I knew one thing, I was going to fuck the gardener before I left for Chicago! This was the only thing I could think about since I teased him. I kind of talked Kara into to it too. She never had a man over 20, and never a taboo fuck, as both out parents didn't believe in mixed race relationships. "I don't think I have the nerve to do that!", Kara said, "But mybe with some booze I could".

My Grandparents were spending the night in Washington DC for some function, Kara and I drove them to the airport. So with them gone, I wanted to let the gardener have his way with the both of us.

Kara and I got back to the house and ate dinner. While I was eating dinner, I had a thought. "I got up and went to the phone and paged the cook and housekeeper to the dinidng room. "What are you doing?", Kara asked me as I sat back at the table. "You'll see". I said with a sheepish smile. They came into the room together. "Tomorrow you both have the day off, with pay of course!" "Yes miss!", they said together and left the room. "What are you doing!? Kara leaned in and asked. "I want to be sure we will not be interupped or seen with the gardener", I said with my teeth clenched.

After dinner we went to my room and planned how we were going to do this. After a few hours of ideas and arguments, Kara said she was going to be drunk and didn't care how we did it! I went through my slutty clothes and decided that skirts would not be wore. I pulled out a black fishnet long sleeved top and tried it on without a bra. I had Kara cut it so that it was barley covering my tits. I should have done that before, it looks ultra slutty. We both picked out some stuff and set them aside. "You know we got to get up real early to have a few drinks before he comes, and to get dressed and makeup and shit!" I told Kara. She agreed and we set the alarm for 2:30am, so we had enough time to do all of that. We turned out the light, I had a hard time going to sleep thinking about what hopefully awaited us.

I sat up and turned the alarm off, and shook Kara, she sat up. "I'll be right back!", as I put my robe on and went downstairs. I returned to my room and Kara was in the shower, I placed the bottle of booze and bucket of ice, cans of cola, and a six pack of beer on my dresser. I don't know why but beer really fucks me up. I opened one and had some. Kara got out of the shower and I poured her a tall rum and coke. "This better be gone by the time I'm finished with my shower!" I demaned. She started drying her hair as I went into the shower. I got out of the shower and did my vasoline thing and into the bedroom. Kara was finishe with her hair and almost her drink. She poured another nad went to my makeup table and started doing her make-up. "Make yourself kinds gothic slutty so he won't reconize you, you'll come back here again before I do!" I told her as I dried my hair. I leaned over and took the bottle of rum and took a big gulp, it burned all the way down. And washed the burn away with a few chugs of beer. I went over to Kara and helped her with her makeup. I darkened her eyelids in a dark charcoal, and drew wide black lines around her eyes in eyeliner. I outlined her mouth with a lip pencil in a dark brown, and colored her lips with a mauve lipstick, and told her to use the clear lipgloos with silver glitter in it before he comes. Her lips looked so good any cock in the world would love it have them wrapped around it. I outlined my eyelid in a glittery white, and did the crease in a smokey brown, and above the lid a pearl white, I used alot of blush on my cheeks to make it stand out. I put on my fav lipstick, a pink called cotton candy. I had finished the beer and opened another. I sat down on the bed and told Kara she needed another drink, she poured another and sat on the otherside of the bed to get dressed. I took a lip pencil and colored my nipples so they would stand out in the fishnet cutoof blouse I would be wearing. I stood up and stepped into a black garterbelt, and sat back down to put on my stockings. Purple sheer stockings that the tops were very purple, I attached them to the garters and tightend them up. I pulled up the black leather micro thong and let the string back pulling deep into my ass. I put my rhinestone ankel bracelet on my left ankel, and put on 6 inch black platform sandels on and strapped the ankel straps tight. I was almost ready. Kara was wearing red nylons and red garterbelt and a red bra, with a white fishnet top. I drank my beer and took a hit off the rum bottle. I made Kara take a swig off the bottle too.

Kara was getting good and buzzed, she was giggling alot. I knew what we were going to do. "Kara! you ready?". I asked her. "Fuck ya! bring that cock to me baby!, laughing. "Follow me bitch!" I had her grab a bottle of purfume for me and her. We walked down the stairs with the beer and rum laughing and dropping stuff along the way. We went down to the family room which was open to the garden by patio doors. 4 couches, loves seat big overstuffed chairs and big sturdy tables. I looked at the clock and it was 4:17am. I pulled the curtains open and looked outside, this was perfect! I also had a rhinestone choker on the was in layers and made a V. I saw it in the reflection on the glass doors. I opened another beer and took another shot with Kara. "I'm goin to fuck! that dude sooooooo goooood!", Kara slurred. "I know you will bitch!", I said. "Here's what's going to happen!", between chugs on the beer I said. "I'm goin to got out there and bring him in here with us, and whatever happens join in or whatever ok?" "Sure sure whateverah!", Kard said as she was now starting to slide off the couch.

I moved the couch to face the door and a overstuffed chair. I knew that he would be coming pretty soon, and I didn't want him to suprise me on his arrival, so I told Kara to grab her drink and follow me to my grandfathers office. She jumped up and staggered a bit and we went to the office which was just up the stairs. "Sit down Kara and finish your drink!" she was getting there pretty fast. I watched the monitor that was for the front gate, and waited for my heavey set latino man to come. I finshed my beer and was even starting to nod a bit, the beer was kicking my ass. I was aroused waiting for him to come. My nipples were already hard, and them getting caught in the fishnet every now and then, added to the fire in my pussy. The time on the monitor said 4:49, I knew it would be soon. Finally at 5:06 I saw headlights flash into the lens of the camera, the car pulled up to the gate, I saw him enter the code to open the gate. "Kara go back to the family room now!" I screamed. Kara left and I watched as the gate slowly opened, I got up and left the office.

"Kara, sit on this couch!", I pointed to the one I pushed near the door facing it. "Scoot down and spread your legs and finger yourself, your hot right?" I asked her kinda desperate. "Yes I'm hot ya bitch!, as she slumped down. " Well get yourself off baby, show me how slutty you really are!" I told her as I sprayed her in purfume, and myself. I knew I had some time before he got to the flowers because he had to walk from the barn and whatever else he did before coming to the garden. I turned on a pole light that had 3 lights at different levels I unscrewed the top and bottom light and then turned the light to shine on Kara and the overstuffed chair. Kara was rubbing her pussy in a slow and deliberate way. My mouth was so dry as I was breathing so hard and fast. Oh yeah! I was excited.

I couldn't see the barn because the house was built into a hill and two retaining walls on each side of the patio doors blocked the view. I wanted to see were he was so I could stage me eating out Kara with my ass turned towards him. I grabbed the bottle to drink some more, and opened the sliding patio door. I was going to go outside and peek around the end of the wall and see if he was coming. My heels seemed really loud as I took the first steps out on the cement, it was so quiet out. I took a pull on the bottle and got half way to the end of the wall and he was already in front of me, like 10 feet away. He suprised me! I let out a "Oh!" My mind raced! What was I going to do? The first thing that came to mind was to act drunker than I was. So I let my head swing around in a circle, which really got me dizzy. I wobbed on my heels, and said,"Wanna party with us baby? nobody home but me and her!, as I half turned and pointed to Kara, she now had her hips shoved in the air fingering her pussy.

Without saying a word, he walked over to me and put his hand on my crotch, and looked down at my tits. He turned his head and said something in Spanish, and around the corner came another man. He was a younger man about 30 I'd say, short with a thin line beard. "You want to play, yes?" the guy rubbing my crotch said. "Yes baby!" seeped out of my lips. "I see you the other day in window, I wanna make sex with you" he said as he started talking to the other guy. His hands now cupped my breasts, my hardend nipples poked throught the fishnet and he piched them. I moaned and let out a sigh. "Where we go?" he said. "Inside, no one with be home all day." I grabbed his hand and turned towards the patio doors and lead the way. He kept talking to the other guy, what they were saying was only my guess. I walked toward the door and saw Kara, she was already getting off. he body was contorting, and she was moaning loudly. I got in and put down the bottle on a table. He drew me to him and pressed hard on me. He started kissing my neck and throat. I threw my head back and moaned out loud, his hands slipped to my waist and held me. His mouth went between my tits, I pulled up the short fishnet top, so he could have my tits in his wet mouth. His scruffy round face scratched my skin as his head went lower to my nipples. His tongue flicked across them, sending waves of delight over me. I glanced over at Kara, the short man was between her legs on his knees eating her already wet cunt and she moaned with delight.

As he paid attention to my nipples, I reached down and untied the leather g-string, it fell to the floor. I took his hand and broke our embrace, and lead him to the overstuffed chair. I sat down and pulled off the micro fishnet shirt that was pushed up around my neck, and scooted back in the chair. I slide down so only my head was at the back of the chair. He was getting undressed. I watched him as he watched me. I cupped my left tit with my left hand, and slide my right hand down across my hip and to the purple nylon top of my right leg. Then to the inside of my thigh, all the time moving my hips in circles. His eyes gazed at my movements, and I just got hotter. I fingered my lips and clit as he watched. I almost ripped his zipper trying to get his pants off. He pulled his boxers off, and I looked at his throbing cock, jumping with each beat of his heart.

He got on his knees and slide both hands up over my nylon covered knees to my thighs. His tongue left dark trails of wet nylon on both of my inner thighs, as it approached my crotch. I came a few times while his tongue licked my thighs. I kept fingering my clit as his hot wet mouth reached my pussy. He licked my lips and wiggled his tongue to open my pussy. and darted it in and out. He rose the tongue to lick my clit, and I pulled my finger off it and pointed at him. He put it in his mouth and sucked on it, sucking my juice off it. I used both hands to open my pussy wide so he could lick every inch of it. I looked over to Kara, she was getting fucked, he was on his knees, with her red nyloned legs, wrapped around his hips.

I came several times while looking at his bald head move between my legs With each shudder I had, he knew I was cumming and helicked and sucked my harder. I pushed his head away from my pussy and half sat up. He stood up and I sat on the edge of the chair. I grabbed him by the hips and pulled his closer. His cock was dripping strands of pre-cum. I dipped my head down, and stuck my tongue out and caught the end of the drip and sucked them into my mouth. Kara was getting fucked hard, the slapping sound of them fucking were loud and fast, with each thrust Kara let out a cry of pleasure. She said "Oh my god", at least 20 times. grabbed his cock and flat tounged the head making him jump a little. When I took the head into my mouth he moaned and said," Ohhhhh yes!". I pulled the foreskin back and slowly stroked his thick veined cock. I lifted it up and ran my tongue under the length of it, and flicked his balls with just the tip of my tongue. I lightly sucked each ball into my mouth, and swirled my tongue around it, making him moan. I opened my mouth and took his thick cock as far into my mouth as I could, and held it there for a few moments, my nostrils flared to breathe. I reached between my legs and massaged my clit as I make his cock fuck my mouth. His eyes were fixed watching me. Each time I looked up he moaned, so I did it often. My head kept a steady pace on his cock. I removed my hand from my clit, and put it between his balls and found the hard shaft of his cock deep between them. I rubbed it in time with my head on his cock. He grabbed me by the head, and face fucked me deep four of five times, and pushed his cock deep into my throat and held it there making me gag, and I felt his hot cum squirting into the back of my throat. He shook and shuddered as his large belly tightend, and rose up on his toes, while releasing a flood of cum into my throat. he let go of my head and his cock fell out of my mouth. I wanted more.

Kara and her man were done, he was resting sitting next to her on the couch. She was trying to recover, but not moving alot. I stood up and walked over to Kara, "Was that good baby?" I asked her. She just nodded. I look at the guy sitting next to her, His cock was still rock hard, glistening from her juice and his. I bent over at the waist and placed a hand on his knee to steady myself. I took his cock into my mouth. And went down on it tasting his cum and Kara's. He watched as I grabbed it, and sucked his cock, he tightend his buttocks and push a little deeper into my mouth. I went up and down on it a few times and pulled off, "That tasted sooooo good I want more!" I went to Kara and made her sit up, and then pushed her head to the arm of the couch, and made her lie down. I spread her legs and crawled between them, I licked her red stockings on her thighs and went straight to her cum dripping cunt. I licked the cum from her pussy lips as she squeeled, I rose on my knees and the guy started to rub my ass cheeks, I wanted him to know it was ok so I moved my hips to invite him. Kara was holding my head as I scraped my tongue inside her and then would suck the juice from it. I felt the couch move behind me, he was getting into position to enter me. My cunt was so wet from getting ate out and cumming, his cock slid into me easier than normal, but still pushing my tight little hole open. I moaned with a mouthful of Kara's pussy as he was all tjhe way in.

He pumped his cock in me and moaned, "Oh you fuckin whore, augh!" His balls slapped against me with each thrust, I met his thrusts, and his pace picked up. The older guy, finally came over and put his limp cock in front of Kara's face. She reached for it and moved her head over to put him in her mouth. I came so hard I thought I would lose control of myself, I had to stop sucking Kara's cunt and place my face in the wet pool we left on the couch. His cock was now at a fast pace in me, he slapped my ass a few times, which made me cum again. Both his hands on my hips, pulled me back onto him harder with each stroke. Then he went all spaz on me, shaking and talking in Spanish, and jerking around as he dumped his balls into my cunt.

Out of breathe, I collapsed and let my legs flatten on the couch. He stood up and started to pickup his clothes. Kara was still sucking the old mans cock. I wanted him to fuck me. I sat up and laid back on the other end of the couch, I put my knees up and spread them far apart. "Why don't you come here and fuck my little pussy?" I said to him. His cock now hard again, he came over and kneeled between my legs, I titled my hips up, and felt his cock sliding up and down my lips looking for the opening. He found it, and slipped his cock all the way in. His mouth came to mine, I opened my lips as his tongue pushed hard into my mouth, I kissed him back with a fever pitch, I came again as his unshaven face scrapped my chin, I moaned in his mouth and kept moaning with each thrust, and a higher pitch each time. I must have cum ten times during that kiss, fucking and kissing really gets me off hard. He broke our kiss and backed up, looking at my tits bounce with each pump. He then pulled out and half climbed over me, jacking his cock. I knew what he wanted. I pushed both my tits together, so he could cum on them. He beat his cock so fast, I thought he would snap it off. "Here, here, awwwww!" as a shot of cum squirted and hit my face, and the rest on my chest and tits. "Was that good?" I asked him as I sat up. "Si yes very good!" he said as he walked across the room to the pile of clothes on the floor. I looked around, Kara was gone, I thought I heard her go upstairs. The other small man was also gone, he was walking away from the house. "No one will know ok?: he said while putting on his shirt. "No one, I leave here tomorrow night, no one will know but me". He left and I went upstairs to find Kara still dressed like a slut, sleeping on the bed. The cum had run down my stomach and onto my nylon tops. I sat and took off my stockings, I wiped the rest of the cum with them. I put them into my bag, I wanted something to remind me of this when I got home.
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