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Tonight I lose my virginity. The night of my life.
The big night finally arrived – when I get home tonight I will no longer be a virgin. Mike and Jan are going to ensure I have the night of nights.

I showered and cleaned everything – yes my vagina had never been cleaner or smelled nicer, I used a bit of perfume on what little hair I have down there. I wanted Mike and Jan to like what I was offering Mike.

I want to look good both dressed and naked. I wondered if I should put a bit of lipstick on my areola to make them look a bit darker but decided against that. Mike or Jan would certainly be kissing them before I enjoyed the sensation they give me when I masturbate, and I assume it will be as good if not better when he is enjoying having intercourse with me. I don’t want to use fuck tonight – that seems a bit ordinary for what I am hoping for.

I combed my hair, both ends, looked at myself in the mirror –again – I really wanted to look good for them. I believe I looked virginal – and looked at the naked virgin in the mirror, opened my legs and looked at my vagina – opened it wide and saw even now it was shinny with the moisture I was making just thinking about it. I wiped a finger over my clit and sucked it, it tasted good. I hope they both get to taste me tonight – I know I want to taste Mike as it will be his semen that fills my once virgin vagina. Then I got dressed and agonised over whether I should wear pants or not. I decided to as I did not want to look like a slut – which I will become after tonight – there are a couple of guys at school I want to try and I want Mike as often as I can. The moment I turn 16 I want to have as much sex as I can handle until I can find the right guy to keep me happy – apart from Mike – I have seen him at work on Jan and I know he will fulfil my dreams.

I put on a thin bra which showed my hard nipples and a T shirt that allowed the hardness of them to be seen as well. I want them to undress me and enjoy the sensation of standing before a man naked. They had both seen me naked and knew what I was like in the raw. I wanted to look virginal tonight – before I gave it up for ever. I looked again and saw just a plain old me – It would be the last time I would walk on the street as a virgin from now on I would be ‘experienced’. Nobody would know looking at me dressed and I wondered if I put a sign around my neck – ‘I am no longer a virgin’ what people would think – I wanted the world to know I was a woman of the world.

I walked or better described as floated over to their place. Mom and dad had gone out and as I walked out the door and felt the nice cool night air on me I wanted to strip off and feel the sensation over my entire body. I had often gone nude outdoors at night and it always felt good. The number of times I had gone into the back yard and stripped naked to masturbate was countless – it always felt better doing it naked outdoors. I imagined at times I had an audience of my fellow school friends – all males - and they masturbated with me, and as they came ejaculated onto my body. One night I even splashed cream on me to simulate what it would look like. I was sex mad.

I finally reached their door and rang the bell. Both Mike and Joy met me at the door – they were dressed in gowns which surprised me, I thought they would be nude but they obviously had nothing underneath the gown. I didn’t say anything.

Come in they said and we went out to the sun room where they had set up a big bed – just a sheet covered it and a small piece of sheeting in the middle. There was room for all three of us.
There were candles and flowers around the room it looked amazing.
I said that looks like an altar.

Jan said we are going to sacrifice you to Mike tonight. I hope you don’t mind. Lets call it the altar of life. Mike and I have used it a lot.

Mike had a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket and three glasses and he said I think you want to get things moving I assume and not let us waste too much time.

I said no, I want everything to be perfect – lets not hurry but as you say lets not waste time.

He poured the champagne and we all stood together held a hand and they drank a toast to me, then we all drank a toast to the virgin amongst us that has come to be delivered into the arms of her lover.

Jan put on some nice music and I could tell they had done some real preparation for me and I said this is beautiful thank you.

Jan said we want it to be as wonderful an event as you have no doubt planned it to be but we decided that it would be special for us too, the setting has to be perfect for you.

Now Jan said lets get ready, you smell beautiful – a special perfume.

Is called seduction. I picked it for the scent – not the name, but the two go together I think.

Perfect – now lets get comfortable – clothes off.

I undressed and both of them slipped the gowns off. Jan had trimmed or shaved as she had a bit of stubble last time I was here, she was baby smooth except for the small patch of hair. I must admit I did the same. I was hoping Mike might give me an oral workout as well.

Now said Jan up on the bed and prepare yourself, it wont happen immediately we want to introduce you to a bit of foreplay we enjoy before the main event, we assume you want to reach orgasm the first time with him.

Ohhh Yes – if its possible – I believe it may hurt when he tears my hymen. I don’t think the size will matter – he is not huge – perfect for me I feel. I am well stretched. I just hope I can make it.

Don’t be concerned there will be plenty of time for you to enjoy that part of it, maybe not the first time but on the second I am sure you will make it if you don’t the first time.

I cant wait.

You look absolutely beautiful there. Mike is a lucky man.
How are you feeling – tense or relaxed.

I was a bit tense when I arrived, I wasn’t sure how you were going to react to me. Now I am with you and naked and the champagne is working I could almost float I am that relaxed, not a tense nerve in my body …….yet.


I am going to start with you and Mike can watch. He can get his cock up when we are ready – he never has a problem doing that. It will be rock hard for you don’t worry.

I lay there and Jan inspected my vagina opening it with her fingers and inspecting me internally – it felt funny with a girl doing that to me – you will be fine – he will fit you perfectly – like a glove. I knew it wont be the first Jan she does that. Then she put some gel of some sort on her hands and slowly rubbed them over me. I had no idea what it was but it smelled nice. This will make you feel all tingly over your whole body. I had complete confidence in her doing whatever she wanted with me.
It took a couple of minutes for the gel to begin working and as she rubbed her hands on my skin and warmed my body up I could feel it beginning to work, if I hadn’t been relaxed before - I was now, this was amazing. She avoided my breasts and vagina and around my asshole, but massaged the cheeks of my ass – the sensation in my body was anmazing, I didn’t need it down there I was more than ready for him there. It felt really good – different from any sensation I had ever had down there. Then she did it to my legs and wow did I feel like I was on a real high – I had never taken drugs but if they did this to you – I would be an addict in no time.

I said is this habit forming.

Jan said not in that way – its something we do occasionally – if I come home stressed Mike does his to me and in no time at all I fell like I am floating and then we have sex and it is the most amazing feeling – you will see for yourself. It is a sort of mild aphrodisiac.

Then Jan wiped her hands and began to use her fingers in and around my slit, working them into the folds of my labia and gently arousing my clit. She bent down and she kissed me – the kiss of a lifetime – open mouth and with out tongues working together and I thought I would cum on the spot, but I felt like it but nothing happened. Her hand gently massaged my breasts and nipples. It felt unvbelievable.

Now she said lets not delay any longer – you might go off he boil.

There was no chance of that now.

Mike was standing there to one side – his penis was now erect and standing up like a little soldier – it looked beautiful. He is circumcised and the colour of it is a light brown colour not white like some I have seen. I realised then he was pretty tan and neither of them had tan lines and obviously sun tanned in the nude. The head of his penis is a reddish colour not purple like some I have seen and the helmet as I call it perfectly shaped and the eye of it closed up. It would open later to pass his semen between us. His scrotum was soft and his balls were dangling down. Even they looked good.
I asked if could I feel them.

He came over and I held my hand out and felt his lovely soft balls and said they will make me happy. I then stroked his cock and slipped my hand up and down a couple of times and said it feels fantastic, so hard and with a lovely soft feel of the skin on it. I am so lucky to have a cock like that to do this to me.

Jan said kiss him, and I though she meant on the lips but he presented his cock to me and I kissed the top of it.

Then she said that wont be the last time those lips do that and more.

I shuddered at the thought of it in my mouth. I had sucked boys off but none had a cock like his. God I thought I am going to be a real slut, fucking and cock sucking wow this is amazing.

Then Jan said ok lets not delay things any further we have a lot of ground to cover this evening.

Mike got up on the bed and I positioned myself ready for him.

I looked around me and the whole room was in a soft glow of candle light – it was extremely sensual with both Jan and Mike with me naked.

Jan came over and said lift our bum, I want to get this cloth under you – if you bleed we want to have this for a memento – your virgin blood.

They had thought of everything.

Mike got himself ready, Jan asked me if I was sure and if I was ready.

Ready willing and able – I said.

Ok – Jan came over with a tube and squeezed some clear stuff out and wiped it on Mikes cock, just some KY to make it go in easier, its sex lubricant. It doesn’t change anything as far as sensation and stuff – it’s just a lubricant and nothing more.

I looked down and the top of his cock was shiny with the jelly on it.

Now Jan said take it easy – slow and steady.

He was on his knees and between my legs, as he crawled up to me he bent down and kissed my vagina – the first and last time before you become a woman of the world – a complete woman in every way but childbirth. His kiss felt great – he didn’t lick me or anything just a sensual kiss.

Jan said ok get your legs up and wide open, he can hold them or you can put them on his shoulders.

As I did that I thought this is it – another minute and I wont be a virgin any longer.

Mike got his cock in his hand and she said hold it and I thought she meant for me to hold his cock but she wanted him to wait, she turned on a video camera with a spot light on it and was videoing him.

Ok go in slowly and when you feel the pressure of her hymen stop.

I looked down and all I could see between my breasts was his cock right at the opening of my vagina with him holding it. My pubic hair was just visible above my slit. Her camera had it illuminated beautifully.

Then I felt him touch me with his cock head and its head disappeared into me and I could feel the pressure of my vulva surrounding his cock head.

It went in about 3 inches I guess and I could feel it inside me and then he stopped – I have hit it I think said Mike.

I looked up at Mike and he was concentrating on getting everything right.

Jan asked me if I could feel anything.

Yes his wonderful cock in me a bit.

Does it hurt she asked.


Good now push just a little harder and see what happens.

That barrier is still there he said. I couldn’t feel anything apart from his cock inside me a bit.

Now she said – are you ready.

Yes – was all I could say – he was ready to break into me and penetrate me with his penis and expose me to the wonderful world of sexual intimacy.

Ok push a bit harder.

Nothing happened and he wasn’t pushing as hard as he had to I think.

Are you ready for this she asked.

Never more so – Make love to me Make love.

Jan aimed the video at my face and said push hard.

I looked into his eyes – he was smiling and I could not believe anything could be this good. He mouthed the word ‘ready’ and I nodded. Then he pushed and I could see the furrows on his brow and his mouth open then the pressure of his body against mine. He was on the verge of penetrating me.
He pushed hard and as he did I felt this hot poker like sensation inside me and it stung. His cock had broken through my hymen and his cock was buried deep inside me. Immediately I felt a wetness internally which seemed to cool down the hot poker sensation. It was over – my virginity was gone forever.

I lay there – I took a deep breath - it was over - I was no longer a virgin – I had a mans penis deep inside me and giving me so much pleasure I could not never have imagined how good it was. I let a hugh sigh of relief out.

STOP she said STAY STILL DON’T MOVE. I could feel her on the bed where Mike had his cock inside me. She was obviously videoing his cock deep inside my vagina.

He lay on top of me and I could feel the warmth of his body pressing against me and this sensation of him deep inside me much further up into me than I imagined. I could feel the entire length and particularly the thickness of his penis inside me. It had happened. I was still stinging a bit but it wasn’t bad. I could feel his balls beneath my slit rubbing against me.

Oh GOD I said OH MY GOD – I HAVE DONE IT – JAN I AM SO HAPPY I was so happy and I burst out crying. Oh Mike I love you so, I said in between my soft sobs. You have no idea how this feels – I am a woman, a woman with a wonderful man inside me. You have no idea at all how happy I am so happy and its you who has made me so. A man who can put his seed inside me. Oh I could go on for hours about all the things I have read and heard about sharing my virginity. It is far better than all the talk and stuff – it feels amazing.

Jan said obviously you have no regrets as she handed me a tissue to wipe my tears.

Only that I haven’t done it earlier. But it would not have been with the two of you – I love you both.

Jan said are you ready for him to start – you cant just lay there like that for ever.

I said I could you know – nothing feels as good as this. I could never imagined anything a great as this.

Mike then pushed himself up on his arm above me and he said are you ready.

I adjusted my legs and they were now resting on his shoulders, I was so comfortable and he had complete unrestricted access to my most private place, I could go on like this for hours I thought – WHY OH WHY DIDN’T I START DOING THIS BEFORE. I knew damn well.
There has never been a man like Mike I wanted as much as I did him - and still do – He is the man with the perfect penis – he will live in my memory for ever and Jan has been marvellous as well. I think there is more to her than meets the eye – and I think I am going to learn more from her than Mike really.


He began to slowly raise and lower his body above me. We both adjusted our position to get comfortable and maximum sensation from his cock and then he got his rhythm going and within a minute he was fucking me, really fucking me, driving his cock into me and pulling it back slowly before thrusting it down deep into me again – time after time and I was enjoying the feeling of his cock moving inside me like I could not believe – I was in heaven. I could feel the top of his cock slipping up and down inside me and the rim of my vagina tight and holding his cock inside me. I could feel his cock rubbing against my now swollen labia as he continued to fuck me. Looking up at him and seeing the smile on his face said it all – he was happy with me. I was so glad.
I also hadn’t realise until now my tits were wobbling a bit as he punched his cock down into me and my whole body rocked with the pressure he was using to nail his cock to my insides. I touched my nipplesm and wow were they touchy – I loved the sensation.

Jan said you did bleed a bit. Not much, there is some on the towel. You can put it under your pillow on your wedding night to let everybody think you were a virgin.

I laughed – any guy I marry will know I am no virgin – he and I will have been having sex for months before – I want a good man who can make me happy in bed first and the rest later.

Mike continued to give me the most wonderful time – he knew how. I was enjoying having a sexual relationship with him with his wife watching – and directing the entire experience. I would never have imagined I would loose my virginity like this – it is truly amazing. I have heard of girls who do it on the spur of the moment – don’t – plan it and find the right man – Mike made my time the best there could be and by the time the night was over there was nothing I could have wished more for – except more ! I know that will happen in time – both with Mike and a number of lucky guys who will get to share their time with me.

Jan had been busy with the video and now while Mike was just making my life on earth as it would be in heaven – giving me the most wonderful sexual adventure and experience of my life. He changed his position with me and gave me numerous variations of having sex in the missionary position.

Jan asked me if I wanted to experiment at this time with different position or wait until I reached orgasm in this one. I had not considered that before so I said lets do it this way and then we can all have a break and you can show me some of the ways you two do it – I have watched you and it seems there are many many ways I can enjoy the sensation of having a mans penis inside me. If he cums in me – will it make the feeling any different when we do it again.

Jan said not really the fun is the adventure of being in a different position his cock is still massaging you internally, it feels a bit different but it mainly the man that gets the pleasure of the different way unless you get on top – and we will show you how to do that later on.

I said what about you – I am getting all of Mikes attention and you are missing out.

Believe me I don’t miss out too often – period time is a rest for me. Some months I actually look forward to it for a break – he is a pretty consistent sex man. There are not many days we don’t enjoy sex in some form. But even then he wants manual or oral sex. He is a glutton. I think you must know its almost our daily bread.

I was enjoying him over me and inside me – his cock was giving me so much pleasure. Then I began to feel the sensation I had felt many many times when I was building up to an orgasm – I was going to cum shortly. I told Mike and he said don’t worry you enjoy yourself – I can cum any time I want to.

Jan said is it happening?

I said I am nearly there. I should cum in a minute.

She picked up the camera and was going to video me having my first ‘man’ made orgasm – I was going to cum on my virgin fuck – I had hoped for this but had never realised it would happen. How many girls have I heard tell that their guy came before them and some of them never had their first man made orgasm for ages.

Then I could feel my tummy tensing and my legs getting that feeling in them when I cum and he started to fuck me harder and faster – my whole body was rocking with the sensation, by tit’s were rocking about and I could her the slap of his body hitting mine and his balls swinging against my asshole – he was in full swing when it was building up fast inside me and I was doing everything to try and slow it down so I could enjoy the feeling for as long as possible but it was not possible – the sensation hit me like a brick wall – I pushed my legs against his shoulders and l lifted my ass off the bed to meet him as he drove his cock hard and fast into me I was pushing my cunt hard onto his cock to get the full depth of his cock up me and his cum right up inside me, I could feel him hitting my cervix now soaking it in man made sperm. – I heard Jan say shit this girl knows a thing or two – she began to coach Mike and I heard her say GIVE HER YOUR COCK MIKE – SHE REALLY WANTS IT FILL HER UP – MAKE HER DAY – FILL HER WITH YOUR SEED. FUCK HER MIKE …………… FUCK HER.

I graoned and moaned with each spasm of my orgasm ARRRRRR….UUUUUUHHHHHHHHGGG……I arched my legs again against his shoulders and I was fucking him now –the first spasm had hit me – hard
I kept pushing my cunt onto his cock like mad. AAAAAARRRRRRRR……UUUUGGGGGGG….. UUUUUUUGGGGGGGthe UUUUUUGGGGG. UUU GGGG.

I was wild with the passion of sex….. my first orgasm while I was being fucked and on my virgin fuck as well – nothing is as good as this absolutely nothing.. I had already cum hundreds of times masturbating but this was the king of them all. If I died now ---- I would die more than happy--- ecstatic.

I heard him
each grunt getting longer so I assumed he was pumping his cum into me as fast as he could get it out of his cock. I was beginning to feel the wetness inside me as his cock kept slipping deeply into me as he pushed and squirted into me each time.
The sensation on my clit was almost unbearable it was so sensitive – his cock felt like sandpaper rubbing it but I loved the sensation……. then I began to cry again – really cry ---big sobs…..the passion was overwhelming – what was happening to me was the most amazing thing in my life – never ever did I believe it would be like this . Mike and Jan had made it better than perfect.

Jan was masturbating like mad she told me later I was too busy cumming to notice. She said she came faster than she had ever cum before moments after Mike and I had started.

Jan heard me sob and Mike was just pumping the last of his semen into me and he was covered in sweat like I was, and he collapsed on top of me and I could feel his hot wet body slipping and sliding over mine, His cock was still inside me and I have never felt like this at any time in my life – nothing would ever eclipse this moment. The pair of us were gasping for breath – I had never cum so hard in my entire life as I did then. I could feel his heart beating hard against my breast as mine did the same.

God if every fuck is like this I will be dead in a year….. but what a death!!!! I have never heard of anybody being fucked to death but I might be the first.

I had stopped crying while Mike was kissing me and as my tears ran down my cheeks I could taste the salty tears as we kissed hard and passionately. I was kissing him as his lover. Not only was my vagina now filled with his semen – his tongue was now well lubricated with my tears. One day soon my tongue would also taste his semen he had filled me with. I would know not only what it felt like but what it tasted like – ohhhh God what do I have ahead of me….I only hope Jan will let me allow me to cohabit with him in these ways. After today he could do what he wished with me. I will never ever forget today the most wonderful day of my life. My 16th Birthday – what could be better than this.

As his now slackened cock slipped out of me he rolled off me and lay on the bed beside me. The two of us lay there kissing lightly on the lips – I said to Jan who had joined us on the bed and was laying on the other side of him - can I tell him I love him.

Sure – but its only in a sexual way remember – he is my man –and I intend to keep him that way. I think that the three of us are going to be much closer now than ever before. I know myself I have never witnessed or enjoyed sex like I have seen today. He excelled himself. I am proud of him. Sure love him in that way, – he is your first man so I assume you will always have some love of him in your life.

Then I turned to Jan and I said I LOVE YOU TOO. God you are amazing to let me do that with Mike and be happy for me.

Well before this turns into a love-in I want some video of the two of you now its all over and before you both clean up – we have more in store for you. The night is young.

She video’d Mikes cock covered in cum mixed in with a hint of my virgins blood, His cum was now flowing back from my vagina and leaking everywhere – he must have really unloaded inside me. There was blood in that as well and also on the sheet beneath me – enough to prove I WAS a virgin. She video’d that as well and I opened my vagina with my fingers and gave her a special viewing so she got some good pictures.

Mike had gone to the bathroom to shower. Jan spoke to me and said how happy she was for me and that Mike was something special. She told me about the other couple they have sex with as Mike had told me, and that she fell pregnant to a boy 14 on her second time. She had an abortion. I wanted to know more but we heard Mike turn the shower off so she stopped talking.

Then Mike came back and Jan said off you go and shower – we have a few more tricks up our sleeve for you to try before you go home.

Fantastic I said – the more the merrier.

I went to the bathroom and showered washing myself internally with their pulsing shower head. I would never have got his cum all out but I did manage to get quite a bit out. I was so happy. Never have I enjoyed myself with no clothes on as much as I have so far today than ever before.

When I went back – they had been talking and discussing what we should do next.

That will be my next story of sex in various positions and sex with a woman. Jan was going to make me into a fully blown Bi sexual woman – and I was going to enjoy that as much as sex with Mike.
I tasted his semen from that beautiful cock– I licked and bought Jan to orgasm. She returned the pleasure on me and so did Mike. I went home having had orgasm after orgasm in an orgy of wonderful fulfilling sex and enjoyed it in ways with two wonderful people. I would never have believe my experiences could be achieved with two such considerate, compassionate, people who made it exciting and delightful. I did not want that day to end, but I also had a promise of a continued relationship with them both, but I had a record of it all on video and photo’s. I would make an album of them.

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Having trouble with the comment section. Great story visualization right to a nice erection. A wonderful story about making love, not just raw fucking. Though, there is nothing wrong with raw fucking. Proof reading your story will make it a better read . I hope the floods are not having an adverse effect on you. Happy New Year

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