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Holly an her friends celebrate a party with a horny teenager
Dear Little Holly

Prologue: Character Intro and Backgrounds.

Holly was a normal girl. At 8 years of age, she was one of the tallest in her school, standing a proud 5' 5. She had blonde hair falling down to below her shoulders. Her hazel and green eyes glowed with excitement as she bounced around like a rabbit. And I just happened to be her brother. My name is Karl. I'm 15, 6' exactly and I just adore little girls. I have often masturbated over Holly and even some of her little friends. Not thought of doing anything with them, just their cute little faces, shining in the midday sun.

Now don't think of me as a paedophile. I don't act on my fantasies. Or at least I didn't. That was until Josie's 9th Birthday party. Josie was a cute girl. Not as nice as Holly mind you, but nice still. Her parents had split, and she lived with her mum in a rented room. When her ninth birthday came around, my mother had a wonderful idea. She called up Josie's mum and made an offer that made her day. She would host Josie's birthday party, with a Sleepover for TWO nights.

As the time approached, both myself, my parents and Holly were getting excited, but were a bit worried that having six girls in the house would be a bit crowded. Then an idea came to me. I collared my father and made a proposition.. I go to the Summer Shack and the girls can stay there too. Now most of you would think that your parents, or yourselves would never let a 15 year old boy and six 7 to 9 year old girls stay together under one roof, with no “adult” supervision. But my parents are different. They asked Holly what she thought of the idea, and she agreed up to the point of me tagging along. She argued for about an hour before my mother assured her that I was there just to keep an eye on the girls, and to make sure that the place is tidy when they are due to leave. My sister reluctantly agreed and my parents went along telling the other parents that their kids would be safe in my hands. Most of the parents knew that I could be trusted. On several occasions, I had babysat the girls, each ending in the moral and physical correctiveness. As I said before. My fantasies were just that. Pigments of my imagination.

And as the inevitable day drew closer and closer, Holly decided to spend more time with me.

Part 1

Holly walked up to my bedroom on the Monday before the party. 5 days of freedom left. For both of us. She knocked twice, then opened the door. I was sat on my bed, on the laptop, chatting away on MSN.
“Hey Karl” she sheepishly said to me
“Hey Hols” I replied, placing my laptop aside, “How can I help?”
“I was just wondering what you'll be doing at the weekend”
“Well, lil' sis. I am babysitting you and your friends.” I responded
“Yeah, but what are you gonna do when you get there? Mum says you cant take your Xbox or laptop”
“Well, I have other ways of busying myself” I snapped back.
“What like?”
She had to ask. What am I supposed to say. Just as I was about to dive into the deep end of the embarassment pool, my father saved me
“Holly, the phone is ringing. I think it's for you.”
And with that, she bounced out of the room. As she was about to close the door, I could have sworn she bent over, causing her skirt to raise a bit, and reveal her pink flowery panties, but before I could check, the door slammed, causing me to break from my trance. As I perched the laptop back onto my lap, I realised that the sudden sweats were caused by my hard on, tenting my trousers out, and slowly leaking precum. I decided to relieve myself there and then. I put my headphones over my ears, closed my eyes, and began tugging. I imagined my little sister, and her hands wrapped aroundmy thick shaft, her eyes ogling the veins as they pulsed. My mind seemed to put the thought into effect, as no sooner had I thought of her, I could feel her hands on my shaft. As they explored, my cock twitched, and she gasped.. Hang on. I never wanted her surprised. I opened my eyes to the one thing I always imagined, but recoiled. My sister was sat there with her hands almost fully around my shaft, attempting to copy my actions. I pushed her away and adjusted myself before confronting my sister.
“What did you do that for?” I asked, almost angry
“I-I..” she stammered
“I'm sorry” I said, seeing tears swell in her eyes.
“Josie said that.. that your willy could make me a big girl” she said, tears now running down her face. My cock twitched at her words, and she noticed.
“Why does it do that?” she asked.
“It does that..” I paused, thinking of a lie to fool her, “..when it needs to rest. You should go now. I need to get ready. I'm helping dad clear the garage so we can pack the bags soon."
She bounced out of the room, this time not bothering to flash to me, and I heard her TV start, as she always watches SpongeBob Squared Pants around lunch time, and being 11:58, I heard the unmistakeable sound.. the Theme tune.
I clambered out of bed and ran down stairs, into the garage, and began clearing the mess. When dad came in with 8 suitcases, I asked who the last one was for. He said it was for food.
"There isnt a shop for miles, so we need to fill the fridges to the brim."
And, if as unaware as I was, my fantasies would reveal that a fair few of the girls would be stuffed to the tip.. or should I say "base"


Please let me know what you think.

Part 2 is introductions to Katie, Ellie, Josie (a bit more), Kirsty and Abbie.
Part 2 also deals with the first few hours of the weekend.

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I understand this is your fantasy, but it is just biologically abnormal for a girl of 8 to stand at 5 feet 5 inches.

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hott story...keep them coming

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