Roy Hammer's continuing conquest of other men's wives. You'll hve to read the other chapters to fully understand the story
Roy sat at his desk and smiled at his good fortune. He remembered the small wispy blonde well even though he had seen her only once at the restaurant. Her titties looked smaller than Yvonne’s or Darla’s but she had that look that told him she would be wild in bed. He hoped he got the chance to find out. He thought about her through the afternoon and then got a thought that made him smile. He quickly picked up his phone and called the number Yvonne had given him. She answered in a soft sexy voice and he knew he had to have her one way or another. He told her who he was and she immediately perked up while they talked about the dinner. Finally, he got to the point of his call.

“Why don’t I come by and pick you up tonight and take you to find a new dress for the dinner?” he asked calmly.

“You don’t have to do that,” she said in that sexy voice. “I’m sure I can find something.”

“Nonsense,” he said quickly. “You’re doing me a big favor. We’ll get a bite to eat and then go to the mall.”

She finally agreed and he hurried from the office. As soon as he drove into her drive, she walked out of the door and hurried to get into his Lincoln Navigator.

“I love your car!” she said excitedly as she rubbed the leather seats.

He just smiled at her as he took in her beauty. She was wearing stretch pants and a tight fitting sweater top that showed off her small but firm titties. They stopped at a little restaurant and she talked excitedly about going to the dinner with him, never once mentioning what her husband might have to say about it. When they finished, he calmly put his arm around her waist as they walked back to his car. When she stepped up on the sideboard to get into the car, he had a good look at her ass in those tight pants and loved what he saw.

He took her to a top line dress shop in the mall and picked out three dresses he thought would look great on her. It was obvious from her expression that she was not accustomed to wearing such sexy clothes.

“I want you to try these on,” he said as he handed her one of three dresses he was holding, already knowing which one he would buy.

“Okay,” she said with a shrug as she took the dress from him.

He walked with her to the dressing room. “I’ll stand right outside the door so you can show me how it looks,” he said as she walked in.

The first dress was sexy as hell but he knew his favorite would look even better. She tried on the next one and looked great in both of them. “One more,” he said as he handed her the short black mini dress. It had a straight line skirt and was cut very low in back and front.

“Oh my,” she said when she saw it.

“Go ahead,” he told her. “Try it on.”

She shook her head as if to clear the cobwebs. “Okay” she said slowly.

It seemed to Roy that she was in the dressing room for way to long but she finally came out and took a deep breath as she stood in front of him and the mirror.

“Oh my gosh,” she said as she looked in the mirror. “It’s beautiful but it’s so short and my bra will show if I wear this.”

Roy a s he noticed the satin straps on her shoulders and back. “Take the bra off and let’s see how it looks.”

Her eyes got wider and she looked from him to the mirror. “I don’t know Roy,” she said quietly.

“Take it off,” he said firmly. “It’s okay.”

Finally, she shrugged and stepped back into the dressing room. When she came back out, she looked at him and shook her head. “This will never work,” she said looking down at the front of the dress. “My nipples show right through the fabric.”

He gave her a big smile. His eyes took in her beauty and he enjoyed seeing the hard nipples as they pushed against the thin fabric. Her titties might be smaller than Yvonne’s but her nipples were definitely larger, and harder.

“Turn around,” he said, ignoring her comment. When she turned to look in every direction in the mirror, he liked what he saw even better. Not only were her nipples very evident through the fabric but the top of the dress came away from her body as she turned and he could very clearly see her whole titty.

“Your panty line shows too. You’ll need to wear a thong but the dress looks absolutely gorgeous on you.”

“A thong!” she said quickly. “I don’t own a thong.”

Roy was the one surprised now. “You don’t?”

“No,” she said quickly. “My husband thinks they’re scandalous. He would have a fit if he even suspected I was wearing one.”

He couldn’t help but laugh now. “We’ll just have to buy you some then,” he said. “I’m buying this dress for you to wear tomorrow night. After that, you can do whatever you want to with it and the thongs.”

“Oh Roy! It’s beautiful but I don’t know if I should wear it.”

“You’re wearing it,” he said firmly, remembering what Yvonne had told him about her submissiveness.

She took a deep breath and let it out before she answered. “Okay,” she said. “If that’s what you want.”

The dress was over $300 but he considered it money well spent. He immediately led her to the Victoria’s Secret store. He stopped in front of a table of thongs and looked at her.

“Pick out two or three,” he told her.

“Roy,” she said almost at a whisper. “I have no idea what to pick. You do it.”

“Okay,” he said quickly. The dress he had bought her was a size 4 so he quickly picked out some in that size. Within minutes, he had selected four, all of them sheer except for one in black satin. He then led her over to women’s hose and picked out two pair of black thigh high stocking in different shades of black. The total for the lingerie was another $80 but he hoped it would be worth it later. In fact, he was counting on it.

On the way back to her house, she took the dress out of the bag and looked at it again. “This is absolutely beautiful Roy. The last time I wore something this sexy was at my high school prom.”

He laughed at the thought. “I bet your date was all over you too.”

She grinned and had a faraway look in her eyes as she spoke. “Yes he was. Sometimes I wish I had let him have what he wanted.”

He walked her to the door and played the perfect gentleman. When she was safely inside, he told her he would be by at 6:30 to pick her up for the dinner. They weren’t actually meeting until 8:30 but he wanted time with her before then.

As soon as he got to work on Friday morning, he called a florist and ordered a dozen roses and a corsage delivered to Gina’s home. The rest of day was busy. After lunch, he called his client’s office and confirmed the dinner was still on. When they confirmed it was, he assured them he would be there and then called the company limousine service and ordered a limousine to pick him up at his house at 6:00 and told the service manager to be sure there was a chilled bottle of fine wine in the back seat bar. He then left the office and was home by 4:00 P.M. He took a leisurely shower and had time to relax a few minutes before he dressed. He wanted to look as good as he knew she would so he put on one of his silk suits. He checked outside just before 6 and saw the limousine pulling into his drive. When he got in the back seat, he immediately recognized the driver.

“Good evening, Mr. Hammer. Where to tonight?” the driver said.

“Hi Chuck,” he said and then gave him the address. “While I’m inside picking her up, please raise the privacy glass,” he said politely.

“Yes Sir!” Chuck replied with a big smile that was not missed by Roy.

Roy rang the door bell and waited patiently. It was a couple of minutes before the door finally opened and he saw Gina standing behind the door looking out.

“Come on in,” she said quickly. “I haven’t finished dressing.”

He stepped inside and was greeted by the sight of her wearing a long, thick robe wrapped tightly around her small body. She gave him a big smile and pointed to the den. “You can wait in there,” she said. “I just have to put on my dress.”

When she returned, he was amazed at how beautiful she looked. She smiled as she turned slowly for him to get a good look at her. “How do I look?” she asked.

“Very nice!” he said. “You’re beautiful. That dress looks even better than it did when you tried it on.” The lighter shade stockings she was wearing were the perfect compliment for the dress and her fine legs.

“Thank you,” she said with a big smile. “Did you receive my flowers?”

“Oh yes!” she said happily. “They’re beautiful. I haven’t had time to put on the corsage though. Can you do it for me?”

“of course,” he said.

She left the room and returned seconds later holding the white corsage out to him. He took it with a smile and didn’t hesitate to reach out for the thin line shoulder strap. When he pulled it away to attach the corsage, he intentionally let one finger slide lower so it brushed her nipple.

“Ohhhh!” she moaned quietly.

“Did I hurt you?” he asked quickly although he knew exactly what had made her moan. He was still holding the corsage in his hand and the finger was now brushing against the hard nipple.

“No,” she said quickly in that husky voice. “It’s okay.”

Just as she spoke, he put a second finger inside and captured the nipple between them and squeezed lightly.

“Ohhhh!” she moaned again as she turned her face to look at him.

He immediately seized the opportunity and kissed her. Her hands immediately went to his chest as if to push him away. She fought him lightly at first until he squeezed the nipple again. When he did, she came up on her toes and put her arms around his neck. Seconds later, her tongue was battling his as they kissed long and deep. He quickly pushed the small amount of fabric from her shoulder and then cupped her titty firmly in his hand while he still kept pressure on the nipple.

She broke the kiss and buried her head into his chest. “You don’t know what that does to me,” she moaned into his chest.

He did but he wasn’t going to tell her that. Instead, he used his other hand to lift her chin and kissed her again. This time, her kiss was more passionate, more urgent. He now cupped her ass with his free hand and squeezed firmly. She was definitely wearing one of the thongs.

Releasing her titty just long enough to reach across and push the other shoulder strap down, he broke the kiss and quickly dropped his head to suck on her now very hard nipples.

“Ohhhhhh!” she cried as he bit lightly. “Stop. Please stop,” she moaned lightly.

He heard her words but he knew her body was saying something all together different and he kept up hi s assault on her nipples, moving quickly from one to the other as he continued to bite them lightly.

“ Ohhh my god!” she cried at last. “That feels so good!”

His hand now worked at the short dress until he could cup the bare skin of her ass and he squeezed even harder. Quickly, he worked his hand between them under the dress until he was massaging her pussy as well. The crotch of her thong was soaked.

“Ummmm!” she moaned into the kiss and he knew he was going to fuck her. Quickly, he pushed the fabric of the thong aside and slid a finger into her pussy. It was no wonder the crotch of her thong was soaked. He pussy was dripping with her juices. He slid his finger in slowly and she immediately pushed forward to take even more of it inside.

“Ohhhh nooooo!” she cried out as she broke the kiss again and buried her head in his chest once more. At that moment, he felt her pussy contract and lock down on his finger as she climaxed. He knew the moment was now and he quickly released her titty and locked his arm around her waist. He picked her up and walked her to a sofa just a few feet away. Kneeling, he placed her on the sofa and bent down to lick at her soaked pussy. Pushing the short dress up to her waist, he got his first look at the thong. He smiled when he realized she had selected the least revealing of the four. Quickly pulling it aside, he moved his head towards her pussy. It was covered with a fine blonde bush and his first thought was that he would have her shave it later.

She suddenly realized what he was about to do. “Nooooo! Not that,” she cried as her small hands pushed at his head. “No one has ever done that to me before!”

It was futile. As soon as his tongue parted the fine hair surrounding her pussy and made contact with her clit, she was cumming again and her hands were now pulling his head tighter into her pussy as he lapped at her juices.

“Ohhhhhhh Yessssss!” she cried as another climax racked her body. “Don’t stop. Please don’t stop!”
His free hand was busy undoing his pants while he ate her pussy. While she was still in the throes of climax, he placed her legs on his shoulders and set up. As soon as he did, his dick was in line with her pussy and he held the thong aside as he pushed two inches into her before she realized what was happening. Her eyes were now wide and she was shaking her head back and forth.

“Noooo!” she said without much conviction. “We can’t! What about my husband?”

He smiled as he pushed another inch into her soaked pussy and watched her eyes get even wider as she felt her pussy stretch to take his big dick inside.

“I don’t think your husband is giving you what you need,” he said as he tried to push in farther. “My god you’re tight!”

“You’re too big,” she said quickly as she felt her pussy stretch to take him in. “It will never go inside my small pussy!”

He just smiled again as he grabbed her hips and pushed harder. “Yes it will,” he said with a big smile.

She was wet enough now that the rest of his dick slid inside with his next hard push. Her eyes got really wide and her mouth was open but no words were coming out. Suddenly, she closed her eyes and locked her legs on his shoulders as she grabbed his head and kissed him hard and deep. Her pussy began to spasm and he could feel her juices flooding his dick as she climaxed over and over again.
He began to fuck her faster, knowing this was not the time to try to hold back. He looked into her glazed eyes.

“I hope you’re on birth control,” he told her through clenched teeth. “I’ll about to fill your pussy up.”

“I’m not!” she said quickly, “but don’t stop. I can’t have kids. Please let me feel your cum!”

Within minutes, his cum was flooding her pussy and her back arched completely off the couch as she felt it shoot deep inside.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh!” she cried into their kiss. “I’m cummmmming again!”

It was several minutes before either of them was able to speak. She looked at him finally with a light smile but with tears in her eyes and he immediately thought she was upset.

“I’m sorry,” he said quickly. “I thought you wanted this as much as I did.”

“Oh no!” she said quickly. “It’s not that! I’ve just never cum more than once. I never thought it was possible.”

He gave her a big smile. “Your husband must be a dud. You’ll cum lots more before this night is over if you want too and if I have anything to say about it,” he said calmly. He looked deep into her eyes then. “Do you?”

“God yessss!” she said quickly.

“Okay,” he replied calmly. “Now, let’s get you freshened up again. Our car is waiting.”
His dick was still buried in her small pussy and he began to pull out slowly but her legs held him

“Ohhhh,” she said. “I don’t want you to come out. It feels so good.”

He snickered as he pulled all the way out and large gobs of cum began to pour from her soaked pussy. “Later baby! We have to go now.”

When he pulled back, he grabbed her thong and ripped it off. “You don’t need this either,” he told her as he tossed it aside.
Her mouth dropped open and then her eyes got big. Finally she replied. “Please!” she said with a pout. “I won’t have anything on under this dress except my stockings.”
“Okay,” he said calmly, deciding to humor her this once. “I’ll let you wear one this time but not that one. Go put on the one with the sheer lace front.”

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Once again it is about the power and control he takes right from the start, and how he gets them to humiliate and degrade themselves for his pleasure just by asking (telling?) his women to do something they would never have done on their own. Picturing this in my head as I was reading it and knowing that could have been me doing what he wants, has me soaking wet and very you have me needing to get fucked....hard and deep!!!

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God i want to fuck so bad right now

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I hope this isn't a duplicate. I have enjoyed this series, but I too would like to see a bit more detail in the sex scenes. I hope there are several more chapters coming.

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2010-12-23 22:06:31
I hope this isn't a duplicate. I have enjoyed this series, but I too would like to see a bit more detail in the sex scenes. I hope there are several more chapters coming.

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2010-12-23 22:03:32
I have enjoyed this series very much. I too would like to see a bit more detail during the sex scenes. I hope there are several more chapters in this series.

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