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Chapter One
It was the summer of my eighth year when I saw my first porn. My brother George was in charge of watching my sister Debbie and me while mom was at work. Debbie was seven and spent most of day in her room. He was fourteen and spent most of the day watching T.V. I was on my mom’s computer playing games when I came across my first porn site. I had no idea what men and women did, no idea what sex was. Boy did I learn fast. I found out what a cunt, mouth and ass was used for. How a dick could be used in all three. I saw women with more then one man, dogs and horses. How they love to just fuck and suck. I watch for about two hours and turned off the computer. I looked at my dog Otto he was about my size if he stood on his hind legs. We had he for two years now, raised him as a pup. He followed me everywhere; he was at my feet right now. I had a really nasty thought could Otto do those things I saw on the computer to me, I wanted to find out. I got up and called Otto to follow me to my room. When we got there I closed the door and locked it or I thought I did. I just started to lock my door about three months ago. I said it was a big girl thing and I need my private time. Mom said it was all right and let me do it. Otto went to the side of my bed and laid down I walk over to my bed stripping my cloth off as I went and lay down naked on my bed. I started rubbing my pussy as I seen the women do in the porn. It felt really good. I called Otto onto the bed. He jump up and placed his nose right by my cunt and started to sniff. He wet and cold nose sent shivers down my spine when he touched my pussy. He started to lick my cunt, slow at first then he got faster and faster. I never felt anything like it. In a few minute he had me shaking all over. Later that day I found out Otto gave me my first orgasm. I like what Otto had done to me and wanted to do the sane to him. I had him lay down on his back like I was going to rub his stomach and took his doghood in my hand. I started to move my hand up and down his sheath until his pointed red cock pop out. It was about six inches long and very slim. I took it in my mouth, it tasted very funny but Otto was loving it. His hind legs started to run in the empty air as I sucked on it. I saw Otto hump the girl dog next door, he jump up on her back and started pushing her around the yard. This went on for sometime before he got off. I though to myself what if I got on all fours would Otto jump on my back. So I turned around and got on all fours and let Otto smell my cunt and ass hole. It took him little time after he licked me to mount me. His thin dick keep poking my ass hole until it when in. The pain was unbearable at first, but Otto kept thrust his dick in and out. Soon it started to feel really good and I let him keep fucking my now non virgin ass. He kept it up for 5 or 6 minute before he shot his first of many loads of cum in me. I got up and stood at the side of my bed, doggie cum dripping from my ass, looking at this wonderful animal that just fucked my ass.

I did not lock the door like I thought I did. My brother George had watched the whole thing between me and Otto.

George called me a little slut.
He kept calling me a little fucking whore. He said he was going to teach me a lesson. He pulled his pants down and came up behind me. I was scared I didn't know what he was going to do. He reached for a jar of Vaseline next to my bed. He stuck his hand in and removed his fingers and coated them in the petroleum jelly. He bent me over the bed. Then he shoved his fingers inside me. He pushed really hard each time. He was finger fucking my little pussy really rough adding fingers as he stretched me more and more. The pain was unbearable as he broke my hymen and a small trickle of blood ran out onto the bed sheet. “Ooh, I just popped your cherry little girl”. I started to cry and he said "Not so fucking big now are you" I asked him to stop I begged him to stop but he kept going ramming his fingers in and out. This went on for a long time, and then he pulled out. I thought he was done. I was crying and it hurt so badly. But he wasn't done. Next thing I knew his massive dick was resting on my pussy. He told me he was going to give me the fuck of a lifetime. He told me he was going to make a woman out of me. He said "I'm going to rip your little fucking pussy apart. The dog got your mouth and ass I’m going to get your little cunt.” And he did.

He shoved himself in so far I about passed out. He held it there for a while then pulled out and shoved it in again. I had never had anything inside me not even my own fingers. He continued for about 5 minutes forcing his huge cock inside my little womb. The bed was moving as he fucked me from behind. He was grunting loud with each push. He fucked me for another 5 or 10 minutes. I was nearly unconscious. He pulled his eight inch cock out of my sore swollen cunt. He started smacking my little butt. He spanked me hard, very hard. Then he started again. Stuffing himself inside me. I could feel his balls smacking off my clit each time he hit bottom. I blacked out from the mixture of pain and pleasure. I don't know what happened after that. When I came to George was standing over me. I hurt so bad. My whole body was in pain. It was a few minutes before I knew exactly what had happened. George told me I was fucked. I told him I remember him hurting me as he forced his huge dick in and out of my pussy. I told him how bad it hurt and how I begged you to stop. What I didn't know until then was after I passed out he fucked me in my mouth and ass. He had torn me open and shoved that huge cock in my tiny little butt. He buttfucked me. I was out cold.
He sat me down on the bed. His dick was standing strait out and he was really hard. I couldn’t believe how big it was. It must be 8 inches long and it was so thick. I smiled as big as I could. Yes his first fuck of me was hard but he showed me how to fuck. I really wanted more from my big brother I wanted his dick in ever hole I had. As many times as I could get it in me. I wanted to be his little whore. I lay back down on the bed. My little almost flat chest was revealed to my brother. I had very small breasts, with small areolas and tiny hard little nipples. I am eight years old, 3’ 9” tall and weight about 50 pounds. My brother 14 yrs old stood over me at 5’ tall and 100 pounds.
As I laid on the bed naked with him standing naked over me he wiped his cock off, Debbie walked in.
She was seven, 3’4” tall and about 43 pounds soaking wet.
What are the two of you doing?
George turned around and Debbie saw his dick hard and straight.
He told Debbie to take off her clothes and come lay down next to me.
Debbie being so young and in love with her big brother did what he said.
Debbie took off her clothes and climb into bed next to me.
His dick was so big and the tip had fluid coming out of it. He approached Debbie putting one knee on the edge then he pulled the other leg over her and straddled her very small body.
I felt so small. I felt so overwhelmed. Without saying a word he took her hands and placed them on his big dick. He wrapped them around it and squeezed tight. Her hands couldn’t even fit around his massive dick. He started working her hands up and down his shaft. He showed her how to jack him off and then he let go and she was on her own. She suddenly had the urge to suck on it. My pussy and ass where stretched out from his massive cock why not make her mouth feel the same way. I could see the slick cum covered dick. I could see the heat coming off his shaft. I could feel the moisture between my legs as my pussy began to get wet. He started to push harder until her lips opened and his dick entered her little mouth. He kept pushing slowly as more and more of him entered her mouth.
After several inches were in he pulled back, then back in, then back out. He continued for 10 minutes or so, her mouth and hands were getting sore. She couldn’t open any wider; she couldn’t get anymore in her tiny mouth. He looked like he was having a real good time. I wanted to please him so bad. His groans were getting louder and louder. Then with out warning he pulled it out. He sat back on her tiny body and asked if both of us wanted to be “real” little sluts. Do you, do you want to be brother’s little whores? Just like the women in the movies.
I told him yes. Yes George, I want to be your little whore, make me your little slut brother. Make me do whatever you want. I’ll do anything you want.
Debbie also shook her head yes. She just wanted to have his dick back in her mouth. He pushed back and stuck his big dick back in her mouth. He pushed deeper and harder than before. He pushed it clear to the back of her throat and forced it down further. She choked as he pulled out and thrust back in deeper and deeper. Then he did it, he shot his cum down her throat. “I’m coming, Debbie!” He pulled Debbie’s head forward even more, felt his cock move deeper into her throat. Her nose was pushing against his belly just above his cock now, as his balls pushed spurt after spurt of cum down her throat.
Feeling Debbie’s throat pulsing around the head of his cock made this the strongest orgasm he’d ever had. Finally the last of his cum shot down Debbie’s throat, and he pulled back, let go of her head. He looked down at her, saw the expression of joy on her face. She was becoming his little whore.
“We got to get cleaned up and fuck some more. We have 8 hours before Mom gets home let fuck and suck all day.” We both shook our heads in agreement and off to the showers we went. George started to rub me down with soap. He spent a lot of time on my swollen and sore cunt. He stuck his middle finger in my little twat and began finger fucking me. My knees went limp and I grabbed a hold of his waist and shudder the same way I did when Otto was licking me. The waves of pleasure ran over me just like when he was fucking me. George said I was cumming and to keep cumming as long as I can. I came for about 2 minute with him finger fucking me. He reamed my ass out with soap and kissed me on the lips for the first time. Wow I never felt a kiss like that and wanted more.
Debbie was next. He washed her face and soaped up her body. He washed her non-existent tits she had very large areolas and small long and hard nipples. He stopped short of putting his finger in her tight little cunt. (He had other plans for her small tiny cunt) He did put his finger up her ass. She let out a little yelp when he reached the second knuckle. He moved his finger around in her little hole.
I took the soap and started to wash his limp cock. It was clean and I bent down and swallowed it whole. The head of his cock was being robbed by the muscle in my throat. I could feel his cock getting hard in my mouth. I kept sucking on it until I had the whole hard throbbing cock in my little mouth. I could not breathe but keep massaging the head with my throat. George pulled me off his rock hard cock and spun me around. He bent me over exposing my ass to him. He rubbed his hard cock against my tight little asshole. I wanted that big cock in my ass so I backed up onto his hard cock and felt in enter my little worn ass. He rammed the whole length into me. My eyes rolled back into my head as the pain was replaced with pleasure. He fucked my tight little ass for 5 or 6 minute until he was about to cum. He turns me around and stuck his cock in my mouth as he shot his load. I could taste my shit on his dick but I wanted to suck him dry. His cum tasted better than my shit. I want all of his cum from now on out I was going to be his little fuck toy. We finished in the shower and went into his room.

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