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A prank will get you fucked...literally
I may as well start by giving some background information about myself. My name is Anthony, I’m 17 years old, and I’m a true badass. I even look like a bad boy; low-cut dark hair, and a handsome, brutal face that makes girls go crazy. I was in great shape; 6 feet 2 inches tall, rock-hard ripped muscular body, I rarely smoked or drank, I ate right, and I work out every day. And I’m something like a nymphomaniac; I LOVE sex with girls. I’d take a girl home damn near every day and fuck her brains out; she would leave my house a different woman. I was the kind of guy every father feared was going to mess with their little girls and get them in trouble. I’ll admit; even a few gay guys have tried to make passes at me. So what I did would have surprised some, maybe not others…

I have two brothers, Bobby who is 15, and Chris who is 14. All three of us were like a spitting image of our dad, with the exception of Bobby having ear-length blond hair and my mother’s green eyes, and Chris having short, ginger hair inherited from Mom’s mother. And they are not nearly as badass and attractive as I am. Well, it was November, and those two little brats played a highly amusing prank on me at school. I acted like I was cool with it, but I really wasn’t. I resented the fact that some people thought differently of me now. But it was okay, because I knew their secret. I knew what those two did behind closed doors, and I decided to use it to my advantage and get my revenge…

I knew Bobby and Chris had horrible luck getting girls to have sex with them, or even give them a blowjob. I laughed at them because I had lost my own virginity when I was only 11. But about a year ago, I was walking from the kitchen in the middle of the night when I heard muffled moaning. Confused and slightly curious, I walked to the source from which the moans were coming from, which happened to be their bedroom (they share the same room while I live in the basement). I peeked in through the crack of their door and couldn’t believe my eyes! Were they so desperate to get as much as a blowjob that they had to give them to EACH OTHER?! They were both on Bobby’s bed in a 69 position sucking on each other’s cocks!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not against homosexuality, but the first thing that crossed my mind was, did Mom and Dad know about this? Our parents were diehard Jesus freaks, but my brothers and I never really got into religion. If they found out about this, those two would surely be dead or disowned, and back then my brothers and I got along a lot better. I never told anyone what I knew, and they kept blowing each other every chance they got.

But that was the past. Now those motherfuckers had pissed me off, and I wasn’t having it! So I made a plot of revenge that I was going to take out one November weekend, while my parents were away on a trip and left me in charge.

We got home from school that Friday and they went out to hang out with their friends. Perfect opportunity to set up my plan. While they were out, I went to their room and set up my camcorder pointing at their beds, making sure it was well-hidden. The beds were right next to each other so the camcorder would pick up everything. Good thing it had a charging cord and night vision, because with my parents gone, the boys would take this opportunity to really get down to their nasty business. Just before they came in at sunset, I went into their room and turned the camera on. I grinned evilly to myself, because they had no idea what they were in store for…

The next day, they went out again in the early afternoon. I went back into their room and got the camcorder and unplugged it. I took it downstairs to my basement and plugged it into my computer. I pulled up the video and took a look at it. Sure enough, no sooner had the sun gone down than they stripped naked and started sucking each other off. I laughed at their forms, and at their pathetic five-inch cocks, but more so at the fact that I was about to get my payback. I saved the video to my hard drive and went back upstairs to wait for them. I was ready…

As soon as they walked in through the door at sundown, BAM! I threw myself out, tackling them to the ground. I grabbed them by their shirts and dragged them down to the basement. Throwing them down to the floor, I let my rage take over.

“Dude, what the—” Bobby started to say, getting up.

“Shut up!” I yelled, punching him hard in the jaw. He fell back, whimpering.

Chris got up, and I grabbed him and landed a vicious punch in his gut, knocking the wind out of him. He fell on the floor, coughing and wheezing.

“Dude, what the hell happened?” gasped Chris.

“You know goddamn well what happened,” I snarled. I advanced on them, bare-chested, towering and menacing. Bobby got up and dashed past me and started running up the stairs. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a small remote and pushed a button. I heard the buzz from the top of the stairs just as Bobby got to the top. My basement door has an electronic lock, so it will only lock and unlock by my remote. These boys weren’t going to get away so easy.

Bobby was pulling and tugging on the doorknob to no avail. “Let me out!” he screamed. I ran to him and grabbed his shirt.

“You’re not going anywhere boy,” I said and dragged him back downstairs. Chris was starting to make his way back up as I came down, and I kicked him in the chest, sending him sprawling. I body-slammed Bobby on top of him.

“You little fuckers are gonna pay for what you did to me at school,” I said. “You thought I just blew it over, didn’t ya? You thought I forgot? I NEVER forget.”

After giving each of them a few more punches, I dragged them over to my work station where my computer was. “I want you boys to take a good hard look at this video,” I said. I turned my computer on, logged in, found the video, and played it back. I saw the boys on either side of me start cowering in embarrassment as they recognized their room. Then their eyes widened and their jaws dropped as they saw themselves strip down and suck each other off.

Bobby turned to me. “You bastard,” he whispered. You FUCKING bastard!” He drew back to hit me, but I caught him in the gut with another hard punch, bringing him to his knees. I grabbed Chris and threw him down beside Bobby.

“Call me a bastard, I could give two fucks less!” I roared. “I’m gonna post that video all over the popular porn sites, the ones that your friends always check out! And I know how to get videos popularized real quick, so by this time next week, the whole school will know your little secret!” I had them at my mercy, trembling with fear of being exposed as the faggots they were.

“Please don’t!” wailed Chris. “You can’t do this!”

“In fact,” I said, ignoring their pleas. “Why don’t I do THIS?” I logged in to my e-mail, and found the two contacts that I was looking for. Then I attached the video file to the message. I heard them gasp in horror as they saw who the message was addressed to.

“You wouldn’t!” whined Chris.

“DON’T send it to Mom and Dad!” said Bobby tearfully. “They’ll kill us!”

“Why not?” I said angrily. “I’m pretty sure ol’ Jesus freak Mommy and Daddy would just LOVE to see their two little boys getting it on with each other!”

“NO!” they yelled in unison.

“We’ll do anything!” cried Chris. This was EXACTLY what I wanted to hear.

After studying them for a moment I got up and said, “If you don’t want anyone finding out about your little secret, you will do everything you’re told! When I’m done with you, you’ll be so scared of a cock you’ll BEG to be straight! Now off with those shirts.”

They sat there, not moving, but looking from me to each other and back.

“I SAID,” I roared, advancing on them, “take your damn shirts off!”

They still didn’t move. I’d had enough. I grabbed Chris by the shirt, lifted him up, and punched him hard in the jaw, sending him collapsing to the floor, whimpering. I moved towards Bobby, and to my surprise, he yanked his shirt over his head in a flash, not wanting a punch. He had a weak build; I couldn’t even see any muscles.

“That’s more like it,” I said, grinning. Chris, admitting defeat, slowly took his own shirt off. He was different; he was slightly pot-bellied and had a little bit of man-boob. I laughed.

“Now,” I said, and grabbed them by their hair. “Get your asses over here.” I dragged them into the common area of the basement. Their whines of pain did not faze me in the least. I leaned against my wall, relaxing.

“You boys are gonna suck my nipples,” I said. “All this time you’ve been doing each other, you should know how. Do a good job, or you’re gonna be sorry.”

The boys hesitated, but they saw me clench my fists tightly and made their way towards me. I thought to myself, ‘They’re more afraid of getting their asses kicked than they are of getting exposed.’

Chris stuck his tongue out and started licking my left nipple, while Bobby started working my right. I snickered and moaned. It felt great; my pleasure was intensified knowing that these boys were doing it against their will.

“Come on, I know you can do better than that,” I teased. I felt their teeth as they started to nibble. I looked down and saw Bobby’s expression of rage and resentment and I read his mind.

“You even think about it, I’m gonna make your life a living hell!” I said. I knew he was thinking about ripping my nipple clean off, and I stopped him before he had the chance. I felt him cower and he continued to lick and suck. After about five minutes, I pushed them away; I felt my cock straining against my jeans.

“Good job, bitch boys,” I said with an evil smile on my face. “But now…”

I leaned back against the wall and lifted my arms and put my hands behind my head, revealing my hairy armpits. I had intentionally neglected to put on deodorant that morning and had done a hardcore hour-long workout, sweating my ass off, making sure I was nice and musty for these kids. It was already hot in the basement, and I was still sweaty from kicking their asses a few minutes ago.

“Lick my fuckin’ armpits,” I said. Their eyes widened in horror and disgust. They looked at each other thinking ‘Is he serious?’

“I said ‘lick my fuckin’ armpits!’” I yelled. “Unless you cocks wanna be all over the Internet and your faces rearranged?”

They still didn’t move. I walked over to Chris, drawing back and landing a particularly vicious punch in his chest. He dropped to the floor, wheezing heavily.

“I could easily go over to my computer and hit ‘Send,’” I said through gritted teeth. Bobby came to his brother’s aid.

“Leave him alone!” he yelled.

I nodded. “Well since you little faggots won’t obey me...”

I started walking over to the computer, but I felt Bobby dive and wrap his hands around my ankle.

“NOOOO!!!!” he yelled. “Please don’t send it!!!”

With my free leg I spun around and kicked him in the side.

“Fine,” I said. “But if either one of you doesn’t do as I say, that video will be online before you know it, and you two fuckers are gonna be in a hell of a lot of pain!”

“O-o-okay,” they stammered in unison.

I walked back over and leaned against the wall again, placing my hands behind my head.

“Now for the last time, lick my fuckin’ armpits,” I said in a very firm voice.

Finally, they obeyed. Bobby took his spot on my left, Chris on my right. Reluctantly, they leaned in and started licking slowly. I felt their tongues brush the bush of hair.

“That’s right,” I growled. “Breathe deep, boys. Smell that fuckin’ manly sweat. Enjoy it.”

I heard Chris give a nauseous groan. “Don’t even think about it,” I warned him, knowing he was about to puke on me. “Lick harder, the both of you!”

They started licking harder, fearing what would happen if they didn’t. Their faces were now buried in my pits, licking and sucking. “That’s better, boys,” I said softly. “Love the way a fuckin’ REAL man smells, huh?” I made them lick for a good ten minutes, sweat gushing from my pores with the heat.

“All right boys,” I said throwing them off me. “You’ve done a pretty good job of licking my pits. Now the fun REALLY begins. Since you know what each other’s dicks taste like, it’s time you expanded your knowledge.”

I unzipped my pants and pulled out my rock hard cock. My brothers’ eyes widened with fear at the sight of my thick ten inches of meat.

“Suck it!” I yelled. They approached me slowly and knelt down, still eyeing my massive prick. Not wanting another head shot, they began licking the head of my cock. I threw my head back, moaning softly. Bobby was on my left and I saw him move his hand toward my pocket, knowing he was trying to slip the door remote out. I quickly smacked his wrist and he retreated his hand instantly.

“Come on, I want that dick nice and wet,” I said. They started licking the meaty shaft up and down, running their tongues over the entire length of my cock. I looked down at them, laughing and moaning. “Enough of this teasing; start sucking!” I yelled. Bobby went first; he wrapped his lips around the large head of my cock and took in about three inches. I pushed myself in another three inches or so. I heard him gag; he was too used to his brother’s cock to be able to take one that was twice as long and a good fifty percent thicker. To my surprise, he started sucking vigorously; apparently wanting to do a good job to avoid getting hit. I reached my left hand into my pocket, closing my fingers around the remote to keep them from sneaking it out. With my right hand I grabbed Bobby’s head and fucked his face harder, shoving up to eight inches into his mouth. Bobby started groaning; I could see his eyes begin to tear, which made me laugh and continue to shove my dick into his mouth. After five minutes, I yanked myself out, and Bobby sat back, gasping for air. Chris went over to him and leaned in. I couldn’t hear what he said, but I grabbed his hair and dragged his mouth to my throbbing dick.

“Your turn,” I said. “And you’ll have the honor of being the first to taste my fuckin’ cum. Now open up.”

He didn’t open his mouth, so I reached down with my right hand and grabbed his nipple, wrenching it hard. He gave a loud scream and I harshly shoved my cock into his open mouth, cutting off his air. He whined, and I smacked him in the face. “Suck!” I yelled. Reluctantly, he started sucking and slurping. I kept my left hand tight around my remote while I held his head with my right. After ten minutes of facefucking, I felt my cock start to swell and my balls tingle. I shoved harder into his pleading face.

“Oh yeah! Ah fuck! Oh oh oh—OOOHHHHHH!!!!!”

I pulled my cock to where only the head was in Chris’s mouth and started to cum. My cock burned as jizz jetted through it and into his mouth. I came hard for a good ten seconds before pulling my cock out.

“Get over here, Bobby,” I snapped. He waddled over to me and Chris. “Now you two make out,” I said. “Let Bobby taste that cum.”

They hesitated, but after seeing me raise my fist, started to make out. I tucked my softening dick back into my pants and stood there, panting and watching the two little bitch boys swapping my huge load of cum. They made out for about a minute before—

Even I didn’t see it coming! They suddenly broke their kiss and spat my cum right in my face! I flinched slightly and saw my brothers looking at me, horrorstruck. I picked up a towel off my floor and wiped my face off. Throwing the towel aside I lunged, grabbing the little fuckers by their throats. I whipped them around and slammed them into the wall a few times before throwing them onto the floor. For five minutes I beat the shit out of them, kicking and punching hard, infernal rage pulsing through my veins. Afterwards I ran to my room, opened a drawer and took out two pairs of handcuffs. I always kept them handy just in case any of the girls I fucked wanted to get kinky.

Going back into my living room, I grabbed my brothers by the wrists and dragged them to my couch. I kicked Bobby over onto his stomach, took a pair of handcuffs and cuffed his hands around one leg of the couch. I did the same to Chris with another leg. I thought about leaving them there and just going to my computer and sending the video to our parents, but decided to punish them physically just for spitting cum in my face.

I unbuckled my belt, with was covered in pyramid metal studs, and took it off. I folded it in half with the studs facing out.

“You boys just made the biggest mistake of your damn life!” I roared furiously. And with that, I raised the belt above my head and THWACK! I brought it down as hard as I could across Chris’s back. He screamed and thrashed in pain, and a bright red welt appeared on his skin. Turning to the side, I did the same to Bobby, eliciting a loud scream and raising a welt on his back.

“Don’t – you—ever—pull—any—thing—like—that—again!” I growled, accenting each word with a lash of the belt. I continued whipping them for ten minutes, letting my fury get the best of me, and by the time I was done, they were barely conscious, and their backs had gone from white to completely red.

I put my belt back on and went back to my room and got the keys for the handcuffs. I went back and unlocked the cuffs and put them away. Walking back over to my brothers, I kicked them both in the nuts, bringing them back to life and screaming in pain. They looked at me, fear and defeat in their eyes.

“If you EVER do anything like that again, I swear on everything I love, what I just did is gonna look like a fuckin’ paper cut compared to what I’ll do to you!” I snarled.

I then sat down on my couch. “Now, you little fuckers are gonna eat each other’s asses, and unless you want another whipping, you’ll do a damn good job of it!”

Resentfully, the two of them stripped themselves of their shoes, pants, and underwear. Bobby lay down on his back, wincing slightly because his back still stung from the thrashing. Chris crawled over and faced away from Bobby, straddling his puny chest. He pulled Bobby’s legs back, pulling his ass up into the air, and lowered his own ass onto Bobby’s face. Sighing simultaneously, they started licking each other, trying hard not to puke, trying to seem like they were enjoying it. I sat back on my couch and relaxed, watching them rim each other. Being the sex freak that I am, it wasn’t hard to imagine that it was two hot girls eating each other out in front of me instead of two pathetic little boys. And in about five minutes, I could feel my dick coming back to life as it pressed against my jeans. But I decided to let them tongue-fuck each other for five more minutes.

“All right,” I said, getting off my couch and kneeling down beside the little fags. “Now comes the best part.” Pushing Chris aside, I said, “Bobby, on your hands and knees!” He did so. “Chris, back to licking his ass!” Unwillingly, Chris crawled back over and resumed rimming his brother. I positioned myself behind Chris, unzipped my pants, pulled out my hard slab of penile meat, and pressed it against the entrance to Chris’ ass.

“This’ll teach you to pull another fuckin’ prank on me!” I shouted. And with one forceful heave, I buried all ten inches of my cock into his tight ass. His head snapped up and he screamed bloody murder at the top of his lungs as I tore into him. I reached up and shoved his face back into Bobby’s ass. Then I began pounding with no mercy, ripping his ass apart as hard and fast as I could, every now and then smacking him in the back, which was still red and tender from the belt-whipping. He kept screaming, muffled through his brother’s asshole.

“TAKE IT LIKE THE FUCKIN’ BITCH YOU ARE!” I screamed, raping him even harder. He was screaming louder than I’d ever heard him scream.

After a few more minutes, I pulled myself out of him and shoved him to the side, where he lay shaking and whimpering. I then grabbed Bobby’s ankles and pulled him towards me. I yanked him up by the hips, and his scrawny ass was in front of me.

“I hope you like it ROUGH, boy!” I said, and allowing rage to control me again, I forced my huge dick all the way up his ass, drawing a huge scream of agony from his lungs. I bent over him, pressing my hand onto his head, pressing his head painfully against the thin carpet of the floor. I started my brutal fucking again, smashing my hips into his butt cheeks, my dick creating great friction on the walls of his rectum, burning his ass and making him scream more, and the more he screamed, the harder I fucked him. My desire to punish him for what he and his brother did to me (the prank and spitting in my face) burned inside me like an inferno. Sweat poured from every inch of my skin. I dug my fingers into his hips and pulled him towards me as I ravaged him, doubling the force with which he was being raped and eliciting more howls of pain. I managed to hold out for more than fifteen minutes, thrusting, pounding, and tearing his tight ass to pieces.

I felt cum building up in my balls again, and went for broke, fucking my brother’s ass harder and faster than ever, my face scrunching with the tension, his screaming becoming hoarser.

“Yeah, I’m gonna fuckin’ cum in your ass!” I grunted as I fucked Bobby with as much vigor as I could. “And Chris, you’re gonna suck it all out!” I grabbed Bobby’s shoulders and kept pumping hard. I felt my dick start to swell and I started groaning loudly.

“Ugh…Oh yeah…oh...AHH…OHH…FUCK…OHHHHH!!!!!”

My cock convulsed and I felt a jet of cum shoot out of me into Bobby’s rectum. I donkey-punched him hard in the back of the head, making him clench his ass around my cock. This made my orgasm even stronger and I pounded as hard as I could up his tight ass, filling his ass with what felt like a gallon of jizz. It felt like I was cumming for nearly a minute before I finally pulled my limp cock out of his ass.

“Get down there, Chris,” I breathed. I moved aside and put my dick back in my pants while Chris, still in pain, crawled over, putting his face in front of Bobby’s brutalized ass.

“Felch him,” I ordered. “Suck my load out of his ass.”

A pained expression on his face, Chris started sucking on Bobby’s anal sphincter, and drove his tongue into his ripped hole. Bobby whined at the pain of even having his asshole touched, and Chris eased up.

“No, suck harder!” I demanded. I heard Chris whisper ‘I’m sorry’ to his brother before devouring his ass, making Bobby cry out. He ate his ass for about one minute, making sure he got every drop of cum I had dumped in there.

“Now you two make out again,” I said. “And if you pull that shit from last time…” They got the idea and sat up and locked lips, swapping my cum back and forth. “You’re gonna fuckin’ swallow.” And this time they did, gagging and groaning, but they did swallow every drop. I grinned and walked up to them.

“I hope you boys learned your lesson,” I said, panting. “Try me if you want, but I’m keeping that video on my computer just in case. Do anything stupid, and Mom and Dad WILL know about your little secret. And I will personally beat the both of you within an inch of your lives. And if either one of you say a damn word about today, I swear to God I’ll kill you! Now put your fuckin’ clothes on.”

They put their pants and shoes on while I went to my room to get their shirts which they had taken off. I tossed them over to them. They put all their clothes on in a hurry and ran up the stairs. Before they reached the top, I took the remote out and unlocked the door. They left the basement quickly.

Exhausted from the evening games, my muscles glistening with sweat, I collapsed on my couch and turned on the TV. I even decided to have a cigarette to calm my nerves. So I sat there, watching TV, taking drags on my cig, and thinking about how I’d gotten my revenge on those two little twerps, and how I’d made them afraid of me forever. It was a great feeling of authority. And after that, nothing was mentioned, and I never heard them sucking each other off again…


Anonymous readerReport

2016-09-20 14:24:18
I don't understand people who read this and see the tagline of non consensual and then criticize. You stupid fucks it's a fantasy. If you don't want to don't read but don't judge. America is filled with dumbasses

Anonymous readerReport

2016-07-30 04:36:25
If I would have been those two brothers I would have then went directly to the police and told them the whole story and had them come back to my home and find the video on the older brothers computer. He would be spending about 50 years in prison and find out what he did to his brothers would probably be now happening to him.
This kind of story always seems to evoke that type of response in me. The bully doing all those terrible things to the weak and younger. I would not have hesitated especially after the beating he gave. I would imagine there would be plenty of physical evidence for the police to see.
That is the way the story should end.

Anonymous readerReport

2016-06-23 04:59:16
This is evil, like if it wasn't rape it would be okayish. But I agree with 95% of the people who commented. This isn't a good story. It's too evil for my liking.

Anonymous readerReport

2016-01-24 06:56:21
Story line did not seem realistic. It didn't seem like the prank was too serious, so it's absurd that the story went quickly from a caring secure alpha-male type of older brother to an insecure psychopath with a fragile ego who is a closet gay himself. Sure there are some people who are like that but most people can't relate to the jarring shift in personality or the utter lack of sense in what the big bro accomplished in making his brothers fear him for life. Besides, surely all three boys knew that the video was proof that the big bro was guilty of making kiddy porn, so it was not worth much as blackmail?

Anonymous readerReport

2015-06-26 03:26:43
Shit. That shit is evil, there was no need to do all of that

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