Two young teenagers are kidnapped, forced to have sex on each other and raped by their captors and tortured. this is the first two chapters
The Kidnapping, rape, and keeping as pets of Jenny and I
Chapter I

It is our second weekend from school, since we started back to school after our summer break two weeks ago. My girlfriend and I are planning to go to the movies. My girlfriend Jenny and I have been going out since last school year. We’re both are in the 8th grade and have several classes together this semester. Jenny has blonde hair, blue eyes, and is also a cheerleader for our school. She is only 14 and is 5’4’. We are walking in the park little did we know that we are being watched. “How is cheerleading practice going?” I asked her.
“They are coming along quite nicely,” she answered. “What classes are you taking this semester?”
“English II with you, Biology 1 with you too, computer class with you, and a survival course,” I answered. “What about you other then what we’re taking together?”
“I’m taking Band and Sociology.” All of a sudden something hit me in the neck and I blacked out. I awoke bound in some sort of vehicle that I assume could only be a van with its double doors in the rear. I noticed that Jenny is tied up next to me, I nudged her with my shoulder and she woke up. We looked into each other's eyes. “Where are we?”
“I don’t know,” I replied.
“Do you know what these people might do to us?”
“No, I do not know, but I don’t think it well be anything nice.” The vehicle stops. “I guess we reached our destination.” The back doors open and two hooded men enter the vehicle. I could see that the sun was up but I had no idea what time it was. They pick us up and placed us over their shoulder and carried us into a building. They sit us down onto a couch and another hooded figure was sitting in front of us. He turns to the two other figures and says.
“Undress them.” The other two figures come at us with knives. They held their knives close to our faces, the point of the knife resting inches from our eyes. We cowered from them. They cut off our clothes and threw them onto the fire. Jenny brings her legs together to hide her pussy from these people, but one of the figures comes up to her and moved her legs out of the way so he could see her vagina. She tried to cover her vagina again.
“Keep your legs spread and give me access to your pussy.” He sticks a finger into her pussy and removes it and then placed it into his mouth.
“She’s all wet can we fuck her now.”
“No, let’s wait until tomorrow to give our guest time to settle in,” the figure I guessed to be the boss tells the others and us. The same man that placed his finger into her vagina started to feel her legs. His hand reached out and touched her on the knee. Jenny tried to move from his hand. She froze as the big hand began to grasp her leg, moving up and down her leg. Her muscles in her legs tightened up in fear as the hand began to move between her legs, moving toward her pussy again. "Relax your legs and let them open up". Tears began to fall from her eyes, as she submitted to the fondling of her legs. His hand moved higher, towards her pussy. She cringed when his hand reached her virgin pussy and began to rub it. "Keep your legs open” and he began to feel her pussy. I had to watch helplessly as they touched her. He could feel her pussy lips and one finger began to separate them and move between. His hand became wet from the stimulation. She closes her eyes waiting for him to take her virginity. "Open your eyes bitch and look at me", he commanded. Jenny opened her eyes and felt the humiliation as she saw his eyes staring at her naked breasts and her nipples. This was the first time anyone had seen her naked breasts and she was being forced to do it. “You have very beautiful breast.” Her nipples were large and because of the fear, began to become erect. She saw his hand reach out and it felt like slow motion as they moved toward her naked breasts. She knew they would soon be touching her. His fingers lightly touched her nipples and they became instantly erect from the stimulation. His hand now completely encircled both of her breasts and began to squeeze them.
"You have very firm breasts. Your nipples are extremely sensitive to touch. Watch as I grab the nipple", he said. He grabbed each nipple between two fingers and began to pinch them.
"Not so hard, that hurts", she cried.
"You can take a little pain, watch as I pinch the nipples", his fingers grasping each nipple harder and began to twist and pull them.
"OOOOWWW", moaned Jenny, pushing her breasts out, trying to relieve some of the pain from the fingers, "that hurts so much". His hand slapped her right breast hard. "OOOOWWW, don't hit them, that hurts", begged Jenny. He slaps the other one.
"One more for each, push them out" and his hand again smacked her right breast, this time hitting her nipple. A quick slap to her left nipple and he stopped.
"No more, please", Jenny cried. Her erect nipples were sticking out over one inch. He reached out with both of his hands and flicked his fingers over her nipples, eliciting a gasp from Jenny as her nipples were abused.
“Leave her alone!” he turned towards me.
“You have a big mouth just like your girlfriend’s don’t worry we’ll teach you both how to properly use It.” he says laughing. Jenny looked at me she saw that my dick was hard she was surprise that it wasn’t that big it’s on 3 inches long. She pretended not to see it, but I know she saw it like I saw her beautiful shave twat.
“Enough they have questions especially the bitch.”
“Who are you?” Jenny asked the figure who told the other figure to undress them.
“Where are my manners I think introductions are in order,” he says with a grin on his face. “My name is Derik. The two behind you are Fred and Daren.” Another person enters the house. “And this is my brother Dick. We all know who you are.”
“How do you know us?”
“We’ve been watching you for some time and I’m your English teacher at the middle school.
“I thought I recognized your voice. Why are you doing this? What do you want from us?” I demanded from them. Derik did not answer. He finally answered.
“We want you to suffer.”
“If you want ransoms you must know that nether of our families have the money to pay you,” Jenny tells them.
“We’re not doing this for money,” one of the figures tells us. Jenny and I looked at one another.
“What are you going to do to us,” Jenny asked. I leaned close to her ear and whispered.
“Jenny, I think is obvious by now they plan to rape us,” I tell her.
“Oh, not only that, but force the two of you to have sex with one another and we’re going to torture you.
“You want get away with this,” I hear Jenny tell them. Derik comes up to her and slaps her across the face causing her to fall of the couch. Daren helped her back onto her feet and slapping her on the ass in the process.
“Yes we will, because no one knows where you are and the nearest town is a hundred miles away,” Derik answers. “Take them to their new home.” We were led outside to look like an old house that they built just for us. I kept glancing at Jenny’s breast. On my knowledge of female breast I say that she has a 34c breast. Fred unlocked the door to the building. We are escorted inside by Fred and Daren.
The building that they are holding us in is just a shed, which has been cleared out of anything that could be used as a tool or a weapon. I noticed that the floor is concrete and there are no windows in the building. There’s a king size mattress in the left corner just as you walk into the shed with blankets, two pillow, and a sheet on top. I noticed that there’s no place to use the restroom and so did Jenny, but we didn’t say anything afraid they might hit us. They placed a locking dog collars on both of us painfully, then they placed a chain onto the collar and locked it too so we wouldn’t be able to free ourselves then once that was done they removed the handcuffs. They leave and locked the door behind them. I see light coming in thru what looked like a sheet in the back of the shed, therefore I go up to it and pulled it back and I see a fence in area behind it with two oak trees therefore I figure this is where we use the bathroom at. I come up to her; I can hear her crying she has her hands over her face. “Jenny,” I say approaching her. She removes her hands from her face. She comes towards me.
“This is your fault you plan this from the moment you started dating me!” she tells me sobbing but angry at the same time. I come closer to her she backed up until she couldn’t go any more. She thought I was going to punch her.
“Jenny, why do you say such a thing when you know it isn’t true, I was as surprise as you,” I answered.
“I’ve seen the way you looked at me, when they undressed us and how you’re looking at me right now! You want to fuck me don’t you and you’ll do it anyway you can you pervert!”
“Jenny, I will not lie to you yes I want to fuck you but I would never force you to do something you don’t want to do. You do have a hot young body for your age. I know a lot of guys who would love to be dating you. I fear that we’ll be forced to have sex with each other real soon and there want be anything we can do to stop them.” I placed my arms around her and kissed her on the neck. I can see the tears in her eyes. She cried into my shoulder. “Listen to me, I love you and I would never harm you.”
“Heath, will we ever get out of here?” She asked sobbing.
“I don’t know but we must not give up hope and trust in God to get us out of here,” I tell her.
“I’m sorry that I accused you of being responsible for this, but I’m scared and afraid what they may do to our families or us if we don’t cooperate.”
“I’m scared too and I afraid of the same thing too,” I answered. “Now let’s see what there is in here.” We start to look around the shed. We found several storage boxes.
“Heath, come here,” Jenny calls. I go over to her; she opens one of the storage boxes up and inside is dido, vibrator, magazines, and videos. The other storage box had water bottles that are still in their 12-pack along with several gallons of water in milk jugs.
Meanwhile back up at the house Derik is watching the shed from his upstairs bedroom. A person enters the room. “Derik, what do you plan to do to them?”
“You should know better than to ask me that Sherry, I plan to make them work, and rape them like a sex slave,” he answered.
“They’re only children,” she tells him. “What are you going to do after you finish with them?”
“Nothing they are going to remain with us Sherry as our children.”
“Why are you doing this?”
“I want children Sherry but you can’t have any.”
“So you kidnap two children that you set your evil eyes on. I want be part of this madness. This isn’t the way to get kids we could have adopted.”
“What are you plan to do go to the police, you already know that if you go to the police then you will doom them and yourself to death.” She nods her head in agreement. Sherry has brown hair, and green eyes, and she was Derik’s and his brothers’ first slave until Derik married her. “Why don’t you take our guest their supper?” She heads down into the kitchen and grabbed two paper plates filled with food to take to the two teenagers in the shed.
Jenny and I sat down on the bed. I see her trying to cover her beautiful body with a blanket. I ling over to her and put my arms around her shoulders, she lays her head onto my shoulder and we kissed. I reached up and fumbled with her breast, I was surprised she did not try to stop me. She didn’t know why but she pushes me down onto the bed and gets on top of me the blanket fell away from her. She started to kiss me and I returned the kiss. I rubbed my hand in semicircles on her ass. I spread my legs so she could get in between them and she grabs hold of my cock and placed it into her mouth and began sucking on it like a lolly pop. “I thought you weren’t ready for sex yet?” I asked her. “Where did u learn from that.”
“ I saw it on a porno movie my brother had,” she answered. “I’m not ready for us to fuck each other yet, but I think this oral sex may help get our minds off what happened to us last night,” she replies and continued to suck until I cum into her mouth, but she swallow every drop. She didn't suck a cock bad. “Now it’s your turn.” She lies down and spread her legs so I could get access to her young clean shaven pussy. I pushed my face towards her pussy. I started licking it and kissing it. Damn did it taste so good! “MMHMMMMM!!!! MMMMMM!!!!” I pulled aside the lips of her pussy and started kissing and licking. I inserted two fingers into her pussy. It took me a while because the pussy was really tight. I heard her squirm when I shoved the fingers in and out and sucked on her clit at the same time. I increased the speed with which I was fingering her and sucking on her pussy. I started sucking harder and harder on her delicate clit. She ejaculated all over my hand and faced. I licked around my mouth and my hand clean of her fluids and sucked her pussy dry. Her breathing had gotten really fast. “I’ve never had an organism like this before.” She kissed me and tasted her own cum in her mouth. I covered her young breast with my hands as I watched the emotions that showed on her face. I started to pinch her breasts between my thumbs and fingers I rolled and squeezed them and was rewarded with a moan from Jenny. I noticed her nipples are hard from my touch and from licking her clit.
“You do have beautiful breast Jen,” I tell her. My dick was hard and I really wanted to just stick it into her virgin pussy right now and fuck her until I was satisfied but I would never to that to her. Jen sees my dick.
“Here let me help you,” she says to me. “I never suck a guy’s penis before until just a few minutes ago.” The next thing I knew Jenny got on her knees again and started sucking on my dick again I didn't last long because once again I shot my load into her mouth and she swallowed it. We heard the door being unlocked; therefore we hurried to get underneath some covers. The door opens and Daren and a female entered.
“You don’t have to cover yourself we have already seen your nude bodies from all the cameras in here,” Daren tells us.
“Daren will you please go wait outside,” the female that came in with him tells him. He leaves. She placed two plate’s f or us onto the bed.
“Who are you?”
“Sherry I’m Derik’s wife,” she answered. She comes over to us. “I just want to let you know that I had no part in your kidnapping and what they plan to do to you. I told my husband he shouldn’t be doing this.”
“Why don’t you go to the police?” I asked her.
“If I should go to the police, then my husband would kill both of you before the police could even get here, and then he will come for me,” she replies. “Good night and I hope you enjoy your evening meal.” She starts to leave, but before she goes out of the door. “One more thing, I suggest you get some rest because tomorrow and the rest of the week they’re going to make your life really hard.” She leaves and Daren locks the door behind her. We both ate the food, and went out back one at a time to use the bathroom. We lay down on the bed and Jenny snuggles up to me for comfort and security and we fell to sleep.

Chapter Two
Week One

I awoke up early on Monday morning I looked down at Jenny laying down on her back exposing her beautiful tits; I kissed her on the lips. I went outside to take a shit. Once I came back inside I laid back down next to her. The door suddenly open and two men entered the shed. They grabbed both of us and dragged us to our feet. Jenny was still half asleep; one of the hooded men hit her in the stomach with a baton. She falls to the ground grabbing her stomach and she started breathing heavy trying to catch her breath. I punched the guy that hit her right in the face, but another one shot me with a teaser and I fall to the ground shaking violently, then they jumped onto me and forced my hands behind my back and cuffed them and they also cuffed Jenny’s. They take us back to the house. Once we are inside, they take us upstairs to a bedroom, where two more people are waiting for us and one of them has a video camera. We see a mattress lying on the floor with a sheet over top of it and a coffee table as well in the room. We saw ropes attached to the rafters above the room. “What are you planning to do?” Jenny asked Derik.
“Today is the day you will have sex with your boyfriend and it will be recorded,” Derik answers.
“I will not!” she screams. I looked at her.
“Jenny, I don’t think we have a choice,” I tell her.
“He’s right my dear you don’t have a choice if you don’t do what we say we will kill someone you care about,” Derik replies. They showed a picture of my cousin Megan, and Jenny’s sister we understood what he was telling us. They took the cuffs off. Derik came up to Jenny with a riding whip in one hand. “Tie her to the rafters.” She felt two men grabbed her and took her to where the ropes are coming down from the rafters. I tried to help her, but Derik punches me in the face causing me to fall onto the hardwood floor, I tasted blood in my mouth. He then starts to kick me. He picks me up off the ground, “You will watch as we torture your girlfriend for a few minutes before you start fucking.” Derik tells me laughing.
“Why would you want to whip me and cause me pain before you force us to fuck one another?” Jenny asked Derik.
“I’m so glad you asked that question. A cheating slut like you needs to be punished before she gets some pleasure and besides it will hurt you when he rapes that young tinder pussy.” He goes over to Jenny and grabs her pussy lips with two fingers of each hand and began to spread her open. Jenny groaned in pain as Derik forced them wider and wider, opening her pink pussy for all to see. He hits her twice between the legs with the riding whip. "Come over here and hold her open," Derik ordered two other men that are in the room with the teenagers came up to her.
“AHHHHH!!!!!" Jenny screams. Derik released her pussy lips but they were instantly grabbed brutally by the two others in the room, each spreading her in the opposite direction. "OOOOWWW" yelled Jenny. “Heath, please help me!”
“He can’t help you my dear, beside I’m betting he’ll enjoy this!” he says laughing again. She looks around and sees that Dick had a gun pointed at my head in case I tried anything. "Wider, make her open wider," Derik ordered. Jenny's eyes widened in fear as Derik picked up a short, braided whip. The whip had four separate leather strands, each ending in a tight knot. "Stick a finger up her ass, I want her pussy pushed out, begging me to whip it." Daren sticks his finger into Jenny’s virgin asshole she screams in pain. Jenny felt a hand slide behind her. She tried to push back to escape from him, but she was not quick enough, the hand ran over her naked ass cheeks before pushing into the crack in her ass. She clenched her cheeks, trying to prevent them access to her tiny anus.
"SSSLLLAAAPPP", the whip went, striking her unprotected breast, the knots tearing at her erect nipple. "OOOOWWW, that hurts so bad, don't," she screamed, the pain knocking the breath from her lungs. He then placed his finger into her pussy and began to finger fuck her. She spat in his face as he tried to kiss her on the lips, he slaps her across the face. She saw Derik fixing to grabs the whip again.
"Don't whip me, I will do anything you want, that whip hurts so much" begged Jenny. She knew whatever she said they wouldn’t listen to her and she sees a smile on Derik. She looks over at me, and see Dick playing with my breast with one hand and with the other hand he has a gun still pointed at my head she saw by the look on my face that I was confused and I wasn’t enjoying it one bit. “Is your brother gay?”
“Yes, he looks over at his brother. Stop messing around you’ll have your way with him soon enough. "Keep her pussy spread open, I will be careful I don't hit your hands, but I am going to whip that pink pussy. By time I am finished, your pussy will be blood red. When your boyfriend and we begin to rape you, you will fuck like a whore, trying to get away from our punishing cocks," he tells Daren. Jenny closed her eyes, attempting to shut out the anguish she felt as she could almost feel the pain of the whip. The finger in her ass, cruelly pushed and scratched her ass, forcing her to push her pussy out and at that second, Derik pushed the whip between Jenny's spread legs and raised it suddenly up, forcing the knotted strands to beat into her spread pussy. She opened her eyes and looked directly at me and she looks at my cock fully erect. I looked down at my cock, I felt I had betray her, but when I looked into those sad eyes filled with tears, I saw her shake her head and I guess she was telling me it wasn’t my fought.
"OOOOOWWWWWWW, AAAAAHHHHH" the pain was incredible as she screamed. Her pussy felt like it was on fire. "Please nooooo!!! I can't stand it." I watched helplessly as he beat her knowing what would come next. "OOWWWW," the blood beginning to run from the small cuts the knots beat into her tender pussy. The whip finding her pussy Jenny’s head was swimming in pain as she was continually forced to push her virgin pussy to meet the whip, tearing at her tender tissue, blood running down her leg as her pink pussy began to turn bright red from the abuse of the knots of the whip. Finally, she fainted from the extreme pain she was being subjected to, her body slumping in her bondage as Derik drew the whip up between her legs one last time, striking her spread pussy, hitting her unprotected clitoris. Luckily for Jenny, she was not conscious as one of the knots tore at her clitoris, drawing blood. Derik turns toward me.
“Untie her and lay her onto the bed.” I go over to Jenny and untied her wrist and she falls into my arms, I didn’t realize how light she was she must weigh between 107 to 110 pounds or less. I lay her gently down onto the mattress and kissed her on the lips. I see that her pussy was still dripping blood and cum.
“Can I clean her up?” I asked him.
“Go ahead, but you’ll use your mouth,” he answers. “You will swallow everything including her blood.” I didn’t like what Derik told me to do, but I knew if I didn’t do it then he would force me to do it. I go over to her, and began licking her pussy; I tasted her blood in my mouth, but I knew her juices were mix in with the blood. Jenny was moaning. As I am licking her pussy she regains conscious. I even wiped the area around her pussy with the sheet. She looks at me I heard give a sigh of relief because she knew I would never hurt her. I started to caress the inside of her leg trailing my fingers up to Jenny’s little slit she was still wet and getting wetter. I bent my head and dip my tongue in between the soft folds to taste the sweet juice of my girlfriend’s pussy. Jenny stiffened but held still as my tongue dipped deeper into her tiny pussy as fingers pulling on either side of her slit opened her up. I played with her clit and I felt her jump beneath me, making her cum on my fingers and I let her taster her own cum from my fingers. I kissed her on the mouth. I placed my cock into her mouth and she sucked for a few minutes.
“Why don’t you make him take her virginity now?” Daren asked him.
“He knows that if he enters her unprepared body he could do permanent damage to her. Now be quiet, are you getting this.” Once again I lay with my head between her legs and began to lick her little slit and flicked it with my tongue. Soon Jenny was writhing and bucking as she came again and I could feel the wetness of her soaked pussy as her juices leaked out. Derik comes up to us. “You two know what time it is and you know the consequences if you don’t cooperate.”
“Yes,” we answered.
“Good, but there’s another consequence if you don’t cooperate that I didn’t tell you and you know what that is?”
“What is it?”
“That if you don’t cooperate other then harming your closes family members one of you will die, and the other one will be our sex slave for the remainder of their lives,” he tells us laughing. “Now fuck her!” I licked her pussy for a few minutes more. I kissed her forehead, I see tears in her eyes and she sees tears in my eyes.
“I’m sorry for this,” I tell her. I kissed her forehead again. Jenny felt my hard cock at the entrance of her pussy. It pushed in, beginning to spread her virgin pussy open. She screams in pain as I started to enter her pussy. She was glad that I didn’t have a big cock or it would hurt her really bad.
"Please, Heath, go slow, it's starting to hurt already." I withdrew my cock back and pushed back in again, "AHHHH," moaned Jenny, my thick cock forcing her pussy to expand to allow its entrance. “Slowly.” I withdrew again, and then pushed back into her pussy. Her tight pussy was gripping the head of my cock, forcing groans from mine and her lips. I have never felt a pussy this tight; as a matter of fact Jenny and I are both virgins. “It hurts please stop!” I remembered that Derik tortured her pussy before we started fucking and some of those scars reopened and blood ran down her legs and onto my cock lubricating it any more.
"You know the consequences if we don’t do what they tell us to do. Relax, you know I want hurt you just relax and pretend that we’re doing this on our own free will.” I tell her. She blushed and smiled. I could tell that she was in pain but at the same time enjoying the fuck by her facial expressions and by the moans she’s making.
“Do what you have to do, I love you and I will do whatever you want," Jenny begins to arch her back, forcing more of my cock into her pussy. "Oh, Heath you make this fell so well," her hips rotating, is moving her wet pussy around my cock. I kissed her on the neck, and the lips, she returns the kiss. My cock pulled almost all of the way out and then again began its journey back into her virgin pussy, pushing the walls of her vagina open to accept my cock.
"Your pussy is so sweet, Jenny, move your ass, push up against me." She wraps her legs around my thighs given me better access to her vagina. She could feel my cock hit her hymen. She knew I would soon break her hymen and she would no longer be a virgin, a smile appeared on her face but a small slight hint of pain was still there. "I going to push into your deeper soon, keeping moving on my cock as I push it in and out.” I started to move my cock in and out, gaining about two inches before it hit her hymen. Pre-cum was leaking from my cock since I have never fucked a girl in my life.
"AAAhhh," moaned Jenny, the pain from my cock making her gasp. She had another organism. I felt something electric hit me in the kidney forcing me to push forward and brutally ripped through Jenny’s hymen forever taking her virginity. “"AAAAHHHH, that hurts!" She screams and she starts to cry.
“Jenny, I’m sorry,” I tell her.
“Heath, don’t worry about it,” she tells me sobbing. I noticed blood running down her thighs as she tried to gain a breath of air from the force of my cock that drove the breath from her lungs. I started to remove my cock from Jenny’s pussy, hoping to ease the pain he caused. Her pussy gripped my cock as it was withdrawn, now covered in blood. At the same time, she pulled back, trying to stop the terrible pain. I touched the sides of her face with both hands and kissed her forehead.
“Jenny, we’ll get out of here,” I whispered to her. I felt another joint of electricity through my body forcing me deeper into her pussy once again and bruising her cunt some more. Jenny felt the unfamiliar wetness as my hot cum begin to enter and fill her pussy. Instinctively, Jenny tightening her pussy on my cock hating it for what it had done to her but and also loving it for how it made her feel. My cock got bigger and bigger as I shot cum into her once virgin pussy. "Yes, Heath, cum in me, I want to make you happy. Yes Heath impregnates me." Another load of hot cum entered her pussy, than another, her pussy milking my cock. Her pussy was filling up with cum. She felt one last spurt of cum and then my cock began to shrink. I took my cock out of her pussy. Jenny looked at my cock it is covered in her blood, her juices and cum.
“Now Jenny we want you to suck his dick,” Derik tells her.
“But it's got filth all over it,” answered Jenny. “I’m not going to suck his dick.”
"Yes, you will or we will kill him and your sister!” Derik answered. She agrees. “Open your mouth Jenny." She opens her mouth to accept my dick into her mouth. Jenny's tongue began to run over my dick, the taste of the blood and cum making her gag. "Keep sucking it until he gets hard again, than you are to make him cum again, this time in your mouth. Swallow all of it." Once again I felt an electric current go through my body forcing my cock deeper into her mouth. My dick began to get hard again. It began to push to the back of her throat, forcing her to gag and choke as I pushed into her throat, my cock now milked by her throat, her eyes pleading. I wanted to stop her suffering. I shot several loads of cum down her throat and her mouth choking her, cum shooting out of her nose and mouth as her mouth filled with my hot cum. A second load of cum filled her mouth, a third forcing her to swallow or choke to death. My cock finished shooting and I removed my dick from her mouth. “Very good you two,” Derik says to us. He turns towards the others, “Let's get some lunch before we start again.” They leave the room and we heard that they locked the door behind them. We could hear them going down the stairs.
I saw two bottles of water lying next to the bed on the bedside table. I picked both bottles off the table and I helped Jenny drink some of her water and I even drinked some, it felt good going do our throats. She had hair in her eyes and I brushed the hair out of her face. I noticed that her face was red and she was still slitting I knew that we both have been slitting during the entire ordeal. I laid down right beside her and she turns to face me, we are looking directly into each other eyes. “How are you feeling?” I asked her.
“I’m still hurting from the torture, and I’m tired,” she answered.
“Jenny, I’m so...” She puts a finger over my mouth.
“Shhh, it wasn’t your fault and I don’t blame you. I blame these sick perverts for doing this to us for their own enjoyment.” I placed my hands and on the sides of her face and kissed her on the lips, she returns the kiss. I ling over and started to suck on her gorgeous tits and then begin playing with them with my fingers I tried to be as careful as I could from all the whip marks on her body. She started moaning with excitement as I reached down and fingered her clit with my other hand. Her nipples are getting hard and her breathing increased as my hands are playing with her nipples and clit. Our lust was beginning to take over without being forced to have sex.
“I love you Jen,” I tell her.
“I know if there was one person in the world I would want to have sex with it was you.” She rolls over on her back and I get on top of her. She looks directly at my dick, and sees that it just started to get hard. I spread her legs and started to lick her pussy and flicked her nipples at the same time, she moaned softly. “Oh Heath, that feels so good.” She groaned. I smiled and rolled my tongue around then I placed three fingers into her pussy and began finger fucking her. I tried to be as easy as I can, because I knew what she suffered under Derik’s hand. “I feel an organism coming on!” she moans.
“Soon I’m going to stick my entire fist into your wet pussy so prepare yourself,” I tell her. I saw the look on her face, “I’ll try to be as gentle as I can.” I assured her. She started to squirm away but I caught her and stuck my fist into her pussy that did it her cum squirted onto my fist.
“I’m Cumming!” I licked her juices off as she laid there. "Would you let me give you a blow job?" she asked. "Would you like me to suck your dick?" she asked. I nodded. She smiled, shifted, stood up, and then kneeled down on the ground. She began kissing my stomach. As she kissed, my dick stood up fully, and she put her right hand around it softly. She put her lips on the head, and swirled her tongue around all sides of it. The sensation it gave me was amazing. I let out a lusty sigh, and began to stroke her hair. As I did this, she wrapped her entire mouth around my dick and started to slowly slide up and down it, taking it all the way in and then moving back up so only the head was covered. She was incredible. Her tongue twisted and flicked around it as she sucked. It touched all the right places, as if she knew exactly what I was feeling and exactly where I needed to be licked next. At the same time, she kept her eyes open and looking at my face. This made her look so innocent it was almost unbearable. As if that wasn't enough, she took her left hand and began to caress my balls perfectly, as if coaxing the semen to get out of there and into her mouth.
"Ohhhh fuck, I'm gonna cum soon." I moaned. Immediately, she took her mouth off my dick. Before I could ask why she had stopped, she lowered her face down and began to suck on my balls. As she did this, she put her hand just barely around my dick, so that it was making just the smallest amount of contact. The entire time she did this, she maintained eye contact, looking innocent as ever. I was so close to coming, but I wanted to wait until her mouth was around my dick again. As if she could hear my thoughts, she stopped sucking on my balls, put her tongue on the tip of my dick, slid her mouth down so the entire thing was inside it, and resumed the blow job. She maintained the quality she had before, anticipating my every desire like she was in my head. I couldn't hold it in any more. She stuck me entire cock into her mouth. "You're fucking amazing Jenny you know that," I tell her. "I'm coming Jenny, I'm coming." I said quickly. I expected her to take her mouth off, but she continued the blow job, staring innocently into my surprised eyes. My orgasm began, and the semen flew out of my dick like gunshots. However, from the looks of it, you wouldn't know anything was even coming out. She continued the blow job as if nothing was happening while my hips pumped forward in her direction. After about ten seconds of coming, I had finished. She took my dick out of her mouth, and stuck out her tongue. There was cum all over it. She brought it back into her mouth, swallowed, and stuck it out again. Empty. She stood up and put her hands on my knees.
"Would you fuck me?"
"Fuck yes." I answered. I felt stupid repeating that phrase over and over again throughout the night, but nothing more intelligent was coming to my mind. Jenny got back on top of me in the same straddling position as before. I began kissing her neck, while at the same time squeezing her firm ass in my hands. I lowered my kisses down to the top part of her breasts I knew her pussy was completely shaven, but I never examined it properly. It was beautiful. Her pussy had no hair on it, and the lips were perfectly shaped. The sight of it made my dick, which was already at half mast from the disappearing semen display, fully erect. She moved her hips in a little closer, and rubbed her wet pussy up and down the underside of my dick. I grabbed her ass to provide support, and she lifted her hips up above my dick, and then slid her pussy onto it. I couldn't believe how tight it was. It was extremely difficult to fit my dick in, but after about two inches, she was still tight, she raised her ass up about three inches, and then slid back down. It was much easier the second time. She began slowly and smoothly riding my dick. She tipped her head back and moaned in ecstasy, but I could tell she wasn't having an orgasm yet. I thought she might need something more, I love her breast, and the nipples were the size of a half dollar. I wrapped my mouth around the left one and began to tickle it with my tongue while sucking. I took my right hand and twisted the right nipple around in my fingers, while still firmly grabbing her ass with my left hand. I switched back and forth a few times, sucking on one nipple while twisting the other. Her moans turned to screams of pleasure, and I felt her vaginal muscles begin to spasm. "I'm coming!!! Oh shit!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Ah! Ah!" she screamed as her orgasm intensely. Her back arched, and her hips moved up and down my dick quicker than ever. Not one to let up, I continued pleasuring her breasts, until the screams finally subsided. She looked me straight in the eye."That was incredible Heath! Now I'm gonna make you do the same." she said seducingly
"I love you Jenny and you fuck really good," I tell her. She smiled, and began sliding up and down my dick again. She started clenching and unclenching her vaginal muscles, which gave me an incredible sensation. Once again, I grabbed her firm ass, feeling her young muscular butt in the palms of my hands. She began gyrating her hips as she moved up and down, adding to the friction and almost bringing me to the edge.

"Holy shit, I'm so fuckin close." I managed to croak out. She smiled and gave me the most innocent look I had ever seen in my life. That did it. "Ohhhh fuck." I moaned, and began the biggest orgasm of my life. The orgasmic waves rocked through me, and I came for about twenty seconds straight, all the while her hips gyrating, her muscles clenching, and her face looking more innocent than ever. When I finally finished, she smiled at me, and got off my now-limp dick. We rested for a few minutes then we were right back at it again. She gets back on top of me but where she could put my dick into her mouth. She sucks on my cock and while she caressed my balls. She takes her hands off my balls and while she is sucking my cock she’s playing with her twat and fingering herself.
“Damn Jen, you suck really well. You’re fucking amazing. I’m going to cum in your mouth.” I shot a load down her throat. We laid there for a few minutes catching our breath.
“I want you to fuck me now,” she tells me. She lies on her back and spread her legs so I could enter her. The head of my cock entered her pussy for the second time. “Go slow please.” I fucked her missionary style for the second time she was moaning softly as my cock penetrated her pussy. I removed my cock from her cunt.
“Roll over,” I tell her. She rolls over and I get behind her. She knew what I was planning to do. My cock entered her wet pussy from behind and she fucked back. We fucked like that until I shot my load into her pussy. She wasn’t done; she wanted me to lie on my back. So I did she got on top of me and placed my cock into her wet pussy and she rode my cock like a cowgirl. My balls made an echoing sound as they slammed into her thighs as I am fucking. Her twat was still tight, but not as tight as when I took her virginity. I touched her breast and played with them as she is fucking me. We kissed one another. She was smiling. I shot another load of cum into her pussy she had multiple organism during the fuck. She once again had hair in her eyes, so I brushed her hair out of her eyes and kissed her forehead. She had a smile on her face.
“I enjoyed it very much,” she tells me.
“I know,” I replied. We heard someone unlocking the door to the room, Derik, Sherry, and Dick entered the room. I noticed that Derik looked at Jenny trying to hide her breast from him by placing her hands over her tits.
“Remove your hands bitch,” he tells her. She didn’t want to but she reluctantly removed her hands away from her tits. Dick comes up to me.
“Time to go,” he says to me.
“What if I refused to go with you?”
“Then Jenny will die,” Derik answers and with that I see him holding a knife to Jen’s throat. I didn’t know what Dick wanted with me but I could only guess because he was gay and I’m not gay. I would do anything to protect Jenny and my family no matter what. I kiss Jenny on the forehead and as I’m fixing to walk out of the room. She gets up off the bed and comes up to me and wraps her arms around my head. She kisses me.
“I love you,” she says to me.
“I love you too,” I replied. We kissed each other again. Dick pushes me away and I leave her alone in the room with Derik and his wife as I’m leaving the room I saw that it was almost 1:00 pm.
Once we are outside of the room Dick tied my wrist together and leads me outside. I have no clue what Dick plans to do to me out here. I saw two poles near a wood shed I guess he plans to tie my hands to both of them and that exactly what he did. “Now I’m going to leave you tied up here for hours, then I’ll be back to punish you,” he tells me.
“What are you going until then?” I asked.
“I’m going back into the house to watch my brother and his wife fuck your 14 year old girlfriend,” he answered.
“Stay away from her!” he comes up to me and punches me in the face. I could taste blood in my mouth.
“Shut your mouth slave!” He brings out a ball gag and placed it into my mouth and ties it behind my head. “That will keep you quiet.” He leaves. I tried everything to get free but it was useless. I felt slit running down my head I figure it was over 100 degrees outside with high humidity. I knew I would get sunburn. I looked around as far as my head would go I didn’t recognize anything.
Jenny watched as I left she’s has her back to the headboard and she watched as Derik and Sherry came to stand in front of her. She was shaking with fear. Sherry is wearing a swimsuit and Derik came behind his wife and cut her swimsuit off of her. Jenny noticed that Sherry had a very nice shave pussy and D size breast for a 29 year old. “Sherry I want you to go up to her and start sucking on her pussy,” Derik tells her. Sherry gets onto the bed and crawls up to Jenny. “Spread your legs bitch.” Jenny spread her legs to give Sherry access to her pussy.
“Listen to me darling I don’t want to do this no more then you want me to,” Sherry tells Jenny.
“Why are you doing this then?”
“I don’t have a choice.”
“What do you mean?”
“I’m doing this to keep you and your boyfriend alive.” Sherry caresses the inside of Jenny’s leg and felt Jenny stiffen as she touched Jenny’s pussy with her fingernails. Trailing her fingers up to Jenny’s little slit Sherry was surprised to find it wet and bending her head she allowed her tongue to dip in between the soft folds to taste the sweet juice of Jenny’s pussy. “Have you ever been with a girl before Jenny?”
“No ma’am,” Jenny responds.
“You’re very wet,” Sherry tells her. “You must be enjoying this?”
“Maybe but it might be because I was just fucking my boyfriend,” Jenny replies. Jenny stiffened but held still as Sherry’s tongue dipped deeper into her tiny pussy as fingers pulling on either side of her slit opened her up. Sherry found Jenny’s little clit and she felt the young child jump beneath her at the as Sherry tongue flicked over it. Lapping up the sweet juices that flowed from inside Jenny’s soft, warm pussy Sherry worked her tongue deeper as her fingers tickled the helpless girl’s clit until she felt the teen start to buck under her as Jenny had an orgasm. Giving Jenny no rest Sherry brought her to two more orgasms before stopping. Derik was clapping very nice you two.
“Did you enjoy that Jenny?” Derik asked her. Jenny did not answer; he comes to the side of the bed and slaps her across the face. “I asked you a question slut!” Jenny didn’t want to get hit again so she answered.
“Yes I enjoyed it,” she answered.
“I thought you did.”
“Please don’t hurt me and don’t fuck me,” she begged. Derik laughed.
“You’re a sex slave, but do not worries know one will be ejaculating into your pussy to get you pregnant except for your boyfriend,” Derik tells her. “Get down on your knees doggy style!” She turned so that her head is facing the headboard and her ass is facing the wall, but she’s on her knees. SLLLLAAAAPP, Derik’s hand hit Jenny's ass very hard. Jenny moaned, but did not cry out fearing the consequences if she did. SSSSSLLLLAAAPPP, this time her other cheek. Derik rained down his palm upon her naked cheeks, forcing Jenny to bite her lip in pain, her cheeks turning red from the abuse. His hands pushed between her thighs, forcing her to spread her legs further open. "Spread them wide, I want to see your asshole peeking out, and don't you dare close your legs.” Tears began to form in Jenny’s eyes as Derik got on the bed in front of her with a huge cock, already erect. Even worse was his wife. Attached to her loins stood a giant dildo, even larger than her husband's cock. Jenny knew what they plan to do and that brought more tears to her eyes. Derik places his huge cock directly in front of her lips. She knew that she would be expected to suck his cock and he would cum in her mouth, just like her boyfriend had done, but it was different that was with someone she loved and this guy is forcing her to do it for his own pleasure however she knew she doesn't have a choice in the matter. She could feel female hands stroking her ass, spreading her cheeks, opening her asshole to the Sherry's dildo.
“Please forgive me dear,” Sherry whispered into her ear. “I’m not going to lie to you it will hurt when I fuck your ass, but I don’t take pleasure in doing this to you.” Jenny didn’t know wither she was telling the truth or not, but she knew that she doesn’t have a choice in the matter because she’s a slave. Derik ran his fingers over Jenny's face, wiping the tears from her eyes. His fingers pushed into her mouth, forcing her to open wide. "Suck my cock you little bitch, because if you don’t do what I say then your sister and boyfriend are dead." The large cock entered Jenny's mouth, his precum spreading over her lips, bringing back the awful taste and the memory of the mouthful of cum she was forced to accept. "Lick it real nice," Jenny's mouth forced to open wider than it ever had to accommodate Derik’s large cock. It pushed in, Jenny's tongue beginning to run over the large helmeted cock. She could feel more cum leaking from the tip, her tongue pushing it around in her mouth. It was heavy and very salty. Derik grabbed her ears and his cock was forced deeper into her mouth, heading for her throat. Jenny knew that soon she would be gagging and choking on the thick cock in her mouth. But that was the least of her problems. She could now feel the Derik's wife on her ass. SSSPPPPIIIITTTT, Jenny could feel the hot spit hit her asshole as the Derik’s wife dildo began to push the spit around Jenny’s asshole, lubricating the way for the rape by the dildo. "Your asshole is so tiny, cunt, wait until it opens for my dildo. I am going to enjoy hearing your muffled screams." Jenny wasn’t sure if she was saying that because Derik told her to say it or she wanted to say it, but I didn’t matter anymore because she knew her asshole would be fucked no matter what. Jenny could feel the female hands on her hips, bracing her for the push into her asshole by the giant dildo. The dildo began to force her tiny asshole to open wider and wider. As it pushed in, Jenny's body was pushed forward, Derik’s hard cock pushing to the back of her throat.
"AAAAAAHHHHHHH, GGGGGHHHHHHH, GGGGAAASSSPP", screamed Jenny, her asshole tearing from the brutal rape of the dildo, the big cock in her mouth pushing past her tonsils, forcing her stomach to gasp and choke as she continually choked on the cock. Tears ran down her face and she grimaced in pain as her asshole tore open, blood flowing over the dildo, lubricating it for the continuing rape of her asshole.

"Yes, bitch, swallow my cock, choke on that big fucker." Derik’s wife pushed the dildo in, forcing her asshole to open to accept the giant head, her anus fitting tightly over it, tearing to accept it girth. She pulled back Jenny's hips, forcing more dildos into her asshole. At the same time, the cock in her mouth pulled out, allowing Jenny to suck in some air, but pushed back in quickly, again blocking her air passage, gagging her. The dildo pulled out a little bit temporarily, but only so it could force itself further into Jenny's asshole. Her screams were muffled as her head was held tightly, her hips embraced in strong hands as the dildo was pushed in, forcing her anal track to rip and tear to allow passage by the giant dildo. Sweat poured from her body as the two raped her mouth and asshole. She would have collapsed in pain had her body not been held up by her rapists, forcing her to accept the cruel rape. The dildo withdrew than forced itself back in, further than the last time. Jenny's anus was stretched like a rubber band, three inches of giant dildo now forced in. Hot flashes of intense pain tore through Jenny's asshole as four inches pushed in, the cock in her mouth now coordinating its attack with the dildo in her asshole. Each pushing in further, pulling out for a very brief reprieve, only to begin their painful rape again. Five inches of giant dildo was forced in her asshole, now reaching into her colon, stretching it wider than it was meant to stretch, tearing as it plunged in deeper. Cramps began to grip her stomach. She wished she would faint from the pain but there was no easy way out for her, she continued to stay awake, forced to accept the pain that she was receiving from the rape. Derik’s wife gave Jenny a particularly brutal push and now six inches of dildo plowed into her once virgin asshole. The dildo pulled out, covered in shit and blood, ready to once again push in, reaching new depths in her asshole. Seven inches pushed in, bottoming out into Jenny's colon. Her stomach continually cramped from the dildo, her anal track rubbed raw from the brutal rape, torn and bleeding. Derik forced his cock deep into Jenny’s throat. He ran his fingers over her throat, feeling his cock buried deep. Her lips were spread wide around his cock, her mouth against his stomach. She had sucked all of his cock into her mouth and throat gagging her. Her body was trying to remove the cock from her mouth. He could feel the exquisite massaging of his cock by her throat muscles trying to force it out. His wife now began in earnest to fuck her asshole. The dildo pulled out until only the head was stretched over her anus and then was rammed in, forcing her to accept the brutal rape of seven-inches of giant dildo again. Jenny's head swam in pain and she gasped for air as she was continually buffeted between her two rapists. Blood ran down her thighs and drool ran from her mouth as her rape continued. Derik cared nothing of her, only the pleasure he was getting from her torment and rape. Jenny’s body became limp, held up only by her rapist as she mercifully passed out in pain, just as Derik’s cock began to cum in her mouth, shooting deep into her throat and directly into her stomach, filling her with his hot cum. His wife forced Jenny to accept the giant dildo one last time before pulling out, covered in shit and blood. The two rapists allowed Jenny to slump down onto the bed. Dick and the other that were watching the vicious rape clapped and whistled. Sherry removes the dido and lays it on some plastic. They leave the room leaving Jenny lying on the bed unconscious. They go down stairs to watch some television or something. Jenny wakes up a few seconds later; she closed her legs and brought them up to her chin, she wraps her arms around her legs, and began rocking she was also crying. She heard the door begin to unlock and Sherry enters the room. Sherry comes up to her and sits down beside the young teen. Sherry patted Jenny on the back.
“What do you want?” Jenny asked her sobbing. “Let me guess you want to torture me some more couldn’t get enough when you were ass fucking me.” Tears fell down her face.
“Listen child I never wanted to harm you and I convinced my husband to allow me to take charge of you. I can't promise that Derik or his friends want fuck you, but you want be tortured by me,” Sherry tells her.
“What about Heath?” Jenny asked.
“Derik wouldn’t budge on him,” she replies.
“Why are you doing this?”
“I don’t want the same thing that happen to me to happen to you.”
“What are you talking about?”
“I was kidnapped by these same people at 14 years old I was brutally raped and tortured for years and that was everyday, until Derik fell in love with me, then the torture stopped I thought he change but I was wrong.” Jenny was still sobbing. Sherry kisses Jenny forehead. She wasn’t sure why Sherry kissed her. Derik, Daren, and two others entered the room with another holding a video camera.
“Sherry, go outside and see what my brother wants?” Derik tells her. She leaves the room Jenny watches as she leaves. She turns to Derik, “Where’s your brother?”
“He’s outside he’s been out there for an hour now I think,” Derik replies laughing. “Now shut up bitch! Time to get raped again.”
Meanwhile I’m still tied outside I don’t know how long I have been out here but I do know that I’m really thirsty. Dick appeared in front of me. “Would you like some water?” I nodded. He threw the water into my face. “There you go.” He started laughing. Dick goes over to a table and I looked over there and I see all kinds of whips on the table. He decides to use the bulls whip on my sunburn naked flesh. “I think 20 lashes on your back, 10 on your front, and 5 on your dick.” He says laughing. He strikes my back with the bull’s whip; it felt like a hundred knives were cutting my flesh. I couldn’t scream with the ball gag in my mouth so only moans and sounds could be heard; also tears were coming from my eyes. Dick was just laughing as he is whipping me. Instead of just doing twenty lashes on my back he did thirty, at least I was unconscious for most of them; he threw a bucket of cold water onto me to wake me up. “Time for the front.” My stomach gave a crawl. “Hungry slave, we’ll you’re not getting anything to eat until me and my brother say so.” I looked to my left and I see Sherry sitting on the picnic table. Dick returns the bull’s whip to the table and picks up a Cat O’ nine tails whip. “I think this will work perfectly don’t you Sherry?”
“I don’t know, whatever you decide, are you going to take the gag out of his mouth so you can hear his screams?”
“No, not right now I like hearing his muffle screams,” Dick replied. He touches some of the cuts on my buttocks I tense up when he touched the cut. He started hitting my breast; he hit each breast at least six times. He laughed every time I tried to scream. He hit the rest of my body but left my cock alone. “Sherry come here and gets this boy’s cock hard so I can whip his cock.” She comes up to me and gets down on her knees and began sucking my dick. She sucked it until my dick got hard. Dick used a special whip to beat my dick with. Once again I passed out from the pain he inflected upon me. He throws another bucket of cold water onto me. He untied me from the poles and dragged me over to the picnic tables. He stretched my arms across the front of the picnic table and tied a rope to them, and then he tied the rope underneath the picnic table. He spread my legs apart and tied them to either side of the table were people sit on. Dick grabbed both of my ass cheeks and squeezed tightly. I could feel hot spit on my asshole as his cock pushed the spit around my asshole lubricating it for the rape. “I can’t wait to hear your muffle screams as I rape your asshole.” I knew then what he plans to do. Dick put the helmet of his big cock against my asshole began to push into my ass. My screams were muffled as he began. Dick’s big cock tore into my asshole, ripping my anus and plunging into my rectum. Tears ran down my face and I grimaced in pain as my ass tore open, blood flowing over his dick, lubricating if for the continue rape. Dick's cock pushed deeper into my asshole. My anal track rubbed raw from the brutal rape and bleeding. Blood ran down my thighs as Dick fucked my ass. The cramps from the fuck added to the pain that was already inflected upon me. He fucked me until he cum inside my asshole, and then he removed the gag from my mouth and made me clean, his shit, `blood, and cum from his dick. I did because I knew the penalty from refusing. I knew Sherry was still there sucking on my dick and I knew she could taste my blood in her mouth. I knew I would soon cum into her mouth. Dick once again entered my asshole, I screamed in pain as the rape began again.
As Dick is torturing me and raping my asshole Jenny is fairing no better than me. She’s fixing to get raped again. “Please don’t rape me again especially in my ass it still hurts,” she pegged but she knew it was no use.
“Your boyfriend likes getting ass fucked besides my brother has been fucking him the last two hours or less,” Derik tells her. He knew she wouldn’t believe that her boyfriend likes getting ass fucked. “I wasn’t lying that he was getting raped in the ass for the last two hours or less.”
“You’re a monster and I hope you’ll get lethal injection one day,” Jenny replies. He slaps her across the mouth.
“You got a big mouth for a slut,” he tells her.
“Yes, maybe we should show her how to use a slut mouth,” one of the others replies.
“I quite agree,” Derik replies. “It will have to wait.” He looks at Jenny. “Go take a shower, and make sure you clean all that dry cum and sperm off of you.” She gets up, and goes to the bathroom. She heard Derik shout to everyone in the room and she thinks he said get out.” She turns on the shower and gets in, the water felt good on her body. She was glad that they allowed her to clean herself up before she was fucked again. She wrapped a towel around her covering most of her pussy. As soon as she opened the door, she saw Derik standing in front of her. “Have a nice shower cunt? That’s the last shower you’ll ever take.” Knowing that she would be hit or punch in the stomach if she didn’t answered she answered.
“Remove the towel cunt.” He ordered. Jenny lets the towel fall to the ground and she stood facing Derik. She closed her eyes, not wanting to see the Derik’s eyes as they feasted on her young naked body. She could feel the cool air in the room blow on her body, her nipples becoming hard and erect. “Open your eyes and look at me. Yes, that’s a good girl. You have a very beautiful body, so young and ripe. Put your hands behind your head; stick out your tits for me.” Jenny cringed every time Derik spoke to her like this. She could see the evil in his eyes as he looked at her naked body. She was being forced to perform like she was a street whore. She raised her arms and laced them behind her head. Her breasts stood out, her nipples hard. She heard his voice again. “Spread you legs open wide, I want to see that young pussy. Only your boyfriend fucked your pussy but he want be the only one. She knew he was right. Her legs spread, she could feel the cool air on her pussy as her pussy lips as began to open. Derik couldn’t believe that this fourteen year old had such a great body. “The others will be back in here in a few minutes and then we shall rape all holes one at a time, but first I want you to come over here and get on your knees.” Jenny knew what he wanted. He was going to force her to suck his penis. She moved towards him and got to her knees before the chair. He stood up, his crotch level with her head. “Unzip my pants and take my cock out.” He ordered her. Jenny did as she was ordered. She pulled his zipper down and unsnapped his pants. His pants opened and she could see his hard cock straining his shorts. He helped her, sliding his pants down to the floor. He stepped out of them. “Come on bitch, grab my cock and put it into your mouth. It wants to feel your hot breath and your tongue on it.” Jenny pulled his shorts down and he stepped out of them. His cock sprung out in front of her face; already she could see precum on its tip. She grabbed it with her hand and felt his body shudder even though she has sucked her boyfriend’s cock twice. She began to run her hand up and down it, masturbating it for his pleasure. “In you go baby, put it in your mouth and lick it up and down. I want to feel those hot lips wrapped around my cock. He watched as her head moved forward and her mouth opened. He could feel her hot breath as she moved closer to his cock. He felt as her wet lips closed on the head of his cock and her tongue began to run over it. He had his own fourteen-year cocksucker, kneeling before him, her lips wrapped around his cock. “Oh, Yeah, you are a natural born cocksucker!” She felt Derik’s hands on the side of her head, instructing her on how to take it deeper. He pulled her onto his cock, forcing her to take it to the back of her mouth. The next time he pulled her, it pushed into her throat she gagged on it. “Yeah, bitch, suck my cock down your throat my little cocksucker. Come on, you can do it, swallow my cock.” He let her pull away from his cock and then pushed her back onto it. He could feel her trying to stop him, but he was more powerful and he pushed her onto it until he heard her gag on it again. This time she began to swallow it, her throat grasping his cock tightly. Jenny tried to stop him from pulling her face onto his cock but he was too strong. The cock began to enter her throat. She gagged as the fat cock pushed down, her throat forced to accept it.
“AAAGGGHHH,” she cried, tears running down her cheeks as her throat burned as his cock pushed in. She could not breathe, the cock blocking her throat. She sucked in air through her nose. She felt a hand reach down to her neck, feeling his cock.
“I knew you could deep throat it. It’s not like you had a choice. You are going to swallow my cock or anyone else’s cock we want you to. You are nothing but a receptacle for cum. We will fill your mouth, your pussy and your asshole with it. And there is nothing you can do about it. You are going to become our cum slut. Now suck my cock. I’m almost ready to cum and you are going to swallow every drop of it. If you spill any of it, I will beat your ass until you can’t sit down for a week.” He takes his dick out.
“You said you wouldn’t cum into my pussy,” she says crying.
“Don’t worry my little cunt, those that are going to fuck you can’t get you pregnant anyway,” he says laughing and he forced his cock back into her mouth. He allowed her a brief respite than pulled her mouth back down, forcing his cock back down her throat.
“GGGGHHHHWWW,” the cock again blocking her throat. She felt it go even deeper; feeling like a sword was pushed into her throat. She licked the cock, hoping to make him cum. She knew he was going to shoot her mouth full of his vile, hot cum, but she had to get this over with. She felt him ease off on her head. His cock came out of her throat and she could tell that he was ready to cum. She ran her tongue over the head of his cock, tasting his cum.
“Here it comes, cunt, let it run over your tongue, I want you to taste my cum.” Jenny felt it begin to shoot, running from his balls, along his cock, to shoot out the head. She ran her tongue over it as it began to shoot. She almost choked from the first blast of the vile cum filled her mouth. She swallowed the load as fast as she could, cum feeling heavy and salty. By time she got the first load down, a second more powerful load shot out.
“Oh God, when is he going to finish,” she thought. I cannot take much more. She swallowed, trying not to get sick as the thick cum ran down her throat. Her stomach was beginning to fill with his cum.
“Swallow all of my sperm or you’ll be punish. Oh, Yeah, what a cocksucker. Here comes another load, swallow it.” He pushed his cock in her mouth deeper one last time, his last load of cum filling her mouth again. He could see her cheeks swell up, filling with his cum. “Swallow cunt.” She swallowed the last load of cum and fell over onto her side, cum on her lips. Her stomach turned over, wrenching from all of the sperm she was forced to swallow. She kept sucking his dick a few minutes after he cum in her mouth. “You’re a very cooperative young girl and I have a special treat for you. A friend of mine is going to rape your asshole.”
“Please don’t rape my asshole it’s still sore when you wife raped it with that giant dido.” He just laughed and she knew her pleas were no good. People entered the room two carrying some kind of sex furniture and she knew that were she would be ass raped and maybe they’ll rape her pussy as well.
“As I told you my friend had a request that he wanted you to fulfill and I agreed to allow him. “As I said, I have already granted my friend his wish, so you must obey and submit to the rape of your ass. If you do not, you will suffer even more, as well as your boyfriend. Will you allow my friend access to your ass, so he may rape it?” Jenny cringed knowing that they intended to inflict pain on her, but nodded her head. She had no choice, submit or her boyfriend would suffer. "That is very good, you obey well. My friend is very lucky to be able to rape your ass. It is hot and tight and when you milk his cock with your ass, he will be enjoying it very much". "That device that Darren and James brought in is where you will submit. I want you to bend over the first bar, rest your stomach on it and grasp the lower bar with your hands. Spread your legs wide and give him access to your anus.” Jenny moved over to the sex furniture. She bent down, resting her stomach on the bar and lowered her hands to the bottom rail. It was smooth and shiny; it looked like it had considerable use before. The position pushed her ass up and out. When she spread her legs, her anus and pussy were spread wide. She knew that the position she was in was obscene. She had now submitted her body to her own ass rape. Daren tied Jenny’s hand to the lower bar. "My friend’s cock is not very big around, but it is long. It is over 15 inches long and he has not been able to convince any women to allow him to stick it in their ass. I told him how submissive you were and you would allow him to pleasure himself in your ass".
"No, don't let him do that, it will kill me. I am just a little girl," she says crying.
“Shut your fucking mouth, you’re a slut and you’re going to be fucked like a slut.”
"Yes, it will hurt very much. It will stretch your anus when he first puts the head in, but the worst part is later. When he starts to feed your asshole all 15 inches of hard cock it will feel like a lead pipe put up your butt. We expect you to scream all your want. My friend also has the ability to hold his erection for a long period of time. He expects to fuck your ass for over 20 minutes. His strokes will force your colon to straighten out to accept his cock and will be quite painful, but we expect you to continue to hold the lower bar until he is finished.”
Derik’s friend stood in front of Jenny and began to remove his clothes so she could see his cock. As he slipped down his shorts, Jenny gasped at the size of it. It was true; it was over 15 inches long. She knew that it would inflict considerable pain on her, but they did not care. Tears were in her eyes. “Please don’t do this.” Derik’s friend just slaps her across the side of her face. He moved behind her and began to fondle her ass.
"What a beautiful ass you have Jenny" he complemented her. “Your boyfriend is very lucky to have a girl like you.” She blushes with embarrassment. His hand moved to the crack and pushed lower to her anus. It was small and pink with some redness from when Derik’s wife raped her ass. He slaps her ass a couple of times. Once he got finished with her, it would be swollen and red. He rubbed some Vaseline on his finger and pushed it into her anus.
"AAAAHHHH' cried Jenny, surprised at the sudden invasion of her anus. His finger moved deep into her rectum, lubricating her anal passage for his long cock.
“Grab my fingers with your ass and don't let go until I tell you to". Jenny submitted and clenched her ass muscles onto the fingers, squeezing them. "Release them that was good. When I am ready to cum, I want you to milk my cock with your ass. It will cause you more pain, but this is for my pleasure. Grab my fingers again". Jenny felt like a sex slave, forced to submit to these depravities, but she obeyed and clenched her ass onto the fingers again. She could feel him grab her hips and place his cock on her anus. "It is now time for your anal rape. Are you ready? Ask me to please rape your ass."
"Please rape my ass and get it over quickly" she said. The Vaseline helped the head push in. "OOOOOWWWWWW," her anus ripping to allow the cock entry. He pulled his cock completely out of her anus and allowed it to go back to its normal size. He then thrust the head back in again, the pain just as bad the second time. He was forcing her to relieve the rape over again. "OOOOOOWWW" she cried again. "Please get it over quickly".
"You just got the head; you still have 14 more inches of cock to go". With that he began to push in another inch, than out. The next thrust in gained 2 inches, the next 3. As more and more cock was forced into her rectum, Jenny screams became louder. He was gripping her hips hard and pounding his cock into her ass, forcing her to accept his punishing cock. Her hands gripped the bar tightly, bent over being ass fucked. Sweat began to pour on her body from the cruel rape. Jenny screamed from a particularly cruel push that forced over 7 inches of hard cock into her rectum. His cock began to move into her colon, stretching her where one should not be stretched. The strokes out were almost as painful as the in. Each stroke went further than the last, bringing fresh screams of pain. Even though she was ass raped just before this, it’s still felt like she was getting raped the first time. The others in the room began to move toward her, wanting to watch her screams of pain. They had pulled out their cocks and were stroking them in front of her face. They wanted to see when she would finally be forced to accept all 15 inches of cock up her ass. Ten inches of cock was now being forced into her colon. One of them in front of her began to run his cock over lips as she screamed. Someone at her side grabbed her nipple and began to pinch and pull it from her body. Eleven inches and the cramps began to be unbearable. Her colon was being forced to straighten out and there was still more to come. "How do you like my cock now, little girl? You still have 4 more inches to go and then I will really start to fuck you hard and cruel. You will be forced to take all 15 inches every time". Fourteen inches of cock was in her ass and her ass was on fire. Cramps were constant. The last inch finally came with a deep thrust from all the way in that knocked the breath out of Jenny. He pushed up against her ass, feeling like he was trying to drive his cock through her. Jenny was now screaming in pain all of the time. It felt like a huge unyielding pipe was pushed up her ass and twisted in her guts. He began to pull his cock out, creating suction. He brought his cock until only her anus grasped the head. "Now the fucking starts" and he pushed his cock forcefully into her ass, making sure she felt all 15 inches of cock fill her virgin ass (meaning that it never had a dick in it). Jenny screamed as he beat a painful tattoo up her ass. Each time he would feed her all 15 inches, no mercy was given. She was also crying she thought about when Sherry fucked her ass, and she realized this hurt far worse. Jenny was in constant pain. In addition, one of the men pushed his cock into her mouth.
"Suck it and bathe my cock with your tongue". Her nipples were being abused, scratched and pinched, but it was nothing compared to the pain in her ass. Her anal rape when on for long minutes. Someone had already come in her mouth and she was forced to swallow it. Another cock soon replaced it and she was again sucking it. Her anus was bleeding from the rape and she could feel where her insides were torn from the brutal rape. Fifteen minutes and he was still fucking her hard. She continued to hold the bar tightly, even though she was tied, submitting to this awful rape. Twenty minutes and he said, "Now show me how good you are at milking my cock". Grasp my cock with your ass. If you don't I will fuck you for another twenty minutes". In a state of constant pain, Jenny began to grab his cock with her ass muscles, milking it as it was withdrawn each time. The pain increased, but she knew it would be soon over. He began to push harder and harder into her ass, trying to drive his cock as deep as it could go. The cock in her mouth began to come and she was again force to swallow a load of come. Another cock replaced that last one, this one larger, forcing her tired jaw to expand to allow it to enter. He began to come into her ass, shooting a jet of hot come deep into her body. Her ass clamped on his cock, forcing another load of come. Two more filled her colon with the hot come. His cock began to soften, but with fifteen inches of cock, it would not come out until pulled out. "Would you like me to fuck your ass again; I think I could go for an hour this time". He pulled his cock out of her ass and Jenny slumped over the bar, exhausted from the anal rape. Her anus was bleeding and the guys sperm was running out. Her pink anus was now bright red and swollen. She had to suck his cock clean of shit and blood; they even wanted her to swallow it. She swallows all of them. She felt like she needed to throw up. She hoped they wouldn’t fuck her anymore today thankfully she got her wish.
“Good girl,” Derik tells her. “Take her back to the shed.” Daren grabs Jenny underneath the arms and takes her back to the shed since she couldn’t stand up. He placed the chained back onto her collar and locks it, as he’s leaving he slaps her ass. She heard the door lock.
Dick and one of his friends drag me back to the shed, once inside Dick reattaches the chain to the collar. He leaves. Jenny comes up to me, she sees all the whip maps all across my back, she rolls me over, and she sees more whip marks on my front. She also sees my sunburn back. “Oh my God they hurt you really bad,” she says to my unconscious body. She kissed my forehead. “Please wake up.” Once again she hears the door being unlock Sherry entered.
“How is he?” Sherry asked Jenny.
“Why do you care?” Sherry just left. Jenny kissed my forehead, I finally woke up.
“Where the hell am I?” I demanded.
“Heath, calm down, you’re with me back in the shed,” she answered. I hug her.
“Jenny, what happen after they took me away?” The look on her face told me that she really didn’t want to talk about it, but she realized we shouldn’t keep secrets from one another especially since we’re sex slaves.
“After they took you away Sherry raped my asshole, while I sucked on her husband’s dick. Derik had me take a shower, but as soon as I finished taking my shower Derik made me suck his dick then, my asshole was raped again by one of his friends and at the sametime I had to suck cock,” she tells me. I kissed her.
“I’m sorry, I hope that don’t cause you any damage,” I said to her. “I hope so,” she replies. “What about you?”
“Dick tortured me, and then raped my asshole,” I replied. She bends over and touches her ankles so I could see her ass. I looked at her ass and her clam. “You have a nice clam Jen.” Her face turned bright red.
“Thanks, and I love you.” She gets back up and we kissed for a long time. I rubbed her back and she rubbed my back, but when she hit one of those whip marks I made a small shiver and the same with her. We embrace one another in each other's arms. I kissed her neck. We fall asleep holding one another even from all the pain we had endured but we were exhausted.
Tuesday, Jenny and I woke up in pain, but we both knew that we’ll have to get use to it because they want stop no matter how much we plead with them. Once again Daren and another person entered the room. We are already awake. “What do you want us to do today?” We asked her.
“We have a special treat for you,” Daren says with a smile on his face. “Now get up and get your asses up to the house!”
“We’re still got the chained tied to our collars,” Jenny replies. Daren removes the chain from our collars.
“Now move!” We go up to the house and into the same room that Jenny and I fucked in. Derik and Dick are waiting for us along with other people we didn’t know but some of them where wearing police uniforms. Jenny thought they were here to help them, but why they were still naked and these people weren’t arrested, then she realized they must be in with Derik’s madness.
“Nice to see you again Jenny, Yesterday we didn’t get a chance to fuck your pussey, but that is what we’re going to do today and you’re boyfriend will watch us fuck you,” Derik tells us. “I want you to put your arms behind your head. She put her arms behind her head, her youthful breasts standing high, her nipples already hard and erect from the cool air. “Yes, that’s a good girl.” Jenny watched as Derik’s hand slowly over to her naked breast. She felt the cold hand heft her right breast, weighing its mass in his hand, slowly raising and lowering it. His finger sought out her nipple, running his nail around her areola, small goose bumps forming on her flesh before grasping the light colored nipple. His fingers grasped her tightly. She could feel her nipple growing in size, the pain and pleasure of his pinching, stimulating her. She hated her body for betraying herself. “Look at the size of her nipples! Do you like her breast?” He asked me. I nodded my head because Daren hit my upside of the head with the butt of his pistol. His fingers squeezing one of her breast tightly. “Imagine sucking it in your mouth, biting it, you could really make her squirm.” I guess he was giving me suggestions on what to do to her. He moved behind her, reaching around in front of her, grabbing both of her breasts with his hands, hefting them up in the air, offering them to everyone in the room. “These babies would love to have a hard cock slipped between them, fucking them.” He released her breasts and moved back to the side. “Now play with your pussy bitch.” She wouldn’t do it therefore Derik had to threaten her. I will not tell you again, because if you don’t I’ll torture you boyfriend and I’ll kill him too.” Jenny’s hand goes down towards her pussy. I could see her fingers caressing her pussy and my dick started to get hard watching my girlfriend finger herself. I saw her looking directly at me while she was playing with her pussy I guess she was imagine me fucking her, I knew I wanted to fuck her right that second. Lucky for me I was the one who took her virginity even if it was by force. “That’s a good girl; I want your pussy wet when I rape you.” Jenny cringed when she heard the order. “Stand up on the bed so we can get a better look at your pussy.” She gets up on the bed and she’s still playing with her pussy. “Now Kneel back down, this time make sure your legs are spread open. Arms behind your head show us your tits.” Tears began to form in Jenny’s eyes as she got into the position that Derik ordered her. “Stop crying bitch you knew what was coming.” She was now kneeling on the bed. She parted her knees, knowing that they wanted her to spread her pussy open for them. She arched her back, her firm breasts pushed high in the air, her hands clasped behind her back, forcing them out even further. She watched as Derik moved back over her body. “Lean back, I want your tits aimed for the ceiling and your pussy pushed out.” Jenny leaned backwards until she was staring at the ceiling, her back aching from the position, her pussy pushed forward, her thighs aching from the stretched position. She felt Derik’s hands grab her breasts, pinching her nipples hard again. She twisted her body, trying to escape the cruel, pinching fingers but it looked like she was trying to encourage the fingers. She felt his hand slide lower, over her stomach, to her abdomen until finally reaching her pussy, the fingers sliding across her slit. She cringed as she felt the palm of his hand run over her pussy. “You have a very beautiful pussy, Jenny. Now, I want you to use your two hands and spread your pussy lips open so everyone can see your pink pussy."
“Don’t make me do that.”She begged Derik even though she knew that almost everyone in the room has seen her pink pussy, but she remember what Daren told her while they were heading up to the house.
“You’re to act like you have never been fucked before if you don’t you and your boyfriend will be torture and killed.”
“Cunt, did you fucking hear me!”
“Yes sir,” she answered. She was shaking from the fear. She was still in pain from the day before. Her hands already began to move down her stomach. Jenny had masturbated before, often, but only in the confines of her own bedroom, with the lights out. Her fingers fanned out over her pussy lips. She grabbed her pussy lips gently and began to pull them apart. She looked out to everyone in the room while she did this she focus her attention on me.
“Further open, no, more, Jenny. Yes, that’s better. Look at that nice pink pussy. When we are finished today, it will no longer be a virgin pussy and it will not be pink, it will be a bright red. It’s going to feel a lot of hard cock pushed in and fucked with. Now, Jenny, run a finger up and down your pussy slit from your clit all the way to your asshole, get your pussy wet. When I rape you, I want you wet.” Jenny ran her finger along her pussy slit, her finger running over the hard nub of her clit, pushing her pussy juice down until she came to her anus, her finger spreading her wetness over her swollen and inflamed anus. Her eyes began to close as her pussy began to get wetter, trying to forget the people watching her so intently. She looked at me and saw that my cock was hard just by watching her. She smiled even though she was doing this for the others enjoyment she pretended that she was doing this for me. “Open your eyes cunt! I want you to see everyone watching you masturbate yourself. Now, push a finger in your pussy until you reach your hymen. I want you to start finger fucking yourself and take your other hand and rub your clit. I want you wet and horny when I fuck you.” She wondered how many times he’s going to say; “I want you wet when I fuck you” she kept masturbating herself. “You’re becoming a real slut.” Jenny cringed in embarrassment when Derik called her a slut. She was being forced to play with her own pussy in front of them and she was getting wet from it.
“She’s not a slut Derik!” I yelled at him. “You’re a monster you care nothing for others just to please your own lust. We are minors you have no right to do this to us!”
“Someone please shut him the fuck up!” I was pushed down onto the hardwood floor until my head was leveled with Dick’s cock. Jenny watched as Daren tied my hands behind my back and Dick stuck his dick into my mouth and began to fuck my mouth. “That’s good, Jenny, very good. Now I want you to get on your hands and knees, your ass to the audience and spread your legs wide. I want you to give them a good show of your pussy and also your asshole. Now reach between your legs and spread your pussy lips open. Wider, we all want to see that tiny pussy that my hard cock is going to rape. She reached between her legs and pulled her pussy lips apart, she had a hard time holding them open, they were so wet with her pussy juice. “Now, spread your ass cheeks more and play with your asshole, I want you to wet your finger from your pussy and push it into your asshole. Show us how it is still tight after my friend raped it yesterday.” Jenny pushed her finger into her anus, still sore from the anal rape until it entered her rectum. She could feel her sphincter trying to push it out, reacting after the brutal rape Derik’s friend had inflicted upon her.
“Oww, that still hurts,” she cried but she knew they didn’t care. .
“Very good, my cock really needs to fuck you now. I want you to lie down on the bed and bend your knees and put your feet flat on the bed. Hands over your head and grab the headboard and do not let go of it. And then I want you to slowly spread your legs open until I tell you to stop. Let everyone see your pussy open up for its rape.
“I’m going to let you help me rape you. Now first, slowly spread your legs until I tell you to stop.” Everyone in the room watched as Jenny revealed her once virgin pussy even some of the people in the room thought she was still a virgin, her legs spreading wider and wider. “Rise up a little; we want to see your asshole open.” She raised her ass up from the bed, her body arching up, revealing not only her pussy, but also her anus. Her thighs began to ache as her legs were spread over three feet, but she continued. She could feel her pussy lips parting, the cool air rushing over her pussy and her exposed anus. “That’s good, now hold that position. Look at that teenage pussy and asshole, open and ready for a good hard cock. You gentlemen will have to wait your turn.”
She watched as Derik undressed. While he was almost 32, a terribly old age to a teenager, he was still in remarkable shape. She saw his cock, over six-inches of hard cock displayed when he removed his shorts. She saw his hand stroking it, making it harder as he walked closer to the bed. She started to close her legs when she felt Derik get on the bed. “Legs open, Jenny. Don’t try to hide that pretty little pussy from everyone." Derik watched as she reluctantly spread her legs wider, her pussy opening up again, her pink pussy begging for a hard cock. Jenny felt him grab her legs and lower them to the bed, his hands urging her thighs further apart, the ache beginning. He kneeled between her legs, his cock standing out erect as his hands caressed her thighs, working towards up her toned thighs, seeking out her pussy. He grabbed her hands and pulled them toward his cock. She would rather them let me fuck her again at least I would hurt her when I fuck her. “Feel my cock; soon it is going to be in your tight little pussy.” He made her hands caress his cock, twitching in anticipation of the warm, tight place it would soon be. Derik slid down, lying on top of Jenny, his knees spreading her legs out further as he situated his body so that his hard cock rested on her spread pussy. His cock jerked as it rubbed against her silky pussy. His hands moved up to grab her breasts and squeeze them tightly, pinching the nipples as they moved to the tips. “What a nice set of tits you have, Jenny. I can’t wait to see them bounce around when I fuck you,” he tells her.
“Oh God,” she thought, he wants me to kiss him. She felt his lips press against hers, his fingers still abusing her nipples as his tongue sought out her mouth. “Never, I will not let his tongue into my mouth.” His tongue became more insistent, trying to push between her tightly grasped lips. “OOOWWW!” She yelled, her mouth opening in pain as Derik’s fingers brutally pinched her tender nipples, forcing her mouth open in pain. His tongue entered quickly, moving around inside her mouth, seeking out her tongue. “AAAGGG,” She cried again, her scream muffled by his mouth, as her nipples were again brutalized. She began to move her tongue over his; she did not want to feel the pain again. She could feel his hard cock moving against her pussy, sliding up and down her pussy slit. She tried to move away, but only succeeding in giving him more pleasure as her pussy rubbed against the hard cock. She felt him remove his mouth from hers and his body pulls up, supported by his arms.
“Yes, you must obey, or it will be more painful for you. I will do whatever I want with your teenage body and you are not to try to stop me, is that understood,” his hands again reaching out for her hard nipples, his fingernails digging into the tender flesh, a gasp of pain coming from her lips.
‘Yes, sir, please, don’t hurt me, I will do what you say.”
“Reach down for my cock and rub it over your pussy, get it wet, it will make it go easier and less painful if you get it wet.” Reluctantly Jenny reached down and grasped the hard cock. She began to rub the head of his cock up and down her spread pussy lips, soaking it with her pussy juice. She felt it twitch as she continued to rub it.
Now, put it inside your pussy and raise your hips, pushing it in. I want you to begin to fuck yourself on my cock.”
“Please, don’t make me do this, fuck my mouth, I don’t want to get pregnant from you,” she cried out. She saw the look on his face and knew that he was going to fuck her no matter what. She pulled his cock up until it reached her pussy and pushed her hips up to gently push the head in. She felt her pussy begin to stretch open to allow the large head of his cock to enter her. Jenny’s hips still pushing up, slowly forcing her own pussy to accept the cruel instrument into her once virgin pussy. She pulled back and then back in again, slowly opening her pussy, the cock entering her about an inch, back out, then back in again. Each time her pussy stretched open wider and hurt less. She looked at me and sees that I couldn’t say a word because Dick’s cock was still in my mouth, she sees me swallow therefore she knew that Dick must have ejaculated down my mouth, but he kept his cock in my mouth and continue to fuck my mouth.
“Your pussy feels like a tight glove, it squeezing the head of my cock. This is going to be a good fuck.” He reached one hand down and slid it under her ass, forcing her to push up, his cock pushing further into her pussy, spreading the walls of her pussy to expand to take the big cock. “That’s a good girl, take my cock.” His hand grabbed the cheek of her ass hard, forcing her up at the same time he pushed down.
“Oh, God, please, that hurts,” she cried, tears forming in her eyes as her pussy was spread open further than it ever was. She could feel the hot flesh, now hard as steel, slowly pushing into her pussy, spreading her flesh open to accept the rape of her body. She felt his hand under her ass, searching for her sore anus, pushing her body up, forcing her to fuck herself on his cock. “AAGGHH!” She felt the cock retreat from her pussy, than push back in again, this time more urgent and more powerful. She thought back on how I took her virginity and how bad it hurt, but at least I don’t have a big cock like Derik or Dick, she was glad she’s not a virgin or it would hurt worst. Derik’s mouth sought out hers, wanting to smother her scream as he took her brutally. His tongue pushed into her mouth, his finger squeezing her nipple painfully, reminding her of her position. He felt her respond to his tongue fucking of her mouth as he pulled back his hips, ready for the final plunge into her body. He grunted as he pushed in with all of his strength as his hard cock tore into her pussy, as he forced six inches of hard cock into her teenage body. His finger sought out her anus, pushing the fingertip into her reluctant anus until it was buried up to the first joint, her sphincter struggling to expel the fat digit. Her hips bucked up, hoping to escape the cruel fingering of her sore anus, only succeeding to help with the rape.
“AGGGHHH, GGGRRR,” Jenny mumbled, her cries of distress and pain smothered by Derik’s mouth and tongue fucking of her oral cavity. The pain tore through her body as Derik’s fat cock pushed relentless into her no so much used vagina, tearing her flesh as it stretched her open. She pushed her hips deep into the mattress to escape the cruel rape, only to buck up as his finger violated her sore anus and plunged ruthlessly into her anal tract. She bounced around, driving his cock deeper into her torn vagina, fucking him back like a whore in heat. Her hands clenched tightly on the headboard as the pain traveled through her innocent body, her body trembling as she felt his body covering hers, his hips pulling back for another cruel thrust into her pussy. She could feel the wetness down there, not sure if it was blood from her pussy or it was her pussy becoming wet from being aroused by the cock penetrating her body. He pulled his lips from her face after he wrenched the screams from her lips as he tore into her pussy very harshly. He felt her body jerk up, his finger in her asshole driving her to fuck back on his rampaging cock. He saw the pain on her face as he readied his cock for another plunge into her super tight pussy. He saw her fists clench tightly on the headboard, readying herself for another plunge of his cock. She was willingly bracing herself for the rape of her pussy, subjecting her body to his will. He pushed his hips down again, his finger pushing harder into her dry anal tract again, his cock pushing deeper into her pussy, pushing her flesh apart to accept the hard instrument of his lust. He felt her sphincter grasp his finger, trying to expel it from her body, as her pussy grabbed his cock in reflex. His cock pushed brutally into her pussy slowly, forcing the flesh to push aside.
“OOOOWWW, you’re tearing me up, please take it out, please, I will do anything,” she begged.
“You already do everything I asked so why must I ask you to do anything. You truly are a submissive slut,” he tells her. Her hips bucked up and down, not sure what direction to take. The cock pushed them down, the finger forcing her hips up, her body jerking about in abandonment. She felt the cock pushing deeper into her body, now over six or seven inches of hard cock entering her. Her pussy clamped tightly onto his cock, milking it, trying to expel the intruder but only succeeding to entice him to fuck her harder and deeper. “Fuck me back, Jenny; drive your pussy up on my cock. Take it deep inside of you. I know you want it, you want my cock to tear deep inside of you until it is buried deep inside your tight teenage pussy.” Derik’s cock tore out of her pussy just as brutally as he tore in, her pussy squeezing it tightly as it was withdrawn. “No, please stop, I can’t take anymore,” she cried, anything to stop the pain radiating from between her legs. She tried to close her legs, but Derik’s knees are keeping them spread open. She pushed her legs out wider, hoping to ease the pain, but it only allowed Derik greater access to her spread pussy, allowing his cock to push in deeper. Her hips pumped up again, the finger entering her rectum, pushing slowly along her dry anal tract, adding to the pain between her legs. She arched her back and hips up, over three inches off of the bed as his fingers continued the rape of her backside. She felt the cock pushing deeper inside her pussy, hitting new, untouched places as her own actions contributed to the cruel rape of her pussy. “Your pussy is so tight, Jenny, can you feel my hard cock pushing inside you.” Derik made his cock jerk inside her body, feeling her jump from the pain. He pulled his cock out until only the head of his cock was gripped so tightly by her pussy then plunged back in again, his cock beating its way into her body, pushing over seven inches of hard cock into her abused pussy. He jerked his finger around in her rectum, making her arch up to escape the thick digit scratching her tender anal tract. his finger jerking around again, her body arched over four inches from the bed, He pulled his finger from her anus, her body going back onto the mattress to escape his cock. He pulled his cock again from her body, this time pulling it all the way out, her pussy gripping it tightly as it left her body, seemingly begging it not to leave.

“Are you finished,” she cried as she felt the hard cock leave her pussy. She could feel the relief as her pain filled body relaxed. His finger left her anus.
“I’m done now its Daren’s turn and then I think we’ll let your boyfriend fuck you again.” Daren got on the bed with her.
“I’m going to enjoy this I’ve been waiting for this since you arrived,” he tells her. “Now spread your legs real wide, and relax your pussy. It will be much easier if you let me fuck you then trying to fight it.”
“Please don’t do this.” Jenny begged. He slaps her across the face and then hits her in the stomach. I got up, but Dick and one of his buddies pushes me down onto the ground. She looks over and sees me getting into the doggy style position therefore she knew that they plan to fuck my ass while they fuck her pussy. I heard Daren say this to her.
“I’ll do whatever I want to your body. Do you hear me slut?” He slaps her again.
“Yes sir,” she answered. She reluctantly spread her legs wider, bringing them up higher, opening her crotch open to him, and allowing him full access to her pussy. She watches as Dick’s friend cock entered my asshole and Dick’s dick goes into my mouth. She watched them fuck my ass before Daren’s cock went into her cunt. He went in slowly and pulls completely out.
“Now cunt I’m going to push in withal my might and it’s going to hurt a lot,” he tells her laughing. The force of his rape knocked the breath out of her lungs as she felt the head of his cock beat hard down against her cervix. She screamed in agony as soon as she caught her breath. ““OOOOWWWW!” She felt his finger push up into her anus, painfully stretching her anal tract open. Her rectum was dry and the finger rasped inside of her body, cruelly tearing along her flesh. She arched her body under higher, trying to escape the thick digit, pushing her ass up into the air over five inches, fucking her pussy onto the raping cock. “Take your finger out of my backside, please, it hurts, it’s too dry.”She humped up higher, feeling the cock push painfully against her cervix, not knowing which was worse, the cock or the finger. Daren pulled his finger from her anus. He pushed it against her mouth.
“Get it wet, or else it goes back in again dry,” he ordered her. Jenny reluctantly opened her mouth, the finger entering as her tongue began to run over it. The taste was awful, but she had to make it wet to ease the pain. Her tongue bathed it, hoping to get it very wet. “That’s a good girl. Now back inside your asshole.” His finger, now wet entered her anus easier, but he used two fingers this time, her anus having to spread wider to accept the fingers, now twice as wide to spear into her body.
“Not more please no!” She tried to relax her sphincter to allow the fingers to plunder her anal tract. Her body fought the invasion, trying to squeeze them out as they continued to plunge deeper into her rectum. Again she bucked up, raising her hips up from the bed, her legs spreading wide, allowing him access to her body as the cock ripped through her body again, and plunging all eight inches of hard cock into her body in one bone jarring thrust.
“Fuck back, that’s it, grips my cock and fingers with your body.” He began to ride her body hard. His cock beginning to thrust in and out, the speed of her rape increasing as he plundered her body. He watched her face contoured in pain, her tits bouncing on her chest, her legs thrashing about the bed as her hips bucked up and down, fucking her asshole and pussy on the raping instruments. He now gave her the full eight inches of cock inside her pussy with each thrust, bruising her cervix as it plunged deep inside of her body. He could see the blood on his cock as it tore into her body, her pussy gripping it as it pulled from her body, her legs spreading wider when he pushed back in, accepting the rape of her body. Her fingers were clamped tightly by her sphincter as they cruelly twisted in her rectum, opening and closing, spreading her anal tract, eliciting groans of pain from her lips as she was fucked. Jenny felt her body being turned on her side, the cock still tightly embedded in her pussy. Daren pulled one leg up high, forcing her muscles to strain as it was aimed straight up in the air, her pussy now spread defenseless as his cock raped deep into her pussy again. At least his fingers were pulled from her asshole. The fingers moved toward her pussy and began to play with her clit. She felt the bud like clit pulled from its protective hood, the fingers gripping it tightly, rubbing over the nub as the cock continued to plunder her raped pussy. Her juices flowing freely, his cock sliding along inside her pussy, lubricated by her pussy juice. “Your pussy is so hot and tight, I don’t know if I can go much longer. I am going to cum deep inside your pussy,” He began to pump his cock into Jenny faster and faster, stroking all eight inches of cock into her pussy. He watched her body bounce, her tits rolling on her chest as she was buffeted by his fucking.
“Please don’t cum in me; I don’t want to get pregnant.”Her body was jerked back and forth, her once virgin pussy now stretched wide, receiving his hard cocks, each time harder and faster. “That hurts, not so fast, not so hard, your tearing my vagina.” His fingers continued their forced masturbation. She felt her pussy juice running down her leg, her clit now hard and erect, and her body beginning to disobey her.
“On your hands and knees, I want to fuck you like a dog, your ass in the air, spread open and waiting.” His hand slapped her ass, forcing her to turn over, propping herself up on her knees, her head down, buried in the mattress, her ass sticking up high in the air. She felt another slap on her inner thigh, “spread wider, I want your pussy open for my cock,” followed by another slap on her other thigh. She spread her legs wider, the pain returning to her thighs as they were spread obscenely, her pussy and anus now exposed and open. “That’s a good little bitch. Now beg me to fuck you. Beg me to stick my hard cock in your tight little pussy until I fill you with my hot cum.” Daren grabbed Jenny by the hair, hauling her head up for all to see.”Ask me to fuck you and make you cum.”
Jenny arched up high, her hair pulling her back, her ass pushed against his hard cock. She could feel it pushed against her spread pussy. “Oh, God, please get this over with,” she thought. She felt him slap her ass again, the pain radiating over her ass cheeks. He wanted her to beg him to fuck her. She resisted another slap to her ass, the pain now worse. “No more, please, no more.” She pushed her ass against his cock and felt the head of his cock slip inside her spread pussy. “Fuck me and make me cum,” she begged. She pushed back again, his cock beginning to fill her pussy again.
“That’s a good girl,” he pushed, his cock entering her pussy with one quick and powerful stroke, feeding all eight inches of hard cock into her, a groan of pain escaping from her lips as he bruised her insides with his cock. He pulled back on her hair, riding her like a horse, fucking his cock into her defenseless pussy, slapping her ass to get her to fuck back. He reached under her and grabbed her clit. He tugged and pulled on it, feeling her pussy squeezing tightly on his cock as he abused her clit. “You like that don’t you Jenny, you like when I hurt your clit.” He grabbed her clit hard.
Jenny raised her head and screamed as it felt like Daren was tearing off her clit. She pushed back on his cock, pumping her pussy up and down his steely rod as he abused her body. She could feel an orgasm coming on. She rode his cock harder, impaling her pussy on his strong cock, coaxing cum from her body, her clit over twice its size, pinched and prodded. She moaned as she felt the cock inside her get bigger, increasing in size. She knew that he must be getting ready to cum. “Fuck me,” she yelled, her hips pumping, her pussy grabbing at the hard cock inside her, squeezing it, trying to suck his cum from his balls. “AAAAAHHHH,” she screamed in ecstasy when she felt Daren pump his cock deep inside of her, feeling like it was going to come out her mouth and held it there. She felt it tremble and twitch inside her until a powerful blast of cum shot out, filling her pussy with his hot cum. Her pussy milked his cock as Daren again slapped her ass, forcing her to tighten on the cock, cumming deep inside of her again, another blast of cum filling her up. Her body trembled and she moaned as a powerful orgasm overcame her, her pussy grabbing the cock inside her, milking cum out of him. His hands reached for her hanging breasts, squeezing them tightly, milking her nipples hard as he pumped a third and final load of cum inside her. The tit torture dragged another cum out of her, her body shaking as his cock began to slowly pump inside of her again. Her pussy made slurping sounds as it was pulled from her body, the suction from his cock sounding like a fart as his cock retreated from her body, his cum, mixed with hers running down her thighs into a puddle on the bed. He slapped her ass one last time.
“You did an excellent job for a slut, Jenny,” he tells her. He watched her humiliation on her face as she slumped to the bed, raped and forced to cum. Jenny felt Daren got off the bed and she slumped to the mattress, her body shaking, weak from the orgasm and the hard rape of her pussy.
“Heath, I want you to get on the bed with her and fuck her. You will have an hour to fuck her without us bothering you, but when we return you’ll have to fuck her the way we tell you to fuck her,” Derik tells me. Derik, Dick and all the rest left the room, but before they left Derik had Dick remove my cuffs. I get onto the bed with Jenny. She lies back against the headboard and spread her legs to give me clear access to her pussy.
“Jenny, please close your legs, I don’t want to fuck you,” I tell her. She gave a sigh of relief because she needed to rest at least for a little bit. I get up closer to her and kissed her. I hug her and she hugged me she cried into my shoulder and I rubbed her back. I could still see cum dripping out of her pussy. I wiped it with part of the bed sheet it accidently brushed against her clit she gave a soft moan. I reached down towards her pussy with my hand and felt to see if she was still wet. She was still wet and Horney.
“Heath, I want you to fuck me,” she tells me.
“Jenny, are you sure?” I asked her.
“Yes I am,” she answered. She could tell by the way I asked her that I was worrying about hurting her. "Heath, I'll be fine besides I love the way you fuck me."
"Jenny the first time I fucked I had to do what they told me to do."
"Yes, you did but you did it slower than they do, but after they left and we were alone you fucked me again. I know you didn't fuck me for a long time and it took you a lot less time to cum then Daren and Dick did besides I love how you fuck you give me a wonderful satisfaction." I knew she was right and besides watching Daren and Derik fuck have made me horney and I really wanted to fuck her for along time. We hear a knock from the door and Sherry enters.
"I brought some clothes for you, but I wouldn't let the others catch you in them." She leaves.
I'm going to take a quick shower to clean their filth from me," she tells me.
"Make sure it is a quick shower," I replied. She just smiled and went to take her shower. It didn't take her long to get out she was completely dried off except for her hair. I came up to her and kissed her and smiled her hair. "You smell very sexy." We got dress in the clothes Sherry brought for us. I picked her up and pinned her against the door, shoving my tongue in her mouth and making out with her wildly while running my hands over her 3AC cup breasts. She moaned and sucked on my tongue. She grabbed my neck with one hand and held me to her while the other reached down and fondled by rock hard member through my jeans. I stroked her hair as we kissed and necked for a few minutes. She wrapped her amazingly sexy legs around my waste and we began to dry hump against the wall. I pulled her away from the door and dropped her on the bed, laying down on top of her and pulling my shirt off to reveal my athletic body that I had worked on for months to get the type of response I saw in her eyes even though she has already seen my body but we’re doing some role-playing. She grinned and ripped off her own top.

"Oh I'm so horny, Heath" she slurred to me.

"Yeah I know, Jen, so you wanna' get fucked tonight, baby?" I asked. Our lust took over again.

"Fuck yeah!" she yelled at me.

We started to make out again and I squeezed my hand down her shorts and started to rub her already sopping wet pussy. She moaned loudly through our kisses and pulled away, "Ohhhh god yes, oh my pussy" she whispered in my ear as her breathing increased in rate. I grinned at her and pulled her into another make out, holding her to me as I began to finger her. I inserted a second finger into her and she began to moan louder and louder as my pace increased. She broke my grip on her neck and broke away from our latest make out session and began to scream in pleasure. "Ohhhhh yes's Heath! Ohhhh that feels good! Oh right there! Yessss just like that!" I grinned and continued to finger her as I pulled her bra down, revealing her nipples and kissing each of them. She hissed in pleasure as I flicked her nipples with my incredibly flexible tongue. "Oh, Heath! Ohhhh yesss that's it!" she shouted as I kissed her flat sexy stomach, I paused here and went back up to her nipples and sucked on each of them ravenously while making my fingers dart in and out of her hole even faster. "OHHHHH YES! OHH I'M GOING TO CUMM HEATH! OHH I'M GONNA CUM! I'M GONNA CUMMM! YES! YESSSSSS! I'M FUCKING CUMMMING OHHHH!" she screamed as I felt a rush of her hot fluids. I grinned up at her. She had her eyes closed and her mouth open, still moaning and shouting obscenities. I removed my drenched fingers from her pussy and began to unbutton her shorts. She rotated on her hips to yank down my jeans and reveal my cock which while not terribly long was incredibly thick. She rubs the shaft slowly in admiration. I grinned as I finished pulling her shorts and panties off of her legs.

I dove into her pussy without warning. I jammed my fingers back into her at a pace even faster than I had just finished bringing her to orgasm with. I dove my face into her cunt and searched for a few seconds before finding her clit and sucking on it. She screamed in surprised pleasure at this sudden attack and immediately grabbed the back of my head and held me in between her legs. She was screaming non-stop as I relentlessly assaulted every nerve in her beautiful love hole. "OHHHHHH YES! OH FUCK YES, Heath!" she screamed over and over as I alternated between flicking and sucking on her clit while jamming my fingers into her over and over. She continued to writhe in pleasure and scream encouragement to me until her voice rose to a high-pitch squeal after a minute or so "OHHHH FUCK YESSS AHHHHHHH YES I'M FUCKING CUMMMMMING!" and she squirted. We didn't know if they could hear us downstairs and if they did then they must not care. It was great to always be the first one to make a girl squirt because you can see that not only is the orgasm more intense than they're used to, but they are shocked at their own body's response. Jenny was squirting everywhere and her juice got all over my face and chest. She screamed and convulsed. Her eyes were wide with shock and I grinned at her expression before bending down and licking the insides of her thighs clean. She moaned and pushed my head towards her pussy again but I pulled back. She grabs my cock and starts to jack me off at a furious pace. She leaned in and began to suck on my balls as well which got me going quickly.
"Ohhh yeah Jenny, yeahhh you little cunt." I hissed to her as she looked up at me innocently. She began to lick up and down my shaft while cupping my balls in her hand. I maneuvered her mouth to the head of my cock and she grinned up at me before deepthroating the first few inches in her mouth. "Yeahhh girl, ohhhh take my fucking cock in your mouth" I said to her as she continued to fondle my balls in one hand and began rubbing me furiously with her other. I was really getting there now. I began to moan and groan in pleasure, holding her hair in my hands gently and gradually pushing her further down my shaft. I know she had plenty of practice. She looked up at me again with those same innocent, beautiful eyes. She knew exactly what I was thinking and I loved that she knew. She increased the pace of her stroking and continued to lick the head of my cock with her tongue. She was jiggling and fondling my balls like crazy and I was going wild. "Ohhhhh fuck Jenny! YEAHHH YOU FUCKING WHORE!" I shouted as I felt the cum ready to erupt from my member. She knew I didn't really me she was a whore, but it made her blush. "Ohhhhh I'm fucking cumming Jen!" I yelled. She pulled her mouth off my cock and presented her tits as a target which I gladly aimed for as she continued to work her magic with her hands. I shouted in pleasure as the first hot jet of cum burst from my cock and landed on her beautiful golden skin. I continued to groan as she jacked me off relentlessly before putting my cock between her tits and rubbing it between them for another minute.

I couldn't believe how great an orgasm I had just had then the other times we fucked I wonder if she was thinking the same thing. Jen was great, but our fun was far from over. She smiled, seeing how pleased I looked. I just stared at her for a few seconds, befuddled at how much I wanted to fuck her. She giggled at my blank expression but was interrupted as I grabbed her around the waist and threw her back onto the middle of the bed. I jumped on top of her immediately and began to rub and lick and suck her everywhere again. After an orgasm as great as I had had, you would think I would need a break, but I didn't, my cock was recovered, and I was as horny as I had been an hour ago.
"Ohhhh you wanna' fuck me now, huh? HUH you fucking stud?" she yelled at me as I flipped her over on all fours.

"I am going to fuck you so fucking hard, Jen" I growled back as I spanked her great ass and positioned my once again cock at her entrance. I grinned as I rubbed the head against her pussy lips and clit. She was groaning in anticipation. "Ohhhh please put it in me, Heath! Ohhhh take me, do whatever you fucking want. This is what I wanted from you all day just us to fucking." That was all I could take. I grabbed her hips and heaved my way into her pussy, ripping into her incredibly tight hole in one giant thrust. I couldn't believe her cunt was still tight from all the traffic she has had in it unless she does the exercise to keep them tight. The sound she made cannot be described. She clenched the bedspread in both hands and let out a cry of both pleasure and pain. I screamed in pleasure as well as I buried my cock at least five inches into her pussy in one thrust. We both were going crazy immediately. She was screaming and moaning, slamming her ass back into me as she raised her hips to meet my thrusts. "OHHHHHH GOD YESSSS THAT FEELS SOO FUCKING GOOD! OHHH YES! HEATH! OHHH FUCK HEATH! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH" she screamed into the bedspread that both of her hands held onto. She was working wonders with her ass, gyrating it perfectly to meet every single one of my thrusts.
"Ohhhhh Jenny! Yes Jenny! Take it you fucking slut! You like that? You fucking like being a whore" I yelled to her as I began to pound her even harder.
"YESSS DON'T STOP! OHHHH GOD KEEP GOING JUST LIKE THAT! RIGHT THERE! THAT'S IT RIGHT THERE YESS YESSSSSS HEATH OHHHHHHH MY GOD!" she shrieked as I felt her getting close to another huge orgasm. I ripped into her over and over, relentlessly. My balls were slapping against the underside of her sexy stomach and the speed and force of my thrusts only increased with her the volume of her shouts. She began to shake and convulse wildly again. I knew that I was hitting her g-spot and I continued to hit it faster and faster. She was swearing up a storm, begging me, screaming, shouting and crying for more. And then she buckled down on my cock, slamming her ass back into me, she screamed louder than ever "FUCKKKKK YESSS FUCK ME I'M GOING TO FUCKING CUMMM AGAIN! OHHHHH MY GODDDD!" I felt her pussy walls tighten and her cunt began to spasm. Her legs were shaking and I grabbed her hair and pulled it hard while fucking her relentlessly. "OHHHHH HEATH! YESSSSSSS OH I'M CUMMING I'M CUMMING! HOLLY SHIT YESSSSS AHHHHHHHHHHHH DON'T STOP PLEASE FUCKKKKKK!" she screamed at the top of her lungs as her orgasm hit its peak. I continued to fuck her semi-limp body relentlessly after her latest orgasm for a minute or so before pulling out. Turning her over onto her back.

She was still out of breath and still looked to be coming down from her orgasm, but I didn't wait. I lovingly prized apart her beautiful toned and tan legs, placing my drenched cock at her entrance. She sighed, "Ohhhhh god yes Heath that was one the fucking best orgasm I've ever had. Oh keep fucking me" I grinned and slowly pushed my cock back into her already tightening hole. I entered much more slowly this time and laid down on top of her, holding her to me.
"Jenny you are so fucking amazing" I said to her softly. She moaned and smiled at me.
"Fuck me Heath. This is the fucking best sex I've ever had, I need you to keep FUCKING ME!" she shouted at me. I grinned as she flipped us over and began riding me like a crazy slut. I was taken by surprise by this quick switch of position but quickly began to suck on the beautiful tits that were dangling in front of me. "Ohhhhh yeah Heath! Ohhhh you like me fucking riding you!?" she shouted at me. I moaned and sucked hard as hell on her nipples. "OHHHHHH" she moaned as she picked up her pace. She was almost flying off my cock now as she rode me like the wild slut she was proving to be.
"Ohhhh Jenny!" I hissed as she began to make out with me wildly again. She grabbed both of my wrists in her small hands and held them to the bed, bouncing like wild.
"OHHHHH YESS YOUR COCK FEELS SOOO GOOD INSIDE ME! OHHH I WANNA RIDE THIS COCK OHHH YESSSS HEATH FUCKKK!" she screamed before diving back down into another wild, sloppy kiss. I began to meet every single one of her bounces with an incredibly hard thrust, causing her to buck and scream in absolute bliss. She looked at me with an expression of pure pleasure and disbelief at how I was making her feel. To be quite honest, I felt the same way. I broke free of her weak hold and held her hips in my hands, sitting up to suck on her tits some more and beginning to absolutely drill my cock into her as she rode me. "OHHHH OHHH I'M FUCKING GONNA CUMM AGAIN HEATH! OHHHH YESSSS!" she shouted. I increased my pace even more and so did she. We were both shouting in pleasure for the next minute and our screams of pleasure mixed together, "OHHHHHH HEATH FUCK ME HARDER! FASTER! OHHHHHH AHHHHHHHH I'M CUMMING!" she shrieked. I slammed my cock into her over and over as a chain of eardrum busting orgasms ripped through her. She shook and trembled, looking almost scared as her body convulsed. "OHHHHH MYYYY FUCKING GODDDD I'M CUMMING I'M CUMMING I'M FUCKING CUMMMMIINNNG HEATH!" she shrieked at the top of her lungs over and over as she rode the shit out of me for another minute all the while with her cum seeping out around the edges of my cock.

I held her head in my hands romantically after she came down from this unbelievable chain of orgasms. I had nearly come, but had decided to save my orgasm for another few minutes. I kissed her passionately and pushed her onto her back, crawling on top of her and burying my cock into her again. She screamed as I pounded into her pussy immediately. She bucked her hips up into me and brought her legs up around my waist in a vice grip, pulling me deeper into her with every thrust. Once again, our moans and shouts of pleasure mixed into a frenzy of swearing and screaming. I slapped her ass and sucked on her nipples relentlessly as I pounded her pussy which by now was sore as hell. "OHHH MY PUSSY! FUCKKKKK YES FUCK MY PUSSY YOU FUCKING STUD! OHHH HEATH YOU ARE SO FUCKING GOOD YESSS KEEP GOING RIGHT THERE RIGHT THERE RIGHT FUCKING THERE... YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Jenny went out of this world as another orgasm ripped through her beautiful, sexy, tanned, middle school body. I wrapped an arm around her lower back and pulled her deeper into every one of my thrusts as I didn't change my pace at all during her latest incredible orgasm. I was just pounding her harder and harder, focusing on making this beautiful girl come. "OHHHH I'M GOING TO CUM AGAIN! I'M GONNA CUMMM AGAIN! I'M... FUCKING... CUMMMMING! AHHHHHHHH!" she shrieked at the top of her lungs. I pulled her legs apart and placed them over my shoulders and got even deeper penetration. By now I was pounding my cock into the hilt despite the incredible tightness of her vagina and the impressive size of my member. She was looking up at me with eyes that looked glazed over. She couldn't take much more, but she was still begging for it. "OHHHH GOD I JUST CAME ALL OVER YOU FUCKING DICK! THANK YOU GOD FOR LETTING HIM FUCK ME!" I could feel my cum getting ready to blast out of my cock at any second and increased my pace even more. I went as wild as I ever have, pounding her pussy to a pulp, yanking on her hair, making out with her wildly and sucking like crazy on her tits. I began barking and shouting:
"OHHHHHH HEATH! YESSS I'M GOING TO FUCKING CUMM AGAIN! I'M GOING TO... I'M FUCKKKINNG CUMMMING OH MY GOD OH MY GOD YESSS YESS AHHHHHHHH FUCKKKK I'M CUMMMMMMING!" Jenny screamed back as she hit another chain of orgasms. I couldn't believe how amazing this felt. I pounded her harder and harder as she continued to scratch my back, flail her limbs and scream at the top of her lungs. I could feel her hot juices flushing out at an incredible pace all over my cock and it became too much.
"OHHHHH FUCKING CUM INSIDE ME BUT DON'T STOPPPP I'M STILL CUMMMING! I'M CUMMMMMMMMMMING AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she shrieked I hit one last final gear; I pounded my cock into her like a jackhammer, holding her hips down and railing my cock into her. She was screaming louder than ever as yet another intense orgasm ripped through her convulsing body. It seemed as though she had lost all control of her limbs, but apparently not.
"FUCKKKK I'M FUCKING CUMMMMMING JENNY!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.
She pulled me back on top of her as I pounded her pussy and wrapped her legs around my back again, screaming "FUCKKKKKK YESSSS I'M CUMMMING CUMMM WITH ME HEATH! PLEEEEEASE FUCKING CUM IN ME! CUMMMM INSIDDEEEE MEEEE YESSSS! YESSSS! OHHHHHH MY GODD YESS AHHHHHHHHHHH SHIT! FUCKKKKKK OHHHHHHHHHHH MY GOD!" Our screams and cries of pleasure became deafening as I felt hot jets of semen being sprayed all over the insides of her cunt. We both began to spasm and buck wildly as my orgasm set off yet another chain inside Jenny.
"OHHHHHH HEATH!" "OHHHH I'M FUCKING CUMMMMMING!" We screamed and writhed; we shouted and went crazy for another minute as I continued to pound the hell out of her until her own orgasms subsided and I knew every ounce of my own cum had been spat into the depths of her pussy.

"Holly shit" I sighed as we both collapsed, exhausted, into our own mess of cum and sweat that caked the bedspread. We both laughed and smiled as we kissed again. "Heath that was the most incredible sex... thing... I've ever.... Oh kiss me again" she said as she pulled me into another make out and wrapped one of her amazing legs around my hips. "That was incredible, Jenny" I said to her after I pulled away. She smiled.
"I think that was the best sex I ever had then what we did before and what Derik and the others did to me," she says.
"I quite agree," I tell her. I began to lovingly suck on her nipples again. She hissed and moaned. I don’t know how I managed it but I fucked her longer and I didn't cum as fast as I did before. Sherry comes back into the room.
"I brought you both some food,” Sherry tells us.
“Thank you," we tell her.”
“I have some bad news to tell the both of you.”
“What could be worst then what we’re already experiencing?” Jenny asked.
“Derik decided to make you both his pets, therefore tomorrow you’ll go to a place in the woods were you’ll spend the rest of your life. My husband will explain everything too you when he gets back up here. She leaves with the clothes she gave us. We ate the food. Several minutes pass Derik and several others return to the room.
“Don’t worry we’re through with fucking you for while anyway.” They laugh. “How was your two fuck?” Jenny or I didn’t answer. “I asked you a question bitches don’t answer we got it on camera anyway.” They laughed again. “Soon you’ll be taken to your new home far away from here where you’ll remain as pets for the rest of your lives except for the times we plan to torture you or fuck you. You'll leave for their in a couple of months so you'll have plenty of time here. You'll stay in this room until we decide we want to fuck you again or torture you." They leave we could hear them laughing. We fell asleep in each other's arms. The rest of the week passed without any more rapes or torture. Jenny and I didn't fuck any more for the rest of the week. We decided to give each other some rest.

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