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A heart warming tale of a young boy who finds himself in a lot of trouble and needs a hero to "cum" and save him!
Welcome, this is part 7 of my “Help!” series. Continuing on from Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 and part 5, I strongly recommend that you read those parts before reading this if you haven’t already done so. Enjoy... :)

“What? Come on Jake there’s no need to be nervous” Danny said with sympathy in his voice.

“It’s just that, I’m new to this”.

“Haha, that’s ok, I guess I’ll have to show you how it’s done then” Danny chuckled flirtatiously as he winked.

Not wanting to wait, Danny went down to his knees so that he was at eye level with Jake. He looked lovingly into Jake’s eyes. Jake looked back at him but Danny couldn’t help but notice the nervousness in Jake’s lovable deep blue eyes. Danny smiled sweetly as Jake gazed back into his big brown eyes.

“Jake... if you don’t want to do this, we can stop. I love you and I don’t want to make you do anything that you don’t want to do.”

Jake paused for a second and thought. He looked sheepishly at the ground and Danny could see that he had doubts.

“It’s ok Jake; I can see that you are nervous. If you’re not ready then we can wait.”

“No...I...I want to but... I’m just nervous Danny. I’ve never done anything like this before.”

Danny smiled and kissed Jake on the cheek before saying “Jake you don’t have to be nervous, it’s ok, we all have to start somewhere, I understand. I had to go through it too and it’s hard. You know that you can trust me. You know me, and you know I would never do anything to hurt you. I love you Jake!”

“I love you too Danny” Jake replied, “I don’t even know why I’m nervous; I’m just being stupid that’s all!”

They stopped for a while and just let their eyes flicker between the other’s; admiring, enjoying, falling even more in love with each other. These two young men, within less than a week of Danny confessing to Jake that he loved him, were already here, at this stage, kissing, sitting naked before each other at the place, the abandoned farm, where they had so many memories, good and bad, from every stage of their lives so far. Danny couldn’t help but feel that maybe they were moving too fast in their relationship. Maybe Jake needed some time to think, adapt, and admit to himself that he was completely in love with his best friend.

Jake chuckled, “You look like you’re in deep thought there buddy”.

Danny smiled, still looking into Jake’s blue eyes, “I am. ... Do you think that maybe... I don’t know ... maybe we are moving too quickly with this? I mean, we’ve both had a lot to deal with lately, what with me going mad and running away,” he smiled slightly, “you having to chase me down every five minutes. Then you have to go through the confusion of finding out that I love you. I’ve put you through a lot haven’t I? I ... I’m sorry Jake.”

Immediately Jake saw the sadness creep over Danny’s face and he replied as soon as he noticed, “Yes, yes Danny you have put me through a lot,” a pause, “but it’s alright! Let’s face it I didn’t exactly make life easy for you did I? My reaction to what you said the other night was pathetic! If anyone should be sorry it’s me. I’ve been a jerk about the whole thing Danny and I promise you, hand on heart, I will do whatever it takes to make it up to you!”

“Anything?” Danny responded suggestively.

Jake’s face lit up at that moment when the biggest smile crept across his gorgeous face. He loved the fact that Danny wanted him so badly. That’s when he realised that he wanted Danny too. He wanted Danny more than anything else. Right at that moment something clicked in his head and he knew that he didn’t need any more time. He knew what he wanted. He was 100% sure and nothing, NOTHING, was going to get in his way!

Surprise was what Danny felt next; he was taken completely by surprise as Jake’s hot wet tongue hit the tip of his now soft cock. Jake moved so quickly that Danny didn’t even see him as he somehow managed to get his head from where it was, to where Danny’s crotch was quicker than Danny could blink! Danny got the message. Jake was ready!

Jake’s hot wet tongue gently caressed the head of Daniel’s dick as it circled delicately around it. Danny moaned in pleasure as his body shuddered in ecstasy. His penis began to thicken rapidly as it was worked hungrily by the slippery tongue which proceeded to violate it. Jake knew that he must have been doing something well as his pretty blue eyes shifted up Danny’s toned body to his face. Danny looked lost in a different world as his head tilted backward. His eyes were closed tightly and his pink lips were wide open as if he was trying to speak but couldn’t bring the words to his lips. Jake’s concentration shifted back to the job at hand as his tongue went wild over the tip of the huge, now fully erect 9 ½ inch cock which stood proud before his youthful good looking face. He took a second to prepare himself for the next stage. Although this was a first time experience for him, he knew what to do. He had seen it done before when he had seen porn movies on the internet and he had received a blow job once from one of the girls that he hooked up with at the club where he and Danny would drink sometimes. The same club they were at on the night that Danny came out to him. Jake paused momentarily, but within no time at all he was ready. He wanted Danny’s cock so bad! Jake leaned in closer to Daniel’s enormous throbbing hard penis. The pleasure was immense for Danny as Jakes soft, moist lips slid sensually over the end of his rod!

“Ooooooooooooohhhhhh!!!!!” Danny moaned loudly.

“You like that?” Jake asked in the most seductive voice he could manage.


Jake continued to glide his caressing lips up and down Danny’s shaft. Danny was overwhelmed with pleasure. He could not believe how good Jake was at sucking his dick! This was Jake’s first time, he had no experience and just five minutes ago he was so nervous that he couldn’t do anything but stare at his cock. Now, here he was sucking Danny’s cock like he was born to do it! It was the greatest feeling that Danny had ever experienced, he was loving it, and Jake was too. Jake had always been adventurous and loved trying new things. He found that he loved sucking Danny’s cock. It gave him an opportunity to explore, and try things which he never thought he would do. His tongue worked away at the fat, throbbing head as his lips continued sliding over the long shaft of his lover’s solid pole. He explored with his tongue, tasting every part of Danny’s dick. It tasted so good, salty, sweet and sour all at the same time. Time flew by and minute after minute seemed to fly past them as they had the time of their lives! Danny was getting hot now and didn’t know how much longer he could last. A drop of sticky pre-cum landed on Jakes tongue and he lapped it up eagerly, excited to find out what it tasted like. By now he was so turned on by the situation that his own cock was fully hard between his legs and desperately needed attention, so he grabbed it with his left hand and began to jerk it slowly while he gave Danny a blow job.

“Keep on like this and I’m gonna cum” Danny commented in a deep, sexy voice.

Jake looked up at him with his cock still in his mouth and winked. That was it! That wink sent him over the top, it was so sexy when he did that! He couldn’t hold back any longer! He was past the point of no return! Spurt after spurt of hot cum erupted out of Danny’s giant dick! The back of Jakes throat was violated by a stream of sticky man jizz! Jake gulped and swallowed as quickly as he could but the quantity of cum was massive! Danny had never ejaculated that much before and Jake could not swallow it all! It seeped out from the sides of Jakes tightly gripping mouth. Streams of cum trickled down his smooth sexy face. The sight only made Danny cum more! It was so sexy! Jake enjoyed the taste of the hot semen. He had always wondered what it tasted like and a couple of times he wanted to taste his own but never could build up the confidence to do it. He continued to work Danny’s dick as he swallowed the cum which remained in his mouth. He could feel that Danny was getting soft now and figured it was time to stop. He pulled his head back and Danny’s limp penis plopped out of his mouth. He licked his lips, trying to clean up the cum which was running down his face.

“Here let me help you with that” Danny said with a huge grin on his face and he leaned in towards Jake and kissed him even more passionately that before. He tasted his own cum inside Jake’s hot mouth and he followed the kiss up by licking his cum up from his best friend and lover’s face. When he was done, he pulled away and sat down on the soft grass for a second.

“That was so good Jake! Are you sure that was your first time? You sucked me like a pro man!”

“Ye-heah,” Jake giggled, “I’m glad you liked it!”

That’s when Danny noticed Jake’s 8 inch dick sticking straight upwards against his toned hard stomach.

“Looks like you enjoyed that too!” Danny laughed looking down at Jake’s rod with his big brown eyes.

Jake just laughed back and looked down at his throbbing manhood.

“Well then sexy boy, I guess I’m gonna have to show you an experience that you will never forget!”

“Oh and what do you have in mind there Danny boy?”

“Ha-ha, wanna find out?”


Thanks for all the feedback so far and thank you very much for reading. Remember to let me know what you think about the story so far, and keep an eye out for the next part. :)


2011-10-31 21:42:57
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2011-01-20 22:17:57
After re-reading the comments posted on parts of this series, i have decided that i am going to post the rest of the story on this site. :). Rather than posting the rest of the parts individually i am going to post the whole story at once. I hope you enjoy reading it - it's quite long though haha.

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2010-12-23 03:48:07
nuuuuuuuu dont stop the storryyyyyy its really good :)


2010-12-19 16:50:01
Thank you very much for your kind comment. If you click on the authors section which you will find a link for on the homepage. Look for my name (Web Cam), it's on the first page. You will find all of my stories there :). I'm genuinely sorry about not posting the rest on this site but I just don't feel like it's going down as well as it did on the other website. I may post the rest at some point but i don't know.

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2010-12-19 08:55:24
Lack of Interest. Damn dude i'm loving this. You should give the links to the rest of the story. I had trouble finding it.

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