When her pathetic slut of a husband isn't enough for her, she goes to get ready on a night out with a real man.
I sat at the computer that sits next to a window that overlooks the front yard. It was late in the day on a Friday, as the sunlight sunk further and further below the trees casting more and deeper contrasts of light throughout the yard. I was just finished paying bills online when I turned to look out the window and you were just pulling in to the driveway.
I made my way in to the kitchen to greet you from your day at work. You looked so sexy, wearing a tight, dark grey sweater that caused your tits to strain against the fabric begging to be released, and a tight, black knee-high skirt that had a six-inch slit in the back that made your already perfect ass look amazing. You hair was pulled in to a ponytail, and you looked just as perfect and beautiful as when you left this morning. We kissed and hugged, making small talk with the days events.
Suddenly your voice got serious and flirty, accompanied by a sinister look on your face. You tell me your going out tonight, with another man. I ask how you met him.
You tell me that he is from your work, and you and him have been flirting back and forth ever since you started your job there a couple of months ago, but recently you had hoped that you would be able to seduce him, and tonight would be that night.
He was taking you out to dinner to an upscale restaurant; you needed to be dressed to perfection and look amazing. You told me that I was going to help you get ready so that you will be ready to see him so that a real man can take care of you. He was picking you up at seven, so that gave us about two hours to get you ready.
You grab my shirt and drag me up the stairs and bring me to our room. You bring me to your side of the bed and strip me violently until I was naked before you. In your nightstand you have various lingerie pieces and outfits for such an event, and you proceed to dress me in a slutty maid outfit. I was fitted with black stockings, garter belt and heels. Next came a tight pink and blank bra and then a top fitted with an apron and choker. You also gave me thong to wear and implants to fit in to the bra. For the final touch you shove a three-inch butt plug up my ass with a one and a half inch hole through the center.
“Good, now we can start. First you can go and fill the bath,” you said and with that you spit on my face. I walked awkwardly to our bathroom because of the heels and began running the bath and filling it with warm water for you. I mixed soap in the water so that it bubbled and smelled of vanilla.
You walk in to the bathroom with a robe wrapped around your body. You come to the edge of the bath and let your robe fall to the ground. “Pick it up.” You command. I quickly pick it up and hang it on the hanger behind the bathroom door. You swirl your hand through the water testing out the temperature. You dip your feet in and slowly settle down till you are lying down in the soapy water.
“Crawl over here and get in to doggy position with your ass closest to me.” I crawl over towards the bath on my hands and knees until I’m parallel with my ass closets to your face. You slap my ass and play with the butt plug still lodged in my boy pussy. You tell me to wash you, so I begin with your hair, lathering it with shampoo and messaging your scalp. I washed out your hair, and began using the sponge with soap all over your body, rubbing it slowly over your skin.
After washing your body off and letting you soak for a bit, I got a towel for you and helped you up and wrapped your body in the soft fabric drying you off. I also wrapped your hair in another towel and wrapped it on top of your head to dry your hair for you. You stepped out of the bath still dripping on the floor, and unwrapped the towel around your body to individually dry the perfect curves of your body.
After handing me the towel to hang up, you walk in to the main bedroom and over to your dresser. You pick out a black thong and a black bra and lay them on the bed and tell me to get them and put them on you. After getting the two undergarments on, you pick up your bottle of perfume from the top of your dresser and spray some on your chest.
I stay in a doggie position next to your dresser as you go in to your walk in closet and pick out a dress. When you come back out, the dress your wearing looks amazing. You pick a tight black dress with thin, black straps over the shoulders, soft fabric, and it reaches all the way down to the middle of your thighs.
Now is the time for your makeup. I follow you on all four to the bathroom as you stand in front of the mirror and begin applying touchups to your already beautiful face. After a few moments, you pause to look at me and suddenly hike up your dress and pull off your thong. Slightly parting your legs, you tell me to come over and lick your ass.
I crawl over to you and lift my head up to bury my head in your perfect ass, sticking out my tongue to lick your ass as you put on your makeup. Saliva drips down from my mouth on to the floor as I probed my tongue as far in to your beautiful sphincter as I could go. No part of your ass was not licked, sucked, probed, and kissed as I dug deeper in between your flawless ass cheeks. I grabbed on to the front side of your thighs, pulling myself deeper in to your beautiful crack.
As I was licking away, you reached back and held on to my head and farted right in to my face. It was one of the hottest most degrading and humiliating things ever, and I loved it. I forced my tongue up in to your ass hole, licking and tasting your delicious juices that were flowing right in to my mouth.
“Oh you like that?” You said, sounding very mischievous. I answered by sticking my tongue deep in your ass.
“Good because I have more for you!” With that you let go more nasty gas, filling my mouth and nose, making me moan in appreciation. I loved being farted on in my face.
After you were all done with your makeup, you bent over the table and pushed your ass in to my face, smothering everything. I couldn’t see, I couldn’t breathe, but all throughout I did not stop sucking on your ass, proving to you I’m an obedient slut, and proving that I am addicted to your ass.
Just then the doorbell rang.
“Go get the door.” You demanded. I walked down and opened the door for your date and immediately fell to my knees and opened my mouth. Your date stepped through the door and reached into his pants and pulled out his hung, thick cock. Without saying a word he placed it in my mouth, grabbing the back of my head and proceeded to face fuck me. There it nothing hotter than a hung cock sticking out of the zipper opening of a pair of pants.
After a couple of minutes, you came down the stairs to greet your date with a full on tongue filled kissed, grabbing his tie while you forced your tongue into his mouth. You looked down at me, and smiled, “Can’t wait to have some of that later.”
You pulled me off his cock, as I moaned in disapproval. You tilted my head up to meet yours and you spit in my face, saying goodbye. You reached down and started jacking off your dates dick, the stuffed it back in to his pants and zippered it up for later use.

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2013-01-13 10:33:18
KeithMore words of wisdom from you as usual!You know my thoguhts on this! I'm still amazed at the way some people just have not got the hang of how Facebook works. To invite someone to be your friend and then blatantly stick link after link on your wall is the lowest of the low and I've taken the decision to delete anyone who does this on my wall. I also only accept friendships from people in the same kind of niche if I can.Too many people just try to add as many friends as possible that's not the point of FB at all :)Julie

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2012-02-14 01:32:43
really fucking lousy story............ women are all the same, nasty cheating pig cunts

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