Physics Lesson - 1

I?m 16 years old about 6'0 and 160 lbs going to high school. I walked into my
physics class the first day of school. People standing around talking to each
other. There was really young looking girl standing near a table in front of the
classroom. Then the bell rang and everyone found a seat. The young girl
standing in front on the classroom was my new physics teacher. She said her
name was Mrs. Young. She was about 5'3, 100 lbs with straight blond hair. She
said she was 22 years old and it was her first year teaching. She had just
graduated from college and this was her first full time job. She had a really nice
body and I could see that she kept herself in shape. She was a full 34 C with
pretty light blue eyes. She was the hottest teacher I have ever had. As the year
went on we started to get to know her more. She was not very bright as a
teacher and was not doing a good job teaching physics. I?m a straight A student
and really good a physics. I started helping the other kids in class and pretty
soon everyone started to come to me for help. As the year went on more and
more kids started to come to me for help and totally started undermining her

One day she told me to stay after class. I did what she said and waited for
everyone to leave. Then she came up to me and said " Alex I know that u are
really smart and that u know a lot about physics, but that is not reason to
undermind what I?m trying to do here." Then she said it was really hard for her to
get use to this job because of people like me. People who think they know
everything and never listen to the teacher. I said " oK Mrs. Young ill trying not to
do that anymore". Then she slowly walked up to me and look at me and said " U
know Alex I really like guys to are smart and who like to be in control". You look
like one of those guys to always has to have things done his way. I said yes I?m
somewhat of a control freak. And we started talking about all kinds of different
stuff. I dont know how we ended up on the topic but she said that she had been
married for about 2 years now and that her husband was her first and that her
sex life is really boring. She started to talk to me about how boring it is to go
home and have your husband do the same boring things in bed night after night.
And I was telling her all the experience I have had with women and that how
good I was in bed. I could see her really getting into the conversation.

She was intrigued by all the stuff I had done with girls. She said that she had
never even had her pussy licked by a man or even given a blowjob. I walk up to
her near her table and go really close to her and whispered in her ear " do u
wanna know what it feels like". " what ???" she said. " how it feels to have a
warm tongue between her legs". She got really shy and said " I... . I .... dont
know" Then I said relax and all u gatta do is sit back and enjoy the show. I went
and locked the door to the room. I walk up close to her and picked her up and
put her up on her table. I slowly started kissing her ear lobe and worked my way
to her mouth. I could feel that she was really tense. I slowly started to move my
tongue around in her month and in about a couple of minutes I could feel her
loosening up. She started to move her tongue around in my mouth. Then I slowly
reached down and pulled her shirt up over her and threw it on the floor. And then
I undid her bra. I worked my way down to her neck licking it and slowly moved
down to her breasts. I started to do circles around her nipples with my tongue.
She started to breath heavy and I could hear her mooning and making some of
the sexiest noises I have ever heard. I slowly moved down her stomach, licking
my way down towards her skirt. Then I stooped and undid her skirt and pulled it

She was were a black thong. I started to lick the inside of her knee and slowed
worked my way up toward her pussy. She was getting really wet from just the
anticipation of getting her pussy licked for the first time. I started kissing her right
where her pussy was connected to her thigh. Then I slowly moved my way
around the pussy lips without touching them with my tongue. She sounded like
she was about to have an orgasm just from the anticipation. She started to run
her hands through my hair. And started pulling on it to make to get to her pussy. I
took my fingers and opened up her pussy and started running my tongue up and
down her whole pussy. She was mooning with pleasure. I could feel her legs
trembling and I started to massage her clit with my tongue. That was all she
could take and started to scream " Ohhhh yesssss i'm cuming Yesss keep
going". I keep going right through her first orgasm. Licking her pussy juice as I
went along. I put two of my fingers inside and pussy and started to massage her
G" spot. She started screaming saying " Ohhhhh that feels goods". And I started
licking her clit as I was massaging her G spot. And within a few seconds my
mouth was filled with her pussy juice. I stopped there and went up to her face
and give a long kiss. The thought of her licking her own pussy juice off my
tongue make me really horny.

I whispered in her ear " You got your, now its time for me to get mine." She said "
But i"v never done this before, but its only fair." " U did show me the time of my
life". She got of the table and pushed me into her chair. Then she started to
unzip my pants. Just looking at her pretty face I was getting really horny. My cock
started to bulge in my pants. She could see the massive size of my cock. She
then pulled my pants down and then drooped my boxers onto the floor. She was
completely shocked by the size of my cock. She said that?s the biggest thing she
had ever seen. It was about nine and a half inches long and really thick. She
looked up with those pretty blue eyes and said " I dont think I can do this". But
then she looked into my eyes and while staring deep into my eyes slowly started
licking the head of my cock. I got so hot staring into her eyes and the warm feel
of her tongue on my cock head I was about to explode. But I tried to hold it in.
She slowly started to lick up and down my shaft. Then she grabbed my balls into
her hand and put her mouth on my dick. She could only take about 4 inches into
her mouth. She put two hands around my dick and started making a rhythm with
her mouth and hands moving together. I could only take a few minutes of her
thrusting her mouth on my dick and I exploded in her mouth. She took 4 or 5
squirts of my hot sperm into her mouth. And then sucked my cock dry till it went
limp. We cleaned up and she thanked me for showing her the time of her life.
Physics class was never the same after that. As the year went on we moved on
to bigger and better things like anal, threesomes and a lot more.

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