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Pretty girl busy street.
Jean was taking the short walk home after finishing her shift at a local restaurant where she worked as a waitress. Still in her uniform of white blouse, short black skirt and stockings she was very pleasant on the eye. Her long slim legs accompanied by the clicking of heels and confident walk; ensured she attracted lots of male attention. It was six o’clock and still light this September Saturday evening as she neared the alleyway leading to her city house back door.

The busy walkway she had just walked down was full of large groups of people mainly males; staggered every twenty yards or so. It was like this every other week during the season as a rule; it was the location were the away team football supporters would pick up their bus home after the game. She had received lots of wolf whistles and sexual suggestions like she always did from these crowds. It was all harmless fun and she enjoyed the banter even though the same things were said every time. That was until this night however,

She was ready to leave the walkway and enter the alleyway when one man from a group stood in her way and asked with a grin “Where do those legs go to”?

She just smiled and moved to the side to carry on walking, but was obstructed by another man. Then suddenly every way she turned a body was blocking her route until she found herself surrounded by a large group of males. It became so loud with shouts and laughing she was unable to move or make herself heard.

Suddenly she felt a hand on her ass, then her breasts and before she knew what was happening they were in her pants. It was all so quick; she was yards from her own home in a busy area being manhandled by a large group of strangers. They pulled her backwards so she was being supported by their hands; like they do when they pass people about in large crowds. Only this time she was being held at waist and not head height. All she could see were hands; they seemed to be endless all trying to get hold of her. Her clothes were literally being ripped from her body by the sheer volume of hands.

She was in a state of shock now as her mind was not capable of taking in what was happening. Unable to move she felt like she was floating aimlessly then amongst the hands she could see cocks also now; lots of them. No matter which way she looked up down or side it was hands and cocks nothing else. Regaining her senses a little she realised there were fingers roughly poking in her ass and pussy holes.

Then a voice saying “Up a bit push her this way” her open legs were being guided on to an erect cock.

She became convinced it was a dream in which she was being gang raped. Strangely this idea made her relax a little and she heard a voice say “She’s enjoying it she has a big grin on her face”.

“I’m next I’m next” could be heard as the sea of arms moved her from cock to cock.

She decided it was a beautiful dream and she was going to enjoy it. “Turn the fucker over” she could hear someone say; he had decided to fuck her ass.

“Not in her mouth, no more in her mouth” lots of distant words could be heard.

Then it seemed like she was high on drugs; as she became hypnotised by lots of hands shaking cocks with liquid streams flowing and splashing her. Flying face down then floating on her back it seemed to keep changing; travelling only small distances back and forth.

None of the passers by or the other crowds realised that a woman was in the centre of this crowd being pussy, anal and mouth raped. Eventually she felt herself on her feet and thought she must be waking up now. She remembers a man putting an overcoat on her and placing her bag over one shoulder across her body with the strap under the opposite arm. As she had not yet woken up she decided to walk home before the dream ended. She woke up in a chair downstairs remembering her housemate was out for the night.

Still not fully awake she began giggling as she remembered the erotic dream; before realising she was downstairs wearing a strange overcoat. Gathering her senses she turned on the light; the curtains were still open and it was two thirty in the morning. She quickly closed them and put on the heating as she started to feel uncontrollably shivery.

“This overcoat what the hell is this all about” discovering it was all she was wearing?

She opened it to discover her body from the breasts to the bottom of her legs and arms was covered in bruises.

“And what the fuck is this baked all over me”? Looking in the mirror she found her neck to be awash with love bites. ”My hair also matted in what?

She soon realised it could only be one thing; although she had past experience regarding the properties of cum; it had been nothing on this scale.

She felt so tired that she had to sit down again. The chair was relaxing and the matted dry cum stains on her body seemed to be shining like stars. She fell into a deep sleep and when she awoke again it was daylight. She tried to piece together her movements, but her mind was still blank.

Then she felt a very uncomfortable soreness coming from her anal hole so she tried to feel for the problem. The slightest touch from her fingers was causing a nasty stinging discomfort. She reached for the small make up mirror on the side hoping to get a view of the cause. Leaning back she managed to see the problem; it was very blood stained at the entrance.

It was so painful just trying to open her legs a little; “My ass has been savagely fucked”.

Her fingers ventured on over her hugely swollen pussy lips; “Fuck, this has been really hammered”.

The intolerable agony was not being able to remember; “My bag, perhaps there is something in there”.

It was just inside the door where she had come in and her keys were still in the outside lock. Opening the bag produced another huge shock; “Fuck me, where did all this money come from”? It was filled in an untidy mess with notes of all denominations; and judging by the bags weight lots of coins.

This just added to her totally bewildered mind. The cum stains no longer looked as though they were shining; and she was feeling filthy and desperate for a shower.

Suddenly the front door opened as her house mate Julie was back home, “Hi how is every------thing” she stopped in mid sentence when she seen the mess Jean was in. “What the hell has happened to you”? Julie’s look of horror caused her even more distress.

Jean told her everything she could remember; which left Julie also completely baffled.

“So you can remember walking home then nothing” Julie mused trying to make sense of it all. “It’s obvious you have had one hell of a fucking; something along the lines of a gangbang”.

“Yes I know we joke about doing things like that Julie, but I never would”.

“It’s got to be date rape that’s the only answer” Julie said convincingly.

“But I would have remembered the beginning of the date; and all that money I have a month’s wages in that handbag”.

“In the shower I will help you; we can try to figure all this out later”.

Julie phoned up work for her to say she would be off for a while with a bad flu.

“You must go to the doctors for a check up; you don’t know who has been fucking you”

“It’s going to be really wonderful trying to explain why I need the check up; he will think I am a right slut”.

“Just say you had unprotected sex with a guy and you need to put your mind at rest; he’s a doctor he will understand”.

The earliest she could see her doctor was in two days time; she hoped her pussy and ass holes would be in less discomfort by then. The day of the appointment arrived and on the way there she decided to tell him everything; the black out in her memory was driving her insane.

He gave her a thorough examination from which he concluded “You have taken part in some very rough sexual activity”. He wrote her preions which would cure the soreness and ordered immediate blood tests to check for any S.T.Ds. However he could not explain her memory loss; and was concerned enough to arrange a hospital scan.

He added “If it was date rape any sign of those drugs would hopefully show in the blood sample”.

She left the doctors at least relieved that she had told him; and her treatment was under way. However she was still worried about her memory loss and wondered if it would be the start of something far more serious.

A couple of days passed and most of her body bruises had gone; and with Julies help of carefully applying the cream to her delicate places they too were returning to something like working order. She had neither the will nor intention of giving them a full test for quite a while yet though.

Julie was at work and Jean was contemplating things when the phone rang it was her doctor. “Hello Jean”.

She nervously interrupted. “It’s my blood tests something is wrong”?

“No I have not had the results back yet so take that as a good sign; because if there are problems I am contacted immediately”.

“Sorry doctor what is it then”?

“I have something I would like to talk to you about it may be nothing; but I think you should hear this I will call round after surgery tonight”.

Julie was now at home and they were both waiting in eager anticipation as to what revelations the doctor would bring.

“Come in doctor this is my friend Julie you can speak freely if that is okay with you”.

The doctor went on to explain that a circular had been received by all medical practices in the area this morning.

“Last night a man went into a police station in Molchester and said he had taken part in the rape of a young lady in this town while visiting for a football match. The police have had no complaints and want to know if there is anything the medical practices can tell them. I thought I had better talk to you first”.

Jean and Julie looked at each other with the knowledge that there was definitely something in this which related to everything that had happened.

“No deion or times or where” Julie asked.

“No the police have all that, but will not reveal it or they will have every crank under the sun saying it was them”.

“Jean I think we should make a visit to the police station” Julie said confidently as it had become an adventure for her as opposed to Jeans ordeal.

“I agree with Julie; I will be behind you all the way” the doctor added hoping to give her the impetus needed.

“Let’s get going we should be back in time for the starting” said Jean defiantly.

At the police station Jean was taken alone into an interview room with a senior detective leaving Julie waiting anxiously outside. Over three hours passed before the door finally opened again and a strained looking Jean appeared; the detective was saying good night.

Julie was bursting to ask her what was happening; but thought it would be wise to have patience and wait till they got home and opened a much needed beer.

“The detective is confident he is on to something” she told Julie. “They wanted to know what I was wearing and where I was at about six o’clock on Saturday evening”.

“So did they say what they thought had happened to you”?

“No not a mention of any rape; they took my statement and seemed very happy with my answers though. But the two huge factors are that they asked me if I had anything unusual in my bag when I got home, and if I new anything about an overcoat. When I told them about both the money and overcoat they looked at each other with more than satisfied smiles. Oh and by the way they are coming round for what is left of the money; and more importantly the overcoat; so they asked that we don’t touch either again”

“That’s it then they must know” said Julie excitedly.

The following evening arrived and they were both watching T.V. and eating their evening meal when the lead headline on the news was announced.

“A full busload; consisting of fifty six Molchester United fans have been questioned in connection with a rape after their teams game on Saturday”.

The girls were gobsmacked at this new twist in the tale; but thought how could a bus load of people rape you without you knowing about it?

The police suddenly arrived at the door in the shape of two detectives. “This has become a huge story and the press are demanding to know who the rape victim is, we don’t know how much longer we can withhold your name”.

“So I was raped” said a now convinced, but worried Jean; Julie hugged her as the detective started revealing the case.

“According to our witness when she approached the crowd she was alone dressed in what he described as clothes a waitress would wear. The news soon spread amongst them that she was a prostitute who was willing to do anything in return for a full purse. They were all very drunk and in a happy mood; especially as their team had won. The next time he saw her she was naked and being supported by arms and hands. One member of the group was having sexual intercourse with her; and another had his penis in her mouth. She at no time seemed in distress or objected; in fact she seemed to be wearing a happy smile. He can not say for sure how many of the group had intercourse with her but he would guess at thirty or more either in her vagina or anal. Lots of people placed their penis in her mouth or masturbated to the point that their secretion was released over her body”.

She thought a while and said “I would never say I was a prostitute to any man; never mind a huge gang like that”.

“Wait we have more to tell you” the statement goes on. “When their bus was getting ready to go he made sure everyone aboard put money in her bag; they were more than generous in that respect. Then he noticed all her clothes had been trodden on or were ripped and she was still naked. I gave her my overcoat which completely covered her body; and wrapped her bag over her coat across the shoulder”.

“Now Jean would you like to add anything to that statement”?

“Yes I did arrive home in a strange overcoat and my bag was full of money; I have no idea how it got there”. The detectives collected both the bag and overcoat; putting them in a plastic container.

The girls held each others hands and the detective gave them more startling news. “The next day our witness was shocked to learn from a friend that the girl they had sex with was not a prostitute at all”.

“She was someone who was carefully shepherded among our crowd; and in all the confusion a drink was forced on her which contained very strong chemicals. It had all been carefully planned; but by whom I could not say for certain; although I maintain I would never have stood by and let it happen if I had known the truth. I honestly thought she was a prostitute and everybody was going home happy”.

“That is his full statement” the Detective concluded.

Molchester United are a very powerful rich club so publicity like this about their supporters was a badly inflicted self wound. The club made statements of how they want to distance themselves from supporters like these and pay the unknown victim a huge amount of money even though it was nothing at all to do with them.

There were different stories everyday in the press; one claiming to know who she was and that she had blackmailed footballers in the past. Another said that she had plotted the whole thing with a number of people on the bus; in order to make money out of Molchester. The press seemed to be painting her as a sly schemer; when in fact nothing could have been further from the truth.

Over seven weeks had passed since the breaking news and still the police did not have sufficient evidence for a strong case. Until they had Jeans identity would have to remain a guarded secret.

She was unable mentally to go back to work anyway and Julie was also under a great strain; knowing who the mystery woman was and not being able to say anything. They were both feeling neglected as Julies boyfriend was working abroad and Jean had been free for some months.

As they sat close on the sofa Julia said; “Come on let’s go to bed; it’s time to see if you can still function properly” Jean desperately wanted some loving, but had not even masturbated since that fateful day.

They were not every night or even every month sex lovers; but they had brought each other to orgasm lots of times over the years. With both of them naked Julie took the dominant role kissing Jeans lips. This brought out lots of emotions and their tongues lashed together as passionately as they ever had. Julie carefully caressed Jeans breasts praying her nipples would not be still too tender to touch. They stood out proudly in respect of her loving caresses. Julie’s lips and tongue played and teased with them bringing moans of appreciation.

“Oh Julie I can’t tell you how that feels your perfect touch; and knowing my nipples are acting and feeling like they should”.

“I don’t know what I would do if I never had your body to love” smiled Julie.

“Pussy time Jean if they have damaged this they will have me to answer to” with that her head moved down and she moved a finger between Jeans pussy lips.

“That’s so nice Julie”.

Her tongue then ran the full length of her slit twirling on her clit. Julie was pleased to feel juices emerging from her; but despite their combined sex experience neither had ever had any dealings with a pussy after rape.

“I am going to put a finger in you nice and easy, if it hurts in the slightest yell out”.

Jean opened her legs a bit allowing Julie lots of unrestricted movement. Without force her index finger easily went inside; Julie again delighted by the wetness she was encountering added “I am going to move my finger around; let me know how it feels”.

After a few seconds Jean said “It’s not good Julie I can’t feel anything”.

Then in a wicked voice said “Give me your fucking hand”.

With that Julie started rough finger fucking her the way she loved while at the same time sucking up her clit. In less than a minute Jean was frothing her cum out as she sighed in relief to a huge orgasm.

“Thank fuck everything is alright” she said to Julie.

“Not quite” she replied. “Get your ass in the air”. Julie took a strap on from the draw and attached it; “Let’s make this a full test run” she said lubing her ass hole with the freshly delivered pussy mixture. “Same as before if it hurts yell out”.

She tenderly began the rear entrance; holding the cock in one hand and feeling for her breasts with the other. There were no hazards of discomfort and Jean soon loved it. Julie slammed in to her ass deep and hard to ensure it was a thorough test run. Coupled with her trained clit feeling fingers it was like taking candy from a baby making her gasp in orgasm once again.

She then threw the strap on towards Jean before laying on her back and raising her legs to her shoulders; saying with a wink “One hard pussy fuck please with lots of extras”.

Jean did not let her down after warning “I am going to give you the roughest, fastest cunt bashing you have ever received”.

During the fucking she said to Julie “I wonder if my cunt was fucked this fast” and powerfully squeezed both her own breasts.

Julie expected it rough; but had never known her quite like this. Then as soon as Julie screamed with a shuddering orgasm; Jean cast away the strap on and showed her aching pussy lips to Julie.

“Tongue me Julie, tongue me” she begged vigorously rubbing her clit; She soon cum yet again with Julie’s tongue still rotating her pussy walls.

Although Julie had loved the very randy sex she was still concerned about her friends’ frame of mind. They huddled and kissed and without words were expressing their love and support for each other.

“Jean you seemed to enjoy that so hopefully you have banished any sexual demons”.

“To tell the truth I have been desperate for sex for weeks; but my only demon has been guilt”.

Julie somewhat taken aback asked “Guilt, but you did nothing wrong you were the victim”.

“I know, but how can I possibly still enjoy sex? I should vomit at the very thought of it like any normal woman who has been raped would. I do not even worry about it anymore; and looking forward to going out alone again”.

“No, no Jean that is wonderful you have won your battle they could not beat you. Your sexual feelings are normal; if you felt repulsive at the thought of sex with me that would be a reason for vomiting”.

It had been Jeans best day since the incident by a very long way. She had enjoyed some wonderful sex; and been convinced by Julie that her feelings of guilt were totally preposterous. They awoke naked in each others arms the following morning; both wearing a satisfied smile knowing how important the previous night had been.

“Julie I want to tell you something that I have not yet mentioned; after the rape my pussy was bald”.

“You are always changing are you absolutely sure”?

“I am positive I had only trimmed it the day before”.

Julie did not know what to say; but Jean just smiled and said. “The bastards stole my landing strip” it was like old times as they laughed out loud together.

The weeks turned to months and the press interest in the case began to fade, as the police case was not strong enough for any prosecutions. Jean was at least now well in body and mind so she returned to work as a cocktail waitress in a night club. Julie was absolutely delighted as she could now leave her on her own and visit her boyfriend who was still working abroad.

Her waitress costume was similar to a bunny girl; and consequently attracted a lot of male attention. One night she accepted a lift home from three customers whom she had got to know and were regulars.

“The least I can do is invite you in for a few drinks” she was feeling so horny and her flirting was outrageous.

The inevitable happened when she took all three cocks in every hole. It was the first time she had ever knowingly had sex with more than one partner; her orgasms were intense and she was craving cum throughout the session.

The three men were all married which Jean considered ideal; because all she wanted from them was some satisfying fucking. They left her a large tip; and with the knowledge that each would always be at the others disposal.

It was then she realised that group sex was now needed to quell her sexual desire and pleasures. Some days later and unexpectedly a police detective called round to say that the case was being put on hold; but not dismissed.

“What of the man who pleaded guilty to all this” she asked.

“His testament alone is not enough to convict the others; even though he is still admitting to it, it would hinder any future prosecution”.

“I want to meet him” she suddenly decided.

“That is something you will have to arrange through victim support” said the startled policeman.

She lost no time in enquiring and within three weeks was told “He would be honoured and privileged to meet her”.

She became very excited at the prospect and was not at all nervous, “Now I will fill in all the blanks”. She intended extracting every minute detail from him; “I will be talking to a complete stranger who has fucked me”.

It was arranged for him to travel over from Molchester with police verification that it would be safe for both parties. She decided the meeting should take place in her own home away from any officialdom.

“No I want to meet him alone; I think he is quite safe after admitting his guilt to the police” she insisted. The police brought him to the house; but he entered alone.

Her first opinion was that he looked extremely normal; but what does a rapist look like? He was feeling totally guilty; and would willingly have admitted to being the most evil man in the world. However they shook hands and she brought tea and biscuits to the table making it all very civilised.

She addressed him by his first name “Dean I have no hate for you my life is back on track; all I want is the honest truth what happened that day”.

He pleaded that he would give up his own life if it would erase that day.

“I can’t erase blanks Dean; if you want to wipe the slate clean please tell me every last detail”.

He began the story sounding very apologetic saying how he first seen her with a drink in her hand; which he later discovered was drugged. The word quickly got round that a prostitute dressed as a waitress wanted to earn some quick money.

She interrupted “Just a moment” she poured two large whiskies and placed them next to the teas.

“I no this is not easy, but get to the nitty gritty how did my clothes come off”?

He went on to explain that there were so many hands grabbing and groping her they were literally ripped off.

“And what position was I in when I was being fucked”?

She was told about being supported by many hands at waist height; and rocked back and forth onto the waiting cocks.

“How many cocks fucked me; what was the ratio in pussy, ass and mouth”?
He could not give exact numbers, but told her about 20 in her pussy, 10 or 11 in her ass and probably 20 or more in her mouth like he had told the police.

“Dean did I orgasm while this was happening to me”?

Jean was asking the questions so fast Dean did not have time to think about his answers, but was still feeling guilty about the whole affair and did not complain.

“Jean I can’t be 100% sure; but you seemed to be having lots of orgasms. I did not realise you were drugged at the time”.

“Now this next question is fucking crazy; but did someone shave me. I came home with a bald pussy”.

“Yeah sorry one of the older guys said he had never seen a bald one before. Lots of us carry shavers and toiletries on away day trips; your pussy hair was already lathered with cum so he carefully removed it. It sounds a really terrible thing to do now; but I know you want me to tell you the exact truth and at the time it was er----?

“Thanks for being honest; strangely you seem more distressed than me now Dean. You gave yourself up to the police, you came here to see me, you are not an evil man,” she said with much less pace in her voice.

“I really appreciate those words; but I don’t think I will ever get over the guilt of what we did to you Jean” he said with a stare that begged forgiveness.

“I know how you can get rid of the guilt Dean and it would also remove my remaining demons”.

“Anything I can do just say it; do you want a personal written statement”? He eagerly replied; before getting the shock of his life.

“No I have had enough of statements; I want you to fuck me” she said confidently looking in his eyes.

Dean’s mouth and eyes popped open simultaneously “Wait is this some sort of revenge trap with you shouting rape; are the cops in on this”?

Jean remained calm and picked up the phone “Inspector you can call off your men everything is fine thank you for everything you have done”.

Then after a short conversation she replaced the phone and gave Dean an assuring smile.

“Dean the police only allowed this meeting because they are sure you are 100% safe; now about that fuck”?

“Oh I see you were just testing me making absolutely sure; well I hope I passed the test” he said in a relieved voice.

Remaining calm Jean stood to her feet and started unbuttoning her blouse as she told him; “No I meant it; you said you would do anything and that is what I want you to do”.

Again Dean’s mouth and eyes popped leaving him speechless.

“Don’t you see once we have had mutual sex there will be no more guilt or fear on either side”.

“Jean how can I possibly take advantage of the way your mind is now; that’s how this terrible guilt began in the first place”?

“Dean my mind will be absolutely fine once I have done this, this fuck is absolutely crucial to me”.

Dean began rubbing his head nervously “I don’t know if I can this; it is too much for me I think”.

“What’s up don’t you fancy me now all your friends have had me like a cheap prostitute”?

“Of course it’s not that; I feel honoured being in the same room as you; I don’t think I am worthy of you” he rose to his feet and looked deeply in her eyes.

“Dean I am holding you to your promise; now please fuck me” she said calmly; with their faces now almost touching.

They grasped at each others head and began kissing passionately; immediately their tongues invaded the others mouth. Jean soon became the dominant one and quickly opened his fly to grasp his now hard cock. He leaned forward and Jean fell on to the settee with her knees raised. Then with his trousers around his ankles and his cock erect roughly pulled at each side of Jeans panties and removed them in one go.

“Get it up me now” she begged; even though both of them were only partially stripped. Moving between her legs as quickly as he could he raised her ass and rammed his cock hard inside her pussy with one lustful thrust.

“Fuck me hard you cunt; fuck me you bastard” Jean was possessed; and he responded with violent cock surges attacking her drenched gaping cunt.

Whether it was the release of built up tension she did not know; but in a matter of seconds she had a massive orgasm with a huge spray releasing itself in all directions. Dean’s mind could not comprehend how he was afforded such an amazing fuck; and he cum and cum and cum deep inside her.

In one moment a peaceful calm had taken the place of the brutally vocal sex that had just occurred. Dean raised his head; and his eyes were met by a look from Jean which seemed to be asking him what he thought.

“I don’t blame you for calling me a cunt and a bastard”.

“It’s not what I really think of you; if I did your cock would certainly not be up me like it is now”.

Dean tenderly stroked her face before kissing her with as much sincerity as his thoughts could muster. “Jean you have lifted the weight of the world off my shoulder; they say everybody meets a truly remarkable person once in their lives”.

“I am not remarkable; I can’t even walk down the street without getting into a busload of trouble” she said with a smile.

The words caused Dean to kiss her lovingly again; they then both lay on their side and continued kissing for several minutes as their naked crotches met.

“Can you stay the night Dean”?

“Stay the night; you really mean it”?

“Of course; I don’t want you leaving here thinking I am the kind of girl that allows people to fuck me without feeling my breasts”.

Dean smiled as if not to believe Jean’s carefree attitude; “My return train ticket is for ten twenty; but I would love to catch a later one if it means being here longer with you”.

“That’s settled then; let’s go upstairs and do it properly this time”. Jean led the way adding; “It will be good practice if either of us ever goes on honeymoon; unless you are married already”?

Dean was not married and during love making breaks he was invited to stay for a few days; days in which the pair became really close. Jean showed him around the city and told him all about her family who lived in a different city. Dean was introduced to her friends who knew nothing of the couple’s unusual circumstances. Julie was the only friend who knew and she was still living abroad with her boyfriend.

After a week of practically non stop sex both agreed that as much as they did not want to they should give their jobs some consideration. Jean had quickly put in a weeks holiday; but Dean had phoned in sick. Dean was an engineer working on a contract with 5 month left to completion time. It was much too far to travel daily so he had to leave early Monday mornings and return late on Friday nights to spend the weekend together. He had his own flat in Molchester; but had little if any problems to sort out there. They were both more than happy to give the relationship a trial and see how it developed.

Jean returned to work and was quickly back in the routine of flirting for tips. Her three married close friends were happy for her finding a boyfriend. They were disappointed however that it would mean there would be little chance of a second invitation to sample her hospitality. She had originally gotten to know the three by their short club visits during the week sometimes alone. Thursday night however was their “boy’s night out” and they always made the most of it.

Jean and Dean spoke on the phone every day and she could not wait for the weekend to come. Not only did she want to see Dean; but she was lusting cock more than ever now. Then in only Dean’s third week of being back at work she was thinking of asking her friends round again such was her craving.

“What will they think of me if I just come right out and ask them” she thought as she masturbated herself. It was Wednesday and she climaxed to the thought of the three of them triple fucking her the next night.

The male trio had planned on going to the casino after the club, but they soon changed their plans when it became obvious Jean was horny again. Lady Luck was dealing them a far better hand than any they would receive in the casino. The rendezvous was kept secret from the rest of the staff and customers; and they arrived at Jeans home at 1-30a.m.

The four of them relaxed with a drink, “Jean I speak for the three of us when I say we are grateful beyond belief for romps like these”

“Boys this is a mutual agreement which seems to be very favourable for all concerned”.

“We would still like to thank you Jean”.

“If you really want to thank me hit me hard with your cocks. Make sure you don’t leave here with me yearning for more”.

One of the three started removing his shirt; and another said with a glimmer in his eye “I am ready to bang you till you burst”.

Jean observing them all undressing said “Mmm you are doing such a good job of stripping; I think I will let you relieve me of my clothes”.

The three of them were soon naked and with 6 busy hands at work Jean quickly joined them. A full pussy sized wet patch was observed and enjoyed by the trio when removing her panties. They placed her in the doggie position as they decided on an opening routine of one cock in her pussy and another in her mouth. The third male would use his hands mainly on her breasts and nipples; but also up her inner thighs.

Jean was very happy with anything they wanted to do; as long as one of their cocks was doing the business of pounding her. She sucked on their cocks as if she was nurturing them in appreciation for the pleasure they were bringing. The taste of the cum was assuring her they were well primed and capable of good fucking.

During the first fuck fest session with Jean; the three had discovered that any inhibitions they may have had about fucking an already cum filled cunt had been well and truly banished. The body Jean possessed most certainly had a lot to do with that; as it was not lacking in any department.

Jean loved her pussy banged fast and hard the boys had soon discovered; and they each done their utmost to ensure she was not disappointed. It got to the point when her orgasms surpassed the combined total of the cock blessed male trio. The boys had emptied 7 or 8 loads of cum between them in her pussy as well as one each in her mouth.

“Cock and cunt break; let’s charge our glasses before some anal it was joked.

The four of them were sprawled naked over the floor; each with a look of total content as they enjoyed their drink. It did not matter that there was cum all over their bodies; especially Jeans as they continued lovingly caressing her. They had for cleanliness sake arranged to fuck her ass last. Although Jean definitely loved pussy fucking the most, she was not going to pass up the chance of a three cock anal. The boys were also looking forward to something that was a rarity in their lives.

“I will lean forward with my head on the settee and my knees on the floor; open my cheeks for each other and enter at will” smiled Jean.

The sight of her like that soon had their cocks eager to perform; the first entered carefully thinking anal was a lot different to cunt fucking. He got into a slow rhythm as all their hands reached for her naked flesh.

“Don’t worry I have adjusted now, give me all you have got; fast as you like” moaned Jean.

Orgasms soon followed as her ass was hit hard; and her clit excited by agile movement of heads to use their tongues. After all were satisfied by their share of ass fucking Jean poured more drinks; before asking them if they would perform one more time before leaving.

“Anything at all” they all laughed in agreement.

“I have never had three cocks in all my holes at the same time; I dream of them all cumming inside me together in a orgasm fest”.

She waited for their reaction; it was one of huge smiles and a shout of “Who goes where”?

They all went to the bathroom and stood in the shower; it was decided the best thing to do after anal even though one of them would be re- entering. It was a great pleasure for the boys to see Jean taking a shower they just looked on in admiration. All three wanted to get in with her; but because of space it would have denied the other two.

They each had another drink and decided whose cock was going in which hole; knowing there would almost certainly be a next time. The four of them decided Jean would lie on the floor resting on her side; she would then assist with the double penetration. Once that was established it would be easy to manoeuvre her head in order to accept the blow job.

“That feels oh so fucking good” her ass and pussy were accessed smoothly and soon working at their respective targets.

“Feed it in me” she begged raising her head. He kneeled down and without hindrance placed it deep inside her open mouth.

The three began pushing each in a great state of satisfaction; it was clear that Jeans sighs although stifled by a mouthful of cock were ones of delight revelling in lust.

The one in her pussy said “She wants us all to cum at once so raise your hand when you are ready”.

He was already ready and her ass fucker indicated he was; the face fucker pulled her head and was soon signalling he too was ready.

“On the count of three blow your cocks hard into her”.

There was a unanimous moan of orgasm as three loads of cum were discharged into each of Jeans accepting holes. Her own body shook and shook giving her multiples she never expected in her wildest fantasy.

Dean arrived home the following evening and after a relaxing meal and drink Jean convinced him an early night was needed. Dean soon discovered the early night was more for her benefit as she plunged her mouth over his cock. He was pleased to think she had missed him so much remarking “I feel very privileged to be the one that satisfies your sexual desires”.

They would make love randomly throughout the weekends with Dean returning to work on Monday’s; happy knowing they had a passionate, loving relationship. The following three months continued in the same vein. They tried everything physically possible during the Thursday sessions as each became a self taught qualified fuckster.

Like everything though things did eventually change. Dean’s contract job was nearing completion; and he was wanted by numerous firms. He dropped a bombshell though by asking Jean “Will you marry me? I can get a job local so I can be home every night with you”.

Jean could not say no despite her Thursday romps she had really fallen in love with him. It was decided he would sell his apartment and buy Julie’s share in the house. Julie wanted to remain abroad with her boyfriend and their marriage was imminent so she was delighted.

Jean would leave her job for one with daytime hours; “In the evenings it will be just the two of us” said Dean with a smile.

“Even on Thursdays” thought Jean, but she knew the sacrifice was worth it.

The last week at their jobs came and Jean was determined it should end with a farewell Thursday night romp. She considered them very good friends and sex was the natural way of saying goodbye.

They gathered at Jeans house with bottles of champagne; although it was somewhat sad they were determined to wind it up on a high. They sat drinking, talking and laughing at the memories of the secret escapades the four of them had carried out.

Suddenly there was a phone call “Jean stay up I will be home in two hours; they said I might as well go home tonight as the job is finished”.

“Can’t wait Dean; drive carefully”.

“We better go now; all the best in your new life Jean” the trio said.

“Not on your fucking life the only thing we have never had together is a quickie”.

At that she raised her skirt and dropped her panties to her ankles. “We are having our farewell fuck; get your cocks out and blast me”.

The three did just that; by opening their zips only the trio had each shot their loads up her within 15 minutes.

“The champagne is your leaving gift along with this” they handed her an envelope with about a thousand pounds in. “If you ever need us for anything; you know where to find us”.

Jean had everything in the house normal for Dean’s arrival.

It was decided Jean and Julie would have a double wedding in Thailand with close family also flying out. Needless to say the girls managed passion between the sheets while the boys were in the bar. It turned out to be a most memorable holiday for everyone.

Jean never lost her appetite for sex; and Dean needed every last ounce of energy he possessed jokingly saying “I think I am going to need help from the rest of the bus again soon”

She replied with a twinkle in her eye “Do you think you could arrange it”?


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