I slipped a pair of Hooters tights into my purse and went outside the gate and slipped them on. They were dark suntan color and ultra shiney. Slipped my 5 inch heeled clogs on, and took off down the road. The sun made my thighs sparkle in them, I felt so alive. I just wanted to drive my new car around with the top down. I went down tons of back roads, enjoying the wind blowing in my hair and on my legs.I still don't know why hose makes me feel so sexy.

I know I got lost but didn't care. I knew I would always find my way back to my grandparents house. I drove around for a few hours, taking paved roads and gravel. I was passing through the tabacco fields on a gravel road when I saw a fruit stand in the middle of nowhere. I had a craving for some watermelon, so I pulled over and stopped. It was a stand made out of old skids and pieces of worn out lumber. It looked like it would fall over at the next breeze. I got out and rounded my car, walking like I was on eggs because of the heels and gravel. I saw onions, tomatoes, and yes my watermelon.

I went to the melons and started thumping them, when I heard a voice say, "All my melons are sweeet and ripe". I didn't see anyone till I looked inside the shack. A old latino man in a wheelchair popped his head over the tomatoes, as he wheeled himself out of the shack. "You from around here? he asked wiping the sweat off his neck with and old faded out bandanna. " Ah no Chicago really. I'm here visiting my grandparents", I told him. "I grow all these myself, they very good". I know he got a good shot at my ass, cuz I was bending over, and my cutoffs were short short. Alot shorter than daisy dukes. "You by for husband? he said. "I'm not married" I replied. "You too young to be marry" he said laughing. "How old you are?" as I turned toward him. "I'm 19", I lied. "Good good age!" he remarked as he took off his sweat stained cowboy hat and wiped his six hairs on the top of his head. "I been in this wheelchair for 4 years now had and accident with a tractor, my legs no work now", he said looking down at them. "Oh I'm sorry!", I said. "It's din't do it!". "My wife she no like it, I not do alot of things I used to". "My son works the farm for me now", as he backed up in the shade of the shack. "That's nice!, was all I could think to say. You a dancer?" he said. "No I work in a office", I lied back. "You look like a dancer with those legs and body, very nice" showing his dark teeth with a grin. I felt sorry for him, he was probably in his 60's and I took that his wife won't fuck him anymore. So I thought I'd give him a thrill.

I took two melons and placed them in my back seat. I got a bag and filled it with tomatoes, and another with onions. Each time not opening the door just bending over the side of the car, and letting my shiney legs and ass cheeks show for him. I walked back in front of him. "Sure is hot today!" I said as I slipped the t-top over my head. I was wearing a triangle stripper top, which was really strings and two pieces of red shiney material like lame. Each triangle was about 2 inches, just enough to cover the nipples. His eyes almost fell out of his head! "Yes it is hot today", he said as he started at my tits. I would sneak looks at him and see him eye fucking me. He never knew when I was watching him. my shaded sunglasses come in very handy.

I bent over numerous times looking at produce, I knew how short my shorts were, and he could even see my pussy from behind in the light I was in. And when I bent over in front of him facing him, my tits were all but naked. "You do a good bit of business here?' I asked him. "Yes very good but not till people go home from work". he said with his grey beard flashing in the light. I looked at my watch, it was only 1:45. "So is it busy before then?, I asked. "No but the weekends are". he said. I figured I'd pay him and be off. I glanced at his crotch and saw his bulging cock in his pants. May be I could give him a show, like flash my tits for him. Well I got excited thinking of that of course! Then it came to me!!!!!!

I walked to my car and leaned way over from the passenger side to the drivers. Getting my purse. I took my time, let him get a long long look, I even let my legs part. I walked to him and asked,"How much do I owe you?" "$4.85", he said. I opened my purse and fumbled around, "I left my money back at the house!" I lied again! "That's ok take it, it's ok come back and pay me another day" still grinning at me. "No no I can't, it's not right!" I said in a real fake voice. "Let me trade you for them!", I said. "Ah, ok", he said. "Follow me!" I said as I walked past him and around the corner of the shack. I got to the back of the shack which had some shade from a tree. I turned around as he wheeled closer to me, he stopped and I pulled the string on my top, and the triangles fell away. He laughed and siad "This is very very nice, can I see more?" as his face got more serious. "Sure", as I unbuttoned the top of the cut-offs. I unzipped them and they slid down my legs as the nylon was so smooth. "Mmmm", he muttered along with something in Spanish. I let my fingers of both hands run down my breasts, slightly nicking my hard nipples, down to my hip bones, and then turned around to show him my ass. I bent over at the waist with my legs spread about shoulder wide. Then bent over at the waist and rubbed my thighs from the inside. "Oh baby you so good, so beautiful, mmmm", as he wheeled closer to get a better look. "Can I touch?" he asked with a quiver in his voice. "Yes please do", I told him. As hids hand rubbed the nylon of my ass, I thought this is more than I wanted to do, but I was getting hot from it. He rubbed my ass and then the crack, and then my pussy from behind. I could feel the burning feeling in my pussy. I turned around and faced him, I put my foot on the arm of the wheelchair and let him see my shaved pussy though the tights. I then leaned in, and my pussy was then just a few feet from his face. "Damn you so beautiful", again he said as his hand slide along my thigh that was up on the wheelchair. His other hand was rubbing my pussy through the nylon. I was getting real hot now. "Do you have a knife or something?, I asked him. " I have razor blade on counter in shack", he said. "I'll be right back", I walked around the shack and into it, wearing only my tights and clogs. I found the razor blade and returned in front of him. I put my foot back were it was on his wheelchair, and took my hand and slid it down inside my tights to my pussy and pused it out. I took the razor and cut along the seam for about six inches, exposing my cunt to him. I dropped the blade and leaned in again. His fingers went straight to it, Pulling the lips apart and putting a finger in me. "You want to eat it?" I said trembling. "Yes yes please!" as he licked his lips. I jumped on the leg I was standing on and placed my pussy closer to his face. I was alittle too high to let him get it good, but he lapped at my clit, which send shockwaves through me. I pushed my hip forward as much as I could. He fingered my now with two fingers, I could hear the smacking sound and he pumped them into me. His other hand reached up and felt my left tit. He piched it with his rough thumb and forfinger. I threw my head back as he sent me cumming time after time. I was goin to have the big "O" I grabbed his head and smashed it into my cunt and pumped his face, and ground it while I was getting off. I ost my footing a few times but recovered enough to cum real hard.

I pushed his face back and put my leg down, "Now baby! it's your turn!". as I bent down to unzip his pants. "Ohhhhh mmmmm", was all he could say. I fumble with his cock till it popped out. Pre-cum was leaking from the tip of his un-cut thick cock. He grabbed my head and pulled it to his face, forcing me to kiss him, I was disgusted at his breath which smelled like onions but tasted like rotten eggs. The harder he kissed my the more the disgust turned into passion. I moaned in his mouth and sucked his tongue into mine. My pussy was now running juice and almost dripping. I broke the kiss and squatted down and grabbed his cock. I slowly licked the pre-cum off the tip, and let it from a string to my mouth. I sucked at it and sluppered it up like a strand of spagetti. Then licked the rest off the head like a sucker. He twitched with each flick of my tongue. I took the head and put it in my mouth and closed my lips around it tight. I swirled my tongue around the head while sucked as hard as I could. He held on to my head moaning and talking in Spanish. I then bobbed up and down on his cock while stroking it. He was starting to get tense, so I stopped. I stood up and turned around and offered my pussy to him. I reached through my legs and grabbed his cock and wiggled it to part the lips of my cunt, and pushed the head in and slowly forced it in me. I grabbed the arms of the wheelchair, and started to pump his cock in me. I picked up the pace andd was now slamming his cock into me at a quick pace. I could hear his moans and the wheelchair squeaking. He yelled out loud, and I knew he was close, he grabbed my hips and squeezd hard, this was it, I slammed as hard as I couls about six times and felt him shoot a large load of cum into my cunt, I still pumped him a few times. Then I lowered my self all the down on his cock and sat there. I squeezed my cunt muscles and milked his cock as he shuddered. I pulled off him and slipped my shorts back on. I kissed his cheek and went to my car. He was still sitting there trying to recover.

As I was driving back, his cum was leaking on the small patch of blue jean material between my legs, I smiled and thought I love vegetables!
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