it caught her by surprise. She gagged and pushed me away. I feared that our pleasure was at an end. I watched as she wiped her face with a tissue, spat into another tissue, and then blew her nose into a third tissue. She tossed the used tissue at the waste basket. One fell to the floor.
She smiled at me and said, “Your stuff doesn’t taste like I thought it would. Not bad but not good either.” She turned out the light and said, “Let’s do that some more.”
I think that because I was able to resist thrusting into her mouth I was able to last until after she had her first orgasm. A small amount of salty-sweet liquid squirted into my mouth. At first I thought she had peed but it did not taste like pee. (Yes, I had once tasted my own pee so I knew what pee tasted like.) When I came a second time she appeared ready for it and swallowed without gagging. We rested for a short time. We were lying on our sides, each using the others thigh as a pillow.
“Was that good for you?” she asked.
“Oh, you bet!” I exclaimed and then asked, “How ‘bout you?”
“Wonderful, but I’m getting a little tender. Don’t lick and suck quite as hard, okay?”
“Okay!” I exclaimed as I dove in for a third course.
Evidently I was still sleepy because during the third course I fell asleep. When I awoke with the alarm it was light enough for me to see that we were in the same position. What I remembered had not been a dream. I licked at the red flesh exposed to me and Etta jerked away. “Owe! That hurt!” she shouted as she pushed me away.
“I’m sorry!” I exclaimed as I sat up on the side of the bed.
“You better be,” she said. I looked at her and she smiled as she felt of her private area. “Feels like you licked the skin off.”
Looking down at myself I said, “Looks like you did the same to me.”
“Sure was fucken fun though, wasn’t it?” she asked.
Remembering the pleasurable feelings I said, “Oh yeah.” I began to get dressed by pulling on my jockey shorts.
“What are you doing?” she asked.
“I gotta go do my chores,” I said before pulling on my tee shirt.
“Oh, okay. I’ll fix breakfast,” she said as she sat up on the side of the bed.
“No rush…it’ll take me about an hour,” I said.
She flopped back on the bed and said, “Good.”
While doing chores I could not stop thinking about Etta sucking on my dick. Of course the thought caused me to have an erection. The only problem was that the skin on the shaft was too tender to enjoy the feeling of a hard-on.
After washing Pansy’s udder and teats, I applied a light coating of Bag Balm to prevent chapping. Before beginning to milk her I decided to apply a little Bag Balm to my prick. It did make it feel better. When I finished milking I brought the Bag Balm into the house with the milk.
Etta had not yet started breakfast so after putting the milk in the cooling tray I went to my bedroom where I found her asleep, stretched out on the bed. I examined, without touching, her pussy. It was a little inflamed but to me it did not look bad. I gently applied a small amount of Bag Balm. I opened the outer lips and applied some more just inside.
I looked to Etta’s face and she had a slight smile. I now applied a liberal amount of Bag Balm to her clitoris. “Oh yeah,” she said, “What is it?” She rose up to look at what I had done.
“Bag Balm.”
“It’s a salve. We use it to keep a cow’s udder and teats from chapping,” I explained.
“Eeu, you put a cow’s medicine on me.”
“It made you feel better, didn’t it?” I asked.
She wrinkled her nose at me and got up to dress while I changed out of my chore clothes and into some clean clothes. She washed her hands in the kitchen where she started fixing breakfast while I washed up in the bathroom.
When I went to the kitchen I saw Etta cooking pancakes. She did not look at me or say anything to me so I sat down to watch her. I wondered if our sex games were over. Then I wondered what mother and Aunt Flo thought we would be doing. Then a new thought hit me and I expressed it out loud, “I wonder what our mothers are doing.”
While turning pancakes, Etta said, “If I know my mom, they’re probably fuckin’ some men they picked up in a bar.”
I had never had such a thought about my mother. I wanted to tell Etta she was wrong but the words would not form in my mouth. The thought of my mother fucking some strange man filled my thoughts and prevented me from saying anything.
Etta was still talking and I had missed some of what she said. I now listened to her words, “…If she likes him she usually brings him home after a few days. I expect they’ll come in here drunk in the middle of the night.”
“I don’t think my mother would do that,” I said hesitantly.
“Maybe not, but my mom would. I’ve never seen her get a divorce and not turn right around and bring a new man home. She won’t marry him, not for a year or two. She will probably go through five or six men before she thinks she has to get married again.” Etta brought a platter of pancakes to the table and sat across from me.
I took this opportunity to say, “I thought your mom said she wasn’t going to get married again.”
“Ah, she always says that and that’s probably why she goes through so many before she marries again,”
A short silence followed before I asked, “What do you suppose your mother would do if she knew you fucked me?” I asked.
“I didn’t fuck you!” she exclaimed. Standing and leaning over the table she shouted, “We didn’t fuck! We played around is all!” Sitting down she pointed at me and said in a quieter voice, “We didn’t fuck ‘cause we’re too young.”
Wanting an answer to my question, I rephrased it, “What would she do if she knew what we did do?”
“Probably slap me around and kick you around. She kicked my brother Ron and sent him to live with his dad after she caught him with his hand in my pants. Even though she blamed Ron she slapped me around for three days.” (Ron is three years older than Etta and is only a half brother.)
“Did you and Ron do what we have done?” I asked.
“Nah, the only thing he ever did was while tickling me one day he slipped his hand in and started feelin’ me. Mom walked in an’ caught him and that was it.”
“Have you ever done what we did with anyone?” I asked.
“Nah, I told you that was my first time. Now shut up and eat,” she said with a smile on her face. I had the feeling she wanted me to hurry so we could get back at our sex games. I was wrong, however. She spent the rest of the morning looking through the encyclopedias.
After lunch, she said she wanted to take a nap so I figured we would wind up in bed together but when I followed her into the bedroom she asked, “Can you go somewhere else so I can nap?”
“Sure,” I said and closed the door leaving her alone in my room. I spent the afternoon looking through my encyclopedias.
I did not see Etta again until I came in after finishing the evening chores. She had started dinner and after washing up I sat at the table to watch her cook. She had found some beef steak in the refrigerator and while she fried it in a large iron skillet she fried some eggs in the small skillet. I had always thought of eggs as a breakfast meal and I had never had steak and eggs together before. They were good and I told her so. She simply shrugged. I sensed she had something on her mind. I asked her if something was wrong.
She nodded but said nothing. We finished eating in silence. As soon as we finished eating she told me to help with the dishes. She washed and I dried. Like the night before she finished before I did. When I finished I found her looking through an encyclopedia. I asked her if she wanted me to make another drawing of her and she said, “Do as you like.”
“Did I do something wrong?” I asked.
“No,” she responded.
“Then what’s the matter?” I insisted.
“Just drop it,” she said without looking up.
I stood there looking at her trying to figure why she had changed. I was about to ask her again what was wrong when she looked up and said in a firm voice, “Leave me alone for a while.”
“I’ll be in my room,” I said. In my room I looked through my drawings and decided to make a sketch of Etta fully clothed. Within an hour I had finished my new drawing to my satisfaction and decided to show it to Etta.
She was not the least bit interested. All she did for the rest of the evening was look through the encyclopedias. When bedtime came I told her I was going to bed and she said only, “Okay.”
In the morning I found her asleep on the couch. After my chores I awoke her and we ate cold cereal and milk. She seemed unwilling to talk. After breakfast I went to the bathroom and when I came back, I could not find her.

It Never Happened

to be continued
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