Another night at the Club....
Frank was sitting at his usual table near the stage at the Hubba-Hubba Club, a strip joint known for its hot waitresses and hotter dancers. Chrissie wasn’t working tonight, and neither was the little blonde number Frank remembered from the last time he was in there. The waitress came over and said, “Hi, Frank. Will I do for you tonight?” She had on the same kind of two-button top that Chrissie usually wore, a skimpy bikini bottom, and two-inch spike heels. She had a killer body, like most of the waitresses; 40EE-26-35; 5-feet-6-inches tall; great legs; sexy smile; grey eyes; short, black hair.

“Not tonight, Wanda,” Frank said. “Just bring me a couple of Cokes.” He gave her a twenty, and she went off to bring the drinks.

A tall, leggy redhead with HUGE hooters came out to start her routine. Frank moved to the runway and sat down, pulling out his envelope of tip money. When the goddess danced by Frank, she bent over and he put a ten-spot in her cleavage. She smiled at him and blew him a little kiss as she moved on. For her second dance, she came out in black lacy underwear, and she jiggled her tits in Frank’s face. He responded by putting a twenty in her right bra cup. She made a little “ooohhh” face at him and danced on. When she came back around, she leaned over and jiggled some more. Frank put another twenty in her left bra cup. She backed up as if she were scandalized, then smiled wickedly at him and blew him another kiss.

Normally, for the third dance, the girls would come out with just their bottoms on, but this dancer came back out in all her undies. When she got to Frank, she got up close and personal to him, undid her front bra closure, and treated Frank to a view of two of the biggest tits ever seen on that stage. She dropped her bra into his lap and danced on. On her second time around, she got even closer, pulled her bikini bottom out a little and gave Frank a look at her hair pie. Frank had out a fifty, and folded it up and placed it in her bottoms. She winked at him and finished her dance.

For her fourth dance, she came out with her bottoms on, and when she got to Frank, she shook het tits in his face, then turned around and ground her ass just an inch away from his eyes. She slowly skinned out of her tiny bikini bottoms and dropped them into his lap, then danced on. When she came around again, she gave him a long, lingering look at her wet pussy, and Frank placed a c-note on the stage. She picked it up and pointed to the stage door, indicating she would meet him there after the dance.

Frank took her underwear and went to the stage door after her last dance. She was standing there in the dress she wore for her first dance. “Hi,” she said, “I’m Charlene. Thank you for your generosity. Please, come backstage with me.” She invited him up, and he followed her to a dressing room. She closed the door.

She threw her arms around him and kissed him deeply, slipping him her tongue. He felt her tits as he kissed her as deeply as she kissed him. She wrapped a leg around him and ground her crotch against his, making his woody rise to the occasion. His hand proceeded down to her ass, finding its way to her waiting pussy. A finger stroked her wet, waiting nether lips, and they parted eagerly.

Charlene pushed Frank away and took a deep breath. She looked at him with fire in her eyes, and held his gaze as she unzipped his pants and pulled out his engorged manhood. She unzipped the back of her dress and let it fall to the floor, revealing her exquisite body. Frank pressed himself against her, squeezing one breast while thrusting his tongue into her mouth in a hot, lustful, passionate kiss. He pushed her back up against the wall and forced her pegs apart. She put his hands on her ass and wrapped her long legs around him, pressing her hot cunt against his cock. He lifted her up and guided the head of his ready manhood to her love opening and pushed it in slowly. He started fucking her gently, easing his way into her nether garden. Once he was all the way in, he started to fuck her in earnest, relentless pounding her twat, pushing his weapon in hard, fast, and deep with every stroke.

In just a couple of minutes, on the verge of a massive cum, Charlene was screaming, “NONONONONO, I’M NOT READY! I NEED MORE TIME!!!” She exploded all over his organ, her girl fluids gushing down her legs. “OGOD, OGOD, OGOD…” she whimpered. “It’s just too much…” Charlene sagged against Frank.

When her orgasm began, Frank also blew his wad deep into Charlene, sending jet after jet of jism, planting his seed in her furrow. After he finished, his legs started to buckle. The only thing that kept both of them from falling was Frank’s boner, still at full hardness, stuffed in Charlene’s love channel.
Frank gently laid Charlene down on the Army Surplus cot, kissed her gently on the lips, and said, “Damn, Charlene, that was GOOD! I’ve never cum so fast or shot so much in my life!”

“I’ve never cum so fast or so strong, either,” she said, looking him lovingly in the eyes. “The only one that comes close was Billy Ray Russell, back in my junior year of high school.” She sat up a little. “I don’t like cumming so fast; it leaves me a little… flat, I guess. We need to do this again, but slower.”

“I’d like that,” Frank said, “but I have to work tomorrow, so I can’t wait for you to finish your shift here.”

“Not a problem, lover,” Charlene said. “Do you have an extra thousand dollars cash with you?”

“Yeah, but…”

“Shh, shh, shh,” Charlene said, holding a finger against Frank’s lips. “The owner has several ‘Private Rooms’ that he lets out to us dancers for $500.00 an hour. That gets the guy his girl and a bottle of champagne. They can do whatever they like in the room with each other. Or, you can just buy two $500.00 bottles of champagne, we drink them slowly, then I tell the boss that I’m done for the night, and we go back to your place and soak your bed. What do you think?”

“Can I buy the two bottles and then we take them with us?” Frank asked.

“Maybe. I’ll ask the boss. He should know,” she said. “Now, give me my undies, get dressed, and have a lap dance from that cute waitress while I get ready.” She kissed him gently.

“OK,” Frank said, latching on to one of her nipples as he gently rubbed her quim.

“OOOOhhhh…” she moaned. “Later, baby,” she said, pushing his hand away. “We’ll have all night.”

He smiled at her as he put his pants on, his crotch still showing a considerable bulge. He turned and left the dressing room, finding his way to the stage door. He went and sat at his usual table.

“Ready for another Coke, Frank?” Wanda asked, noticing the bulge in his lap.

“Yeah, Wanda,” Frank said, eyeing Wanda’s curves, “and a dance, too, if you please.” Frank gave Wanda a fifty, and she wiggled off to get his drink.

She brought his Coke, set her tray on the table, and sat in his lap. She had to adjust her position a little, as she felt a bulge in his crotch. “Was she good?” Wanda asked.

“Who?” Frank replied.

“The girl you went backstage with. You were back there a while,” Wanda replied. “Was she good?” Wanda unbuttoned her tiny shirt and showed Frank her bra-encased tits.

“No, Wanda, she wasn’t good,” Frank said. “She was fucking GREAT! And you aren’t helping any with your tits almost falling out like that.”

Wanda started gyrating in Frank’s lap, jiggling her tatas in his face. She turned around and ground her crotch against his woody, making Frank even more uncomfortable. “I’m a cheaper date, Frank,” Wanda said, “and I taste great and fuck even better.” She turned back around and slipped her legs outside of his, pushing her pussy against his crotch rocket. “You like my tits, Frank?” Wanda asked, popping her boobs out of her bra. She lifted a nipple to his lips and said, “I’m yours tonight, if you want me. I’m yours any time, if you call me. Chrissie told me about your date, and how she made you rape her over and over and over.” She put her marvelous tits back into her bra. “Here’s my number; call me after you finish with the redhead slut.” She buttoned her blouse after writing her number on a cocktail napkin. She looked at his bulge and noticed a small wet spot. “Looks like you like me, too, Frank,” she said, as she wiggled off back to work.

Charlene came out and sat with Frank. She had changed into a very skimpy halter that threatened to spill out its contents without warning; a mid-thigh, skin-tight skirt; black, wide-fishnet stockings, reaching to just under the hem of her skirt; and patent leather black shoes with three-inch stiletto heels. Frank’s bulge got harder just looking at her.

“Have you ordered the champagne yet?” Charlene asked. Seeing that there were no bottles, she said, “Go ahead and order them, and I’ll talk to the boss. It should be all right.” She put her hand in his lap and pushed gently to help her stand up. Frank’s bulge got harder and was threatening to unleash its charge in his shorts.

“Two $500.00 bottles of champagne, please,” Frank said to Susan, another hottie-patottie waitress: blue eyes; 38EE-24-34; 5-feet-4-inches tall; blonde wavy hair down to her incredible ass; sexy legs; and a killer smile.

“Sure thing, Frank,” Susan said, winking at him. “Charlene’s hotter than a pistol, and she LOVES to fuck. She’ll try to wear you out.” Frank gave her 10 $100.00 bills and watched Susan swing and sway back to the bar.

Charlene came back and sat with Frank again. She said, “The boss said it would be OK, but we can’t let the bottles show. We don’t have an off-sale license, and he could get in trouble if we’re caught. Fortunately, I have a big purse that can safely hide two bottles. I have to go back to my dressing room and get it.”

Susan brought two magnum bottles of champagne to the table and gave Charlene the chips for the sale. Charlene got up and went backstage. Susan whispered to Frank, “She’ll be back, Frank. Don’t worry. In the meantime, here’s my number.” She wrote her phone number on a cocktail napkin and gave it to him. “I like women and men, so if you want a little spice with Wanda, call me, too.” She winked at him.

“Damn,” Frank thought. “No action for a month, and now I have four hot women after me. Looks like I’m going to be a busy man.”

Charlene came back with her purse and put both bottles carefully into her bag. “Ready to go, lover?” she asked, turning her smoking green eyes Frank’s way.

“Sure am, Charlene,” Frank said, taking her hand and leading her toward the door. She stopped at the bar and turned in her chips. “Why did you do that?” Frank asked.

“I get credit for all the drinks I hustle in here. Each chip represents a dollar amount. When I reach a certain amount, I can go home,” Charlene explained. “The big bottles of champagne bring up my total really fast. Two bottles usually is enough for me to go home early.”

“Wow. Do room rentals do the same?” Frank asked.

“No, they don’t, stud muffin. That’s why I suggested the two bottles.” Charlene walked to the door. “It’s time to go, big boy,” she said lustfully, eyeing his crotch and the big bulge there.

They left the club, and when they got to Frank’s car, he helped Charlene get in the passenger’s door. She smiled up at him and patted his bulge. He went around the car and got in the driver’s side, sat down, and looked at Charlene. She was leaning toward him to kiss him when her top popped open and her massive tits fell out. “Oh, drat,” she said in mock despair. “This almost always happens when I wear this top. Can you help me get myself back together?” Her eyes were smoking as she asked.

“I can try,” Frank said, and reached out to her whoppers. He noticed her nipples were still hard, and he tweaked them. He then leaned in and started sucking one while playing with the other. Soon, he changed sides. Charlene was moaning with pleasure. “Is this the kind of help you wanted?” Frank asked.

“Not exactly, lover,” Charlene moaned, “but it’s welcome. Keep it up; I’m getting ready for you.”

He continued to suck on her nipples, and began to stroke her pussy with his fingers. He gently rubbed her engorged clit while nibbling on her chest nubbins. She started bucking against his hand slightly.

“I’m stopping, now,” he said, “but only until we get to a better place.”

“NO!” she cried. “Don’t stop! I need you to do me NOW!”

He placed his wet finger on her lips and said, “SSShhh, Charlene. The last thing we want is to attract the attention of the Vice cops.” He took his finger away, and Charlene licked her lips.

“Okay, but you better be ready to do me soon,” she said, disgruntled, but still very turned on.

Frank started driving away from the club and headed for his apartment. When he got there, he helped her get her massive mammary glands into her halter top, and she closed the front closure, shifting the top so her tits felt right. They went right up to his apartment without incident.

He gave Charlene the Grand Tour of his apartment, ending with the bedroom. “What do you think of it?” Frank asked, meaning the whole apartment.

Charlene pushed him onto the bed and said, “I think we should use it,” meaning the bedroom only. She opened the clasp on her top and let herself spill out into Frank’s face. She unzipped his pants and pulled them and his shorts down to his ankles. She skinned out of her skirt and tossed it aside. She kissed down his shirt until she reached the prize between his legs; a massive, red-purple, blood-hardened, 14-inch long, 4-inch thick, love tool, oozing a drop or two of pre-cum. She gently rubbed the cleaning fluid/lubricant over his cockhead. His pecker jumped at the stimulation, oozing some more of the salty lubricant. She licked it off.

“MMMmmm, tasty,” she said, “like a mix of man-cum and girl-cum. I like it.” She looked at Frank, and he could see the lust in her eyes, waiting for him to enter her and make her cum again, like backstage.

“Looks like you’re almost ready to shoot again, stud muffin,” she said. “I bet Wanda and Susan made you really horny, didn’t they? I bet they both want your cock in their hot pussies. I bet they’re going to be using vibrators on themselves when they get home.” She wrapped her tits around his giant love muscle and started fucking him with them. "I bet they wish they were here doing what I’m doing. I bet their pussies are drooling more juice than they ever did in their lives. I bet their panties will be soaked before they get home.” Her rhythm got stronger and faster as she spoke.

“I bet I drown your tits in cum before I ever invade your pussy,” Frank said, informing Charlene of his imminent orgasm.

“Oh, SHIT!” she said, pulling her tits away from his penis and climbing on top of him, straddling his hips and guiding his huge weapon into her love channel. With one mighty stroke, she impaled herself halfway down. “Oh, yesss,” she said, “that’s it. That’s what I want.” She started bouncing gently on his totem pole, forcing it deeper and deeper into her until she had it all the way in to the base. “OOOhhh God, that feels SSSSOOO GGGOOOOODDDD!!!” She held him in her like that for a minute or so, then started slowly fucking him.

She leaned over him and let her boobies dangle in his face. He started pinching and sucking her nipples, making little spasms of pleasure flow through her body, ending at her clit. “Hey, lover,” she said, “I have a question: what’s your name?”

“Frank Jones,” Frank said, “and I’m the IT guru at the company I work for.” He started bucking up into her cunt with each of her down strokes. “So what’s your full name?” he asked.

“Charlene Thomas.” She started bouncing faster and harder, and he met each of her strokes with one of his, of equal power and speed.

Soon, both of them were too busy with the sex act to speak to each other. She was trying to make him cum, and he was trying NOT to cum before she. On one of her long down strokes, Frank pulled her ass tight against him and flipped them both over, putting him on top, still buried deep within her love canal. He began pumping his cum-gun harder and faster and deeper, bringing both of them to a massive climax.

“OGODOGODOGODOGOD!” Charlene screamed. “I’M CUMMING!!” Her tortured pussy began eagerly milking Frank’s dick for all it was worth as her vagina squirted lots of love juice all over Frank’s bedding and cock.

“OOOHHHH YYYEEEAAAHHH!” Frank called, exploding again into Charlene’s love chasm, filling it to beyond capacity.

Frank leaned over Charlene and kissed her deeply, letting her know he truly appreciated what she did for him. She returned his kiss, letting him know he could do her any time he wanted to. They basked in the afterglow of their love making, he, gently nibbling on her neck and ear lobes while fondling her breasts, she kissing him and gently stroking his weapon, milking all the leftover cum he had out of it into her other hand so she could lick it up and swallow it.

“I’m leaving town tomorrow afternoon,” Charlene said. “I have a gig in Las Vegas, starting Saturday. Here’s my cell number.” She wrote her number on a piece of paper. “Call me Saturday night, if you’re not fucking one of the waitresses.”

“Here’s my number. Call me when you get back in town.” Frank gave her his number. “I’ll make time available to make time with you.” He kissed her again and rubbed her sore, sopping pussy. “Spend the night with me.”

“Gladly, FrankJonesLoverBoyStudMuffin,” Charlene said, kissing his peckerhead and stroking his shaft.
They fucked each other four more times, each orgasm stronger than the last, before they fell asleep, exhausted.

When Frank got up to go to work, Charlene had left, but she also left a note: “You’re the BEST man I’ve ever had, Frank Jones. Even Billy Ray Russell couldn’t hold a candle to you. All my Love, Charlene Thomas.”
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