I finally reached my Grandparents home in South Carolina. They lived outside a small (50 structures) town, about a mile or so. A six bedroom sunken tow story. On 128 acres, of fields and rolling meadows. My grandmother has a flower garden in the back of the house, which has won many awards and been in several magazines ever year. A large in ground pool, and a barn and horse stable and horses. I used to love coming here for the summer when I was younger. The house has the family room in the basement, which patio sliding doors go to the pool. My room was on the top floor in the back center of the house. They painted it in shades of pink when I was 11. It remains the same to this day. Lace curtains, and the bed laced in it too. A little to little girl for my now, but still very fem. Also a big metel building which my grandfather works and stores his classic cars. He's been retired now for a while and tinkers in there alot when not going to business functions. My grandmother belongs to every organization ever thought of. Shes always gone during the day. They have a cook and a housekeeper.

Being a stones throw away from a National Forest and not too far from Charleston, now that I drive won't be too bad. I love the forest, and all it has to offer. I wondered as we at lunch, what kinda fun I would have.

I unpacked my stuff, and slipped my goodie bag under the bed. Kept my slutty stuff locked in a suitcase in the closet. I put my bathroom stuff in the bathroom, as I had my own. My grandmother knocked at the door, and she chatted a bit and told me some of my cousins were goin to visit later that week. After dinner we sat and grandpa told old stories which we all heard about a million times about working hard, hunting, how he meet grandma and so on. I was about 11:30 and I was already beat from the drive. We said goodnight and I went off to bed.

I was awakened at 5:15am! They have this buzzer which can be heard through the whole house when some one is at the gate, The housekeeper forgot her passcode to the gate and buzzed to have the cook let her in. I threw on a long robe and brushed my teeth and went downstairs into the kitchen. The cook was new and so was the housekeeper from the last time I was there about 3 years ago. The cook was a guy with 5 oclock shadow all day, he was from greece, about 30 something. The housekeeper was a local girl, she was 19 and had a child, but single. She wore like a maids outfit, black but no lace and a skirt that went to the knees, with black hose of some sort. Dominick was his name and Sharon was hers. Sharon wore her dark red hair in a ponytail which showed her pale skinned neck. Dom wore a cooks uniform, and was busy in the kitchen, when he introduced himself.

" Madam told me you be here with us for a while, is good!" he said while cooking something, "You have me cook anything you like ok?, "Ok, thank you I said. Sharon asked me the usual questions, how long will I be there, what grade I was in and so on. She turned and went up the hall, and up the stairs. "What you like for breakfast?", Dom said as my grandfather turned the corner into the kitchen. "Just one egg over easy and toast, and some black coffee" I said kissing my grandfather on the cheek. "Ok, no problem" as he still cooked away. My grandmother came in all dressed up and chatted, she was off to Charleston. Grandpa asked what I wanted to do today. "I think I'll just take it easy for a while", maybe drive into town and look around. "That's what summer vacation is all about!" he said.

I went to my room and did my shower thing, Got into a tube top and cut-offs, (I always wear pantyhose with shorts but not when my family is around). I took a pair Hooters nude shiney no panel pantyhose and stuffed them in my purse. Went down the stairs and kissed grandpa good bye and went into the garage and in my car. I had to leave and go past the gate to put on my pantyhose, cuz cameras covered the gate, and all around the house. You could watch them all in my grandfathers office on the first floor. I turned down the road and pulled over. I got out and dropped my shorts,they fell with ease off my thighs. No panties on, I sat on the drivers seat and put them on. Pulled up my shorts, and felt the shorts rubbing on the hose, mmmmm I loved it. Put my wooden heeled sandals on I bought at the mall on this trip, and headed to the hicktown about a mile away.

Not alot here, a service station/garage, hardware store, post office which was a 2 car garage. Two bars, a small store, and of course a barber shop. They was a group of kids on their bikes hanging out near the garage, that was it. Super boring! I decided to run out to the national park. When I got to the gate I had to buy a sticker form the guard. Who enjoyed making small talk to me as his eyes slide up and down my thighs and to my crotch, which was covered in about a 1/2 inch of cuttoffs which allowed the outside of my pussy lips to be seen. I drove around until I found a place to park that wasn't too full of cars.

It was a partly cloudy day, the sun poked out between the puffy clouds. I took a trail up a steep hill and followed it on top of a ridge. I loved the trees and the view there. This is one of my favorite spots down here. I walked until I came to the river which flowed from one lake to the other. I started down the hill into the valley to get closer to the river. Watching my steps, my knees and thighs flashed from the shiny pantyhose. I got to the river and found a spot to sit. It was so quiet, except for the babble of the river. The big boulders at the shore of the river were being slapped by the water, so peaceful. I laid down on a big rock, almost the size of my car and watched the clouds slowly pass. I fell asleep and dreamed of the two guys fucking my ass and double teaming me. I relived it again in my dream, feeling the cock deep in my pussy and the other slamming into my ass. Then I had that feeling I was falling. I awoke with a jerk. And lifted my head up and looked around, I was not in the motel room, but laying on the rock by the river.

I was, of course, horny as hell. My pantyhose was stuck to my pussy from being wet. I raised up on my elbows and looked around. Big boulders behind me, and the river in front. I'm going to masterbate. No one coming down the trail could see me so, I stood up and let my cutoffs brush down my thighs to my feet. I stepped out of them and laid back down. The light was making my pantyhose sparkle across my hipbones and above my pussy. That turned me on along with the slight breeze kissing my crotch and ass. I let my hands run down across my thighs to my knees, and circled them inward to my inner thighs on their way back up. I released a deep breath as I felt my hands nearing my pussy. My nipples were erect and pushing into my bra, as my chest heaved from my breathing. I let my hands both rub my pussy through the pantyhose, the nylon pulling at my clit, making it swell with blood. The neon green polish on my fingernails stood out from the nude pantyhose, as I watched them rub away on my wet crotch. I let my left hand got straight to my tits and knead the and cup them. I was at the point I needed more. I pulled my top up to my neck, and rolled the cups of my bra down, My nipples got even harder when the cooler air hit them, sending a shower of passion to my cunt. I played with my nipples and pulled my feet up so my knees were in the air, my high heeled sandels against the rock. I was getting off, I fingered my clit through the wet hose, and shudder after shudder I came. I slipped a hand into the waist of the hose and found my clit, so wet so ready for more. The pantyhose pressed my finger hard on my clit as they are so tight. I came again harder, I was now moaning out loud, so loud I could hear and echo. I let it out, no one around to hear my passion. I wanted to be in my cunt, I stood up and pulled my hose down to my knees, and laid back down. Now I could shove fingers into my drenched pussy. I rubbed my lhairless lips and got my fingers wet and dipped one into the burning hole, then two. The waves of passion rose over me again and again. I threw my head back time after time and threw my sunglasses off my face. The bright light blinding me as the sun peaked out. I came again, the echo of my moans got me off harder. My back was now off the rock as I rammed my fingers harder and deeper into me. I gasped for air and I worked hard on my cunt. I leaned forward to my knees as the climax to beat all came, and my pussy released a river of juice, which was now running down the rock. I sat there with my head at my knees. Trying to regroup my brain. I stood up and pulled my pantyhose up, and stepped into my cutoff. The all of a sudden I heard, "Yeah mama! wooohoo! hot bitch!" I looked around and saw no one. "You need some company mama?" Finally I found the voice, three black guys were across the river and up on a cliff. If I knew there were there, I would have put on a better show. I left and returned to my garandparents home, not a bad drive, not bad at all.
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