It was Sunday morning, I could hear Dad and Uncle John downstairs, I moved the chair from the door and went to the toilet, when I returned I pushed the chair under the door handle, and made sure it was wedged tight.

Dad came up after a while and tried the door, it was stuck fast thank god, he shouted at me.
“Open this door Kate, now.”
I didn’t I kept silent.
“If you don’t open this door you will regret it.”
He was pushing his body against the door.
“If you break that door down, I will scream out of the window.”
All fell silent, and I heard him walking down the passage.

A few minutes later I heard the front door slam, and Uncle John was walking down the path. He couldn’t see me I was behind the curtain.
All was quiet down stairs now.
I was hungry and thirsty; I knew I would have to go down.

I got dressed and put two pairs if thick winter tights on and then a pair of jeans, he wasn’t going to touch me this time.

I walked into the kitchen; he was standing beside the sink.
“Oh you got up then, what you wearing its not mid winter you know?”
I didn’t speak; I got some cereal and milk and sat down.
“Kate it’s not a good idea to lock your bedroom door you know, John only wanted to say good bye and thank you for last night.”
“I knew what John wanted that’s why I didn’t unblock the door,” I thought.

“Its no wonder he likes you, you are a lovely looking girl.”
And he began touching my shoulders; I hurried to finish my breakfast.
His hands were moving down over my tits now, I jumped up and grabbed the bread knife from the table and swung round.
I hadn’t done it on purpose, but as I swung round I caught his arm with the bread knife.
There was a scratch, not deep, but blood was coming from it.
“That’s how you want to fucking play it is it? You will regret that my girl”. And he made an attempt to grab my arm, but I was gone, out of the door and up the stairs as fast as possible.
I ran into my room, unaware I still had the knife, I quickly put the chair against the door again, thinking he would follow me, he hadn’t.

I stayed in my room for the rest of the day.
About eight in the evening I heard a car pull up, it was mum bringing Lauren back, I knew now I could go down and be safe, he wouldn’t do anything in front of her.
She told us both about her weekend, I didn’t speak to Dad, he tried to speak to me, but
I didn’t answer

Monday morning was here again and I had to go to school, I waited until I heard Lauren around then I followed her every where, knowing he wouldn’t do anything when she was with me, she would tell mum, he had no hold over her as he did me.
We got ready and went to school; I waited for her to come out, so we could go in the house together. During the rest of the week I was like her shadow.

Saturday arrived and Lauren was once again off to see mum, she had never asked me to go, so I assumed she only wanted Lauren.
I put all my clothes on as I had last weekend, two pairs of thick tights and jeans over them. I felt safe like this.

Dad was very nice to me and spoke like he used to, before he started having sex with me, I was wondering if he had changed, and had seen the error of his ways, even if he had I would never forgive him.

After dinner he asked me if I wanted to go into town with him, I thought about it for a while then said “yes”, the more people around the safer I was.
We did the shopping and it was just like the old days, then we stopped at a coffee shop, he got me a large coke and he had a coffee, and a muffin each.
By now I had began to talk to him.

We walked back to the car, and as we drove home I was beginning to feel quite light headed, but I also felt very happy, and began singing, Dad smiled at me, “that’s better that’s the Kate I know.”

I helped Dad put the stuff away, we were laughing and joking together like old times, but I did feel light headed still, as if I was drunk, although I had never been drunk, I imagined that’s how it felt.

In the evening Dad suggested I had a shower and took some of the extra clothes off I had on.
Without a second thought I went up stairs and showered, putting on a reasonably short skirt and t-shirt.
I went back down, dad was pleased with my efforts and asked me give him a twirl, which I did.
He asked me to stand in front of him, then he lifted my skirt above my panties, I knew he shouldn’t, but I didn’t mind I was happy.

I sat on the sofa and dad went to the phone, I heard him say, “I think she’s ready.”
I don’t know who he spoke to, I didn’t care, I still felt a little light headed but very happy.
Ten minutes later the door bell rang, dad answered it, it was Uncle John again.
He walked in and over to me, I was laying on the sofa, he looked at my face, then lifted my skirt, and for some reason I didn’t mind.

“Notice her eyes, I think she is ready too, get her another one to be sure though, and we will give it an hour or so.”
“Get me what Uncle John?”
“Another drink Kate, would you like a drink?”
“Yes please.”

Dad came back with another coke for me and a beer for himself and John.
They both watched as I drank my coke.
I emptied the glass in one mouthful, I was so dry.
John said to dad, “now we wait.”
“They are safe aren’t they? I don’t want anything bad to happen.”
“I’ve never heard of anything only headaches next day, but who cares about tomorrow, tonight me make a few quid.”

John looked over to me, I smiled back, and it seemed that the world was a wonderful place after all.
“Put some music on see what she does.” John asked dad.
Dad got up and put a CD in the machine and pushed play, a fast number started.
I sat and listened to it, the second song started, again a fast one, I had the uncontrollable urge to get up and dance.
Which I did.
I looked at the John and dad, both were watching me, my skirt lifting up as I danced, I didn’t care I was so happy, I danced to the next song as well, but made it more of a sexy dance.
Both were smiling now as they watched, and I was enjoying them watching.

The tracks changed and a slow song started.
I began to dance much slower now.
A little way through and John said “do a strip Kate.”
I smiled and for some unknown reason I started to unbutton my skirt, soon it was on the ground, I hooked it in my toes and flicked it across to John, he caught it.
Then I slowly took my top off, then teasing them all the time I slipped my panties down.
Naked in front of them, I danced exposing myself to them.
I was enjoying myself.

John looked at dad, “she ready mate, get on the phone.”
Dad got up and turned the music off, much to my disappointment, I enjoyed showing John my pussy.
I saw dad lift the phone, as he said to me, “get dressed now Kate.”
I felt so sexy, and happy I didn’t want to, but he was my dad I did as I was told.
I heard him say over the phone, “Its ok to come round now, don’t forget the money.”

I sat on the sofa once more breathless, John watching me as I put my panties back on.
I had never felt so sexy and loved.
I heard the door bell ring a few minutes later and dad went to answer it.
I heard him talking to someone, and then a man walked through the door.

It looked like Mark, it was Mark I jumped up and ran to him, I hugged and kissed him and told him I loved him.
He turned to John and said “well she’s very friendly.” And he laughed.
I thought that’s a funny thing for Mark to say he is my brother.

I felt his hands lift my skirt and his hands on my arse; I wasn’t going to stop Mark not after all this time.
In seconds he had me laying on the floor, I heard someone else come in the room.
I looked, that man looked like Mark as well. In fact every man that entered looked like Mark to me; there were now four of them, plus dad and john.

I was surrounded now by all the Marks, I knew they couldn’t all be Mark, but they all looked the same. I was ecstatic with joy, having him back.
Their hands were all over me, touching every part of my body, my clothes were ripped off, and in seconds a mouth was on my pussy, as I said I didn’t know which was Mark, they all looked alike, so I didn’t want to deny Mark, so I let them all do as they wanted.

Hands were on my tiny nipples and one of them was being sucked, it didn’t take long for the one who had been sucking me to push his hard cock inside me, and I was in heaven, Mark was making love to me again.

I had another hard cock in my mouth and I sucked on it eagerly. I saw dad taking photos, and John was doing a video. I thought “if they want a show Ill show them how Mark and me made love”.

I don’t know how long it went on for, I think I must have passed out with pleasure, but all the Marks made love to me, and my pussy was sucked by them all.
The last Mark to make love to me had my legs wide open, his hard cock in my pussy.
He was holding my hips as he dragged me back and forwards over the floor, I could feel every inch of him, his balls banging on my arse.
He pulled out and said to dad “can I fuck her arse,” he nodded his approval.
I was very tight, but after several minutes, and a lot of cum and pussy juice as lubrication he finally got it in me.

Again I felt his balls banging on my arse, Mark had never made love to me like this before and I loved it.
I still had a cock in my mouth, and I felt his cum deep in my throat.

Suddenly it was all over. I lay on the floor satisfied, and happy that Mark was back.

I heard someone say, “You will get the videos and photos done will you.”
Dad answered, “They will be done by Tuesday if you want I can drop them round, you all want a copy?”
“Yes please,” one said, and they left.

I heard the door shut, and dad walk back into the room.
“You have been a very good girl tonight, Mark would be proud of you.”
I knew he would he had made love to me and I satisfied him.

“Now Kate I think you need a bath.”
He lifted me up, and in a few moments I was in the bath, dad washing me.
I can just remember him laying me in my bed then I must have gone to sleep.

I didn’t wake up until eleven Sunday morning with the worse headache I had ever had; I had a job to keep my eyes open, even daylight made me blink.
All I could remember was I had a very sexy dream about Mark making love to me.
When I got out of bed my legs were stiff, I had a job to walk, and when I went for a poo, my bum felt very sore.
I had a shower, and stood in front of the mirror, I could just make out what I thought were bruises to my upper legs, and they looked like fingers to me.

I showered and walked down stairs, legs still very stiff.
I was till wary of dad so I kept my distance.
“What happened last night?”
“Nothing why?”
“I have a splitting headache and my legs are stiff.”
“You have probably got the start of a cold or flu, take some pills.”
“That doesn’t explain why I have bruises on my legs.”
“Bruises? Let me look.”
I lifted my skirt, avoiding showing him too much.
“There look.”
“They look like bruises but I don’t think they are, just blemishes, perhaps the cold you have has brought them out.”

I took that as probably being right, I couldn’t see how I got those marks.
I sat and eat my breakfast.

“Kate I have some news you won’t like”
“Your mum wants to keep Lauren with her.”
“How long for?”
“Forever I imagine.”
“Why doesn’t she want me too?”
“I asked her that, she said the flat was too small, they only have two bedrooms, and it’s only a box room where Lauren will be.”
“Does Lauren want to go?”
“She seems to, they are coming tomorrow to get her stuff, you will see her regular, and she will stay here some weekends.”

I was shattered, my mum not wanting me, and now I knew that I had no escape from John or dad, but I have to say, since that first time, they hadn’t approached me again.
There was nothing I could do though, I just had to be careful, it was only a few months till Mark was out, and he would protect me from them, plus dad wouldn’t have a hold over me any more.

I couldn’t wait for Saturday, I wished I could tell him about that dream I had but I couldn’t, not in there with the guards listening.

Saturday arrived and we went to see Mark, Lauren had been to collect her stuff, and now I was alone at home with my Dad.

Dad had bought me a new dress, which I thought was very short, but he rarely bought me anything, so I was pleased to wear it to see Mark
Mark came out full of smiles.
“Not long now three months they told me this morning, then I go for a meeting, and if all goes well I will be out.”
“Oh, Mark I cant wait to have you home.” I said to him.
“How are you Kate, every thing ok at school? That dress is a bit short isn’t it?”
Dad butted in.
“She’s alright Mark we are looking after her.”
“We?” Asked Mark
“Yes, your uncle John and me, we are catering for all her needs.”
“What do you mean?”
I had a feeling that Dad was going to do what he said he might, but I hadn’t given him cause to do that, I had been good for him, and gave in to him every time.

“well Mark you have been away a long time and Kate missing the things you and her did together, so John and I have taken your place so to speak.”
He had told him.
“What about Lauren?” he asked
“Oh she’s gone to your mums; Kate is alone with us now.”
Mark looked at me; I looked down at the table, “is this true Kate?”
I looked at him, “he forced me, said he would tell the police what you and I had been doing, I didn’t want to I had no choice.”

He looked at dad, “you bastard your own daughter and she is only twelve.”
“No different to you Mark and she was only. what ten then?”
“I didn’t force her, or blackmail her you bastard.”
“So what are you going to do about it then? With two men’s cocks now she won’t want a boy any more, you’re out of the picture now.”
I was beginning to cry, guards were looking over at us.
Mark jumped up, pushing his chair over and hit dad in the face, he fell off his chair onto the floor.
Mark was on him in an instance his hands around his neck shouting, “I’m going to kill you, you bastard.”
I tried to pull him off, but I wasn’t strong enough, I kept shouting at Mark” let him go Mark, let him go.”
Mark hit him again and got his hands on his throat again. The guards grabbed Mark and pulled him off Dad, then marched Mark back to his room.

Dad got up, and told the guard, “He’s a fucking menace he will kill someone one day.”
I was in floods of tears. He grabbed my arm, “come on Kate, we wont be back here again.”
And he dragged me off with him.

In the car he handed me a tissue, I was crying so much tears were running down my face, almost hysterical.
“Well Kate, that’s sorted him out.”
“Sorted him out?”
“He won’t be out for a while, will he? And now you can make some money for me, help with your keep.”
“What do you mean?”
“You will see, now its your safety you need to worry about, I’ve taken care of Mark.”

I went straight to my room and wouldn’t come down, even though he shouted at me.
I hated him so much, but there was no where I could go, my mum didn’t even want me, or care for me.

A week later dad had a letter from the prison authorities.
He opened it and read out the important part out loud to me.
“ we are sorry to inform you, that owing to the violence exhibited by your son in prison, the remission he was due to be given, as been removed, and he will spend the full term of his sentence.”

I didn’t stay to listen what dad had to say, it was obvious to me he had planned it.
I ran to my bedroom, and cried myself to sleep.


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2010-12-16 23:14:27
its well written however the negative turn of events is not to my liking, but hey to each his own. kudos

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2010-12-16 23:13:57
its well written however the negative turn of events is not to my liking, but hey to each his own. kudos

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Very good so far, but the dad and John need to get punished and Mark needs to get out of prison.

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