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Without Dad, Mom and I could not keep the farm going. We needed some summer help.
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Summer Help

After Dad died Mom and I had a hard time of it. The farm was just a little more than the two of us could handle. I was only sixteen so Mom started looking for summer help.

We got a letter from Bobby Brown asking us if we still needed help. He was twenty-one years old and in need of a place to stay. He would basically work for room and board, but he needed a bus ticket from Ohio.

Mom sent him the ticket. A few days later we were at the station waiting when the bus rolled in. Just a bunch of old people got off and one really pretty teenage girl. She was Bobby Brown. She had on a tube top and a miniskirt.

Mom said, “There must be a mistake.”

Bobby said, “There isn’t any mistake, you offered me a job, and here I am. I can do the job. Probably better than any boy that I know of. Just give me a chance.”

She tossed her bags in the back of the pickup truck and climbed up into the cab. I got to look right up her skirt. She was wearing a pair of pink panties with the words ‘I love you’ printed on the back them across her fine ass.

I said as softly as I could, “I love you too.”

Bobby turned around and smiled at me. Before Mom got in she said, “I never wear any panties on Sunday.”

Mom got in behind the wheel and drove us home. It was Bobby that insisted that we show her the lay of the land that first day before we ate dinner and slowed down for the evening. She absorbed everything like a sponge.

During dinner she asked Mom what her plans were for the farm that summer. Then she proceeded to tell Mom what she would do if she were her. They reached a compromise. It meant a lot more work in the beginning but with more reward in the end. Hay became wheat, corn became soybeans, and we put in a big vegetable garden with a roadside stand. We added a few baby cows to raise for veal too.

Bobby sure knew her stuff.

That next morning it was Bobby getting me up. It was still dark out. She threw the covers off me and smiled at my morning erection. Then as if it were her job she leaned down and sucked me dry.

I dressed and we were out in the fields just as the sun came up. Plowing and disking the field three times was her idea but it took us three days to do it before we could plant just one field. As soon as it was ready we planted the seed and moved on to another field.

Bobby woke me up every morning and sucked my cock dry. That first Sunday she sat on my cock and reminded me that she never wore panties on Sunday. We went to church and then rested. During dinner Mom asked us how we were getting along.

Bobby quite seriously said, “Oh, we get along just fine. I suck his cock every morning and he does whatever I tell him to do after that.”

Mom looked at Bobby then she looked at me and then she started laughing her ass off. I hadn’t seen her laugh like that since Dad died. Then Mom said, “I used to do the same thing to his father.” Then Mom started laughing again.

Bobby stood and lifted up the front of her dress and said, “For being a good boy all week I gave him this, this morning. My pussy and no panties, just incase he wants it again.”

I coughed and sputtered, “I can have it again.”

Bobby said, “Only on Sundays otherwise we won’t get anything done during the week.”

Mom laughed and said, “You know how to run my farm and you can handle my son. Where have you been my whole life.”

Bobby said, “Helping my father and my three brothers on our farm until the bank foreclose on it.”

After lunch Bobby took me back up to my bedroom so that I could make love to her. Now that was nice. I got to be on top of a real woman and I could do what felt good to me. It didn’t take very long but Bobby told me that it didn’t mater as long as I got to cum. It was all about me.

Mom knocked on my bedroom door, we had forgotten to close it, and she asked us if we wished to join her out on the front lawn for some nude sunbathing. When Mom walked past a few minutes later she was naked. Bobby and I walked down naked too. We had to laugh at one another with our farmer tans. Nothing from our waists down was tanned at all. Then only the parts that stuck out of our shirts was tanned. Mom made us use some sunscreen and made us roll over a few times before insisting that we go back inside before we burned something important. Bobby and I went back to my bed while Mom used the shower first.

After that none of us got dressed. I sure liked looking at Mom and Bobby running around naked. I took Bobby back up to my bed as often as I could. Hell, if I could only fuck it once a week I might as well try to wear the damn thing out. At least that was what Mom said.

Monday morning I got my blowjob and Bobby took me out into the field. We were topless all morning that day but we put plenty of sunscreen on. We wore shorts too. On Tuesday we were again topless all day with shorts. Bobby got a few passing trucks to honk at her. She gracefully returned a wave and a smile. On Wednesday we were butt naked all morning. Mom laughed at our lily-white asses. Bobby said that we could even it out with other activities and on Sunday. She told Mom that we would take turns on top when we made love out on the front lawn. Mom just smiled.

On Thursday Mom helped us out in the field and she was naked all morning before the sun got too hot. However, Mom stayed on the seed spreader and turned around a lot to tan her ass as well as her tits. Friday and Saturday were more of the same with a few extra honks for Mom and Bobby both out in the fields naked.

When I saw Mrs. Johnson walking across the field toward me I knew that we were in trouble. As she approached me I turned off the tractor and jumped down. Mom and Bobby had moved on to another field to work and were unaware of Mrs. Johnson.

She walked right up to me and said, “Boy you sure have grown. I just wanted to thank your mother for exciting the hell out of my husband. The old coot has made love to me every night for a solid week. He isn’t much good the next day but I sure love it.”

I said, “Well one of those women is our summer help. Bobby gives me a blowjob every morning but I can only make love to her on Sundays. Otherwise she says that I would be worthless too.”

Mrs. Johnson said, “I’ll have to try that. I never tried sucking cock before. The thought of it kind of grossed me out. Mind if I start with you?”

Then Mrs. Johnson got down on her knees and sucked my sweaty cock all the way into her mouth. No way could she be inexperienced at that. In no time I was cumming in her throat and she wasn’t even gagging.

She said, “Okay, I can do that. Now tell me why you are all naked.”

I replied, “We are tired of a farmer’s tan and going for an all over tan like nudists get. We sunbathe nude in our front yard on Sundays if you care to join us.”

Mrs. Johnson said, “I’d love to but I’m not bringing my husband over. The old coot might not like what he has at home if he sees what you have.”

We laughed and she walked back across the field toward her house. I started up my tractor and headed over the hill to Mom and Bobby. When I told them about Mrs. Johnson they just smiled.

After church on Sunday Mrs. Johnson pulled her pickup into our driveway. Even though we call it our front yard it is on the side of the house and pretty much hidden from the road. Mrs. Johnson got out of her truck and removed her clothes, tossing them on the seat.

Mrs. Johnson asked, “So who gets to put some lotion on the parts that have never seen the sun. Mom tossed me the tube of sunscreen and suggested SPF-30 for the first time. Bobby smiled as I rubbed lotion on Mrs. Johnson’s breasts, ass, and fuzzy pussy. Mom said that Mrs. Johnson’s pussy didn’t need it but Mrs. Johnson insisted. She just wanted me to get her off. I rubbed lotion onto her clit until she had an orgasm, then she thanked me.

I went right over to Bobby and stuck my cock into her. Bobby then thanked Mrs. Johnson for getting me so hard. Mom and Mrs. Johnson let me masturbate them until I was hard enough to fuck Bobby again. They were impressed that I could cum in Bobby five times that day.

Then Bobby said, “We did it before church and we will probably do it twice more before bedtime. After all he only gets it on Sundays.”

Mrs. Johnson said, “My God woman you get it eight times a week and all in one day. Unbelievable, simply unbelievable. What is your secret?”

Bobby said, “Younger men, Mrs. Johnson, younger men.”

It took us just four weeks to get everything planted before we had a chance to rest. In that time we did the maintenance on the equipment and made sure the equipment that we would be needing was in good operating condition. The rain was needed and welcomed that Sunday because it was our day off. Mrs. Johnson came over and we had some indoor fun until she suggested mud wrestling in the calf pen. There was more than just mud in there and we all knew it. Mrs. Johnson grabbed a big handful of cow shit and tried to shove in into Bobby’s pussy. That was all that it took to cause everyone to laugh and roll around in the slop. We were brown from head to foot. Then we went to the barn to wash off. Boy, was that well water ever cold. Bobby shoved the nozzle of the hose into Mrs. Johnson’s pussy to douche her out. Then Mrs. Johnson gave Mom and Bobby each a douche too.

Bobby moved into my bed after the mud wrestling. By the time school started in the fall we had turned a profit on the farm and asked Bobby to stay on permanently. She accepted. Near the end of the summer I had made love to both Mom and to Mrs. Johnson on more than one occasion. All four of us had great all over tans too.

In school the boys play basketball. One team removes their shirts to play. A few girls noticed that I had a great tan and pulled down my trunks to see how white my ass was. Boy did they get a surprise.

Terri, one of the girls on the cheerleading squad said, “I’m a nudist too. I don’t have any tan lines either. Maybe we could compare tans sometimes.”

When I told Bobby what had happened she called Terri up and invited her to dinner, then she went to pick her up. Mom had dinner started when they returned. Bobby told us that Terri and her parents were nude at home as much as possible and suggested that we do the same. Then we all undressed.

Terri was not at all embarrassed to be naked in front of me. Then she, Mom, and Bobby started comparing tans. They lifted their breasts, they spread their legs, and then they bent over to show me that even the crack of their asses was tanned. Then Terri got on the floor, lifted her knees up to her breasts, and spread her legs. Terri was tanned right next to her nice pink pussy while Bobby and Mom had a sliver of white showing.

Terri said, “I had to stand on my head doing a split for a long time to get that part tanned.”

I just leaned down and kissed her pussy. I kissed it and I licked it while Bobby and Mom watched me give Terri an orgasm.

After she recovered she gave me a blowjob right in front of them too. She opened her mouth to show them my cum before swallowing it. She certainly was not the least bit embarrassed about it.

When Bobby and I took Terri home we were boyfriend and girlfriend. We had also made love in my bed. Terri was not a virgin but then neither was I. Bobby got my virginity that first Sunday. She also gave me my first blowjob.

Terri invited me to her house the following evening for dinner and I went. They were all naked when I arrived so I undressed. Terri’s mother and older sister sure had nice tits. I knew that Terri would have soon.

Dinner was nice then we watched some family movies of them growing up in nudist parks across the country. I got to watch Terri grow up, I watched her tits develop, and I watched her in nudist beauty pageants. I also watched their own father take their virginities when they turned thirteen. Her older sister entered a fucking contest once but quit after fourteen guys had fucked her, one right after the other. The winner took on thirty-seven. Terri said that she never entered a fucking contest. However, she had entered a cock-sucking contest and also lost. She blew eight cocks before her jaw got too sore to continue. Her sister blew twelve and her mother won after blowing twenty-nine cocks. She was awarded the iron-jaw trophy. Terri and I made love in her bed before her older sister drove me home. Terri came along to protect me.

During the winter Bobby and I sharpened anything that we could, replaced items that needed it, and even painted our equipment to keep it from rusting.

Terri’s mother was an artist of sorts and painted Terri’s nude image on my tractor with the name Terri printed off to the side.

Bobby asked Terri’s mother to paint a big cock on her seat to give her something nice to sit on. She did one better. She painted it but then she gave Bobby a silicon dildo with a suction cup on it just incase she wanted something that felt better.

That following summer we had three nude helpers in the field anytime that we needed them. Terri, her mother, and her oldest sister enjoyed helping us and spent a lot of Sundays in our front yard too.

The End
Summer Help
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