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Teasing Pam.
This story was written entirely by the poster verywet. I am only posting the story for her.

Pam was being a bitch to Jerry her neighbour. Turning him down when he asked her out, and making fun of him calling him a limp dick.
Jerry decided to get revenge and asked his cousin Mona to help him. She agreed, and became excited with such a plan.

So as planned Jerry abducted Pam, and went to Mona's place. All the settings were in place to teach the bitch lesson's she would not forget.

As Pam awoke she was naked, bent over and tied to the table on her stomach. She started screaming, and Jerry and Mona came to her.

"Oh the bitch is up jerry let’s have our fun" said Mona "

"In a minute love let's lay down the law to her" Jerry said as he yanked Pam's hair pulling up her face. "You've been a bitch to me when I was nice to you. Now slut you will learn to respect me, and beg me to fuck you with my limp dick, as you called it."

Jerry dropped her head hard and moved behind her. “Pass me the belt hun". As Mona complied Pam started screaming and pulling on the ropes.

Mona slapped her face "Its sound proof you cunt so quit bitching whore".

Pam felt helpless "Please let me go I won't tell".

SMACK, a hard whip landed on her bare ass. "Aghh oawoo" Pam screamed as Jerry started a series of whipping.

"Now bitch until you say, THANK YOU SIR I WANT MORE, I ain't stopping". Jerry had laid his condition.

Pam was jerking and crying like hell "Please, oh fuck, please stop".

Whip, whip, whip "Wrong line bitch" Jerry smirked and he kept beating her ass. Finally at the 18th whip Pam just broke.

"Thank you Sir i want more" she cried.

"Hear that Mona?" jerry smirked.

"No Jerry not clearly" Mona teased.

Jerry whipped her hard again "Louder whore".

"Oh, ah, thank you Sir I want more" Pam screamed as loud as she could. That earned her four more whips before Jerry stopped.

Mona went back and slowly caressed Pam's crimson ass. "My, my Jerry we will definitely have fun fucking her" she said groping her butt. She then squeezed it hard, and Pam screamed harder.

"Baby by the time we are done with her she will be begging us to fuck her, get her on her back".

Mona untied the rope and yanked Pam by the hair to flip her to her back.. Jerry tied her hands again. "Oh such nice tits our slut has shall we commence, come Mona”. Jerry started sucking her breasts as Mona began rubbing her clit. Pam tried to suppress her response, but her body was showing signs of arousal. Her nipples were hard in Jerry's mouth, and her pussy was wet on Mona's hand.

"Oh look our slut is enjoying this; her cunt is leaking" Mona teased".

"Yes cousin her nipples are hard too" Jerry laughed as Mona crawled up and started sucking her tit, Jerry shoved his finger in her wet pussy.

"Ahggh, oh fuck" Pam moaned involuntary, as he bit her hard on the neck when Mona was biting her nipple.

"Soon slut you will get what you deserve" Jerry said coldly slapping her face. "Mona go down on her slutty cunt and do your magic" Mona complied.

When Mona dove in to Pam's pussy she arched up hard pulling on the ropes. Jerry slapped her once more before kissing her roughly, and tongue fucking her mouth. Mona first shoved two fingers in her pussy, and started nibbling her clit. She was jerking hard as Mona's pussy eating was turning her on. She even sucked back against Jerry's lips when he continued to suck her tongue, while pinching and tweaking her nipples.

Pam was getting tensed up and about to orgasm when Mona and Jerry stopped. "You think you will cum that easy bitch do you, well guess again slut" Jerry said with an evil smile.

Mona reached up and yanked Pam's hair "Lick your cunt juice of my lips slut". Pam hesitated earning a slap before opening her mouth to taste her own juices as Mona kissed her.

"Enough Mona, time for her new friend to be applied, bring it here my love".

Mona giggled "Oh you are in so much trouble now slut ".

As she left Jerry came to her pussy, spat on it hard and slid two fingers deep inside. Pam screamed as he furiously fingered her, when he shoved all fingers in she was so close to an orgasm, but he pulled them out. Pam grunted in frustration as Mona returned with the object Jerry wanted. “Here it is dear cousin", Mona came in with a medium sized bag which looked full. She handed it over to Jerry before kissing hard. Pam was furious as she squirmed and pulled at the ropes earning herself a rough slap on the tits.

"Let's clean the bitch shall we, but first" Jerry left the sentence incomplete and pulled out a black collar from the bag. He strapped it around her neck "Now you will know the meaning of being a bitch my slut". He laughed and groped her breasts roughly.

"FUCK U JERRY" Pam screamed while thrashing wildly.

Mona came in and slapped Pam across her face “Oh you will be fucking soon bitch". As they loosened the ropes Pam fell to the floor hearing the words "YOU ARE IN FOR A BIG SURPRISE CUNT".

Jerry and Mona laughed as they backed away from Pam. He took out a black object and showed it to Pam, it was some kind of remote.

"You are not wearing a regular collar my bitch, it's a special training collar which generates electric shocks like this". Jerry pushed a button and Pam jerked up straight as if she was being whipped, they both laughed at her from the two sitter. "Now if you don't want to know how it feels on high, be a good little fuck toy for us ok" he explained. Pam just wept hard as she lay naked and helpless on the ground.

Mona looked at Pam with lust "There is an enema in the bathroom go and clean yourself for us bitch, but no funny stuff or else". She pointed Pam towards the bathroom then started making out with Jerry.

Pam reluctantly went to the bathroom accepting her fate, and doing what she had been told. When she returned her abductors were totally naked and ready for her. Mona's wet smooth bald pussy was spread open while Jerry was sucking her tits, and getting a handjob. When Jerry saw Pam he motioned her to get on her knees, Pam obeyed.

"Now crawl to Mona's pussy bitch and eat it". Pam had never done this before so she hesitated, Jerry shocked her collar bringing a scream

"Do it slut" Mona growled as Pam quickly got between her legs and started licking. "Ah oh yeah suck my clit whore, yeah that’s it" she moaned as Pam tongued her deep, Jerry was pumping his cock furiously in readiness to humiliate Pam.

Pam ate Mona's pussy, Jerry jerked his cock in preparation for cumming “Tell me when you are going cum Mona" he said in a restrained voice.

As Mona pulled Pam's face hard in to her cunt she moaned “I am almost there Jerry" her body tensed up.

“Good" he said and threw Pam on to her back across the ground "Stay bitch" he helped Mona to straddle her face. Mona smothered Pam's face with her pussy, and then exploded soaking and drowning her with juices. As Mona moved off, Pam gasped and breathed hard seeing her cum covered face. Jerry went over the edge and started shooting hot cum all over Pam's body

“Yes now you look like a cum slut doesn't she Mona" Jerry said as Mona laughed breathlessly. "Eat her cunt Mona, but don’t let her cum”. He walked out to get the final torture for Pam's rape ritual.
When Jerry returned he found a sight that sent shivers through his cock. Pam was laying spread eagle with both hands fastened above her head to the poles of the table. Her legs were tied to the two sitter with her face and body glistening in pussy juice and cum. Pam was thrashing her head hard as Mona fucked her cunt with four fingers, while biting her pubic mound.

"Oh you like this bitch how about this then you slut" Mona shoved hard inside her pussy twisting all her fingers.

"Oh fuck please, please let me cum" Pam begged, crying hard.

"Not on your life slut" Mona withdrew her hand and stood up eyeing Jerry who was lustfully rubbing his hard cock.

"Now what cousin" Mona asked.

"Gonna teach this bitch just how limp my dick is".

Jerry yanked Pam's hair and kissed her roughly before spitting on her face, he then reached down to her pussy and groped it roughly. It made Pam scream in pain while Mona was sat on the couch rubbing her pussy. Raising his other hand he showed Pam a tube which he opened and poured on his fingers

"You know what this is? It will make your pussy light on fire for a fucking my bitch and you will beg to get fucked like a ten dollar whore, only you will not be charging".

Jerry and Mona laughed once again as he shoved his gel covered fingers in to her sore pussy, Mona got a two inch vibe-dildo from the bag and shoved it in. Pam jerked hard as Mona turned the vibrator on, it slowly started vibrating sending tremors along her pussy. "Oh fuck, fuck please, please stop it" she shouted and tried to remove the dildo, but was stopped by Jerry shocking her through the collar.

"You will not touch your pussy, got that slut"? Jerry said coldly. "Now get up bitch and crawl to me on all fours" he ordered.

Pam just laid there crying, he was about to shock her again when Mona stopped him. "Let me play with her a little cousin" she winked as she pushed a button, and the small vibrator went wild. Pam was shaking like she had been electrocuted. "Now slut be a good bitch and crawl to your master if you know what's good for you". Mona slowed the vibrator as Pam quickly complied and started crawling to Jerry.

The site made his cock twitch her body glistening with juices, her tits hanging down swinging to and fro as she moved. "Mona go and fetch the camera I want to have this memory forever" Mona grinned and went out of the room. Pam stopped crawling between his legs; he stroked her hair then yanked it to see her face, she was crying hard.

"Please Jerry plea..." SLAP a sting burned Pam's cheek.

"You are going to call me MASTER bitch".

As Jerry was slapping her she jerked, because Mona had returned and increased the vibrators pace. "Agh oh, ok please, please Master please stop".

Pam jerked hard feeling as if her pussy was on fire. The small dildo's vibrating was giving tremors to her pussy walls, making her hornier and igniting her lust.

"Please what slave" he teased touching her lips with his thumb.

"Please master take me I'm burning please its very painful" she cried".

"Well, well hear that Mona, the slut wants to be fucked" they laughed once more as Mona took her seat next to Jerry focusing the camera on Pam.

"Ok slut what will you do to get fucked" asked Mona?

"Anything, anything just please end this pain" she said desperately.

Jerry looked at Mona each laughing "Ok bitch stand up, touch and show off your body like a whore. Repeat you want to be fucked over and over and I will fuck your cunt" he said pushing her away.

Pam was so desperate that she got to her feet instantly and looking at the camera and started shouting "Fuck me, please fuck me I want to be fucked, fuck me hard oh fuck me please". Chanting these words she touched herself and dangled her breasts while pinching her nipples.

"Bend over and finger your ass" Mona instructed.

She obeyed by bending over and rubbing her anus. Jerry stood up and spat on Pam's hole and shoved her finger in hard. "Agh ow ah oh fuck" she screamed as he slapped her ass.

"Faster bitch finger your self faster".

Pam was obeying and started moving her finger faster, moaning as Mona set the vibrator on medium. "Oh God just fuck me please master, agh fuck, oh fuck me".

As her crying increased Jerry and Mona became more turned on Jerry sat down again. "Now crawl to me and ask your master to spank your ass bitch".

Pam fell to her knees and crawled on her fours as Mona focused on her tits dangling. "Please master spank my ass please".

"Ok slut get on my lap" he ordered.

Mona stood up and started filming the scene as Pam bent over his lap. "How many do you want whore" asked jerry rubbing her ass crack to her hole.

"As many as my master wants" she was so broken that she submitted fully.

Jerry started spanking "Thank me for this u bitch" SLAP- SLAP –SLAP.

"Thank you master" was all Pam was chanting while her ass was being turned crimson.

Mona shot the whole scene from many angles. Jerry stopped before again throwing Pam to the floor. "Now beg master to let you suck dick".

She got on her knees and positioned herself between his legs "Master can I suck your cock please"?

SLAP "Beg like the horny bitch you are" he screamed".

"Please master fuck my face with your cock please" she cried as the lustful fire from her pussy was burning her body.

Jerry nodded and Pam started sucking the head of his fully erected cock "Oh yeah go deep you bitch oh yes swirl that tongue around faster" he grunted as he held her head, and shoved hard in to her throat gagging her.

He did not care as Mona zoomed in on her face. Jerry fucked her hard and it felt amazing as Pam's tight throat massaged his cock he shoved it deeper and held her tight as she could not breathe. She was turning blue when he finally threw her to the floor. He stood above her stroking his hard cock and to a loud grunt released spurt after spurt across Pam's face and body.

“Lay still cum slut" Mona instructed as she filmed the whole scene. Finally Jerry’s cum flow stopped and he crashed on the couch panting.

Mona stood over Pam focusing on her body, "Now rub the cum on your tits and lick it like a hungry greedy whore" Mona said.

Pam obeyed rubbing the cum all over her body and then by licking her palm and every finger one by one.

“Mmmm what a shot this is I bet it will make men shoot lots and lots of cum don't you Jerry"

“Oh it’s not done yet dear cousin; come here bitch and suck me clean".

Pam got up with her face dripping in cum and started licking up his shaft then down before mouthing his balls. "Oh yeah my cock slut that’s it" he spread his legs wide and yanked Pam's hair "Now give me a damn good rim job slut". Pam stepped back a little feeling disgusted; Jerry and Mona exchanged a look before both shocked Pam through their remotes.

This sent her wild not knowing what to do "Ok, ok sorry master please, please" she begged.

Jerry stopped, but Mona turned the vibrator to high Pam thought she was burning in flames. "Oh god just fuck me please I can't take it fuck me God please"

Jerry motioned Mona and she stopped; Pam laid there gasping "Now bitch come here and beg me to suck my ass".

Pam got up and shakily bent between his legs "Master may I suck your ass".

SLAP "Beg harder bitch” he screamed.

"Oh master let me give you a rim job please let me suck it please"

Jerry nodded and Pam buried her face in his ass. Mona moved in and shot the whole scene as Pam licked around the anus and then put her lips on it and started to suck.

"Oh god this whore is so good oh yeah that’s it suck it you bitch".

Mona was getting hornier and she tried to rub her self; Jerry saw it "Oh how rude of me cousin not letting you enjoy this; come here darling". He kicked Pam to the ground and laid Mona down on the couch kissing her as he massaged her tits; they touched and felt each other until Jerry pulled back and stood up straight. He yanked Pam to her feet then reached down and pulled out the dildo.

Pam felt relieved “Ok bitch listen up if you want your worthless cunt fucked give your mistress a good whole body lick; eat her pussy and ass and you will get your wish slut”. She nodded before bending over to start sucking and kneading her tits. Mona moaned and squirmed while Jerry started filming again".

“Yes that’s it suck her nipples you filthy whore; finger her pussy".

Pam slowly rubbed Mona’s clit “Oooh ah yeah bitch that’s it make me happy lick hard"

Pam was so turned on she just dived in to her cunt and sucked her clit in to her mouth while tweaking her nipples hard. "Oh god this feels fucking hot ah yeah" she moaned hard as Pam tongued her wet pussy deep.

Mona threw her head back and screamed while pulling Pam’s head deep in to her wet cunt. Pam shoved a finger in Mona’s pussy hard making her gasp "Yes God fuck" she screamed as Pam bit on her clit. Mona exploded on her face and Pam greedily sucked her cunt of all it’s juices as Mona laid there breathless. Pam continued by licking her anus which made Mona jerk wildly.

"Please make her stop Jerry”.

Jerry yanked Pam’s hair and stood her up to shoot a close up of Mona dripping cum from her mouth. He then closed the camera and looked at Pam "Now go and clean up bitch you are gonna get fucked hard tonight. I will make preparations”. He pushed Pam towards the bathroom then took Mona’s hand to help her stand up.

Pam got to the bathroom and started the shower it was so soothing; the water was running down her body she lathered twice to take the dried cum off. As she rubbed her ass it started stinging so she cleaned it softly. Then she took some water and poured it on her pussy; it burned like hell the more water she poured the more it burned .

"Oh God it’s worse than that fucking dildo".

Pam finally cleaned herself up and when she returned there was food on the table. She surprisingly realised she was starving; after eating she laid back on the couch and started thinking of the days events. The fire in her pussy was beginning to light up; she saw the camera on the table and rewound the last recording. Instantly she started rubbing her clit when she seen the spanking and how she had sucked Jerry's dick. The cum which had covered her; she pinched her nipples as she became so horny. Then watching as she gives a rimjob and eating Mona’s pussy; she put the camera aside and started fingering her self.

"Oh fuck I need to get fucked it’s so fucking hot and painful" she thought to herself.

Pam was about to cum when her collar gave her an electric shock. She fell down from the couch and saw Jerry standing near her. "Oh my slut is horny is she want a cock in her fuck hole whore" he mocked.

Pam got to her knees and grabbed his legs "Yes master please, please fuck me".

Jerry hooked a leash to her collar and tugged her. She got the idea what he wanted and crawled on her fours. "That’s a good bitch" he led her to other room.

Pam was instantly frozen to see the arrangements. There were hooks and chains dangling from the ceiling and shackles on the floor; it was like medieval dungeon. The laptop was hooked to several cameras around the room.

"Ahh shit it’s not over" Pam knew.

Jerry pulled Pam to him and kissed her hard while groping her ass and bit her lip then dragged her to the centre where Mona was ready. She instantly shackled her feet apart and Jerry pulled back saying

"Raise your hand slut"

Pam just mumbled "Please don’t agh, ahg ok, ok " she was shocked by a high volt current in her collar; she raised her hands which were simultaneously cuffed. Jerry bent down and licked her pussy giving Pam shivers.

"Mmm oh yes please master please" she begged and jerry sucked in her clit and shoved a finger in while Mona spread her ass and started licking her anus.

"Oh ah fuck, yes use me oh yeah please fuck me in all holes" she moaned as she closed her eyes and pulled on the handcuffs throwing back her head.

What she didn't see was Jerry's other hand in which the gel covered dildo was held. As they pleasured her more and felt her nearing an orgasm they stopped and simultaneously shoved the dildos in her holes set on medium.

"No oh fuck no God not this again please I have done everything you said can't..." SLAP SJAP her face stung hard.

"Oh my slut you are not getting of this that easy; now smile for the camera and let many perverts see so they can jack off on you" he said mischievously

"Fuck you Jerry you fucking bastard son of a bitch" she screamed furiously pulling on the cuffs.

Jerry nodded to Mona and they both turned their vibrators to high and Pam felt she was being dragged on burning coal. "Ok please, please what do you want I’ll do it please stop this pleaseeeee".

Jerry again nodded to Mona and they turned the vibrators to slow. "Now my sweet slut you are going to face the camera and tell your name, address, phone number and office number to the perverts watching and ask them to come and fuck you for free; got that my sweet whore" he laughed

She was crying hard " Why are you doing this it will ruin my life please don't".

Mona interrupted "She is right Jerry how about we make a deal we won't show this to anyone and you in return will be our little fuck toy and will do whatever we want you to agreed"?

"Yes, yes anything but this please" she pleaded.

"Hear that she is ready to be our little fuck toy" Mona said while squeezing her ass.

"Mmm I like that" he said with lust and bit her nipple.

"Aagh oh just fuck me please" she begged trying to rub her thighs together

" Not just yet bitch see Mona here wants to have some fun with you and I want her to be happy so make her happy bitch”. He kissed her roughly biting her lip and then left her
for Mona.

"Kiss me bitch like you really mean it" Pam leaned in and Mona kissed her lips parting them with a penetrating tongue. Pam kissed her back hard sucking her tongue; Jerry just gave nudges to the vibrators fast and slow. Pam moaned hard in Mona’s mouth; Mona broke the kiss and started licking her whole body. Nibbling on her neck and slowly kneading her breasts.

Pam threw her head back and moaned "Oh yes fuck yessssss".
Mona's soft fingers were exploring her body then her soft lips got to her nipples and she started sucking. Jerry got hard just watching he got up behind Pam and pulled her face back to kiss her roughly while he squeezed her ass.

Pam moaned in his mouth kissing him back; Mona bit her nipple and Pam’s whole body shook when Jerry spanked her ass. Mona took the dildo from her pussy and Jerry started rubbing his hard dick on her.

Pam was getting wilder "Please just fuck my cunt I can't take it fuck it hard pleaseeeeeeee".

"Oh baby you want to be rapped by a limp dick like this" Jerry teased just poking the head of his hard cock in her cunt and then pulling it out.

"Aghhh yes oh fuck yes please rape me please" she was so desperate pulling on the cuffs.

Jerry went deeper this time but pulled out again making Pam go out of her mind.

“Ok let’s see what we can do" he said and uncuffed her hands while Mona released her feet; they took her to the bed and laid her on her stomach.

Mona lay down in front of Pam and spread her legs “Eat my cunt slut".

Jerry placed the dildo back in her pussy setting it on medium and started fucking her ass with his hard huge cock. Pam screamed as he shoved in hard to the hilt; she was slapped by Mona.

"I said eat my cunt like a good bitch" Pam dived in to her pussy and started licking the clit.

Jerry bent over and started pinching and pulling her nipples while still fucking her hard with speed and strength "Oh slut your ass is so tight oh I love this ass" he grunted slamming his balls on her wet pussy; which was stinging wildly with the vibrator.

Pam sucked and fucked Mona’s pussy with her tongue while shoving two fingers in her ass. “Oh fuck, oh fuck bitch yes fuck me eat me bitch harder faster" Mona was so turned on as both her holes were being used by Pam.

“So good oh yes Mona this slut knows how to please her masters" grunted Jerry seeing how Pam’s sucking was making Mona’s pussy dripping wet.

"Fuck Jerry I am gonna cum" Mona shouted.

"Drink every single drop you cum slut" he ordered and pulled her nipples hard"

Mona exploded and Pam lapped up every single drop while sucking her pussy. Jerry started shaking and then he shot spurt after spurt in Pam’s ass "Oh god yes this bitch is good" he pulled out and slapped Pam’s ass. He then turned the vibrator to slow and asked Mona to come take his place

Mona took the dildo out of Pam’s pussy and shoved it in her ass and turned it to full power. She started shaking and Jerry positioned himself on the bed so Pam’s mouth was on his cock. "Clean it bitch then suck it till it gets hard for you to rape yourself on it".

"Would you be a dear Mona and get her worthless cunt ready for me" he said slapping Pam’s face with his semi hard damp with cum cock.

"With pleasure Jerry" she said slapping Pam’s ass then kicking her feet apart to shove three fingers up and bit her clit.

Pam was going crazy as Jerry held her head and shoved his member in her mouth and started thrusting hard. A full speed vibrator was up her ass, three fingers in her pussy, a tongue playing with her clit and a cock getting hard in her mouth. Pam was so close she tensed up; feeling her tension Mona released her. Pam growled on Jerry's cock and earned a hard whip from Mona with a belt.

"Oh slut the only orgasm you are going to have will be when you rape your worthless cunt on my cock; got that whore" he said while fucking her face hard with his erect cock.

Pam was breathing hard and gagging as he was fucking her throat it was so deep she could hardly breathe. Mona now wore a five inch long, and two and a half inch thick strap on. She started rubbing it on Pam’s very wet pussy entrance. Pam moaned on jerry's cock sending shivers down to his spine.

“Oh you like that don't you, you worthless cunt yeah you like all your holes fucked at the same time. Are you a cock whore? Don't worry slut you will be fucked and fucked hard like no other slut" he grunted and fucked her more savagely,

Mona just shoved hard in her making Pam scream then pulled back and repeated again and again. She felt as if Mona was tearing her pussy apart; the lust was so severe in Pam that she could not take it any more she started thrashing away. All she wanted was her pussy to be fucked and fucked so hard that the fire would subside.

Jerry pulled out and collapsed on the bed gasping "Bitch almost made me cum" he laughed.

Pam was now on the floor “Oh please just fuck me I have done every thing you wanted" she started crying hard. Mona retrieved the vibrator from her ass.

"Ok slut hop on the bed now “he ordered; Pam stood up shakily and got on the bed.
"Now slut beg master to rape your worth less cunt" he said caressing her face lightly.

"Please master please fuck me" she said slowly.

SLAP, SLAP "Did I use the word FUCK ? I said you shall beg me to RAPE your worthless cunt like a fuck toy at my pleasure. In fact beg me to rape your self with my cock" he suggested with a evil grin as Mona laughed and slowly rubbed Pam’s clit.

Pam just collapsed " Oh master please, please let me rape my cunt with your cock please just rape me rough hard tear me apart use me like a fuck toy I don't care rape me master please" she cried and shouted hard.

Jerry pulled Pam’s face to him with her hair "That’s it my slave my sweet fucking whore that’s what your master wants from you" he kissed her roughly then pushed her away "Now come on slut bounce on master's cock rape your self as hard as you can" then turning to Mona "Film every single thing I don't want to miss any angle". She got in position with the camera while Pam straddled Jerry. She lined his hard cock on her pussy just the touch made her wild; all she could think was slam down, and slam down hard, and she did.

"Oh fuckkk" he shouted as Pam was a woman possessed.

She was bouncing hard and fast not even stopping to breathe animalistic grunts escaping her lips as she fucked her cunt and released the pressure with her first orgasm. It was so hard her body was shaking to the core and Jerry felt as if a river had flooded on his cock. Jerry squeezed her tits hard pulling on the nipples and thrust deep inside bringing her another explosion of orgasm.

"That’s it slut oh yeah mmmm harder rougher" he grunted as he threw Pam on her back and put her knees on her shoulder. “Beg me whore" he said pulling out of her.

"Fuck me rape me use me destroy my cunt master fuck me hard and rough" she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Jerry thrust harder in her hitting her cervix "Yes bitch I am gonna fuck you hard so hard bitch". He was moving in and out from her cunt like a piston; his ass was a blur as his speed was not human.

Both were moaning constantly as Jerry bent down and bit her nipple to draw blood.

Pam screamed "More, harder" she had lost count of the orgasms she had, but felt there was no stopping them.

"Squeeze my cock with your pussy; milk my cum you cum slut" he said biting her like a wild beast. Pam started squeezing hard as he thrust in deep and then let loose a fantastic stream of hot cum which made Pam explode too.

All Mona was seeing was a white river of juices flowing from Pam’s pussy making a puddle on the bed. She could not take it any more so she threw the camera and started sucking and eating the cream pie from the bed. As Jerry subsided he collapsed on the bed gasping while Pam laid limp her cunt oozing the juices from the hard fuck she had, but it was not over.

Mona moved to Pam’s pussy and started licking every single drop of the rape juice.

"Aaah oh please stop" she moaned very weakly as Mona sucked her pussy and fingered her ass; it was building the pressure in her lower belly again and when Mona bit her clit she was over the edge.

"Aah this bitch so sweet I love her taste and yours with hers Jerry". Mona got up licking her lips and her fingers smiling

"Well dear Mona we have the whole day tomorrow with her" he smiled as Mona licked his limp cock clean.

Pam was very tired and could not believe what she had just experienced as she heard the last sentence. She smiled and was becoming tingly with anticipation for tomorrow as she slowly drifted to sleep with her hand on her ooozing well raped pussy.


2011-02-03 04:57:23
Thanks for the comments I think it is an excellent story by verywet.


2011-01-31 05:16:18
I like this story; but prefer your others even though they are lower rated.

anonymous readerReport

2011-01-30 15:12:34
Great story but too repetitive.
I felt like the girl

anonymous readerReport

2011-01-23 19:37:09
i liked it. i didnt really get the need for the incest though. i have no problem with it in most stories, but here, it felt a little unnessary, and took me out of the story a bit. still, positive rateing.


2011-01-12 18:20:06
very good, i liked it:)

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