I felt very vulnerable now Lauren had gone, during the next week dad fucked me twice.
I had to suck him off three times, and he finger fucked me at every opportunity, and in the evenings after school I wasn’t allowed to wear clothes.

I had made my mind up to go and see Mark at the weekend; Dad said when we left Mark the last time he wouldn’t go back.
So I had to find my own way there. If I took a bus it would take almost two hours each way, and I would have to change buses three times on both journeys. So it had to be the train.

I didn’t have enough money for the journey; Dad didn’t give me any, mainly to make sure I couldn’t escape his clutches.
Friday night when dad was bathing, I found his wallet, it only had a five pound note in it and some small change, I only took the note.
When he came down I knew what he would do, fuck me again, I couldn’t do anything to stop him, so I submitted once again.
He always said I must enjoy it as I always got wet down there, but I can assure you I didn’t enjoy it at all.

I got up early Saturday before Dad, he always slept in on a Saturday, I listened at his door and I could hear him snoring. I walked to the train station and up to the ticket office.
I told the man where I wanted to go, “That’s £7.70 please for a return.”
I looked in my pocket I only had the five pound note from dads wallet.
“I didn’t think it would be that much, how much is a single?”
“Its £4.90 for a single.”
I could afford a single but I couldn’t get back.
I told him, “I haven’t enough money.”
“Sorry but I don’t fix the prices.”

Disappointed I sat on the seat beside the ticket office not knowing what to do, but it was clear I couldn’t see Mark.
Tears were beginning to fill my eyes.
A man sitting beside me looked at me.
“You alright love?”
“I wanted to see my brother, but I don’t have enough money.”
“Where is he?”
I told him.
“Quite a long way, does he live there?”
“He’s in prison.”
“Oh, I see.”

He turned back to his newspaper; I got up to leave, wiping the tears from my eyes.
The man spoke again.
“maybe I could help you, I have a couple of hours free, I have a taxi outside, perhaps I could take you and bring you back, but you will have to do something for me, if you know what I mean.”
I did know what he meant, all my life I never got anything for nothing. But I wanted to see Mark so badly, and as everyone I met seemed to want something sexual from me it wasn’t nothing new to me.

I nodded to him “ok.”
“You sure?”
He got up and threw his paper on the seat, “this way then love, its right outside.”

I got in beside him and fastened my seat belt, and we were off.

We had only gone a few miles, when he told me to lift my skirt, I did as he asked.
Immediately his hand went to my leg, and was moving upwards, the way I was sitting meant he couldn’t touch my pussy.
I think he asked me to do that to see if I meant what I had agreed to.
He moved his hand back to the steering wheel, and I left my skirt pulled up for him.

We were almost there I knew the way after all this time, he pulled onto the slip road and we left the motorway, he drove a few more miles to a wooded area.
Pulling into the woods, he stopped.
“I think payment is due now don’t you? Get in the back.”
I opened the door and got in the back, he joined me.

“Take off your panties and what’s your name by the way love?”
I slipped my panties down, and he opened my legs and stared at my pussy.
“Its lovely Kate, I’m going to suck it, and then you can suck me, ok?”
I nodded once again, and his head dipped between my legs and I felt his mouth and tongue on my pussy, in fact it felt quite nice, he was being gentle with me, unlike John and Dad.

He licked me for ages, then told me to suck his cock, which I did, as he finger fucked me.
It didn’t take him long to cum, and he filled my mouth, he told me to swallow it all which I did, then I opened my mouth to show him it was empty.
“Good girl, get back in the front and Ill take you to your brother.”
“You will take me home wont you, not leave me there?”
“I said I would, and any way I want to lick your pussy again on the way home.”

Another thirty minutes and we were at the prison, I went in and Mark was brought to me.
“Kate what are you doing here? I didn’t expect to see you again, where’s dad?”
“He said he wouldn’t come again after the last time.”
“How did you get here?”
“I was coming by train but I didn’t have enough money, but a man heard I couldn’t buy a ticket and gave me a lift.”
“That was kind of him.”
“Yes it was.”

I didn’t tell Mark about the bargain I had made with the man.

“Is it true what dad said, about John and him looking after you?”
“Yes, I’m so sorry, but he said he would tell the police about you and me.”
“And Lauren has gone?”
“So you are alone with them? You have to get away Kate, go any where just get free from them, they can’t hurt me now.”

“But they can hurt Lauren and me; he said he would if I didn’t obey him.”
“Run away Kate, go to mums.”
“Mum doesn’t want me she only wants Lauren, I haven’t any where to go.”
“Then I shall tell the police and have them arrested.”
“You cant, they will hurt Lauren or me, and it’s only my word against theirs, no one will believe me.”

Mark held my hand, “well you have to do something, get proof somehow of what they have been doing to you.”
“Can we change the subject Mark, I don’t want to talk about it any more, and I shall be ok until you come home.”
“And when I’m home you and me will run away, they won’t hurt you again, Ill protect you.”

He kissed my hand that’s all he could do.
We talked about other things till it was time up, and I had to leave.
I told him I didn’t know when I would see him again, as I didn’t have any money.
He understood and told me he would miss not seeing me, he kissed my forehead and I left.

I walked outside, half expecting the man to be gone, but he was true to his word and was waiting in the car park.
I got in the car; he drove to the wooded area again.
I had to get in the back once again, and he licked and sucked me again, then I had to suck his cock again, and make him cum.
It took longer this time, but I achieved my goal.

He dropped me back at the station, as I got out of the car he thanked me, and I thanked him.
At least I got to see Mark.
He took a card out of his pocket, and wrote his mobile telephone on the back.
“If ever you get stuck again or need something call me, ok, my names Simon by the way?
I thanked him and put the card in my bag, and walked home.

I had only just got in the door when dad began shouting at me.
“Where have you been all day?”
“Out seeing someone?”
“Oh I see, been to see your worthless fucking brother I expect, and you stole a fiver from my wallet to go didn’t you?”
“Yes, you won’t let me have any money so I took it.”
“You not only a whore but a thief as well.”
And he slap me round the face, I fell to the floor, blood running from my mouth.
He reached out and pulled me up, and was about to hit me again when John stopped him.
“Don’t hit her again, she won’t be any use for tonight, and the money will come in handy.”
I asked. “Tonight? What money?”
“You have some paying guests coming to see you tonight.”
“I won’t do it, I won’t do it.” I shouted.
“You will, you have no choice unless you want another one of these.”
He held his fist out.

I got to my feet and run upstairs. And into my room, I went to shut the door, but it had gone.
I walked back out all the doors had gone.
“Bet that came as a surprise to you didn’t it, John and I have removed all the doors upstairs, you don’t have any where to hide now you slut.
I sat on my bed and cried.
Dad stormed off down stairs.

John was stood in the door way.

“Why is he treating me like this? I used to love him so much; he was my perfect father, now I hate him.”
“its because your mum left him, he’s grown to hate all girls and women, he thinks they are useful for fucking and making him money and that’s all, thank your stars Lauren isn’t here, she would be made to do the same things as you, and she’s younger.”
“But why do you let him do it?”
“Oh Kate, that’s a simple one, I like fucking you, I’m a paedophile have been for years.”

I looked at him in dismay.
“Yes I have raped and fucked loads of young girls, younger then you, I snatch them off the street and rape them, then let them go. Tonight I have four of my closest friends coming round to see you, and they are willing to pay a lot of money to be with you. If it works out ok they will tell their friends, your dad and I can make a lot of money from you, and we sell the photos and videos. So if you cross us and cost us money, you won’t be any use to us, and we can easily get rid of you, so you can’t tell any one.”

He walked off downstairs.
I could escape all this, I could kill myself, that would be better then doing all the things they made me do.
But I knew I didn’t have the nerve to kill myself, and if I had they would only get Lauren back, and she would endue the same as me.
And Mark would be devastated if I killed myself as well, and he may go after dad and kill him, then he would spend the rest of his life in prison.

If I could just get through the next two years until Mark came out we could run away together and it would be ok, I would have a life time with Mark, after all I would only be fourteen when he was released.

Dad came up later and told me to have a bath and smarten myself up.
I refused, he stormed over to me and slapped me round the face again, I jumped off the bed and sat in the gap between my bed and the wall cowering in fear. It did no good though.
He grabbed my arm and dragged me out, shouting for John, “come and help me she refuses to bath.”
John was there in an instant, dragging me to the bath room, dad ran the water as John held me.
John put me in the bath, and he washed me all over, finger fucking while he did so.
I was then dried and taken back to the bedroom, thrown on my bed, Dad then produced some rope, and my arms were tied to the bed posts.
Then they both left me lying there, naked and tied, with a gag in my mouth.

I don’t know how long I was left alone; it was pointless struggling, it only hurt me.
So I stay lay there wishing I was dead.

Some time later I heard voices on the stairs, John and dad were there.
John walked over, dad put his fingers in my pussy, “I had better make her wet for the guys.”
He was finger fucking, but after some minutes he gave up, “better use some KY jelly she won’t get wet.”
He got a tube of stuff from the bathroom, and smeared it over my pussy, and with his fingers, rubbed some inside me.

John told me as dad proceeded to finger fuck me, “we have a theme for the guys, last time they came you was a preteen slut gagging for sex, tonight you have been snatched off the street by a pedo ring, and they will do as they like with you, if I were you I wouldn’t resist to much, you may get hurt, but of course the guys will want some resistance from you.”
As he finished his sentence the bell rung. “ah, they are here, hope you enjoy it Kate.” And he laughed.
John went back down stairs to open the door.

I heard them coming back up the stairs, they were laughing and joking.
For me, my ordeal was just about to start and no idea when it would finish, I only knew I was terrified.

Four men appeared at the door; John was behind them holding a video camera.
And old man of sixty entered first, and started to touch my nipples, “she’s lovely, you did well to find her.”
A younger man then said “you go first Jim; you won’t last long being so old, with a young beauty like that.”
Jim immediately undid his zip, and without a word forced my legs open, and he was in me.
I was struggling, but it all seemed pointless, I had a man either side of me holding my legs wide, and when Jim had finished he took one of their places, and another entered me.

They all had fucked me, raped they called it; they were living out their fantasies.
I had their cum over my belly, face and pussy. And still they were finger fucking me in turn.
A younger man was hard again and he got between my legs, I was able to lash out with my foot, and hit him in the mouth.
“You fucking bitch.” He shouted and hit me in the face.
“That’s how you want it is it?”
And he fucked me hard, slapping me if I tried to resist him.
Holding my hips and pulling me on to his cock.
Then another took his place, this time I lashed out again, and managed to kick him in the balls.
I got a punched in the face, and I that’s the last I remember.

I had lost all track of time when I awoke, but every one had gone, and it was quiet.
I could hardly move my legs, they were so stiff, and my face was aching.
I could smell their cum on my body, and when I looked down I could see my legs were bruised.
I had made my mind up I was going to kill myself and escape this suffering.

I was there for hours again, unable to move very much, I felt sorry for any girl who had been snatched and treated like this by strangers, but then I realised I was one of those girls.

Dad did finally come to me, “you were a good girl last night till that silly bastard hit you and knocked you out, that put all the others off, you not struggling any more.”
He took my gag off, I didn’t speak, he undid my arms, and I immediately got in my little corner again, cowering in fear.

“I’m not going to hurt you Kate, just get showered and I will make you some thing to eat, you wont be going to school tomorrow not looking like that, I shall phone the school in the morning and say we are on holiday for two weeks, I’ve already told your mum, that way Lauren wont mention that you weren’t at school.”

He left and went back down; I stayed in my corner, not daring to move.
I stayed there all day, I even went to toilet there, it was now getting dark, and I got into bed and pulled the covers over me.
I was till smelling dirty, from all the cum that was sprayed over my body, but I didn’t care. I wanted to sleep and for a few hours forget the day before.

Monday morning I was still in my bed, I heard dad coming up, I leaped out of bed and into my corner.
“You still there, why don’t you bath and come and get something to eat.”
Again I didn’t answer, just looked at the floor, huddled in a ball so he couldn’t grab me.
I stayed there for a long time, until I heard the front door shut with a bang.

I got up and looked out the window; he was walking down the path carrying a plastic bag.
He opened the car and put the bag on the seat, it tipped over and a DVD box fell on the ground.
Picking it up, he got back in and drove off.
This was my chance to finish my life.
I ran to the bathroom, I didn’t know if John was still here.
For the first time I looked at myself.
My right eye was black and swollen, I had a cut on my chin, and my lip had been split from somebody hitting me.
Both of the inside of my legs were bruised, and there was a trace of blood from my bum on the back of one of my legs.

I went to the cabinet, and opened the door, inside was dad’s razor.
I opened the end and took the blade out, and held it against my wrist.
Looking at myself in the mirror I pushed the edge of the blade into my wrist, there was a sharp pain, I looked down to see a tiny trickle of blood running over my wrist, I thought to myself, “that didn’t hurt to much, and the blade is very sharp I probably wont even feel it when I cut my wrist.”

Still with the razor in my wrist I looked in the mirror, “did I have the nerve? It would be better then being used as I had been, and I wont bath either, when they take my body away and examine it they will wonder why my hair is covered in cum, and my body is bruised the way it is, it would be obvious that I had been raped, and dad would got to prison. He wasn’t that brave either, if he knew he could get a deal from the police for naming other people he would take it, so they all would get caught, so my death wouldn’t have been in vain if it saved another little girl, perhaps younger then me from suffering as I had done. And John had told me they would get rid of me when I was useless to them, which I took to mean they would kill me. So at least if I did it myself, they would get caught, either way I would die.”

Tears were rolling down my cheeks, the only regret I had was not seeing Mark and Lauren and explaining to them why I had killed myself, but they would find out when dad was arrested, and Mark already knew what John and dad had been doing.

The police may even find the videos that he has done for them, even more proof of what had taken place in my home. Mark said I had to get proof, so if by killing myself I got the proof, then once again it was worth it.

By now I had convinced myself that if killing myself would get them all locked up. I would do it.
I looked down at the razor, and took hold of it between my fingers, and shut my eyes.

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