I'm Adam and this story takes place when I was fourteen. I was watching the 7 year old girl next door while her mother was at work. her father was in jail for beating her mother and her mother didn't really trust men so i was already on edge.

I had just put Amber down for a nap and then went channel serfing. as i was flipping through the channels i noticed that the porn channels were unlocked. My cock hardened fast and i took to jacking off to relive the raging hard on.

I had been jacking off for about 5 minuets when i heard a small gasp behind me.

Amber walked around the couch and sat down next to me. I stoped what i was doing and watched her as she stared at my cock. she slowly reached toward my cock then stoped and looked up at me.

"Go ahead." i said. she touched it then wrapped her little hand around it and started rubbing it. she leaned down and licked the tip of my cock as i gasped in air from pleasure. she lowered her little mouth over the head of my cock. she went down on me for a few minuets then stopped.

"Adam I want you to take my virginity please." she said.

I smiled and looked into her eyes as i reached over and pulled her clothes off. I picked her up and lowered her little body onto my cock. as i entered her she let out a small scream of pain. I stopped for a second and then slamed her down so that all my 5inches of cock were in her.

I told her to start bouncing up and down. as she bounced up and down on my cock i played with her little nipples and noticed that she had a tight round ass.

I reached down and rubbed her ass as she bouced my cock was getting sqeased verry tightly in her little girl body. she bounced for about 10 minuets before i felt the tingle that signaled the begings of my cumming and i yelled out "keep going I'm going to cum in your sexy little pussy." as i sprayed my load into her body.

i then pulled her up off me and stood up. I bent her over the couch and put my cock against her little anus. she looked back fearfully as i rubbed my cum soaked head against her anus. I then pushed my cock in one swift movement up her little ass. she screamed in pain as i started to pump. she screamed as i pumped into her ass and after 20 minuets my cock spewed into her ass.

needless to say i went back to babysitting her all the time and i cut my prices.


2012-11-29 22:34:46
Only real bad thing is its too short and rushed but got great potential.


2012-11-29 22:29:37
Alsome just found this story and liked it ages great please do more.

anonymous readerReport

2012-06-28 23:08:14
the story really really balls to it... to young... just not good... stick with jerking off.

Anonymous readerReport

2010-07-11 23:09:32
It was hot. But more detail and make the girl more innocent. Like she doesn't know about sex but wants to learn

Anonymous readerReport

2009-10-03 05:48:18
WTF .. that a load of bollocks
and if its true .. what were u finkin
seven fuckin years old u thick dicked
and there is no way she wudda knows what "virginity" means .. and if she saw u wankin she certainly would fuckin suck your dick .. you lyin fuck

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