neglected waif cousin comes to live with us
The summer I turned 16, cousin Judy came to live with us. A relative somewhere mid my mother’s tangled family tree, the family unit came apart when her mother got put in an institution and no sign of her father. So, she was passed along from a few closer relations on down until my folks said they’d take her in. It had to be hard on her, only being 10 and having to live with strangers like that and when Mom asked me to make her feel welcome and a part of our family, I was looking forward to meeting her when we went to the airport that day.

Judy turned out to be a petite four and a half feet tall, pixie-cut brown hair and big brown scared-looking eyes, dressed in boys faded jeans which sagged on her slight frame, a Barbie tee shirt too small, wearing flip flops on her feet. In her hands she carried a knapsack and a suitcase with all her worldly belongings. It looked like somebody took her shopping at Goodwill. On the way home, we stopped at McDonalds for treats, and Judy was like a mouse, answering my parents with a quiet one or two word response. The back of our VW was small, and we sat close together and I’d smile at her, pointing out the school as we passed, our library, the stores; soon we pulled into the driveway of our house and Judy got settled into my sister’s room while sis was finishing up college on the West coast. It wasn’t often she came home, so Judy would take the room across the hall from mine, with a common bathroom between us. The house was laid out like a tee and the master bedroom was on the other end of the house. Before she left for college, my sister and I would often play our music or watch tv late into the night and not bother anybody else.

After a few days, Judy got accustomed to the kids in the neighborhood coming over and playing basketball in the morning. Annie, the preachers kid from next door, took her under her wing and Judy became her little buddy and they became inseparable. We’d play a few games, get all hot and sweated up and then break for lunch. Judy and Annie would usually play on my side and I’d be sure to give them high fives and, like hey nice going or whatever with a slap on the butt. They’d smile and really get into it, playing up to me and when we took breaks, Judy would sit by me and bring something to drink. I really got into having the girls attention. One day Annie came upstairs to my room with me. Annie’s only 14 and was teasing me a lot lately, hinting that she’s not the good little girl I might think she is just because her father was a minister and like that. She’s like the perfect blonde cookie and her tight little ballet dancer body was so hot. We started to kiss a little down by the kitchen sink but when I felt her nipple get so stiff under my fingertips and felt her hand grasp my cock through my shorts, I had to get her upstairs and naked fast.

I got the door closed while Annie lifted her tee shirt, giving me a view of her sweet little pink titties. I got to touch and tickle her a little while she pulled my elastic shorts down and I stepped free. She lay back on my bed and I rolled a condom over my stiff cock, her slit a pink moist beacon of heat peeking from under a sparse blond pubic patch. Before entering I bent to my knees and kissed along her belly, making her wiggle, and then continued below to find her clit with my lips and tongue. My last girlfriend was a senior named Zoe who showed me what she liked and it seemed to work on Annie too as her hips shot upward into my face and while I sucked and licked she squirmed wildly beneath me. When my lips circled her clit and I licked like crazy and sucked slightly, her knees jerked up real quickly and she made cooing noises from her throat and kind of shivered and quivered under my kisses. She was telling me to put my cock in her, wiggling and reaching for me to get up between her legs, spread and held back with her knees almost next to her head, inviting me to dive in.

I stood and after quickly ripping a condom from it’s wrapper, and onto my stiffy, I slid my penis into her hot wetness up past the thick mushroom head. She sighed as I leaned into her and brought our thighs together, solidly stabbing deeply within, savoring the hot sensations lusciously fucking this sweet blond girl brought me. Annie had made me wait so long to finally get to fuck her I wanted to feel every millimeter of my cock filling her tightness and soon was only hearing the buzzing in my head, felt a building pressure in my balls and missed a telltale squeak of floorboard outside my closed door. When I started pulsing and grunting my load between Annie’s up-thrust legs, filling the scumbag, somehow I missed the shadow blocking the light behind the keyhole. Pulling out of Annie, a slimy filled condom dangled from the tip of my penis and she sat up, reached and pulled it off me, her face flushed bright pink after our vigorous fucking. Watch this, she said and put the open end up to her lips and tipped the whole thing into her mouth, draining my fluid and swallowing it down with a loud gulp. Still think I’m a good little girl, she asked. Oh the best, I told her.

That afternoon, we went to the pool club, Judy, Annie and I. My junior license was new and the station wagon mine to drive daylight hours. It being a hot July day, we splashed and played in the pool, meeting up with some friends there. Several times I picked Judy up and tossed her across the water, her slight build was no effort to hoist and throw a few feet. She’d swim back to me with her one-piece suit clinging to her, a size too small and the fabric worn through, perfectly highlighting her two little bumps for nips and the outline of her bare little slit clearly visible while we splashed around some more. She enjoyed when I picked her up and got a good grip on the inside of her thigh way up high while hoisting her atop my shoulders. In water battles with other kids I held her close and she would squeal, squeezing my head between her legs. We’d fall into the water and splash about, my hands roaming her body easily, pinching here, grabbing there and tickling a lot. It was very flirty, the way Judy would challenge me to grab her, and I’d put my hands anywhere I wanted on her in the guise of water-play. When we sat for hot dogs and sodas, there wasn’t enough room on the bench so Judy perched her little butt against my knees, her ass feeling hot flush on my bare skin, squeezed out of her tight suit like that. Something almost possessive about how Judy acted, always wanting to be next to me, on my side when playing a game and I caught her eyes on me all the time. Annie said she thought Judy was on to us and jealous; I was beginning to wonder. More like she wanted my attention.

It seemed like Judy was all over me the rest of the afternoon. I played along and let her hang off me any which way she wanted to. Getting physical with Annie only got Judy more wound up. Tickling Annie, letting Annie sit atop my shoulders, throwing Annie about the pool really had Judy practically clinging to me. It was a sexy afternoon at the pool playing with the girls and each girl try to outdo the other getting my attention.

After a while it was getting late. I drove us home and while hanging our wet bathing suits on the line, Judy started to tickle me while my arms were raised. I started chasing after and tickled back, going for her ribs and running my fingertips up and down her body. We fell to the ground and wrestled around a bit until I had her pinned on her back, with arms over her head as I lay next to her. Judy looked at me with something like a smirk on her face, a little grin as she held my eye a long time, not looking away, kind of waiting for me to do something kind of look. Not knowing what else to do, figuring why not, I leaned in and gave her a little kiss on the lips. She returned it right back, puckering up with a quick response, which surprised me. I backed up and looked in her eyes again, still that small grin looking back at me so I brought my lips to hers again, slower this time and held the kiss a little longer. She kissed me back. Soft little lips. Sweet. We did it again, longer even still our faces pressed together, sensations of pleasure rushing through my head and body. My heart started to beat faster and my cock swelled. At first she had closed her eyes, but now I was looking deep into her brown eyes, looking back at me. I couldn’t believe this, making out with my 10 year old cousin. It dawned on me I was discovering something especially good.

You’re a pretty good kisser, I said. Have you ever kissed a boy before? Judy shook her head no and I told her she must just naturally be good. She giggled and wiggled happily when I said that so I put my lips on hers again, while we kissed I opened my mouth a little, letting the tip of my tongue brush against her lips, poking and exploring the softness of her, then push gently between and found her tongue making it’s way toward me from behind her teeth. I don’t know how long we were like that, dunking into each other’s mouths and tongues dancing between lips, the summer humidity closed around us, with the buzzing of cicadas growing in the air. My hands roamed over her little body, I cupped the small globe of her butt and rubbed the curve of her hip, we touched together like that long moments. We kissed again. Judy’s hands at first went around my neck but soon started to mirror my own motions and she rubbed along my body, not totally unaware of the nearness of my cock, running her hand briefly against it as if almost afraid and I encouraged her with my swelling cock pressing back against her through my shorts. I thought it would be a good idea if we went inside the house right away before somebody saw us.

In the house, we headed for the living room couch where I sat Judy on my lap. She put her arms around my shoulders and we kissed some more, a lot of tongue motion going on. I had to adjust my penis inside my shorts as it was binding between my leg and Judy’s ass, really uncomfortably. She looked at my bulge with wide eyes while I adjusted myself. “See what you did to me”, I asked while flipping my cock upward inside my shorts and lifting one cheek of her butt slightly. She giggled; it was a hot lump, separated by some thin cloth between us.
I took her little hand and moved it down onto my cock. She didn’t resist and closed her fingers around as much as she could through the fabric, just holding it. Her grip was hot and made my cock jump at her touch. While kissing me with her pointy tongue flipping wetly around inside my mouth, I ran my hands over Judy’s back and down her bottom, coming back up to her nipple this time, just a little BB bump. She gave a little jump as I ran my fingertip around it, giving her nip a little pinch and rolled the hard little knob. We broke our kiss and I ran my lips along her neck to breathe in her ear, making her sigh a little shiver too and kissed her shoulder, untying the string of her halter top from behind. Judy was breathing a little faster when the front of dropped to expose her raisin-like nipples, the brown discs looking goose pimply in the open air. With older girls, I could play with their bouncy tits but Judy had these stiff little bumps rising off her chest, so I pinched them lightly between my thumb and finger, kind of rolling the tip, and made her wiggle on my lap a little more. Making Judy react got me more turned on than I thought possible. Her nipples started to get a little puffy, like swollen, and the tip stood up from the bigger part as I played and pulled, bringing little noises from her throat.

Her skin tasted sweet, fresh from the pool as I kissed down along her neck to take a nibble of her little offerings poking from her chest. I licked the circle surrounding the nib and pulled it all between my lips to suck gently on her. Judy shivered a little, grabbed my head between her hands and held me like that, pulling me closer and lifting her hips at the same time. Judy was kind of humming and moaning while I did that.

I was trying stuff other girls have shown me to do that they liked and so far, Judy liked it too from what I could tell. Seems like a 10 year girl gets turned on the same way 16 year olds do too. She opened her mouth to breathe a little deeper and started almost like panting. I put her hand inside my shorts to grip me better, and she reached right in, hotly wrapping her hand around the shaft of my cock. I told her it was okay to squeeze tighter and I had to do some squeezing back in my mind to keep from popping off right there. The sweet sensations she was causing electrified my spine. My hands rubbed along the length of her legs, squeezing her bottom.

“Do you like this,” I asked, “is this okay?” I wanted to know. Her tongue swam into my mouth and she nodded yes.

“Do you like my cock?” Again a nod. A hummed approval, ummm-humm when I bit down gently, teasingly on her tongue.

“ Now that you see me, I want to see you down there…”

Judy stood so I could pull her summer shorts down and didn’t stop me from grabbing the waistband of her undies and pulling them along her ankles too. I got on to the floor and had Judy sit back on the couch, with me kneeling in front. Bringing her feet onto the cushions with her knees raised, she could bend over and look down into her crotch, where I was feeling the sides of her inner thighs with my hands and the sides of my face. Her skin was soft and warm, the scent of girl in the middle of hot summer bloomed in my face; tangy sweat, some soap, something musky kind of tone from her nether regions. She watched intently as my fingertips lightly traced the contours of her little pussy, the outer lips parting slightly with a small, wet sound and then along the smaller, more delicate inner lips like a tiny mouth smiling sideways. At the top was the long hood of her clitoris I knew enough about to tease and finally to pull back and reveal a tiny miniature mushroom-like button. My teasing and tickling would bring little noises from Judy and when I showed her the “penis”, I rubbed along the length of the root of her clit, she groaned and jerked her knees further apart involuntarily. Her toes wiggled by my ears.

“Mmmm you smell so good,” I told her while rolling her clit gently with my fingers. Rubbing the side of my face and savoring the delicious softness along her thighs, I couldn’t resist kissing the junction of her belly and legs, along her smooth skin to the sweet crease of her naked little pussy, kissing alongside my fingertips while exploring my new toy. Judy threw her head back and was totally taken over by the sensations radiating from her belly. She rested her hands on the top of my head and kind of directed my face around and when my lips finally landed on her magic button, her thighs clasped the sides of my head and thrust upward at me.

Sucking super gently, my tongue made circles around her nub and each time I pressed down with the tip I was rewarded with a shudder and quiver, a sigh. Making my tongue fatter I gave it a long, lingering wet press, wiping up and down and all around making Judy laugh suddenly and then sigh a whole lot more. My tongue ventured downward a little and explored the valleys and ridges of her pussy, amazed how it looked so small and hairless. Licking her hot skin was so delicious and slippery. Judy’s toes were wiggling with every lick of my tongue as I happily ate her sweet snatch. My tongue dipped into her slit and was met with a saltier tangy taste, pushing the tip deeper into her brought small “oh” sounds from her lips, goading me onward to tongue fuck her pussy. Judy began humping into my face wildly and I licked and sucked away at her smooth skin while cupping that little butt in my hands, my thumbs holding her open for me.

Closing my mouth over her clitty, I sucked a little on it while rubbing my tongue across lightly. Suddenly Judy jerked her knees further apart and the little oh’s coming from her took on a deeper quality, more like panting, and she shook a little under me. Once in a while I’d dip my tongue below and trace a path down to her tight little opening which easily welcomed my wet strokes. Pretending it was a penis I stiffened my tongue and pushed a little inward, wondering if I’d be able to fit my own penis into such a small pussy. I looked upward along her smooth belly to the ecstatic smile on her face; she was all laid out for me, my little cousin, her tiny nipples stiff as they were able, pulling on my head, pushing me into her hot flesh, which I greedily devoured. In my fevered teen-aged mind I thought I hit the lottery; having Judy move in was going to be fucking fantastic.

“Judy, “I told her,” you taste so sweet and delicious I could eat you all day like this.” She giggled and rubbed my hair. “I’m going to explode if you don’t help me,” I told her.

“ What do you mean?” she asked.

Taking her hand I let her feel how hard my cock had become, and the juice starting to drip from it. “ My balls are full of cum,” I explained. “Sex juice is powerful stuff, mostly proteins and hormones and sperm. You didn’t learn in school about this stuff yet?” I asked. Judy shook her head no.

“You’re not supposed to know about this at your age anyway,” I told her. “A lot of it is secret and you’re not even supposed to know about it until you get married.”

Judy’s eyes got wide. “If I tell you,” I went on, “you can’t ever, ever let anybody else know you know this stuff or how you found out. If we get caught they’ll send you away, we’ll get in a lot of trouble and you wouldn’t want that, would you?” I asked.

“No, no I want to know,” Judy begged, “tell me, I can keep a secret, I promise.”

I got her to squeeze the tip of the head of my dick, pinching off the blood gathered there. “See, it’s like a balloon, filled with blood. When it gets full the pressure gets uncomfortable for a guy and has to be relieved. It’s called masturbation when the guy plays with himself and makes it go down. But when a girl really cares for a guy, the girl will relieve the pressure for him. It comes out of the pee hole, and cum is really good for the girl. Nature made it that way, cum is good for the hair, and makes a woman’s skin smooth. It’ll help make your titties grow and make you sexier. When you’re older, it can also make babies if you’re old enough and it goes in your pussy. Want to make me cum?”

Placing my penis against the wet fleshy furnace between her legs made my cock start to twitch and jump. An overwhelming desire to hump wildly against her pussy overcame me and I tried to somehow fit the tip against her opening, bending my cock and triggering such an intense orgasm I began to shake. My balls bumped against her upturned ass, sliding the underside of my stiff and now spitting penis against her pussy and up onto her belly. Holding her own legs over her head, so bent with her knees next to her ears, Judy was watching intently to see me cum. The first shot arced upwards to hit just under her eye and along her cheek, a nice thick pent-up gob followed by more squirts of hot cream diminishing downward along her nose, lips, and chin. She flinched at first and her eyes went wide with wonder as hot jolts of wet gooey cum sprayed on her already sticky skin, dribbling along her lower belly to pool in her navel. The head of my still pulsing penis bounced between us as she reached for it, sliding her fingertips in the goop. The sight of little cousin Judy smearing my hot jizz on her stomach was such a turn on, my cock jumped back alive as she stuck her tongue out tentatively and drew a drop of cum off her lips for a taste and smiled, waving her dripping fingers at me. She was only 10, but Judy looked like the sexiest girl in the world at that moment to me.

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2015-10-30 11:36:32
Love little girls. They were made to be touched, sucked and fucked

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2011-12-05 14:14:22
Gr8t story. You never mentioned that you popped Judy's cherry.
Other than a few typos, it was good. Keep writing.

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2011-05-12 02:49:36
Wow, that was an interesting flashback to when I was 16 and my little cousin started flirting with me. We never kissed but we did get each other off once. Wish we weren't cousins so I could date her.

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2011-03-23 19:30:15
You either have a typo or you doubled up on condoms...
FYI FOR OTHER READERS: wearing more than one condom at a time causes more friction, making them more likely to break... so just wear one, doubling up is a ghetto myth

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2010-12-20 23:55:58
You need to proof read. You put the condom on twice. Good story.

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