My uncle returned the next morning and we left for St. Louis. We arrived at the dealer were my new car was around 8pm. My new Mustang convertible was ready to go. My dad called me there and told me to take the route that he marked on the map. My uncle said good-bye, and left. The people at the dealer helped me load my luggae into my sweet new car, and I took off.

I cruised down the freeway with the radio blasting, living my dream in my own car! The night air was warm and humid, I didn't know how to put the top down. So I rolled up the windows and put the a/c on. I was near Louisville KY, when the car shuddered, and smoke came from under the hood. The warning lights came on and then the car died. I pulled off the road, put the flashers on, and wondered what I should do next. I rolled the window down, and turned off the radio. Cars and trucks went by, making my car rock as they passed. I started crying, and put my head on the steering wheel.

After a good cry I sat back in the seat, and hoped someone would help. 45 minutes later a police car pulled in behind me. He said he got a call from a trucker on the CB radio that someone was stalled out. He got me into his car and radioed for a tow truck. We made small talk until the tow truck arrived. The driver loaded up my baby and me and we drove to Louisville. He dropped me off at a motel, and took my car to the closed dealer with my information. I called my dad and he paid for the room. I got my key (before they had those cards), and lugged all my stuff to my room.

I opened the door, and took a few trips to get everything in. It was one of those rooms that the door was outside, not in a hallway. The pool was right in front of my room 2nd floor room in front of the pool...........this will work. The phone rang, it was my mom. She said dad was going to call the dealer about getting my car fixed, and that anything I wanted from the motel all I had to do is sign for it.

We got off the phone. I was tired, I pulled a few things out of my bag, took a shower and crawled into bed. I was asleep in no time.

I awoke and looked at the clock it was 9am. I looked at the motel room service menu, and decided to order. I was almost finished finished with my breakfast when dad called. He said the water pump went out and the heads warped, not sure what that was but it was bad. It was going to be a few days to fix my new baby car. Dad asked if I wanted to fly home or to grandmas, or mom fly down and be with me. I said I was fine and would just wait for my car. I flipped thru the channels on the TV, nothin on. So I decided to hit the pool!

I got out a side tied bikini, white and aqua vertical stripes. It covered me well. I splashed on lotion, grabbed my sunglasses and towel and key and headed out the door. The pool was empty, I found a chair spread my towel on it and laid down. About fifteen minutes later, a family came to the pool. A couple of kids under ten and their mom and dad. I didn't move as to pretend to be asleep. Thru my sunglasses I watched them. The husband would seek glances at me when his wife wasn't looking. He got caught by her a few times, and she hit him. Finally I heard her tell him that he could go be with me, and forget ever seeing the kids again! With that she called the kids out of the pool and stormed off to their room.............husband in tow. An older couple came and sat under an umbrella, she complained about driving and he about the heat. Two Indian or Paki men came down and sat kiddie corner from me at the end of the pool. They were talking in their own native tongue. I sat up and applied more lotion to my shoulders. "Nice day", one of them said. "Yes it sure is, I replied. "You here on vacation, or business?" I told them about my car breaking down. I find the Indian people are very direct when talking to you. "You married or single?" very single I told them. "May we join you?" "Sure". I said putting the lotion bottle down. "My friend says your very beautful and so do I." "Thank you", I smiled at them. " We are here for training of the insurance claims". I nodded. "we are on break on have to go back for class." "You be here in two hours?" "I'm not sure" I said. "Can we take picture with you?" "Sure", what the hell, why not? They produced a camera and the one not talking came over and squatted next to me and put his arm around me, and we smiled and had the picture taken. They they switched, just as he was going to take the picture, I lifted my top up. The flash went off, and they both squeeled with delight. Then the other guy wanted my pic with him showing my tits. I did and they had to run to class. I laughed so hard.

This place was loaded with guys, they all must be going to that school too. I would be getting alot of attention, the way I love it. With that, the place was really empty. It was near noon, and my fair skin had enough of the sun.
I returned to my room, took off my swimsuit, and took a shower. After drying off I coat my body in vasoline, kepts it baby soft. (I learned that from a stripper). I sat on the bed and flipped through the channels, with my robe on and a towel on my head. To my movies! I love watching porn. I get alot of ideas about clothing, sex, and of course......getting myself off! I started watching this movie about a girl that her neighbor put hidden cameras in her bedroom, and she knew kinda film!! She had found out about them and was putting on a show for him, stripping from a full dress to only garter belt, black nylons and her patton black pumps. Needless to say got me going. I opened my robe and let my hand fall to my tits, Gently squeezing them one at a time. My nipples stood up, and ached, I could feel my pussy, releasing a flood of lube. I stood up and went to one of my bags to find a vibrator and anal plug. While I was digging the phone rang. "Hello", I said annoyed this is getting into masterbation time. "Hi ths is Pual at the car dealership, I'm calling to tell you we will have your car ready by Monday afternoon, I'll call you then and send a car for you ok?" "Augh sure I guess", kinda shocked I answered. "Ok talk to you Monday, were sorry for the trouble", he quipped. " Ok no problem" I said.

With that bit of news, I lost all thoughts of playing hard with my pussy. I went in the bathroom and applied some makeup. Came out and in my robe still, sat on the bed. I was getting hunger and decided to call room service. I ordered a tuna sandwich and salad and coffee. I turned the channel and started watching QVC. The robe I was wearing was purple satin, and just barely covered my asscheeks. It tied in the front, but with big boobs lick mine made it open at the bottom to expose my pussy if I didn't hold it closed tighter. And alot of cleavage.

I was watching a new makeup thing and was really getting into it, when a knock cam at the door. "Shit", I forgot about room service. "Just a second", I said as I walked to the door. "Room service", I heard just before I opened the door. I opened the door and this man with slicked back grey hair went by me. he walked past the bed and set the tray on the dresser next to the TV. He approached me, and handed me the bill with a pen. "All I need is your signature maam!" "Is there anything else I can get you?" I thought for a second, and saw his eyes looking at my cleavage. "Augh, yeah, is there a mall nearby here"? I asked him. "Yes maam, can I call you a cab for there?" I thought for a second, "No thanks, not now,"I signed the bill and added a tip and handed it back to him. I felt sorry for him at his age being a room service guy, so I tipped him 20 bucks. He looked at it and thanked me again. He left and I had my lunch.

I got dressesd for mall play I call it. A tight top with a shel bra, stockings with a tight miniskirt, bracelettes, flashy earrings and necklace, and weel made up eyes and lips. I don't know why my sex drive is so high, I mean ultra-high. Clthes that I wear makes me feel real fem and slutty, which in turn gets me hot. The feel of the nylons or pantyhose, the air bruching my pussy throught sheer nylon or lace. The material of lace or nylon caressing my nipples, the same with my pussy or ass. I was wearing a sem-sheer black blouse,(black shelf bra also), a red minskirt, which went to about 6 inches below my crotch. It had a gold sequin belt and fit me real tight. I also learned that wearing no panties, guys couldn't tell if it was pantyhose or? So I always wear panties, 1 so you can see my crotch and 2 gives guys something to wonder about what's under them. I chose white lace boyshorts. Smoke colored stay-up nylons and red 4 inch heeled clogs.

I went to the front desk and had them call me a cab. I arrived at the mall and the cabbie gave me his card after I tipped him 20. "Call this number and tell them you want Doug to get you!" I grabbed the card and said"I will". Now shopping is MY THING! I went in and browsed in a very top notched store. And wound up looking at shoes. A guy about 20 something asked if he could help me. "Do you have these in size 5?" I handed him a shoe. "Let me check, I'm sure we do". No you know what I'm going to do.....and so do I. My heart beat harder and I felt my face get flush as I sat in a seat purposley facing the wall. I crossed my legs, and waited for him to return. As he sat down, I uncrossed my legs and his head was down and opened them, just enough as to not make it look slutty. He took off my shoe and place the new one on it leaning in, I let my leg open further. I knew he could see my panties now. "How does it feel?' he asked with his face turning slightly red. I knew by that he got a good look. "Ok". I told him as I pulled my other foot from the shoe. I extended my foot out in front of me, which gave him another view, as he placed the shoe on. "Try walking in the to see how they feel". I stood up and of course not pulling my skirt down that rode up when I sat. The lace nylon tops were fully exposed, not sure but I think my camel toed pantie covered pussy was seen too. I pulled my skirt down and walked in the and turned around and went and sat back down. I gazed at his crotch and I saw a small wet spot, and a lump in his pants. I was so moist myself the I could feel my panties sticking to me. Now I would have made a play for him, but I don't like young white guys so I just wanted to get excited and torment him. "I saw some wooded heeled clogs in the window, could I try them on?" "Yes, of course," he said. He swiveled in the seat and turned his back to me. I knew he didn't want to show me his rockhard cock and pre-cum stain, He cam back with the shoe box in front of his crotch, and I flashed him some more. "I'll take the clogs please." as I rose to show him my nylon tops again. He rang me up and as soon as I turned I saw him go to the back room. I hoped to jackoff at what he had just seen.

I did this in another store there, with th same results, I'm loving it! I went to FoH and found some awesome skirts. A pink skirt that had a zipper that went from top to bottom really slutty and a black skirt that had 5 inch lace panels in the side, plus a latex skirt in red, and in pink and black. Lace fingerless gloves, pink,bluse,purple,red, black and white. A white lace garterbelt. Yeah, I dropped alot of cash so far. I also found this stocking store there that carried every type of stocking. pantyhose, and bodystockings that are made. I chatted with the girl there and she told me she even wears a garterbelt and stockings under blue jeans! She said you ought to see a guys face when you pull down your jeans and he sees that! Now I had 2 larger shopping bags of just nylons and garterbelts It was getting close to 5pm I had 2bags full, 1 bag of shoes and a new luggage bag. I worked my way to the entrance and called the cabbie I was suppose to ask for.

When he showed up he put my bags in the trunk, and left the mall. I gave this bald headed guy quite a show, Opening my legs, pulling up my skirt and pulling up my stockings. He watched from the mirror. Yes I was hot, real hot, If he would have asked, I would have fucked him in the cab. We got to the motel and he helped me in with my bags to the lobby. I pulled out my money, and he said,"This ones on me pretty lady!" I thanked him and he left.

As I was turning the corner headed to my room, the handle of one of the bags broke. I squatted down to pickup all the nylon packages that fell onto the floor. The room service man quickly came to help me. "Here let me help you! they don't make bags like they used to!", he said. He carried the up to my room for me. We got into the room and I sat on the bed, not knowing that my nylon tops were quite in the open. "I see you like nylon stockings, the the amount of ones you bought!" he said puttting the bag next to me. "Yes I do! it makes me feel more girley!" I said looking into the bag. "Is there anything else I can do for you?" he asked, I opened my purse and handed him 10 bucks for his help. "Can you get my a bottle of rum", I asked. "I'm sorry maam, we cannot serve liquer to persons under 21!" Shit, he must have looked at the registration. "Owwww please!", I batted my eyes. "I'm sorry, I'd lose my job and I'm on a fixed income", he replied. "I'll give you 100 plus the cost of the rum!" I was desperate now. "I'm sorry", he said. I wanted some booze to party tonight, so what the fuck, I'll fuck him. I laid back on my elbows, and rubbed one leg up and down the other. "Isn't there anything I could do to get that rum?" "Sorry, your just 16 and I'm not about to go to jail having sex with you, but there is something that maybe we can work out." he said with a smile. "What? I'll do anything, I need a drink to chill out!. Well, I have this thing for nylons....... and I'd like feel them on you, no sex involved", as the sweat sprouted from his forhead. "Sure, do whatever you want", I said running my fingers across my thigh. "No,no not here I'll get fired, meet me by the dumpster at 6pm I get off then, wear white nylons please and a short skirt and white panties ok? deal?" "I'll be there", I told him.

It was 5:35 now, I took off the red skirt and put on my new pick zipper mini. Replaced the smoke nylons with white and a pink garterbelt, white heels, and a white rose lace blouse see thru with a pink bra. I got closer to the dumpster a few minutes afer 6. He had a van, one of those with the four seats in it and a couch in the back. "Quick get in!" he said looking around, "If anyone asks I gave you a ride to a store ok?" "Sure", and I climbed into the van. He drove a bit and told me how much he loved my legs, and he has masterbated about them. We drove into a park, and parked in the lot. He let the engine run tokeep it cool in there. "Now I want you to get in the seat behind me ok?". he said. I got up and went and sat in the swival seat behind him. He swung his seat around to face me. "Now, I want you to cross and uncross your legs, and open them and just move them some" as he was gropping at his crotch. I did as he asked, the skirt rode higher and higher each time I moved. "Do you wnt me to spread wide?" I asked him. "No no no no, just be quiet and move around like your doing", I nodded my head. He unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out, and began stroking it, after a few minutes he started soft moaning. I bounced my legs, squeezed them together, opened them, and crossed them and very slowly uncross them. His face turned bright red and he now was beating it faster, and then he gritted his teeth and drooling and spitting shot his cum into the air, and it landed on his pant legs. "Ooooooo mmmmm good so good, aughhhh he said after getting his nut. He looked around, went under his seat and produced a bottle of rum, handing it to me he said. "I'll drop you off at the end of the motel ok?" "That's fine, thanks!". As we pulled out of the park.

I got back into my room, and stripped naked, my pussy was a gooey mess. I cleaned up and trough on my robe. I need to get some coke for rum&cokes. I got some change and slipped on my new 5 inch heeled wood clogs. Grabbed the door handle and went outside as the sun wasdipping behind a building. Now guys were all over the place, and my wood heels, made them look in my direction. I don't know if they knew I was naked under the robe or if I had a swim suit on. But the stares were amazing. In between the buildings the vending machines were placed. I got 2 cokes, and had to bend over to get them. I looked around and no one was there, so I bent over and fumbled to retrived them. As I was bent over, 3 guys came around the corner, I know they got a good shot at my pussy, from behind. They said nothing, but I heard one slap the other in the arm and mumble, "Loook look!". I had to walk past them, and I gave them a big smile, saying nothing. "Hey! hey! what's your name? What room you in? You wanna party?" I've heard all that a thousand times. I just kept walking. I got to the stairs, and started up them, my heels sounding my approach. I know by the time I got 3/4 of the way up, my ass and pussy would be easily seen. I few of the guys at the pool caught it, and the same responce. I got to my room acting like I paid no attention to them, even though my love juise was already starting to drip from me.

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