I love black dick!
m a 16 year old white male, and there is a community pool where I live. I'm small and young looking for my age. I'm only five foot three, and I'm little, but realy good looking. I'm kinda shy, and I just moved to this new house. I'm having a tough time making freinds because its a mostly black area, and I don't really fit in. Plus I'm small, so I'm easy to bully.

I'm like really....really...REALLY White so the people here fuck with me about that a lot!

One of the people that like always goes to the pool... is this 30 something year old really dark skinned black guy named Travis. He's like six foot five, with big muscles, scars, tatoos, and stuff. He has a white girlfriend, but she's not around a lot.

Lately, I've noticed him staring at me a lot when I'm swimming, he looks at me with like lust. I always liked girls, but for some turns me on in a weird way when he looks at me like that.

Yesterday, Travis approached me and was hitting on me. He told me how he liked my eyes bcuz they're blue, my blonde hair, my pouty pink lips, my long legs, and mentioned that I had a big butt for a boy. And, I knew he wanted to fuck it.

He got me to come over his house "to play X box", and when I aksed him what game he wanted to play... he said, "the one when you take off your clothes." And, that made me so nervous and scared, but like also...excited

I told him I wasn't gay, and that I didn't want to take my clothes off, but he was NOT listening...

I tried passive aggressive resistance, but he so too intimidating that it didn't work. He got me to sit on his lap, and slid his hand down the back of my trunks, and started grabbing my butt and sliding his fingers up and down inbetween my butt checks, and then he actually penetrated me, and started to finger me a while.

While he did that he kissed my chest and neck, and sucked on my nipples. Then, he forced his toungue in my mouth, and held my head tight by my hair and, made me make out with him, while he did that he pulled my tank top off,

Then he pushed me on his bed, and pulled my swimming trunks off. They were still wet and so was I. Then, he just got on top of me, and started feeling me up and telling me how hard he wanted to fuck me

He turned my over on my belly, and smacked my ass a lot, and then positioned me like "doogy style" and began finger fucking me. It hurt, but it felt good too. He fingered me for a LONG time, in lots of different different positions. I tried to fake like I didn't like it, and was saying stop, but I couldn't stop moaning out and clutching at his sheets...

He just kept on doing it for what felt like FOREVER! It was probably an hour or a little more. And, he kept telling me what a little "faggot" I was, and called me a "marsh mellow," a "slut." "cream puff," a "whore." a "snow bunny"

He just kept smacking my ass, and finger fucking me forever... and I can't explain it...but after a while it just started to feel so good! And while he did it, he told me to say things like, "I like it," "don't stop" "I'm your bitch" and "give it to me"

He'd smack my ass hard if I didn't say them, and so I said everything he wanted me to...

By the time he finished I was so euphoric and aroused I couldn't stop panting. He told me to admitt that I liked it, and so i did. Then, he asked me if I was ready to suck his cock...and I said yes

I got down on my knee's, and his dick was so big I could barely get it in my mouth. It was so black and veiny, and it smelled bad,=. He cock slapped my face and mushroom stamped my forehead. But, I still licked, kissed and sucked his cock until my jaw hurt so bad I couln't take it.

Then, he took me back into his bed, and tried to fuck me. He put me in a doggy style positioned, and kept telling me to arch my back. He pressed the tip of his dick against my butt hole... but it was too big and it wouldn't fit.

He tried for like 15 minutes to fuck me, but my ass is small and I've never been fucked before, and his penis is so big! While he tried over and over again to fit his dick inside me, he kept calling me a cock sucker, and it bothered me really bad, because I actually was one now... he made me a cock sucker, and I started thinking like "what the fuck am I doing?"

I couln't stop freaking out about being a cock sucker, and how I'll always be one now...because I can't "un-suck" his dick, and I started to feel so disgusting...and I could still taste his black dick in my mouth... And, how now I'm naked and on all fours trying to arch my back right, and push my butt back on his dick so he can fuck me...

Travis got up to get some baby oil, so he could lube up enough fuck me... and I freaked out! Because part of me wanted to stay there and just let him fuck my brains out. But, the bigger part of me was feeling disgusting...and wanted to RUN

It was a hard choice...because I did kinda want him to come back in, oil my ass up, and just give it up to him. I really wanted to get butt-fucked, and feel his big dick inside me. I wanted to give myself to him, and be fucked by a black man. I NEVER EVER thought I would want something like that, but I did!

I also wanted the exact opposite thing... which was to undue EVERYTHING I did with him, especially all the cock sucking!!! And, forget about it for the rest of my life! And, definately to NOT let him fuck me, and to RUN AWAY!!!

I knew he was going to come back in... in a few seconds, and if he did before I got my clothes back on, and got out of his bedroom... that I would absolutely...positively... let him fuck me

So, I grabbed all my clothes and put them on faster than I have ever put clothes on in my life! And, i bolted for the door. When he realized I was running I was already by the front door of his house about to leave... he ran after me, and kept telling me to come back

I half opened the front door, but I couln't bring myself to leave...because I still wanted to have sex with him. I could loose my virginity to a black man, be totally submissive and take that big black cock up my big pouty white bubble butt. And, let him fuck me for hours! I could be his little white whore, and I wanted to be his little white whore!

He stood only a few feet away from me. I told him not to grab me, and he said he wouldn't. He was still naked and I looked at his massive dick hanging there like a elephant trunk...that was still dripping wet with my saliva

I asked me to close the door, and come back to bed with him... and said he'd make it worth my while. He promised me that he would fuck me so good, make me love black dick, and that I'd really love having sex with him, and I knew he was right. I almost caved in... I desperately wanted to cave in!

But, I also didn't want to be gay! I wanted to be a regular guy, have a wife and kids one day. Be normal, not be a disgusting slutty white faggot for black guys, and I told him that...

He tried to rope me back into his bed by saying that I was young and its OK to try things. And, that the only way that I'll ever really know if I'm gay is if I try it. And, that a lot of guys try it, and they don't like it...and then they can move on without ever looking back. That...if I don't now, I'll always wonder

And, I wanted to use that as an excuse to get back in bed with him and be passionately interracially butt-fucked... and just get the shit fucked out of me but...

I KNEW that if I let him fuck, that I would like it! Just like how I liked being finger fucked, and how I liked sucking his cock. I knew I would not have to wonder if i would like it... I WOULD! And, then... I'd be at this black man's house every single day sucking black dick and being interracially butt fucked all day long!

I didn't want ANYONE to EVER know what I had already done, let alone go back and let him fuck me, and be his personal fuck doll.

He began walking closer to me, and I KNEW if I let him touch me, I'd get back in his bed...and let him fuck me. So I told him to stop! He did, and said, "C'mon princess... you know you want it!"

And, I DID! But, I didn't want to want it. I said, "I'm sorry, but I can't... I don't want to have that kinda life, just because I want to have sex with you now, doesn't mean I should...and I'll hate myself later! I want to be 100% straight!"

He said, "Yea... well I want to cum in your mouth so you can feel my African sperm swimming inside your belly, and then I want to flip you over and butt-fuck your brains out, with no condom... until I can blast another full load of nigger cum inside you, and leave you inseminated. I wanna insemminate you! And, I know and you know you want me to!

My knee's almost buckled out from underneath me... Hearing him talk about insemminateing me made me want to drop on to all fours...lift my ass up in the air...and have him inseminate me right there!!! His big muscular body, black skin, BIG black dick...pumping cum inside me... The thought of being inseminated by a black man, made me weak with desire

I wanted him to fill my little white body up with his black seed! He knew this was working on me... so he continued. He said, "Come on boo, come back to bed and I'll fuck you until you'll swear that your pregnant! Shit! I'll fuck you so hard so long... you might just get pregnant! You'll be the fist white boy to be so throughly fucked and inseminated that you'll deliver a black baby! Hoenstly, you're basically a girl anyways!

Feeling myself caving in... I finally, brought myself to leave... I turned aroud, and beagn opening the door wide enough so I could walk out, and he closed the distance between us quickly, and pushed the door shut!

He pressed his powerful naked black body up against my back, and my face was pressed against the door... then one of his hands grabbed my ass, and the other turned the lock on the door, and connected the chain. I procrastinated too long, I missed my opportunity to leave, and I was trapped...I was his!

One hand gropped my ass, and the other broke a strap of my tank top, and ripped it all the way down, and ripped it off my body. Then that big pwerful black hand began caressing my small bright white torso. He began kissing my neck and nibbled on my ear lobe, then he spun me around facing him.

He put his hand under my chin, and titled my head up looking up at him... into his eyes. Then he spoke to me and said, "You want to leave... I'll let you leave! I'll let you walk out this door right now, and you can have your normal life. Just do me ONE thing..."

And, I said, "What?" and he answerd saying, "look me in the eye and tell me that you don't want me to inseminate you, and that you don't want my cum pumped into your body... and I'll let you go!"

His test was an impossible one for me. I stared saying it, but I couln't finish.... I just couldn't....

He smiled abd said, "that's what I thought!" Then, I knew I would not ny leave this black man's house un-fucked, and when I did his cum would be swimming inside me. In my belly, and inside my colon and rectum...and he'd pump it so deep it would soak my other guts as well.

He took me by my arm, and said, "lets get you back to bed" and, he led me down the long hall way which ended at his bed room. I walked with him down the hall, like a man walking to the excectioner...

I looked back at the front door several times as we marched to bed, each time I did... he'd tug my arm a little and keept me walking foreward to my inpending butt-fucking... My fate, as a white sissy boy destined to endure hours of hard core interracial sex... trying to appease a mostrous black cock... with nothing more than a plump, but timid lily white ass.

My entire body trembeled as I walked to that room... it was too late to escape now, that small window of opportuntity passed. My fate was sealed.

I was happy that I was going to be fucked, and even happier that I was going to be fucked by a black man, and that I would be enseminated and pumped full of his cum. I was excited to take his black penis into my body, and hoped it would like fucking me!

But, I was deeply sad... deeply regretful that I didn't leave when I had the chance. I was filled with real powerful sorrow... KNOWING that I would forever regret not leaving when I could have. And, I would forever hate myself for all the nasty things I was about to do with this black man.

I was going to get naked for him again, loose my virginiy to him, loose my manhood to him, give up ass to him again and again as he fucks me to his heart's content, I was certain to suck his cock some more, and be an eager and willing white whore for a black man...and probably, NO DEFINEATLY be a little lily white whore for many...MANY other black men afterwards.

I was going to love getting fucked, sucking black cock, and being lavished with a black man's cum. I was going to love doing EVERYTHING I was going to do in that bed, and HATE MYSELF FOR it, FOREVER... I would feel disgusting and sick for doing those things...and for loving it so much!

While I would love the sex with this black man, it would only last several hours, but the shame, the disgust, and the sorrow would last the rest of my life... and, the only way I'd be able to deal with THAT pain, that shame, that disgust, that sadness... would be to make myself feel good...

Which would mean jumping back into his powerful black arms, into his bed, and back on to his black dick... For a relief, of few hours of incredible pleasure... perpetuating an enless...vicious cycle...

To make matters worse, he was almost 100% straight, with a serious girlfreind. She was his future, all he would ever want with to dick my body up, pump cum inside me, and forget I exsist afterwards...until the next time he wanted to fuck me... his faithful little fuck doll... or, as he calls me...his lil "Barbie Boy"

All these things raced through my head, as we took the walk back to his bedroom. I looked back at that door a few more times, at what "could have been." A real life, with a normal exsitance, a family, a wife, kids of my own, sex with girls... A healthy... happy life!

Instead I'd get unbelievable shame, disgust, and a life of submissive sexual servitude to any black man with a cock to fuck me with. I guess when I think about it that isn't THAT bad! But, in my heart I know that it is!

I breifly entertained very brief delusions of goin "straight" so to speak, after the gay interracial fuck fest that I'm about to be the center of, but I know better, I'm not THAT naive...

... How could I be a family man, raise a family, and raise a son to be a man...when I gave my manhood away to some black guy I meet at the pool...the same day I met him! And, sucked his dick, and craved his sperm inside my body SO BADLY... that I couln't even lie saying I didn't want it. So badly, that my knee's get weak just thinking about it...SO BADLY, that even NOW I refuse to run away, so that I can get it. Even now, even still... I want his nigger cum inside my guts... in my mouth, on my face, on my ass, on my tummy, in my tummy, and up my on and inside my white body, for days... Finally, dying within me.

When we got to his door... I turned all the way around and looked at that door... the door that could have saved my life from sick sex,, and could have given me a respectable life... I stopped at stared at it one last time, regreting all the sick sex and nasty filth I was about to relish doing...

I stared at that door wishing from the deepest part of my exsistence...that I had went through it back when I was there in front of it, and at the same time I was having NO urge to run towards it now...Only wishing that I did...

I stared at the door a second more, while Travis had his huge powerful balck hand wrapped around my arm... I wanted to just continue looking at the door a few moments longer, but Travis' pateince was thin...

Ready to fuck... Travis picked me up in the air, and kicked the door to his room closed... blocking my eyes from seeing it, until I was no longer a virgin or a male... and was full of a black man's cum. Travis, then... immediately hurled my body at least ten feet into his bed... where I would give him my ass, virginity, and manhood, And, he would give me a savage fucking, a hard black dick, and loads of his sperm pumped into my every hole.

Trvis made his way over to me quickly... VERY quickly! His black hands were all over my timid white fleash instantly... He pinned me on my back, and stuffed his toungue in my mouth, and then said, "You ready to get fucked?"

I looked into my new lover's eyes, and said, "Yes...YES I AM" He licked the side of my face, and said, "I'm going to fuck you SO GOOD, you'll never want sex from anyone that isn't a black man ever again!"

I said, " that desire died when you shut the door." He said, "Good! I'm glad its dead! I'm glad I killed it! I'm gald your ready for some black dick! And, I'm still gunna fuck you like a whore that owes me money!" And,... I looked up and said, "Thank you"

He flipped me over, on my belly, and he positioned me in the doggy style position he had me in earlier... only This time no one had to tell me to arch my back, or push my ass back on his dick as he tries to put it in.

Travis soaked his proud black African cock with tons of baby oil, and squirted a bunch up my butt tunnel and then, worked it inside deep with his fingers. His long thick black fingers felt good up my ass... I moaned out in pleasure as he furiously finger fucked me... in an attempt to get his big black dick deep inside my lily white ass.

He pressed the tip of his cock back up to my butt ring, trying to penetrate me... forever stripping me of my virginity, my manhood, and my dignity in one LONG stroke. The baby oil was helping, and so was I by pushing my ass hole down on his dick...

He was still stuggling to fcuk me. He tried vigorously for several minutes, but this time I was going anywhere, until I got his big black cock inside me, and his sperm too! He wanted it 100 times worse than me... which was a LOT!!!

With a litle more oil and a LOT more effort... My ass barrier was beginning to give way... I felt the tip of his hard black dick push past my butt ring. It had penetrated me my several centimeters or so...then I felt the swollen head of his big black dick push through deeper...passing the half way point of the head of his penis.

It kept pressing on further inside me, until the only part of the swollen throbbing head of his fierce black cock...that was NOT yet inside me was the crown...and it was comming...

Once the mighty crown of the head of that huge black cock penetrated me, I felt a pain that cannot be described!!! But, his cock wasn't done pushing forward! The LONG...LONG shaft of his black cock slowly but, surely... slid and burried itself inro me... inch after inch after inch...

My toes fingers grasped at the sheets... my voice was paralyzed with pain... but I somehow moaned out still! My eyes waterd up with tears steaming down my face... every muscle in my body tightened up and would not release...And I felt IT... I felt EVERYTHING!!!

I felt his hard black cock burrowing into my guts... I could feel it smoosh my organs...and keep pushing further...and further...and further STILL!!!

His massive black dick was FAT, it was was was SO FAT...and it was really...REALLY ...REALLY LONG!!! And, I took EVERY LAST INCH!!! I felt the base of his dick maake it inside me, and then... I felt his pubic hair firmly pressed against my bare ass.

It took a while...but finally... he was "Balls Deep" inside me. Which meant that I had more than ten inches...of FAT Black cock burried inside my milky white ass!

The pain was imeasureable!!! Once he was all the way inside me he said, "Congradulations... You're a big girl now! He said his girlfriend couldn't take all of it the first time he put it up her ass, but then again... he wasn't pushing it in quite as hard as he did to me!

My virginity and manhood was gone...and in its place was the biggest black cock I'd ever imagined! He left in ther totally submerged... because he wanted me to savor the moment, and stretch out my insides so he could pound away on me later.

My toes would not un-curl, my fingers could not be un clinched, My voice would not un freez, my whole body could not stop trembeling, and a result of the black dick so deeply inbeeded within it.

He grabbed me by the love handels, and said, "Remeber this monent... today your my bitch! And, you're faggot for nigger cocks! I own you, and so do all other niggers...provided they've got dicks! How's it feel to be fucked by a black man? How's it feel to be my whore? How it feel to know you can never be the same again, and you will never have sex as a man ever... because you aren't one, your a female now, and will be fucked like one because of it!

His dick hurt...I mean it HURT!!! But, I was glad to have the pain! I wanted his black dick inside me, and it was!

After leaving his whole of his HUGE black dick inside my white ass for about five straight minutes... he slowly began pulling it out, and AGAIN I felt every inch!!! He slowly pulled it all the way out of my ass, and then all the way back in...Then, all the way out, and all the way back in...He did this 12 brutal times... Like breaking in a glove... he was breaking in my ass, his love glove.

He added more baby oil each time to make my butt tunnel more and more fuckable... And, it HURT TERRIBLY each and every time, but after about the 8th or 9th started to feel REALLY REALLY GOOD TOO!!! And, my the 11th time... I realized that I LOVE getting my butt fucked! And, I love BIG black cocks inside me!!!

As soon as he finsihed the 12th penetration... as soon as it was all the way inside me...once he was balls deep in my ass...I came violenty... I cam harder and longer than ANY time in my whole life...My lower stomach contracted powerfully spewing cum... much more than I though I had!!!

And, then he began to cum viloently inside of me, as well! His cock drenched my insides with African cum. He had already inseminated me, and had only begun fucking me. I was SO have his sperm swiimming inside my body! And, I wished I could get pregnant with his black babies!

His dick never went soft, and neither did mine, so the fucking continued like he hadn't just blown his cum load in my lily white ass, but he DID!

AFter his 12th full penetration, he began really fucking me... he started with a hard... steady rythem...Blam...blam...blam..blam...blam...blam...blam...blam!!!

It still hurt bad, but it hurt SOOOO GOOOOD!!! I was beginning to get my voice back, and I moaned like a whore for him! I moaned out like my 14 year old sister did when, her 24 year old boyfreind fucked her the night mom was away.

I was still crying, and my bottom lip was quiverring terribly, but I was in BLISS...PURE EUPHORIC BLISS!!! He pounded his black cock into my exposed white ass HARD... with thunderous pumps that sent ripples through my body with each successive hit! My whole body violently jolted forward with each smash!

I came a second time, and a thrid and a fourth... He fucked me SO GOOD!!!

Then he began to REALLY FUCK me!!! Pump action fucking a machine gun crossed with a jack hammer!!! POPPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOP......POPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOP...POPOPOPOPOPPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPOPO....

It was NON-STOP!!! I thought he was going to fuck me to death! And, STILL I was loving it!!!

I kept on dry cumming... every few minutes...I was in love with his big black dick...I loved it, and wanted to fuck it forever! Taking breaks ONLY to suck, lick, and kiss it!!!

He eventauly began fucking me so knee's buckled out from beneath me, and I couldn't hold myself up anymore toi withstand the fucking... and I lay flat on my belly. He proped a pillow underneath my genetals to stick my ass up into the air...where he continued his merctless interracial anal assult!!!

He fucked me like I have NEVER seen anyone in any porn be fucked! He had inhuman stamina and verosity! I had NO IDEA human were capable of fucking THAT hard, or that he wanted to fuck me THAT BAD!!!

Several minutes went by...that seemed like hours of ruthless fucking... and he began dripping sweat all over my back...I could feel his sweaty black hands as they busily gropped my little white body, and smacked my ass!

Then he filpped me over on my back, and Pointed my legs straight up so I could see my toes, then he began fucking me like that...hard and passionately...dripping sweat all over me.

He adjusted the posited many times putting my heels up an his shoulder while he banged my bottom out like a war drum. He fucked me spead eagle, he fucked me with one leg straight the other crossed over that one...making my ass stick out and the reversed it. Then he's just have my legs straight up with the back of my legs pressed against his torso. He spead my legs out and I wrapped them around him while he fucked me HARD!

Then I adjusted them so that the balls of my feet dugi nto his sides, and my toes tryed pulling him in. Then he picked my entire body up into the air, and fucked me while he stood up straight, and my legs wrapped around him...MY whole body held in his powerful WHOLE body bobing up and down on his big cock!

He threw me back on the bed, and fucked me missonary... while toungue kissing me, and smacking my face... and making me say "fuck me harder" "fuck me...fuck me...fuck me.. harder...harder...HARDER...FUCK ME HARDER!"

He liked hearing that so I gave him what he wanted! I would always give him what he wanted!!! Especially because he always wants my lily white ass.

Hours had gone by...and it became clear that I wasn't going to be able to get home any time soon, and I told my lover, that my mom would worry about me, and would expect a call.

He told me that he had just barely started fucking me, and so I'd better tell her that I'm sleeping over a freind house because he's going to fuck me all night long, and he wants to dick me up in the morning too!

So I grabbed my cell phone, and began calling my mom... Travis was like lustfully insane, and could not wait for me to finish talking to my mom to fuck me. I begged him not to, I pleaded with him to just wait, and I'd go back to being his slut, but he wouldn't listen. So, as the phone rang he bent me over in a doggy style position, and stuffed his Black Gargantian cock up my plump white ass.

He had already began pumping his cock in and out of me before my mom even answerd the phone. I began talking to her, and she was in a particularly cheery mood. I couldn't talk very well because I had a huge black dick deep inside my ass, and it was fucking the shit out of me.

I tried to say very little and controll my voice as much as possible while Travis fucked me silly.

My mom kept asking what "that sound is" Which of course was the skin slapping fucking sound, as he furiously crashed into my ass. She said it sounded like a loud clapping noise or gun shots. She also kept asking if I was feeling OK because I sounded like I was in pain.

It was weird talking to my mom with a black dick in my ass. She said it would be OK for me to sleep over this "freind's house" because she knew I was having such a hard time making freinds. But, I had to really beg her! She knew something was off, but obviously had no idea her son was naked and giving his ass up to a black man.

She told me she loved me a few times while Travis steadily pounded me with his huge black dick. And, I told her I loved her too. She wanted to talk more, but for obvious reasons...I was trying to cut it short.

I finally got her to say goodbye and hang up, then Travis asked me why I didn't put him on the phone... I was confused, and said "what are you talking about why would you want to talk to my mom?"

He said, he wanted to thank her for making cute a cute lily white slut, and raising him to be a bitch that loves black cock, that likes niggers to inseminate him, and has nice white ass to fuck!

As he continued to fuck it...he kept asking me if I got my ass from my Momma. I said yes...and he liked that and started saying "Thank You Mrs. Mayberry!"

Then he started fucking me really hard, and telling me he'd like to fuck me hard in front of my mom just like this. And, said then he fuck her too as a thank you..for me, and my big white ass she gave I can give it up to him.

The sex was insanely hot and sweaty, and the dirty talk continued with his talking about fucking me in front of my parents and school mates. He fucked me so good, that I wanted to say dirty shit to make him even more hot for me... I loved being butt fucked! And, I wanted to let him know...

Then, I began saying what I wanted, what i was feeling, which was shit like..."OH! You fuck me SOO GOOD!!! YOU fuck me SOOO GOOOOOOD!!! FUCK...FUCK...FUUUUCCCKKKK....fuck...fuuuuccckkk...FUCK....YOU FUCK ME SO GOOD!!!"

I also said a LOT of..."OH...OOOOHHHHH YOUR DICK IS SOOOO BIIIGGGG!!!! GIMME that big black dick!!!! Fuck my soft white ass!!!! I love it when you fuck me! Do you like to fuck me... do you like it... the, fuck me ...YES YES YES...FUCK ME!!!

Travis fucked the shit out of me, he fucked my brains out!!! He fucked me in damn near every position possible, but he ESPECIALLY love to fuck me doogy style!!! He kept going back to that...and that;s where he's fuck me the most furiously!!!

He fucked me like a savage nigger on crack, and freash out of prison! He also especially liked fucking me on my back with my feet up on his shoulders... He liked me to watch his black face as he fucked by white body into submission.

He also enjoyed... making me sit up, as he fucked me on my back so I could watch his black dick, penetrate my white bottom. He made me do that a LOT!!! And, I love giving him what he wants!!!

At some points he would fuck me so hard...that my body would go limp, and my mind would cash out for a bit...I'd go a sex induced coma! And. every time I came out of it...he was still there fucking me like a whore!

He fucked me a LONG LONG LONG TIME!!! And, I would cum...nonstop! After the second time no liquid would come out, but...I would dry cum every two minutes!

I enjoyed holding his muscular pecs while he was on top of me...fucking me passionately! He loved to smack me and chocke me, and like it too!

My ass was on fire...It hurt worse than anything you can imagine! Ephoria was the only thing counter acting the immese pain. And, his black dick fucked my white ass into euphoric bliss, but after the LONG LONG LONG fucking, my ass got too sore, and swollen... I told my black lover many times, but he told me he wasn't done fucking me!!! And, so I had to just take it like a big girl!

Several hours went by... and he beagn to show signs that he was human, by slowing down some...but, I did something to my man, that made it so his dick could not deflate...

So he got on the side of me, and fucked me slowly, and passionately...and deeply. He fucked me from the side for a long time, and switched sides back and forth. He was gathering his stamina...for a final assult on my thoruoghly fucked ass!!!

After catching some breath, and some more freakish stamina... My black lover st me up doogy style again, and unleashed a fucking, that nearly killed me!

You could hear the sound of fucking from miles away! That iconic skin slapping fucking sound was shaking the room! He crashed into my ass like a ferrari slaming into a brick wall...except it was over and over and over again, abd again...and AGAIN. With an insane speed! And, Each successive crash into my ass sent a mist of sex sweat bursting into the air, and ratteled my brain!!!

I cried, and moaned like whore, and began another violent oragsim... And, soon after that...he began to cum in my ass AGAIN! Globs of African cum spewed into my ass!!! I was so be throughly inseminated twice by a black man!

He can long and hard shooting the first few loads deep into my ass, then a few more loads on my ass cheeks and inbetween them, and on and around my butt hole.

The last few loads he spun my face around and came on it, and also a few thcik globs into my mouth... I had never taster a man's cum before...especialy not a black man's. I tasted like salty milk...and he made me open my mouth to show him how much of his cum was in my mouth, and then...he watched me swallow it. I was overjoyed!

Then, I clean the remaining cum that was stuck and dripping from his dick with my mouth. I licked and sucked on his huge black balls too. Then, I throughly and proudly sucked his cock, cleaning it to the fullest!

The cum he sprayed on and inbetween my ass he began rubbing in with his cock, and then I sucked his cock for several more minutes to make sure it was clean. I love servicing his big black dick! I have thick, pink, and pouty lips perfect for sucking dicks, especially black dicks... so I did a thourough job.

Since I was spending the night with him... he took me into the shower with him, and rubbed me down with soap suds and lotions. I've NEVER been so clean in my life...My skin was sparkeling! I washed him down too! And cleaned his dick up more with soap, water, and my mouth!

He fucked me some more in the shower...and, then ran the bathwater, and layed down back in the tub...with my back against his belly and we took a hot bath together. He fucked me some more in the bath tub, and had me preform underwater blow jobs on him, which I really liked doing! Except when he held my head down too long...which he did do.

We got out of the bath and dried off, and got back into his bed, after changing the sheets.

We layed down under the covers, and within seconds he started "spooning me" and pushing his cock back inside my ass... I begged him for a break, but stuffed it up there anyway, and fucked me softly but passionately, and then stopped...but insisted that I sleep with his cock inside my ass.

I tried, but after an hour my ass desperately needed a rest, and I couldn't sleep...He relectantly agreed to let me sleep with out it. I was so tired that I slept like a baby...all be it... a baby in pain!

He woke me up in the middle of the night to fuck me some more, and came inside me again! And, went back to bed.

In the morning I woke up before him, and decided to wake him by gently kissing his dick with soft wet kisses, which did the trick well! Then I gave my man some head...proudly sucking his dick. And, even though my ass was still ridiculously sore, I mounted Travis, and for the first time began ridding his dick... like a cute little cowgirl, I also rode his dick backwards, and he came inside me again!

I decided to make him breakfast, and when I opened the door, I saw my old friend the front door... I looked at it for a moment and, said to myself... that its too bad, the way things turend out, but at least I love being a black man's "Barbie boy" and, I went to make breakfast.

I made breakfast and brought in into bed for Travis, he took the food off the plates and spead it across my naked body, and ate off me. He poured maple syrup all over me and licked it up, and made me feed him some foods like sausage and bacon by sticking then between my butt cheeks and him going in hands free. I also feed him mouth to mouth.

He took me back in the shower after that, and fucked me some more, and fucked me the enire rest of the day inseminated me many more times.

By the time I left his house and walked out of his front door I must have had gallons of black mans spermy cum in my body, which made me happy.

I haven't seen him all day today, and I'm waiting for him to call me. He also knows where I live, so I'm sure to see much more of him, and suck his black cock, and let him fuck my white ass for a long time to come.

I just LOVE all the interracial sex! And, I love taking the female role during sex with a balck man! However, I feel sick to my stomach and I don't know if its all the cum I swallowed, or if its out of self disgust! But, I had a really hard time sleeping by myself last night. And, I'm already avoiding the mirror! I ry not to think about as musch as possible, but its impossible not to think about what I did...and how much I liked it!

I'm going crazy with a lingering self hate, and I desperately craving more black cock to make me feel good again! But Travis is with his real girlfreind now, and I'll just have to wait my turn to be his girl.

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Damn this was hottttttt!!!!

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