Hot and a little comical
Hi everyone! My name is Megan. I am 26 years old and would like to write about my first sexual experience.

It all started when I was 16 looking back I perceive myself as a dorky kid. My father was a lieutenant on the police force and kept me under lock and key. My extracurricular activities included track and studying over a friend’s house; parties and things of that nature were off limits to me. Having sleepover’s at Brandy’s house was as wild as it got. We would talk about the boys at school and the gossip that was going around.

I had an athletic build, with small breasts; my hair was long and brown and my best feature was my green eyes. I was self conscious about my small breasts I even bought a B cup bra thinking they needed room to grow. Really though, thinking back it was because it made my chest look bigger. I spoke to a female doctor once (I could never have confided in a male doctor about my breasts) and she told me a lot of athletes have small breasts, something to do with lower body fat. I didn’t believe her because some of the cheerleaders had low body fat except in the right places; fuck I am rambling sorry.

Anyway, my boring life was about to come to an end. Brandy’s parents were going away for the Memorial Day weekend to visit her grandparents; and Brandy’s brother was home from college. He was to be in charge while they were away. I convinced my mom to let me spend the long weekend over Brandy’s house, but still needed my dad’s ok. I had something in my favor though, Darren (Brandy’s brother) was the star running back when he was in high school and my father loved football.

When my father came home from work I asked him if I could spend the weekend at Brandy’s. He smiled and said "What are you not telling me"?

I hated when he did that cop thing to me; his tone changed and you always felt like you were being interrogated. Sighing, I told him the situation about Brandy’s parents and how Darren, who is very respectable would be in charge.

No", he said.

"No, that’s it, just No"? I said.

He replied, "Yep, just no".

I was fuming, but I knew better than to argue with him so I ran up to my room.

Later that night I refused to come to supper, and was brooding on my bed when my father came in. He sat on my bed and said,"I hate to tell you no pumpkin, but it is my job to protect you. I am sure Darren is considered a very respectable boy, but boys of his age make choices that are not usually done with a lot of forethought".

This was the opening I was hoping for; waterworks time. I started to cry and grabbed him in a big hug I told him while sobbing "You never lets me do anything; all the other kids are going to parties this weekend while Brandy and I are stuck home. School is almost out and I will have another long and boring summer. My friends will all be driving to the beach going to concerts and parties; you won’t even let me get my drivers permit so I am stuck at home doing nothing again. I bet you didn’t have to stay at home every day when you were my age".

I could feel him giving in as his body went from being rigid to somewhat softer so I made my move. Going from hugging to holding both his hands I told him, "Daddy you could call Brandy’s parents". I let go of one of his hands to wipe my tears and quickly grabbed it back. "You could speak to Darren he really is much older inside than his age implies; he would set your mind at ease please daddy, please daddy, please daddy"?

"Ok pumpkin I will talk to them, but I am not promising anything".

"Will you call right now; you probably won’t get them all home again before Friday".

He sighed and said "I will".

"Bingo" I should have gotten an Academy Award for that performance; I smiled thinking of having a whole weekend of freedom.

I rushed down stairs to make sure my dad made the call; he looked at me knowing I was pressurisng him. He picked up the phone and called; he spoke briefly with Brandy’s parents and then Darren. I listened the best I could; he was talking about football.

"This is so good" I thought; he wasn’t grilling him on what was going on this weekend or laying down the law. I waited and waited for my answer; finally I sat down at the kitchen table to wait. After what seemed like a year (really about a half hour), he hung up. He didn’t even look at me as he walked into the living room; I felt like a puppy, trailing behind him. He went into the den and sat at his desk; still the bastard would not look at me.

I finally couldn’t take it anymore and said "WELL"?

He laughed and told me "As long as you check in regularly you can go".

I jumped up and down then ran over and hugged him; he smiled and started telling me about Darren’s football career in college; I had to tune him out, "I mean who cares"?

Brandy and I conspired all week that when Darren’s girlfriend came over we could split; and if he noticed would have to make the choice of getting laid or coming to find us. "No way would he call my father or her parents".

Brandy said "There is a keg party at the gravel pit we can go to; as long as we split if anyone starts to get rowdy".

I obviously couldn’t be there if the cops showed up; all the cops knew me and it would only take half a heart beat before my father found out. He would send me to some nunnery in Montana or someplace like that.

Thursday night came and I was alone in my room having just hung up from speaking with Brandy; news was that Chris would be at the party. Chris was this really hot boy that had sat next to me at lunch a few days prior.

Brandy told me "He liked me and I should bring something hot".

After our phone call I went to my closet knowing that I would find, nothing. I could not; and did not own anything the proverbial hot. If my parents had only seen clear to give me an older sister, one that would be in college and would most definitely have something hot to let me borrow. "Hell no; they gave me a nose picking little brother who wouldn’t stay out of my room". rambling again sorry.

Anyway that night I decided to at least shave my legs; even though I didn't really need to. I would be wearing the shortest skirt and the prettiest panties I owned; so I wanted smooth legs. During my bath while shaving them a crazy idea came into my head.

"I wonder what it would look like if I shaved down there" (you know where down there is). The thought of it made me flush; and thinking about Chris seeing it made me hot. "What the hell; it isn’t like anyone will really see I have shaved my pussy smooth".

It really felt good to be bare I was touching it and running my fingers lightly up my lips when I heard a pounding on the door. "MEGAN" really fucking loud; it was my pain in the fucking ass little brother. Just so you know he wasn’t the worst brother in the world, but right then I could have killed him.

"What do you want", I yelled?

"Mom wants me to take a bath and she won’t let me use her bath room so get out" he whined.

I threw a towel on and pushed passed him; "What a fucking mood killer" I thought. So with my mind shot, I got dressed and went to bed.

"Friday yes fucking Friday; only half a day of school and I can take the bus to Brandy’s house; life is good".

I was "peppy" I guess you could call it when I came down to breakfast; "No Captain Crunch for me just coffee"; I was feeling like an adult.

Dad grabbed me before I could shoot out to the bus stop and gave me the whole speech about how much trust they are giving me; and how responsible I should treat this trust. "Bla, bla, bla" I thought and smiled as I told him "What a wonderfully good girl I would be". He gave me a sideways look and kissed me on the cheek. "Bye daddy see you Monday".

School was painful; you never do anything before a long weekend. All the teachers know that if they give you homework you won’t do it so they don’t bother. The only good thing at school was that Chris asked me if I was going to the party. I said I was and could have danced after that short conversation. I wanted to do one of those silly cheers that the cheerleaders do; I was so euphoric.

"Nothing can go wrong; well except for I don’t have anything to wear; and my tits are small, but other than that Yoo, Hoo".

Brandy and I got off the bus at her house just as her parents were leaving. Darren was standing out the yard with his shirt off; apparently he had loaded the minivan. He had this sheen of sweat that was reflecting from his skin when the sun hit it. I could feel my face getting red; it always did this at the most inopportune moments. I moved my eyes off his chest and noticed the bulge in his shorts.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, think of spiders or bats or something gross before your face burns off". God, I had to go talk to his parents. "I can’t be all flush like this". I bent down to tie my shoe thank God I had laces otherwise I’d have looked quite the fool bending down like that.

"Compose yourself; spiders, bats, spiders, bats. Ok, hi Mrs. Anderson I hope you and your husband have a great time visiting your parents. Shit, I really am a bumbling fool her mother is sick with cancer; this is fucking Darren’s fault. Sorry I meant I hope your time together is good".

"I’am sure it will be and thank you, what are you girls going to do this weekend" she said.

"Holy shit, we didn’t discuss what to say to her parents".

Thank God for Brandy as she said "Girl stuff and maybe go down to get a ice cream cone; the local ice cream place just opened up".

I didn’t really pay attention to the rest of the conversation; it took all my concentration to stop my eyes from reverting back to Darren. "I wish he would put some fucking clothes on", I thought.

Finally the Andersons left and Darren went in the house. Brandy asked me "Is everything ok"

I told her "Of course what makes you think everything wouldn’t be ok"?

"You seemed flustered".

"I didn’t expect to lie to your parents".

We went in the house and up to her bed room; I explained "I wanted something hot to wear, but my dictator of a father wouldn’t let me".

"Lets take a look in my closet" she said.

"Brandy, you’re filled out in places I am not; I won’t be able to fit in something you own".

"My mother has kept my clothes since I was a kid; I am sure we will find something to fit".

Digging through her mountain of clothes we came across a skirt; it fit, but was really short. I was looking at myself in Brandy’s mother’s full length mirror when Darren came by and poked his head in.

"Holy shit Megan, I hope you don’t plan on wearing that outside".

Brandy jumped in between us and said "We were just playing dress up and unless you want to put on a dress please take your eyes somewhere else".

I noticed he was staring at my ass, but Brandy pushed him out and shut the door. "I can’t wear this it is just too short".

"Nonsense have you a pair of thigh highs"?

"No, I don’t have thigh highs; I want to look hot not like a slut".

"It is hot, and don’t worry about feeling out of place; everyone will be dressed like that".

It took forever for Darren’s girlfriend to arrive; she was one of those girls that is easy to hate.For any guys reading you have to understand this. Girls never say we are envious or jealous of the way another woman looks, we just automatically hate them it's easier.

Anyway she was beautiful; of course she was beautiful, Darren was beautiful; how the hell could she be anything else; but beautiful? She was about 5’8”, long dark hair, perky tits and a tight ass, my eyes were better though I thought. Anyway it was 9:30 when her highness finally arrived; and we had to wait a few minutes for them to get settled in. So it was about 10:00 when we finally began our way down the street on the two mile trek to the pits.

We arrived and I immediately felt self conscious; besides my very short skirt I was wearing a laced up halter top. We had picked up a pair of white thigh highs earlier in the day and Brandy assured me "They look hot".

A lot of people had showed up for this party and it had started at least an hour before we arrived; there was quite a buzz already going. I wanted to find Chris and spend some time with him before it started to get rowdy.

Brandy saw her boyfriend and told me she would see me later. I made my way over to the kegs and poured myself a beer; I figured if I waited there Chris would show up at some point. I was soon feeling pretty good because I got some compliments from a couple of guys that I didn’t know.

Randy came up to the keg (Chris’s best friend) and I asked him "Do you know where Chris is"?

"I don’t know I haven’t seen him all night".

That was disturbing because they were always together; he was pretty drunk so after he refilled I followed his stumbling ass.

He led me right to Chris, and of course he was not alone; did I mention that I hate cheerleaders? I didn’t need to get very close to see Mara hanging all over him. I moved swiftly away so he wouldn’t see me, because I knew I was going to cry. When I got to the outskirts of the pits I turned and ran; I was back at Brandy’s house in what seemed an instant.

No way could I enter the front door so I snuck in the back way and went up to Brandy’s room to cry. Brandy came home about 2 hours later pretty drunk. "Why didn’t you tell me you was leaving"?

I explained what happened and we were talking pretty loud I then said "I am ugly and I look like a boy".

Then we heard Darren yell up the stairs "Is everything alright"? We told him fine and we got dressed for bed; Brandy was out in seconds and I needed the bathroom.

It was down stairs and when I got there I could see a light on; the door opened and I turned to leave. It was Sarah; Darren’s girlfriend "Don’t leave its free now".

I turned keeping my eyes down as I tried to move around her; but she stood in the door way. I finally had to look up at her and she bent over and whispered in my ear "You don’t look anything like a boy; you are beautiful".

She smiled and looked me in the eyes I was so embarrassed that they had heard our conversation. I looked back at her and could feel the tears coming again; she bent over and lightly kissed me on the mouth.

All those feelings of self pity, jealousy and anger were suddenly gone; they were replaced by shock. Sarah grabbed my hand and walked me into the bathroom leading me to the mirror. We both looked at my face I was wearing cheap make up and it was running everywhere from my crying. She grabbed a cloth and makeup remover and started to clean my face.

"You don’t need any of this to begin with".

When she was done she took me by the hand again and walked me into the living room where Darren was sitting. "Megan is having a bad night and is going to spend some time with us".

"Cool" said Darren he was rolling a joint "This will help with a bad night".

Sarah sat me down and I finally focused she was wearing Darren’s football jersey and a pair of panties. Darren was wearing boxers while I on the other hand was wearing jammies with unicorns on them.

Darren lit the joint and passed it around I had tried pot before, but my father is a cop and could tell if I came home high so my experience was limited. When it came time for me to take a hit I took it and sucked in on it, but didn’t really get a hit. I think I was holding it to tight or something so Sarah took it out of my hands and put the lit part into her mouth. She drew me closer to her mouth and blew a white stream came out and I sucked in. I don’t know if it was the pot or the kiss by the bathroom door, but she was turning me on.

After a couple of times with her blowing that smoke into my mouth she sat down on the floor and looked at me. "Darren do you think Megan is ugly and looks like a boy"?

Darren laughed "Have you seen her ass and how about those legs; I saw her in a little skirt tonight and her shape blew me away; yes little Megan is all grown up".

"Skirt,what skirt? smiled Sarah.

"Oh it was this really short thing I told her she shouldn’t go out with it on".

"Well we aren’t outside now; will you wear it now Megan" asked a curious Sarah.

I started stammering "I don’t think I should".

I was cut off by Sarah Put on everything that you wore out tonight; it's not a secret anymore that you and Brandy went out. I want to see if you truly looked like a boy". She grabbed my hand and stood up bringing me up with her; then turned me and tapped me on the ass "Hurry up we are waiting".

I walked back up stairs fighting with myself she had turned me on so much, but I could just put on an outfit so they could gawk at me? I guess you have figured out that I was more turned on than embarrassed or I wouldn’t be writing this story. Anyway I went into Brandy’s room and grabbed all my stuff and headed for the bathroom.

I soon heard Sarah say "We are waiting for you".

As I was getting dressed I realized I was soaked; I had masturbated before and had never been this wet. I couldn’t go back in there with these panties on; and I couldn’t go back up stairs to start rifling through my stuff again. It must have been the pot; there is no way if I had been in my right frame of mind that I would have decided to go out there with no panties on. At least that is what I was telling I put the halter top, the skirt and then the thigh highs on, no panties.

When I came out to the living room, I was so embarrassed as Sarah stood up and held my hand above my head. "Turn around".

I spun quickly thinking that by doing so Darren might not see that I didn’t have panties on. Logic wasn’t on my side because he was on the floor and I was standing up.

"Yeah she doesn’t have any panties on".

Sarah, who was behind me lifted my skirt "Nope she sure doesn’t".

She moved away and went to the entertainment system to put some music on; I didn’t know the artist, but it was soft with a beat. She came back and took my hands and started to dance; I figured I had better dance also or I would look like a dork just standing there.

Sarah turned around and started swaying her hips and pushing her ass on me, I put my hands on her hips to keep rhythm. Darren moved behind me and started dancing; his hands were moving up and down my thighs and ass. My head was swimming and I could feel dampness developing on my inner thighs.

Sarah turned around and while holding my hips started to kiss me; her lips and tongue were so soft and my God I really liked kissing her. Darren was kissing my neck and grinding his hard cock against my ass; I felt I was a boiling volcano as it kept building and building. My body was itching to be touched if somebody didn’t do something soon I was going to explode.

Sarah started to suck on my nipple; she flicked it with her tongue; Darren was biting on my neck and running his hand up the crack of my ass. Sarah pushed Darren away and lay me on the floor; before pulling off her panties then shirt and getting on top of me. She kissed me again then started to unlace my top all the way; when she was done she pulled it open exposing my breasts. Moving down she started to kiss my inner thighs as Darren began to massage and suck on my nipples. He then too came up and started kissing me; that was it I was on fire now. Every touch and nibble was sending me into oblivion; the only rational thought I had was please don’t stop.

Daren placed a knee on either side of my head and lowered his balls into my mouth. I was so happy to have something to do, something to focus on. Sarah had moved to my pussy and if Darren’s balls had not been in my mouth I would have screamed. I was making panting almost crying sounds that I couldn’t believe were coming from me. Sarah was making something happen with her tongue (I hadn’t ever had an orgasm before this), I could feel myself convulsing, I was gushing so badly, for a minute I thought I was peeing.

Sarah was kissing my pussy now my clit was so tender that whenever she brushed it I jumped. I could focus a bit now and saw Darren’s hard cock. It seemed huge (it really wasn’t, but it was the only hard cock I had ever seen, so it looked huge then), for some reason I told him "I am a virgin".

He smiled and moved to my ear "Don’t worry my baby Megan, when I am done, you still will be".

I remember being somewhat relieved, although I had no idea why. Sarah moved and pulled me up to face her, before starting to kiss me again. She leaned back and brought me with her; I was now on top and I kissed her mouth, her chin, her neck before moving to her breasts. They were beautiful so firm and her nipples were rock hard I sucked on them and flicked them with my tongue.

Darren had moved in behind me and started to kiss on my ass; kissing the bottom of my cheeks I was amazed how good it felt. I moved down Sarah’s hard belly to lick her belly button I knew I needed to taste her. I couldn’t think of anything else so I moved to her inner thighs bringing my ass up and full access to Darren.

He licked and kissed my asshole; somewhere in the back of my mind I was surprised by this, but I needed, badly to taste Sarah. When I finally got to her pussy I inhaled hard; she had this sweet musty smell that didn’t smell anything like my pussy; it was like moist heat with a mix of some perfume. My tongue moved to her wet slit and I felt my whole body jerk I wanted so badly to please her. I started running my tongue up her lips and oh my God I thought her mouth was soft like velvet. She was clean shaven and open I ran my tongue back up her slit for more of her essence as Darren pierced my ass with his tongue; I was jolted but very pleased.

I found Sarah’s clit and started to tease it she was moaning now and Darren was pushing something against my asshole; it hurt though did not seem real. Then there was pressure, intense pressure so I concentrated on Sarah’s clit.Watching her body quiver when I brushed my tongue across it was fueling my fire; I was getting wetter and wetter. My thighs were really sticky as I started to rhythmically rotate my pelvis and push against the pressure. With my tongue darting faster and faster over her clit Sarah was now moaning louder and louder.

Something either the pain, the pleasure, or maybe my emotions, but everything was so confusing. Darren pushed his cock into my virgin ass and I screamed. "Did it hurt was it pleasure?

Sarah was going to climax and my head was spinning as Darren fucked my ass; he was fucking it fast and hard. "Was I cumming"?

Sarah dug her nails into my shoulders; "Did that hurt me"? I didn’t know. Sarah was cumming so I moved lower and licked her wetness. "Fuck", I thought; "Darren is pounding me now"; he gave me one last thrust and grunted; after staying there for a minute or so he pulled out. I rolled on my side laying my head on Sarah’s inner thigh.I was so fucking spent.

I lay there for a few minutes breathing hard and I had this stupid thought "They don’t care that my breasts are small"; I smiled to myself. D

Darren came down and kissed me on the cheek "Nice touch Megan shaving your pussy like that".

I sat up and so did Sarah asking. "Are you still having a bad night"?

"No, thanks to you". I hugged her with cum dripping from one of my holes for the very first time.

Sarah and I are still friends today; we sometimes talk about the time we had together, although if she knew I was sharing it with you she might not be too happy. She is a mom now and a great one; her wild days are behind her and she tells me she needs to keep it like that.

I hope you liked my story and maybe I will write another one if you would like. Hey I spent 4 years in college after all!

Love Megan

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sexy megan! i want to have sex with you..

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Get Brandy in the next one with you, Sarah and Darren


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I loved it - My guess you are reasonably flat chested as you say and fairly thin and have sorry to say this - but pretty skinny legs. You have a hot pussy and a great ass.
Obviously you love fucking. All the nymphomaniacs I know are similar in build. You cant get enough sex and when you are satisfied you immediately want more. I have gf like that and she drives me mad for sex and yes i enjoy it with her as well as with guys.. I am not quite that bad but I must border on it.

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The story was awesome it got my blood boiling!!!!!

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Ihave 2 questions for you. Are you married, and if not, where are you?

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