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Chapter Two
I ran and jump into his bed. Debbie followed with much glee. I started to stare at the cock that was making me so happy. I wanted to run around the house naked so he could fuck me when he wants to.
George was looking at my small breast and he bent down and started sucking on one then the other. God that felt so good. I bent my legs and placed the heels of my feet against my ass check and spread my legs as far as they would go. George took one of his free hands and spread my bald cunt lips apart exposing my hard little clit to the air. It stood attention when he started to rub it. I could feel my pussy getting wet. “Please fuck me some more.” I begged. George just raised his head from my tits and smiled. He told Debbie to get down between my legs with her head. He held my pussy open while Debbie got her face close to my cunt. Lick her pussy.
George told Debbie “Suck her little clit put in your mouth and suck on it.” While George told her what to do he moved to her rear end and started to spread Vaseline all over her little cunt. He put some on the tip of his cock and pressed against her hole. The head of his cock was larger then her little hole. He pressed his large head of his cock into her tiny opening and started very small strokes as he stretched her opening to match the size of his cock. He keep hitting her hymen but short of breaking it. He had her cunt opened up so his dick could move in and out. She kept sucking Crissy clit without missing a beat. Crissy could see it in George’s face he was about to bust her hymen. He stop when he her hymen and looked into my eyes and said “Now Debbie will be a woman” and rammed his cock into her tight cunt with all the force he had and buried it to the hilt in her. Debbie stop sucking on my cunt and let out a loud yell as George tore her hymen apart. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and went back to sucking my cunt. I could feel George pound her pussy as she eats me. Doggie-style made George’s dick slide easily into Debbie’s pussy all the way to the bottom of her cunt. All of his massive cock buried deep into her little pussy. I stopped Debbie from sucking my clit and crawled down to watch my little sister get her first fuck. I looked up at George and said “Cum in my mouth. Let Otto cum in her cunt.” George pulled his rock hard out of Debbie and placed in my mouth. He called Otto up on the bed and placed his snout at Debbie twat; he smelled the sex and licked her. Without encouragement he mounts her and rammed his red swollen cock into well stretched cunt. I could taste the Vaseline and blood from Debbie’s cunt on George’s cock as his face fucked me. He shot his load about the same time as Otto did. His in my mouth and Otto’s in Debbie cunt. My sister and I both collapsed onto the bed. “Wow I really like what we I wanted more.” Debbie said as she rolled over on her back.
He reached into his top draw of his nightstand and pulled out a small baseball bat. It was 12” long and not as thick as his dick. He covered the tip with Vaseline and placed it near my cunt. I could see my pussy was red and swollen from the fucking I got. “George hand me a small hand mirror so I can look at my ass.” George got the mirror and I saw my little asshole it was red and swollen and it was a little opened up. George placed my hand on the bat and told me to fuck myself.
I stuck the bat at the opening to my cunt and rammed it home.
The rim was against my pussy lips and the pain was soon replaced with fulfillment and pleasure.
I started to slowly fuck my young and tender cunt faster and faster until I reached climax and stopped with the bat half in me. I open my eyes and George was standing in front of me with a hard on.
“Now let Debbie tries it.”
I gave Debbie the bat and she eagerly rammed into her cum soaked cunt. George had a wicked smile on his face. He rolled her onto her stomach and told “Don’t stop fucking.” He climbs up behind her and spread her ass cheeks apart as wide as they would go.
He reached for more Vaseline and placed a large glob on her virgin ass. He pushed a large amount into her ass and spread the rest around her anus.
He robs what was left on his finger all over his rock hard cock. He placed the head of his dick at her small tight opening of her ass and popped the head into her. I watched as some resistance from the head of his cock stretched her little ring and then gave way to his head. He shoved inch by inch into her now non virgin ass until his hips meet her ass cheeks. She had about 7 and a half inches of cock in her little ass. Debbie moaned and kept fucking her pussy with the bat as George put his whole cock into her now stretched ass.
He fucked her slow at first then started to go faster and faster.
He fucked her now well fucked ass for about 4 or 5 minutes then I could see the climax build in him.
He pulled out of her worn little ass and rolled her on her back. He climb onto her chest and placed his cock covered in shit at her lips. He told her “Suck the cum out of me now.” He shot his load in little Debbie’s mouth as she kept fucking her well worn little cunt. She had several orgasms as I watched this sweet little girl turn into a whore.
Off to the showers we went.
I told him that in the movies a woman had three guys fucking her at once and that I want that to. George said “We got to show Debbie the movies.” So off to mom’s room we went. George had Debbie sit in front off the computer as I found the site and we all watch some porn together.
Debbie could not believe that people did more than she had just done. She wanted to do everything she saw, more boys and more of the dog. Shit more boys and the dog at the same time, she just wanted to fuck and swallow cum. George said “After he fucks both of us in the ass he will call two of his friends.”
He had us both lay on his bed. George rolled me onto my stomach and spread my ass cheeks apart. I could feel the head of his cock against my assshole. God I loved the feeling. He shoved into me really slow so I could feel every inch of his cock as he spread my ass open. He started to fuck me really slow. Debbie was watching me get ass fucked and she wanted some. “George fucks me too.” Debbie placed her ass so George could get to it. He pulled out of me and moved to behind Debbie. He spread her ass cheeks to expose her sweet little ass hole so tight but not for long. He place his shit smeared dick at her tight little opening and pushed. Pop in it went all the way with out stopping. Debbie moaned at the intrusion of cock in her ass but soon started to push back with each forward thrust George gave her.
We fuck like that for what seemed an hour until all of us cam together. George got off of me and let Otto clean us up. He went to call two of his friends.

Ron and David show up. They were good looking guys. Maybe 13-14 years old. They were excited about the game we were going to play. I was ready for the show. I was ready to turn on the "fuck toy / little slut" machine. I was dressed in my skimpy cheerleader outfit. Yellow and black with really tight skirt, with no panties on and a very tight spandex like mid drift top. My almost flat little chest in that tight top really made my nipples stick out. My hair was in ponytails on each side, I looked hot. A hot little fuck whore ready to tease a couple of guys.
I started by walking through the room saying nothing. I sat down on a chair just across from them. I sat leaned back and left my legs spread wide. They both had a perfect view right up my skirt from where they were. They could see I had nothing on under my skirt. I was bouncing my legs up and down and kind of singing a song. I was acting as young cute and silly as I could. I could tell I was getting their attention. They were looking. I could feel Ron and David both looking closer.
Debbie came in with her school uniform on with no panties under her skirt to. She saw me sitting across from the boys with my legs spread and she sat right beside me with her legs spread.
Both boys could now see both our young hairless cunts. Puffed up red and swollen from the fucking George gave us earlier. We could see the excitement in their eyes.
George was watching and he gave us thumbs up. It was working. Debbie got up and went over to the chair George was sitting in. She spread her legs and climbs up on top of him. They sat face to face. George was bare chest and had on a pair of gym shorts. Debbie and I could see his rock hard cock under the shorts.
Debbie started to slowly rub her pussy on George’s cock. She turned her head and said to the boys “I just love my big brother.” Ron and Dave were sitting there alone and I plopped down on the couch next to them. They tried the small talk and tried keeping me entertained. I just acted cute as I could. I put my hand on their legs and was asking them questions about their week. . I was rubbing my hands up and down their legs. They were feeling awkward but didn't try to stop me. I was reeling them in. I stood up and lifted my leg clear up in the air exposing my bare bottom to him. They looked, they looked really hard.
I sat between both of them on the couch. They tried to act like I wasn't there. I was sitting with my feet up to my butt. My skirt was up clear up on my stomach. They had a clear shot at my tight little cunt. I put my hand down there and slowly rubbed myself. I pushed on my puffy little mound and stroked it in circles. I continued for a few minutes and knew it was driving them crazy. I stopped and when I went to sit up I put my hands on each of their crotches. I pushed down and slid myself off the couch. I turned around and winked at them as I walked out. I watched from around the corner. I was giggling as they look dumbfounded. I knew it was driving them crazy. A few minutes alter I walked through really fast without my cheerleading skirt on. Yep, just my really tight top and bare bottom. I thought they were going to hurt themselves their heads turned so fast. I went straight to the bathroom. I striped out of all my clothes. All I was wearing was pigtails. I stood in the shower with the curtain closed. I waited for one of them to come in. Sure enough here comes David. He closed the door and unzipped his pants. I could hear him peeing and when he stopped I flipped the curtain open. The look on his face was amazing. Without saying a word I grabbed his dick and pulled him toward me. I knelt down and stuffed his dick in my mouth. The taste of pee, turn me on. He grew hard really fast. He started moaning and thrusting himself toward me. He said "god damn your so cute. I love it! Come on now stuff that dick in your tiny little mouth," I pulled him out, looked him right in the eyes and said "you want to cum in my little eight year old mouth don't you........come on fucker do it. Fill my little mouth with cum." I shoved him back in and sucked him hard and deep. I was gagging on his cock as he shoved it deeper to my throat. I forced my head hard down on him slipping his dick into my throat. I gagged and choked and that was all it took he started cumming. He shot at least six or seven shots right down my throat. He said "Oh my god you little fucking bitch, oh my god that’s good." I love it. I love to make boys happy. I love being a fucking slut. I drained him dry, pulled him out and sent him on his way. He was so confused. He didn’t know what to do or what to think. I know he felt happy he just face fucked his friends eight year old sister.
Debbie was rubbing her little cunt up and down George’s rock hard cock not worrying about Ron.
George’s cock slips out the side of his shorts and found Debbie’s wet little hole. She felt it too and without missing a beat let his cock slip right in her cunt. Ron could not believe what he was seeing. His friend George was fucking his little sister right in front of him. Debbie’s skirt was hiked up above the crack in her ass and Ron saw her little red ass open and close with each stroke of George’s dick. Debbie turns her head and said “Are you going to just watch or are you going to fuck my ass.”
With that Ron got up and took of his pants and shorts off and got behind Debbie. He straddled George’s legs and got the head of his dick pointed at Debbie’s ass hole. On the next down stroke he was in. God he never fucked a girl before only jerked off. Now he was ass fucking this seven year old girl and loving it. Debbie could feel the orgasm build with each stroke of the two dicks in her. Never in her short life did she believe in such pleasure. The climax kept building in her until she exploded in a stream of orgasms. Never had she thought this could happen. Dave came back and said he wanted some ass. “Go fuck Crissy.” He said. Ron pulled his rock hard cock out of Debbie’s ass and let Dave take over. Ron left to go up stairs.
I slipped out of the bathroom and down the hall to the bedroom. I waited for Ron. I knew he would be along shortly. Good news travels fast. Sure enough he was heading for the bathroom. I waited and as soon as he came out of the bathroom I stuck my head out the door and motioned him to the bedroom. I ran to the bed and laid over it with my butt up. Ron walked in, I looked at him and ask him "you want it" he just stood there looking at my little butt sticking up on the bed. He walked up to me and stopped. I looked back at him and said “Come on fucker, Stick it in. Fuck me, Fuck my little body." He was already hard. He stepped up between my legs and pressed his shit covered dick to my pussy. With one good push he was in. He slowly pumped himself in and out of me. I was shaking so hard. He was grunting and continued his thrusts into my little hole. I looked back to him and said "Don't just stand there fucker, give it to me" He said he didn't want to hurt me. He said he never fucked someone in the cunt so small and he didn't want to go to hard. I told him he never fucked anyone in the cunt and to slam the fucking dick in me and give me you’re cum. It must have set him off cause then he shoved it in really hard and back out and back in, it only took a few times and Ron was unloading in my tight little womb. He drained himself, cum was running down my inner thighs leaking out of my pussy. He was hot. He was done quickly. I know he was happy having fucked his friends little sister. I loved it. I showered, changed my clothes and returned to the living room. George, Ron and David were taking about how hot Debbie and I were. I had a little flowered shirt on with thin straps and matching shorts. I was wearing bobby socks and white tennis shoes. My pig tails were now one tail in the back. I looked so sweet and innocent. I looked like a pure, clean 8 year old little girl. I sat across the room and was sending smiles to Ron and David. They were very happy. They were very satisfied. Debbie sat on the chair with her skirt pulled up around her waist and cum dripping out of both holes.

George looked over at me and asked why I had changed clothes. He said the games not over yet. I looked at Ron and David and told George "I just couldn't keep them on George, I just had to get them off," He thought I was talking about my clothes, of course Ron, David and I knew I was talking about them.
George said “Ok let’s get down to business. You each had a turn to cum in my little sisters now we will all get to cum in them all at once.” George stood up and started to take his shorts off. Ron and David followed. Crissy smiled she had all three of them stand in front of her. George’s dick was the biggest then Ron followed closely by David.” Ok David I sucked your cock so you get to put it in my little ass. Just like you did to Debbie.” She turns to Ron. ”Ron you fucked my pussy so I’ll suck your dick dry.” “George you get to fuck the shit out of my cunt again.” “Dave lay down on the floor.” David did what he was told and laid on the floor with his cock pointing straight up in the air. Crissy undressed and climb on top of David’s dick. She used both hands to guide his cock into her tight little ass. Crissy lay back onto David’s stomach. “Ron comes over here and let me suck you cock dry.” Ron started to get in front of Crissy when she said” George just start to fuck my cunt.” George bent down with his prick hard in one hand and guides it into her young waiting cunt. He waited for a spit second after he entered her then he started to fuck with everything he had. Ramming his cock all the way in her willing cunt. He could feel David’s cock through the thin membrane of Crissy cunt and ass. Just like Debbie’s. He had Ron’s ass right in his face. Crissy started to have her first orgasm with three dicks in her. “Oh fuck baby…you have the greatest mouth in the world. It feels so good squeezing my cock.” “Yessss yessss yessss…oh don’t stop Crissy…oh fuck yeah baby….suck my dick….suck it harder.” ”Oh god, fuck, uhhh yes, god, shit, oooohhhhh! I’m cumming.” Ron yelled,” I’m coming again, Crissy!” He pulled her head forward even more, felt his cock move deeper into the Crissy’s throat. Her nose was pushing against his belly just above his cock now, as his balls pushed spurt after spurt of cum down her throat. Feeling Crissy’s throat pulsing around the head of his cock made this the strongest orgasm he’d ever had. Finally the last of his cum shot down Crissy’s throat, and he pulled back, let go of her head. He looked down at her, saw the expression of joy on her face. Crissy just loved get fucked and sucking cock. “Yessss yessss, yessss…oh don’t stop David…oh fuck yeah baby….fuck my ass….fuck it harder.” She started to feel the sensation of cumming as Dave fucked her ass. ”Oh god, fuck, uhhh yes, god, shit, oooohhhhh! I’m cumming.” Crissy yelled David felt her young tight muscles of her ass grip his cock he also felt George’s cock in her cunt and he wanted to shoot a load of cum into her bowels. .Crissy’s body started to spasm uncontrollable. Crissy was spent She had another orgasm. “OH Fuck yeah you filth little slut….you love my big cock in your tight little ass don’t you?” He grunted out, lost in his filthy passion.
“Fuck yeah David…pound my sweet ass baby…oh fuck it so hard. Ram it deep in me.”
David could feel his cum boiling to the surface, and he ravaged his cock even harder and faster into her frail little ass. A shock jolted her body. She’d grazed her finger over her clit as she pulled it back. Now she put her fingertip on the little bud and pressed down.
”Oh, god, yes!” She rubbed furiously now, and between her finger on her clit and George’s dick up her cunt, David’s cock up her ass she couldn’t think, could barely breathe.
”Oh god, fuck, uhhhh yes, god, shit, oooohhhhh!” David grabbed Crissy hips and tensed up as he shot four loads of cum up Crissy ass. He stopped fucking her and just laid there with his cock hard but getting soft up her ass. George saw a little of Ron’s cum running down Crissy chin. He told her to start sucking his tit. She did what she was told and placed George’s tit in her small mouth. He began to thrust harder and started moaning quietly. He thrust faster. Finally he penetrated her deep and stopped as he began his orgasm. ”Shit, yeah, I’m cumming in your fucken little cunt!” “Open your mouth Crissy.” He pulled out quickly and ejaculated the rest into her mouth. She did what he said. Crissy licked his cock clean; she had a wicked smile on her face.
Debbie watched as the boys fucked her big sister and she wanted some action to. She sat on the floor next to them and waited. When Ron was done she asked him if she could suck him hard again. Ron smile and brought his cock to her waiting lips and she began sucking on it like it was the only she would ever get. Ron was getting hard again watching Crissy get two dicks stuck in her and Debbie sucking his cock was more then he could take. He pulled his rock hard cock out of her young eager mouth.
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