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Not true - just fantasies of mine about my classmates.

I am the Master, and I attended college when this all began. I stand six feet tall, red hair combed back and I wear glasses. I am somewhat in shape, but I am not ripped in any way. It is safe to say I am not physically imposing. I learned when I was a child that the way you look does not matter. How you act, and project yourself will inform how everyone views. If you are meek and quiet, the world will step on you. If you are confident, people will bend over backwards to serve you – sometimes literally.

Her name was Katherine and she was a beauty. I sat next to her in one of my classes. Slim, she stood at 5’6’’, with soft curly brown hair. Her face was slim and beautiful, and her smile could light up a room. Her body was a work of art, and she worked very hard. Daily visits to the gym had sculpted a slim, lean body. Her breasts were somewhat small, but her tight ass and toned legs were gorgeous, especially in the black leggings she would wear to class.

The first day of class, it was warm and sunny, and Katherine sat next to me just before class began. She wore short gym shorts, and a sleeveless top with large armholes. I was able to see her blue sports bra and toned stomach whenever she moved.

It began when she met my eyes randomly. She gave me a brief smile, but it melted as I held her gaze. My face was stoic, arms crossed on my chest. The moment went on, and I felt her collapsing. My gaze dominated hers, until I could feel her very personality subduing itself. I curled one end of my mouth up in victory. She dropped her gaze and the class continued.

As we left, I turned right from the doorway. Katherine left right behind me and began to turn left, before spinning back toward me. “Katherine, where are you going?” Her friend called for her.

Katherine glanced at me, my face emotionless. She turned and hesitantly said. “I have to take care of something. In the office.” Her friend frowned before shrugging and continuing on her way.

We walked together, yet not. Katherine was a few steps behind me, to my left. I felt her presence behind me, and I knew not to turn to look. A good Master knows his servants follow unconditionally. Her gaze burned in to the back of my head and I allowed myself a brief smirk.

We left the class building, before continuing to my dorm, which coincidentally held the local gym. Katherine had been planning to come to work out before she submitted to me.

At the junction between the dorm entrance and the gym, I swiped my card in to the dorm and held the door open. Katherine paused at the choice, and looked at me. My eyes met hers and I straightened entirely, challenging her.

After a brief moment of indecision, Katherine’s posture wilted. She turned and walk in the open door, brushing past me. After entering, she allowed me to take the lead once again and we quickly ascended the stairs to my room.

I unlocked the door and stepped in, allowing my bag to fall to the ground. Katherine stepped in and placed her bag next to mine. She stepped to the center of the room and I locked the door.

“Katherine.” My voice brought her out of a trance and she looked at me. “Do you know why you’re here?” She blushed, before nodding. “Say it.”

She blushed further, her tan cheeks coloring with a dark red. “I… I am here to submit.” She said my name before I, standing behind her, wrapped my hand in her beautiful hair, drawing her head back roughly.

“Alone, you will never call me that name. You will refer to me as Master. In public you may call me my name. Is that understood, cunt?” She stifled a scream as her head was pulled back on my shoulder. She trembled and nodded.

“Yes Master of course. I am sorry.” I let go, drawing my fingers across the exposed back of her neck. She trembled underneath my touch.

“Answer the question, cunt. And no servant of mine will stutter. You will speak clearly.”

Katherine’s eyes were straight forward, staring out the window as she spoke. “Master, I am here to submit myself to you, in every way.” Her voice was strong, until the final three words it broke, revealing her nerves.

I smiled and stepped up behind her, pressing myself against her. “Very good cunt. If you continue the good behavior you will earn yourself a proper name.” She moaned softly as she melted against me.

“Thank you Master.” She pressed herself back on me, head lolling back on to my shoulder. I smiled and held her hips, enjoying the view down her shirt.

“The rules cunt: you will follow everything I say, regardless of time, effort required or distance. If I say you are to fly on a plane to my home, you will have bought the ticket by the time the conversation has ended. I will purchase something for you, to mark you as my property. No one else will know, but you and I will. You will do everything you can to please me. If you attempt something and it fails, you may be saved by good initiative. If you follow my rules, your life will be filled with joy and pleasure. At any time, you may leave my service if you truly wish to. Once you do, you will never be allowed back, so think wisely.”

During my speech, my hands rubbed her hips softly, feeling her flushed skin through the thin shirt. She was slowly grinding her hips against my arousal, which lay flush between her cheeks, through our clothing.

“Think carefully cunt. Do you accept? Do you give yourself in to my service, giving me your mind, your body, and everything you are?” My words were whispered in to her ear, her eyes shut as she thought.

“You have 24 hours to make a decision. If you accept, come dressed, exactly as you are now, to my door.” She opened her eyes in confusion. She yelped as I turned her, opened the door and shoved her outside, kicking her bag after her. “24 hours.” The door slammed in her shocked face.

I lay in my bed reading a book for class. It was the late evening, and I just returned from dinner with some friends of mine. The TV was on, but I wasn’t watching.

A knock sounded at my door. I glanced up, noting the time. Five hours and 33 minutes. I closed my book, noting the page slowly. Placing it on my desk, I got up and stood, shutting off the TV. I walked calmly to the door, drawing it out as long as possible. I wished to make sure she absolutely wanted this. I would never take a girl against her will.

I opened the door and she stood there, eyes open with fear. She glanced up and down the hallway, making sure it was empty and quiet. “Master… I have made my decision.” I noted her dress and nodded for her to continue. “I accept Master.”

I allowed myself a grin and stood aside, letting her walk in. Her long slim legs beaded wit hsweat as she slowly stepped past me.

“Excellent.” I shut the door, locking it silently. I circled my new slave, her standing in the middle of the room, eyes on the floor. “Very good instincts cunt. You know your place so well.”

She smiled. “Thank you Master.” I reached in to a drawer and pulled out a thin, black strip of leather. It was not quite straight; it had a slight vertical zig-zag. Her eyes widened upon seeing it.

“Hold your hair.” Her arms rose slowly, gathering her lovely brown hair and lifting it clear of her neck. I stood in front of her, looking down in to her eyes as I encircled her slim neck with the collar.

“Once this closes, you will be mine. You will receive your new name. For the final time: are you absolutely sure?” Her eyes were locked on mine and I could feel the lust, devotion and obsession pouring out of them.

Her voice was low, but steady. “Yes Master. I am yours.” I clasped the collar closed, tightening it painfully against her skin. I let my hands fall on her neck.

“Very good Pet.” She began to moan at her name before my mouth descended on her, kissing her deeply. I pulled her face to mine harshly, claiming her mouth. She mewled in to my mouth, arms weakly holding my shoulders. I pressed myself against her, pushing her backwards until her back hit the wall.

I kissed across her cheek, down to her collarbone. She moaned as she grinded herself against me, desperate for more. I bit her neck savagely, holding her collar. “Such a beautiful pet.”

Her gyrations sped up as she heard me. I pulled back, looking at my slave. She preened for me, unconsciously thrusting her chest up and ass out.

I stepped back and sat in my chair, leaning back. “Service your master Pet.” She moaned at my words and began swaying her hips to music only she could hear. I admired the way her lithe frame moved, her bronzed skin flushed with sweat.

She curled her hands in the hem of her shirt, drawing it over her head and letting it drop behind her. Her breasts, though small, were crushed together by a sports bra that was clearly much too small for her. Her stomach was toned, but not cut. I voiced my approval with a nod to continue. She ran her small hands up and down her body, sliding her thumbs in to the hem of her shorts, teasing me as she danced. After a moment, she turned away from me, looking back over her shoulder at me with lust in her eyes. Bending at the waist, she began sliding down the shorts, revealing her tanned, tight ass in all its glory.

I rubbed my rock-hard erection through my shorts, eyeing her body. She wore a black lace thong, the vertical strap disappearing between her cheeks. She moaned at my reaction and kicked the shorts aside.

I motioned her closer, and she stepped forward, straddling me. I pulled her down and began suckling hardily at her neck. My hands wrapped themselves in her asscheeks, and she grinded down on me. I moved lower, my mouth kissing and biting her hot skin. She moved at my unspoken command, reaching behind her and unsnapping her bra. I felt the garment become loose against my face and I pulled away long enough to toss it to one side.

I took a moment to admire her body. Her breasts were small, but perky, her nipples a darker brown against her tanned skin. With a growl I began suckling and biting at the teats, alternating between the two. She wrapped her hands in my hair, pressing me forward on to her chest.

After minutes spent on her delectable breasts, I pulled back, breathing heavily. She looked at me, leaning back slightly as her chest shone with my saliva. I growled and wrapped my fingers in her tiny thong, and with a yank, tore it off her. She yelped with surprise, almost falling off my lap. Eyes locked on hers, I smelt the material, gaining my first taste of the cunt that I would own.

I dropped the thong before standing her up in front of me. Her pussy was at eye level. Clean shaven, her juices were positively gushing out of her, her tiny clit standing up proud.

I held her ass in my hands and pulled her closer. She groaned as I kissed all around her slit, tasting her belly and thighs. “Beg Pet. Beg for me.”

She threw her head back, eyes closed in pleasure. “Please Master… eat me. Eat the pussy you own. Taste the juices I have been making for you all day.” I smiled and ran my tongue up her slit, ending with a light kiss on her clit.

She buckled and fell against me, breathing hard. “Yes Master… please… eat your little cunt slut.” I grinned and sank in to her, thrusting my tongue in to her channel. She began humping my face with wild abandon, moaning.

My hands held her tightly, spreading it wide. Her moans reached a new octave as the middle fingers of both my hands toyed with her hole, teasing her back entrance. “Master… I have been untouched back there…”

At her words, I sped up my tongue, and slipped one finger in to her tight and hot backdoor. She screamed in pleasure, and I felt her cunt contract. With a long moan her juices came gushing out, and I tasted her with pleasure.

“Hmmm such a tasty little cunt Pet.” I leaned back and she fell to her knees, breathing heavily. The room was quiet as I watched her attempt to regain her composure. The moment was broken as there was a knock at the door.

Her eyes met mine and I stood, her gaze transferring to my erect cock pressing against my shorts. “Wait here Pet.”

I opened the door, glaring at the person who waited outside. “What is going on!??” The girl stood with her hands on her hips, her red hair glinting in the light. I stood silently, purposely opening the door far enough for her to see.

She gasped as she saw Katherine on her knees behind me, naked and body glistening with sweat. “What…” She looked back at me, before glancing down. She stiffened as she saw evidence of my arousal.

“Hannah, you will understand. Go back to your room, and think about what you saw.” I saw her slow nod before I closed the door.

“Now Pet, show me your skills.” I sat back down and spread my legs. Katherine groaned and leaned forward, eyes inched from my cock head hidden beneath my shorts.

I lifted my hips and Katherine slid my shorts down. I casually removed my shirt, tossing it to the side. I sat naked in front of her, calmly watching her drinking it in. Her eyes clouded with lust. A properly trained cunt will be aroused at the sight of her Master’s body, regardless of whether said Master is physically attractive to the average person. I am fairly average in attractiveness, but Katherine saw me as an Adonis.

She blew lightly on the tip of my cock, which was standing straight up. She kissed each cum-filled ball with reverence before sliding her tongue up my shaft, working her way up. I groaned and leaned back, enjoying her efforts. She popped the head in her mouth and sucked, her small hand working up and down. Her saliva ran down my shaft, giving her plenty of lubrication. She bobbed on me quickly, taking more in to her mouth each time. I groaned and wrapped my hand in her hair, pushing her down further each time. “Good job Pet… hmmm going to love using this mouth.”

She moaned around my cock just as the head pushed the entrance to her throat. About two more inches of my cock remained in the open air and her eyes looked up at me. I arched an eyebrow and pushed gently on her head.

Her eyes took on a look on concentration and I groaned as my cockhead popped in to her throat. I couldn’t take it anymore; with a grunt I pushed her head down all the way. She screamed around my cock as it bottomed out in her mouth. I held her down, savoring the tight, hot suction on my entire cock.

Tears leaked out of her eyes. “Enjoy my cock choking you Pet. It will happen a lot.” To my shock, I felt a wet sensation on my shaven balls. I moaned as I realized what Katherine was doing: the little cunt managed to get her tongue out of her mouth and was licking my balls! After a gentle shove, pushing my cock another fraction of an inch in to her throat, I released her. She pulled back, gasping for air in great breaths, even as her hands continued to stroke me.

“Very good Pet.” I petted her hair before standing. Having regained her breath, she began her suckling on my meat once again. I smiled, wrapping my hands in her hair again and pulling her head slightly forward. “Get ready Pet.” She nodded and smiled around my meat.

With that, I began thrusting, fucking her mouth. I started softly, just a few inches each way but soon escalated in to a brutal throatfuck. My cock only got harder when I saw the pain on her face, her tears sliding down her face. I hammered the slut’s mouth, finally bottoming out deep in her throat, and released.

Her eyes opened wide and I felt her spasm in orgasm as I bust inside her throat, seed going directly down to her belly. I shot great streams of cum in to her gullet, relishing the suction and heat.

I pulled out finally, enjoying the way Katherine collapsed to a heap, breathing heavily. I idly noticed that she was stroking her belly, seemingly enjoying the late dinner I gave her.

Now, I said I am fairly average in looks and that is true. However, the one blessing I seem to have been given is the ability to re-harden. My body recovers from fucks remarkably quickly. I sat back and watched my slave breath, naked and sweaty, on my floor and my meat was quickly stiffening again.

I stood up and walked behind her, raising her ass up in the air. With a growl I began licking and sucking at her puffy red cunt. She must have cum three or four just from the blowjob. I lifted her up and tossed her on my bed. Katherine, ever the ready cunt, lay on her back and spread her legs. “Master, fuck your slut. Fuck your slave deep in her cunt.” I lay on her and kissed her brutally.

“Are you protected cunt? While I fully aim to make your belly blossom with my child, I do not want it to be during school.” She groaned when I said I would impregnate her, and then nodded.

“Yes Master, I am on the pill. Fuck me bareback and raw.” The words were barely out of her mouth before I slammed her, fully sheathing myself in her on the first thrust. Her skullfuck and pussy juice was more than lube enough. She groaned as she was filled with her Master’s cock.

“Yes Master… you’re so big in my tiny cunt. Fuck your slut. Stretch my little pussy.” I hungrily suckled at her tits as I began pumping in to her. She wrapped her toned legs around my waist, opening her pussy up to me further.

I slammed home in her, and I watched in pleasure as her face showed her joy. Her eyes were closed, one hand wrapped in her hair and her mouth was open in a silent scream. Her other hand pinched her own nipple.

Pausing my thrusting for a moment, I picked her up off the bed and walked to an open bit of wall. I kissed her hungrily as I fucked her against the wall, her back flat against it. She mewled each time I thrust in, my arms holding her legs spread wide. I sucked at her neck, trying to force more of myself in to her with each thrust. Our hipbones slammed together; I could already feel her bruising.

I felt my second end coming and I leaned forward, mouth sucking her earlobe. “I am going to cum cunt. You want my seed? You want my seed deep in your womb?” She groaned and held herself against me.

“Yes Master… fuck your slave… cum in my tight cunt… give me your baby… please… breed your whore.” I moaned and pushed in fully, and kissed her hard, slamming her head back in to the wall. She saw stars as I burst inside of her, sending streams of cum slamming against her cervix. She moaned in to my mouth as she came around me, her juices spilling out on the floor.

We both caught our breath, foreheads together, lips gently kissing. “Good Pet… yes… good Pet.” She smiled and gyrated against me.

“Thank you for your gift Master.” I let her down gently and she crawled to my bed before collapsing on it.

I looked at her body and felt my cock begin to stiffen again. I smiled to myself as I walked toward her. She groaned as I got on the bed on top of her, her ass unconsciously grinding back on me.

Her eyes opened in surprise as she felt my hard cock. “We’re not done yet Pet.” She shuddered as I rubbed some of her still-gushing pussy juice on to my fingers, before they danced up her crack. I rubbed cum in to her ass, gently stretching. I watched her toned muscles in pleasure as she raised her ass, presenting herself to her Master.

I rubbed more in to her, kissing her neck gently as I did. Once I felt she was sufficiently stretched, I placed my well-lubricated cockhead at her entrance. She looked back at me, lidded eyes over her shoulder covered with my bite marks. “Fuck my ass Master. I give my final hole to you, now and forever.”

I smiled and pushed in, her eyes fluttering as the pressure increased until with a loud pop, my cockhead slid in to her ass. I paused there, letting her get accustomed to it. With a grunt, I pushed further in. My tiny thrusts got larger and larger, forcing more of my cock in to her virgin ass. Her face was pushed down in to a pillow, stifling her scream.

Finally, I was fully encased in her ass. I groaned at the heat and tightness. I lay myself fully on her, shoving another half-inch inside her. I reached underneath her body and rubbed her tits, and she raised her ass further up, and I began pulling out. She groaned and I saw it was in pleasure.

With a smile, I began thrusting. She took short stuttering gasps as her ass was fucked for the first time. “So good Master… your cock is filling my ass… god… love it…” I kissed her head, burying my face in her hair as I sped up.

She groaned as I began to really hammer in to her. I felt her cunt squirting little bits of juice each time I thrust in, our position cramping her pussy. I mauled her tits with my hands, letting her take my full weight and fully thrusting in to her once-virgin ass.

She was practically unconscious at this point, mumbling beneath her breath as I took advantage of her. I grunted with each stroke, feeling myself get closer and closer to my final release.

As if she sensed it, she lifted her head and kissed me softly. “Cum in my ass Master. Breed me in three holes tonight.” With a groan I bottomed out fully inside and let go. I bit down on shoulder blade as I pumped ropes of hot cum in to her ass. She was busy with one hand rubbing her clit, cumming as I marked her as mine in all three entrances.

Encased in her ass, I kissed her head. “Sleep my Pet.” With a satisfied moan and a kiss, she collapsed forward, slipping in to unconsciousness. I soon joined her.

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