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I’d found out that the man I was to marry in two days time was a love cheat, his betrayal hurt me deeply and I was looking for vengeance. My previous story tells of how I learned of his deceit and how I reacted to it. Towards the end of that story I mentioned that we went on to a club, here’s the story of that night.
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I’d arrived in San Francisco wearing tee shirt, cutoff jeans and shoes. I was at Joys house relaxing before my return flight home when I was told of my fiance’s unfaithfulness. I learned later that because of his deceit Joy had planned the afternoon with three of her friends. She wanted me to know what I was letting myself in for and to experience some excitement before I married, if I married after the devastating news. Her three friends were very willing to supply that excitement. The circumstances were set up just so and I ended up having sex with them and then I decided to stay overnight and accompany them to a club.

I’d brought nothing else to wear so I was shoehorned into one of Joys dresses which was a little short and very tight up top. Joy persuaded me that I didn’t need my bra because you could see it and it spoilt the lines of the dress, which did a great job of supporting me anyway. She also talked me out of wearing panties saying it was risque and felt great to ‘go commando’. Perhaps I was being paranoid but It just didn’t feel like me but Joy assured me that I was showing nothing naughty and I looked just great, perfect for where we were going.

We took a cab to the club and the deeper into SF we drove the more buildings were dilapidated and more of them had grills across doors and windows. I live in LA, which has its run down areas too and I’d lived in Russia for a few years, where I’d been to places that it’s not safe to venture even with an armed escort. No, I’ve got nothing against San Francisco but I do find depressed areas frightening.

The cab stopped in a dismal, litter strewn, narrow side street opposite a dilapidated and peeling doorway that thumped out loud music. The noise was even louder inside and the place smelled of old sweat, spilled alcohol and a pungent, sweet smoke and was almost empty with perhaps fifty or so people in there.

Joy was speaking, shouting, her mouth opened and closed to what sounded like "~ways quiet ~~ Thursday ~~ busier soon".

Within a few seconds four men came to us and began play punching and slapping with Nas, William, James and Joy got some too. I don’t understand all this all American macho man play so when I was introduced I was taken aback because I was pawed and groped and examined like a darling pet at the vets, one even had the audacity to bent to kiss me. Coming from Europe this would be ok but it wasn’t an introductory peck on the cheek. A hand clamped around my rump and one across my waist, I was pulled to my tiptoes and lifted onto him so my body was pulled firmly against his muscled physique and I could feel his hardening manhood pushing against me while his tongue explored my mouth.

I had never considered myself as being particularly sexy. Sure I use my body to make my living but that’s because people are willing to pay lots of money to a blue eyed blond Dane with a fuller bust who is the right shape to model underwear and lingerie. I’ve modeled clothes since I was a child so I’m comfortable showing my body to a camera and as I matured it became obvious that I’d never be a catwalk model but for lingerie I was a good shape. I never thought that I could have that instant effect on a man though, it must be my state of mind. I’d had an afternoon of illicit debauchery with three men and done things with them that I would never dream I could ever do, and now I was getting very juicy between my legs when a stranger kissed me. I did feel very wicked right then so what had become of me?

We all squashed into a dark alcove to sit in low vinyl covered sofas that felt sort of sticky. The guy who’d impressed me so much a moment ago was sitting on my right and another of the new comers sat on my left. (Sorry about the names, the music was too loud to hear what they were called when we were introduced and even today I only know the names of two of them.)

Nas and Joy went to the bar and returned with drinks all round. It looked like rum was the drink of the moment, I was not used to it and a sip was strong enough to make me gasp. Nas pushed his way in between the guy sitting to my left and myself pushing me to squash up against the guy on my right. He put an arm around my neck, dropped his hand to my breast and began to caress me. Then he kissed me and began to stroke my breast and I felt his other hand between my legs, I opened for him and his fingers quickly slid inside me. It says a lot for my mood that I didn’t object to being fondled in a public place.

Something odd, another hand was edging my dress up, with a glance I realized that it was Nas tugging the dress and it was the guy sitting to my right with his fingers inside me. For a moment I was confused and horrified, then I thought of how he’d made me feel when we kissed and what a shit my fiance was and those probing fingers seemed just right.

Nas was still kissing me but I felt drawn toward this other guy, I hesitantly reached and placed my hand on his groin and rubbed his hard member. Two could play his game, be bold, everyone else was so I slipped my hand into his pants, gripped his warm thickness and began to stroke. He groaned "Yeah baby" and pushed my legs wider with his free hand, Nas helped him by sliding the tight dress further up my thighs. So here was I, shy and reserved, miss prim and proper in a darkish but fairly public place being bedroom intimate with two men while others were certainly watching.

The guy stood then knelt down between the table and me and nudged my legs wider. I knew what he wanted to do and I wanted him so much, I let hum pull my buttocks to the edge of the seat and had a quick feeling of guilt as he pulled himself into me. Today was the most strange of days and now a man I’d only met minutes before and not really been able to speak to was kneeling between my open legs in a public place and had his penis thrusting into me as though it’s something we did all the time. There was no passion there but I welcomed him with a longing that I never knew I possessed.

Nas was still playing tonsil hockey and the people in the alcove were encouraging the intimate stranger as he plunged into me and I couldn’t care less. This wasn’t the love I’d felt for my fiance or the base sex I’d had this afternoon, this was simply getting dick inside me to spite that cheating bastard that I call my love.

Someone was standing on the seat and pushed the head of the guy kneeling in front of me back then he moved so his dick was at just the right height for my mouth. I’d done it this afternoon so I knew what I was expected to do so I started to kiss the tip of his dick then I slid my lips over his bulge. Someone was playing with my other breast, not Nas, this I know for sure because he already had one hand inside the top of my dress and another pressed to my stomach and was rubbing my clitoris with his thumb.

I was getting close to cumming when the man between my legs pushed hard into me and groaned, I could feel his penis pulsing inside me as his semen squirted into my fertile vagina. When he’d finished he rested inside me for a moment or two, I hadn’t cum but I was right on the edge when I had a twinge of guilt that yet another mans semen was inside me. That did it, it was all I needed.

Afterwards and while this guy was still pulled inside me my thoughts were of Ray, my fiance. Does this make me as bad as him? Are we equal? Should there be a scorecard? Perhaps yes, perhaps no, I have never been unfaithful before today while he has been unfaithful often. Does that matter? Should that matter? I really don’t know. I should feel guilty as hell but apart from the odd twinge I didn’t, I needed revenge, so perhaps it’s just me that needed to keep a scorecard. I am glad, even blissful of what I’d done, what I’d learned today, I have a power that he doesn’t and I was most certainly learning to use it.

When he pulled out of me and moved away I felt his semen trickle and I realized why the couches felt so tacky. The guy between my lips pulled away and dropped down between my legs and put his head down and began to lick and suck and kiss me. Why would he do that? He rose to kiss me, even in the semi darkness his lips were glistening with another mans semen, he put his dripping lips to mine and I licked the thick cream before we kissed properly.

Nas had teased my breast out of the top of my dress. The other guy was now deep inside me, he lowered his head and took the exposed nipple between his teeth and gently bit it as he rode in and out of me. He leaned back as another man moved to stand where he’d originally stood.

Before today I’d always thought of sexual intercourse as a deeply personal experience, only to be shared when one was confident of your partner and certain of ones own innermost feelings. This afternoon was a completely new and naughty experience with the full force of payback behind it and I’d learned that I could enjoy sex without love. Tonight was turning into a production line for fucking with me being a receptacle for semen. I was certainly making my fiance pay for his cheating ways. Whenever I think of him with another woman I can bring this sordid and cold act to my mind and easily wash away any thought of him being unfaithful.

After each man had taken his turn another round of drinks were brought. Apart from feeling wet between my legs it was as though nothing had happened. I wondered about this, I’d physically cum two or three times but there was no associated emotion and no afterglow, I wasn’t sure that was possible but it had happened. This afternoon I fucked often and I’d cum a lot and although the emotions I felt then were not love, I did feel a strong passion, now was just so perfunctory. What had Ray turned me into, I was becoming a slut in response to his cheating ways, I reached over to my rum, sipped and then upended the glass to swallow the burning liquid in one shot.

I was feeling uncomfortable and sticky and needed to clean up, I asked Joy to show me where the facilities were. On the way I was way laid by a very big, imposing and strangely dressed man, I guess he was in his late 40s or so and he was big in every way, at well over six and a half feet tall and was very wide across the shoulders. He wore what looked like a three quarter length Armani jacket with a tee shirt and what looked like skin tight shiny lycra cycling trousers. He spoke "I see what you do there, you like to fuck much, you come to stage and give good fuck show?"

I didn’t know where to put myself, apart from the people in the alcove others had obviously seen too. I stuttered in embarrassment "No thank you" and rushed to catch up with Joy.

When I walked back into the main room of the club the man was waiting by the bathroom door. "You tell Will when you change mind, he bring you to me, me and you we fuck good then you do good fuck show".

Back at the alcove William rushed to me, "What did Jarrod want?"

"Who? "

He pointed "Jarrod, my boss."

"Oh he was trying to pick me up, I think he wanted sex with me and said something about a show." I sounded so nonchalant, like it was an everyday thing for someone to walk up and ask to fuck.

"Good God woman and you said no? You don’t say no to Jarrod, come on I’ll take you to his office."

"Why? What for? No I don’t want to."

"Come on, It’ll be all right."

William sort of half led, half dragged me to a door, there was a huge guy standing outside, he nodded to William and opened the door for us. You could only say that inside was plush in a sad way with deep red velvet drapes and gold trim, whoever had done the decoration had had a style bypass. Three men stood around the room and Jarrod sat behind a huge dark wood desk that you could park cars on. A monitor on the desk flipped through different views from cameras set about the club, for two seconds I noticed Nas, James and Joy, so that’s how he’d seen what I was doing.

He stood and reached across his desk to shake my hand, "Jerrod, this my place, you please enjoy", he let go of my hand then said "You very beautiful lady, me and you fuck now then maybe you go on stage, entertain my audience, I pay twenty five dollar".

I didn’t know where to put myself, I was so embarrassed, today I’d fucked with strangers, fucked with people watching and it had all just happened. Now this guy had twice come right out and said we should fuck and now offered me a pittance to put on a sex show, I can make a hundred times that for a two hour contract. Despite that a warmth flooded my vagina, I wanted him and didn’t care about his money,

He wasn’t wearing his jacket and his muscles rippled under his tight tee shirt, his waist was thick but trim (I know what I mean) and his thighs were like muscled tree trunks under those skintight trousers. There was no fat on him but the most impressive thing from my current mindset point of view was that his huge size echoed by a huge bulge in his trousers.

My vagina spoke for me and made my head nod.

With a quick flick of a hand he clicked fingers at one of his minions and pointed to me. The guy came up behind me and crouched, he gripped behind each of my knees then stood. I came up with my back on his chest, my leg’s spread with my thighs up against my sides, my lower legs dangling over his hands and I was open to anyone.

Jarrod stood in front of us and slipped the front of his trousers down, he flicked out what must be the most enormous penis ever and tucked his trousers under his enormous scrotum. He held his massive thickness in his hand and at least the same length again hung over. Even taking his size into account his penis looked big and very thick and it was growing, rising and stiffening, then I noticed something strange, all around the head of his thickly massive dick was a row of gold studs. I was flabbergasted as his member continued to grow in length and thickness and began to point straight, then rise up. I was frightened for sure, could I take the size? Would that jewelry damage me?

He looked down between my legs, reached out and played with my pussy lips and then slipped a finger between them and told me that I had a beautiful cunt. I depilate down there for convenience, for my work but I didn’t know how to react to his comment. I was suspended and open for him, he was caressing my most intimate place and I was fascinated, my heart thumped and my belly felt hollow. I was thinking in slow motion and before I realized that I should at least make the pretence of objecting the tip of his huge thick penis was sliding between lips of my ‘beautiful cunt’. My god he was thick, more so than Nas and I stretched for him, I felt the hard gold studs gently digging into my vagina as they slid into me. His dick tapered so the deeper he went into me the wider I was spread open. I guess about half way was enough and as my stretching vagina began to sting I reached out to stop him pushing deeper.

Yes he did stop and began to pull out and again I felt his studs massage my vagina again as I relaxed, ‘hmmm this is nice’. Jerrod slowly pushed into me a second time until I reached to stop him. Suddenly the man holding me thrust me forward just as Jerrod thrust his full length into me. I screamed, his big, thick dick was so deep inside me that I thought my spine would snap. He held himself implanted there while I writhed in pain and tried to push him away. I guy holding me up said "Lucky you’re nice and wet otherwise that would’ve really hurt."

Jerrod began to ride me, the pain was subsiding and the pleasure increasing. His studs felt so good as they stroked past my vagina then and I couldn’t feel them as he went deeper. He was astoundingly thick and as he pushed deeper into me I opened until my vagina stung. Each time he was almost fully inside me it felt like I had been thumped in the stomach. Nas had reached deep enough to cause a little deep down pain earlier today, but I’m sure Jarrod was going deeper still and I’m sure I was feeling his studs hammering much deeper inside me. It was not really a thump like with Nas but more intense, more shocking.

As a child I once fell over a banister rail and landed flat on my back, for a few seconds I couldn’t breath, I kept sucking air in but was not able to exhale. Imagine that sensation moved to my stomach and I felt so full I was going to burst with a small death exploding inside me.

The man holding me was licking my ear and kissing my neck and cheek, and whispering crudities, "feel that thick black dick in your white cunt" and "you’re such a horny white slut", "I’m gonna fuck you so hard" and "I’m gonna push my hand up your ass". He lifted my leg so that it dropped over Jerrods arm then pushed his fingers into my mouth. Then he put his hand under me and slid a damp finger into my ass.

That thrusting pressure/pain/pleasure blossomed, my vagina vibrated, my clitoris exploded and I came, I came and Jerrod squirted inside me and the other guy fiddled more fingers into my ass and I came again. Jarrod pulled himself deep into me and stayed there while his thick and hard dick ejaculated and only seconds later I was cumming again.

A few hours ago I’d experienced my first ever multiple orgasm, now, only a few hours later I was having another. I rode that roller coaster of sensation over another four or five peaks before lethargy began to overwhelm me.

I couldn’t take more, I don’t know how many times had sex today but I do know that I’d cum more today than I had in all the time I’d known my fiance. I was exhausted, that last release was my limit but Jerrod had other ideas.

I think he was getting close again, he was breathing faster and gasping and his jerking got more urgent, he squoze my clitoris between finger and thumb and rubbed and pulled. Despite what I’d thought a few seconds earlier the sensations around my clitoris and his huge studded dick were bringing me close to orgasm again. Jarrod grunted and thrust hard and deep, the guy behind pushed me to him and spread his fingers inside my ass at the same time. He pushed his tongue into my ear and Jerrod squoze my clitoris and I exploded. I was on the roller coaster again but this time I left the rails at the top of the second peak and sailed on to the clouds and I could feel Jarrod’s thick potent semen surging deep inside me again.

As my toes uncurled and my legs relaxed he pushed into me and pulled us together for a few seconds and I felt the final jerks of his penis inside me. He pulled it out and walked back round his desk, a few seconds later I felt his juice flood out of me and heard it splat, splat, splat on the floor.

I was lowered down, my inner thighs and the bottom of my buttocks ached like I’d just run a marathon and my legs buckled under me. William who had been watching and the guy who held me took and arm each and guided me to a char to sit me down.

"What you do is go on stage" Jerrod said. "You dance to music and take off clothes, not many clothes to take off eh? You play with your nice big tits and your beautiful cunt and Omar and Tyrone" he pointed at two of the guys "come to stage you all fuck good, yes, you give good show. When you all done fucking I hold raffle, you be the prize for the winner to fuck, he fuck with your pussy wet and dripping from Omar and Tyrone." He chuckled "Also wet with me and many other men I think. You like to fuck very much yes, so this is good. Is OK?"

I was truly exhausted and I think that the payback my fiance deserved was getting all played out, I’m sure we were equal, in fact I was probably well ahead of the game. When I got back to LA I’d tell him what I knew about his betrayal and what I’d done to even the score. I loved him and still wanted to marry. For sure I could be a spiteful bitch and I’d discovered something that I wanted to explore. If he was only willing for unfaithfulness to be one sided then that’s a side of him that I never knew before and I would have to explore on my own, right now that thought didn’t really upset me.

So what was I to do about Jerrod’s insistence that I have sex in front of an audience? My job requires me to present my body to the camera, albeit not completely naked and it is seen by thousands in the form of photographs, on billboards and bus advertising. Recently I’ve even seen my pictures on forums, including this site in more than one thread. But live, I didn’t know and I was really exhausted. I do admit though that the thought excited me, I’d done plenty of bad things today and one more to fire at Ray won’t hurt. "OK I’ll give it a try".

I spent the next hour or so in Jerrods office watching DVDs of strip shows, sex shows and some pornography. On stage I was not very good I know, I kept thinking of the camera as I would on a shoot and it spoiled the flow. I could see some people watching as I sat naked except for my five inch pumps on a settee on brightly-lit stage with my legs pushed wide and I tweaked the nipples of my 34Ds and rubbed a finger between my glistening, swollen pussy lips. Most though were getting fairly intimate themselves and were not really interested in me.

That changed when Omar and Tyrone come on stage. There was no messing, Omar, who was the guy that held me earlier, dropped his trousers, stepped out of them and walked to me sporting a huge and thick erection. He was not as long as Jerrod or as thick but it was a close call and he was very, very hard. Effortlessly he lifted me up by my waist and said "My turn now honey", I raised my legs and placed my calves on his hips and he dropped me onto his shaft. I sunk down enveloping him and wrapped my legs around him, after a few moments he began to lift me up and down his hard shaft as I tried to get our lips to meet.

I couldn’t see much of what was happening in the club, my back was to the floor and the stage was bathed in bright light but I got the impression that more and more people were coming to the edge of the stage, the cheering was definitely getting louder. I’d just seen some pornography so I knew what they were looking for and Omar was making sure they could see his big thick dick sliding in and out to stretch my pussy. The wetness of semen and my own juices soaking his rampant shaft must have been glistening in the bright lights as he pounded my beautiful cunt.

Omar lowered me to the floor, just in reach of the edge of the stage. Myriad hands clutched and groped at my breast, buttock and leg closest to the edge of the stage as he mounted me again. A little later he rolled to the settee and lay on his back and pulled me on top of him and within seconds I felt Tyrone licking at my ass and pushing his tongue into me. He moved and I felt his dick pushing into my ass. The three of us fucked, the crowd clapped and cheered and chanted cum, cum, cum when Tyrone pulled out of my ass and sprayed across my back.

He came round to kneel astride Omar’s head, pulled on my hair to lift my head up off Omar’s chest where I was licking one of his nipples and offered his thick pungent dick to my mouth. He had a pearl drop dangling from the tip of his dick and he was softening but as I kissed and licked and sucked he began to harden again and pushed into my throat.

I gagged, It’s a good job that I’d not eaten since before we left Joys house because I think I would have vomited second hand pizza all over his penis and balls, I could feel bile rising in my throat as it is. He kept pushing into my throat, I was coughing and choking, my nose was streaming and tears were running down my cheeks. He was actually fucking my mouth, my throat as I coughed and spluttered and gagged on his thick dick.

Omar began to cum inside me. He jerked up and pulled me down hard onto him and I could feel his pulsating penis firing off deep inside me. I thought this was a show and that he’d pull out to shower me like Tyrone had but no. When he did pull out he reached down between my legs and his fingers held me open, semen followed out to run over his hand, dick and balls and the crowd went wild with cheering, shouting and clapping.

Then Tyrone stiffened and pushed deep into my throat for a second, I couldn’t breath and was gagging for air and I was scared that he was going to shoot his stuff into my throat. No, he pulled out and spurted all over my face and hair as I inhaled a great lung full of the smoky air. The audience went totally ecstatic, whooping and chanting as his semen splattered into me and dripped down on to Omar’s face and chest.

Jarrod strode onto the stage and called out "Now we raffle this beautiful lady with fuckable cunt, ticket 19643 is winner, owner of ticket 19643 come up."

A guy near the front of the stage shouted "That’s me, that’s me, I’m a winner" and he climbed up onto the stage. He was overflowing, effervescent that he’d won something, "I never won nothing before, I didn’t know I’d entered nothing. She’s fucking gorgeous, do I really get to fuck her?"

Jarrod told him, "Yes you can fuck this lady on stage now or have choice of free entrance to my club for one month or one bottle of rum to take away tonight"

Damn I thought, am I only worth a few dollars to this guy? He must think I’m a real slut, oh fuck it, I started this so just go with the flow.

The winner said "The rum would be nice but she’s a real darling and I’d just love to get my dick into her hot juicy pussy right now."

So lying on a settee on a stage bathed in bright lights before an audience of about two hundred people I fucked yet another man that day. He was not very impressive and his breath smelled. He mauled at my breasts and smothered my lips, his sour tongue darting in and out of my mouth while he plunged his dick into my slack, sloppy and extremely well used vagina. Sometimes revenge is not so sweet but it does settle scores.


I did conceive that day in San Francisco and had twins, it’s obvious that Ray, who I did marry is not the father. Our work means that we are both away from home often and for quite long periods so my parents look after the twins in Denmark. We, that’s Ray and I visit as often as possible.

I still see Nas regularly, sometimes I go to him in SF, sometimes he comes to LA. We spend the weekend together maybe once or twice a month and if Ray is in LA we have a threesome. Sometimes in SF Nas will invite friends and we have a sex party, I’m a lot more careful now though, at times like those condoms are a must. We sometimes visit the club and Jerrod looks foreword to me visiting because I’m one of the women he likes to fuck most and I love the feel of him but I’ve not done another stage show.

After Ray had accepted that I also wanted to play he introduced me to a local guy he knew. Apart from working in a shop Ekene really is a porn actor who usually does ‘cum shots’ because when he cums he cums big, he’s obsessive about it to the extent that he likes his testicles what I can only call tortured, tied tightly with a nylon stocking or twine. He has two plastic clamps, the type that hinge at one end and clip at the other, he likes to clip one above each testicle for maybe half an hour or more before he fucks anyone. Apparently this makes him copious, who am I to complain and he’s very well proportioned in the manhood department as well, which is nice. There’s nothing emotional, we’re just fuck buddies and he lives a short cab ride from me so if either of us feel the need . . .

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I think you are a slut. Great story.


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One of the best and hottest cheating/exhibition/true stories I've ever read.

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They say payback's a bitch, Dream you are that bitch

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