I met a latino man off the internet, we exchanged pictures and of course what we liked sexually. I told him all I liked and would hope someday to have a gangbang with all latino men. He told me he managed a factory and all workers there were Latino. We discussed the possibilities and came to a agreement. He would have me first and then he would let other men have me. I was sweating at the keyboard just thinking about it. He said he had one of those custom vans with a bed and special lighting in it and I could fuck him and his co-workers in it during the dinner break at the 3rd shift around around 2:30am. He was married and would tell his wife their was a problem at the factory and had to go in.

He was in his late forties, had a pot belly and was clean cut. He was showing my pics to guys at the plant cause he was online in his office. I told him I didn't want and young guys, and he said he would pick out a few I"d like. He wanted me to wear a garterbelt, stockings, no panties, miniskirt and a see thur top. I told him what I could wear and he was excited. We agreed on a place to meet, and he would drive from there to the plant.

I reached the all night diner at 1:30am. I saw his van as he described it, and pulled into the back of the lot. I got out and headed towards his van. I was wearing a black miniskirt with lace sides, red pumps and red nylons with a red lace garterbelt. A red lace blouse with a black bra under. It was pretty windy and my hair kept blowing in my face and sticking to my red lipstick. He said my name and I replied yes and got into the passenger side of the van.

"Wow your for real!, you look hotter than your pictures!" he beemed. "Thanks I hope you like waht you see?", I said as I looked at the bluge in his pants. "Your fantastic! super nice tits too!" he said starting the van. We pulled out and headed to the expressway, "It's about 20 minutes from here", he told me. "You got some sexy legs there", he said glancing at them from time to time. I thought I'd give him a show. "So, you like my legs huh?" I said as I uncrossed them. "Yes very sexy!", he said. I pulled my skirt up to around my hips and placed a foot on the dashboard. He could see all of me, my shaved pussy, and the tops of the nylons. "Whoo baby thats soooo nice!", he said trying to keep his eyes on the road. I stroked my inner thighs to the tops of the stockings and onto the bare skin above them, "Mmmm I get so hot when someone watches me" I purred. I started to finger myself and let out soft moans all the time watching him. I stuck my tongue out and licked the air, "I need some cock in here bad baby!" I said biting my lower lip. "Your going to get all the cock you want! you fucking whore". with that I moaned louder. Just before we got there I had both legs on the dash and had two fingers in my cunt. I already came several times to his delight as I moaned.

We pulled into the factory and drove to one side in the back and parked. He took my hand and led me back to the bed and turned on these little lights that went around the bed. "Take your top and bra off", I did as he asked. "Wow those are the best tits I've ver seen!", he remarked as he leaned to me and sucked each nipple in his hot mouth. I was standing there with my head bent down because of the roof in the van. As he sucked my tits his hands felt my legs from ankel to thigh. This got me extremley hot, I shuddered and moaned out loud. He bent his head down and gave a quick lick at my pussy, which have my juice already on the outside. "Mmmmmm you taste so good baby!" as he lapped my lips like a dog. He twisted me around and pushed me onto the bed, no missing a stroke with his tongue, he continued to eat me out. He fingered my cunt as he licked and swirled his tongue around my clit, I was squeezing my tits and nipples and he sent shockwaves thru my body. He poked at my asshole with his tongue which made me jump with surprise and passion. I had told him how much I loved anal. He slowly slipped a finger in my ass and pumped it. I wiggled for him to go deeper.I came again and again with all this. He stopped and stood up and unzipped his pants and let them fall to the floor. I sat up and wanted to return the favor. I grabbed his hard cock and slipped the dark meat into my mouth looking up at him to see his joy. I sucked the head as hard as I could and released it with a pop sound. He let out a loud moan. I rubbed his balls as I made his cock fuck my mouth, I swirled my tongue around the backside of the head, he couldn't take it any more.

He pushed me back on the bed, my legs still on the floor and held himself up with one hand, and guided his cock with the other. I reached down and helped guide the head between the lips. His cock entered me and forced it to open as it slide deeper. I lifted my legs and brought them up as far as I could so he would be as deep as he could in me. He started to pump my flaming cunt with deep strokes and was slapping his balls against me.He went faster as my moans became louder and longer, I came hard and my body went all spaz, he enjoyed this as he kept the pace and never let up. I was shaking my head back and forth and my nipples I thought would explode as I came again. He stopped and quickly turned me over, I was on my knees, he lifted my so my hips were on the edge of the bed and spread my asscheeks apart. "Go get my purse and get the lube out of it", I said trying to catch my breath. He did and put a large amount on my asshole and slathered his cock with more.

The pressure was great as he pushed his cock into my ass, but it slammed deep as the head got in. He held on to my asscheeks as he fucked my ass. I pushed my hand down to reach my clit and stroked it. I was cumming the whole time he was in me. "You like it don't you, you fucking slut!" he yelled out. "Yes yes" I cried out and the waves of cum washed over me. "Wher you want me to cum bitch!" he asked. "Anywhere you want", I replied. "Your ass? your mouth? your face? cunt!" He pulled out and yelled, "Get your face up here!" I turned and sat on the edge of the bed, I opened my mouth wide as he beat his cock. "Stick your tongue out whore!" he screamed. I stuck my tongue out as far as I could, and mumbled "Cum baby! cum hard for me! shoot your come on my tongue!", A few seconds later his cock dribbled and then shot a stream of cum in my mouth and across my face. He jerked and shook as he wass draining his nuts. He stood there weaving back and forth, I leaned in as licked the cum off his cock and he jerked each time my tongue touched him. He pulled his pants up and went to the drivers seat, "That's the best fuck I've ever had baby! your good, real good, too good for those guys!" I thought about our deal, and was about to say something when he said,"If it's cock you want baby, your now about to get all you want!" He started the van as I got to the front seat, I pulled a wipe out of my purse and cleaned the cum off my face. He pulled into the back by the loading docks, "I'll be right back", he said as he left and went into a door. I pulled out my make-up and reapplied my lipstick, and put on some blush that rubbed off, and sprayed my crotch with purfume.

He came back about ten minutes later, "Here's how it going to go, one guy will come out, you will fuck him, no sucking his cock or anything else, because we would have all that time for that, then he will leave and another will come ok?' he explained. "Sounds good to me", I said. "Ok leave your top off and take off your skirt and go lay on the bed, they will be coming in about 3 minutes". I just got up and took the skirt off and went back to the bed. I heard him say something in spanish to a guy outside and then the side door opened.

I laid down across the bed, my feet on the floor, I sat up on my elbows so I could see who was coming in. It was a thin darkskinned latino man, with grey slicked back hair and a grey mustache, he was wearing a tan uniform. He didn't shut the van door it was wide open, I could feel the night air over my legs and knees. The driver said something to him, he didn't answer back. He started to unbuckel his belt, staring at me. I cupped both my tits and squeezed them, and pulled them up one at a time and flicked my tongue across each nipple that was aready erect. As his pants dropped so did his shorts. With his head bent over because of the ceiling, he opened a rubber and unrolled it on his cock. I wanted so bad to give each guy head, sucking cock gets me so hot! But our agreement was we didn't have time of ass the things I like except for fucking. My pussy was wet from fucking and watching this guy, I spread my legs open and he moved between them. He guided his cock in me and I moved my hips upwards to accept his cock. His cock was thick but not very long. I felt it widen my cunt, and gripped it tight. He put it all the way in and leaned forward to suck my tits, I was getting ready to cum. He smelled of sweat and deorderant, I rolled my hips in circles as he stayed in me. He pumped my pussy slowly, and then lifted up on his hands and increased the speed. I lifted my head so I could watch his dark cock go in and out of me, to see my pussy lips cripping his cock. I was moaning, and he was grunting with each thrust. I noticed the driver was watching us in the rear view mirror on the windshield, that made me cum hard, as I did the grey haired man threw his head back and came. He kept his cock deep in me to unload his balls, after he did, he hung his head and pulled out of me. He left without saying a word.

The next guy stepped into the van, as I rose to see, I saw a group of guys standing by the door, they were watching me get fucked. Now as you know by now, I love to be watched! Just the thought of them watching almost made me cum. This guy was a very large man, at least 300 plus poumds! The van rocked as he climbed in. He dropped his pants and I saw his short cock poking out between his massive thighs. I spred my legs wide and lifted them straight into the air. He pushed between my legs, and pressed his weight against me, he couldn't get close enough to enter me. I grabbed behind my knees and pulled my legs up so my knees were in my face. As he pushed on me, I couldn't breath, his cock was barely in me. I had my tits mashed and couldn't breath. I pushed his head back and told him to get off, he did. I stood up and and pointed to the bed, "you lay down", I told him. The driver told him in spanish, and he did so. I climbed up on top of him, and straddled his huge thighs, I couldn't get to his cock. His large stomach was in the way. I pushed forward and he lifted his stomach up, I went between my legs and grabbed his cock, and rubbed it up and down my wet lips, and finally into me. When it was all the way in I pumped him. I got about two minutes of pumping and he came, it squirted just on the inside just pass the lips. The hot cum made me shiver. As I threw my leg over him, his cum dripped out onto his thighs.

I went to pull up my stockings, the garters had pulled so hard that they had runs in them. The men outside got a great look at my ass as I bent over my ass facing them. I heard them making coments like "Oooooo momie!" I went back and sat on the edge of the bed upright. The next guy was a short little thin man, he smiled at me showing a big grin of white teeth. He had alot of facial hair that was not kept very well and a scar on his forehead. His black hair was short almost shaved. I started to lay back on the bed when he said,"No no, I want it doggie!", sweet I thought, I love it that way. I leaned forward and got on my knees and backed my ass out towards him. I heard his pants drop, and then his hand slide across my ass several times. Ifelt his cock being wiggled to get in me. And he plunged it in and hit bottom! His cock was big! not around but long. With each jab I felt like he was going to be in my throat! The pain also was passion, I waited for it, I broke out in a sweat with each stroke. He grabbed my hips and pushed even further deep into me. My pussy and stomach muscles started to get all spazzy. I came again and again, harder and longer each time. I let out cries and moans as he hit the bottom time and time again. My mouth was dry for all the air going through it, my tits shook from his pounding my cunt. He pulled it out, and then rammed it back in, he did this several times, each time I cried out with pleasure. I wanted this guy to fuck me forever! "Awww bitch, you fucking bitch! he said as he pounded away. I wanted to talk back but our agreement was hold the noise down incase any other workers were around or nearby. I came the hardest I ever came, I don't remember if I passed out or what, but I remember it was sooooooo fuckin good! He jerked and banged me real hard and came inside of me which I felt and came too. He pulled out and asked me my name and number, the driver told him no! I collapsed on the bed and rolled over on my back. My mind was somewhere other than here. I felt my legs being pushed apart, I didn't even move, I couldn't. My eyes were closed as a cock slipped into my cum filled pussy.

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