I stood with the razor on my wrist, the tiny trickle of blood almost dry now, if I was going to do it I had to do it now or dad may get home and stop me.
I looked down at the razor, “this will give every one proof of what was going on here.”
I looked back at the mirror, “proof?” I thought.
“If dads making DVDs of the nights the men come then it would be on his computer.”
I put the razor back on the shelf.
What I had to do was to find it on the computer and copy and paste it to something, but what?
I knew how to copy and paste they showed us how to do that at school, what I needed was a memory card, Lauren had one in her Wii, but she had taken that with her.
I went to Marks room and looked around, he had a playstation portable, but I didn’t have a lead, and didn’t know if I could copy to that.
I went down stairs.

I looked in the drawers near the computer but couldn’t find any, only DVD blank discs and I wasn’t sure I could do it on those either, I searched every where I could.

Down the side of the sofa on the floor I found the camera, I opened it and the card was still inside, when I checked it was blank, so I could use the card.
I took it out, and I looked at it, it was an eight giga bite card, so I hoped it would be large enough. I turned the computer on, now I had to try and find the video files, but they would probably be well hidden, and could be anywhere on the computer. I settled for starting at an easy place, my documents, never expecting to find them there.

I opened a folder called my pictures, and to my surprise there were the photos John had taken. I slipped the card in the slot and copied and paste the photos to the card.
Feeling very pleased with myself I looked in another folder named my videos, and there they were, both videos of the two sessions that John had mentioned.
I copied and paste again, but this was taking to long.
I decided to quickly go and have a shower and hoped that dad wouldn’t come back while it was still copying the video on to the card.

I ran up stairs and in a few minutes had showered and dressed and I was back watching the blue line as it copied the files. It had almost got to the end, and still no sign of dad.
I began to wonder what I would do with it now I had it, if dad wanted to take any photos he would find out the card was missing, and it wouldn’t take him long to figure out where it had gone, so what ever I was going to do had to be done now.
The copying had finished I took the card out, and turned off the computer again, I looked out the window, dads car was coming up the road.
I watched as he pulled onto the drive, John was with him.
I ran as fast as I could up stairs after first putting the camera back where I found it.

I jumped into bed and covered myself, so he couldn’t tell I was dressed, hoping and praying he wouldn’t remove the covers.
I heard him come up the stairs with John, I must have been shaking with fear, thinking they would both use me again, and find out I was dressed.
Dad stood at the door, “she’s still asleep, let’s leave her, the shock of Saturday night has really shaken her up, maybe we shouldn’t have gone so far.”
He sounded though he was guilty, but he should have thought of that before.

“she will be ok,” replied John, “and the four hundred pounds was a nice bonus, plus the two hundred for the videos, shes making us a fortune we cant stop now.”
“No I guess your right, but we won’t do that again, we will drug her like the first time, she was ok after that night.”
They left, and went back down stairs.
Drugged the first time? Was that why I saw so many Marks, and made love to them all?

I crept down stairs, they were in the lounge talking and laughing, I crept pass the door and into the kitchen, I had decided I would go out the back and take the long way round so they didn’t see me from the lounge window.
My legs were still aching as I quietly open the back door, stepping outside; I closed it again, and ran out the back gate.
If they didn’t look in my room again for an hour or so I would be a long way away.
I would take the card to Mark he would know what to do with it.

The one thing I hadn’t thought of was I hadn’t any money for the train or bus.
I reached in my pocket, and found the card Simon had given me; I would ring him and see if he would take me.
I still had some small change and I found a phone box.
I dialled the number on the card, a voice answered.
“Is that Simon?”
“It’s Kate here; you took me to see my brother the other week.”
“Yes I remember Kate, how are you?”
“I must see my brother it’s urgent, we can do the same as before if you want.”
“If it’s that urgent Kate I will have to have more then before.”
“Ok then I will let you fuck me if you want.”
“God it must be urgent, you sure?”
“Yes, where can I find you?”
“Im outside the station as before.”
“I will be there in a five minutes, thank you.”
And put the phone down.

I ran to the station, and was there in a couple of minutes; Simon was sitting in the car.
He saw me run up to him, and opened the door.
“You sure you want,” he paused, “what the hell has happened to you?”
“It’s a long story; can we go now in case somebody sees me?”
“Whose been knocking you about like that?”
“never mind please take me to see my brother Mark, I have to get there as soon as possible, you can fuck me on the way back if you want but I have to see him first.”
“The way you look I can see why you need to get to him quickly, I hope he can help you, and forget payment, this one is free, perhaps make it up to me another day.”

He started the car and we were on our way, dad wouldn’t find me now, if he found I had gone he would think I had gone to mums, he knew I hadn’t any money to get to Mark.
We were there in less time then normal, Simon had speeded all the way, I could tell he was concerned about me, but I dare not tell him what had happened to me, not yet anyway.
I got out the car, “Ill wait for you Kate.”
“Thank you Simon, thank you so much.”

I walked in the prison gate, and told the man on the door I had come to see Mark. He led me through to a hall, I sat and waited.
A few minutes later Mark walked in.
“What the fucks happened to you?” he held me tight to him, the guards didn’t try and stop him, they could tell I was in a pitiful state.
“He did that to you?”
“Him and John and four men.”
“Four men? Tell me what happened.”
“I was raped by four men; they paid John and dad for it.”
“The bastards, you’re not going back there, I’m going to tell the warden what’s happened, proof or no proof.”
“I have proof,” and from my pocket produced the memory card.
“What’s on here?”
“Every thing photos and videos.”
“They took videos and sold them to the men afterwards.”

Mark held me tight, “can I see the warden please?” he asked the guard.
“I don’t know he’s very busy, what is it about?” he asked Mark.
“Its about a serious crime, involving my sister, we have to see him now.”
He walked to a phone and spoke to the warden, “yes he can see you both now.”
I walked with Marks arm around my shoulder, and for the first time in months I felt happy, safe and free.

We were led to an office, and we entered alone.
“How can I help, its about a crime I was told?”
“Yes,” Mark handed him the card, “it’s all on there.”
“What is it?”
“Proof that my sister has been raped by four men and her uncle and father.”
“What? Are you sure?”
“Look at her warden do you think she did this to her self.”

He turned around, his computer was on, he inserted the card, and with a few clicks of the mouse the video started, he watched for just a few seconds and stopped it.
He looked at me, then back at Mark, picked up the phone and dialled the police.
“The police are on there way, now young lady lets get you sorted out.”
He picked the phone up again, “nurse, can you come to my office immediately please.”

A few minutes later an older woman walked in, she took one look at me and said “oh you poor thing, whose done this? Let me look at you.”
She took me out of the warden’s office and down a passage, and then I remembered Simon.
“I have to see someone in the car park they brought me here, they can go home now.”
The nurse waited at the gate as I walked to Simon.
“Thank you for all you have done you can go now; the police are on their way.”
“Ok Kate if you’re sure, I hope they catch the bastard who did that to you, you are a beautiful girl, and shouldn’t have been treated like that.”
I kissed him on his cheek, “they will Simon, and they will catch them, bye.”
“Them? More then one did that to a lovely creature like you?”
“You will read about in the paper very soon I hope.”
He closed the door and drove off.
I walked back to the nurse.

“I’m only going to check out the wounds, and see if they want attention, I cant be thorough, the police doctor will want to examine you, is that ok?”
“I don’t care now it’s over.”

I sat in her office after she had seen to my open wounds; Mark came in followed by the warden.
He knelt in front of me, “Kate you will have to go with the police when they arrive and make a statement, the warden as said I can come with you, if you want me too that is.”
I threw my arms around his neck, “of course I do, I love you, and I’m safe now with you.”
The police arrived and we both got in the back, first I was taken to make a statement, then I had to be examined by the police doctor, they had made sure to get a woman doctor.

“now we have to find you some where to stay, you cant go back there obviously, I shall phone social services.” The detective told me.
“I’m not leaving Mark, he has to come with me, and my little sister Lauren, we all have to be together, in case dad finds us.”
“He won’t have chance to find any one, we are going round there in a few minutes to get him.”
“I don’t care I want someone to come with me to get Lauren to make sure she is safe.”
“Ok we can do that.” He turned to a police woman beside us, “can you get a car, take Kate and collect her sister from school.”
“What about Mark?”
“I’m sorry Kate he will have to go back to the prison, but Mark reassured me we would both be safe now, only the police will know where we are.”

Another police office came and was going to take Mark back.
I held him so tight, but I knew every thing would ok now.
He kissed me, “I’m so proud of you Kate, I will see you very soon.”

I was taken to the school, the police woman told the head mistress Lauren had to leave, and Lauren looking very puzzled got in the police car with us, and we were driven back to the police station.
When we arrived there social services were there, they had phoned mum and told her of the situation, and she was on her way to see us. The first time I would have seen her for weeks.

“Why didn’t you tell me what had been happening Kate?” mum asked, holding me tight to her.
“Because you wouldn’t have believed me, and you didn’t want me.”
“I did want you, your dad wouldn’t let you go, told me you didn’t want to be with me.”
“He told me you didn’t have room for me.”
“I will always have room for you Kate, I wish you had come to me, I could have stopped this.”
She held me very tight; it was nice to be held by my mum again.
“He told us both lies Kate, and now I know why. You will never be alone again.”
“What about Mark?”
“He can come back as soon as he gets out of prison, it’s a pity he hit your dad and had to stay in longer.”
“He hit him because dad told him what John and dad were doing, and he knew he couldn’t tell anyone because Lauren and me would suffer if anyone found out, so he hit him.”
“So that was your dads fault too, he did that on purpose?”
“Yes he knew what Mark would do, and he also knew that Mark would lose his remission, that way I would be his to do as he liked with.”
“He was a real bastard; I never knew he was like that honestly.”

While we were talking I noticed police officers walk past with dad and John, they had been arrested.
The detective noticed me look, “it won’t be long Kate and we will have them all.”

The social services, on my begging, took Lauren and me to a safe place, until they got every body that was in the videos.
Mum understood, I wanted Lauren to be safe, and she wouldn’t be safe at her house, if one of the men escaped and found Lauren she would be in danger, and so would I.
We were taken into care as a temporary measure, and Lauren and I were together once more.

Mrs Chandler, the woman we were taken to didn’t know what had happened to me, and didnt ask, but from the look of my face, she could tell someone had beaten me.
She didn’t ask any questions, and was very kind to both of us. We had our own room, and for the first time in months we sleep together.
Mum came every day and stayed for ages, she even brought her boyfriend to meet me, and he seemed very nice, as Lauren had told me.

We had been there just over the week, when the detective who first spoke to me came to visit; he took me in a room on my own.
“You will be able to go home to your mums in a couple of days Kate if all goes well.”
“You have caught the men?”
“We have caught seventeen, as we arrested the ones on the videos, they gave us names of others, to try and get a lighter sentence, as they always do. They are brave with young girls and boys, but cowards by nature. We have cleared up several unsolved crimes, by using DNA. You were very brave, and you must have saved scores of children from a similar fate as yours. Some of the leads we have had led us to men in the north of England, so god knows where the trail will end. My colleagues up there will arrest them in a few days. As soon as we are sure we have them all down here you can go home.”

“Is there any news of Mark?”
“we have interviewed him again, and he has told us he was provoked and tried to protect you from you father, his case is being reviewed and with the amount of arrests you both have helped us in, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was out very soon, maybe even days.”
I clung to his neck thanking him very much.

Two days later a police woman came with mum, she told us we could go home now, it would quite safe.
We gathered our small bag of things and thanked Mrs Chandler very much and went home with mum.
Mum only had a three bedroom house, and she wanted Mark to live with us, so Lauren and I shared a bedroom. I loved being in a family again that cared about me.

Three weeks later Mark was released and he came to live with us all.
We spent a lot of time together, making up for the time apart I expect, we never tired of each others company.
He didn’t have any sexual contact with me, but we did kiss and hug each other an awful amount.

Two months later it was reported in the local paper, about dad and John, they got eighteen years each for rape of a minor, and distributing child pornography.
The others that the police caught were mentioned on the televisions evening news, about a paedophile ring being smashed, nationwide police had arrested seventeen men, they were awaiting sentencing.
I felt quite proud to have been part of it.

I was now fifteen and Mark had got a job, in a supermarket, he wanted to save up and perhaps buy a flat, he wanted me to move in with him, but after all that had happened I don’t think mum would allow it, not at my age.

I still awoke in the night, and several times mum found me cowing on the floor in the corner of our bedroom, she would cuddle me and put me back into me bed, and sit with me for a while.
Over dinner one evening I told mum I had to see my dad, she wanted to know why, I couldn’t tell her, it was something I knew I should do.

We arranged when we would go, mum said she wouldn’t go in but would take me; Mark said he would go in with me.
We arrived at the prison, a different one to where Mark had been. We had to go to a different part to see him; they kept the child sex offenders separated from the other prisoners for their own safety apparently.

We were shown to a visiting room and waited.
Several minutes later he was brought through, he was surprised to have a visitor, he hadn’t had any since he went in there, but even more surprised to see it was me.
He sat down at the table, a guard a few feet from us.

“I never expected to see you again, how are you Kate.”
He reached out his hand and placed it on mine.
Mark grabbed his hand and pushed it back, “don’t ever touch her again you bastard, not even her arm, you have touched her enough.”
“Its ok Mark, he won’t hurt me now.” I put my hand on his.
“Why did you do it dad, you used to love me, what made you hate me and want to do what you did, I need to know?”
“I didn’t hate you Kate, I don’t think I know why, your mum had gone, she had taken Lauren with her. I was without a woman, she was with him, and you were there in your nightie and short skirt.”
“Don’t put the blame on her you bastard.” Shouted Mark
“I’m not blaming her, she was growing up, and I just started fantasising about you, until one day I couldn’t stop myself any longer I had to touch you. After that it all got out of hand, I was feeling guilty and I had to tell someone, so I told John. I had never realised until he told me that he was a paedophile.”
“Now you’re blaming John.”

He moved in his chair, and placed his other hand on mine.
“No it wasn’t John, but he said he knew some men who would pay to have photo sessions with a young girl Money was tight, I asked how much, he told me, but also said they would pay far more for sex with a young girl, it was Johns idea to take pictures and video, to make even more money. We knew you wouldn’t do it willingly, so John got some pills, and I put one in your drink, then another one in the evening before they arrived, you seemed to enjoy it with those men, in fact I felt jealous of them. So when John suggested we do it again, but this time without a pill, and as a theme night I agreed, I really thought you liked it, until I saw you the following day, I knew we had gone to far, but I was to far in to stop it, and we did need the money.
All I can say is I’m very sorry, I know you can never forgive me, and I know you will never want to see me again, but believe me when I tell you Kate I never stopped loving you, I just couldn’t stop it after it started. I’m glad you escaped and they caught me, now its over I am glad I am free from it all.”

I had found out why, also found out he still loved me, not hate me for telling the police.
“That’s all I wanted to know dad, I don’t know how I feel about you.”
“I expect you hate me.”
“No I don’t hate you; I may come and see you again if you want me to.”
“I would love you to come again, but I don’t expect you to, just forget about me and get on with your life.”
“I will see, I will think about it, maybe I will come again, I can’t say yet.

I stood up and kissed his cheek, and we both left.

Up to writing this I haven’t been back to see him, its been nearly three months now, but I will go back, after all he’s my father, he helped bring me into this world.

Sex between Mark and I has stopped, he said I had been through enough, but to tell the truth, whether it be the fact I enjoyed a tiny part of my father abuse, or that I am growing up and getting sexually mature, or maybe it’s because I have stopped having loving gentle sex with Mark I don’t know.

But I’m gagging for it.

I wish Mark would tie me to his bed, rip my panties off and rape me.


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im felt so bad the first parts made me wet but as the chapters continude i started to cry.this is truly the best storie i have ever read ps:im only 11 thats why it made me so sad cause i could never imagine my dad or my step dad doing that to me!im really upset right now but you writ amazing storings and it made me kinda sad when mark had to go to jail and then the mom leaves then her younger sister so its just kinda sad.........:/

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