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my first time with my dad.
Daddy and I part 2

OK let me continue: Dad and I locked in a deep passionate kiss; I had a very warm feeling come over me as we kissed. It was strange, as I had kissed many of boys before but never did I have this feeling before; it was as I was heating up from the inside out. I swear I could hear and feel my heart pounding as dad broke our kiss and just cuddled me tightly against his chest.

I nibbled and ran my tongue on his ear as he embraced me, having those big arms around me just felt so good most guys I had been with before never took the time to hold you after wards. Dad pulled me up a little higher and I felt that cock I had just made cum start to come back to life I whispered into his ear,
"Please fuck me please daddy."

Dad kind of rolled me off his lap and laid me back onto the couch he stared down at me with those sparkling eyes of his as I lay there he reached up and untied my robe pulling it open to find me naked under it. Daddy smiled and said with a laugh, "Your a naughty little girl."

I just lay there looking up at him. Dad stood up and removed his tank top MMmmmmm dad's chest is just so hot, muscular but not grossly or anything I took my eyes and kind of followed down his body as he removed his jogging pants. It was summer so dad had a better good tan from fishing and working outside.

His tan made his chest even better, dad seen me looking so he turned and flexed those man boobs lol (for the life of me I can't think what those muscles are called lol) I remember growing up and watching him shave he would do the same to me in the morning. His six-pack was still there just not as defined but still nice as my eyes were fixed on him undressing.

Dad turns away from me as he pulled his jogging pants down. Such an cute butt he has other than it was not tanned and looked out of place on his tanned body. Dad removed his pants then turned to face me standing there with his cock fully hard, those balls hanging a little not as much as when I had them in my hand. I just lay there naked on my robe on the couch not saying anything dad knelt down and kissed me for a min then walked away.

I thought he was leaving me but then I felt his hands touch my foot, which he brought up to his face, and he started to kiss the bottom of my foot. He then caressed the bottom of my foot while he kissed each of my toes. Dad always gave the best foot massage but never had he used his mouth and tongue on my foot before. I couldn't believe how it felt MMmmmmm I started to rub my pussy as he sucked on my big toe then he went to the second toe.

Dad sucked on each of my toes it kind of made me smile not only the feeling of it but it reminded me of him playing “This little Piggy” when he massaged my feet when a kid. Dad raised my foot into the air and slowly kissed and licked around my ankle slowly working his way up my leg. He playfully bit me on my calf as he ran that tongue up the back section of my leg. When his tongue hit behind my knee and he started to use it to tickle me back there that flush feeling came over me and I just left out a slight moan.

Dad continues to slowly work his tongue up to the back of my thigh. He continued to run his tongue in little circles to the top of my thigh. Dad's tongue went near the inside of my thigh and I parted my legs a little. He took that tongue and ran it in little circles all over the very inside of my thigh. His tongue almost touched my pussy but not quite. Dad pulled my leg a part from my other and seen that I was rubbing my clit as he was licking my thigh.

Dad looked down on me and asked, “ Do you want my cock?"

I replied between deep breaths, "yes please, please fuck me."

Dad replied, "Not yet I haven't made you squirm." as he went back to licking my thigh.

Squirm hell I was almost flopping around like a fish out of water now from his tongue running up my leg. Dad rather scooped me up and put me into the corner on the couch as he did he say, "Now you just lay back there and enjoy this princess."

A warm feeling rushed over me as he called me princess like he used to do, when I was younger. Dad pulled my legs apart and he went to the insides of my thigh and started to use his tongue there. The feeling of his wet tongue on the very insides of my thigh was just such an incredible feeling, he kind of took his tongue in little circles all around the inside of my thigh stopping only to kiss me on my thigh and lightly suckle me there. MMmmmmmm just thinking about it drives me wild.

Dad slowly worked my thigh over with his tongue slowly making his way to my pussy. By the time, he got that tongue near my pussy I was squirming as he said I would be. I felt his tongue running up to my pussy lip I felt the tongue bump my clit a couple time as her worked his tongue threw my pussy hair, I felt his nose on my pussy hair as he took my clit into his mouth. I moaned loudly when he took his tongue and rolled it around my clit and sucked on it with his tongue. Then I felt his tongue leave my clit and he started to work my other pussy lip with his tongue and mouth.

Dad used his tongue on the right side of my pussy just as he did to the left. Dad put his hands up on my thighs and kind of pushed me back while spreading my legs at the same time. His face went to my pussy and he started lapping at my pussy, his tongue ran deep into my pussy as he did Dad used that tongue on the inside of my pussy just like he did on the out side.

I was moaning loudly as he lapped at my pussy. I reached down and took his head in both my hands as he start to move his face side ways on my pussy while his tongue was in my hole.
I felt him raise his face up a little and that tongue once again hit my clit where he flicked his tongue across madly. I could feel an orgasm coming as his tongue beat against my clit.

I then felt him stick two fingers into my pussy I heard daddy say, "Give me your juices Missy let me taste just how sweet you are."

I felt his fingers tapping against something up in my pussy and a strange feeling came over me I just kind of went limp as he fingered my pussy and flicked that tongue across my clit. I had never felt anything like this when all of a sudden it felt as if I was going to pee I yelled out or more likely moaned out, "Dad I have to pee!"

However, dad just buried his face and fingers deeper in my pussy. I tried to stop this feeling coming over me but was it just felt so good and strong so I just went with it as I felt my eyes roll back up into my head, my thighs started to shake and my head was going from side to side just like I had seen mom's head do before.

I moaned loudly screaming, "oh John oh John."

I had never had so strong and as long orgasm in my life, I just went totally limp on the couch. I seemed to have been off on another plane or world, slowly I regained some control I opened my eyes to see dad removing his face from my pussy. His face was all wet and shiny with droplets running down his face, it kind of reminder me of a wet glazed donut.

When I saw his face, I sheepishly said, "Sorry about that Dad."

His reply to me as he ran his tongue around his lips, "Damn princess you taste good. "

Dad slipped up to me my juices all over his face. I took his face into my hands and pulled him toward my lips and once again, we locked into a passionate deep kiss. Dad was right about me squirming he had me flopping around on that couch as he ate my pussy. Found out later that the feeling was I having multi-orgasm and the wet what can I say I am an squirter just like my Mom?

I had never had any guy use his tongue as he did on me like that before. Dad says you have to practice, practice, and practice to learn it. Ladies have the guy start by using his tongue on the very insides of your thigh, tell them to trace their A, B, C 's there and practice, practice, practice.

Also, see if you or him can roll your tongue up on each side kind of making a straw out of it. It is a sure sign that you can eat pussy so good. It has some thing to do with a gene in your body. Some have it and can roll their tongues some cannot. I can roll mine, dad can roll his so very good, but mom she just could not.

Dad scooped me up off the couch into those lovely big arms of his and I kissed him passionately on his lips tasting my juices that were still on his face. The smell of sex was all over his face as he carried me down the hallway toward the bedrooms.

I broke our kiss long enough to say to him " Dad will you make love to me in your bedroom?"

I had watched much hot love making in their bedroom when younger and I now wanted it to be where he did me. I did not give him time to reply as my mouth went right back onto to his and I drove my tongue deep into his mouth French kissing him as we entered the bedroom.

Dad just kind of tossed me onto the bed and climb up on top of me I thought he was just going to shove that lovely cock into me but I was wrong. Dad's hard cock was laying against my leg as I felt his mouth and tongue go to one of my tits, his mouth engulfed my breast as I first felt his tongue on my nipple then I felt him start to suckle on my tit. As he sucked on my tits, I felt his hand touch and start to rub my whole pussy with the palm of his hand,

I was so wet from his oral on me my pussy would make a sucking sound as he dipped a finger or two into it every now and then. I ran my hands and fingers threw his hair on as he kissed and licked my tits. I start to kind of buck up against his hand as he rubbed and fingered fucked my pussy.

I thought maybe he would take the hint and give me that cock I have wanted for so long but he did not. So I just rather moaned out, "Fuck me dad" “Please give me your cock," "Please," I got out as another orgasm passed threw my body.

I felt him move between my legs, which I spread widely for him. I felt him touch my outer lips of my pussy with his cock at last I am taking daddy's cock. He pushed forward giving me just the head of his cock, it felt so wonderful as he slipped that cock into my pussy. My mind raced with visions of all the times I had watch it enter my mom. Dad started to feed my pussy his cock just slow in and out strokes just teasing me with his cock head. I took my hands, put one on each side of his butt cheeks, and tried my hardest to force more of the cock into my pussy.

I hooked my legs on the back of his thighs and tried bucking my hips up on his cock to get more of it but still he just teased me with his cock.

"Damn you fuck me,” I screamed at him as I bucked forward and this time he pushed that lovely big cock of his all the way into my pussy.

Dad buried it as deep as it would go while I raised my hips to meet that lovely cock with my pussy. Dad slowly started to fuck my pussy with his cock it felt even better than I had dreamed about. Dad builds up to a good steady pace which I match pulling his butt toward my up rising pussy feeling that cock in my wet pussy. Dad lips pressed against mine as we kissed while he fucked me. I unlocked my legs around his thighs to give him a little more room to fuck me. My body tingled from head to each time I felt his cock going in and out.

Dad hooked both his legs over mine pulling them together and started to fuck me a whole lot harder. It felt so good him squeezing his legs against mine Dad had the bed rocking by now. I put my arms around his shoulders and somewhat just hung on while he rode me that way.

I told him, "Daddy your cock feels so good in my pussy." I told him, " I never imagined it would feel this good."

Daddy pulled up off me a little as he did he said "You haven't felt anything yet princess," after saying that daddy pulled his cock out of my pussy and in what seemed like one fluid motion scooped up both my legs up and placed them onto his shoulders.

I just laid back and gave him my puppy dog look telling him "Fuck me Dad." was all I got out as dad started to slam his cock deep and hard into my pussy while my legs were on his shoulders.

Daddy's cock was driving deep and hard into my pussy, I just laid there taking the best deep hard fucking I had ever had. I swear I could feel his cock bumping my cervix every now and then as his cock bottomed out in my pussy.

Daddy started to moan my name " Missy " as he kept pounding his cock into my pussy.
When I heard him, calling my name another surge of warm feeling came over me. I bit my lip as I felt one of those long wet orgasm starts it is way threw my body. I was flush and warmth filled my body from head to toe as I felt my pussy kind of flutter on his cock. I knew I was giving daddy my pussy juices once again only this time all over his cock. Dad did not stop a beat when my wetness flooded his cock and the bed sheet; he just kept banging that cock of his in and out of my pussy.

I felt his cock start to swell and throb and I screamed "Cum in me" "Please give me your cum" and I felt daddy's cock and him go tense.

Dad moaned "Missy" as I felt the first jet of his cum spewing from his cock. Dad kept fucking me as his cock pumped its load into my pussy. He slowed and buried his cock deep down in my pussy and I felt the last of his cum filling my pussy. I threw my arms once again around his neck and we passionately kissed as I felt his cock go soft as it slipped from my pussy.

My pussy rather gave a little burp and I could feel his cum and my juices flowing down toward my butt hole. My whole body was shaking as I started to come back down to earth from just taking the fuck of my life. I broke our kiss and I could not help myself I started to cry and sob.

Dad released my legs from his shoulders and kind of jumped off my body and with a worried look on his face; he asked, "What's wrong princess I didn't hurt you did I? "

Between my sobs, I was able to say "No daddy that was just the best fuck I ever had " and I added, "My tears are tears of joy." I sobbed a little more then I told him "Thank you daddy I had wanted that for so many years."

Dad lie down next to me and pulled me toward him my back pressed against his chest, those heavy arms pulled me tighter against his body as he cuddled me. Daddy would kiss the back of my head every now and then saying, "its OK princess daddy is here" and " Daddy loves you."

I sobbed back the best I could "I love you too Daddy."

That day 20, some years ago will always be so special in my heart and mind.

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can I say making love to you daughter is so sweet and beeter when her mom knows

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