Cousin Etta and I do almost everything

A Slowly Told Story

She was not in the kitchen or on the couch in the living room. I looked in my bedroom…not there. The only place I had not looked was in mother’s bedroom. I wondered why she would go in there. I would not go in there unless invited to do so. The door was closed. I opened the door as quietly as I could.
Etta was standing at the dressing table, looking at herself in the mirror. She had on one of my mother’s sheer nightgowns. I stood there unnoticed for a while. The gown was too large for her and she tried to hold it so it would fit better. I quietly left her alone and went to the living room to look at another book of my encyclopedia. About an hour later Etta came dressed in her own clothes and sat close beside me.
“Where you been?” I asked.
“In your mom’s room,” she said.
“What were you doing in there?”
“Looking through her clothes,” she said as she pulled another encyclopedia from the shelf.
“I hope you left things how you found them,” I cautioned.
“I did,” is all she said as she began looking through a book.
I thought to myself that she was sure different than two nights before. “If mother finds her things disturbed, she’ll be after me for a week or more?” I contributed.
“Everything’s okay,” she said as she sat near me on the couch.
I could smell a hint of my mother’s toilette water. I tried to concentrate on the book I was looking through but even when I found an interesting article I could not keep from thinking of Etta. I was about to give up and go somewhere else when I had a thought that I expressed. “When was the first time you saw your mother fucking?”
Etta looked at me and said, “Golly, I can’t remember the first time. Knowing my mother, I was probably nursing at her breast the first time.” She went back to looking through the book she held in her lap. I was about to encourage her to tell me about any of the times she could remember when she said without looking up from her book, “One of the times that is clearest in my mind is one day when I came home from kindergarten.” Again she paused and I was about to encourage her to go on when she said, “We were living only about three blocks from school and at noon when my school was over my brother walked me home. Mom should have been expecting us but sometimes when she’s fuckin’ she forgets about everything except fuckin’.”
Again there was a long pause as Etta turned the page of her book. “I came home wanting lunch. I was about to call to mom when my brother shushed me, I listened and heard mom’s moans and whimpers that she makes when she is enjoying having her pussy licked.” She paused to read a short article and I thought about pussy licking. Then she picked up her story as though she had not paused. “I knew what was going on and so did my brother. He made us sandwiches and I poured glasses of milk. Brother ate quickly and returned to school. When I had finished the milk and half of the sandwich I decided to take my sandwich and go watch the fucking going on in my mother’s room.” Again she paused.
I was about to say go on when she look up to see me looking at her. She smiled and said, “I was still eating the sandwich and when I got to the bedroom door there was mom getting it doggy style. She saw me and between panting moans she asked, ‘Did you get enough to eat?’ I told her I had. I had never seen the guy who was fuckin’ her and when he saw me he drew back and covered himself with a pillow. My mother turned and called out, ‘Honey, don’t stop now!’
Looking back down at her book, Etta turned the page before continuing, “Red faced all the guy could say was, ‘But, but, but…’ Mom told him I was Etta, her daughter, and told me to go play with my dolls so I left. Before I got to my room I heard mom say, ‘Oh yeah baby pound it to me.’ I went into my room but for some reason I wanted to watch them fuck. I didn’t want to play with my dolls, I wanted to watch. So…I did what I wanted. At mom’s door I looked through the crack between the door and the jam. I saw what I wanted to see.” Etta looked up at me and smiled before saying, “I could see his big cock going in and pulling out of mom’s pussy hole. I heard him say, ‘Oh yeah, oh yeah,’ and mom asked, ‘You ‘bout there?’ ‘Oh yeah,’ he says. Next thing I know she turns around and takes that big dick in her mouth.”
With this pause in her story I realized my own dick had grown quite hard. It was pressed down by my jockey shorts and was very uncomfortable. I looked to Etta and saw she was looking at her book so I tried to make myself more comfortable. I was sure I could not do it without her noticing but I tried anyway. Still, I was startled when she said, “You’re hard huh?”
“Yeah,” I said as I continued to try to get the little fellow in an upright position without reaching inside my pants.
She looked me in the eyes and asked, “Why do guys get red faced when I say something about their dicks?”
There was only one thing that I wanted more than to whip out my dick and beat off and that was to hear the rest of Etta’s story so I said, “Finish your story.”
Etta looked back at her book and after a few moments said, “He started pounding her mouth like he had her pussy but she put her hand around the shaft so he could not push it all the way in. She looked up at him and smiled with her eyes ‘cause her mouth was too full to smile. Then he called out, “Oh shit, oh shit…” and mom pulled back. I could see his stuff squirt into her mouth. Some didn’t get there and it just hung on the end of his dick. Mom moved forward and sucked it off and then still looking up at him she said yum and swallowed several times. She then pushed him down on the bed and climbed on top of him. I had to move to try to see their faces but I could not see them. Then I heard him say, ‘God woman, you taste like cum,’ and mom replied, ‘It’s your cum.’ From that day until last night I wanted to taste cum but I was always too afraid to ask any guy to let me taste his cum.”
“You liked mine,” I said.
“It was not real good but if that is what it takes to get a guy to lick my pussy, I’ll do it,” she said as she turned another page in her book.
I thought that I would lick her pussy just for the fun of licking pussy but if she thinks she has to suck my dick to get me to lick her pussy, who am I to pass up a good dick sucking? “You want your pussy licked right now?”
“Yeah, but it’s got that cow stuff on it,” she said wrinkling her nose at me.
“We could take a bath,” I offered.
“Let’s have a snack first,” she said as she laid her book open on the couch and bounded out of the room into the kitchen.
I waited a few minutes and followed her. When I got to the kitchen she was spreading strawberry jam on two slices of bread. She handed me a slice as I sat in a chair. Standing, leaning back against the counter she ate her slice of strawberry jam covered bread. She must have been quite hungry because she gobbled it down and asked, “Want a glass of milk?”
I said that I did and she poured two large glasses of milk. After taking a small sip of her milk she said, “You know, it’s getting hot.”
I had not noticed before but now that she mentioned it I realized it was getting warm.
“Let’s spend the rest of the day naked. Okay?” she said before tipping her glass up and gulping it down. Sitting the empty glass down on the counter she started out of the room. She stopped at the door and asked, “You coming?”
“Sure,” I said, leaving a half glass of milk sitting on the table as I followed her.
She seemed only interested in washing our private parts because she washed nothing above the waist. As before, she left the bathroom with her towel while still drying off. She called back to me, “Don’t stay in there all day.”
I dried off and, carrying my towel, followed her. My short arm wagged like a dog’s tail as I rushed down the hall. I assumed she would go to my bedroom but when I got there I did not find her. I wrapped my towel around my waist and went to the kitchen where I drank the rest of my milk. I went to the living room where Etta had dropped her towel on the rug and she was sitting naked on the couch looking at an encyclopedia.
I picked up her wet towel, tossed it over the back of a chair, and sat on the couch close beside her. I looked at her naked body. Her skin looked beautifully smooth and even colored. She continued to look at her book and I finally said, “I thought you wanted me to lick you pussy.”
“I thought we were going naked,” she replied.
“Oh,” I said as I stood, removed my towel, tossed it over hers, and sat down beside her. I looked down and my little fellow was standing as tall as he was able.
“Can your thing get any harder?” she asked.
“No,” I said.
“Play with it,” she said.
“Huh uh,” I answered, feeling embarrassed.
“Come on. I want to see you play with it. I’ll play with mine if you’ll play with yours,” she said.
She seemed to know how to get me to do what she wanted me to do so I took my dick in hand and did a couple of quick pumps. I looked over at her and she inserted two fingers half way in her pussy and then stroked up over and around her clitoris. “Don’t stop now,” she said as she repeated the motion of inserting her fingers and then stroking over her clitoris.
I sucked some saliva into my mouth and licked the palm of my hand. I began to give my erection a good hard pumping.
She raised one leg and put a foot up on the couch right next to me and I could see right into her open pussy as she giggled a kind of nervous giggle. “What’s funny?” I asked.
“It kind o’ looks funny the way you beat off. Never seen a guy beat off before.”
I looked down, it did not seem funny. I looked back at her pussy. It looked quite wet, glistening in the light from the afternoon sun.
“Feel good?”
“Uh huh.”
“I mean does it feel good to beat off?” she asked.
“Yeah, but not as good as being sucked off,” I offered.
I slowed down my stroking as she increased the speed of hers. Straightening out her leg she pushed her foot in behind me. I scooted forward allowing her room. She twisted a little more and started to lie back on the couch. She had put her book down on the couch and it was now in her way. She pushed the book and it fell onto the floor. I would never treat a book that way I thought but continued to watch her caress herself as she laid out flat on the couch. She was no longer watching me so I stopped stroking because I did not want to come before she sucked on me. She was definitely enjoying herself. Her eyes were closed and she was mewling softly. Her hand was a blur as her pace increased. Suddenly she call out, “Oh boy, oh fuck! Oh fucken boy!” She slapped her pussy half a dozen times and screeched, “Fucken wow wee!” A small amount of juice oozed out of her pussy as her pussy lips seemed to pucker. I wanted to bend down and suck in that juice before it dripped down onto the couch but I resisted. It was thick enough to take a few seconds as it stretched and finally made a little dark pool on the blue fabric. Oh god, I thought, mother will never stop until I tell her what was spilled on her couch.
She rolled to her side and pushed her back to the back of the couch. “Well come here and give me a kiss,” she said as she looked at me. As I moved to do so she asked, “Did you come too?”
“Nah,” I said.

It Never Happened


Better Than Before

Our lips met and that wonderful tongue of hers began its explorations. I was as intoxicated as if I had had several drinks. I knew I had no control. I could do only what she asked me to do. I had no mind of my own. I should have learned then that every woman I was ever intimate with had the same kind of control over me.
Her tongue continued to work in my mouth. My dick’s little traveling buddies cried out. Their pain told me they needed release but I refused to give up the pleasure of her tongue in my mouth. I petted my little buddy but too gently to give his friends what they called for. Slickening juices were oozing from his one eye and my hand became quite well lubricated. I reached up with that hand and felt for her nearly hairless pussy. I found she was even wetter than she had been. Two of my fingers slipped into her quite easily. I used those lubricated fingers to stroke around and over her clitoris. In a few moments she began to move, pumping toward my hand. My other hand caressed my throbbing member.
She pulled her tongue from my mouth and commanded, “Go get a box of tissues and then get down there and lick me, but…be gentle.” I rushed to my room for the box of tissue and when I returned I saw she had spread a towel under her on the couch. I started to move down there and she said, “Well give me yours.”
The couch was wide enough that I could get up on it on my side and give her my prick as I dove into her pussy.
Everything that I had felt and tasted two nights before seemed to be even better now. Her lips and tongue were pleasuring me as mine were pleasuring her. My sensory systems were on near overload. No rational thought came from my mind. The only thought that I can remember was a desire to never let this stop. I have no clear idea as to how long this lasted but when the time came for dick’s friends to release the pressure they had been experiencing, I felt Etta sucking and swallowing with exceptional enthusiasm. Within moments I felt and tasted her orgasmic juices in my mouth. I swallowed eagerly and felt any thirst I might have had disappear.
I became aware of her panting and attempting to catch her breath as I was also breathing hard. “Wow…!” she panted, “Wow that was good! Oh god, cuz that was good!”
“Sure was!” I exclaimed.
Appearing not to notice my words she called out, “Oh wow was that good?”
“That was good. That was real good,” I agreed. I laid there looking at her pussy with adoration thinking this to be the most wonderful thing invented by God.
“Gotta pee,” Etta said. I expected her to get up but she did not move. Then I was shocked when she asked, “Want to drink it?”
I jerked away. She giggled as she sprang up and ran for the bathroom. At that time I wished God had separated the pee hole and the fuck hole by a little more distance.
It was a warm afternoon and I realized I was all sweaty. The damp towel on the couch was warm to the touch. I was thankful that Etta had spread it there to protect mother’s precious couch. I decided to exchange towels since the one on the couch seemed far too wet to leave there. The wet spot that had been on the couch before now seemed to have disappeared. I was thankful because that meant I would not have to answer to mother. I knew I wanted to do again what we had done but I also knew that Etta would have us do what she wanted.
I met Etta in the hall. She asked, “Where you going?”
“Gotta pee.”
“Won’t let you,” she said as she blocked my way.
“You’ll have to drink it,” I responded. She stepped aside and I rushed to the bathroom. When I had finished I noticed Etta in the kitchen. Looking in I saw that she had opened nearly all of the cupboard doors. “What you looking for?” I asked.
“You don’t have any pop, no cool-aid…nothing to drink at all.”
“There’s cool-aid above the refrigerator,” I responded. She started moving a chair over in front of the refrigerator. “There’s something better,” I added.
“What?” she asked.
“Cherry juice,” I said as I went to a cupboard and pulled out a jar of canned cherries.
She giggled but did not share with me what she thought was funny. I opened the jar and poured into each of two glassed a quarter of a glass of the sweet dark red juice. I filled the glasses with cold water from the facet and handed her one.
She sipped of the juice. “Mm, cherry juice,” she giggled. She drank half of her juice, then carrying her juice she turned and walked into the living room.
I followed her, watching her naked bottom shift from side to side. Before we reached the couch I felt my balls draw up and my penis sprang up against my belly. It was so hard that it did not even wag form side to side as I walked. Mr. Richard was telling me he was ready for more sucking.
Etta placed her glass of cherry juice on the end table and I placed mine next to hers. As she sat down she asked, “You want to read or kiss?”
I sat beside her and said, “Kiss.”
“Thought so,” she said as we embraced.
Her mouth tasted a little tangy but the cherry taste overpowered any other taste. Again I was intoxicated by her affection. Deep down I wanted to get my dick back in her mouth but I continued to enjoy the feel of her tongue in my mouth. Time again seemed to be suspended. Pleasure seemed to be all that existed. At some time we moved into the seaux-nef. Of course this did not end until we each reached at approximately the same time our climatic orgasms. Exhausted and sweaty I laid there in the afterglow of ecstasy that consumed my thoughts.
Etta giggled and said, “Come here and kiss me.”
Thinking of nothing but the pleasure we were having, I followed her command. Laying on my side facing her I kissed her, opening my lips to receive her tongue. A sharp tangy taste hit my taste buds as with her tongue a glob of sticky, gooey snot-like substance entered my mouth. Immediately I knew what it was. She had held some of my cum in her mouth and now she was sharing it with me. I had numerous thoughts rush through my mind: spitting it back into her mouth, spitting into a Kleenex like she had the night before. The word swallow crossed my mind and I did. The taste remained. It was not a pleasant taste but the feel of her tongue’s explorations took my attention.
She giggled into my mouth and I could not help giggling back. She pressed her belly up against my cock. It had been restored to life and I pushed it into her belly button. She had a deep innie just like mine. It was not like other pleasures but still pleasurable. I was willing to accept any pleasure available to me.
She interrupted our kissing to drink a little of her juice. We kissed some more and then she asked, “Want to go to bed or just stay here?”
I thought about how hot my room always seemed on hot summer afternoon so I said, “Just stay here.”
“Let’s change towels, this one is all wet from our sweat,” she said.
As I stood she said, “Look at you,” while pointing at my dick.
I looked down and saw he was standing tall, pressed against my belly, glistening in the afternoon sunlight from the juices oozing from my pee hole. “What about it,” I asked.
“It’s so ready…ready to fuck, huh?” she responded as she stood and picked up the damp towel. As I spread the other towel on the couch she added, “My mother’s boyfriends can’t fuck all day but I bet you can.”
Soon I was again enjoying the taste of her pussy and the feel of my cock deep in Etta’s mouth. She again gave me a taste of my own cum, which I expected and swallowed without thought. Even my memory of what happened after that is blurred by the pleasure I was experiencing. More orgasms followed with her juices cleansing the taste of my cum from my mouth.
When I realized it was time for afternoon chores, Etta was asleep on the couch. I went to my room and dressed in my chore clothes. Etta was in the kitchen when I pass through on my way out to do chores. Etta said, “Hey, I thought we were going to go naked.”
“Have to do the chores,” I responded.
“Couldn’t you do ‘em naked?” she asked.
“Nah, the neighbor might see.”
“Afraid they might see you?” she pressed.
“One day last summer, I took a pee out back of the garage and the neighbor lady told mother about it. She gave me a whack on the side of the head and told me to never let anyone see me pee again,” I explained.
“Nosy old neighbor should o’ kept her mouth shut and enjoyed what she saw. Stupid, stupid bitch! Bet she don’t suck her man’s cock.”
Most of the rabbit’s water crocks were dry and the rabbits eagerly greeted me as I poured their water. I told myself to make sure not to let this happen again.
Pansy was in her stall waiting for me and she shifted impatiently from side to side as I prepared her pan of rolled oats. Her udder and teats seemed clean so I only washed her teats. I emptied the warm water from the milk bucked and milked her dry in a few minutes. I saw by the amount of milk in the bucket that she would soon be dry.
Once back in the house I found Etta had prepared dinner. It was already on the table waiting for me. But she was nowhere in sight. I went to the bathroom where I stripped and washed up.
When I returned to the kitchen, there was Etta sitting at the table waiting for me. We ate in silence, frequently smiling at each other. I thought of doing more of what we had been doing. Of course, dick woke up, looked around, and said he was ready. Just to show Etta how ready I was, I drank all the milk she had poured me and stood to go to the refrigerator to get more. Carrying the pitcher of milk I stood beside Etta and asked if she wanted more milk. Looking at Mr. Dick she said, “No, I’ll have some cream later.”
That is what I wanted to know. I poured my milk and returned to eating my meal. I was surprised when Etta said, “Nice being naked on a hot day, ain’t it?”
“Uh huh, sure is.”
“’Nother thing about it, I can see when your dick is hard,” she said.
“Can’t hide it,” I agreed.
“When you wear clothes, is it hard most of the time?” she asked.
“Maybe not as much but often,” I said.
We did the dishes with her washing and me drying. Of course as usual she finished before I did and without saying a word she went to the living room. I made us some more cherry juice drink, took it to the living room where I found Etta looking through an encyclopedia.
She thanked me for the cherry juice and sipped of it. “Mm good,” she said, adding, “Takes away bad tastes.”
“Got any more stories about you mother fucking?” I asked.
“Ha ha, maybe you should tell me about fuckin’ your mom,” she said without looking up from her book.
“What…I…I ain’t never done anything like that,” I said in a louder voice than I usually used. I found myself standing, looking down at her.
“Hold on cuz. I know you ain’t never fucked your momma. Aunt Kate would probably beat you to a pulp if you even suggested such a thing.” She reach out, took my dick in her hand, and said, “Sit down, I’ve found an interesting article here.” As I sat on the couch close beside her she released her hold on me. She began reading about clothing. It did not seem as interesting to me as it did to her.

It Never Happened

to be continued
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