My brothers and I find new friends and new experiences.
XIII. Not Just a Nudist Camp

We had a complete hook-up so my brothers hooked up the water, sewer, electrical, and TV cable. Soon I was in the shower getting all cleaned up so I would feel comfortable walking around in the nude. I blew my hair dry and put on a little makeup. While Donny and Bobby took their turns in the shower I went through the schedule of events. The first thing we were scheduled to attend was a get-acquainted dinner where all new visitors would be introduced. After that a skit would be performed by the “Camp Ladies.” Then after dark, there would be a “swinger’s party” for those who wanted to swing. Then there was a notice that No sex acts would be permitted in public unless the event that was scheduled had the word “swinger” in its title. I wondered what they would do if I was caught fucking in public.
I noticed there was a lecture that had just started titled: Sex as a Religious Experience. I read the description of the lecture to my brothers and said I wanted to go. Neither of them seemed interested but they encouraged me to go. Looking at the map I found where the lecture was being held and I looked in the mirror before leaving the motor home thinking, here goes nothing; my first experience at a nudist camp.
As I crossed the camp on the paved walk I was surprised that I did not meet anyone. In the distance to the right I could see a few people at the swimming pool. They were so far away that it was hard to tell if they were nude or in skimpy swim suits. As I felt the warmth of the sun on my titties I had the thought, I hope this is not an elaborate plot of my brothers to embarrass me. Then I thought, not a chance, they would not do that and the name of the camp, clearly visible on several signs on the way in, included the word “nudist.” Then suddenly my mind was relieved when I saw a couple walking toward me hand in hand. When we were close enough, my eyes as expected went to his peter. It dangled loosely to the left, wagging slightly from left to right. I thought, now there is a contented peter. I looked to the young man’s eyes and saw they were looking at me. I looked to the woman, blond hair, nice perky boobs, slim waist, round hips, no tan lines, and neatly trimmed pussy.
“Hello,” they both greeted me. I responded in kind and she said, “You are new here aren’t you?
“Yes, how can you tell?” I asked.
“Tan lines. Can we give you directions?” she asked.
“I’m looking for the meeting hall where the lecture…”
He interrupted me by pointing to the nearest building and saying, “The lecture has already started but just go in and take a seat. No one will be bothered by your late arrival.” While he was speaking I could not help noticing his peter gave a twitch as though it was also saying something to me.
I thanked them and rushed on to the meeting hall. Upon entering I found about two dozen people seated watching a large video screen. On screen was a very attractive nude auburn haired woman who was walking through a garden or park. Her pussy was clean shaven. A male narrator was speaking. I seated myself on a pew like bench in the back row behind all the other audience members.
The narrators words: “Indeed, there is a burgeoning science of the orgasm, with physiological evidence suggesting that the orgasm itself is a richly complex neurological phenomenon, with brain stimulations in some regions and complete neural shutdowns in others; imaging activity just as mysterious and just as revealing as other measurable mystical and altered states of consciousness induced in more conventional religious practices, like meditation, prayer, or the ingestion of sacred medicine. The powers of sex, its potentially empowering pleasures and mind-blowing transportations, however, are entangled in phenomena that cannot be reduced to bodily processes, or easily measured with brain-imaging technologies. These powers always bear on the sacred.”
The woman on the screen came upon a park bench where she sat and her right hand found her pussy. As the narrator continued she began a casual masturbation.
“Our bodies, with all of our sensory abilities were created by God. The pleasures we receive from our bodies as we approach orgasm were intended to be ours by God…”
I am afraid that like the woman on the screen I was no longer listening to the narrator. My hand also had found my damp pussy. My fingers had scooped up my juices and rubbed them over my little button. Like the woman on the screen I was soaring above the bench on which I was seated. I don’t believe this was my most mind blowing orgasm but it was the most public. Of course I was no quieter than usual and when I came down enough to recognize my situation, I found as many in the audience watching me as were watching the screen.
The narrator was still droning on, “…and thus we see that whether it is only a slight tingle we might get from an erotic thought or a complete mind blowing, near death experience in which we lose a sense of time or place these are sensations that God intended us to have and thus we should worship with them…”
I noted that all who were looking at me were smiling and most had at least one hand on their genitals. On screen I saw a naked man standing behind a bush looking at the woman on the bench. He was casually masturbating also. The narrator was now talking about how masturbation should never be discouraged except when in causes discomfort to others. “Thus public masturbation is discouraged unless all present have had the opportunity to express their acceptance.” These last words registered with me and I moved my hand away from my pussy and sat up in the chair.
An elderly woman who had been watching me said, “It is okay sweetheart. We all approve.”
“Yes indeed,” said the elderly man by her side.
“Beautiful,” said a middle aged woman.
“Spectacular,” said a man my age.
On screen the couple were now in an intimate embrace and the narrator continued: “In the biblical story of David and Bathsheba, the adulterous sexual union between the two initiates a chain of bloody, violent acts and violations, including rape, murder, and even civil war in ancient Israel; but the sexual union between the two also brings life to another son, Solomon, who becomes a great king, propelling sacred history forward under the powerful hand of God. Solomon’s Song of Songs is an example of what I have been talking about. In it Solomon, in the three voices, sings the praise of what God had put in our bodies to enjoy the pleasures that two people can experience when in sexual union.” Music replaced the voice and credits began to roll as the couple on the park bench moved into a coital position.
With the film at an end the entire audience stood and approached me. They crowded around me, each trying to introduce themselves and adding words of appreciation. In the words of the elderly woman, “It is so wonderful to meet a young woman who can so freely express her sexuality. You darling remind me of my self so many years ago.” By the way the elderly man with her had a partial hard-on as he gave me a little hug.
The young man (who had a massive erection) made sure to invite me to the swinger’s party that evening. And of course most said they would see me at dinner.
A middle aged couple asked me where I was staying and I told them in the RV park and they said they were also. They asked if I was headed back to my RV and I said I was so they said they would walk with me. “Are you here alone,” the woman asked.
“I’m here with my brothers,” I replied.
“Oh, that’s nice, where are they?” she asked. I told her resting up from driving.
The man asked, “How may brothers?”
“Two. We are on a cross country trip and decided to stop here for three days.”
“Where are you from?” she asked.
“How nice,” she said. She reached out and grasped my arm and stopped me. “This is our RV,” she said indicating the fifth wheeler we had stopped by. “Let me give you some advice; don’t go to the swingers party tonight unless you intend to get fucked by a half dozen different men. Those parties get really wild.”
I could not help noticing the man, probably her husband, had a near hard on as he said, “Yeah, you sure got fucked silly at the last party.”
We weren’t going to talk about that,” she said in an aside to him.
“Would you do it again?” I asked.
She looked at me with a look that told me she did not want to talk about it, at least not in front of her husband.
“God yes, she’ll do it again. Probably tonight,” her husband said.
“You don’t know a thing,” she said as she turned and stormed into her RV.
“See you there,” he said with a smile before turning to go into his RV.
When I entered our RV I found both my brothers soundly sleeping. While waiting for dinner time, I looked through the schedule for the next three days. Everyone was encouraged to participate in every event but not required to do so. Tomorrow morning, at 9 AM, was a “Good Morning Breakfast” hosted by the “Camp Ladies.” At 10 AM was the “Pageant of Poses.” At 1 PM was a “Sausage and Buns Lunch” hosted by the “Camp Guys.” At 2 PM was the “Body Painting Competition.” Dinner at 6 PM was titled as an “Awards Dinner” and hosted by “The Three Cookies.” Following dinner was a square dance demonstration put on by the “Chicks and Dicks.” After that, all were invited to the “Round Dance.” I thought to myself that tomorrow looked almost sex free. Probably there would be unscheduled opportunities.
The next day was Sunday. Breakfast was a “no host fix your own in camp kitchen.” At 10 AM would be a Christian devotional led this week by Dr. Timothy Blood. At 1 PM was a “Wieners and Beans Lunch” hosted by the “Air Bathers” at the pool followed by an all afternoon open bar at the pool. At 6 PM “The Three Cookies” would serve a chicken dinner. At 9 PM there was a swinger’s party at the pool and a karaoke sing along at the main meeting room/dinning hall at the same time as the swingers party.
The next day, Monday, was our departure day and we had to check out by 10 AM so the only part of the schedule we would take part in was the “Early Birds Breakfast.”
At about an hour before dinner I decided I wanted fucked so I woke Bobby and Donny and said, “Who’s going to fuck me?” They both volunteered so I said, “Winner chooses which end.” Bobby always wins rock/paper/scissors so he chose my pussy.
On my hands and knees I went after Donny’s peter. He was immediately hard and I took him deep, swallowing, swallowing, and swallowing. Then as I knew he liked I backed off to swirl my tongue on the head while stroking, stroking, and stroking on his shaft with my hand. I repeated this while gently caressing his balls with my left hand. I had done this so often that I could do it without thought so I could concentrate on what Bobby was doing to my pussy. Instead of immediately enter Miss Pussy with his peter he lapped at her with his tongue. I was so horny that he had me souring into the clouds in only minutes. That’s where I was, with my mouth doing its magic on Donny, when with my butt raised on high I felt Bobby’s peter enter me with a single thrust. The sensation was intense and I cried out my pleasure around Donny peter. Bobby’s hand found my button and rapidly played it like a musical instrument. The tune he played had me soaring above the clouds and I increased the intensity of my ministrations of Donny’s peter.
From somewhere the question drifted through my mind, can what will happen tonight at the swingers party be any better than this? My erotic euphoric feelings were so intense that I lost all sense of being until I tasted Donny’s hot stuff filling my throat. Donny’s hands were on the back of my head, holding me in place. Bobby was still pounding Miss Pussy as deeply as she had ever been pounded but in only moments, as I was allowed by Donny to catch my breath, Bobby unloaded his hot stuff. At least for a few moments, I thought, my horniness is sated.
After a quick shower, a brushing of my hair, and a touch up of my makeup, the three of us exited the motor home. As we walked side by side with me in the middle, I watched with amusement how my brother’s peters swung left and right. I had already had an experience of walking out here in the nude but my brothers had not so they were looking around. The only other people in sight were headed in the same direction that we were. When we got to the dining hall we were met by a couple who had prepared name tags which only contained our first name. These were hung around our necks on a light chain. I noted that below Bobby’s name was the number 22 and Donny had an 18. My tag had a 20 so I realized that our ages were on displayed with our name.
The first people to greet us were the elderly couple that had been so complementary to me earlier. Her tag read Marie 79 and his tag read Doc 81. I introduced my brothers and explained to them that I had met this couple earlier. Marie was thrilled by the fact that Donny was a tender 18-year-old. We were invited to sit with Marie and Doc. They maneuvered us so that Bobby sat on my left and Doc on my right, Marie was to the right of Doc and Donny was on her right. The table at which we sat, seated six so the young man who had invited me to the Swinger’s Party sat in the vacant chair and introduced himself as JJ. I saw on his name tag that he was 19.
“Oh hey, JJ you are not the youngest here anymore,” said Marie, “Donny here is only 18.”
As Marie continued to converse with JJ and Donny, Doc whispered in my ear, “Marie goes for the young ones. Do you think your brother is okay with that?”
“What do you mean doc?” I asked.
“She likes to swing with the young ones; says it keeps her young.”
As he spoke I looked down at his peter. It was as tall and as hard as my brothers when they fuck me. I asked, “How about you? Do you swing with the young ones?”
“I have and hope to again,” Doc said.
“What are you two whispering about?” Marie asked.
“Probably the same thing you and the young men have been whispering about,” Doc said.
“You’ve already asked the young lady to the swinger’s party?” she asked.
He chuckled, “Again old lady, you are ahead of me.” He then asked me, “Carly would you accompany me to the swinger’s party.”
“Do we have to have dates?” I asked.
“Not really but if she’s going with your young brother I would like to escort you,” Doc said, “and besides there is no one else I would rather go with than you.”
“Well thank you Doc. I will go with you,” I said putting my hand on the back of his hand which was resting on the table. His hand turned over and gripped mine just as it was announced that dinner was ready and we could come and fill up our plates.
“No one has to ask me twice to come to dinner,” Doc said as he stood and still holding my hand led me toward the kitchen.
I was impressed that Doc showed no sign of embarrassment as he walked beside me with his peter giving away the fact that he was sexually excited. I asked, “Are you and Marie husband and wife.”
“Wife and husband…oh yes indeed; have been for longer than I can remember. We’ve been coming here since way back in the 70’s. It was our idea to have this special no children month. Never miss it.”
The food looked good and as it turned out it was as good as it looked. The Three Cookies, dressed in only long white kitchen aprons came around to leave three cookies with each person. Then the young couple who had given us our name cards came around and introduced all us newcomers. There were only seven of us in this crowd of about forty. The other newcomers were young married couples. After the introductions, which amounted to little more than an announcement of our first names and our ages and the state from which we came, we continued to visit. JJ as it turned out was there alone from Indiana. He also had received his invitation at college. Others came by to introduce themselves and discuss various things from the weather to kids left at home.
When people began to leave, Marie said, “Doc, you show the boys around. Make sure you show them the game room.”
“Okay old lady, your wish is my command. Come on boys, she wants to warn Carly about me,” Doc said as he led the three young men, JJ, Bobby, and Donny through one of the side doors.

To be continued in Chapter XIV. Swinger’s Party

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