If you haven't read my other stories, I get myself off at least twice a day if I can, I have an ultra high sex drive. Nothing is too taboo for me. But I don't like being beat or tied up that much and all the other fetishes like, fisting, piss,shit. I really am into fetish wear, being watched, flashing, public sex, outdoor sex, and most of all I like dark skinned men. Never had a black man until I was over 20. All others were latino, Indian or from the middle east. I love watching porn, and love having my pictures taken in verious froms of undress, and of course doing sex acts. I am also bi. I love cock more than pussy, but a hot girl can also be nice.

Being 16 my grandparents knew I could be left alone, while they continued with their normal lives. They usually are not home for most of the day and sometimes some of the night. So without going into too much detail, I"ll return to my vacation.

My grandmothers flower garden was maintained by a group of gardeners, as well as the huge lawn, all latino men. Women hate me because of my body, I didn't ask for my body, at 16 I was 36d 22 34. Men adored my body, and I loved that. So jealous people can fuck off! I didn't have a boyfriend, all the guys I had as boyfriends, were too jealous. Always thinking I was cheating on them even when another guy looked at me. So after getting slapped around by all the guys I've dated. I decided along time ago, one night stands were the best, stranger sex was more exciting. I could be as wild as I wanted and I wouldn't have to be accountible for my actions to some one else.

From my bedroon, I could see the whole flower garden, I would peek out the curtains of the dual sliding doors, and finger myself, watching the latino men sweating outside. The would arrive early every morning and start working, and when I woke up, I was always super horney> So I would start my day by getting off watching them.

Today my grandparents both left for Charleston early in the morning, they left me a note saying they wouldn't be back till around midnight. I was going to drive to my cousins house and pick her up and bring her back here to stay the night. So I went and had breakfast, that Dom made me. And got into my car and took off. I got about ten minutes away and forgot I needed their new address, which I left on the nightstand by my bed. I turned around and headed back to the house.

I opened the front doot and went in and climbed the stairs to my room. I found the address and started down the stairs, and heard a noise from the kitchen. I wasn't kitchen noises. Moaning and groaning came from the room. I took off my heels and slowly walked into the dining room and peeked around the corner into the kitchen. I saw our greek cook between the legs of our red haired housekeeper, fucking her on the island ion the kitchen. His pants down around his shoes, and his very hairy ass jabbing into her. Her black fishnet stocking legs clinging to his hips, her maid outfit up around her waist, and opened at the neck with her pasty white tits out. She liked to talk dirty it seemed as she streamed out a flow of dirty words from her 19 year old mouth. Dom rode her like he hadn't had pussy in a while, I could see his 30 year old balls slapping her ass, I watched and felt my pussy warming up. This was so much better than watching porn. He put her knees up, and looked down at his cock going in her, he was now grunting, over the moans of her. He went faster for a few minutes, and then I saw him get on his tip toes and stay deep in her, and he let out a deep sigh. He emptied his balls deep in her.

What a great time for me to approach them, I saw favors coming my way. I knew my grandparents paid them well, and would not tolerate this stuff. Just as Dominick bent over to pull up his pants I entered the room. "I hpoe you didn't cum on my dinner?", I said. Dom turned around and his face went red, Sharon scooted off the island, and struggled to get her tits back in her bra. Her face also went red, and tears ran down her face. "I'm so sorry! I'm sorry" was all she could say. Dom stood silent, his eyes looking at the floor. "I need this job so bad!" Sharon said weeping. "Me too!" Dom said glancing up. "I'll make you both a deal", as I looked into Sharons eyes. "I won't say anything, you guys do whatever you want!, as long as I can do whatever I want, and you never tell!" Sharon smiled and nodded her head and let out a yes yes, and Dom agreed. "You guy can fuck all you want, as long as I can fuck someone and you don't tell, ok?" "No problem, no problem what so ever!" Sharon said. Dom came over to me and hugged me, "Whatever you do is my secret ok?" I left them in the kitchen and took off to my cousins house. "I'll be needing some adult drinks for tonight" I said. "Anything you want" Dom said.

My cousin just turned 17 a week ago. I haven't seen her in about two years. She goes to and all girl prep school and usually a summer camp. She was very pretty in my opinion, She has dark brown hair with a few streeks of bright red on the side, punk rock style. A banging body, and last I heard as wild as me. We left and headed back to my grandparents house. Unpacked her overnight bag, and caught up on things. And went downstairs to the dining room.
Where we had dinner with a few glasses of the bubbley. After dinner we took a bottle of the bubbley up to my room, got tipsy and danced to the radio, acting like drunk teens. Kara, my cousin, started asking me questions about the sex I've had, and of course I asked her. She said she enjoyed sex alot, but wanted more than a few minutes of fucking and it ends. Shes only fucked guys her age or a little older, oldest one was 22. I told her I don't fuck anyone under 30, and white guys. She asked me why? I asked her,"What would you dad do if he found you fucking a latino man over 30?". "He'd fucking kill me!" she said poring another glass. "Right! It's so taboo, so not right doing an older man!" I said. "How come you fuck old fat or bald guys too, or just plain old disgusting men?" Kara asked. "You know, its,its, like I like the thought that I'm doing something that really shouldn't be going on, a teen with a great body, fucking a fat basturd. And I think that this guy has never and never will fuck a hot looking bitch like me, and how sensual and dirty I was. He'll remember it the rest of his life, and will compare all others to me." I slurred. "He'll compare my body, the slutty way I dress, how good I sucked his cock, letting him do anything he wants, anal, oral, and just how all I wanted was sex", was part of what I said. Then we went on about how to get older men, "I found that dress and attitude work best!" I exclaimed. "Show as much skin as possible, mostly leg and tits. Men I found like nylons and high heels, you know, like a street hooker would wear, a girl naked is hot, but her wearing nylons and heels and panties, leaves them to wounder about what they can't see". We went further into this discussion, and she got the idea.

Kara told me she really didn't have alot of "naughty clothes", going to an all girls school and having her mom buy most of her clothes. I went over and pulled out my 3 suitcases of sexy things. We went through them and Kara was amazed at all the stuff I had. We decided to dress up, and see who looked sluttier. The rules were. 1. It had to be something you could wear outside with out getting arrested, no bare tits or ass or pussy showing. 2. It had to be something that we would really wear out later that night.

Kara came out of the bathroom. She was wearing black patton ankel boots, black lace stockings, black miniskirt with a gold waist chain and a black lace top with sheer sleeves. She looked smoking hot! I went in and came out in my patton pink knee high boots, white nylons, whire garter belt, latex pink minskirt, white fishnet top with a pink scallop bra. We both looked into the mirrors in the room and agreed we needed slut make up. I called downstairs and asked Dom to bring another bottle of the bubbley stuff up. "Now let's see what kind of responce we get from a man!" I told Kara.
Dom knocked on the door and I told him to come in, Kara was scared, so I told her about Dom and I had an agreement. "Dom? How do we look?" taking the bottle from him. "Oh you both look so good! real good! mmmm fantastic!", he said looking at us,"Every man will want you two!" "Ok good thanks Dom", he turned and shut the door behind him. "See! I told you so!" while I popped the cork on the bottle.

We both got a little more buzzed as we chatted about sex. Kara asked how I give a good blow job. "I'll show you". as I opened my toy bag. I pulled out a rubber cock, and showed her how I give head. Kara watched me like it was the most important thing in the world. "Wow your really good! she said. We talked about it at great length. I was getting hot from it and the booze. Then she asked me the big question, "Have you ever make it with another girl?. I told her I had. "Did you like it?" I replied yes but only had one experience to go by. "What did you like about it?she quizzed me. I told her the taboo thing again and the softness of the kisses and touches and a girl knows where to please another girl. "I've been with four girls at school, I guess I'm bi, I love cock also!" We sat next to each other on the end of the bed, Kara placed a hand on my white stocked leg, "Is it alright if I touch you?" she said kinda slurring. I took a deep breath and as releasing it said"Yes". Kara leaned over and kissed my cheek softly, "I've always wanted to be like you, sexy hot with those sweet tits mmmm". He hand kept rubbing my thigh, and slowly moving up to the hem of the latex skirt. She again went to kiss my cheek, I turned and met her lips with mine, a small peck, the another, then a swipe of tongue across my lips, then a full open mouth kiss with our tongues twirling in my mouth, and I sucked on her tongue as her hand slide up my skirt searching for my wet pussy. We moaned in each others mouths, as I laid back on the bed. Her hand left my crotch and sliding all the way up my skirt and blouse to my breasts, which she kneaded them.

I turned on my side to face her, and returned the favor of feeling her lacey legs, all the time never breaking our kiss. My hand found the nylon material of her crotch and fingered her wet nylon covered pussy, her moan in my mouth grew louder. Her hand now searched out my wet cunt, which was exposed because I wasn't wearing panties. Her finger rubbed up and down the lips, and parted them to insert her finger. Her finger poked in and out of my quivering cunt as her thumb rubbed my clit, sending wave after wave of delight through me, I unbuttoned her blouse, and pulled down the cups of her bra. I felt her tits, and lightly pinched her nipples. I broke our kiss and moved to suck her erect nipples, they were small but hard as rock. I flicked my tongue over them, and sucked each one, softly biting them. Her moan was deep in her throat, her hand left my pussy as I laid her on her back. I threw one leg of mine between her legs and rubbed my knee on her crotch. The nylon on my knees felt great rubbing on the nylon of her pantie covered pussy. I sucked her tits and moved down to her crotch, I could smell her wetness. Pushing up her skirt higher, I saw her tight lipped pussy smearing her juice on the black nylon of her panties. I licked at the sweet juice, and this fired my own juice to flow freely. I lapped her pussy through her panties lick a thristy dog, I pilled the leg of her panties over her pussy so I could lick all the juice off her and dip my tongue into her sweet hole. I licked at her outer lips, which made her shudder and moan, and grab the bedspread and pull it. Her legs opened as far as they could, as I flicked her clit with just the tip of my tongue. I used both my hands to pull her lips apart. Using the tip of my tongue, I ran it between her lips up and down, and would just poke her hole. This made Kara jump and moan more, I knew I was hitting a nerve with her. I thickend my tongue and pushed into her warm wet cunt, her hips pushed forward. I tongue fucked her a few times then pulled out and went down and flicked her asshole with my tounge. She jumped like she just recieved an electric shock, She liked it by her reaction. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and attacked her anal hole. She moaned and squirmed as I dipped a finger into the backdoor. She was panting so hard, I felt kinda sorry for her in a way, and was also more determined to make her cum harder then ever before. I crawled off the bed and got out a vibrator and anal plug from my bag. I got between her legs and pulled them so her knees were in the air. I smeared KY jelly on the anal pulg and slowly pushed it in her ass. Her body stiffened, until it was in completley. I used a mini vib with the jelly next to her clit, and tongued her hole. She moaned and bucked as she came several times. She cried out, "Oh! My God!, I'm I'm cum mmmmmming!", with that her body rose from the bed, her back arched and pulled her pussy from my face. I took the jelly and lathered my pussy with it, she fell back onto the bed, and twitched uncontrolabley. she laid there in a semi-coma. I inched my knees forward and told her, "Kara Kara, pull your lips apart". She slowly slid both her hands down to het pussy, and spred her lips apart. I moved over her and spred my lips apart, and lowered myself watching as my clit was making contact with hers. I released my lips and started grinding my clit on to hers. I moved in circles, I could feel her hard nub flick across mine. She started pushing into my which made ir even better. She released her swollen lips and grabbed at my tits. My head was back and my eyes closed, riding her cunt with mine, I fucked her like a man with a cock. I moaned and pumped my hips on her, harder and faster, send climax after climax through me. She was feeling the same, she grabbed me by my hips and pulled me tighter to her. I came a few times again each was stronger and longer than before. Then the big one, I shuddered and pressed again and again on her foaming cunt and stopped as my pussy erupted and fell lifeless on top of her. I lay there a few moments, and my pussy began to tingle. I need more. I crawled off her and went to my bag. I pulled out a double headed dildo. As she lay there, not sure if she was awake, I slipped the head of the rubber cock dildo into her pussy.

She let out a sigh, and opened her legs, I sat and opened my legs and pushed the other end of the dildo in me. I pushed it in her till it would not go any more, and then the same in me. I sat there and moved it in and out of her beet red pussy. As it was going in her, it was coming out of me. I picked up the pace abit, and she strted breathing harder as I was too. She sat up on her elbows and watched me fuck her with the rubber cock. I grabbed the center of the dildo and moved it like jacking off somebody. I started cumming, seeing it go in her and out. Kara threw her head back and started a series of orgastic spaz twiches. I pumped the cock faster, I could feel it hit bottom in her and me. Kara came again and again till she laid back and shook hard, I did the same and my cunt clamped down on the rubber cock. I laid back and out of breath, my heart pounding like a ran a 100 mile race. We both laid there with the dildo still in us. After regaining my senses, I sat up and pulled the cock out of me, then Kara. I pulled the butt plug from Kara's ass, and she jumped. I went to the bathroom and cleaned the toys and put them away. Kara was fast asleep, it was only 9pm. I covered her up and crawled next to her, and fell fast asleep.
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