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A fifteen-year-old gets to babysit two incredibly hot twin boys
My name is Mark. I’m fifteen, with light brown hair and brown eyes. I’m just an average kid, 5‘7, 150 lbs. I think I’m into guys, but I’m not sure. I mean, I don’t want to be gay, but sometimes I catch myself staring at some guy’s ass, and I think I might be. I know that younger boys turn me on. There’s one family across the street that has two of the hottest boys I’ve ever seen. They’re twins, and they look about ten or eleven, blond hair, blue eyes. I sometimes stare out my window when they’re outside playing and masturbate while watching them.
One day, I noticed a flier on the telephone pole outside my house advertising for a babysitter. The address was the house across the street, with the twins. I realized that I needed to get that job as their babysitter. I called their number, and waited for someone to pick up. Finally, someone did. It was one of the twins! He sounded so hot on the phone that I nearly came just talking to him. I asked to speak to one of his parents. He gave the phone to his mother, and I told her that I was interested in the babysitter job. She told me that I was the first guy to call her, and how it would be good for the twins to have a guy babysitter, because I would be easier to get along with. She said that she and her husband were going out to dinner that evening, and if I would be willing to babysit tonight. I said of course, and she said come over at six, and hung up. I immediately went to my room and started jacking myself off.
After masturbating twice more between then and six, I went over to the house across the street. I rang the doorbell, and a nicely dressed woman answered. “Hello,” I said.
“We’re so glad you could come,” she answered. “We were just about to leave.”
I took a quick look around. I was standing in the mudroom, and directly in front of me was a hallway that led to a dining room in the back. There was a flight of stairs on the right side of the hallway, and a doorway on the left, through which I could see a living room with a couch, some chairs, and a TV. At the bottom of the stairs was a doorway that looked like it led to the kitchen, but with the angle it was hard to be sure.
Just then, one of the boys walked up behind her. “Hi. I’m Colin.”
Seeing him up close for the first time was amazing. He was everything I’d imagined and more. He was about a foot shorter than me,with light blond hair that almost fell into his eyes, which were deep blue. He was wearing a loose T-shirt and jean shorts.
“Nice to meet you, Colin. I’m Mark.” I reached out to give him a handshake.
As his hand touched mine, it felt like a spark jumped between us. I had to fight to suppress a shiver of pleasure. Even after I let go of his hand, I couldn’t stop staring at him.
“They’ve already had dinner, so you don’t need to worry about that. Make sure they get to bed around nine,” the mother said. “We’ll be back around ten. You boys have fun, now.”
I had to tear my gaze away from Colin to look at her. “We will. Have a nice night.”
“Thank you, dear. Roger!” she called. “We’re leaving!”
“I’m coming, I’m coming.” A man appeared from the kitchen. “Oh, hello. I’m Roger. You must be the babysitter. Scott’s asleep in his room. He’s had a long day.”
With that, I waved goodbye to the parents as they got in their car and drove away. I closed and locked the front door, turned to look at Colin, and said, “Let’s go see your brother, shall we?”
As we were walking up the stairs to Scott’s room, Colin looked at me and said, “I know how you feel about me.”
“I saw the way you were looking at me earlier. You couldn’t keep your eyes off me.”
Crap! Was I that obvious? “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
“It’s okay. I like you too.” Then he began gently stroking my chest.
I was shocked. Here was this boy, that I was planning on spending the next several hours seducing, trying to seduce me! For a second I was happier than I could ever remember feeling. Then I became suspicious. What if this was a trick? What if he was trying to get me to admit my feelings for him?
Colin must have seen me pulling back, because he said, “It’s alright. It’s not a trick. I really do like you.”
At that point, my feelings for this boy overcame any sense of caution I may have had, and I leaned down and gently kissed him on the mouth. As our lips touched, I felt a strong but pleasant tingling sensation. His lips were warm and moist, and as he eagerly returned the kiss, I wrapped my arms around him and held him close. I was pleasantly surprised when I felt his tongue push into my mouth. As we kissed, I slowly slid my hand down his back and grabbed his ass. His butt was firm, and as I massaged it, I could feel his little cock growing hard and pressing into my leg.
He broke off the kiss, looked up at me, and smiled. I ran my hand through his light blond hair and smiled back. He took my hand and led me back downstairs. As we walked, I stared at his perfectly shaped ass, watching it sway back and forth with each step he took.
He led me over to the couch, turned around, and kissed me again. This time, as we embraced, my hands found the bottom of his shirt and began to pull it over his head. We stopped kissing just long enough to get his shirt off before our lips found each other again. Now, my hands stroked his bare back and sides, loving the feel of his warm skin. I gently pushed him down onto the couch and straddled him. I broke off the kiss and gazed at his exposed torso. His shoulders were well-rounded, his stomach was perfectly flat, and his nipples were fully erect. I looked further down his body and noticed a small bulge in his shorts. Suddenly, I felt his hands grab the bottom of my shirt and begin to slide it up my body. I let him take off my shirt and toss it to the floor. I leaned back down and began kissing him again, enjoying the feel of my bare skin on his, which was amazingly soft and warm. My hand found itself resting on his thigh, and I began sliding it up until it was resting on his hip.
I broke off the kiss and resumed my former position, kneeling over him. I moved my hands to his crotch, unfastening the button and unzipping his shorts. Underneath he was wearing a pair of tightey-whities, and I could easily see the bulge in his underwear from his erection. As I slowly slid his shorts down his legs, I gazed deep into his trusting eyes, and his smiling face. I tossed his shorts to the floor, and began slowly stroking his now bare thigh with my left hand. My other hand rested on his chest and began playing with his nipples. He moaned softly, and closed his eyes. I moved my left hand to his crotch, and began gently rubbing his cock through his underwear. I put both my hands on his hips, and grabbed the waistband of his tightey-whities. As I slowly took his underwear off, his little cock popped into view. Fully erect, it was about three inches long, and stuck straight into the air. It was rock hard, and his groin was covered with light blond peach fuzz. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, and I gasped involuntarily when I saw it. Having tossed his underwear to the floor, I took my right hand and gently began stroking his cock, while my left hand started playing with his balls. He moaned a little louder, and I increased my pace.
I removed my hands from his cock and began playing with his nipples. At the same time, I lowered my head into his crotch. I took a deep breath and his smell flowed into my nostrils. It was very pungent, but amazingly sweet at the same time. I loved it. I began licking his cock and sucking on his balls, gently at first, then slightly faster. My hands continued to play with his nipples, rolling them between my fingers, pinching them, and gently massaging them. Finally, I took his cock and put it into my mouth, and closed my lips around it. Slowly moving my head up and down, I extended my tongue to lick his cock as my right hand moved to massage his balls. Colin’s moans were growing louder, as he was nearing an orgasm. I started moving faster now, and brought my left hand to rub his sphincter. That movement brought him over the edge, and he climaxed, shooting his sweet boy cum into my mouth. I swallowed it eagerly, enjoying every last drop. When Colin had finished, I eagerly licked his cock and balls completely clean, then moved to kiss him again. We kissed passionately, our tongues intertwining, and I’m sure he could taste his cum in my mouth. My right hand stroked his chest, while my left hand began sliding up and down his thigh.
Colin broke off the kiss, smiled up at me, and said, “My turn.” He gently pushed me back so that I was lying on the other end of the couch, and began to take my pants off. He slid them down my legs, revealing my navy blue boxer shorts, and the large bulge in the middle of them. He then pulled off my boxers, revealing my six-inch cock, surrounded by nicely groomed pubic hair. He began stroking it, just like I had done earlier, and the feeling of his small hand wrapping itself around my cock was amazing. However, it was nothing compared to what he did next. He leaned down, and after hesitating for a split second, put my cock into his mouth.
This time, my shiver of pleasure could not be denied. I was floating in pure ecstasy as he slid his mouth up and down my shaft. The feeling of this adorable little boy sucking my dick was greater than anything I had ever felt before. I rested my hands on the back of his head, and began thrusting my hips skyward. I could feel his tongue rubbing my cock and his hand playing with my balls. The sensation of his mouth on my cock increased as I grew closer to orgasm, and far too soon, I was there. My hot cum exploded into his mouth, filling it completely, and running down my shaft and onto my balls. Colin swallowed with delight, and began licking the excess cum off of my dick.
I stared at this beautiful boy, who was completely naked and currently occupied with licking semen from my cock, and thought about how amazingly lucky I was to have this happen to me. Just then, Colin finished and saw me looking at him. He smiled, and climbed on top of me, resting his head on my chest. I stroked his head and back, and he started playing with my left nipple. He moved his head so that his mouth was just over my nipple, and he began kissing it. He alternated between kissing it and licking it, as I brought my right hand down to grab his exposed buttcheek. Then he switched to sucking on my nipple, and I gasped softly. I brought my left hand to grab his other cheek, and he began to grind against my cock with his own. I started doing the same, and he used his left hand to play with my right nipple while he was sucking on my left. I brought my left hand to my mouth, and sucked on my middle finger to get it wet, then used it to rub his sphincter. After a few seconds to let him get used to the feeling, I slowly slid my finger inside him.
Colin gasped in surprise and shock. He gasped again after I started wiggling my finger, then he relaxed slightly, and went back to sucking my nipple, this time with renewed intensity. I began using my right hand to stroke his side, and inserted a second finger into his anus. I could feel myself building to an orgasm, and I knew he was close as well. His soft moans, somewhat muffled by my nipple, were growing louder. Suddenly, I began to cum, and I could feel him doing the same. Both our cum spread over my stomach, and we lay there for a few seconds to catch our breath. Then Colin sat up and began licking the cum off my belly. The sensation was almost ticklish, and soothing at the same time. As he finished cleaning my stomach, he moved to my cock, licking it clean. Then I sat up, doing the same for him. I was somewhat disappointed that there was less cum on his belly than mine. After cleaning his stomach and cock, I sat up and kissed him on the mouth again. I grabbed the back of his head with my left hand, while my right hand fondled his balls. He put his right arm around my neck, and began stroking my cock with his right. I moved my right hand to his left nipple, and my left hand to his cock, which I began slowly stroking. Just then, I broke off the kiss, and whispered, “How would you like to try anal?”
Colin moved so that he was kneeling on the floor, with his arms and legs spread wide. I had him lick my cock so it was slippery. I began by slowly inserting a finger into his anus, and wiggling it around to loosen him up. However, he was still very tight.
“Just relax,” I said. “This’ll be better if you don’t clench up.”
“Okay.” I felt him relax, and suddenly there was far more room to move my finger around.
“I think you’re ready. I’m going to put it in now.” I positioned myself so my cock was right in front of his anus, and using my hand, slowly guided it in. Colin gasped softly when I first penetrated him, but he stayed relaxed, and I was able to fit my entire cock inside him. His ass was amazingly tight, and it fit like a glove. I don’t know how this is possible, but the sensation was somehow even more incredible than when he was blowing me. I began gently pumping my hips, slowly at first, then with increased speed, as we both got used to the rhythm. He started moving back and forth in sync with my own movements. I reached around with my right hand and began stroking his cock, and he put his hand on top of mine, guiding its movements. With my left hand, I grabbed his hip, and began pulling him toward me with every thrust. Colin cried out softly every time I pushed my cock further up his ass. With the incredible sensation of his anus surrounding and enveloping my dick, I approached climax quickly. As I shot my load into Colin’s rectum, I felt him orgasm at the same time, spraying his cum over my hand and the floor.
We both collapsed to the floor, breathing heavily. I could feel both our cocks growing soft, and mine pulling out of his ass. I was licking Colin’s cum off of my hand, and I quickly began scooping his cum from the floor and putting it in my mouth. I was interrupted by Colin, who had started licking my cum from my cock. I looked down at him and smiled. He finished, so I began cleaning the cum off his dick. As I finished, he looked down at me and said, “We should go wake up Scott.”
“Is he gonna be okay with this?”
“Of course! He’ll love this!”
“Okay then!” If I was this happy having sex with just one boy, imagine how amazing it would be with two. I was very excited that we were going to have a threesome. My cock started to get hard just thinking about it. Colin got up and grabbed my hand, pulling me toward the stairs. Just like earlier, I stared at his butt, which swayed as he walked; the only difference this time was that he was naked. By the time we reached the bottom of the stairs, my cock was rock hard. Colin guided me to Scott’s room and opened the door. The lights were off, so it was difficult to see. Colin moved to the far side of the room, where I could just make out a bed. I turned on the lights.
Scott was asleep, a thin sheet covering his body. He looked peaceful with his eyes closed and a slight smile on his face, as if he were having a good dream. Colin climbed on top of the bed and straddled Scott, leaned down, and kissed him lightly on the mouth.
He whispered, “Scott? Scott, wake up!” He kissed him again, then shook him lightly. Scott groaned, then slowly opened his eyes.
“Colin? Leave me alone, I want to sleep.” Then he noticed that Colin was naked. Scott looked at him, somewhat curious, then turned his head and saw me standing in the doorway, also naked and with a complete hard-on. He looked back at Colin and whispered, “Who’s he?”
“He’s our babysitter. C’mon, I’ll introduce you.” He grabbed Scott’s hand and started pulling him out of the bed. As he did so, I noticed that Scott didn’t have a shirt on. In fact, it quickly became apparent that Scott didn’t have any clothes on, and that he slept in the nude. There were now two completely naked little boys standing in front of me, both looking exactly the same. Somehow, my cock managed to get a little harder.
“Hi. I’m Mark.” I felt slightly strange, seeing as how this was the first time I’d introduced myself without clothes on. He reached out with his left hand and began stroking my chest, and I began stroking his right arm with my left hand. I gently grabbed his left arm with my right hand, and pulled him closer. He leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I returned the kiss, and I rubbed my hands along his back. I felt his tongue enter my mouth as his hands ran down my sides. I moved him back to the bed and gently pushed him down onto it. I kneeled over him, just as I had with Colin, and began licking his cock and sucking on his balls. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Colin furiously masturbating while watching us. I hoped he would join in soon, because I was really looking forward to a threesome.
I turned my attention back to Scott, took his cock in my left hand, and put it into my mouth. With my right, I fondled his balls. I increased my pace when I heard him start to moan. Suddenly, Colin moved to stand to his left, and began kissing him on the mouth, while playing with Scott’s nipples. I used my left hand to rub Scott’s sphincter, and began using my tongue along with the rest of my mouth to suck his cock. All of these combined proved too much for Scott, and he began to cum into my mouth. Surprisingly, his cum tasted different than Colin’s, even though they’re twins. It was still delicious, just different. I finished licking the excess cum from his cock, and Scott got up from under Colin and pushed me back so I was lying at the foot of the bed. He then positioned himself so that his head was right above my crotch, and began licking my cock. Colin moved so that he was straddling my head, and I knew what he wanted. I began sucking his balls, slowly moving my mouth higher until I was licking the head of his cock.
Just then, Scott began sucking on my dick, and the feeling was absolutely incredible. Scott can only be described as an artist with his mouth. The way he moved his lips and tongue brought me to a level of ecstacy I had never before experienced. He even managed to fit my entire cock in his mouth, and began to deep-throat me while still rubbing my dick with his tongue, which was an amazing feat. He was obviously well practiced, which led me to believe that the twins have done this several times before.
I finally took Colin’s cock in my mouth, and began sucking it while playing with his nipples. Scott used one hand to fondle my balls, and another to rub my sphincter, which was something I had never experienced before. It was an incredible sensation, and it only added to the pleasure I was already feeling. Colin reached behind his back and started playing with my nipples, and all of the combined sensations helped me reach an orgasm quickly. As I began to shoot my load, Scott pulled his head back a bit so my cum would hit his tongue instead of his throat and he could taste it. Just as my orgasm subsided, Colin began to spray his hot cum into my mouth, and I relished the taste. I didn’t allow myself to spill a single drop.
After I finished cleaning Colin’s cock, he bent down and began kissing me. I shared whatever cum was left over in my mouth, and he responded by inserting his tongue into my mouth. I could feel Scott cleaning my cock, and then moving. I couldn’t see where, so I was surprised when I felt something envelop my dick and begin moving up and down. I broke off the kiss with Colin and moved my head to see that Scott had lowered his ass on top of my cock, and was forcing himself down on top of it, pushing it deeper into his anus. I responded by thrusting my hips upward in time with his movements. Colin had also turned around and seen what Scott was doing, and he positioned his body so that his head was in front of Scott’s cock. Very carefully, he put Scott’s dick in his mouth and began moving up and down to our rhythm.
This position left Colin’s ass staring directly into my face. I extended my tongue and began licking the area around Colin’s asshole. The taste was surprisingly pleasant; it was almost sweet. Having enjoyed the taste so far, I plunged my tongue into his anus. The taste of Colin’s anus was similar to that of his asshole, but far more intense. I could also taste the cum that I deposited in his ass earlier. I decided I liked it, and began using my tongue to vigorously probe his ass. At the same time, I used my hands to rub his cock and balls. I could hear both boys moaning with pleasure, and I could see Colin’s hands playing with Scott’s nipples, while Scott’s hands played with Colin’s. The rhythm began to increase, and I could feel myself building to an orgasm. I started stroking Colin’s cock faster, and I now had my face buried deep within his ass. When I finally came, it exploded out of me into Scott’s anus, and I felt his sphincter clench at the same time, meaning he just had an orgasm as well. Colin also shot his load onto my chest, where it ran down and pooled in my belly button. When we were all finished, Scott pulled himself off my cock, making my cum run down my cock and balls. I took my tongue out of Colin’s anus, and he got up and began licking my cum off my dick. Scott started cleaning my torso, and I sucked Colin’s cum off my hand. When the twins were finished, I cleaned first Scott’s cock, then Colin’s.
At this point, I was sitting in the middle of the bed, with Colin to my left and Scott to my right. I reached down with my left hand and began stroking Colin’s cock, and I stroked Scott’s with my right. Colin grabbed my cock with his right hand, and Scott grabbed it with his left, and we began jacking each other off. I loved the feeling of their tiny hands wrapped around my shaft, and the feeling of their tiny cocks in my hands. Their cocks were so smooth and soft, and it felt good to be able to hold them. With both Colin and Scott jacking me off, I came quickly. I shot my load all over their hands, my hot cum flowing between their fingers and down their wrists. They both came at the same time, and my hands were soon covered with their cum. I began licking my fingers clean, as they did the same.
Scott and Colin looked at each other, smiled, and began kissing. Scott reached down and took hold of Colin’s cock with his right hand, and Colin did the same to Scott. As they sat there making out and jacking each other off, I began masturbating to the sight of these two beautiful naked boys directly in front of me. I could see that they were both close to orgasm, because their muscles had gone rigid, and they were pumping faster. I had also increased my rhythm, as I was nearing orgasm as well. Suddenly, Colin’s cum shot out of his cock, and hit Scott in the face and chest. It then ran down Scott’s hand and onto Colin’s balls. Just as Colin was finishing, Scott shot his load all over Colin. As Scott’s orgasm began to ebb, I started to cum, and it sprayed all over both twins. Scott tried to catch some of it in his mouth, but only succeeded in getting cum all over his face.
I started to lick it off him, and we began kissing. Colin licked the cum off my cock, and then moved to my hand. I licked all of Colin’s cum off of Scott’s face and chest, and started cleaning his cock. Finishing with Scott, I began cleaning Colin’s face next, taking time to kiss him passionately. After licking Colin’s face clean, I went to work on his chest. After licking off all the cum, I kissed and licked his nipple, tracing a line down his chest to his belly. I then moved to his cock, cleaning it thoroughly, stopping to suck his balls. During this time, Scott had moved to my cock and began licking and kissing it. As he put it into his mouth, Colin moved behind him and guided his cock into Scott’s ass.
As Scott gave me a blowjob, Colin began to vigorously penetrate his anus, while reaching around to stroke Scott’s cock. I placed my hands on Scott’s head and guided it into my groin, and Scott responded by taking my cock even deeper into his throat. Colin began to thrust faster, and he increased his pace of stroking Scott. Scott took one hand and used it to fondle my balls, while using the other to support himself. I could feel myself building to an orgasm, and Colin’s pace was growing even faster. I began to shoot my cum into Scott’s mouth, and at the same time, Colin began to release his cum into Scott’s anus. Scott began to cum as well, shooting his load all over Colin’s hand and the bed. Scott greedily swallowed my cum, licking the excess from my cock. As Scott was finishing, Colin began cleaning Scott’s dick, while I moved to clean Colin’s.
As I finished, I looked back to see Scott lying on the bed, his eyes closing. Colin was lying on top of him, also falling asleep. I watched as they began to relax their bodies and breathe deeply. I watched them fall asleep in each other’s arms and thought again about how lucky I was to have this experience, how lucky I was to have met these two beautiful boys who gave me such an amazing night. I knew I would always remember this moment, these two naked boys, soundly sleeping, gently holding each other in a loving embrace. Seeing that they were both fast asleep, I picked Colin up and carried him to his room. I placed him on his bed and carefully tucked him in. I even gave him a quick goodnight kiss on his forehead. Returning to Scott’s room, I moved his body so that his head was resting on the pillow, and I pulled the sheet up to his chin. After giving him a goodnight kiss as well, I went downstairs and found my clothes scattered at the foot of the couch. I put them on, then picked up Colin’s clothes and brought them to his room. I placed them on top of his dresser, then I had an idea. I picked up his underwear, lifted them to my face, and inhaled. There, embedded into the fabric, was Colin’s smell, the smell that I loved so much. I folded up his underwear and stuffed them into my pocket. I then went downstairs and did my best to clean the semen stains off the couch and floor using a wet paper towel.
Just as I was finishing cleaning the downstairs, I heard a car pulling into the driveway. I threw away the paper towels and walked to the front door. I opened it, and standing on the front porch were their parents.
“Did you have a good time?” I asked them.
“Yes, we did. Thank you for asking. How were the boys?”
“Oh, they were perfect. We had an amazing time.”
“Well, I’m glad you had fun. You wouldn’t mind doing this again sometime, would you?”
“No, I would like that. I would like that very much.”

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