This story is tels how my boys unknowing help me seduce there aunt
This story goes back to when I was about 25 and had been maried to my wife Mellisa for about 5 years. My wife was a very pretty woman she stood about 5 foot 3 and was 120 lbs brown hair and big 36 d tits.Are life was good except for the atraction I had to her younger sister Tina. Tina was maried to a nice man Mike and they came over often and visited. We had two sons and tina had a son mine were 5 and 4 years old and her son was 4 also so the 3 boys played together often.

My atraction to Tina was just the opposite of Mellisa. Tina was only 4 foot 10 tall and was only 95 lbs. had blonde hair and small a cup tits that sloped up and had freckles on them. One day they were over swimming in our pool and Tina was wearing a 2 piece. She looked great I had to watch and keep my eyes off her so Mike and Mellisa did not notice.Her butt was or looked firm and round and her smile would just melt hearts. Her hair was curly long about down to her butt.

Anyway I was jacking off thinking about her on a daily basis. One week Tina and her son Billy came to stay with us while Mike was out of town on business. My wife worked evenings and did not get home till 2 in the morning so all that week it was just me and Tina and the boys at home. When Tina would take a shower I would watch her from the bathroom window and stroke my self it was driving me crazy.

One evening after she was out of the shower and we were all watching tv tina had on just a night shirt and underwear I knew this cause I watched her dress. I got in a wresling match with the boys and Tina joined in.
We were rolling around and I had the boys help me gang up on her and we were tickling her all over as we were I was feeling her up she was not paying any mind cause the boys had her ribs and belly and she was rolling around on the floor and I was slowly working her panties down her hips.finally the boys stoped and Tina was lying on her back with her panties down to her knees and her shaved bald pussy exposed.
She realized this when the boys were staring and quickly pulled up her panties and went to get up snaping the boys out of there trance and they started tickling her again. I stayed out of it the sight of her rolling on the floor and what I just saw up close was all I could do from just taking her then and now.

After they were done she got up out of breath and said to me sorry I cant believe I did not notice my panties had slid down. Well the boys were getting pretty good. Still breathing hard from all the wrestling she flopped down on the couch and relaxed for I min. I reach over and nudge her in the ribs. Don’t please I need to rest. And about that time the boys were at it again Tina climbed over on me to get away from them and said keep them away from me giggling the whole time.I was just wearing pj bottoms and her heat she was putting off ass she buried her head in my bare chest was intoxicating.

The boys was relentless as they tickled her she wiggled around on my lap and I pretended to try to protect her as they poked at her ribs I wraped my arms around her. I put my lips on her neck and started kissing it as she fought to get away from the left hand sliped down and pulled her panties back down as they
Tickled her I felt her slick pussy with my fingures the whole time the boys are unaware as I finger her. Tina looks at me at that moment and went quite and tried to get up. I held her tight and reached down and freed my dick under her shirt and it sliped in her with one thrust of my hips. I roll over ontop her bending forward kissing her lips as I start thrusting my cock in and out of her.The boys quit what they were doing and just stood there as I lost focus on them and my lust driven body hammered into Tina over and over. Tina went from a deer in the head lights look to a relaxed sex craved look with each thrust she started meeting me with her hips and she wraped her legs around me and we kissed like lovers.I was slaping her pelvic with every thrust of my hips and we came together she moaned out load turning into a scream of pleasure as she came back down from her orgasium we collapsed into the couch and lay there in bliss for a second. I think Tina passed out for a second then when we came out of the lust haze over us we realized the boys were right there watching us. Tina got up grabing her panties and ran to the bathroom..

A little bit later Tina came out and I told her we needed to talk and I lead her to my bedroom. As soon as I closed the door I kissed her. She fought me a little saying Mark it was a mistake we can’t. I ignored her pushing her onto my bed and pulled her panties back off she stood up and tried to get her panties as I slide her shirt off and pushed her back on the bed.I drop my pj and climb up on her and suck on her tits as she tried to push me off. I was in full lust mode. Please Mark stop we can’t . as I slid up and look in her eyes I say why not? Your my sisters husband. No one will know. The boys do! They won’t say anything we can talk to them. Please Mark don’t. at that I slide up and raise her legs and enter her for a second time that night. We kiss and Tina started moaning with every thrust of my hips. O O Ohhhhhhh she would so as each time I buried my cock into her beautiful body. She came several times along with me knowing the boys could not see us now but could surly hear her screams.
After about an hour her husband called to see how everything was. Tina had to answer it. While she was talking to him I started playing with her. I sit on the edge of the bed while she stood there naked talking to him telling him how much she missed him and I pull her too me kissing her neck I sit her on my lap and enter her I grab her hips as she tried to hurry off the phone with him and start fucking her from behind she is at a lost for words as she lets a moan slip out between her lips then tells mike she has to go and I start fucking her again.

A month later things are back to normal and Mike came home a week later. The boys never told on us and my wife found out this morning Tina was pregnant and her and mike was Expecting another baby.
Little did she know it was probably mine.

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shaved pussy gets you a pos. plus and a+ from me

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Good story. Got you sister in law pregnant, great. Continue you love making with sister -n law gwt her pregnant again and again and mabe ever graduate to mother in law or mother fucking.


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before u post a story proof read it, and spell check it, makes for easier reading.

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to short and sounds like your 12

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