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This work is in no way a creation of mine but I am sharing it. AGAIN Not my story but thought I would share it. Everything in this story is fiction and should not be believed or attempted as it is WRONG.
Sister Rape

By Thunder (Hetero incest & sex, S/M, Gangbang, NC)

Shannon Harris sat on the living room couch and watched her older
brother Mark out of the corner of her eye. Mark was sitting in their
dad's recliner, sipping beer and keeping one hand stuffed down his
pants while he watched the tape playing on the TV.

Every now and then Mark would look over at her and smile. Mark was what
you would call handsome: tall, well-built (he lifted weights every
day), with shaggy dark brown hair and gray eyes. He had a handsome,
friendly face...most of the time.

Shannon felt giddy whenever her brother looked at her. He hadn't been
the same person all week. He'd been acting strange, sometimes mean,
sometimes... weird. All of this had started a week ago, when her
parents had left to spend the summer in Mexico and left her with Mark.

Mark was 18 and old enough to take care of them both. Shannon was just
11. She'd looked forward to having the summer with Mark. The two of
them were very close. At least until now, she thought.

Mark had never had a girlfriend, though girls called all the time and
asked him out. Mostly he hung around with her and her friends, sort of
like a chaperon. And they all liked having him around. He was a lot of
fun and like a kid sometimes.

But all that changed shortly after their parents left. Mark's behavior
first showed itself as they were driving home from the airport. He'd
suddenly pulled over and put his arms around her, giving her a firm,
deep kiss on the mouth. Mark had kissed her on the mouth before, but
they had always been quick, sweet kisses. This time it was anything but
sweet. Mark shoved his tongue into her mouth and she nearly gagged.
Finally she'd managed to twist away, nearly in tears. "Stop Mark,
please!", she'd begged. He'd hugged her very tightly, telling her he
just wanted to show how much he loved her. Shannon wanted very much to
believe that, because she loved her older brother. So she'd accepted
it. She'd even let him kiss her again. He was gentle this time, but the
kiss was deep. He'd used his tongue again, too. Then he'd told her that
every time he kissed her, for the rest of the summer, it was going to
be like that. Shannon accepted it.

From there, everything went downhill. As soon as they got home, her
sweet, loving brother sat her down and ticked off his "rules" like a
drill instructor. She was not to leave the house without telling him.
She was not to tell anyone what he did to or with her, or anything that
went on at the house, especially not adults, and especially not their

"You're mine this summer, and you'll do as I say", he told her.
Shannon, still being innocent at her age, had agreed. Even if Mark was
acting funny.

Mark had other things he wanted, as well. She was to sunbathe for at
least one hour per day on the back porch--nude. Shannon didn't like the
sound of that--what if somebody saw? But she agreed to do it. Further,
she was to shower daily--with him.

Shannon told him no. It was bad enough he wanted her to sunbathe nude--
but take showers with him? Innocent as she was, Shannon knew something
was wrong. She refused to do what Mark told her.

"Fine. Then when mom and dad call, I'll tell them you've been bad. And
you'll never get that pony you wanted. Remember?"

Shannon had gasped. Her parents had promised that if she was good all
summer, she'd get a pony for her birthday in September. A real one she
would ride on weekends and during the summer. But if Mark said she was

She agreed to do what he wanted. Mark had been pleased.

That night, and the rest of the week, Mark had kept her at home,
letting her see none of her friends, telling them she was sick. During
that time a lot happened to change Shannon's perceptions of her

Aside from the kissing, showers and sunbathing, Mark started using
swear words around her. He'd never done that before. His favorite was
"fuck". The first time they were in the shower, he introduced her to
his penis, which he called "Mr. Stiffy". It certainly was stiff,
Shannon saw, as it bobbed in front of her eyes. Mark had explained to
her what was done with it, pointing out the precious parts of her young
body as well.

It was the first time Shannon had actually considered herself. She was
a pretty girl, with golden blonde hair that fell in teased waves past
her shoulders, and green eyes, like her mom's. Her small body was
slender, already developing curves, her tiny breasts just forming, with
the pink nipples contrasting against her newly tanned skin. Her tiny
slit was flat against her abdomen, her ass small and tight, and her
legs long and shapely.

Shannon had been a little afraid then that Mark might put his cock, as
he called it, into her mouth or her cunt, as he called her slit, while
they were in the shower. But he didn't. He was actually very nice to

That first shower, Shannon also had her first orgasm. Mark had insisted
on soaping her down, paying special attention to her cunt. As his hand
played over her, moving back and forth, then in gentle circles, she'd
felt strange stirrings run up her abdomen, teasing her insides and
making them quiver. She began to pant, her whole body trembling now.
Mark slipped his finger into her. It hurt a little, but not much,
because he didn't go far, but the teasing, tingling feeling increased.

"Whats...happening...?", she panted, leaning against Mark as her knees
grew weak.

"Feel good?", Mark asked.

"Y-Yes!", she panted.

"You're having an orgasm", Mark told her. "Want more?"


Mark had rubbed a little faster, a little harder, and the feeling got
better, overwhelmed her, and her eyes rolled up in her head and she
collapsed against him, panting and trembling and out of breath.

When she was finally able to straighten up, Mark showed her how to do
it herself. She plunged her little finger in as she instructed, feeling
around. There was a wall of flesh in there that stopped her probing,
and when she pushed on it, she hurt. She told Mark. He told her it was
her cherry, and she'd lose it soon enough. He didn't tell her how. She
just assumed it would go away itself.

After the shower, Mark dried her off and took her to his room, where he
had her lay down and then he spread her legs. This time, he used his
mouth down there, and it was even better.

After that, things were sort of normal. She spent the afternoon with
Mark doing house chores, then he wanted to play. The game he wanted to
play was called Kidnapped. They'd played it before, lots of times. Mark
would pretend to grab her, then tie her up and gag her. After a while
he'd let her go.

Today was different, though. After he tied her up and gagged her, he
pulled her shorts and panties down and fingered and sucked her to two
orgasms. Shannon found she liked it. Mark's behavior no longer worried
her, in fact--it was enjoyable. At the time.

Over the next two days, it was pretty much the same. At night Mark
brought home porno tapes, either ones he rented or ones that came in
plain boxes. The rented ones were of men and women, but the other ones
were with girls like her, sometimes with two or three men. Mark
insisted Shannon play with herself while she watched, so she did. Just
watching gave her a funny feeling.

After a while, though, she noticed that the girls on the tapes didn't
seem to be having much fun, especially when the men put their cocks in
the girls mouths or cunts, and even their asses! On the last tape, it
got even weirder. In this one the girls were tied up and gagged, and
some bled when the men put their cocks into the girl's cunts. Shannon
could hardly watch. Mark, on the other hand, was getting very excited.
He had taken out his cock and was jerking it wildly. He came three or
four times, too. He'd told Shannon that something came out when a man
played with it, but she'd never seen it before!

The first time he came, Mark had scooped it up on his fingers and told
Shannon to lick it off. When she'd refused, he threatened to say she'd
been bad. So she'd licked it off. It was salty sweet and gooey, but it
wasn't too bad. When Mark had come again, he'd told her to lick it off
his body. She'd done so quickly. She had seen more on his cock, but he
told her not to worry about it yet.

And so it went on, until in one scene, a pretty, dark haired girl in a
brownie scout uniform was led in. She was bound and gagged but quiet,
not crying. Shannon thought she looked familiar.

"I know her!", she said.

Mark jumped up and switched off the VCR. "Okay, enough for tonight",
he'd announced. "Go to bed."



So Shannon went. She'd considered sneaking down to look again, but
didn't want to get Mark mad. Besides, the films worried her. It was fun
doing things with her brother, whom she trusted--weird as he'd been--
but with strangers, she could never do it.

On the following day, the weirdness got weirder. She got up to dress
and saw that someone had been in her closet. On closer inspection, she
realized all of her pants were gone, as were all of her long holiday
dresses, flip flops and anything but a few pairs of dress slippers and
sneakers. Her other dresses and shorts were still left, but her tube
tops and tank tops were gone as well. But something else was there.
Several pairs of pantyhose, all sheer nudes, with holes stitched in
front and back. Along with them were several pairs of white cotton
little girl panties, similarly stitched.

Shannon was wondering about all this when Mark walked in. Without a
word he pointed to the bed. Shannon lay down and spread her legs for
him, and he fingered her roughly to orgasm. It hurt more than it felt

"Now got get some sun, shower and get dressed", he told her coldly.
Shannon did as she was told, then returned to get dressed. Mark had
laid out her clothes: a pair of the crotchless panties, a pair of hose,
a white long sleeve blouse and vest, a short denim skirt and white
slippers. He watched her while she dressed, then pushed her down on the

"This first", he told her, pulling out a coil of rope his back pocket.
He used it to tie her wrists together behind her back. Grabbing a pair
of panties from her drawer, he stuffed them in her mouth.

Shannon knew what was going to happen next, because of the tapes last
night. She lay there, frozen in horror, as Mark took his pants down,
freeing his huge, hard cock. He climbed up between her legs and shoved
his finger into her, starting another orgasm, despite her fear.

"I'm going to fuck you, sis", he told her. "Hell, I'm going to rape
you! And this isn't going to be it. No way. I'm going to do it all
summer. And other guys are going to do it with you. You've teased me
long enough, baby sister!"

Shannon screamed, but the gag stopped it. Mark's hips thrust forward,
pushing into her. She screamed again. He was at her hymen. He thrust
once more.

Shannon gasped. It felt like she'd been punched in the gut. She felt
her hymen tear. She felt Mark slide far up inside of her, deeper than
ever before. And it really hurt.

Her scream was more of a pained moan; the world was flashing, spinning,
moving in and out. Mark was leering at her, her own brother, moving in
and out of her. Raping her.

So that was what this was called, she found herself thinking. It hurts
so bad. The pain was all she was aware of. Not the tears on her face,
not the fact that Mark was dumping his load of cum in her
underdeveloped womb, his entire body shaking with his own orgasm.

The rape went on for hours, Mark spending himself in her time and
again, to the point that he was actually hurting himself. She drifted,
unaware, until...

The teasing. It was there.

Shannon was suddenly aware of it, among the pain and the discomfort.
That good feeling again, building. Even though her insides burned, it
was there. Mark was moving slowly now, looking tired. The sun was lower
in the sky where it hung outside her window. Shannon began to moan.

"It's about fucking time", Mark muttered.

Her orgasm hit her with glorious force, washing away everything.
Immediately, she passed out.

When she woke later that evening, she was in bed, naked and sore. But
she'd been untied and Mark was leaning over her, looking more like his
old self. He gave her a kiss on the cheek. "I'm sorry I had to hurt you
so badly, sis", he told her softly.

Shannon started crying. "Why, Mark?"

"Because you're so hot, sis. You're gorgeous and I've wanted to fuck
you for a long time. So when mom and dad left, I knew I had a chance.
Except that I couldn't do it unless I had complete control. I had to
rape you."

"But why?", she sobbed.

Mark stroked her hair gently. "Okay, listen. I'm a control freak,
alright? You're not the first little girl I've done this to. See,
there's these guys I met up with, and they're like me. Somehow they
found out about you and wanted me to bring you around so they could
rape you. But I was afraid they'd hurt you too much. I know I hurt you
when I raped you, but I didn't hit your or beat you, okay? I could
never hurt you like that. But those guys...I wanted you to be ready."

"Are you going to rape me again? Are they?"

"Yeah. We all are."


Suddenly Mark's face hardened. "Now you listen, sis. I'm trying to be
nice. Like it or not, you're going to get it. You agree to let me, and
anybody else, and I'll do my best to help you have orgasms every time.
And I'll tell mom and dad you were really good this summer. It's not
much of a price to pay. Your virginity for a new pony."

Shannon, lacking the experience and knowledge older girls had,
considered it. Somehow, a pony seemed more important than letting men
use her body. She didn't know much about dignity or self-respect, you

"Okay, Mark. But please, no more tonight."

Mark's face softened. "No more tonight. Tomorrow you'll suck me,
though, and I'll fuck your ass. Then you get a day to rest, okay? Then
I want to show you something."

Shannon nodded. She thought she might even get to like it--especially
if she could have orgasms. "Okay."

"Good girl. There's more to this, sis, that I'll tell you right now.
Now go to sleep."

"Stay with me, Mark?", she begged. "Just don't...don't do anything,

"Okay", Mark agreed.

Mark did not stay, however. After his sister was asleep, he picked up
the phone and dialed his parents hotel in Mexico. It took a bit to get
connected, but when he was on, he was all too pleased to hear his
father's voice.

They talked for a long time, then hung up. Yawning, Mark returned to
his little sister, eager to snuggle up to her naked, warm body.

The following day Mark spent raping her ass. He left her naked and but
tied and gagged her. He was pretty gentle--he told her he didn't like
doing asses much. He even taught her how to take it without much hurt.
Shannon learned quickly.

And so, Shannon found herself sitting on the couch, feeling giddy as
she watched Mark. She didn't know why, but soon, she would.

Shannon turned her attention to the porn flick on the TV. Shannon
watched closely as women went up and down on guys cocks, studying the
things they did. So did Mark.

Shannon had learned something else that day, as well. When Mark tied
her hands, or just handled her roughly, she got hot and wet. That was
good, because after dinner, Mark had tied her hands and broken his
promise by raping her. The wetness made things hurt a lot less, and
she'd enjoyed it. It became more enjoyable when she screamed, since
that really turned Mark on. Even the pain added to it all, and soon she
found herself wanting Mark to rape her again and again, even to hurt

When Mark was done, he didn't untie her. She'd begged him to do it
again, eager to have his stiff cock in her. But he was limp now, and
none of it did any good.

"Beg me not to", he told her.

"Please Mark, no more", she begged, putting as much fear into her voice
as she could. His cock started to harden. The more she pleaded and
cried, the harder it got. And when he raped her again, she loved it.

When it came time to suck his cock, Shannon resisted. It turned both of
them on. She was actually a little scared, and the fear turned her on
even more. He pushed her, resisting, until his cock was in her mouth,
pushed until she choked. Only then did he let up, and Shannon went to
work on his shaft, sucking, licking and blowing until his hot cum was
shooting down her throat.

He raped her six times that night, mouth and cunt and once up the ass.
She loved every second. She found she liked to be treated roughly, to
be hurt without being whipped or slapped or beaten.

Afterward, Mark showed her the rest of the tape. She did know the
Brownie scout; her name was Missy, and three years ago, she'd
disappeared. On the tape, three men and a boy--Mark, no less--were
raping her. It turned Shannon on. She wished she could trade places
with that girl. The idea of being held captive, raped and used and
abused like that, turned her on endlessly. She asked Mark whatever
happened to Missy, and he told her that after they were done, she was
turned over to another group of guys who used her in a snuff film.

"She was raped, tortured and finally killed", Mark told her. For some
reason, Shannon got even more excited. She questioned Mark endlessly
about how they got Missy and what it was like, then asked him when she
could get some strange guys to do her.

"Not right away, and not alone", Mark told her. "Give it a few days. I
want to be there to be safe. After that, could always be
sold, or let some guy pick you up. But you might get killed." He said
the last thing without much concern.

"I don't care", Shannon insisted, lost in her lust. "I want to be taken
and raped and used. I really do!"

That night, Shannon fantasized about strange men luring her into their
cars, of dozens of escaped convicts raping her young body. The next day
she and Mark rented as many rape videos as they could get, and Mark got
some more unmarked ones. Shannon soon added having her nipples pinched
and clothes torn to her fantasies.

For the remainder of the two weeks Mark kept her around the house, her
fantasies grew. With Mark's help they began to write them down on his
computer and sent them to bulletin boards he was on. The fantasies got
darker, with her winding up dead or even tortured in some. In still
others, she'd begun to add her friends, particularly her best friend
Julie Roberts. The idea of Julie getting it really turned her on.

For the time being, however, it was just her and Mark. As the week drew
to a close, he raped her less and less. Over the last two days, he
didn't touch her at all.

On the morning of the last day he told her they were going shopping.
Once more he laid out her clothes: a white long sleeve blouse and an
acid washed mini skirt, white slippers--the clothes she'd first been
raped in. He gave her a pair of the crotchless panties and the holey
hose to wear as well. She was practically shaking with excitement,
realizing how many men would see her.

They drove to the mall. It was a huge place, two stories, and easy to
get lost in. Somehow, she did, becoming separated from Mark. Up until
last week, she'd have been terrified. Now she was excited.

She got a lot of looks, and eventually, a young man approached her. He
asked her her name and then asked her if she'd like to have some
pictures taken. She went along eagerly.

He led her to a van in the lot and helped her in--then shoved her to
the floor and pinned her down. Shannon screamed and he slapped her. Not
very hard, but enough that she knew to be quiet, and enough to scare
her. Either way, she was already getting wet.

Shannon begged him not to hurt her, forcing tears that came all too
easy. He just grinned and dropped his pants. He wasn't as big as Mark,
but he'd do. He flipped up her skirt and stared at the hose underneath.

"What's this?"

"M-My b-brother w-wants me to wear them", she said.

"Smart", he laughed, and slammed into her.

Shannon screamed. That hurt! But she liked it anyway. The man's hand
clamped over her mouth and his other hand caught her wrists and held
them together as he had his way with her. Shannon hid her orgasm behind
whimpers and sobs. The guy neither seemed to notice nor care that she
was wet and not a virgin. Mark had told her to lie and say she had an
accident that caused her hymen to tear, in case anybody asked, and she
didn't know why she was wet. He said that probably wouldn't matter,

As her orgasm hit, something else occurred to Shannon--Mark wasn't
there. He said he would be, too, but he wasn't. Suddenly she realized
that this man was indeed a total stranger...and she was at his mercy.

The stranger came a minute or so later, spewing his load inside of her.
He pulled out and made her lick him clean. "Not bad", he told her. When
he finished, he tied her hands behind her and gagged her with a strip
of tape, then tied her ankles. Then he climbed into the driver's seat
and they took off.

Shannon realized, with a thrill of excitement and terror, she would
probably die today. She wondered how, and would he torture her first?

The van stopped about half an hour later, and the side door opened.
Four men in leather jackets and chains got in. Bikers. Shannon felt her
heart leap.

Over the next six hours Shannon endured a brutal gang rape that
stretched her young body to the limits. There were fifteen men in all,
and each took her every way he could, in positions she'd never
imagined. Her clothes were torn off, she was slapped, her cunt and
stomach punched several times when she resisted. She was choked
unconscious twice while they raped her, bringing on untold orgasms.

After the first hour, all of her excitement and lust faded and gave way
to fear. By the sixth hour she was numb inside and sore outside. They
dumped her unceremoniously out of the van into a grass patch beneath
some trees, leaving only her ankles untied. After a while she managed
to get up and started walking.

It wasn't long before she was picked up by four high school boys. With
her clothes in tatters, her hands bound behind her and only slippers on
her feet, three of them took turns on her. It didn't matter that she
was only eleven. It didn't matter that she'd been used. They saw pussy
and they took it.

The fourth boy took her when the others were done and held her tightly.
She cried into his shoulder, needing the comfort. Eventually the other
boys dropped her and him off near another car.

As soon as the others drove off, he raped her, too. He called her slut
and whore and said she deserved it. She felt she did.

When he was done, he at least took her home. That was when he revealed
he knew her and Mark. He didn't say anything else.

Five minutes later she stumbled inside. Mark jumped up from the couch
and ran over to her, holding her tight. He untied her, got her to the
shower, and put her to bed. He was good the whole time. She told him
everything, and then he gave her a sleeping pill and she was out like a

She spent the next three days in bed recovering. Not only physically,
but mentally. And found that, in retrospect, she'd enjoyed herself.
Only now did she realize that. It was terrifyingly fun.

When she finally got out of bed, Mark told her Julie had been by. A
slow, sly smile crossed her face. "Mark, do you think maybe Julie
would...join me?", she asked.

Mark grinned. "I think that could be arranged..."

Chapter 2

Shannon had spent much of the last three days reflecting on her
feelings during the rape. Being raped by her brother had been one
thing. She knew and trusted and loved her brother and deep down, knew
that though he was hurting her, he still loved her and he would somehow
make it all better. By that, she meant, he would bring her to orgasm.
And afterward, no matter how brutal the assault, he would treat her

Strangers were different, and it was in that that Shannon found the
true excitement of the rape. You never knew what a stranger would do,
and that scared her. She liked that fear. On top of that was the
knowledge that this person was a total stranger--and he was free to use
her as he wished, to view and touch and fondle her most private parts,
while she was powerless to stop him.

Being helpless, being roughly handled--these turned her on in ways she
would never imagine. There was also the suddeness of the attack--it
might come anytime, anywhere, by almost anyone. You never knew just how
many would do it, or how often it would happen. Shannon fantasized
about being raped in her own bed, or being pulled into a car, or even
being raped in school, spread eagled on a desk while every teacher and
male student had his way with her.

And then, there was the pain. Shannon found it exciting. Pain increased
her orgasms and made her weak. When the bikers had punched her cunt
during the rape, she had come instantly. Being choked into
unconsciousness had been a wild, powerful climax for her.

All of this, the fear, the pain, the unknowing and the helplessness,
the strangeness--all of it drew her to be raped again and again.

Shannon also wanted to see how it was for other little girls. She
wanted to see them get raped. She'd begged Mark to take her along when
he went out to rape other little girls. He promised he would, after she
helped him get her best friend, Julie Roberts. Shannon was eager to see
Julie get raped, and she knew Julie would like it as much as she did.
If she didn't, Shannon didn't care. Her own needs and desires had
displaced anything else, a fantasy so strong nothing mattered but
having it fulfilled.

For now, she was stuck at home. Most of the bruises she'd sustained
during the gang rape had healed, but Mark wanted her to stay home for
at least another day. He was acting like her big brother again,
treating her with kid gloves, instead of using and abusing her body as
he had only a few days ago.

Shannon gave in, submissive as usual, and did as Mark told her. She had
to confine herself to masturbating to her fantasies or the numerous sex
tapes Mark had. Mark didn't provide her any relief. In fact, he was
acting like he felt guilty for what he'd done to her.

Mark was always home, either cleaning the house or watching the tapes
with her. When he was with her, he watched her intently, his eyes
gleaming as he followed her fingers, moving in and out of her cunt.

Eventually she got to the tape of the Brownie scout, Missy. Mark had
let her see the rest a few nights ago--or so she thought. She'd been
too busy questioning him about what happened to Missy to watch the

This time, she decided to watch.

As it got to the last part she'd seen, little Missy, only seven, lay
bound and gagged and sobbing on the bed. Her uniform was ripped to
shreds and blood from her torn hymen coated her abdomen and inner
thighs. Mark and the men were standing around her, stark naked and
panting. Shannon masturbated slowly, imagining herself in young Missy's
place. She figured the film was over, since Mark had told her that
they'd given Missy to some other guys who'd raped, tortured and killed

Suddenly, one of the men leaned forward and slapped the little girl
hard, across the face. Missy screamed and was slapped again. Another
man punched her cunt, making her double up. Mark and the others
straightened her out, while the last man produced a pair of C-clamps,
which he attached to the girl's nipples.

Shannon bit her lip. She knew that had to hurt, and wanted to feel it
at the same time. She began to masturbate faster, her fingers working
in and out of her furiously, her orgasm nearing it's climax.

And then the totally unexpected happened. Mark got on the bed, forcing
his cock into the little girl. Clutched in his right hand was a knife.
Mark began raping the little girl, while his left hand moved up under
her chin, forcing her head back, exposing her soft, white throat.

Shannon stared, half in disbelief and half in total excitement, as Mark
reached up with the knife and slit the little girl's throat from ear to

Without warning Shannon suddenly climaxed, the most powerful orgasm
she'd ever felt. She let out a shrieking moan and nearly fell off the
couch, her insides clutching together as the full force of the orgasm
passed through her. Her eyes lit briefly on the screen, where Mark was
continuing to rape the dying girl, whose blood was pouring out of her
throat, all over the bed...

Slowly, shaking violently with the power of her climax, Shannon got to
her feet. The tape had faded to black now, the last sight Mark
screaming with delight as he came in the girl. With what seemed like
all the effort she could muster, Shannon hit the rewind button.

She let it go a few seconds, then hit PLAY. The scene started over with
the man punching the girl's cunt. Shannon hit PAUSE and sat down,
taking deep breaths to calm herself. She could hardly believe what
she'd seen--or how it had felt to see it!

She'd masturbated to a few dark fantasies with her own death in them,
but actually seeing a young girl die--a girl not much younger than she
was--was powerfully erotic. She shoved her fingers into her cunt and
began to masturbate furiously, hitting the PAUSE button again before
sitting back, pinching at her nipples as well, putting herself once
more in Missy's place.

She could imagine it now, the pain, the horror, watching as Mark
entered the girl, imagining not Mark, but some stranger, entering her,
raping her, hurting her, and then the knife, the sharp knife against
her slender throat, the pain of it biting in, the man still raping her-

This time she did fall off the couch, the orgasm so strong she doubled
over, moaning in orgasmic pleasure. Mark came running in and stopped,
gaping at the TV. "Shit!", he yelled, and hit the STOP button.

"No!", Shannon protested, her body shaking furiously as the orgasm
continued its assault on her. Her slender thighs quivered around her
fingers, still buried deep between her bare labia lips, the tips
brushing at her clitoris, stimulating her more and more. "No, Mark!
Again! Play it again!"

Mark stared at her for a moment, a look of curious confusion and
absolute glee on his face, then rewound the tape and played it again.
Over and over they did it, Shannon's orgasms crashing into her with
force, sending her mind and body to new heights of pleasure. Six,
seven, eight times, and finally, she was too weak to go on.

Mark lifted her up, gently, and laid her on the couch. "You really
liked that?", he asked, sounding surprised.

"Oh Mark, yes!", she cried. "Yes! It was so nasty! And you--" She
stared at her brother, suddenly frightened. She was alone, with not
only a rapist, but a murderer. The fright suddenly heightened her sense
of pleasure, giving her a giddy thrill. She was truly enjoying walking
the dangerous edge. "You cut her throat!"

"Yeah", Mark answered gleefully. "Shit, sis, if you liked it that much,
I'll fuck you a lot more! I've just been nice to you because I thought
you'd suffered so bad, and I guess I felt pretty bad about that,
because I wasn't there to stop it, but--" He didn't finish. Instead, he
slapped her across the face, a stinging slap, and threw himself onto

Shannon awoke to bright morning sunshine streaming in her window and
the soft snoring of her brother next to her. She was a little surprised
at being able to move; Mark must have raped her a dozen times last
night, driving her right to the point of exhaustion.

He was like an animal. Brutal, his cock not just slamming, but RAMMING
into her, like a pile driver. It had been so painful, so brutal, she
was in tears, but not even that had stopped Mark. He just kept going,
calling her a "slut" and a "whore" and a "dirty cocksucking fuckbitch"
and a whole slew of other foul names.

She'd liked it anyway. The more brutal he got, the more powerful her
orgasms became. Right up to the point where he'd started choking her,
squeezing her throat until she finally blacked out. That, had been
absolutely the best.

She slid out of bed, standing uneasily on shaky legs. She was still
pretty sore. She looked over to Mark. It was hard to believe her
brother was a killer. He didn't look like one. Shannon had always
believed killers were greasy men who didn't shave and wore long black
jackets and sunglasses--like the Terminator. Of course, she'd thought
the same thing about rapists, too.

She padded quietly into the bathroom and showered, then laid out on the
sundeck to get her daily tan. She was just coming in when Mark stepped
in her way, a maniacal grin on is face.

"Oh, sis..."

Shannon tried to bolt, but he grabbed her arms and threw her down on
the bed, pinning her with his body. Shannon squirmed, but it was
useless. In less than a few seconds Mark had his cock in her and was
pumping away, forcing her to orgasm.

"That was fantastic", Mark moaned, pulling out of her. "Now go take a
shower. And wash your cunt out real good." He turned and left the room.

Shannon showered again, expecting Mark to show up at any moment. She
loved never knowing when he was going to attack her again.

Mark was waiting when she got back to her room. He was fully dressed
and showed little interest in her, even those his eyes kept roving her
tiny, naked body. "Get dressed, slut", he told her. "We're going out."

Shannon was acutely aware of him watching her as she dressed. She put
on a pair of pink cotton panties first--normal ones--and then a pair of
snug, short white denim shorts that neatly encupped her ass cheeks and
stretched tight across her cunt. She pulled on a short sleeve white
blouse and tied it above her midriff, then finished the outfit with a
pair of white tennis sneakers and a thin black belt.

"Not bad, slut", Mark snapped. "Now get over here."

Shannon made her way meekly over to him. He motioned for her to sit
next to him. He made no move to touch her.

"We're going up to the lake today", he told her. "I want you to call

Shannon got up quickly. She was shaking, both from fear and excitement.

"That's who I said, didn't I?", Mark asked.

Shannon nodded. She hurried to the phone and dialed her best friend's
number. She dearly wanted sweet Julie to join her.

Halfway through dialing, she hung up. "Mark, are you going to rape
her?", Shannon asked, almost eagerly, yet with a touch of guilt and

"Yeah", Mark laughed.

"Can I help?"

Mark thought it over. "I guess, yeah. But you can't tell her what we've
been doing. You'd ruin it. I want her to like it as much as you do."

Shannon nodded. She wanted Julie to share in this. She wanted to watch
Mark rape Julie and teach her to enjoy what Shannon now enjoyed. And
then, to let others use Julie.

Shannon eagerly dialed the phone now, fighting to contain her
excitement. After a few minutes of meaningless chatter, she invited
Julie to go up to the lake with her and Mark. Julie immediately
accepted. It had been two weeks since she'd seen Shannon, having been
told Shannon was "sick in bed."

As soon as she hung up, she turned to find Mark waiting, stark naked.
He grabbed her and flung her onto her bed, holding a hand over her
mouth while he climbed onto her. Shannon struggled and whimpered,
turning him on even more, and then he was raping her...

Julie Roberts hung up the phone and squealed with glee. Shannon was all
better, which meant an end to the boring two weeks she'd spent with
nothing better to do that watch TV or join the other friends they had.
Julie was especially close to Shannon, who was her best friend, even
though Shannon was a year older, at 11.

Julie was pretty for ten. A small girl--four foot five--she was
slender, her figure slightly curvaceous, her legs long and trim. She
was a natural redhead, her thick, wavy hair framing her young face and
spilling over her shoulders and down her back, nearly to her waist. She
had small, freckled cheeks and jade green eyes, which complimented her
soft white skin.

Julie was also a little wiser than young Shannon in some ways. Her
parents had divorced two years ago and the little girl had been forced
to mature faster than most kids. It didn't detract from her innocence,

Julie liked to play with dolls and do other little girl things, but she
also understood sex. She knew what a penis and a vagina were and how
babies were made, and she knew good touch and bad touch. She knew what
rape was, as well, and how painful and humiliating it could be. What
she didn't know was how soon she'd find out, first hand.

Julie had been lounging in bed until Shannon called. She got up now,
took a fast shower, and got dressed, putting on a short sleeve blouse
and short white shorts with white sneakers. Under that she wore a
white, two piece bathing suit, which she really didn't need. Julie's
breasts had not yet developed to any great degree and the bikini top
was more of a belt than a top. But it was still sexy.

She still had an hour left, so she packed up a towel and some things in
a small bag to take with her, and made herself some breakfast. When she
was done, she hurried over to Shannon's.

Mark stood by the window of his bedroom, watching for Julie. Shannon
was in her own room, getting dressed again after he'd raped her.

Mark was getting tired of raping his sister. It had been his greatest
fantasy since he was thirteen--a fantasy denied him until now--and at
first, it had been great. But now Shannon enjoyed it too much. He knew
that when she resisted, it was more of an act than anything real. He
was getting less and less satisfaction from it. Even brutally attacking
her as he had last night didn't do it. Much of Shannon's innocence--the
thing that had made her so appealing in the first place--was now fake.

He decided to give it some time before he raped her again. Maybe a few
months, maybe a year--get her to believe he wasn't going to do it
again, so when he did, it would be a shock. That, he figured, would be
satisfying. In the meantime, he'd step back and watch others hurt his
sister, maybe kill her. The idea was appealing.

For today, at least, he would rape Shannon a few more times, in front
of Julie. It was part of a sick little plan he'd cooked up, knowing
that Julie, in some ways, was more mature than Shannon, and would be
harder to break down.

He might even have to kill her. The idea stirred up his loins. Mark had
no compunction about killing; he'd murdered at least a dozen little
girls since he was fourteen. He did, however, prefer not to. Killing
them was risky, sometimes messy. And if you didn't kill them, there
were always there to be used again. You simply had to scare them enough
that they wouldn't tell, or get them to like it.

Mark knew he could even kill his sister. Last night, when he'd been
choking her, he almost couldn't stop. The delight in watching her
squirm had been too much. Only the realization that he'd never be able
to hide it from his parents had stopped him.

He guessed he'd see. Today, he wanted Julie. She was fresh and
innocent; her fear and pain would be real. Just like it had been with
Shannon. He wanted to get Julie under his thumb, eventually. It didn't
matter if she liked it or not, and would be better if she didn't. And
after that, he wanted her twin sisters.

Shannon stepped quietly into the room and moved up to stand beside him.
She was very quiet, but the eager gleam in her eyes as she stared out
the window was enough to tell him what she was thinking.

Mark looked down at Shannon's outfit. It was the one one she'd put on
earlier. Mark had bought her a whole new wardrobe with his parents
credit card. Each outfit was sexy or cute, and from now on, that was
all that Shannon would wear. Mark had long ago been told that clothes,
especially shorts and short skirts, followed by a girl's legs, then her
face and body, was what most often drew rapists. So everything that
Shannon wore would look right on her, normal, but would also draw
attention to her.

He heard the front door open downstairs. He smiled at Shannon.
"Remember, just like we planned it. Don't let her know."

"I won't", Shannon promised with a giggle.

The lake was a secluded spot near a private lake that Mark's father
partly owned. As such, they had it all to themselves, which made it
perfect for the plan.

Julie sat in the back seat, smiling a sunny smile, as they drove up.
Shannon sat in the front seat next to her brother, ready to burst with
excitement. Everytime she looked back at Julie, she could imagine the
fear and pain on her friend's face, how good it would look. How good it
would feel for Julie when Mark's violating cock brought her to orgasm.

They drove down the small dirt road that led to the spot and got out.
Mark had packed a lunch, but it would be a while before they ate. He
wanted to get down to business first.

Julie loved coming to the lake, and was eager to escape the heat and
get into the water. But Mark said no. "I found a nest of baby squirrels
up here", he told her. "Why don't we go see?"

"I'll set up for lunch", Shannon offered.

Julie really wanted to spend the day with her friend, but she guessed a
quick trip into the woods wouldn't be too much to ask. Besides, Julie
loved animals.

Mark put his arm around her shoulders and led her deep into the trees,
to a grassy clearing several hundred yards from the campsite. "Boy,
Julie, you're really growing up", he told her. "I can't believe how
pretty and sexy you're getting."

Julie blushed. "Thanks."

"Yeah, you really turn me on."

Julie started to feel uncomfortable. Turn him on? She knew that had
something to do with sex. She tried to step away from Mark, but his arm

"Yeah, I think we should get it on." Mark spun her around, holding her
by the arm. She saw his other hand fumbling with the zipper of his
jeans. Julie screamed.

Mark pushed her to the ground and jumped on her, the full weight of his
body knocking the wind out of her. She gasped as Mark's lips pressed
against hers, forcing kisses from her mouth she didn't want to give.
Mark had pinned her hands down, and she was only able to thrash and
squirm, but it was no good. Mark was too big.

Then she saw Shannon come running up. She was carrying a blanket, it
looked like. Maybe she'd heard the screams and come running. Julie
tried to kick away, but Mark had her too well. He hauled the frightened
10 year old to her feet, twisting her arms together behind her back and
clamping his hand tightly over her mouth.

Julie saw Shannon spread the blanket out, smiling. Was this a joke? Her
terrified mind knew it wasn't. She could feel the press of Mark's cock
against her back, stiff under his jeans.

Realizing now that her best friend had betrayed her, all the fight went
out of Julie. Mark pushed her face down onto the blanket and tied her
hands behind her with rope Shannon handed to him.

"You'll like this", Shannon told her. "Really!"

Mark yanked a strip of cloth between Julie's teeth and tied it behind
her head. He rolled her onto her back and quickly pulled her shorts
off. She felt Shannon press down on her shoulders, and then Mark tore
the bikini bottoms away.

"Hurt her, Mark, hurt her!", Shannon was yelling. Julie watched Mark
pull down his pants, his huge, swelling cock bursting free. Panicked
anew, Julie held her legs together, but Mark easily forced them apart.

"You'll love this", Mark laughed, and went down on her.

Julie's body was exquisite. Soft, creamy skin and delicate pink, almost
white, nipples, a small, flat slit like Shannon's. Julie looked down
across it as Mark's huge shaft penetrated the outer folds and pushed
against her maidenhead.

There was a brief sensation of something good, then horrible pain as
Mark's hips thrust forward. She felt something inside of her
stretching, the pain worse with each second. It was as if she were
being split in half and was helpless to stop it.

Shannon leaned over her. "Doesn't it hurt wonderfully?", she asked.

Suddenly, whatever was stretching broke. Julie could feel it,
magnifying the pain a hundred times. Her back arched, lifting her
almost clear of the blanket as Mark's cock plunged further into her.
She screamed in pain, feeling Mark pull out and plunge in again,
forcing the tight, unused muscles of her sex canal to admit his huge

"It's all the way in!", Shannon squealed with delight. "Fuck her, Mark!
Fuck her!"

"Watch your language!", Mark snapped. "Man, she's fucking tight! Come
on Julie, loosen up! You know you like this!"

"Yeah, you have to like, Julie! You're a dirty slut! Don't you just
love Mark's cock being buried all the way in you? Isn't it great?"

Julie shook her head. She didn't like this and she wanted him to stop.
She could never like this. It was horrible and it hurt and it made her
feel dirty.

"Make her suck your cock, Mark. Fu--put it in her behind! I want to see
your hurt her, Mark!", Shannon squealed. She had her hand shoved down
her shorts, fingering herself madly. "Go on!"

Julie could believe none of this. Her own best friend had lured her
into and let her be, raped. A boy--a man--she'd known and trusted all
her life had bound and gagged her, then violated her, taking her
virginity. And now Shannon was encouraging him to do more.

Julie felt like dirt. She felt like the lowest form of life on earth.
She was a little girl who liked dolls and animals, and who took good
care of her two little sisters.

Julie started. Would Mark go after them, next? Her sisters were twins,
only five. Was that too young for Mark?

She looked at him. He looked crazy. His whole body was shuddering. He
was gasping between clenched teeth, grunting like he was in pain. Julie
knew he'd have no trouble doing this to her sisters.

And then the pain stole her thoughts away. Mark thrust forward, hard,
his entire body shaking. Julie felt his cock swelling inside of her,
felt it pulse, something warm filling her uterus. And then Mark
collapsed on top of her again, gasping.

"Damn!", he muttered, pushing himself up, still buried inside of her.
She watched him withdraw his cock, the shaft covered with her blood,
and the sight of it almost made her faint.

She didn't have long to look, anyway, because Mark suddenly lifted her
legs high, pushing them over her head. Through the V formed by her
thighs she saw him coming in again, felt the tip of his cock brush her
tight rectal hole. Immediately she tensed, but it only made things
worse. Mark was pushing in, slowly but surely.

"You'd better fucking relax or this'll really hurt!", he told her,
shoving more and more of his hard cock deep into her anus, into her

Out of the corner of her eye she could see Shannon, her hand out of her
shorts now, staring wide eyed and horrified at Mark. "Mark, no! Please,
I did what you told me to do but I can't stand it! Leave her alone!"

"Then get out of here, you little whore! Go back to the car! And you
better be there when I get back or I'll blow her fucking head off!",
Mark shouted, sending Shannon scrambling.

Blow my head off?, Julie thought, and began screaming, because that was
all she knew now. At the same time, she also knew, or understood, what
was happening. Mark had been doing this to Shannon--probably the whole
time she'd been "sick". He'd probably promised to stop if Shannon would
lure her out here. And now, she would be raped and killed.

The girl's ass was gloriously tight, even though she had relaxed some.
Mark saw blood, but it was hard to say if he'd torn her ass or if that
was her hymen blood from before. Either way, she was lucky. He was long
but not terribly thick.

Mark climaxed inside the little girl and pulled out. He was spent, at
least for the minute, and Julie seemed exhausted; her screams had
become loud, wracking sobs, barely muffled by the gag. Mark tied her
ankles and told her he'd be back, then stalked off toward the lake.

Shannon was waiting for him at the car. The look of horror on her face
quickly became and ear to ear grin. "Think she bought it?", she asked.

Mark shrugged, heading for the lake shore. "Maybe." He wanted to wash
up and get back to Julie. He stripped off his clothes and dove in,
rubbing his hands all over his body to get clean.

After his quick bath, he took a bucket from the car and filled it with
water and a bar of soap, then carried that and a washcloth back with
him, Shannon tagging along. He'd already decided to forgo his earlier
plan of letting Julie believe Shannon as all for her. Instead, he had
another idea.

Julie was where he'd left her, still sobbing. He told Shannon to clean
her up while he knelt down beside the little girl's head, his cock
dangling in her face. Julie turned her head away and he jerked it back.

"You hate me, huh?", he asked. Julie nodded. "Bet you're scared of me
too, huh?" Julie nodded again. She shuddered a little as Shannon wiped
the washcloth around her bloody slit.

"Bet that feels good, doesn't it?", Shannon asked. Julie nodded. Julie
continued shuddering as Shannon cleaned her up.

"Now listen to me, Julie", Mark told the girl. "I've got a deal for
you. You're not going to tell anybody about this. And I mean anybody.
Furthermore, from now on, you belong to me. You'll do what I say, no
matter what. Is that clear?"

Julie just stared. "Okay, you forced me. If you don't do what I say and
want, your mom is going to suffer for it. The first time, she'll just
get a good scare. After that, she'll get this. One guy. Then there were
will more guys. Maybe she'll even be killed."

Julie shrieked and began to sob. "Shut up!" Mark snapped, slapping her
lightly on the cheek. "It's up to you, Julie. I've had guys watching
your mom for weeks now." That was a lie. But he could have somebody
there with a single phone call. He knew people like that VERY well.
"And don't think I won't. Understand?"

Julie nodded, still sobbing. "That's right. So from now on, you're
mine. I'll rape you when and where I want. And so will others. In fact,
you'll go out and try to make it happen. You're trash, Julie, and your
body is for other people's use. You might even get to like it. Shannon
will tell you all about orgasms and I'll show you. And you and Shannon
will be good friends. And if you're really good, I'll stop hurting you
very soon. Will you do it?"

Julie nodded. Mark smiled. "That's a girl. Oh, and Julie, you don't
have to like it. In fact, I'd rather you didn't." Still grinning, he
got up and walked over to Shannon.

"She isn't hurt", Mark noted, shoving his finger into the girl's cunt,
then her ass, drawing it out clean. There were no outer tears, which
meant she'd stretched pretty well under the onslaught.

"Just like me", Shannon said, getting all hot just looking at Julie's
bare middle. "You're going to love it, Julie. Really. Look at me! I'm
happy, letting strangers use me, letting Mark fuck me silly. We both
deserve it. We're just dirty whores. Sure it hurts, but that's half the
fun! It really makes orgasms great!" She grinned at Mark. "Can I show

"Not right away. I'm not done yet. Go back to the car and get me a beer
out of the cooler." He turned his attention back to Julie as Shannon
scampered off. The little girl's eyes grew wide. She knew. And she
didn't like it.

Mark flipped her over, pushing her legs under her and spreading them so
her ass stuck almost straight up. He grabbed ahold of Julie's shaking
hips and slid forward, his cock sliding against, then into, her little
fuck hole.

Julie groaned in pain as she slid in, burying only about a third of
himself in her, enough to hurt her and enough to make him feel good. He
hadn't done many little girls dog style, but with Julie, it had always
been a fantasy.

"Oh, yeah, Julie, yeah!", he moaned, using short, quick thrusts that
jabbed at her, hurting her, making her scream. Her cunt was already
responding, tightening and slickening with her cunt juices, and slowly
but surely, her body began to shudder, her moans turn to screams as her
first orgasm came upon her.

For a moment he couldn't understand why she'd have one so soon, whereas
it had seemed to take Shannon forever--then he realized it must be the
position. He must be hitting her G-spot. He'd had to remember that,
because he didn't want Julie to always have orgasms. Her pain was much
more fun.

Mark brought her to orgasm first, her little body quivering with
sensation, her breath coming in short gasps and moans as it hit her,
followed by sobs. She probably felt worse for having it, and Mark
enjoyed that. He blew his load in the little girl and flipped her onto
her back, raping her again.

By nightfall, he'd raped Julie at least a dozen times, and his cock and
body were aching. He untied the girl and let her dress, then the three
of them headed home. Julie stayed the night, at his "insistence", and
Mark continued to use and abuse her, even teaching her the finer points
of oral sex, which she picked up quickly.

Every day for the rest of the week he attacked her, sometimes only
once, sometimes repeatedly. Shannon often helped, eating Julie out
while he raped the girl's mouth or ass. Julie quickly learned to
submit, but all the while the fear and hatred she felt for him was
quite apparent. Only fear for her mother's life kept her in line.

By the end of that week, Julie was firmly under his thumb, just like
Shannon. Not as accepting, of course, but stuck. She knew she couldn't
get away and had to live with what he wanted. Even if she didn't like

Mark was quite pleased with himself, and yet, he felt empty. He had
subjugated his sister and her best friend to his sexual will, but it
was somehow...not right. He was a rapist, after all, not a slave master
or pimp. After the initial attack was over, much of the thrill was

Of course, Julie's twin sisters, Brandi and Brianna, still remained to
be taken. And he would, soon. In the meantime, he had other needs. He
still had two months left before his parents came home, and that was
two full months he could spend having fun. Not just with his chosen
few, but with any he might like.

And he would. He most surely would...

Chapter 3

A week and a half after Julie's initial "induction", Mark was already
tiring of her. Sure, she still didn't like what was happening--her
resistance, her fear and pain were still very real, as was her
humiliation--but now she was too easy. He needed something fresh,
something he could have fun with.

Julie's biggest worry, he'd found, wasn't herself. It was her family,
specifically her little sisters. She'd accepted that if she did what he
wanted, he'd let her mother alone. The twins were fresh meat, however.

Mark wanted them badly. They were too young to understand what was
happening but old enough to know that it was bad. Which made it twice
as much fun. "Double your pleasure", he chuckled to himself every time
he thought of them.

Yet he held back going after the twins. He wanted Julie to be a little
more "with it"--because he wanted her to enjoy watching him rape her
sisters. Really enjoy it, like Shannon had enjoyed seeing Julie raped.
He was beginning to think that might never happen, until yesterday.

Julie had come over as usual; she knew better than to stay away,
because he'd be particularly brutal if she did. But this time, she'd
seemed less...apprehensive. She didn't exactly offer herself, but her
resistance was considerably less, and she didn't cry very much
afterwards. Mark had begun to wonder if she was finally getting it when
she knocked him for a loop.

"Mark, could you do some other little girls?", she'd asked,
right out of the blue.

Mark thought he was hearing things. "Huh?"

"I want to see you do some other little girls", Julie told him. "I want
to watch."

"Do you? Then you can watch me do your sisters."

"I was thinking of some others", Julie said quickly. "Strange little
girls. It'd be more exciting because they'd really be fresh, see? We
wouldn't hardly know anything about them. I could go get some for you
and bring them here. How does that sound?" She'd seemed almost eager to
please. Mark considered it.

"Yeah, maybe", he told her.

There was no more discussion after that. He left Julie and Shannon to
their own devices--sadly, they didn't get raped. In fact, they didn't
even leave the house; they'd just sat around and watched TV, mostly
kiddie porn tapes, until Mark had taken those away. He didn't want
Shannon watching any more of those. He wanted to get some of his
sister's innocent nature back so she'd be exciting again. And that was
a start.

He didn't think it was working. It was the following morning already,
and he was sitting at the table, Julie and Shannon on the other side.
Shannon was eagerly going on about getting some other little girls to
rape, or better yet, getting raped herself. Julie was nodding and
agreeing with her.

"So what time to the twins usually get home?", Mark asked casually.
"I'd like to have them...over sometime."

"Um, I don't know. Usually my mom picks them up", Julie told him. Her
voice was shaking. "Um, but I know that there are a couple of girls
they go to camp with you'd like Mark. They're young and really cute,
and I know where to find them. Maybe, um, me and Shannon could go get
them, huh?" She was smiling, a hysterical smile. Mark thought she might
be cracking up.

"So what are they like?", Mark asked.

"Cute, Mark. One's blonde and one has light brown hair. I think their
five and six. Their sisters. I could show you right now. What do you

Mark glanced at his sister. Shannon was bouncing up and down in her
chair, eager to do it, without actually saying so. "So where do they

"About six blocks from here", Julie told him.

"Okay. You and Shannon go get them and lure them here, okay? Do
whatever you have to, but make sure you keep it quiet. The less people
that see you, the better. Now get moving."

Both girls jumped up and hurried for the door. Mark leaned back in his
seat and grinned. Julie was playing with him. He could tell simply by
looking at her eyes. Eager as her face was, her eyes told a different
story. She was terrified of him going after the twins; that's why she'd
suggested the other girls. Silly Julie, the little slut, she had the
makings of another Shannon in her. She was so damned determined to
protect her baby sisters she'd let some other girl suffer in their
place. Too bad she made it so obvious.

Only it was Julie who was going to suffer. For lying to him and trying
to make him believe she wanted to play by his rules. He wouldn't hurt
her mother, though. No. He would hurt the twins instead.

Julie had lied when she said her mother picked the twins up. A
desperate lie at best, because Mark saw the twins get dropped off every
day around three. It was five to three now. A few more minutes and
they'd be all his.

Brandi and Brianna Roberts had no idea of what their sister had endured
the past week. They'd only noticed she'd become awfully jumpy and
protective of them, but wouldn't say why.

It was doubtful they would have fully understood even if she had
explained. Being only five, they knew little about rape--about as much
as Julie when it came to body parts, but beyond that, good touch/bad
touch was about it. They also knew it was wrong for a man or a boy to
touch them in their private places in any way, and to just say no to
make it stop. Innocence might have been bliss, but the twins were going
to learn it was also very painful.

Both twins were incredibly gorgeous for their young age. Short--four
feet tall--and slender, they were identical in every way--waist length
dark red hair, very fine, with a slight wave to it. Freckled cheeks and
pert noses made up the rest of their pretty faces, and both girls
possessed the same green eyes as their sisters.

Both girls wore the camp uniform--red shorts with a white t-shirt and
white tennis sneakers. Brandi, who always wanted to be just a little
different, also wore white ankle socks. It was sort of a mini-
rebellion; Brandi was the tougher of the two twins, less shy and more
outgoing, more brash, to Brianna's quiet, mouse-like nature.

Suddenly Mark Harris called them from next door. He was standing on the
porch, leaning over the railing. Both girls liked Mark and knew him
well. "Brandi, Brianna, Julie wants you to come over here", Mark told
them. Both girls shrugged and hurried over. Mark ushered them inside
and shut the door.

"Julie dropped an earring down in the rec room. Could you go down and
find it, Brandi? I need to borrow Brianna for a minute."

"Sure!", Brandi offered, and dashed down into the basement, where the
rec room was. Brianna, left alone, smiled shyly at Mark. That smile
faded a moment later when Mark produced a coil of rope from his back

"What are you going to do with that?", Brianna asked, her little eyes
wide and fearful. Mark didn't answer. She was young, she was
vulnerable, and she was all his.

He grabbed her shoulder and spun her around, clamping his hand over her
mouth. He knew Brianna was no fighter, and she didn't fight him this
time. She didn't even try to pull his hand away.

He forced the little girl into the living room and shoved her face down
onto the couch. He told her if she screamed or made a sound, he'd hurt
her very badly. Brianna started to cry. Mark slapped the back of her
head, making her cry harder. Mark laughed. He was liking this already,
and it was only one of them.

He used the rope to bind her wrists behind her, then slipped a gag into
her mouth and tied it off behind her head. He flipped the little girl
over and gratuitously fondled her bare legs, enjoying the feel of the
baby soft skin.

"You're a little whore, Brianna. I'm going to hurt you for that. I'm
going to hurt you so much you'll want to die. And I'm going to do it
while your sisters are watching, and then I'm going to do them, too."
He carried on the threats, terrifying her with each new sentence. Then
he hauled her to her feet and forced her down the basement steps.

He could see Brandi on her hands and knees, searching the carpeting in
the rec room for an earring that wasn't there. Her little ass wiggled
at him, teasingly. She didn't seem to know they were there until he
pushed Brianna into the room.

Instantly Brandi jumped up, her face flashing a smile first, then fear.
Mark lunged for her but missed. Brandi bolted for the door and nearly
made it. Mark, caught off balance, stumbled back and grabbed for her
arm, catching her sleeve instead. It was enough for him to spin the
girl, then he brought his fist, hard, into her cunt.

Brandi doubled up and crumpled to the carpet, sobbing. Mark got his
balance again and hurried over, gagging the girl while she lay curled
up, then hauling her hands away from her sore middle and tying them
behind her back. Brandi, still in pain, didn't try to fight him as he
bound her ankles and threw her onto the rec room couch, then turned to

The little girl flinched at his approach, but gave him no trouble. He
pushed her down into another chair and tied her ankles. He told her to
keep quiet, then hurried out, shutting and locking the door behind him.

Two down, two to go, he thought to himself.

"Over there", Julie pointed.

Shannon looked to where Julie was pointing. There were two little girls
playing on swings in a backyard. Both were very pretty, and looked
young, about five or six, like Julie had said. She didn't know their
names, however.

Mark had taught Shannon a lot about luring little girls. The first
trick was to make sure there were no adults around who might stop them.
If there were, she was to leave. After that, all she had to do was
figure out how to lure them.

The two of them made their way over to the white picket fence that
surrounded the back yard. Instantly, Shannon knew her brother would
love the blonde. She was the younger looking of the two, her hair long,
down past her waist at least, and pulled back in an elaborate, braided
pony tail. She wore a dark pink polo shirt and lighter pink track
shorts, with white sneakers. Her skin was well tanned and her eyes were
a vibrant blue. Shannon got wet just thinking about watching her
brother do the girl.

The other girl was not as pretty. Her hair was cut short, just above
her shoulders, with bangs in front. She was tanned and slim, but kind
of tall, with freckled cheeks and glasses. She wore a pink t-shirt and
denim cutoffs and white sneakers.

Shannon approached the fence and called out to them. "Hi!"

Both girls waved and came running over. The blonde recognized Julie.
"Hi! Aren't you Brianna Roberts' sister?"

Julie nodded. "I'm Julie. What's your name?"

"Tiffany", the girl said.

"I'm Jolene. Where's Brandi and Brianna?"

"At my house", Shannon offered. "They wanted us to come ask if you
would come over and play."

Tiffany clapped her hands excitedly. "Yeah!"

Jolene slapped her sister's shoulder. "I don't know. Our mom isn't

"You can call her from my house", Shannon offered, her eyes drifting to
the little blonde. She wanted badly to see Mark rape this little girl.
Maybe he'd even kill her.

"Please, Jolene?", Tiffany pleaded.

"Alright", Jolene agreed.

On the walk back, Shannon learned a lot about the sisters. Jolene was
eight but looked younger; Tiffany was six. Shannon also discovered she
didn't like Jolene. The girl was very unpleasant, almost nasty, and
didn't smile much. She'd suggest to Mark that they kill her.

Julie was quiet the entire way home. She didn't smile or even look at
the girls, and Shannon was starting to believe Julie really wasn't
having fun, like she'd told Mark. Julie was a rotten liar, Shannon
knew, and had always been. She thought Julie might be lying again, and
that made her mad. She didn't know just why it did, but it did. She
wanted Julie to have fun and share in this. But she didn't seem to want
to. So Shannon decided to tell Mark, and maybe he'd hurt Julie enough
so that she'd learn.

Shannon was becoming quite the sado-masochist without even realizing

They took the back way home, and as they passed Julie's, Shannon saw
her friend glance toward her house. She was probably looking for the
twins, and secretly, Shannon hoped somebody had snatched them. Shannon
used to like the twins, but lately she saw them as just dirty little
whores, playtoys like herself. She longed for the day when Mark would
pop their young cherries right in front of her.

At the back door of the house, Shannon ushered the two girls in. Mark
was sitting at the kitchen table, a friendly smile on his face. He
introduced himself and made a few minutes of small talk with the girls,
then told Julie to pour them some lemonade.

"Where's Brandi and Brianna?", Tiffany asked.

"Upstairs", Julie cut in quickly. Shannon thought she looked awfully
nervous. She didn't have long to think before Mark grabbed her arm and
pulled her into the living room.

"Listen, sis. Julie's lying to us. I don't think she knows how to
properly play the game, if you know what I mean." He grinned, running a
finger across Shannon's crotch. Shannon moaned with pleasure and
nodded, then told him about what she'd seen on the way home.

"Oh, is that so? Well I guess that proves it then. Tell you what. I've
got a special surprise for her, and you get to help. First we've got to
do these two. Then we'll take care of Julie."

"You going to kill her, Mark?"

"Nah, she's too cute and useful to waste. Let's just say we'll make her
think twice about lying again." He gave his sister a quick kiss and
told her to go get Jolene and bring her upstairs.

Mark waited in his room for the girls. His first impression of Jolene
was much the same as Shannon's: he didn't like her. She wasn't cute or
innocent or anything. But she was a fuck, and that was what mattered,

Mark had prepared his bed just for these occasions. The top covers were
stripped off, and under the bottom sheet was a rubber sheet, designed
to keep blood out of the mattress--just in case anyone should ever
choose to search. Every bed in the house was so equipped, in truth,
just to be safe.

Shannon led the girl in. Jolene glanced around, back to Shannon, then
at Mark. "So what's this shit?", she asked.

Mark's jaw dropped. The kid had a mouth, too! "Watch your language", he

"Fuck you. You wanna fuck me, right? Take on a little girl? Okay, let's
go." She started taking her clothes off.

Mark shook his head. "No. Don't take them off. Get over here."

The girl sashayed over, acting very cocky. "You've done this before?",
Mark asked.

"Listen, asshole, I've been fucking guys since I was four. I've done it
all. Ass, mouth, pussy, I've suck and fucked and licked ass, so there's
nothing I haven't done."

Shit!, Mark thought. Just his luck, he'd get a whore who knew the game
already. Which meant she'd want it, and he couldn't even think of
getting it up. "What about your sister?"

"She's my cousin, not my sister", Jolene snapped. "Primo virgin, far as
I know. So, you wanna fuck or not? I told you, I've done it all."

"Ever been tortured and murdered?", Mark asked.

The girl's eyes grew wide. Mark grabbed her by throat and jammed her
jaw shut, then slapped her hard across the face, breaking her glasses.
She was stunned for a moment, then kicked him. Mark saw red.

He drew back his fist and punched her in the face, smashing her nose
and knocking two teeth out. Blood spurted out of her smashed lip and
broken nose, nearly covering her face. Mark was not done yet, however.

He flung the girl onto the bed and grabbed her elbows, twisting her
arms up behind her back until he heard her shoulders pop out of their
sockets. The girl screamed, but it was lost in the mattress. He heard
the door slam and realized Shannon had run out. Overcome by rage, he
tore the girl's clothes off and began beating on her until everything
became a blur.

After what felt like hours, the rage passed. Mark stood back, calmly
surveying the damage. The girl was a mass of bruises and blood. Blood
had soaked the sheets under her, and when Mark felt for a pulse, there
was none. He'd beaten her to death.

He sagged back against the wall and sat down. He didn't feel satisfied,
just disgusted. She was a lousy tramp, worse than any little whore-to-
be. She deserved what she got. But now he had to clean up the mess.

Rising to his feet again, he pulled the sheet up around her and tied it
as best he could. The rubber mattress beneath was soaked with blood;
the porous surface had prevented it from running, at least. He flipped
that over, then secured it with duct tape he kept handy. Tonight, he'd
dispose of her.

For now, he wanted to get to Tiffany. And then...and then, the twins.

Julie nervously played a patticake game with little Tiffany, who sat
giggling and singing in the kitchen chair, totally unaware of what was
going to happen to her. Julie felt sorry for the little girl, and sick
with the idea that she'd brought her here in the first place. But it
was either that, or let Mark get the twins. And Julie's greatest hope
was that by helping Mark out, she'd turn his attention away from the
twins. Letting him use her just wouldn't do it; she knew Mark could
only get off on fresh, innocent girls, so it came to this. Luring girls
like Tiffany to him. Bait for the trap.

A few times she'd looked out the window, hoping to see her sisters and
make sure they were alright, but had seen nothing. She couldn't, of
course, know that they were literally under her feet.

Shannon was standing in the kitchen doorway, where she'd been for about
the last ten minutes or so, one hand shoved down her shorts as she
fingered herself. Julie had tried to look interested, occasionally
stroking herself as well, but was no longer sure she was fooling
Shannon. Her friend had a weird gleam in her eye, a cold, mischievous
look Julie didn't like.

"Hey, Tiffany, why don't you watch some TV? I don't know what those two
could be doing up there", Shannon suggested.

Tiffany turned around with a smile. "Okay. Is Jolene still up there?"

Shannon grinned. "Yeah. She's having a lot of fun." She ushered the
little girl into the living room, then shut the kitchen door. She
walked over to Julie, grinning coldly. "She's going to be a lot of

"Yeah", Julie agreed, forcing herself to sound convincing. "I can't
wait to see Mark pop her cherry."

"Bet you can't", Shannon giggled. There was something in her tone that
made Julie very uneasy. "Bet she'll bleed a lot. Like you did."

Julie suppressed a shudder at the memory. "Yeah. But then I realized it
was so much fun, and I think she will, too."

"Sure", Shannon agreed. "Hey, maybe if you're lucky, Mark will leave
the twins alone, huh? Or maybe he'll fuck them anyway."

Julie felt her stomach turn. "Yeah. I'd like to see that."

"Sure you would", Shannon laughed. "Especially Brianna."

Julie cringed. She loved Brianna a little more than Brandi, largely
because Brianna was so sweet and helpful. She certainly didn't want to
watch her...get it.

Julie decided to change the subject. "I wonder if we can get raped
soon. By strangers. I'd really like to feel a strange, hard cock in
me", she said, actually getting turned on by the idea. That made her
shudder. Was she losing it, like Shannon had?

"Yeah, me too", Shannon agreed. "And I'd like to watch them do you,
Julie. You...REALLY...deserve it."

Mark came down the stairs and saw little Tiffany sitting on the couch,
watching TV--all vulnerable and ready. She looked like a screamer, so
Mark didn't plan to scare her too much until she was tied up.

"Tiffany? Come on up", he called.

The little girl jumped up and raced up to him. He took her hand and led
her into his parents bedroom--a place full of fond memories for him.
Soon to have more.

He told the little girl to sit on the bed, then locked the door behind
him. When he turned around, Tiffany was standing there, her eyes wide.

"Why did you lock the door?"

"So you can't get out", Mark told her, producing ropes and a gag from
his back pocket.

"Please don't hurt me, mister. I'm just a little girl. Please, just let
me go. I won't tell."

"Can't do that. Anybody done this to you before, Tiffany?"

"No. But Mommy told me--"

"Mommy is a whore and liar like you, Tiffany. Now I'm going to tie your
hands. Turn around."

"No, please, mister--"

Mark grabbed her wrist and spun her around. The little girl didn't
resist, nor did she scream or cry as he tied her hands. "So what did
Mommy say?", he asked.

"S-She s-said that s-sometimes m-men like to get little g-girls alone
and h-hurt them", she whimpered. Her words ended and she started to
sob. Mark pulled the gag between her teeth and knotted it under her
pony tail, then sat her down and tied her ankles. He fondled her bare
legs and she jumped when he touched her between the legs, crying
harder. Mark unlocked the door and yelled for the other girls to come
up and see.

Shannon arrived first, grinning from ear to ear. Julie was right behind
her, also grinning. A false grin at best, Mark saw, because her eyes
betrayed her discomfort.

Mark turned back to the little girl and slowly removed his clothes. He
was going to enjoy this. He'd been cheated out of Jolene, the whore, so
little Tiffany would have to take the full brunt of his lustful urges.

Tiffany's eyes got very wide when she saw his cock bouncing up and
down, pointing at her like an accusing finger. "Boy, is she scared!",
Shannon laughed. "What do you think, Julie? What should Mark do first?"

"Put it in her mouth", Julie insisted hoarsely.

Not a bad idea, Mark decided. But not right away. Tiffany was scared,
but not scared enough. Her tears weren't enough to please him. He
wanted to see her squirm, feel her struggle.

So he jumped her. Literally. He took a flying leap and knocked her
back, pinning her with his body. He rammed his lips against her slender
white throat, kissing and suckling the delicate flesh. Stunned at
first, little Tiffany quickly responded, squirming and bucking under
him in a desperate, but futile, attempt to get him off of her.

Mark's hands slid up and down her slender, baby soft thighs, kneading
the tender flesh with his fingertips. He hooked his fingers into the
waistband of her pink track shorts and pulled them down to her knees
while his lips roamed over her tear stained cheeks and shaking, gagged

He lifted himself slightly to look at her panties. They were cute
little girl ones, white with little daisies printed on them. He slid
his hand under the waistband and fingered the little girl, making her
groan and squirm with pain. He withdrew his fingers and shoved the
panties down, eager to get into her hot little snatch.

Mark grinned and spread the little girl's labia lips. Tiffany squirmed
a bit. Mark put his cock head against the inner folds. She was tight,
dry. She'd be a bleeder for sure. He pushed a little harder until his
cock was against her tiny maidenhead. Tiffany was moaning and twisting
around now. "Quit squirming!", he snapped at her. She stopped. Mark
pushed hard against her maidenhead. He felt it tear. Little Tiffany let
out a painful moan and a grunt and her stomach flexed. Then she sobbed
real loud and began to shake. Mark knew it must have hurt.

He pushed as far as he could but she was real tight, so he pulled out
and pushed in harder. Little Tiffany was really sobbing and he was
getting turned on. He began to pump her. Each time he got a little
further until his balls were banging off her ass. She only bled a
trickle. She was twitching and groaning the way virgins do and Mark
couldn't stop himself, he came. He dumped his whole load inside her and
pulled out.

Mark grinned at the girls. He felt like going again. Tiffany was
sobbing and hiccuping, but she wasn't worn out yet. He yanked down her
gag and pulled her into a sitting position, holding his cock out in
front of her mouth.

"You suck this, got it? You bite and I'll knock your teeth down your
throat!", he shouted, shoving most of his cock into the girl's mouth.
He wanted a good blowjob so he didn't push it all the way in. Little
Tiffany didn't bite him. She sucked, but it was pathetic. "Pretend it's
a fuckin' lollipop, you little cunt!"

Tiffany began to suck harder. It felt good. Mark grabbed her head and
jerked it back and forth, bringing himself to a cum. The girl's mouth
was a hot, wet little oven that just drank down his cum. He got off and
pushed her back, shoving the gag into her mouth.

Mark stepped back, feeling light headed with excitement. Excellent!
She's been one damn good fuck and suck. He turned to the girls, pulling
his pants on. "I think we'll keep her for a while", Mark told them.
"Come on, I need a beer. Let's let her be for a while." He ushered the
two girls out and shut the door behind him, shutting out Tiffany's
pitiful whimpers.

Mark collapsed into a kitchen chair, exhausted but satisfied. Julie
hurried to bring him a beer from the fridge. "Um, Mark, can I talk to

"Sure, cunt. About what?"

"Um, I want to, um, make a deal. I'll help you get all the little girls
you want...if you'll leave the twins alone."

Mark almost choked. "What?"

"I, um, I'll help you get all the little girls you want--"

"I heard you, slut. You'll help me if I leave the twins alone."

Julie nodded. "Yeah. And I'll even help you rape them and...get rid of
them, if you want. Just please don't touch the twins. Please!"

Mark grinned. He liked when little girls pleaded with him. It turned
him on--a lot. "You know, fucktoy, you might have a deal there. I mean,
what are the twins? I use 'em once and that's it, right? All done, no
more fun. Just like you." He took a deep swallow of beer. "Probably
would be a lot easier for me, too, huh? I don't know, though."

"Please, Mark. Those two were only the start. Little girls trust me. I
know how the younger ones can be because of the twins. If you'll just--

"Alright, you got a deal", Mark told her. "But you better keep up your
end, got that? No whining or complaining. I want

"I promise", Julie stammered, nodding enthusiastically.

"You better, snatchlips", he snapped. "Or they get it. Now get lost.
I'm sick of looking at you."

Julie took off like a streak. Mark leaned back in the chair, laughing
so hard he couldn't drink his beer. A deal! What a load of crap! Stupid
Julie. She'd figure it out pretty soon. That little whores like her
didn't make deals with men like him. There were no deals to be made.
The twins were just whores, and whores were meant to be used. Plain and

Boy, did Julie have a surprise coming!

Chapter 4

Shortly after Julie left, Shannon came downstairs to find her brother
in the kitchen, sipping at beer with a smile on his face. "Julie go
home?", Shannon asked.

"Yeah. But she'll be back soon."

Shannon went to get herself a soda. "So what about little Miss Slut
upstairs? What are you going to do with her?"

"I want you to go play with her", Mark said. Shannon grinned, but Mark
held up his hand. "Not like that. Like little girls play. I want you to
be friends with her."

What was he getting at? First, he'd stopped her from watching his
tapes. Now, he wanted her to go play with Tiffany. It didn't make
sense. "Why?"

Mark gave her a hard look. "You aren't any fun anymore, Shannon. You're
too...mean. Rapists don't like mean little girls. They like sweet

"So, what will they know? I can be sweet."

"It's not the same", Mark sighed. "Why do you think I don't do you
anymore? Because I know it's all an act. You just aren't scared
anymore. Not even of dying."

Shannon nodded. That was true. This...thing had consumed all of her. It
was full time, more than a fantasy. It had become a way of life. She
wasn't sure she liked that.

"You can't change that", she told him.

"Maybe I can. But I'll work on that later. I want you to go up and make
friends with Tiffany. When Julie gets back, tie Tiffany up again. Then
get down here. If you want to be mean, you're going to have a few more
chances. But after that..." He trailed off and grinned. "Go on, get

Shannon left, mystified by Mark's sudden change of behavior. She knew
he was right, but she didn't think she could change. You can't undo the

She was nice to Tiffany, as nice as she could be. She untied the girl
and bathed her, then braided her hair up again and dressed her, being
friendly the whole time. Tiffany just wanted to go home.

Eventually Shannon got her into a game of dolls, and that calmed the
little girl down. She heard Mark take Jolene's body out of his room and
down the stairs, and did her best to keep Tiffany occupied while he was
doing it.

It was amazing the way kids bounced back. One minute Tiffany was
sobbing over the loss of her virginity (or more accurately, the hideous
shock, fear and pain of the attack) and the next, she was smiling and
enjoying dolls. Watching her, playing with her, Shannon felt a pang of
longing for her lost innocence. She wanted to be like Tiffany again,
but knew that could never be.

Mark drove up to the lake and weighted down Jolene's body with rocks,
then threw it in. There were a lot of bodies in that lake. Pretty soon,
Tiffany would probably be joining them as well.

He was still considering other possible uses for the girl. He wanted to
keep her at least a few days, experiment with her. Nothing sick or
vicious, but rather, something like he'd started out with on Shannon.
He'd do nice things for her after each rape--sort of reward her. That
hadn't worked with Shannon, but it might work with Tiffany. It was just
an experiment, though; he'd have to get rid of her eventually.

On the way back home, he made a detour toward the "bad" part of town,
to a small, ramshackle house that looked like it was ready to fall
over. Nobody was there, but he'd made an appointment to meet somebody
last night. He pulled the car onto the weed choked lawn and locked it,
then quickly made his way inside, ignored by the few homeless people
and less seedy types that frequented the streets and back alleys.

Inside stunk of feces and vomit and the coppery stench of blood. It was
in here that Mark had made his first snuff film. It was still used for
that, sometimes, but he hadn't been here in a while.

"I'm here", he announced.

A tall, white haired man dressed in a business suit stepped out of one
of the empty rooms. There was a bulge under his jacket that spoke of a
very large gun. His calm blue eyes assayed Mark, then he nodded. "Right
on time", he said.

Mark let out a deep breath. The guy's name was Max--just Max. Nobody
seemed to know much about him. He never joined them for rapes or helped
kidnap kids. Mostly, he trafficked in special drugs and devices and
helped to get the snuff films distributed. Nothing else.

Max actually scared Mark. The guy was an enigma--cool and to the point,
smart as a whip and quick as one, too. He could pick out a lie in a
minute and let you know about it. He was always tense, always ready,
and didn't like people who beat around the bush. He reminded Mark of a
time bomb.

"I'm here about that behavior stuff you told me about", Mark stated.
"What is it, a drug?"

Max leaned back against the wall, his face expressionless. "It's a drug
and more, Mark. It's actually an overlapping three part process
involving drugs, hypnosis and subliminal messages carried on audio
tape. The drug is the simplest part. It inhibits certain...unnatural
urges. In the shortest terms, it makes one want to be submissive. By
itself, it's only use would be as a sort of sedative, similar to sodium
pentathol. But when combined with the subliminal messages and the
hypnosis, it can work wonders."

"So how much?"

Max sneered, then his face went blank again. "Money. Money and sex.
With little girls. Is that all you think of, Mark?" He shook his head.
"There's more to it than "how much". I have to establish the program,
detail it for each victim personally. That takes time. When that's
done, we'll discuss cost." He sighed, folding his arms over his chest.
"Now, who do you want this for?"

"My sister", Mark told him. "I want her to get her innocence back. But
I don't want her to lose the urge to get raped. I just don't want her
to like it as much as she does now."

"Innocence stolen is innocence lost, Mark", Max explained softly. "But
you can restore something of her personality. You said she's becoming a
real bitch, like someone else you know."

"Yes", Mark agreed. "So can this do it?"

"I believe so. It'll take a few days, maybe a week. I'll call you when
it's ready. The cost will be minimal--let's say ten thousand to start."

Mark nodded. He could get the money easily. His family was loaded. They
just didn't flaunt it. "Okay. You've got a deal."

"I'm pleased, Mark, very pleased. Now I suggest you get home to little
Tiffany and the Roberts twins."

Mark started. "How did you know that?"

"I know many things, Mark." He grinned, a rictus grin not unlike that
of Death itself. "Many things." The grin faded as quickly as it came,
and he stepped out of the room, leaving Mark feeling vaguely chilled.

Shannon heard the front door open and close. She heard footsteps on the
stairs, too light to be Mark's. So it had to be Julie, and Mark wasn't
home yet.

She turned to Tiffany. She'd been having fun, playing with the girl,
and suddenly felt guilty about both her earlier thoughts and the
knowledge that now she was supposed to tie her up. The idea was still
strongly appealing, but she just didn't want to. She'd have to find
some other way.

Julie came in without knocking. Tiffany looked up and smiled. "Hi
Julie", she said brightly, then turned back to the dolls.

Shannon saw her friend watching them, mouth agape. Quickly she got up
and pushed Julie out, shutting the door. "Mark went out and I untied
her. She's really a good kid. I like her."

"You like to see Mark rape her", Julie said bitterly.

Shannon shook her head. "No...well, yes, but...I don't know. I guess I
wish I was like her again."

"Me too", Julie sighed.

"And I don't want to tie her up. Maybe if I can keep her quiet--"

"Have you seen the twins?", Julie asked. "They aren't at the house and
I'm worried...that Mark..."

"I haven't seen them", Shannon admitted. "And Mark didn't say

"He promised he wouldn't touch them...", Julie said thoughtfully.

Shannon shrugged. She knew nothing, but had a pretty good idea that
Mark had taken them. Only he hadn't told her as much. "I don't know."

The front door slammed a moment later Mark came up. He grinned at them.
"Julie! Back so soon?"

"I can't find the twins", she said apprehensively. "I don't want Mom
worrying and--"

"Don't worry. I saw them earlier, heading toward the playground or
something with a couple of other girls. And no, I didn't take them."

Julie looked visibly relieved. "Now go downstairs and watch TV or
something. Both of you", Mark told them. Julie started down, but
Shannon stayed behind. As soon as Julie was out of sight, she grabbed
Mark's arm.

"Please Mark, don't tie Tiffany up again. She's been really good.
Please, I mean it. I'm not acting. I really like her."

Mark shook his head. "She's got to be tied up. I can't take chances.
I'm not going to do her right off, if that's what your worried about.
Now go down and stay with Julie. It's almost time for her punishment."

"Alright", Shannon agreed quietly.

The second Tiffany saw Mark, she let out a scream and ran for a corner,
curling up into a ball. Mark felt the urge to rape the girl again but
held back. He wanted to save it for the twins. "Get up", he demanded.
Tiffany didn't move. "Get up or I'll really hurt you!"

Sobbing and shaking, the little girl got up. Mark grabbed her wrist and
slapped her ass. "That's for screaming", he told her, then flung her
face down onto the bed and tied her hands with rope he kept handy. He
gagged her and hauled her to her feet, shaking her. "Now listen to me,
Tiffany. I won't hurt you. Not right away. But you'd better learn to be
good and do what I say or you'll never go home. You got that?"

The little girl nodded. "Good. Now I want you to stay put up here." He
pushed her back onto the bed and tied her ankles. "If you're a good
girl and don't make a fuss, I'll untie you later and let you play with
Shannon. Okay?"

Tiffany nodded again, quieting a little. Mark gave her a quick kiss on
the cheek--part of his "reward" plan--and left. Now, it was time to
teach Julie a lesson.

Julie sat on the couch and watched the kitchen door nervously. Mark and
Shannon were in there, making a lot of noise, and she couldn't go see--
Mark had tied her wrists and ankles, obviously planning to have her
again. He'd gagged her, too, but had left it hanging around her neck
instead of in her mouth.

After about ten minutes they returned, Shannon carrying a large
shopping bag. Mark put Julie's gag back in and lowered her to the
floor, where Julie expected he'd start. But he didn't. Instead, Shannon
knelt next to her, grinning wickedly.

Mark went back into the kitchen. Shannon leaned closer. "You've been
bad, Julie. You lied and you tried to fool us. Now we're going to
punish you for it. Really punish you." She reached into the bag and
withdrew a carving knife, which she laid down next to Julie. Julie
began to whimper, he heart pounding wildly in her chest. What were they
going to do to her?

"It's going to be a very painful punishment, Julie", Shannon continued,
withdrawing more items. A wooden spoon, a wine bottle, a wire whisk,
part of a broom handle, a browning bulb, an eggbeater, and a thick,
dark blue candle, along with a carrot, a cucumber and a dry, knobby
eggplant gourd, and two mousetraps. "Very painful. Especially when I
use this!" She held up the knife. "You'll bleed like a pig!"

Julie screamed and turned her head away. "Oh, don't be such a baby,
Julie. I'm not going to put this in you...or will I? You've been so
bad, Julie."

"Hey, Julie, look!", Mark called.

Julie turned her eyes toward the kitchen. She felt her heart drop. It
couldn't be. But it was.

Mark stood there with the twins, grasping them both by the neck. Brandi
was squirming, but Brianna stood still, her pretty young face so pale
the freckles on her cheeks stood out.

Mark shoved Brandi into a chair and started tying her ankles. Julie
heard Shannon giggle, and felt the flat, cold steel blade of the
carving knife slide up her thigh, under the hem of the skin-tight, very
short white shorts she wore. Still giggling, Shannon cut them up the
side, and the panties as well, pushing them away. With her slit so
exposed, Julie tensed as Shannon lowered the tip of the knife to the
out folds, grinning.

"Should I, Julie? Should I shove it in and make you bleed?" Julie shook
her head furiously. "I guess your right", Shannon giggled. "I'll use
this instead!" She held up the wire whisk, then plunged it against
Julie's slit, twisting and forcing it in, Julie writhing in untold
agony the entire time. At the same time she ripped Julie's blouse open
and started pinching her sensitive nipples.

"Hold on", Mark yelled. "Take out her gag. And don't scream too loud,
Julie, or your sisters will get it!" He stepped over her, leading
Brianna. For a moment, Julie forgot anything but her sister. Shannon
had removed her own gag, and Mark was now removing Brianna's. The
little girl stood quietly, watching while Mark undid his pants...

"Please, Mark, no!", Julie screamed.

"Gag her, Shannon!", Mark shouted, turning his attention back to
Brianna. "Now open up, Brianna, and take it in your mouth."

"I don't want to", Brianna sobbed.

"Well, I WANT you to!", Mark screamed, ramming his cock as far into her
mouth as he could. Brianna choked as it hit the back of her throat and
struggled to break away. "Don't bite me or Julie's dead!", Mark warned,
just as he felt the girl's teeth closing down on his rod. He yanked it
back out, Brianna choking and sobbing and gasping for air.

"Now you do what I want, or next time I'll keep it in there!", he
snapped. "Now take it in your fucking mouth!"

Sobbing, Brianna leaned forward and took as much as she could get into
her mouth. "Now suck on it!", Mark demanded. Nervously, the little
girl's lips began to work on him.

Across the room, Julie screamed. Mark looked over and saw that Shannon
had buried a wire whisk into the girl's cunt, so far that the handle
was no long visible. She twisted it and worked it around, laughing at
Julie's pain. Then, with a grin, she picked up a mousetrap and snapped
it closed over Julie's nipple, giggling hysterically.

Mark's attention returned to Brianna. Her tear filled eyes were
pleading, and just the sight of that, and the sight of his cock plunged
into her young mouth, made him cum.

Brianna gagged right away, but Mark was relentless. He grabbed her head
and told her to swallow. She kept choking. She was turning blue by the
time he let go. She stumbled back, choking and sobbing and making
faces. "Why are you doing this?", she begged.

"Because of Julie", Mark said, "she WANTED us to. She likes it!" He saw
Brianna's eyes go to Julie--sad, pain filled eyes. If Julie noticed, it
was hard to say. She was in too much pain herself, being worked at with
that wire whisk, which Shannon was only now trying to remove from her
cunt--with painful results.

Mark turned Brianna's gaze back to him and shoved her gag back into her
mouth. He pushed the little girl to the floor, banging her head off the
carpet, and yanked her shorts down. She wore cute, plain white cotton
panties. Eagerly Mark tore them away and reared up, ready to ram into
her. This, he knew, was going to be the absolute best yet.

Chapter 5

The sunset turned the sea into a golden-red color as it settled down
over the horizon, bathing the beach in twilight shadow. June Harris
stared at it in a half-daze, her mind and body too exhausted to even
enjoy the beauty of it.

Fourteen of them. She'd counted. Fourteen men had had their way with
her over the past nine hours. Her crotch burned from the thrusts of
their assaults and her mouth felt dry from having sucked so many huge
cocks. Even her wrists and ankles hurt from the ropes that had been
used to restrain her, and now had been removed.

She had been kidnapped early this morning as she left the cottage,
bound, gagged and thrown into a truck, where the rape had begun almost
immediately. It had continued on all day, almost without respite. Then
she'd been dumped here on the beach, nude, her shorts and top torn away
long ago and dumped along the roadside. June closed her eyes and felt
hot tears spring into them.

She was so tired...but she felt so good. She liked to be raped, to be
used. But even she had her limits and today those limits had been
reached and exceeded. For the first time today she felt real fear, fear
that someone else would come along and want to use her, and she didn't
think she could take anymore of that.

She could have wound up dead. The only thing that prevented that--and
there was no guarantee--was the tiny gold medal hanging around her
neck. It said, "Rape me", in short, "but don't kill me." It marked her
as a willing target for those who wanted to pursue their fantasies--
other guests here at the resort, like herself. Most of the women wore
them, and a few of the children, those whose owners or parents wanted
them kept alive. Some wore silver medals, which said, "Hands off." But
all of that, gold or silver, depended on who got you. Staff and guest
played by the rules, usually. Nobody else had to. She wasn't sure if
the guys who took her today had been staff or guests, but she was still
alive, at least.

June had no desire to die. She simply wanted to be used, though right
now, she didn't. Right now she wanted to go back to the cottage, take a
shower, and get into bed. Maybe cry on her husband's shoulder. Brad was
good for that, if little else. He couldn't satisfy her sexually; he was
too gentle, too kind and nice. Sometimes she thought he hated her,
secretly. In fact, she was pretty sure of that. But he always stuck by

Somehow, she found the strength to stand. She wavered for a few
minutes, dizzy, then got her balance and took to brushing the sand off
of her skin. Aside from the necklace, her attackers had left her
sneakers, but nothing else. She must have been quite a sight.

Actually, she was quite beautiful. She was a small woman, five feet two
inches, very slender, with small, round breasts and delicate pink
nipples, now swollen and red from the assault. Her hair was black and
wavy, falling in thick waves to the middle of her back, though it was
now wild and tangled with sweat and sand. Her eyes were the violet blue
of her daughters and her face was a perfect match in every way.

June thought a lot about her daughter lately, pleased that she should
now be enjoying and experiencing what her mother had always loved.
Mark's daily reports were encouraging in that degree.

Mark...June felt an insistent wetness in her middle that she wished
would go away. But it was hard, especially when she thought of Mark.
Mark was more than a son to her. He was her lover--her rapist. The best
she'd ever had. And she'd made him herself.

June was fifteen when she had Mark. Prior to that, she'd gone through
an abusive hell at the hands of her father and older brother, being
sexually abused at almost every turn. Through them, June had learned
how foul she was, what a whore and slut she was, and had grown to
believe it as gospel, set in stone. When she'd met Brad and run off
with him, she'd already been pregnant with Mark--he was either her
father's or brother's child, she didn't know.

Brad, being the kind, gentle soul he was, had encouraged her to keep
the baby. Brad came from money and his marrying her (Brad was nineteen
at the time) put a strain on the family; by having her bear a son, he
was able to patch that strain, even if it wasn't his. And fortunately,
Mark had come out okay. He just wouldn't stay that way.

Brad knew what she had gone through and at first, was understanding
about it. He didn't rape her, as she wanted--she could not enjoy sex
anymore unless it was forced--and she was forced to fake her orgasms
and claim her undying love for him the whole time during their early
marriage. She didn't love Brad. Her father and brother had stripped the
ability to love a man from her. She needed him, however. She needed the
money his family had and the life of freedom, freedom to do things on
her own, that he offered.

Unfortunately, shortly after Mark's birth, Brad had
become...dissatisfied with her. Her need for forced sex was not
something he could do; she began sneaking out whenever she could,
seeking to be raped whenever possible, and it didn't take long for Brad
to find out. Within a year, he was already talking divorce. He didn't
need her bringing scandal to his family, he told her.

June was in a quandry. She had no doubt Brad would support her after
the divorce--he was still too kind of a man not to. But June had grown
used to having money. She'd also--odd as it sounded--grown used to
having a husband. Despite his dissatisfaction, June had some control
over him. He was always trying to make her happy, to please her, within
his own narrowly defined margin of reason. She didn't want to lose him.
She might not have loved him, but it was hard to imagine life without

And then Brad gave her what he needed.

At first, June didn't know. Brad was twenty at the time and attending
college. One night he'd gone to a party and come home, drunk and
stoned. For the next few days afterward, he'd been unusually quiet,
unwilling to talk about that night. Then a package had arrived for him.
He wasn't home, so June had opened it. Inside was a newspaper article
and a videotape. The article was about the search for the individuals
who had gang raped and murdered a 15 year old girl. There was a picture
of her there, too. June didn't understand until she saw the tape.

It showed the girl, tied down spread-eagle to a pool table, while
dozens of college age boys raped her. One of them was Brad. He seemed
completely out of it, as if he didn't know just what he was doing, but
he was doing it. It was enough to get him on.

June made two copies of the tape, putting one in a safety deposit box
under her own name and hiding the other with a "confidant" she knew.
Then she'd confronted Brad with the evidence. Brad, horrified by this--
not only the scandal, but also the fact that he was an accessory to the
rape and murder of the girl--had quickly agreed to any terms she
wanted. They were simple. No divorce, and he was to let her live her
life as she wanted, covering up for her when he had to. And to this
day, he had.

June stopped to look around. The beach was empty; it was nearly dark
now and the lights in the cottages around the resort--a private one,
for people like her, or her son--were burning, shouts and screams and
laughter echoing out through open windows and doors. She heard a
gunshot and knew that some kid had just been snuffed. Such noises and
goings on were normal here.

She continued to trudge on, her thoughts returning again to her past.
For the next seven years, she'd lived out her fantasies, albeit not
daily, and had enjoyed Brad's attention. It was a loveless marriage,
but Brad still cared about her, regardless. She still let him make love
to her, even if she got nothing from it. That was how Shannon came
about. She wound up with her father's hair and personality and the rest
was her mother. Only from Mark's latest reports, it would seem, she'd
also gotten her mother's personality.

As June watched her son grew, she became acutely aware of one fact--he
was not her husband's child, but possibly her brothers or father's. A
part of her, deeply buried, grew to resent her son because of that. It
grew so bad, that when Mark turned eight, she began to rape him.

They weren't normal rapes, either. Not in the sense that she would
molest him, or make him touch her. No. She would attack him with the
brutality a man would attack her, binding the boy, forcing him to bring
her to orgasm, bringing him to orgasm as well, humiliating and
degrading him at every opportunity. In raping Mark, that deeply buried
part of her was getting back at her father and brother, without her
ever realizing it. At least, not until she'd read something about that.
Not that it mattered, anyway.

For the next five years, she had raped Mark, threatening to expose him
to his friends if he told anyone. Brad was aware of what was going on,
but powerless to stop it. She often made him watch or assist, but never
participate. Mark was hers and nobody else's.

June stopped again, just a few feet from her cottage. She could see two
figures up ahead--a man and a young girl. The man was Brad; she could
tell even from here. Tall, with wavy blonde hair and dark blue eyes,
well built, he wore shorts and sneakers and a dark blue golf shirt. The
girl was about twelve, Mexican, and very beautiful. Her skin was
bronzed and flawless, that June could see, with dark eyes and a waist
length mane of dark black hair. She wore a red short sleeve blouse and
short white shorts with white sneakers. Her hands appeared to be bound
behind her, and a gag hung around her neck, but she was smiling,
speaking in perfect English to Brad. June had a pretty good idea of
what was happening here. Brad had probably bought her from somebody.
Not to have sex with, but to prevent it. Not that Brad didn't have sex
with little girls, mind you. For the past five years he'd been doing it
quite regularly. June thought he might even enjoy it. But he was always
slow and gentle, and never initiated it. He practically had to be
forced to do it, usually by her or Mark.

She watched Brad give the girl a hug, then lead her into the cottage.
June would make him fuck her. It wasn't hard. All she had to do was
threaten him with that tape. She had enough influence now with her in-
laws to take control of Brad's finances if she had to--not that she
wanted to, of course--so she knew he'd do it. Or maybe she'd have him
bring her back to the States and let Mark use her. Mark had earned it.

June found herself wondering what Mark was doing tonight. Raping
Shannon or Julie, or maybe some other girl? She'd love to know.

She started to remember the first time Mark had raped her. He'd been
only 13 at the time, and had nearly killed her. She still didn't know
why. All she knew, was it wasn't the only time he would do it.

June had been working part time as a secretary--just something to do--
and had come home from work to find Mark waiting for her. Back then,
Mark had been as tall as she was, and now was even taller; so he'd had
little trouble slipping up behind her and putting his hand over her
mouth, holding a knife to her throat. She could still remember that
moment as clear as day: "Now, cunt, I've fucking had enough of you! I'm
sick of you putting me down...mother! Now it's my turn!" And then he'd
forced her into the kitchen and tied her to the table. Not long after,
Shannon had come in--

Suddenly a hand clamped over her mouth. She felt the blade of a knife
press against her throat, sharp against her skin. For a moment, lost in
her memories, she thought it was Mark. Then reality hit and she
realized it wasn't.

"Very nice of you", a voice breathed in her ear, "coming out all ready
for me like this. Now we're going down the beach and have some fun, you
and me. Only thing is, you won't be coming back." She felt the knife
slide under the necklace and snap the blade. June whimpered with real
fear. Not only was she to be raped--which for the first time in a long
time, she didn't want--but she was also going to die.

Brad Harris gently undid the ropes that held the young girl's wrists,
and took one of her hands, massaging the sore flesh. "Better?"

The girl nodded. Her name was Lupe. She was twelve and very sweet,
though not totally innocent. Still a virgin, she understood sex to a
great degree, having performed oral sex on men since she was only six.
Brad had bought her out of pure fondness, but also because he wanted
the girl to learn to enjoy sex, take it at her own pace.

"Would you like me to suck you?", Lupe asked, smiling brightly. She had
a good mastery of English, having learned it from tourists most of her
life. She couldn't read it, but she could speak it.

"Only if you want to", Brad told her.

"I do, daddy", she told him. He insisted she call him daddy.

"Then, when you're done, I'll show you something to really make you
feel good", Brad promised.

Lupe leaned forward with a smile, her slender hands pulling his shorts
down so his already hard cock could spring free. He had a huge cock,
thick and long, and the girl was pleased. She gently kissed the head,
then slowly worked it into her mouth.

Brad started to moan almost instantly. The girl continued to work his
cock in, using plenty of tongue and saliva to aid her, sliding it in
until Brad felt it enter her throat. Lupe could deep throat, a rare
talent. Brad moaned in delight as she worked it in and out of her
throat, her mouth, up and down, her tongue tickling at his glans, then
sliding to the base of his cock until he was cumming.

When the girl had finished and was licking the last of his cum off of
his cock, Brad leaned down and gave her a warm, gentle kiss on the
mouth--Lupe's first. She blushed and giggled, then settled into his
arms as he put them around her.

"That was very good, Lupe. Now I want to make you feel good", Brad told
her. "Please take off your clothes."

Hesitantly, the girl got up and removed her clothes. She had a lovely
body, already shapely, with small but firm, round breasts with light
nipples. She stood in front of Brad, shivering a little.

"Are you going to put it in me?", she asked in a small voice.

"Not until you want me to", Brad told her, stuffing his cock back into
his shorts. "Now lie down and relax. This will be wonderful for you."

The girl laid back on the pillows, and Brad lay down next to her,
tucking one arm gently under her neck and kissing her softly on the
mouth. His free hand slid over her body, gently caressing her nipples.
Lupe moaned and began to kiss him harder.

Brad wanted to go slow with the girl, not frighten her. He continued to
caress her nipples, which grew quite hard under his touch. Brad kissed
down the length of her slender jaw, then to her neck, Lupe moaning the
whole while. Her hands stroked his hair as he kissed her firmly across
the neck and slender throat, working his way down to her breasts, and
other points south.

Lupe let out a gasp of intense pleasure as he took one nipple in his
mouth and sucked it, the fingers of his free hand gently tweaking the
other. "Yes, yes...", she was panting, and his slid his hand down to
the slim, bald pussy between her legs, pleased to find it growing wet.
He felt Lupe tense, her legs closing tight, then relaxing as he
continued to caress her there.

Brad continued to work his way down, licking and kissing at her slender
stomach, tonguing gently at her navel. Lupe was growing more excited,
her entire body writhing on the bed with absolute pleasure.

There was one thing in life Brad had tried to impress on his corrupted
son, and that was bringing pleasure to a woman. Mark rarely used it,
however. Very rarely. Never with his mother, Brad knew, because he had
tried to the same things on June with no effect.

In fact, all he'd ever gotten was humiliation. The few times he had
managed to bring her to orgasm, June would cry out, "Yes, Mark, yes!"
instead of his own name. Each was a crippling blow that had finally
sunk him to the lowest levels, and robbed him of ever taking pleasure
in his wife again. Ever.

He worked his way down Lupe's soft thighs, then back up to the hot,
bald slit between her legs. Spreading the lips gently with his fingers,
he thrust his tongue in and began to suck furiously.

Lupe didn't last long. She let out an ecstatic cry of pleasure and
came. Brad drank her juices down greedily; she tasted so fresh and
sweet. Finishing her up, Brad slid in next to his young lover and put
his arms around her. "I love you", Lupe whispered sleepily.

"I love you too", he told her back.

Down the beach, June was ready to pass out. She couldn't take anymore.
The man had raped her mouth, then her ass, and now was working on her
cunt for the fourth time. Each thrust hurt worse than the last, and she
was too exhausted to achieve orgasm. He wasn't having any trouble,

All of it reminded her of Mark. The first time he'd raped her, he'd
raped until she was too exhausted to feel anything. There had been so
much fury and anger in his assault, that he'd actually hurt her more
than she was used to. And he'd only been 13!

He hadn't let up, in fact, until she'd passed out. When she came to,
she was on her bed, her clothes still ripped, Mark leaning over her.
"That was just the start", he'd told her. "There's more to come,
bitch." She knew then that he hated her.

Unfortunately for him, June was older and more experienced, and soon
had her son's love back--provided she let him use her as he wished. And
she had, because he was the best sex she'd ever had. His rapes always
left her satisfied. And while he did it, she began turning his
attention elsewhere.

June had grown up being told that all little girls were dirty whores
who deserved what she was getting. She had come to believe that. And in
turn, instilled it in Mark. It wasn't long before he lost interest in
her and turned his attention to little girls exclusively. To aid him in
this, she'd introduced him to some people she knew. These people formed
a network of brutal pedophiles who dealt in kidnapping, rape, snuff
films, child prostitution and kiddie porn. They became Mark's friends,
his cronies. At the same time June continued to coach her son,
improving his "technique" in all sorts of ways. Mostly, however, she
enjoyed turning him onto little girls, until those were his only
victims. With her help, and the help of his friends, she taught him how
to subdue a girl afterward without killing her, how to take a victim
without anyone knowing. She brought him to violent rape orgies and let
him have fun. All this, of course, had a price. He still had to please
her--which was not hard, it seemed Mark still enjoyed doing her--but he
couldn't touch his sister.

"Think of her as a prize, Mark", she'd told him, after he'd expressed
interest in Shannon. "Something you have to work for. Work hard for.
When you get her, you want to be at your best. So you have to wait."
And so Mark had waited, waited until now. June wanted Mark to handle
his sister on his own. His father knew this well, and despite his
protests, couldn't stop it. He knew better.

Mark had done so well, too.

With a start, June suddenly came awake. The man was nowhere to be seen,
but she knew he'd been there; she could hardly move. Dizzy and shaking,
she got to her feet and made her way back to her cottage, actually
surprised she was still alive.

Brad gave Lupe a gentle kiss and tucked the covers in around her. His
young lover went to sleep clutching a teddy bear and smiling, nude
beneath the covers. He'd yet to take her virginity.

Brad glanced at his watch. It was almost midnight, and no June.
Secretly, he almost hoped the men he'd paid to rape her today had
killed her. It might have been against the rules, but sometimes the
rules got broken. In June's case, it would be no big loss.

He decided not to worry, and crawled into bed next to Lupe, holding her
close. Tomorrow, he was going to see some officials about making him
her guardian. He'd grease all the palms he had to do it. Of course,
June would argue, but he hoped to reason it out with her. He'd have to
do something big to get her to let him take Lupe in. He just didn't
know what yet.

June stumbled through the cottage door and headed straight for the
bathroom. She turned on the water in the tub as hot as she could stand,
and slid in.

Two hours later, she felt slightly less sore and was ready for bed. She
dried off, brushed her teeth, and headed for the bedroom. She didn't
sleep in the same bed with Brad and for that reason, almost didn't
notice the girl sleeping next to him.

When she did, she felt a surge of jealous anger she wasn't accustomed
to. "You bastard", she muttered. So he had had sex with the girl. She
knew it.

But that was okay. She'd make him pay for it, and pay dearly. Turning
toward the other bed in the room, she climbed in. Yes, she'd make him
pay dearly.

With that thought, she drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 6

Looking down at Brianna's pussy, so plump and fresh and lovely, Mark
just wanted to ram in. He wanted to bury himself in Brianna, to plunge
into her warm, tight insides, feel her cunt muscles just wrap around
his cunt and squeeze...

He wanted to, but not just yet. He wanted to savor Brianna. Most of
all, he wanted to really hurt the girl. To show Julie just what he was
capable of, by hurting her favorite sister. Sweet Brianna.

He jumped up, hauling Brianna with him. Julie was watching now. Shannon
had gotten the whisk out and was probing her with the wine bottle, even
though Julie hardly seemed to notice.

Mark bent Brianna over at the waist and slowly removed his belt from
his pants. "Watch this, Julie. Watch and learn! You're little sister's
going to pay for your fucking with me!"

Mark folded the belt over and raised it. Julie shook her head
furiously. Brianna sobbed. Shannon giggled. Mark brought the belt down.


The sound cut through the room like a gunshot, quickly followed by
Brianna's scream of pain. Her little asscheeks quivered where Mark had
licked them with the belt. The sight of it, the sound of it, excited
him. He struck her again. This time she screamed and nearly fell. Mark
caught her by the hair, making her scream some more. He hauled her
erect and turned to face him, raising the belt again. Julie was
screaming. Brianna shook her head. He glanced at Brandi--she was
looking at him in horror. Even Shannon had stopped her probing of Julie
and was looking on, and this time, she wasn't smiling. She actually
looked a little scared herself.

Mark brought the belt down, hard, right across her slit.

The crack was not as loud this time, but the effect as clearly evident.
Brianna doubled over and collapsed, screaming in agony.

Mark threw the belt aside and lifted the girl, shoving her face into
the cushions of the couch. He looked at Julie, who had by now,
collapsed into sobs. Shannon was no longer attacking her. Her attention
was fixed on the belt, lying a few feet away. She just sat there,
staring at it.

Mark turned his attention back to Brianna. "Ass first, slut!", he
shouted, spreading her tiny asshole as far as he could get it, plunging
his hard cock in as fast as she could. It went about an inch and got
stuck; Brianna was too tensed and too small to accept him without
force. He pulled out and tried again, but it was no good. Brianna was
just too small and too tight. He could have just rammed her, risked
rupturing her asshole, causing the ultimate pain. But the risk of being
found out was too great.

Instead, he got to his feet, ordering them all to stay put, and hurried
upstairs to his room. After a frantic search, he found what he was
looking for. K-Y jelly.

Racing down the stairs, he lathered it all over his dick, slicking up.
None of the girls had moved. Especially not Brianna.

He knelt behind the girl, reaching one hand around her slender hip, and
shoved a finger as far into Brianna's virgin pussy as it would go. The
little girl let out a squeal of pain at the intrusion, then another as
his cock slid into her tight asshole, just barely making it.

Mark began to pump. Short, quick jerks meant to bring her pain and him
pleasure. He felt her maidenhead stretching against his fingertips, her
little cunt growing wet in response to the rubbing, her little asshole
puckering around his cock, trying to force him out. Brianna was
shuddering, sobbing, her little wrists twisting against the bonds that
held them.

"Yeah, that's it, you love this", Mark breathed, his own orgasm
building as his cock slid in and out of her bowels. He didn't know if
Brianna would come or not. He didn't care, either. He was the one
having fun. The only one who should be.

Mark picked up the pace a little, making his strokes longer, harder,
faster, until he was pumping his load again, deep into her bowels,
driving his fingers harder, deeper into her cunt, stretching her
maidenhead almost to the breaking point. Brianna was screaming and
sobbing in agony, and the sound of it drove him off. He yanked his cock
out of her, making thick, squishy sounds as his jelly slicked member
slid out of her, then pushing her down to the floor and onto her back.
This time, there would be no stopping.

"Look at me, bitch! I want to see you feel this!", he snarled, staring
deep into the girl's eyes as she pushed his cock against the outer
folds of her lips, and with an animal cry, shoved the rest of the way!

Like a juggernaut he rammed in, unstoppable, a force beyond
comprehension to the little girl as he tore her already weakened
maidenhead, plunging his slick cock in one thrust nearly all the way
into her. Brianna's stomach flexed from the abrupt pain; she sucked in
a breath, and then came the scream, only barely muffled by the gag in
her mouth. Mark pumped the child like an animal, like a thing
possessed, long, hard strokes that drove Brianna across the carpet. She
screamed with each thrust, her tender bottom already stinging from the
crack of the belt, now burning from its brush with the carpet, her
still stinging pussy now filled with his huge cock, slamming her like a
pile driver. Mark began to shudder as a third incredible orgasm took
him, his thrusts slowing until they stopped, his cock buried to the
hilt in Brianna. As if sensing something horrible the little girl
screamed. Her screams were like music, and Mark came.

Very slowly he pulled out, his cock slick with Brianna's virgin blood
and the K-Y jelly that had made his deep penetration so possible. For
the moment, for Brianna at least, it was over. Mark stood, standing
over her like a hunter with a trophy kill, then stepped away and headed
for the kitchen. "I need a beer", he said aloud. "And then...a little
Brandi chaser!"

Shannon leaned back, watching her brother for a moment, then looked
back at Julie. The nipple with the mousetrap on it was badly swollen
and bruising. Quickly Shannon removed it and tossed it aside, no longer
wanting nor willing to hurt Julie anymore. Julie's attention, in turn,
was on Brianna, who lay quietly crying on the floor, almost rooted to
the spot.

"No more", Shannon muttered, reaching for Mark's belt. She snatched it
up and shoved it under a nearby chair, hoping he wouldn't look for it.
Seeing Brianna whipped had not excited her, as she thought it might.
Instead, it horrified her.

Mark came back five minutes later and pulled Brianna to her feet,
shoving her into a nearby chair, then dragging Brandi over. He dropped
her unceremoniously to the floor and yanked her shorts and panties off,
making it all to clear what he planned.

"Pussy first, babe", he laughed, pressing the mouth of the beer bottle
to the outer folds of Brandi's cunt, grinning the whole time.

Brandi glared at Mark defiantly, tears streaming down her face. Mark
pushed the bottle in a bit. The little girl stiffened but nothing else.

"Oh, tough, are you?", Mark asked, an icy edge to his voice. He pushed
the bottle in further and kept pushing. Brandi bit down on her gag and
squeezed her eyes shut, but refused to cry out, even when the bottle
suddenly plunged in, having broken her hymen. Mark laughed and yanked
the bottle out, replacing it with his cock.

Shannon was transfixed by this, excited and amazed. How could Brandi
stand this?

Mark was not gentle. He plunged into the girl, each thrust of his stiff
cock burying deeper and deeper into Brandi until he was all the way in.
Though Brandi shook and cried and struggled, she refused to scream, and
that only egged Mark on. He slammed her harder, attempting to force a
scream out of her.

Brandi refused to give. Mark slapped her across the face. She whimpered
a little but still wouldn't give in. He pounded her even harder,
driving her across the carpet. Suddenly his body began to shiver. "Sh-
shit! I'm coming! Scream you little whore! Scream or Brianna's going to
get again, and worse this time!"

Brandi screamed. And screamed and screamed. Even with the gag in her
mouth, the scream was piercing. It ended in a strangle sob as Mark
stopped shuddering, having dumped his entire load into her. "Yeah,
that's it. You know who's boss now!", he snapped.

Shannon found herself wet and shaking with excitement. This was
incredible! It was something she'd have to try herself--holding back as
long as she could. If Brandi could do it, she could!

Mark pulled his blood slicked cock out of the girl and pulled her up.
Brandi stayed limp, incredibly still resisting. Mark flung her onto the
couch, face down, and shoved his blood covered cock deep into her ass.

"Fucking slut! You better learn to scream or it'll get a lot worse!
Don't piss me off, fucking whore!"

Brandi shook and sobbed but didn't scream. On the floor Julie was
struggling to reach her sister, pulling against the bonds on her hands.
Her face was pure white with fear and pain, more for her sister than
herself. Brianna, sitting in the chair, had shut her eyes tight and was
sobbing herself. Shannon, watching all of it with great interest,
shoved her hand down into her shorts and began to eagerly finger

Mark pulled out of Brandi and threw her to the floor with a grunt. The
little girl glared at him, pure hatred in her eyes--but also more than
a hint of fear. Shannon didn't think Brandi could take much more.

Mark picked up the beer bottle again and shoved it into the girl's
cunt, working it in and out with long, rough strokes, while reaching up
under her t-shirt and squeezing hard at her nipples. Brandi squealed in
pain and tried to kick at Mark. He easily dodged her foot and grabbed
her by the throat. "Do that again and you're dead!", he warned. Brandi
didn't try to kick him again.

Once more Mark pulled the beer bottle out and replaced it with his
cock. He was clearly pissed now, driving in and out of the girl with
such powerful strokes that she screamed each time. Shannon watched him
wrap his hands around Brandi's throat and knew what he was going to do

Julie started screaming. Shannon was nearly to orgasm, so caught up in
the lustful passion that she didn't care what was happening. Brianna
still had her eyes closed and saw nothing.

Mark began to shudder. His hands tightened around Brandi's throat and
began to squeeze, tighter and tighter. Brandi began to wheeze, her
little legs kicking feebly as the air was squeezed out of her. Then she
suddenly went limp. With one last thrust, Mark came and let go of her.

Julie was sobbing now. Mark slid out of her sister and gave the girl a
nudge with his foot. "Oops", he laughed, "she's dead."

Julie fainted.

A few minutes later, Brandi moaned and came around. Mark wasn't stupid;
he didn't want a dead body on his hands. He'd choked her just long
enough for her to pass out. It was a learned technique.

Mark stepped over and slapped Julie awake. "Come on, bitch, she's still
alive." He untied the ten year old and helped her up. "Take them
upstairs and get them cleaned up. And you better tell them what's going
to happen if they tell. Got that?"

Julie nodded, hurriedly yanking her shorts up and scrambling to untie
her sisters. Across the room Shannon lay half-dazed on the floor,
fingers shoved into her cunt, overcome by her orgasm.

"Shannon", Mark snapped. "Help Julie."

Shannon got slowly to her feet and helped Julie with the twins. Mark
waited until they'd marched upstairs, then sat down on flipped on the

What a wonderful afternoon, he decided. Now if he could just find his

By sheer luck Julie was able to get the twins home and into bed. Her
mom had come home early and wasn't feeling well--the flu, she said.
Julie lied and said the twins were also not feeling well, but she'd
take care of it.

She put the girls to bed and swore them to silence--not that they
needed much urging. They didn't like what was happening but didn't want
to see their mother die, either. Julie stayed with them until they fell
asleep, then went back over to see Shannon. For the first time in
weeks, she'd seen a glimmer of hope that she might have a chance to get
through to her friend.

Shannon couldn't stop staring at Mark's belt. She couldn't stop
shaking, couldn't get the sound of that belt lashing across Brianna's
small body out of her mind. All of it horrified her.

She was becoming like Mark. Slowly, but surely, she was changing. No
longer content to be used, but to be the user. Because of her, Julie
was now part of this. And Brandi and Brianna and little Tiffany. And
Jolene--Jolene was dead. Shannon had never wanted that--and yet she
did. She'd wanted them to join her, to see how much fun she was having.
She'd wanted it so bad, she'd been willing to hurt them to get it.

Angrily she flung the belt away, tears filling her eyes. Never again.
From now on, she would not hurt another girl. Not directly, anyway. She
would still help Mark get them. But she wouldn't go any further. Not

The door to her room opened and Julie stepped in, alone. She'd taken
the twins home earlier. Julie didn't look too bad, despite the wire
whisk treatment.

"Oh, Julie!", Shannon cried, and threw her arms around her friend,
sobbing. "I don't know what's wrong with me! I don't want to hurt you
anymore! Or anyone else!"

"It's okay", Julie said softly, patting her back. "It's not you,
Shannon. It's Mark."

Shannon pulled away, shaking her head. "No, it's me. I wanted you to be
like me. I still do. And I can't help it."

"Yes you can", Julie told her.

"No I can't", Shannon sniffed. "I can't, Julie. I like it too much.
Being raped, being used. I want you to share in that. You and the twins
and Tiffany and every little girl there is."

"How can you like this, Shannon? How?"

"Because I do", Shannon said, wiping at her eyes. "I just do."

"Why?" Julie asked. "Why do you like it so much?"

Shannon thought about it a moment. "Do you know what I hate? Having to
be <good> all the time, having to be a perfect little girl. When I'm
being raped, I don't have to be good, because I can't. I have no choice
in the matter. I'm being forced, taken, against my will, made to do
things good little girls aren't supposed to do. I like being bad...and
I hate it that I like it so much, but I just can't control myself!"

Shannon lowered her head a moment, shuddering. "Besides, I keep
thinking about this time, a long time ago. I was about six, I think."
She raised her head, a faraway look in her eyes. "I didn't really
remember it until after Mark raped me. Then it came back in a dream."
She licked her lips. For a moment, she almost looked like the Shannon
Julie used to know. "I was coming home from a Brownie meeting..."

Shannon had Brownies every Wednesday afternoon, and the meetings were
usually held just down the street at her friend Amy Parker's house. She
left the meeting in high spirits, having just earned one of her several

She hurried in the front door and called out to her mother, eager to
tell her, but there was no answer. Something crashed in the kitchen,
followed by a muffled scream. Half-curious and half-afraid, Shannon
went to look. What she saw shocked her.

Her mother was flat on her back on the kitchen table, her arms and legs
spread and tied to the legs of the table itself. A dish towel had been
tied over her mouth, muffling her screams. She was shaking her head and

Shannon gasped when she realized who'd done this--her own brother. Mark
stood off to one side, dressed only in jeans, one hand violently
squeezing her mother's breast through her white silk blouse. He looked
up when Shannon gasped, and grinned.

The grin was cold, mean, and looked nothing like her brother's usual,
friendly smile; in fact, it was positively sinister. "Sit down,
Shannon", he ordered. Shannon, horrified by this spectacle, sat down in
the nearest chair. Mark came around with a dish towel and a length of
rope. The rope he used to bind her into the chair, the dish towel he
stuffed in her mouth.

Then Mark turned back to his mother, his face twisted into a mask of
rage. "Fuckin' cunt whore!", he screamed, slapping her hard across the
face, then backhanding her again for good measure, this time causing a
little blood to trickle from her mouth. Her head lolled to one side,
the look on her face dazed.

Mark was not done. "Damn cunt!", he screamed again, this time tearing
at her blouse, rending it to shreds with just his fingers, then
grabbing a carving knife and slicing her bra away, letting her small,
round breasts fall free. Still not satisfied, he tore her skirt and
panties away next, and climbed up, pushing his pants down.

Shannon started crying, as her mother was now doing. Mark had his thing
out--Shannon had never seen one and didn't know what to call it--and he
was shoving it into her mother, making her scream. He literally pounded
her, shoving in and out, in and out, clearly hurting her, all the while
calling her names and screaming at her at the top of his lungs. He
slapped her again and again, loud, hard slaps that sounded like
gunshots in the kitchen.

"How do you like it, bitch? You fuckin' raped me! My own fuckin'
mother! You fuckin' raped me you fucking whore!", Mark screamed,
bouncing up and down on his mother, slamming his fist again and again
into her breasts and stomach, making her jump and cry out with pain.

"Aw fuck!", he shouted, pressing so hard into her mother than Shannon
actually winced, it looked so painful. Then he withdrew, his thing
dripped something white, all slimy and wet looking. He climbed off the
table and walked around to his mother's face, yanking out the gag.

"Please Mark, no more", she begged, the words slurred by her swollen

"Fuck you, cunt!", Mark screamed, shoving his thing into his mother's
mouth. "Suck me, bitch! Suck me for all you're fucking worth!"

He grabbed her head and began yanking it back and forth, bouncing her
nose off his body, then suddenly yanking her face up against his
abdomen, screaming, "Aw fuck, yes!" over and over again, then
withdrawing. Once more he got up between her legs and started slamming
in and out of her, until finally she was limp and totally unresisting.
Shannon let out a panicked scream, thinking her mother was dead, and
fainted away.

"I know he did it a lot more after that", Shannon told Julie. "I just
didn't remember it until now. I guess I blocked it out or something."

Julie only nodded. "Maybe that's why you're like you are now."

"Maybe" Shannon agreed. "But I know I never want to be like I was
today. Ever...again."

"I wish it could never have happened", Julie sighed. "Any of it."

"But it did", Shannon sighed. "And now, we just have to learn to enjoy


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