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My wife was having fun with a girlfriend so I joined in
My wife’s Friend,

My wife has had a friend for quite a few years now named Jessie. They met way before she and I even began talking to each other. After a while into our marriage we began talking about possibly having a threesome. It would come up and simmer down after a while until one day my wife really sparked my interest with Jessie. See, Jessie has some very big tits. My wife knows my fascination with large breasts and one evening after I had gone to bed, I received a picture mail from my wife’s phone. After wondering why she sent me a pic when she was in the other room I opened it to find she had taken a picture of Jessie’s Beautiful jugs exposed with no bra. Come to find out she wears an E-sized bra. I got an instant erection and my mind began to wonder…Threesome? I brought the Idea to my wife expecting some sort of protest but not what I got. My wife then confided in me that she had already slept with her when they were younger and that Jessie was Bi. After her bringing it up to Jessie she said she had a problem with it because she felt uncomfortable doing it because of me. It wasn’t me personally she had a problem with it was just that she hadn’t been with a man in so long cause she had been seeing women. My wife asked me if I had a problem with her sleeping with her and through in that she would video tape it for me. I found this to be exciting as hell thinking about her doing it with another woman. I agreed and we waited for the right time. One night when we knew that Jessie was coming over I set up the computer in the bedroom and aimed the webcam at the end of the bed. When Jessie came over I pretended to get a phone call from a buddy to play pool. As I left them on the couch watching TV, I went to the bedroom put the camera on motion activation and turned off the monitor. I left the house and drove up the street and parked. Ten minutes later walked back and quietly entered the house. To no surprise found the living room empty. I sat down on the couch and began to wonder if they were actually doing anything in the bedroom or not when all of a sudden I heard my wife begin to start moaning. I leaned over and looked towards the bedroom and noticed that the door was hanging open just a crack. I couldn’t help myself I got up from the couch and went to the door. As a peered around the corner of the door I could see them in a 69 with my wife on bottom facing the door. She couldn’t see me however cause of Jessie’s thigh on the side of her head. As I watched the two eagerly licking away at each others pussy, I dropped my pants and began to jack-off at the beautiful sight. This lasted for about ten mins till Jessie slowed her licking and began screaming from the pleasure that my wife was giving her. After her orgasm subsided she began to switch position, I stepped back but kept an eye on her as she sat up and her beautiful tits just swayed with her. She got up off the bed turned around and got on top of my wife. As they began to kiss passionately Jessie reached down and slid two fingers up in my wife’s cunt. She leaned back to where she was on her knees and began to suck on my Wife’s tits at the same time. I had never seen a more beautiful pussy other than my wife’s, shaven and perfect lips that puffed out slowly around her precious hole. She began rocking in to my wife with the rhythm of her fingers. My wife pulled her up to kiss her and reached her hand in between her legs and slid a finger into her wet snatch. As she was finger-fucking her friend I noticed she was in a perfect doggy-style position, my mind racing I didn’t take the time to think and quietly entered the room. Still out of view of my wife and Jessie I took stance behind her and waited. After Jessie had climaxed, my wife pulled out her finger and began to lower it out from between her legs, I stepped forward and quickly jammed my Cock in her pussy. I don’t know if it was surprise or pleasure but she screamed very loudly and began to try and pull forward to get me out of her. I grabbed her hips and held her still as I pulled almost all the way out and jammed it back in again, the scream she made that time was pleasure. I looked over her shoulder to see my wife’s reaction and was surprised to see she was holding Jessie still against me by her shoulders and was sucking on her Giant tits. I began steadily rocking back in forth into her and listened closely to all her moans of pleasure she was feeling. After a while of this I felt my wife release Jessie’s shoulders and reach around to feel me filling her friend with cock, She then moved her hand down and began squeezing and flicking Jessie’s clit. I felt Jessie’s pussy began to squeeze around my dick telling me that she was about to cum, which was a good thing cause I had had just about as much as I could take. I was ready to pull out and shower them both in cum. I began thrusting in faster and deeper, her breathing quickened and she was unable to scream anymore. She caught her breath and Began to scream as she came, I went to pull out and spray them when all of a sudden she collapsed her legs and fell on my wife and dug her heals into my back and held me in. After realizing I wasn’t getting out to cum I jammed as deep in her pussy as I could and erupted a geyser of cum into her. We all rested a moment and caught our breaths before I removed my cock from her and she got off my wife. We all agreed that this was the best sex ever and that we should clearly do it more often. Apparently not wanting to wait for another time, I watched as my wife leaned down and began eating my cum out of the leaking pussy thus giving me the perfect angle for my wife’s pussy as my erection began to grow once again...

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2010-12-13 20:26:30
Use paragraphs, makes it more readable.

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2010-12-13 12:01:00
Pretty good but too short. you should have gotten yourself in the position of having one pussy at your mouth and your cock in the other one

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