Dillon's 26 year older brother Ryan recently moved back in and now they're getting along REALLY well. -- This work of FICTION contains incestuous sex with a minor. If this is not what you're into -- or it is illegal for you to read this where you are -- then DON'T!!??
I layed in my brother's king-sized bed, waiting for him to come back from wherever he'd decided to go. As I layed there, the events of the day must have caught up with me because within minutes I had fallen asleep.

I was was in school, changing after PE. I could hear the other guys talking, getting changed, and shutting lockers. Then silence as the last guy slammed the door to the locker room shut. It seemed weird that everyone had already finished. I was still in my gym clothes. But that kind of stuff doesn't really register with me until after I wake up. Dream logic's a bitch. So without another thought I started to lift up my shirt when someone spoke from behind me.

"Need a hand with that?" It was Miles Patton, one of the hottest guys at school, and a senior making him 4 years older than me.

"Uh, sure," I said confused but utterly willing to do anything that would get him to touch me. He walked over to me in his football jersey and jeans and took hold of the bottom of my shirt, lifting it up and over my head.

He eyed my lean body with a hunger in his eyes I knew all too well. It was the way I stared at a guy I wanted to fuck me. "You're extremely hot, you know that?"
He didn't wait for me to answer before pulling me close to slide his hands down the back of my gym shorts, cupping each cheek in one of his jock hands.

My face was pressed against his firm chest and I inhaled his scent. He smelled like body spray and just a hint of teen sweat. He moved his hands up out of the waist band until just his thumbs were inside. He pulled my shorts and boxers down, crouching as he slid them to the floor and he was on his knees breathing hot breath on my growing boyhood.

He reached up and held my entire package in one rough hand, cupping it all, feeling the warmth from my burning mound of meat. "Lay down," he said looking up at me. I sat down on one of the varnished wood benches and layed back, using my shirt as a pillow.

I watched as he pulled his jersey over his head, revealing the body of the football team's strongest player. He was thicker than any guy on the team, dark brown hair trailing from his chest down to the top of his blue jeans. Then, with thick hairy arms, he undid his belt and opened the top of his jeans. Just enough to show the top of a trimmed black bush and the first inch of a thick cock.

"You like it?" he asked, a teasing look on his face. "You want this?" He asked as he patted the bulging front of his jeans. The tube trailed to the side and started down his left leg where a wet patch began to grow.

All I could do was nod weakly at the invitation. He tugged the top of his pants down, little by little. One last tug and...

"Dillon, wake up." It was Ryan. He was standing over me with a stupid grin on his face. Then I realized why. My cock was throbbing, red and glistening with precum in the lamp-light. It was still running down the shaft into my budding bush when he said "Looks like you had a good nap." He had set down a small, black plastic bag on the dresser.

"What's in there?" I asked groggily, wiping my dick with a tissue from the nightstand.

"This, buddy, is for you," he said lifting the bag. I saw then that the bulging bag had some logo on it I didn't recognize. "This is what I'll call a starter-kit for little horn dogs."

He sat on the bed and proceeded to pull things out of the bag. First was a 12-pack of condoms. I started to talk but he just shooshed me and continued unpacking the bag. The next thing to come out was a bottle of bright pink lubricant with a squirrel on it. "I swear by this stuff," he said patting it before laying it on the bed.

His hand went back into the magical bag of sex things and pulled out a white bullet-looking thing. "This, D, is a vibrator." My eyes must have looked like golf balls to get the laugh I got. The thing was about 3 inches long and a little thicker than my thumb. He twisted the bottom and it sprang to life with a whirring sound. "Here, hold it." He dropped it into my open hands It tickled my palm as I held it in my fist. "Cute right?" He asked me with a grin.

"Yea," I replied, a little speechless at the whole situation. "But what are you doing with all this?"

"Just about," he laughed. "I know but it's what they had. Plus, It's just to loosen you up." He shoved my shoulder. "I think it's time for you to go to bed, little dude." He gave me a small wink.

I managed to make it to my room without my dad seeing me. Walking naked down the hall wouldn't be easy to explain, even in a house of all guys. Not with a bag full of sex toys. I hopped on my bed and dumped out the contents. Looking at it, I still couldn't believe my brother had gotten this stuff for me. I question it now, but at that moment I didn't register the moral breach.

I put everything in my nightstand. As much as I wanted to get off, I was still dog tired. I got in my bed, turned off the light and was out before I hit the pillow.

Miles was there again, but this time we were in the lunch room. He was sitting right next to me, his short brown hair spiked to a point in the front. "Hey, sexy," he said smiling at me. The small cafeteria was full of students, but nobody seemed to have paid any attention.

He was still smiling that hot smile when I decided to kiss him. I held his mouth to mine, running my hand through his hair. We got up, moving our kiss to the tabletop. He was on top of me on the round table, kissing me down my neck. He sat up and ripped his shirt in two from the neck down. His chest heaved, and so did mine as he did the same to my shirt. I struggled out of my jeans as he undid his belt again.

I was now naked on the lunch table being straddled by a half naked football player in the middle of a crowded lunch room. Nobody at the table seemed to notice what was going on right in front of them. I layed in the middle, avoiding trays and watching him slide those jeans down for the second time.

Inches of meat were visible but I wanted more. I impatiently tugged them the rest of the way, releasing his monster, letting it bob and drip all over my chest. He maneuvered out of his pants and was now completely naked hovering over me. I reached up to grab his hard member, squeezing it from base to tip and releasing a stream of precum onto my hairless belly.

He bent down on all fours and began lapping his juice up from my chest, my hand gripping his cock like a tennis racket. I jacked him slowly, earning more sweet fluid on my stomach. He kissed me, the sweetness still on his tongue. We moaned together, and I put both hands on his shoulders, pulling us together. But he pulled away.

He took my legs, placing them on his shoulders, pressing the head of his swollen cock into my tight little sac, massaging my balls with his member and coating them in sticky with precum. He lined his thick cock up with my hole, pressing on my tender button. He looked me in the eyes.

"You ready little man?" The voice wasn't Miles, it was Ryan's voice, waking me up again from that fantastic dream.

"What do ya mean?" I said angrily, rubbing my eyes.

"Dad's gone to work, and I was wondering if you were ready to get your ass pounded." So blunt, as always. "Did you have fun last night?"

"Not really," I said croakily. "I didn't do anything. I was too tired."

"Hmm. Well then I guess nows the time to break yourself in, brother." He went to shut the door but then popped his head back in. "I forgot I picked these up last night, too." He tossed me a new box of two-ply tissues. "Remember, use lots of lube. And cover the dildo with a condom. Easier clean-up." With a wink, he was out the door. Only Ryan could think that whole thing was acceptable to say to your younger brother.

Still not fully awake, I decided first to get breakfast. I hadn't eaten in almost a day, and my stomach was letting me know. I was still naked but decided to stay that way. I mean my dad wasn't home. Plus I think I'd already decided that from then on, as long as my dad wasn't home, I wanted to be naked as much as possible. I loved the freedom. Just letting it all swing, ya know?

I made my way to the kitchen, my morning wood now just a semi, and poured myself a bowl of cereal. I walked into the living room to see my boxer-clad brother eating the same thing and watching some nature show.

"Breakfast first?"

"Yea, I'm starving."

"I see you're having the sausage and eggs platter," he remarked. I didn't get it till he pointed at my crotch with his spoon.

"Oh," I said sitting down next to him. "I guess so. Why aren't you?" I said patting his mound with my milky spoon.

"Hey, you got milk on my boxers!" He said, playing angry. "Now lick it off."

"It's just a little milk," I said. "This on the other hand is a lot of milk" I said taking a spoonful and dropping it into his lap.

"Hey!" he yelped. I guess it was cold. "Fine, you want them off? Take'em off." I didn't hesitate in grabbing both legs of his boxers and pulling them down over his fuzz covered legs. He kicked them the rest of the way off and sat back to eat his breakfast. "Now eat your cereal, because after that I'm going to make it so that you can't walk to get lunch."
I wondered silently if he was right.

We finished eating at the same time. Ryan went to take his morning shower, and I was right behind him on my way to my room. When I hopped on my bed, I realized I was full of energy. I opened the drawer I'd put everything in and pulled it all back out, laying it next to me on the bed. I sat back against the wall with a pillow behind me, holding the white vibrator and lube. A condom wouldn't fit on it, I was sure. It was too small.

I squirted some of the pink lube onto the tip, then rubbed it all the way down. It was cool to the touch, but seemed to get warmer as i rubbed it up and down the little device. Using my left hand, I put the tip of it against my hole and relaxed.

I breathed in, and in a single motion, I pushed it in. The resistance was there but the thing was so thin that it wasn't much at all. Once it was in, I knew what to look for. I'd used my finger a few times, pushing it against my prostate. I did the same thing, and once I found it, I used my other hand to turn the base. It came to life, and I was in heaven. It buzzed, sending my spot into over-drive. I almost couldn't think the first few seconds were so intense. But I got used to it, moving it back and forth over my g-spot, in and out of my hole.

My thoughts drifted back to Miles. We were on the football field now. It was dark and the grass was cool against my naked body. My legs were still on his shoulders, but his mouth was at my tight ass, licking, stimulating my virgin hole. His tongue was inside me now, plunging in and out. His strong hands caressed my thighs, moving to my aching cock. He stroked it, up and down, as he ate me ravenously. I was in white ecstasy, my eyes closed, just enjoying the stimulation.

He got up on his knees, pulling away from my hungry hole. I got the hint. I spit in my hand a few times, then took ahold of his smooth, thick meat. Stroking, coating, and jacking his jock cock, I got him ready to fuck my ass hard. I used my hand to guide his rocket, holding him, aiming him right at the target. I pressed against him, and pushed him into me.

The pain at first was intense, and I stopped him. I just took in his body with my eyes until I was used to the pressure. His body was subtly defined, with no harsh lines. Just muscles, and hair. He held my legs in each down-covered arm, waiting for me to get comfortable. His smile spurred me on, and I pushed him in further. He was so slick that he slid in fairly easy, stretching me to the limit with each inch. I felt a fullness as I imagined his trimmed bush flush with my hole.

In and out, slow at first, but my lust drove me faster than I should have gone, against my prostate and back deeper. Then back out, over my prostate, and out to the tip. I pushed faster, watching his face contort in pleasure. Faster. Faster. Faster. He was soaked in sweat. So was I. Faster, harder, faster. It was building. It was getting to be too much. He pulled out of me, leaving me but I still felt full. I shut my eyes tight as we both erupted, all of it landing on my smooth chest and stomach, coating my cock and balls in our white cream. When I opened my eyes, I was alone and covered in my own cum.

The shower had stopped and Ryan stuck his head in again. "I see you've loosened yourself up then. Meet me in my room, ya know, after you clean up." He stuck out his tongue and left, leaving me to my mess. What a sight I must've been. The dildo was still buried to the base in my ass, and I was covered from neck to nuts in my teenage spunk.

My hole pounded as I pulled the fake dick from my aching pucker. I pulled the condom off of it, tossing it in the garbage, being careful to tuck it under a good amount of trash so that it wouldn't be plainly visible to anyone in my room. I used a tissue to wipe my body and the vibrator, then tossed the device into my drawer. I'd clean it better later.

Walking wasn't too bad, but the pulsing in my anus was still there. As I grabbed the bottle of pink lube, the reality hit me that Ryan was twice the thickness of that dildo.

Oh boy.

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2011-06-27 07:04:52
So I've been away for a while! But yes, ALL of my stories will have more chapters, and there will even be some straight stuff real soon, just hang in there guys, Dillon will be fucked shortly <3

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2011-06-27 07:04:44
So I've been away for a while! But yes, ALL of my stories will have more chapters, and there will even be some straight stuff real soon, just hang in there guys, Dillon will be fucked shortly <3

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awesome , when are you goning to post no 4

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