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The adventure continues
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Part 2


As my dad loaded the minibus with the suitcases, all full of clothes, plus one full of food, we set off towards the Summer Shack. I was sat in the front, speaking to dad, while the girls behind me were giggling constantly. I longed to be there with them, but alas it was just a dream. As we drove further and further away from civilisation, my dreams became wilder and wilder. After 2 hours drive, I moved to the far back of the minibus to get some shut eye. As I sat down, my sister and her friend Katie sat either side of me, but as their cute bottoms touched the fabric of the seat, my mind went numb as I drifted off to sleep. I awoke to my fathers voice.
“C'mon Karl, pull your weight” he called, heaving the food case into the kitchen. I tried to leave the seat, before realising that I hadn't unbuckled the seat belt. I clicked the button and ran out, managing to take two suitcases, belonging to Katie and Ellie. Katie was a short brunette, but at 8 years old, was the furthest in her process of becoming a woman. She had small lumps on her chest, almost like someone has placed a mold over them to shape them. Ellie however was the shortest, at just over 5' and had jet black hair. As I made my way across the threshold, I saw heaven. Six cute little girls, bending over the sofa, trying to find the secret compartment at the back. Thats what I love most about the Shack. So many hidden areas, even a sound proof den, for when I had a drum kit. And, while daydreaming about the wonders to become, my father closed the door, and I heard the familiar sound of the minibus engine, slowly fading as he disappeared.
“So, Katie, Ellie, Josie, Holly, Kirsty and Abbie..” I said, causing them to snap around and focus upon me, sat in the reclining chair.
“Yes?” the responded, in unison
“What are you lot gonna do?”
“Well” began Abbie
“We are going to relax” Kirsty continued
“And YOU” Katie added
“Are going to..” Holly added, increasing tension and making the meat between my legs rise slightly
“Put our bags in the Master Bedroom” Ellie finished
“Hang on!” I snapped back, after awaking from the trance the beatiful girls cast upon me, “Dad said the Master Bedroom was for me, and you six are to have the lounge”
“Yeah well..” Holly snapped and, under her breath, she continued “Maybe we can accommodate seven in one bed”
“What was that” I asked, sure that she had muttered
“Oh, nothing” she giggled, running with the girls to the far back of the house.
I began shunting the bags to the bedroom when Abbie came running in.
“Can you bring the bikini's through to the garden, we are going for a swim?”
I obliged, and started opening the bags in turn. I turned around to ask her why she couldn't take them, but she had gone. So I went back to the task in hand. I thoroughly looked at all of the small bikini's and even sniffed a few. Just the smell of Daz Lemon. I looked through Ellie's bag when I stumbled upon another bikini. Why would she need two for one day. I decided to pocket it, and carried the other six out to the garden. Well, it was an area built inside a large section of the house to represent a summer garden, even in the winter. There was a large pool, a spa area and even sun beds. As I approached the door, I heard giggling from the other side, which caused my cock to twitch. I put my thoughts aside, took a deep breath, and opened the door. No sooner had I opened the door, did I drop the clothes...
The girls were all lying there, facing away from me, on their stomachs. Nude. They all turned when the heard the door slowly close in my face, and Holly walked up to the door. I thought she would open the door, and reveal my throbbing cock in my sweaty hand to all her friends. But she didnt. I walked into the lounge and began beating off. As I came, Josie walked in. I quickly cleared up my mess before she noticed.
“Whats up birthday girl?” I asked
“Meh” she replied
“C'mon, you can tell me” I assured her
“OK, well, I haven't had any good presents this year, and was wondering if you could give me one” she blurted out, turning red in the face shortly after finishing her sentence
“Well, what did you have in mind?” I asked, trying to hide my hard on, but she noticed.
“Woah, nothing like that, unless you want to” she replied, going an even deeper shade of red.
And that took me by suprise.
“Umm, well, you are still young” I tried to explain, “But I can show you something that boys like”
Her face lit up as she jumped onto the sofa next to me and hugged me
“Thanks Karl” she said.
As she sat back and looked at me, I slowly moved my shorts down and pulled my semi hard cock out. I saw in the corner of my eye that her mouth opened, and the thought of me trying to stuff it in popped into my head. I shook it away and looked at her.
“You know what this is I am sure” I asked, moving my cock around in my hand. She nodded, and I continued “If you pump it, the boy feels real nice”.
I stroked my cock slowly, but increased speed for a moment. As she was so young, I put my cock away before I came again, but as I was pulling my shorts up, she asked what I was doing.
“I have to stop.. you are too young” I said, killing my erection, and settling the sitution.
With a sad face, she walked back into the garden and I into the kitchen. I made six berry smoothies, and placed them on the sill next to the indoor garden. I looked out and couldn't see them, so I assumed they were in the spa. I decided to sort their bags out, placing each of the clothes in a wardrobe (the master bedroom has 10 wardrobes, all built into the walls) and labelling them. After I finished, I went to the bathroom to shower. I stripped, turned the water on and climbed in. About 30 seconds in, I heard the bathroom door close and lock, so I turned the shower off and climbed out, grabbing a towel. There by the doors, ears to the wood, was Holly and Ellie, both still in their bikini's. They realised I was there and turned around. I sat on the loo lid as they approached.
“What are you two doing here?” I questioned them
“Hiding” Ellie whispered, “We are playing Hide n Seek”
Just then, someone rapped on the bathroom door.
“Tell them you are here but alone” my sister asked.
I waslked up to the door, unlocked it and opened it slightly. I poked my head out and saw Kirsty and Abbie stood there
“Oh, it's just you” Kirsty said, leading Abbie away. I closed the door and locked it. As I turned around, I saw my sister kneeling there.
“What now Holly?” I asked.
“We want to thank you” she replied, and Ellie nodded.
“Ok, you just have, now you gonna leave?”
“Oh no, we haven't thanked you just yet” she said, emphasising on 'thanked'. My cock twitched. “And you lied to me. Willies twitch when they are excited.”
Dumbstruck at what my sister was saying, I didn't notice Ellie sliding my towel from my grip. There I was, stood infront of my sister and her friend, butt naked, sorting a semi, and my cock just happened to be inches from Holly's mouth. She shuffled forward slightly and licked the tip.
“I learnt this from Josie. Her brother plays these types of game with her”
“You mean Jack, like my mate Jack?” I asked
“Mhmm” she said, startng to suck on the head. Even though she had just the head in, her mouth was half full. She moved her head towards the base, but stopped about a quarter of the way there, unable to go any further without being hurt or gagging. Ellie, unbeknownst to me, had climbed onto the cistern of the loo and her little nipples were directly by my mouth. I used my tongue to flick them and she giggled. She then held my head and kissed my cheek, then let go. I went back to tasting her flat chest, suckling on her tiny nipples. She grabbed my hand and put it on her back. Instinctively, I moved it down to her bottom, with my little finger rubbing her ass, my middle and index finger rubbed over the small and soft lips of her pussy.
“Oh that feels wierd” she said to me, feeling warmer. My sister continued to suck on my head, and as I was about to cum, she took her bikini top off, and rubbed the tip of my cock over her small mounds. I came twice on her chest before she sucked again, but my cum was leaking from her mouth as rope after rope came out. When I had finally finished, she rubbed the cum on her body over her self, and even dipped two fingers in her mouth, causing the sperm to stick to them, and rubbed them over Ellie. My cock was already beginning to rise again. Ellie noticed, and giggled. She then took my sisters place and took the throbbing member in her mouth. Either she has had practice, or this seven year old girl sucking my cock had a big mouth. She managed to get half of it in before stopping. She pulled away, and kissed my sister, on the lips. I didn't realise until they broke apart, that my sister still had my cum in her mouth. Both girls swallowed, giggled and stood up. Holly walked over to the door, unlocked it, and Josie walked in. She immediately saw my cock and took it in her mouth. She managed to deep throat over half of it, and I could see the head bulging her throat out. Her tongue lapped my shaft while Holly licked my balls. It wouldn't be long now, but as Ellie stood on the cistern and whispered something in my ear, I almost came there and then. The other two girls had no idea what Ellie had asked for but I simply said “no” but whispered to her “Come see me when everyone else has settled down”. She acted sad, and left the room. Meanwhile, Josie stopped, just before climax, and so did Holly.
“Are you sure you want to do this” my sister asked Josie
“Definately” she replied, and both turned to look at me.

End of part 2..


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story is dead, but a new one will replace it soon

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