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Missy Brother and Dad (5)

Mom went to work, but her mind was on Josh. Her life had changed way for the better and she felt horny like she did as a young woman. She daydreamed about him all the time now. She just wasn’t expecting this to happen. She hadn’t had wet panties for years, and now each thought added some to her pussy. By noon, her panties were soaked.

Josh went to school and was in a daze. He wonder if his buddies or anyone could tell he was fucking his mom and his sister. He felt double good inside and felt like he was walking on air all day.
Missy was happy too. Her new friend Jen, wanted to have sex with her dad, and Missy was helping her with ideas to entice him to at least feel her up. Jen wasn’t getting anywhere. Her dad so far wouldn’t touch her. Missy had and idea. She would go over to Jen’s house and make her dad hot and horny to get him to notice his 14 yr. old daughter desires. After school Missy and Jen were in Jen’s room planning their attack on Jen’s dad. Missy liked Jen, and asked her about two other girls who rumor had it, that they were caught licking each others pussy’s by one of their moms, and got in trouble for it. Jen smiled and whispered:
(..”I’ve done that before, and I kinda like it.”….) Missy got a tingle in her pussy when Jen said that. She had never done it, but now wanted to try it. They had an hour before Jen’s dad would be home. Missy whispered: (….“oh my god…have you!”)…Jen nodded her head (….”tell me how it felt.”…) Jen smiled and whispered: (“…why don’t I just show you,…take your panties off and put them in your pocket“….) Missy now had major tingles in her pussy and pulled her skirt up and down came the pink panties. Jen sat Missy on he bed, raised her skirt up and parted her legs wide.

Jen said to just lay back and enjoy. Missy was really turned on by all this, so she just laid back and felt. Jen got on her knees and had Missy’s pussy on the edge of the bed. Jen started rubbing Missy’s legs first and then slowly put her arms under Missy’s legs. Jen moved in close. Missy felt Jan’s heavy breath on her pussy. She now had major tingles in her pussy. Jen’s tongue started just touching Missy’s pussy. Missy’s face got hot flashes and chill bumps in her tummy. Jen went for Missy’s clit and circled it with her tongue. Missy put her hand on Jen’s head and raised her pussy up to meet each lick of Jen’s tongue. This was great. Dad and brother both had licked her pussy, but this was different and exciting.
She thought…this is already better than masturbating. I want to give Jen some major tingles in her pussy too.

Instead of Missy’s fingers rubbing her pussy and clit, Jen could do it…and…while Missy did it back to Jen, too. Missy moaned and squirmed as Jen licked up and down her pussy and flicked her little clit with her tongue. Missy was going crazy, but she wanted to lick Jen at the same time. She pulled Jen’s head up and whispered, (..”lay down this way, and I’ll lick you at the same time.”…) Jen smiled big and was only to happy to, and said back: (“..I knew you would.”…)
Missy excitedly pulled down Jen’s white panties, and took them off and put them in Jen‘s pocket. This was major exciting. She had never done this before. The site of another girl pussy made her fingers tremble. She just stared at it. Jen had blond pubic hair and more of it than Missy. Missy got this hot feeling in her pussy, and she felt it getting wetter and wetter. Jen laid down with her skirt pulled up and raised one leg up.
Missy was in a trance looking at Jen’s pussy. She had never seen one up close, of another girls. She laid down and raised her skirt and one leg like Jen did. Jen began first. She pulled Missy’s pussy to her face and started letting her tongue slide up and down Missy’s slit. Missy was almost dizzy with excitement. She did like Jen and stuck out tongue real far and closed her eyes. She felt Jen’s pubic hair first. She let her tongue go around it and felt the hair tickle her tongue. She let her tongue go down until she felt Jen’s slit. Jen opened her pussy wide for her. Up and down her virgin tongue went, feeling Jen’s slit. It tingled her tongue, and it was wet and slick now. Missy put her tongue in farther and felt the warmness of her pussy.
She found Jen’s little clit and lick it. Jen moaned and jumped little. Missy wanted so bad to make Jen orgasm, she licked faster and Jen moaned more, pushing her pussy to Missy tongue. Missy got more excited and Jen started licking her faster. Their pussy bucked with the good feelings coming on strong. Jen had never had a orgasm by another girl licking her and she panted and squirmed as Missy didn’t let up and licked firmer and still faster…Jen the bucked her pussy and yelled out ..Oooooo yesssss, and had her first licking orgasm. Missy could tell it and pushed her pussy into Jen’s tongue and she too moaned loud and shook with great orgasm. They were out of breath but kept licking each others pussy’s. Missy liked the exciting taste of Jen’s pussy.

Wow…Missy thought, that was exciting and planned to do it a lot to Jen. Jen, was in a daze and kissed Missy’s pussy over and over and tasted her juices.
They heard Jen’s dad car. They quick put their panties on and acted normal. Jen’s dad came in and she ran and hugged him. He kissed her on the lips, and you could see him smell the air….pussy he thought. He knew that smell. Then he tasted his lips….pussy. He looked puzzled and just smiled at the girls. That changed his mood. Missy came over and kissed him on the lips too. He felt a twinge in his dick. He had met Missy a few times, but this was different, because she too smelled and tasted of pussy. He sat down and just wonder if his 14 yr. old daughter was licking pussy. The thought sent another twinge to his dick. Missy and Jen sat on his lap, and fondle his legs a little and just acted silly a little. Missy liked Jen’s dad and talked sexy to him. He noticed it. Jen hung on him and squirmed on his lap as Missy got up and pretended to fix her skirt, pulling it up on one side, and adjusting her panties.
Missy had to leave and left. Jen continued loving on her dad. He moved her around backwards on the couch, so her pussy was right on his rising dick, facing him. Jen felt it and smiled as she squatted on him and rocked back and forth a little on his dick. He wanted to taste more pussy taste, and began to lick her face a little an kissed her deeper than he ever did before. Every thing was changing now as he began to feel thoughts about his 14 yr. old daughter.
Jen put her head on his chest and started rocking more on his dick. He suddenly held her head and started kissing her with passion and let his tongue taste her hot lips. Now he was excited and felt her hips and rocked her more. Jen was now in heaven. She felt his chest up and down as she moved her pussy to rock on her clit. He felt her breathing increase, and it added to his beginning hot feeling for her. Jen worked her clit on his dick and whispered: “Oh daddy…you feel so good…rock me some more please“…
.He couldn’t say no, as she push her little tits into his chest. He was getting so hot now, he could feel the heat in his pants. He kissed Jen more and more, she stuck her tongue in his mouth and he tasted more pussy. He stopped and said: “let daddy go put on his robe, and you can put on your nightie. Jen kissed him and pushed her pussy firm against his dick and they went to go change.

Mom came home from work and Josh was home from school. Dad went to shoot some pool. Josh looked at his mom and he felt his dick get warm. Mom fixed dinner, went in to shower her wet pussy she had all day. Josh and Missy did the dishes, playing and splashing water on each other. Missy said to Josh: “Jen and her dad are gonna have sex, I bet.” “ How do you know that.” “We made him horny when he came home today. Josh grinned knowing the guy didn’t stand a chance with Jen and Missy both ganging up on him. Josh whispered: (“..are you gonna fuck him too?”…) (“ I want Jen to have sex with him so she’ll be as happy as me”..) (..I ate my first pussy today, and I liked it”…)
Josh knew who it was. (“what does Jen taste like, Missy?”…) (“..yummy..”) Josh laughed and looked around and felt his sisters pussy. Missy moaned and felt his dick. They kissed running their tongues in their mouths and breathed hard. Missy ask him if he was coming to her room tonight. He said maybe. She smiled and said she’d leave her door unlocked and wanted to suck his dick and feel him cum in her mouth.
Of course he said he’d be there. Missy smiled and said he could lick her pussy while she made him cum. Ok, ok I’ll be there. Josh said. They both smiled.

Whew,….. Missy sure knows how to make me hot, Josh thought. He looked at her short shorts and hot young legs. He just had to go over and rub her pussy a little. She felt his big boner and whispered…’is that for me Joshie?’, and giggled.

Mom got out of the shower, and came in with a new red robe on. It was real low cut showing off her big tits. Missy noticed Josh looking at her tits. She hoped that Josh and mom would have hot sex some day so she could be as happy as her. She was too late in her desire for her mom. Mom looked hot for a change, and Missy noticed that too. The way mom looked at Josh, the way she now stood real close to him. Mom put her hands on him as she would walk by. The way Josh smiled at her now, and messed with mom’s hair. Mom talked real quiet to Josh now, and they giggled.
They never though about Missy noticing them, and they did little feels right in front of her, like she wasn’t even there. Missy was getting hot watching them. Mom had moved her stuff into the spare bedroom, and stopped sleeping with dad now. Missy liked that. Now she could sneak into her daddy room at night and fuck him like she likes. Missy was sure that Josh and mom were fucking, and she got an idea.
She wanted to watch Josh fuck their mom. The thought made her wet and hot just thinking about it. She got all hot thinking how mom’s face would look when she climaxed with Josh fucking her.
She had a plan.
The closet in dads bedroom was back to back with the closet in mom’s new room. One panel slid open, a secret pass thru panel. Both their closets had boxes piled against them and Missy would adjust them a little and be able to see mom’s room from dads. She then could watch Josh and mom have hot sex. That night Missy waited for Josh to come to her room. Mom also waited for Josh to come to her room. Now Josh was thinking who’s room should he go too first.

Mom was aggressive. She wanted to make up for all the years of not having not only sex but hot passionate fucking mind blowing sex. Josh, her very own son was just the person to do it. Mom did not know Josh was fucking Missy. She did not know Missy was fucking her husband, Missy’s dad. She did not know Josh was fucking Missy.
She was about to get the shock of her life.


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