sex with my younger cousin amanda
well lets see she was younger like 5 years younger then me, we always played around like wrestle and video games, well we started to text and what not and jokin around and both her parents worked mornings and she would skip school sometimes and one day she asked me to come down bc shes bored.
so i did i though ther rents would be home and they were not.. i was playing on the computer and she needed to check her email so she said can i use it for a sec i said sure and before i could stand up she set on my lap, at 1st i did not think ne thing of it. then she would move around and before u know it i wa sgetting a boner i said srry about that she said do not worry about it, and asked me why its hard and explained it to her.
she said im a vergin and wanna have sex one day but im scared, i told her it hurts at first then is amazing. she continued playing and i had to detracts myself so i started to tickle her, she laughted and squirmed and took off runing i chaced her and she jumped on the sofa i did two and she climed ontop of me straddlein me and said what now....
she tthen leaded over i though t she was going to be mean and wishpered . and said will u tell me about sex... so i started she stood up to get a pop and i glanced at herass and wow nice ass in jeans. small tits barely ne but she was just starting off growing.. she came back n sat next to me and asked me will u do it with me? i was shocked and said you sure?
amanada then smiled and walked toward her room, so of cource i fallowed. i slowly undressed her and once i seen her pussy wow, barely any hair, young virgin pussy, i ate her out and boy did she love it, she said please lets get started mom will be home in an hour. so i stoped and rubbed my hard 8 inch dick up and down her pussy lips and slowly started to put it in wow super tight... she let out a cry i stoped she said no do it.. so i slwoly worked it in her once it was all the way in I started off slow and then faster, it was so tight and so wet and warm. I knew I had to hurry... after fucking like that for a little bit i said lets do doggie and she bent over and wow Very tiny ass. i was in heaven, fucking her doggie in that tight pussy felt so good, she screamed out ahhhh thats soooo goodd and started to shake..... she asked did I just cum? I said felt like it she replied thats increadable... s
he said hurry we been fuccking for 40 mins. i said ok rool back over i wanna make out with you as I fuck you hard and deep. she cried out as i put it back in and screamed It hurts so bad butt feels soo goood two. i fucked her like that for about 5 more mins and i could feel cum about to explode then i thought to myself In this moment of passion I did not put a condom on..... so I fucked her hard and fast and said im gonn cumm.... she laid there and i pulled out and shot my huge load all over her small A cup tits.
and she said quick get dressed mom will be home shortly so i got dressed and she looked at me and said thank you for that it was amazing...
she jumped into the shower and I sat in the front room watching tv her mom got home first and said Rob what are you doing here? i looked at her and said Amanda was scared she heard a noice and thought someone was here and goign to hurt her so i told her I would stop by and check things out.
she baught it and said ok i got to go to the gas station real quick to pick up a fe wthigns you staying for dinner I said sur ei will stay.. she left and i ran into the bathroom and standing there amazed at this sexy girl i just fucked she was 5;6'' about 105 pounds A cup boobs, super tiny ass. she yelled what are you doing in here mom will be here shortly, i said she went to the store amanada said ok sweet i am done, she climed out and got dried off and said I want you to stick it in again OK i said we went to the front room so we can watch for cars. i set on the coutch and she climed on top of me and slowly lowered herself onto my hard cock and started to ride me slow and then picked up pace, Ring her phone rang and she quickly answered it bc it was her mom. her mom said I will be home in about 10 mins i just left the store, to my suprise she did not stop rideing my dick and talkin to her mom. she hanged up and said you better cum real fast rob... we fucked and had to stop heard a car in the drive way oh shit dads home.... she jumped up and we both got dresed super fast and he walked in and said hi guys how are you and we said fine... feelin g cum brewing in my balls i said amanada you wanna go walk to the park she said sure, and we got there and she said you have to cum i do not want you to hurt.. so she said sit down and i sat on the pplay set and she pulled my cock out and started to give me head she had no idea what she was doing but i was ready to explode and i said im close sexy.. she said you better cum on the ground i told her no she should swallow it so she knows whats it liek she agreed.. and i felt it start to cum i said here it cums.... i came so much she sucked on it and pulled my dick out and i said swallow babe.... she did and gaged and nearly threw up.. she said i was not expecting that much and the taste is weird. but i will try it again... and so then we walked back to the house..

still to this day her and i get together and fuck sometimes, every family get together we sneak off for a quickie.. amanada and i some times take trips together and the family just thinks we are friends but when we get to a town where noone knows us we pretend to be a couple and noone knows, its so amazing... wanna hear more? I have lots of more stories.. just ask or email me at

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