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What happened to me the other night when I was drunk
They say theatre productions are a very romantic environment. Personally I 'fell in love' in several productions.

My last production was in my final year at college. Throughout my high school years I was taking drama as a subject. Our boys only school didn't have the numbers to offer it, so we took it at the exclusive girl's school in town. I landed several leading roles and built up some contacts, fell in love and just generally became well known to all the girls in the school. It was one of these connections that called me up offering me the lead role in a play. I was the only college student, the rest were all school kids. We were six guys and four girls in total. The girls were all super hot and I drooled over them often, especially considering the costumes were skin tight and my special role often landed me in a quick change situation with the girls, who, considering me as older, just changed in front of me. I wrote off my chances with hooking up, not only because they were younger than me by 4 to 5 years, but also because I was dating my now fianc?t the time and had been for a year already and everyone knew it.

Towards the end of the production however, I became friendly, read frisky, with one of the older girls, Sam. She was in her senior year. I later found out she was convinced I'd leave my girlfriend for her. Silly girl. She was hot though, in a luscious way. She had a perfect body, one of those that guys just want to touch. Her breasts were a small c-cup but were fill and firm and her legs were hypnotising. I often dreamt of being able to lay my lips on the young body. On our closing night we were all very emotional and she and I spent a lot of time holding onto each other. I took my chance and grabbed her ass a little, but nothing really happened. Of course I went home and ravaged my girlfriend to satisfy my raging lust. School girls always have that effect on me.

About a month later I moved out of town for work and started my long distance relationship with Lauren, my now fianc?She's the sort of woman you marry, incredibly loving, blonde and sexy enough to be with forever but not so much that I'd worry that every guy was trying to screw her, and because she loves me
so much she's willing to do ANYTHING in bed. Our sex life is great, but that doesn't mean I don't notice the other girls.

It's here where my story really starts. I often made weekend trips back to my home town to visit Lauren. During one of these visits she told me that Sam badly wanted to see me. I was completely stunned. I knew I'd taken things far enough with Sam that Lauren would be upset if she found out and here she
was, trying to organise time for me to see Sam? It turned out that Sam had come to Lauren, who is my age, with some high school math problems and they became fast friends. This was a little much for me to think about and I just put it all out of my mind, never going to see Sam. Once I was back at work though I couldn't stop thinking about how Lauren was willing to let me spend time alone with Sam. I've always believed women have a sixth sense about cheating and when another woman is after their man, so I was sure Lauren knew what Sam wanted. I knew I wanted to fuck her brains out and knowing I might get the chance was driving me crazy.

But I wasn't going to risk my relationship. So one night during a steamy session on skype with my girl, I asked her about threesomes and how she felt. I got a firm no, she's too jealous. Ah well, burst my bubble on that account and once more I put Sam out of my mind. I stayed in contact with Sam for a whole year since leaving, and we flirted quite outrageously over email and IM. After a year of being away from Lauren though I decided I wasn't up for that, I asked her to marry me and moved back home. We moved in together.

For the first month we fucked like bunnies. Actually, we still do. It's great. But back to my story. I work from home as a software developer now. One night when Lauren got home she told me Sam was coming over, just like that. I was once again stunned. How on earth do you deal with that much sexual tension in front of your FIANCE!?

"Oh, and I told her we'd have good wine" she said, "so go get some out the garage."
We have a thing for wine, and often tour the wine farms in our country, so we did have good wines.
"What's the occasion babe?" I asked, trying to be non-chalant.
"Nothing. Just bumped into her today and we got to talking. Wine came up, I told her we had good wine." So simple.

I went to the garage to get the wine as my heart rate started increasing. I hadn't actually SEEN Sam in months.

When I got back inside Lauren was in the shower. I thought that seemed like a good idea so I joined her. I was instantly rock hard, being teased by images of Sam as I remembered her. I couldn't keep my hands of Lauren and she laughed and indulged me, turning to face me. She stroked me playfully all the while smiling. I think she knew what had me hot and bothered, but she never said anything, she just dropped to her knees and started sucking on my cock. She's recently been experimenting with deep throating and soon I could feel myself slipping into her throat. I couldn't help myself, I grabbed her head and started fucking in a frenzy. Lauren tried to do everything right for me and she'd read that eye contact during oral sex was a turn on, so that's what she did. I looked down to see her staring up at me as her lips touched my balls and my cock stretched her throat. I'm a good 7 inches, and decently thick, so it wasn't easy for her. Yet.

But before I could even get into a good rhythm she stopped me, stood up and whispered in my ear.
"I have to make the food or we won't have any. I'll take care of you tonight." Then kissed me and got out the shower. For fuck sakes.

As soon as she left I started stroking furiously, but in comparison to a throat a hand just sucks. Or doesn't, as the case may be. Stupid pun...

I was interrupted shortly anyway as Lauren stuck her head back into the bathroom and informed me that Sam would be there shortly and I should get out. So I did.

I started drying myself off when Lauren came back in again to use the toilet. I like to watch girls pee, call me a pervert but it's hot. Right then it didn't help though, I was already frustrated and she just sat there in front of me. She knew it was a turn on for me. When she was done she pulled up her panties, walked up to me, tapped my cock and said "You'd better put that away before she gets here."

She was wearing her pink summer dress, one of my favourites, because she always wears it without a bra.

The night was turning into a terrible tease.

Shortly after I eventually managed to get dressed Sam knocked on our door. Lauren told me to get it as she was busy in the kitchen. Nervously I did, to be greeted by a very excited Sam who immediately drew me into a hug and gave me a kiss on the cheek, or what perhaps should have been a kiss on the cheek, but ended up being a kiss in between the cheek and the lips. Without thinking I returned the hug sliding my hands low down her back just like I did to Lauren. I almost had a heart attack. She was wearing a very short black dress that displayed those amazing breasts very well, pushing them up and together and displaying just the right amount of cleavage that always made me think of decorating them with cum. But what made my heart almost stop was that as I slid my hands down her back, and eventually over her ass, was that I never felt the tell-tale bump of panties.

The moment was quickly over however and I was left in a semi-stunned state. My pulse was going crazy and my body was reacting to smelling Sam's perfume and shampoo. Luckily I'd decided to wear jeans and a t-shirt so my situation was hidden.

Sam immediately went to the kitchen to say hi to Lauren and drop off her bottle of wine. I hadn't even noticed it before. What can I say? I was distracted. The next half an hour was a blur. The girls did as girls do and chatted away in the kitchen while finishing the food. I was told to open some wine so I did and poured us all a glass. We have BIG wine glasses. I filled them anyway. It was a good Shiraz from a local vineyard. Both girls purred in appreciation and broke out into comparing what undertones they could detect. I just drank mine quickly and went to watch TV. I didn't even know what to think anymore.

Supper was quickly ready, chicken fillet with a great cheese sauce, and Sam brought me mine while Lauren brought me a refilled glass and another bottle of wine for the table. I don't remember eating. Sam was sitting on the couch opposite from me and Lauren went to join her for some reason. This left me with a clear view of Sam's legs. Lauren's dress was longer and I only had a view of her ankles, though her bra-free breasts were still a great site. Every now and then Sam somehow moved to make her dress ride up a little more. By then end of the meal I was almost drooling. She even managed to mess some cheese sauce on one of those amazing tits. She scooped it up with her finger and then popped in her mouth, sucking in what I'd call a seductive manner. "You can't waste such good food." she said with a moan.

I downed my glass of wine.

After supper Sam cleared away the dishes and Lauren browsed through our media center for a movie. "Something that goes with wine drinking!" she said with a giggle. Harry Potter.

I groaned. She said "Just stare at Emma Watson, you don't have to like the movie." OK, deal, I thought as she came to snuggle under my left arm after turning the lights off. We only have one couch directly opposite from our TV. It's a three-seater.

Sam came stumbling back into the room with her empty wine glass. She switched on the light and pouted at us complaining that she thought the night was for drinking wine but her glass was empty. While I was opening it I realised the bottle was one of my favourites. Pity, I knew I'd be downing it. I hadn't expected that Lauren down hers as well. Before Sam could even sit down Lauren was refilling her and my glasses. Of course Sam sat on my other side, and not at the edge of the couch, but with her bare leg touching mine.

I should mention that Lauren gets very frisky when she's drunk. It wasn't long before she decided we were getting cold and we needed a blanket. A big blanket.

She came back, threw it over use and then climbed under it after giving me a kiss on the cheek, followed by a lick on the ear. Emma Watson looks great in The Half-Blood Prince.

Seriously, a minute later I felt Lauren’s hand slide up my inner thigh. She slowly moved her hand onto my rock hard cock and started teasing me by dragging her nails over the head. Through jeans this felt amazing. She had her head resting on my shoulder but soon turned to give me a kiss in the neck. Almost by accident I grabbed both Lauren and Sam's thighs to stop from moaning. Almost by accident. Sam didn't react, except maybe to breath in deeply and give me a stunning view of her chest. I remembered she said she'd be turning 18 next week. Awesome 17 year old breasts. By this stage we'd all finished out glasses of wine and were feeling really buzzed. At least I was, and judging by Lauren's attempts at opening the zip on my jeans, she was too. I was wondering how Sam acted when drunk when she suddenly slipped down the couch causing my hand to slide up her leg. I could feel her short dress against my wrist as I slipped under it. I didn't even think, I just reached further over onto her inner thigh and started stroking. I also slid my left hand under Lauren's dress and went for gold on that side. Hell, I knew she wasn't likely to stop me. I rubbed her panties feeling that they were already wet. Lauren succeeded in freeing my from my jeans but didn't take hold of my cock, instead she kept teasing me by running her fingers over the swollen head.

I thought it was time to test my theory about Sam's lack of underwear so I started moving my right hand up her thigh. She again slid lower, spreading her legs as she went. A fight broke out on the TV but I didn't care until Emma appeared breathing heavily. God she's beautiful. As I neared that magical place where a girls leg meets her groin Sam turned her head towards me and looked me in the eye. I held her gaze and moved my hand, making contact with her pussy lips. She was also very wet, and there was no underwear.

In a blaze of lust I slipped a finger into Sam and Lauren. Both stifled their moans so the other wouldn't hear. I realised both thought the other had no idea what was going on. Bless wine!

Except, that's when some trouble started. Sam put her hand on my thigh. As I pulled my finger out and stroked her clit, Lauren's too, she grabbed my thigh tightly causing me to jump a little. Lauren giggled thinking her ministrations had caused it. Sam slowly started moving up my leg as Lauren took a firm grip for the first time. As Sam's hand was about to come in contact with my zip, or Lauren's hand, the credits started rolling.

All of us groaned. I pulled away from both girls causing them to lift their hands from me. After some deep breathing Lauren got up to go to the bathroom and Sam got up to choose another movie. I stayed where I was, my pants were undone. Actually, I kicked off my jeans as I was wearing boxers, was getting hot and was decently drunk enough not to care what anyone thought.

Sam went to her hands and knees to look for a movie amongst our dvd's.

"There aren't many." I said, "You should choose from the media center."
She just turned her head to me, smiled and dropped her head to the floor raising her ass a little and giving me the perfect view. She spread her legs just a little bit and started sliding her hand up her thigh torturously slowly. As she started moving the dress higher we heard Lauren flushing. She didn't stop.
She lifted it high enough for me to see clearly how she slipped a finger into herself as she moaned. Lauren started talking before she came into the room and I glanced to the door waiting to see her reaction, but by the time she came through the door Sam had somehow righted herself. She took her turn to go to
the bathroom. Lauren poured more wine for us out of Sam's bottle. It was cheap I saw. I heard the sounds as Sam relived herself. Fucking glorious.

Sam re-entered the room sucking on her fingers. My imagination filled in the blanks for me. Lauren was looking through other movies when Sam saw the wine.

"That's cheap wine. We'd better just down it."

"Girls can't down wine." I said. I'm so thankful I somehow thought of saying that even while drunk.

"Of course we can!" Lauren piped in punching me.

"Prove it."

Just like that the drinking contest was on. Wine is not the nicest thing to have a contest with, I must say, but we were drunk enough that it didn't matter.
We all counted down from three and started downing our wine. I lost because I was staring as both girls spilt some out the sides of their mouths and it and down to their amazing breasts. Apparently losing meant a forfeit. I said I'd take off my shirt on one condition. They didn't wait for the condition but started trying to undress me. I shouted to stop and listen.

"I'll take off my shirt if we get to go double or nothing."

"What you mean?" Lauren asked.

"We drink again, and if I win, then the loser has to take of something."

The silence lasted quite a while before they both started laughing. They didn't agree but Lauren emptied the bottle into our glasses. Sam winked at Lauren.
"It's ok, I got this. I know hi weakness."

Lauren laughed and again we all counted to three. Sam didn't drink straight away though, she first poured some onto her breasts, straight onto them. I remember thinking that the dress was ruined but she was right, it worked and I hadn't even STARTED when Lauren finished and started pulling my shirt off.

Sam just laughed as she finished her wine.

"My dress is wet now though." She said looking down at it. Lauren wasn't really paying attention as once my shirt was off she wrapped herself around me.

"Just take it off." I said.

"Um, I'm not-"

"Under the blanket." I returned. "Come babe, let’s get back on the couch."

Lauren moaned as I pulled her up onto the couch. She was really drunk now, won't remember tomorrow drunk. Whoopee!

Sam snuggled up next to me as I hit play on whatever was selected. She got under the blanket then took her dress off. She was completely naked. I knew because she took my hand and pushed against her glorious left tit saying "Feel how wet it is! It's all your fault."

"How about I clean it up for you?" I offered as Lauren's hands found my cock and her tounge snaked into my ear.

"You'd better!" Sam said, letting the blanket fall away to reveal her nakedness. There's nothing like a naked girl being revealed.

"Ooooh. She's naked..." Lauren breathed into my ear as she tugged up and down on my cock.

I just leant over and started licking Sam's breast. First just licking the whole thing but then focussing on the nipple. She moaned in pleasure, as did I, because Lauren had just wrapped her lips around my cock and started sucking.

I lifted up off her tit and stared into Sam's eyes. I leaned in and kissed her, like I'd been forbidden to do for over a year. I savoured the feel of her soft 17 year old lips and the movements of her tounge against mine as I felt my fianc? tounge swirl against the head of my throbbing cock. I moved my right hand around Sam's head and my left back to her hot wet cunt. I slipped two fingers into her and felt her moan into my mouth.

Lauren stopped sucking my cock and I panicked for a moment. I'd had a firm no about threesomes, was this about to stop? No. She's just paused to get naked.

I Stopped kissing Sam and marvelled at my girlfriend. Her tits were much bigger than Sam. I knew I must touch them. I let go of Sam completely and reached out to Lauren, taking a breast in each hand, smearing Sam's cunt juices on the one as Lauren came to sit next to me again. We started kissing very passionately and I thought about how basically Lauren was getting Sam's pussy on her tit and her saliva in her mouth.

Sam moaned at being left out and I turned to face her. Lauren went to work on my neck as I kissed Sam again. Suddenly two hands were wrapped around my cock, one from each side. They matched their timing and I just grunted in pleasure. I don't know what happened but the next thing I remember, the girls were making out in front of my face. Lauren had told me she'd never kissed a girl before. I acted on impulse and got out between them. I wanted to fulfil a fantasy of mine. As they were kissing, making a mess with their tongues on each other’s faces I pushed my cock between their cheeks and lips and was rewarded with them having a tongue fight over the head of my cock. I swear, if I'd been more sober I would have coated both of their face with cum in that instant.

Instead I moved to behind Lauren. I WANTED to fuck Sam, but I thought that might be taking it too far for Lauren. So instead I moved behind her and line up with her sopping wet hole. I had a good view of her tight asshole. We'd been trying to stretch it out a little with some anal sex, but it was still tight as hell. She moaned as I thrust into her and moaned again when I pushed my thumb into her puckered asshole. I lost myself and just fucked wildly. She's not on birth control. For three years we'd been fucking without condoms and I'd gotten quite good at pulling out. So far she wasn't pregnant so we considered it good enough contraception. Besides, with two naked girls moaning I wasn't going to leave the room to go look for condoms.

Sam was moaning because when I'd moved behind Lauren she lay back against the arm of the couch giving us a great view of her hairless pussy, and had taken Lauren's hand and used it to please herself. I fucked harder and achieved my goal. The violence of my thrusts had caused Lauren to fall over forward, moaning in pleasure. Her head landed on Sam's inner thigh with her nose rubbing up against Sam's clit. Lauren blew my mind by not missing a beat but instead sticking her tongue out to lick Sam's clit. Here was my straight no threesome fianc?ucking on a hot 17 year old's pussy. Bless wine.

It didn't take her long to get into the swing of it as Sam's moans grew louder. Soon her face covered that sweet honeypot from my view. No worries, I just pulled out of Lauren, lined up with her ass which had now loosened up under the ministrations of my thumb, and pushed into her. There wasn't really enough lube but it still felt great and Lauren started screaming. I don't know if it was pain or pleasure but it spurred me on. Sam grabbed Lauren's head and pulled it back to her pussy. Lauren's noises carried on as she started sucking again. I was sure now it was painful for her, but whatever, I was drunk and she was eating pussy.

We kept going like that until Lauren started shuddering in orgasm. This triggered me to move faster and I also started moaning. Sam had her hand in Lauren's hair and was holding her head tight as she ground her pussy over Lauren's messy face. Before I could finish Lauren passed out or something. No more sounds came from her and she stopped shuddering. Sam started using Lauren's nose on her clit as her tounge wasn't working anymore. This was too much and I spurted into my fianc? tight ass. I pulled out for the second shot and it sprayed over her slanted back, slowly oozing towards her face and Sam's pussy.

That thought made me groan and shoot two more loads all pouring down Lauren's back.

I've read that precum can't get a girl pregnant, but that fucking straight after cumming can so I never do. First get a blowjob or a shower and a piss or I don't fuck. Lauren knows the rules. Sam didn’t. That girl is sick as shit. She got out from under Lauren and bent over rubbing her lips over my spent cum making a big sticky mess on my unconscious fianc? back and her face. She didn't stop there. Once she'd got a taste of my cum she straddled Lauren's back causing her to flop down onto her stomach on the couch. Sam continued forward smearing her hot cunt through the left overs of my cum. The last I'd checked she WASN'T on the pill. I'd told her before that it's a major turn on for me to cum in a girl that's not using protection and that I'd only done it twice. She took things way further than that. She scooped up some cum and started playing with it on her pussy lips, pushing some in and just generally making me lustful as fuck. She even slipped a cum covered finger into her tight as a mouse's ear asshole and then sucked it clean.

With Lauren passed out and me still being rock hard after Sam's show there was no way I was missing out. I forcefully grabbed her and threw her to the other couch so that her knees were on the floor and her chest flat on the seat cushions. As she started leaning up I slammed her back into down forcing those
amazing tits to rub against the rough cushion. I don't know if she was scared or loving it. I didn't care.

I slammed into her pussy and fucked like mad, pushing the couch backwards in my frenzy. Luckily there was a wall behind it. I forced two fingers into her ass not caring if it hurt, then three. She was moaning loudly but her face was forced into a pillow. I glanced back at my fianc?ut she hadn't woken. She was still lying there with my cum glistening on her back. I saw her hand nestled between her legs, I don't know when it went there.

When I looked back at Sam's gorgeous back and down to her luscious ass cheeks and the tight hole that was being stretched by my fingers I knew that it was time to swap those fingers for my cock. She was sopping wet so when I pulled out of her I scooped some juice up and lubed up her ass as best I could. She
tried to get up to see what was going on but I just slammed her back into the cushions. I didn't waste time as I forced my way into her tight ass and thrusted away. She didn't make a sound but I felt how tense her thighs were as I crashed into them. After fucking for a while, I don't know how long, I felt warm liquid running down my legs. I looked down to see Sam pissing herself slowly, obviously trying to keep it in. I heard a muffled moan as she let go and her piss gushed down her thighs and onto the floor. This was just too much. I BARELY held on but managed to pull out and slam back into her pussy. I was going to cum in this 17 year old fertile pussy. She'd already probably impregnated herself with my cum, and if not I was going to try my best to make it happen. It didn't take long. Once I was back in her cunt Sam started moaning loudly and came before i did. Her orgasm scream was what threw me over the edge for the second time that night. I pumped my cum as deep into her as I could while pulling her hare and feeling her tremble beneath me.

Once we'd both came down I stayed in her, trying to make sure my cum went through her cervix. She fell asleep in that position. I got up a bit later and went to bed. I'd clean up the mess in the morning, I was too drunk, fucked and tired to care.

Bless Wine.

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2010-12-16 23:14:42
Good story. Now that you've fucked both girls, get them pregnant and raise their babies as cousins.

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2010-12-16 21:35:30
※claps※ bravo.1 piss drunk 2 girls and my fav sying bravo

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2010-12-16 21:35:30
※claps※ bravo.1 piss drunk 2 girls and my fav sying bravo

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2010-12-16 21:35:29
※claps※ bravo.1 piss drunk 2 girls and my fav sying bravo

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